Monday, 18 June 2018


That is why foreign paedophiles, businessmen sugar-daddies and family abusers hate strong families. That is the reason for anti-family messages of UN and AusAID paedophiles.

In the media we read of young girls being sexually abused by fathers, grand-fathers, step-fathers and uncles. The offender may have been staying with the victim’s family or the victim staying with the offender’s family.

But we find that this person may well be reported to the police and taken to Court by the family of the victim regardless of the close family relationship with the offender.

Foreign paedophiles blame families but it was the family who reported the offender by making statements to the police and Court.

Strength lies with such families who need official support not condemnation by paedophiles who have other agenda to defame families.

In a recent media report, a father complained against his elder brother for sexually abusing his daughter while a guest at her family’s home. The brother is awaiting sentencing by the Court.

Sunday, 17 June 2018


There was a letter to the editor  last week in the Post Courier of the rise in sexual abuse on Bougainville of young girls at the hands of men old enough said the writer to be the great grand-fathers of the small girls.

Old men are on the lookout for young girls for sex and prepared to pay the girls money to come with them or pay their parents.

I have heard of this trend for many years on Bougainville. The lesbian paedophiles of UN and AusAID remain silent on the issue. It is far too close to their own paedophile agenda.

The writer calls on the parents of young children to protect their daughters. It is difficult if the old men are the businessmen able to turn a family into poverty if there is any negative response from parents.

It seems as though young girls and boys of this country are under attack from foreign paedophiles with aging paedophile sugar-daddies on Bougainville.

It all brings back my memory of being a teacher of Grade 9 and 10 Personal Development at Juha College in Port Moresby some 10 years ago.

One day I was teaching about the dangers to young girls of sugar daddies. To my surprise I was sacked from Personal Development by the principal for teaching outside the syllabus.

I found out later that he objected to any reference to sugar daddies. He had just snatched a 13 year old girl from grade 8 at St Peters school and made her his pregnant wife. He was a principal with no morality.

A young neighbor advised that last year there was a sugar daddy who would wait at the gate of Omili School in Lae and offer money to young girls to come with him for sex. The teachers chased him away.

There have been reports in the media of a high school in Port Moresby that had sugar daddies arrive after school and pick up young school girls to take off for sex. Many were old men.

We never hear about sugar daddies from the foreign paedophiles of AusAID and the UN. The LGBT young people are being gathered by UNAIDS. 

There is a massive sugar daddy paedophile conspiracy in this country. Foreign paedophiles think that if the national businessman sugar daddies can get away with paedophile abuse, so can the foreigners.

Thursday, 14 June 2018


A media report from I Gat Hope president Janet Sangopa seeks to justify what appears to be non-existent work of care group I Gat Hop, a situation that always existed from the days of the thug founders.

She explains that their peer educators and counsellors go out to newly diagnosed people to help them stay on treatment.

All this does not ring true. Is I gat Hope ignoring the work of the official care groups in testing, counselling and providing medication? Nothing has changed in a decade of I Gat Hop lack of professionalism.

Sangopa says they send peers out to the community to support adherence to treatment and reduce loss to follow-up.

But the program manager Alfred Mark advised in the media yesterday that almost 50% of branches have no members.

Does I Gat Hop actually meet newly diagnosed PLWHIV or do they just talk around the community. This is mock work. 

They do not go to schools to teach AIDS awareness. That is checkable. They focus on uncheckables. They need permission of the Department of Education.

How do they find the names of people? Do care centres breach confidentiality by giving them lists? Not good.

Is seems as if the role of I Gat Hop is being fabricated. Sangopa says the plan is to raise the quality of clinical care. Are they suggesting the official care groups need to raise their standards?

Do they support families? That would be a key to raising the quality of clinical care. But I Gat Hop has always been anti-family and pushing the blame on parents. I Gat Hop will soon raise the issues that need to be addressed. 

These will undoubtedly include rights of children, no rights of parents, rights of LGBT children, rights of sex workers with full blame on parents and families. No mention of responsibilities.

If Sangopa's friends are dying of AIDS, then they are PLWHA not PLWHIV. Ignoring those not on antiretrovirals is DISCRIMINATION.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


With the anti-Family Living view of the founders of I Gat Hop care group, we have had contempt for their murderous presence on the PNG National HIV/AIDS response.

I Gat Hope has branched out into a small anonymous group called Kapul Champions whose agenda is not known by the community but involves LGBT young people. Do they plan to alienate young LGBT from their families? Are they anti-family?

How do Kapul Champions decide that a child is LGBT when all children go through a same-sex phase in early adolescence? Young girls hug and kiss their little girl best friend. Young boys grab and wrestle with their little boy best friend. Then they move on to heterosexual relationships in later teenage years.

In earlier time with Momo and the female thugs, children were to have full rights and parents were to have none. This was the message taken from the UN and AusAID paedophiles.

I Gat Hop announced in their conference full credit for publicizing the shortage of ARV drugs. We found out at the ANGAU AIDS centre. No big deal.

We will support I Gat Hop if they support the official paradigm shift to responsibilities of men and boys in loving families including LGBT family members. It has been embraced by the Government and churches.

Foreign lesbians and national activists have no idea of the dynamics of loving PNG extended families. There is gross overstatement in talk of stigma and discrimination. Love is often more powerful than HIV/AIDS and more enduring.

Shame and blame against parents is the work of childless paedophiles who regard all work by children as child labour. Do parents have to do all the work to avoid being condemned by the paedophiles?

Perhaps foreign lesbians never helped their mothers as young girls but sat around waiting to move away as a wife to some other woman. 

Many bisexual children are interested in sex with males and females because they were groomed and given a bisexual mindset as children by some adult paedophile.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


The National 13 June 2018

Foreign advisors struggle to find issues so they make up fake news. They would have reason to report if small children were slaving in opal mines or making bricks as in Mexico and India.

There is a report in the media today on child labour in Papua New Guinea that is identical to the same media report of two years ago. We denounced the earlier report as fake news. We do the same again.

The earlier report came from the UN lesbians on child labour and claimed that children were being forced to do street work, including vending, chopping firewood for sale, moving furniture, scavenging for scrap metal, gathering scrap food for pig feed and begging.

The same details appeared in The National today Page 8 reported by PNG Employers Federation director Florence Willie. Children directing traffic was not mentioned this time. Is Florence a national officer or just playing the foreign lesbian tune?

I recall watching out for child labour in Port Moresby as cited in the earlier report. But there was none.

These foolish foreign advisors know very little about child labour and can not differentiate with labour and daily help of children to their families. I have never seen children chopping wood in markets or directing traffic. Gathering scraps for pig feed is a new one.

I used to see children selling goods to the lines of cars in East Boroko but they were probably doing that without their parents' knowledge. The money earned if any went into cigarettes and drinks for themselves.

I recall kids who begged on the walkway going from the street above into down town Steamships. 

Kids would beg until they had enough money to dive into a kai bar for chips and Coca Cola. Then they would beg more for the next feed of chips and Coca Cola. That is what they did all day.

I have two little girls in my house related to my daughters. They clean the house, wash clothes, cook food and look after the small children. They are 13 and 12 years old. 

They are wonderful as the house could not exist without them. They insist on doing the work and receive a little pocket money. They will make great wives in future years able to carry out all the major functions of a house. 

The elder is a top grade 5 student at school.  I will send both on as far as they can go at school. That is life in this country that the foreign lesbians know nothing about. Paedophiles just want little girls and boys for sex not work.

Kids have to help their parents to run the family. Little girls have to help their mothers in the gardens. They have to do their turn serving in the family trade store. Little boys have to climb trees and throw stones. Haha.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Let this report be a permanent record of the corruption and violence of the UN and AusAID paedophiles in Papua New Guinea during 2004 – 2015 in their effort to destroy the family Positive Living message even to the point of murder.

If thug parasites had murdered the Founder of AIDS Holistics, they would block the Family Positive Living message. They wanted to remove the caretaker of 3 Angels Care to steal the house with free food from AusAID paedophiles compliments of Australian taxpayers. PLWHA thugs saw their lifestyle as a free ride.

Three Angels Care was an AIDS centre foolishly set up in 2002 by Joe Lari at East Boroko.

It was soon hijacked by rogue PLWHA who planned to live in the centre as their permanent accommodation despite the fact that is was private property.

They refused to leave and threatened to burn the centre if they were evicted. They were Peter Momo, Maura Elaripe and Margaret Marabe. 

They were anti-family, having left their own families or been evicted for drunken behavior, home brew abuse, marijuana smoking and stress to all family members.

They pushed an anti-family message, blaming parents for all stigma and discrimination. The message ran counter to the AIDS Holistics family Positive Living message based on love, caring and support.

Momo and Elaripe were employed by the incompetent / corrupt African Head of UNDP for K800 a fortnight to promote…..wait for it…..Positive Living. There was no apparent output from them to the community at any stage.

This was part of the AusAID and UN effort to destroy the family Positive Living message by setting up a counter-message. The foreign paedophiles thought they were clever.

Then the founder of AIDS Holistics arrived at 3 Angels Care as caretaker. He had been working with Joe Lari for over 12 months before that. Joe could not handle the boozing, prostitution and violence at the care centre.

The rogue paedophiles of AusAID and the UN told the PLWHA thugs at 3 Angels Care that the founder had to be kicked out as he was a ‘violent, womanizing child molester’. The kettle was calling the pot black.

The real reason was that he and Joe Lari planned to set up a Positive Living Training Centre for HIV/AIDS sufferers and families to teach them how to live a peaceful and healthy life. This the paedophiles and rogue PLWHA did not want.

So from that time on, the founder at 3 Angels Care was accused of molesting every child in the neighbourhood. They even warned the neighbours to guard their children. But the morality at the centre among PLWHA was at an all time low. 

The message on child molesting started with Elizabeth Cox when she worked for AusAID. She was a lesbian predator on teenage girls now working for Barnados in Sydney

Margaret Marabe was not employed by UNDP as she was far too violent. She ruled the centre with a long bladed knife. So she set up her own private brothel in her room. She would bring men in quietly after 11pm for sex and booze.

Her son was 11 years old and would clean up her room in the morning, removing the empty beer bottles, cans and rubbish and throwing it all over the rail like a villager living beside a river.

He was seen by the caretaker who scolded him for the daily mess. Momo was nearby and saw the opportunity to murder the caretaker by shouting that he had caught the white man molesting a child.

Momo and Elaripe set up a kangaroo court that night and declared that the caretaker was under citizen’s arrest. They arranged three village men from the East Boroko settlement to come armed with bush knives.

The caretaker was to be chopped to pieces once the verdict of guilty was decided. Momo was the only witness. My 7 and 6 year old daughters stood beside me crying.

But the kangaroo Court ended with the unexpected arrival of the Provincial Care and Counselling officer who demanded to know what was going on. Momo suddenly had memory loss.

Within months, Momo and the African Head of UNDP were not in their jobs. The UN Head quietly disappeared.

Momo then pushed his way into I Gat Hop  and made himself the spokesperson preaching his anti-family Positive Living message with hate and blame for all parents, particularly his own.

I Gat Hop was supported by the paedophiles of AusAID and UN with sponsorship from a gay and lesbian group in Brisbane. Momo was not gay just an opportunistic con-man with no morality.

Then Momo died after a lifetime of boozing, domestic violence and chain smoking. He told lies about living with HIV / AIDS. He was the negative role model for the UN and I Gat Hop.

At 3 Angels Care, my daughters and I saw Momo bash his wife after she demanded money from his 800K UNDP fortnight pay before he went off boozing for the night.

He knocked her to the ground and kicked her in the head with his boots, leaving her lying in the dirt bleeding from the nose and mouth.

The question arises as to whether or not I Gat Hop is still anti-family and blaming parents for all problems of the PLWHA. Do they have a plan to remove all LGBT children from their families to be placed in paedophile care?

The lesson is that there is no value in setting up permanent accommodation for rogue PLWHA. It soon falls to pieces through greed and corruption. The bullies drive out the weak.

The caretaker and founder of AIDS Holistics was viciously bashed several times by the men who had been invited to live permanently as husbands at the centre by the HIV positive women. 

The centre was closed by the owner when one of the men bashed the door down with a axe. Momo was at the centre of the violence but stayed away like the coward that he was.

We will keep the community informed on our website of fake news from

Thursday, 7 June 2018


Post Courier 18 June 2018

There is a media report that this care group has opened a media website to show the work of I Gat Hop and communicate concerns.

Program manager Alfred Marks said the focus will be on advocacy and lobbying rights for PLHIV people on discrimination and lack of accessibility.

The website will be monitored by AIDS Holistics to make sure that the message is not anti-family, anti-faith, anti-parents and focused on the rights of children without responsibilities and all blame on parents.

In the Past, I Gat Hop has made a practice of blaming families for all problems of the people suffering from HIV/AIDS and the LGBT people. That has to stop on this new website. That is baby talk.

We remind management of the official paradigm shift to the responsibilities of men and boys in loving families including LGBT young people.

We remind I Gat Hop of the move in the Department for Community Development to work with the churches.

AIDS Holistics will post appraisals of the reports on this new website.

There has always been fake news put out that sex work and same sex relationships have to be legalized as these people are afraid of going to care groups for treatment and being arrested by police. This is completely false.

There is now an error in the name of people PLWHIV. This presumes that these people will never advance to AIDS as they are on antiretroviral drugs. 

But over 50% of PNG people infected with HIV are not on drug treatment which means that they will go on to AIDS. They are PLWHA. They will suffer weight loss, memory loss, dementia and death.