Thursday, 19 October 2017


It is sad that the phone call of President Trump has been politicized by a congress woman. He said to the widow that her husband knew what he was getting into.

But that was a Trump way of saying that her husband was a fallen hero who knew the dangers and went forward. 

The congress woman was African-American and may have had a hidden agenda of showing the nation that African-American soldiers give their lives to the nation as opposed to the hate messages from the white supremacists.


There is a foolish view being expressed in Papua New Guinea at the hands of the National AIDS Council that there is now only HIV and no AIDS. 

The regional manager Tangoh is leading the nation to misunderstanding that anti-retroviral  (ARV) drugs have eliminated AIDS.

If sufferers are not on ARV or defaulted, the AIDS will expand/rebound until death. All HIV and AIDS sufferers must not infect other people by not using a condom.

AIDS sufferers are on their way to trauma and death. The National AIDS Council must not promote half a message.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


From the 1930s, Jews became victims of a vicious hate campaign of the Third Reich. Millions died in gas chambers.

Now the evil empire of scientology has twisted the story to tell followers that they are persecuted like the Jews with the US Government as the Nazis. Lies.

The US Government has given the evil empire more freedom than they are lawfully entitled to. 

The State has allowed Scientologists to treat constitutional rights and Separation of Church and State with absolute contempt and the work of the enemy. Is this treason?

But the psychopaths still take critics to Court, They selectively use democracy to support their dictatorship.

Dead children have been concealed from parents as the property of the Sect. No birth certificates or death certificates have probably been produced.  

They have probably been cremated to remove evidence and symbolically dropped down volcanoes.

Followers are being likened to Jews. But the real Nazis are the Scientology psychopaths. They will not have the  academic background nor intellect to answer this report. 

Miscavige is a high school dropout. He does not recognize family and requires his father to call him "sir". 

If he comes to Papua New Guinea to attack us, his balls will be frozen and dropped down Tavuvur volcano in Rabaul.

Al Capone was a mafia gangster responsible for the deaths of many people. But he was sent to prison for tax evasion. 

Miscavige could be sent to prison if he has authorized the disposal of a child's body with no police report or death certificate or covered up the sexual abuse or murder of a stolen child. There must be hundreds of stolen children that the Scientologists claimed to own.

As the earthly representative of intergalactic leader Xenu, he is totally responsible. The buck stops with him.  Haha. 

He probably has contempt for official procedures as the work of the enemy. He and Hubbard are their own worst enemies. Miscavige's father will probably visit him in prison and call him David.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Modern History 
and enemy of psychopaths

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


In recent years, the Catholic church has been rocked by revelations of sexual abuse of clergy against boys and girls in schools, churches, orphanages and reform schools.

Could we imagine Pope Francis responding to critics among families like Ron Hubbard and the other psychopath scientologists? 

The Pope has asked forgiveness for the wrongs of the church and defrocked hundreds of paedophile priests.

Could we imagine him sending private investigators out to dig up dirt on parents, declaring them as the enemy, seeking to have them sacked from jobs with fake accusations and fake letters to neighbours?

Could we imagine Pope Francis drugging Catholic families to be thrown into volcanoes in preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ? Scientology is a lunatic sect. 

As a retired senior officer in the Australian Army, I am sure that Hubbard would have been the lowest rank in the US Navy. He does not think like an officer but as a rating on the decks.

Stolen children have died in secret having been taken from their suppressive parents who criticised the church,

They have gone to their graves at the hands of Scientologist executives perhaps with no autopsy report. They may have been murdered, committed suicide or died from sexual infections. 

It may be that Miscavige and the other psychopaths have been involved in the murder of children. That is why they have so much to hide. The best defence is attack.

Let these creeps come to attack the founder of AIDS Holistics in Papua New Guinea. Their balls already belong to us.


They are to be driven insane, die of stress, commit suicide or put in gaol for fake crimes. Failing that they are to be drugged, put into space ships and dropped into volcanoes.

The reports on cable TV are quite horrifying. There has been a deliberate attempt by scientology management to destroy all critics. They have a policy set down by Hubbard the psychopath.

They are to be harrassed by private investigators. They are to be set up with sex crimes to be sacked from their place of employment. Their homes are to be broken into for photos of incriminating evidence. 

Their children are to be taken and never returned. Children who die are never to be shown to parents nor the official death certificates.

The critics are to be harrassed in front of neighbours who are to be given letters that their neighbour is guilty of sex crimes.

These are the same tricks used by the UN paedophiles against AIDS Holistics. These tricks failed badly in this country.

If private investigators come to this country, scientology psychopaths may be amazed that there are thousands of people supporting Positive Living.

Monday, 16 October 2017


The world has come to know that children in institutional care are subject to physical and sexual abuse. There was a recent report on cable TV of a boys home in Florida that killed boys through violence. 

Children in church orphanages and reform schools suffer from the violence of paedophile clergy and teachers.

Now we find that the Scientology sect lays claim to all children of parent followers and can snatch the children if the parents criticize the church. Parents are denied access permanently. 

One ex-staff member said her son was taken from her and died. She was denied the right as the mother to view his body. Was there a death certificate? Was he murdered by a Scientologist in physical or sexual brutality? 

The ex-staff said she knew he was having sex at 12 years of age. Was this Scientology paedophile rape?

Do children of Scientologists have birth certificates issued by the State? Probably not. There may be a deep well of scientology paedophile abuse with children snatched from their parents. Children have constitutional rights too.

Do the children go to school? The ex-staff member said that her son did not go to school from early age but was given labour to earn his living.

A report last night referred to Scientology management covering up the death of two young girls.

Sunday, 15 October 2017


As a teacher of modern history, I have been very much involved in teaching students of the fall of empires. All empires fall as the seed of their own destruction is deeply rooted from the beginning. 

All empires fall for the same reasons. The territory becomes too big for the ruling family to control. The first emperor dies and starts the gradual break-up of territories. Subordinates go their own ways.

Those being ruled become more educated than their overlords and lose loyalty. They want to rule themselves. The old system becomes corrupt. The military becomes lazy.

We saw this with the fall of the Roman Empire and Soviet Empire. The Roman Empire lasted only 600 years. The Nazi empire lasted a little more than 15 years. The Soviet Empire was obviously falling 20 years before the USSR finally fell mainly through decline of industry.

The Scientology Empire will fall within a decade from its own corrupt, manipulative and cruel mistreatment of staff and followers. It will become a memory to remind us all of the dangers of mind control.

L. Ron Hubbard died at 66 years unable to stay alive with his own dianetics. His place was taken in a Stalinist coup by psychopath David Miscavige.

The leadership of Scientology was deeply narcissistic and psychopath. Any critic and their family becomes an enemy. 

No scientologist staff and followers are allowed to read books not written by Scientology. One ex-staffer expressed that the sect was managed through punishment. 

They are not allowed to speak to non-scientologists which includes police, lawyers, judges, politicians and welfare officers. Good trick. 

Reverend Jim Jones of Guyana also saw the US Government as the enemy. His guards shot a congressman who visited the commune in Guyana which then led to the suicide of 900 family members. Jones sought to destroy family just like Hubbard and Adolf Hitler.

The seeds of Scientology destruction have already germinated and will blossom within 5 years.

Last night on TV, one ex-staffer called the sect the mafia. He said that the scientology mafia regards the US Government and IRS as the enemy. Their income is channelled through Australia to avoid tax.

Scientology is in breach of the US separation of Church and State. All followers have constitutional rights that are inalienable. But they have to forfeit their rights as citizens to join the sect. That would not stand up in Court. They are US citizens regardless of the Scientologist psychopaths.

Scientology like other empires will fall to pieces when Miscavige is either gaoled or dies. He thinks he is an incarnation of intergalactic chieftain Xenu who appears to have been a real cruel bastard, a mirror of Hubbard.

One ex-staffer stated that no senior executive seriously believes in Xenu. It is just a fable. The mafia has money to launder and taxes to avoid across the world. They are too busy for such nonsense.