Monday, 22 January 2018


I am very much in two minds about the never-ending array of serial killing reports that appear on the TV channel Crime Investigations. There are reports daily on the killing of young girls.

These reports warn young girls in the USA of the dangers of the street from young sex workers taken by a killer at night to young girls on their way to school.  Parents are warned to take care of their young children in danger from paedophile killers.

Young girls die as sex workers, hitch hikers and innocent shoppers in supermarkets snatched in the car park. The TV reports 20,000 unsolved murders of young girls in the USA in 2017.

But that is not as gruesome as the numbers of murders in Latin American nations, the result of killings by the drug cartels.

These TV reports are also training films for serial killers. We learn that young female hitch-hikers are fair game for serial killer long distance truck drivers who rape and kill them before dumping their bodies over state borders.

The TV reports give criminals the insight into police procedures. In the USA, police will scour a neighbourhood looking for hidden surveillance cameras on shops and petrol stations, in supermarkets and schools. They can track a missing person from camera to camera street by street.

A suspected killer is often seen lurking in supermarket aisles looking for women and not buying goods.

We see the power of DNA analysis of tissue samples some having been stored for 30 years, There was no DNA analysis in the 1980s and 1990s but tissues were stored for over two decades.

We see the dangers of paedophiles seeking young boys and girls on internet and pretending to be young teenagers who ask to meet their victims. One young womqn arranged to meet a paedophile who was waiting in the dark to kidnap her on the front path to her house. She was taken for several months.

My daughters complain that I always want to know where they are going, with whom and when they will be back at the house. If they leave in an unknown vehicle and do not come back, I will have no idea of what to tell the police.

There are regular reports in Papua New Guinea of young girls raped and abused often by strangers, village men and family members.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018


After 38 years involved with this country and 20 as a single parent looking after two daughters, I have no patience with threats of deportation from foreigners. I have devoted my life in this country to my daughters and the family community under threat from foreign paedophiles.

Last month, after my daughter and cousin left their job as hotel cashiers, I put a report on internet on the assault on my daughter by a hotel supervisor.

Her cousin had left after one week and my daughter walked out after two and a half weeks. I put a report on internet critical of management.

Now a message has come to me from the General Manager that my information is all false and I am to be arrested by CID as a criminal to be deported by the Government.

My elder daughter was very worried and went to the manager to explain her fathers actions. I was proud of the way she conducted herself in support of her dad accompanied by a witness.

She came home and told me the CID were to arrest me to be put in prison and deported. She feared losing her father who cared for her as a widow with two small children. Her sister had a baby son. They would have no money and forced to live on the street.

She told me she was drafting an apology letter that I was to put on internet from her laptop. Sadly the internet computer would not open the report from flash drive.

But I respected her intentions and now put a report on this blog from memory with a bit more added.

"I Bruce Copeland do hereby sincerely apologize to the management of Hotel Morobe for the false information placed on internet. I am sorry if my words put the hotel in a bad light.

I am a loving father who wants only that his daughter finds a long term job and stays safe in the work place. Most workers were good people.  My daughter respected the manager.

I was angry that a senior worker had grabbed her by the throat and torn skin with her fingernails. 

I am now told that the manager made them say sorry before other workers. This has not been confirmed. No attempt was made to give my daughter medical treatment.

My daughter has not gone back to work with her cousin. I am told I made false statements on her attack, pay and hours worked. I have sought advice of other workers.

I would have thought the matter should not be short cut by complaint to the CID. A writ of summons to District Court before a magistrate would have followed lawful procedure and got to the truth. Being deported by CID without Court is corrupt and hiding the facts. This is a civil case.

I call on the Prime Minister, Governor General, Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Secretary for Community Development, Head of Welfare and Archbishop of Port Moresby to protect the founder of AIDS Holistics who has spent 15 years defending family and Positive Living. This time he is defending his own family.

My elder daughter warned me that even if an apology is put on internet, I may still be arrested by CID, put in prison and deported. This is the Filipino way."

Sunday, 14 January 2018


We know the Lord’s prayer and we ask forgiveness as we forgive those who trespass against us. The Bible tells us to forgive others if we are to be forgiven by God.

How do we seek forgiveness? If we divorce, does our plea for forgiveness involve going back to our first marriage? That can be  a fatal move for some people facing family violence.

Can we seek forgiveness but do nothing to rectify our sin? Or can we just go on with a commitment not to repeat our sin? Or do we sin every day we live in adultery with another person?

I deeply regret leaving my Australian family and miss my children daily though the eldest is approaching 50 years of age. But I can never leave my family in Papua New Guinea. Two wrongs do not make a right.

My PNG daughters need me and depend on my modest income to survive. My Australian children do not need me and should say so if they do.

I am almost 72 years old and need my Australian children. The time has long gone that I have to look after them. They are all adults able to look after themselves. 

Murderers and rapists cannot undo their crimes that are irreversible. The TV program 60 minutes recently reported on two young women whose fathers were in prison for murder. One was a killer of two small girls. His daughter will never forgive him for stopping two young lives.

I have seriously attacked Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles for their anti-family and anti-faith campaign in Papua New Guinea. They have no concern for God as He is seen as a fantasy.

People tell me that I have to forgive Australian paedophiles !! It is not my right to do that. Let them be forgiven by God and the PNG community. If forgiven, they will laugh and go back to sex with children. There is a time to forgive and a time to fight.

How would the Australian soldiers have suffered if they forgave the Japanese soldiers moving down the Kokoda Track and killing enemy on the way? The war cemetery would be full of forgiving Australians.

There may be a time to forgive at the end of the war. War is a killing time for soldiers with many ready to give their lives.

A recent newspaper report by Rev Seik Pitoi of the United Church in Port Moresby asked the question of whether or not gay is Godly.  Many people would immediately brand him as a homophobic bigot. But it is more than that if we accept the word of God.

He refers to gay churches, gay pastors and gay congregations. If homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God, are same sex couples eternally dammed? What if the couple is strongly loyal and loving and attends church?

Am I eternally dammed for leaving my Australian family? I often think of my marriage when the song comes on the radio “ We don’t talk any more”.

We are told in Scripture not to judge lest we be judged. But we must judge that child molesting and serial killing is a crime against God and humanity. It is to be condemned and never forgiven particularly among serial molesters and killers.

We have to do our best to ensure that our children are safe from paedophile molesters. There has been a strong paedophile agenda put out in the PNG national HIV/AIDS response.

But at last there is a paradigm shift away from blaming men. Even the UNDP is promoting a He-for-She campaign. The only reminder of the fake anti-man campaign in this country are the meri-seif buses in Port Moresby. 

If I stay in PNG, does this mean that I have not repented? Perhaps God understands me and my Australian family better than I do. God has protected me for over 25 years in this country and strengthened my faith. But I still worry.

I have been speaking out on paedophile attacks on families in PNG. I can never walk away from that commitment. At least the present focus is now on family.

On the TVWAN news on Wednesday there was a report that the Government is to meet with churches to discuss the gay and lesbian lifestyle together with transgender and intersex. No mention was made of paedophiles who are the wolves in sheep's clothing.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


With a real concern for ripping off millions of dollars from stupid believers.

The recent TV expose with Leah Remini focused on fake propaganda at the hands of the Scientology Gestapo.

They profess that they are saving the world and protecting rights of men, women and children while destroying Scientology families that do not toe the line.

They offer money back but if there is such a request, the follower is declared an enemy and money is refused. Clever trick.

Hubbard professes caring about the youth of the world and has books to distribute at cost and profit to Scientology. He hated psychiatry but supported his own witch doctor approach. Hubbard and Kinsey the paedophile psychiatrists claimed all kids were adults.

If people are sick it is their fault . If they do not get well with Dianetics it is their fault. Witch doctors in Africa try the same trick.

Hubbard died of a stroke. But he did not die but went to the intergalactic heaven. He will come back with glory to rule the world. Jesus will be too late. Haha.

We all know that sickness of the mind is a problem that has bedevilled the people of the world since time began. It has progressed as scientific study of the brain is improved. 

But Hubbard has become the world saviour from psychiatry. There is a major contributor to Scientology according to the TV expose who made cancer drugs and branched into mind drugs. The Scientology launders the donation year by year.

Scientology claims do not go out to the TV cable networks but only to the Scientology channel. The rest of the world has to pay money first. There are no overseas missions.

The Scientology mafia claims to care for the people of the world but never address the problems. They claim success with no professional input except books sold. Some people will use the books as toilet paper.

They give out books to a group of people and then photograph them holding the books high. That goes on the mafia TV channel as proof of acceptance by a foreign nation.

The USA suffers from massive problems ignored by Scientology with massive poverty, white supremacy, mormon child polygamy, drug abuse, serial killing of children, underage marriage, unemployment, inadequate health care, drug cartels from South America and unsolved murders.

What does Scientology do? Nothing at all but sell false prophet books. 

The world has massive problems ignored by Scientology with terrorist bombings, Moslem child polygamy, starvation, tuberculosis, cholera, refugees fleeing and dying, child refugees stolen to be trafficked, genocide, child pornography, climate change, famine and wild fires.

Papua New Guinea has massive problems with clan killing, sorcery killing, polygamy, child rape, marijuana and home brew. But the scientologist mafia is not interested. 

They probably think the PNG people are all cannibals who will cook them in huge pots. Besides they might think that the currency is not worth putting in the bank.

Scientologists pretend to address world issues and promote fake appreciation letters from Governments across the world for their wonderful campaigns. But at home they seek to destroy followers who do not toe the line. Children are put on to the streets.

They would not dare put their propaganda out to the media networks of the world. They would be greeted with laughter and contempt. Their world care campaign is a vicious fake.

Nazi genocide propaganda only went out to Germans of Europe.

Monday, 8 January 2018


A supervisor has a key role in the daily operation of a hotel. A hotel exists to serve clients by coordinating quality work among hotel workers.

A supervisor conducts training of workers and introduces new workers to quality work practices in support of guests.

Friendship is promoted among workers. The supervisor is the go-between for management and staff. Personal interests and job satisfaction of workers are protected by the supervisors.

Supervisors are selected on the basis of trust and professionalism and will work to unify the hotel among the workers, management and guests.

Gender rights are protected by supervisors among management and workers. Young workers are protected from Gender Based Violence and sexual harassment.

Workers need to trust supervisors to treat their worries respectfully and present their problems professionally and honestly to management. They are to be prepared for promotion by the supervisors. 

There should be no discrimination among the supervisors against newcomer workers and those from different clans. Supervisors must not seek to drive out newcomers with false reports and violence.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (QLD)
Lecturer in Business Management
in Papua New Guinea Business Colleges

Friday, 5 January 2018


My younger daughter Lisa applied for a job at Hotel Morobe to work as cashier at the cafe beside the hotel at Top Town Lae. She applied through managers Mr Maric and Mr Herman.

She was to work with her cousin who applied at the same time. But the cousin left after one week and my daughter left after 2 1/2 weeks. 

Both did not like the job as the result of intimidation and hostility of the female supervisor and her gang of bullies. The supervisor said they were prostitutes and would not train them in using the cash register and credit card machine.

Lisa said she taught herself and made no mistakes with no complaints from customers. She was friendly and liked by the  manager and customers. 

But both girls were hated by the violent supervisor who was jealous of their good looks and acceptance by customers.

In the second week, Lisa was violently assaulted by the supervisor who grabbed her by the throat and tore flesh with her fingernails. Lisa trained in Tai Kwondo at Caritas Girls school and punched her in the face.

But she did not want to stay alone with her cousin gone so she made excuses to the manager and resigned. The violent supervisor threatened to pay her back for punching her.

The cafe is not a quality place for customers. Lisa worked a 7 day week and was paid K290 for 150 hours work. That is surely in breach of labour laws.

She had to stand for 10 hours with no chair. While the violent supervisor is in the job, young girls should not apply for work at Hotel Morobe and cafe.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


The National 3 January 2018

The Thai police are tightening their surveillance against expatriate paedophiles in the country operating "under the radar" and sexually molesting Thai children.

There have been several expatriates working in Papua New Guinea who retired to Bangkok to live cheaply with all the boys and girls they wanted. Some were teachers while another ran a travel agency in Hohola.

Indonesia and Thailand have suffered from exploitation by foreign paedophiles for many years. There is an Australian man in prison in Jakarta for molesting young girls. Indonesia announced plans to chemically castrate paedophiles.

Another was arrested in Jakarta who was principal of the international school. The case did not seem to proceed. Paedophile teachers favour employment in international schools in foreign countries including Papua New Guinea.

Thailand was sexually spoiled during the Vietnam War with thousands of US soldiers arriving on R&R. Thousands of young girls came down from the villages to meet them in nightclubs. 

Bangkok became the HIV/AIDS capital of Asia after the Vietnam War.