Thursday, 22 February 2018


Many men of this nation have a primitive and violent understanding of love making and sex. Many women do not know any better. Who will teach them?

Government of Papua New Guinea should be proud of the Personal Development curriculum that has been in place for over a decade despite the rejection of the Outcome Based Education strategy.

The community used to be told that violence in the community is the result of parents not training their children in positive values. This is only partly true particularly in broken homes.

The preparation of children is very much in the hands of teachers many of whom are Christian and married with children. It is a natural progression to promote the rights and responsibilities of family members.

Foreign advisors of the UN and AusAID can have limited input with their focus on rights without responsibilities.

Personal Development in grade 10 focuses on reproduction and sexual health, rights, responsibilities, relationships, family planning, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, family relationships, developing identity, values and health through nutrition and fitness.

The Grade 11 curriculum emphasizes role models, rights, responsibilities, social issues, gender inequality, sexual harassment, homophobic bullying, corruption and dishonesty.

The program has to be given time for the young people to mature to adulthood, marry and raise children of their own.

For a new generation of young adults, family violence may die a natural death after the school lifetime of Personal Development education.

If we allow the foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles to control the curriculum, they will focus on gay and lesbian rights, same sex marriage, abuse of women and girls, violence of men with rights, rights, rights, rights and more rights.

My only criticism of the curriculum is that there is focus on reproduction but no focus on the joy of love in marriage and the pleasure of love making.

Many PNG men and women know very little of the importance of gentle love making and orgasm for men and women.

I have raised the matter with teachers and they express fear that it will promote widespread sexual experimentation among students. 

We do not want the Personal Development program to be the cause of widespread pregnancy among school girls. Perhaps the teachers are right in their fear.

But then who will teach the joy of married love if the teachers do not? Most PNG women and men have no idea of orgasm for women. There is no one to teach them if the teachers do not.

Monday, 19 February 2018


There has been an ongoing saga at the University of Technology in  Lae PNG on the appointment pf Dr Schram as Vice-Chancellor.

Mr Saulep originally claimed his qualifications were false and on photocopied paper. Now the saga has started again with questions on qualifications of Dr Schram.

Surely the University has only to send a request to the university conferring his qualifications and ask for independent  confirmation. 

Either Schram is playing tricks or the University Council has a hidden agenda. His absences overseas seem to be a worry.

I have two degrees. If any person does not accept my photocopied transcripts they need only to contact the Department of External Studies at the University of Queensland.

They have only to ask for the qualifications of 141175/645 Bruce D. Copeland. What is difficult about that?

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Confessing to sex with Haitian prostitutes is far less criminal but more misleading than confessing to sex with underage Haitian street boys and girls.

There are media reports of sexual corruption of Oxfam among Haitian women taken for sex by aid workers. It is likely that aid workers from other international organizations are involved too but not with women.

Why are UN paedophiles never called to account for their anti-family agenda in Papua New Guinea with break-up of families and young people moving into the streets and flooding to the paedophile sex scene in Port Moresby? UNAIDS did not recognise the family unit for several years, if ever.

How many Oxfam workers have found employment in the UN perhaps back in Haiti? That is how the UN works. Most UN workers were failed Australians who moved out of the Australian aid organization AusAID but stayed in Papua New Guinea. This is their old hunting ground.

There is likely to be extensive exploitation of Haitian street kids taken home for sex by foreign paedophiles who work for foreign aid groups and live in luxury apartments with high fences and guards with dogs to keep out angry fathers, uncles and brothers come to rescue their young family member.

The present media reports have probably only barely scratched the surface.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


US Scientologists, UN paedophiles and Chilean Community of Jesus work to break up families to maintain control of followers as slaves.

Brazilian police arrest cult leaders of the Evangelical Faith Community of Jesus on charges of trafficking, slavery and money laundering.

Followers had to hand over their property and become the slaves of the cult working unpaid on farms. Families were broken up. Money taken from followers was used for the luxurious lives of the cult leaders.

This is the hallmark of all dictatorships in the world that rob people of their lives, dignity and family.

This is blasphemy if they say that they follow the teachings of Jesus. No mention is made of the families that are broken up and lost probably to paedophiles and serial killers.

The leaders of cults have an easy life if the Governments allow them to exploit the citizens of the nation. 

An ex-scientology follower on the TV expose explained that this f*** church is not a church as it advocates and enforces the break-up of families. What kind of church would do that? 

Scientology enforces compulsory abortions among workers of the Sea Organization and requires family members to report on one another. The Nazis used to require German families to betray one another.

The Brazilian Evangelical Community of Jesus imprisons followers as unpaid slaves on farms and blocks them from ever making contact with family. 

The Jim Jones Suicide cult of Guyana had armed guards preventing followers from leaving the community. They shot the first group that left with the US congressman. This is cult dictatorship. 

Nine hundred followers then took poison and died. They obeyed their psychopathic leader who was found shot. Perhaps a security guard saw him making a secret escape and shot him.

Sunday, 4 February 2018


About 2 months ago, my younger daughter Lisa and her cousin sister went to apply for a job at a well known Lae hotel.

But they only stayed less than 3 weeks as they were very unhappy at the way they were being treated by the senior domestic staff. 

The cousin was mixed race Filipino but still left after a week because of being treated badly by senior female workers who would not teach her the job so she said. Perhaps they feared that being part-Filipino she would be promoted and able to speak the language. So she had to go.

My daughter was accosted by one woman and told to stop doing something. In the middle of explaining her reason, she was grabbed by the throat with fingernail tears across her windpipe. It took over two weeks to heal.

I wrote a letter to the manager who did not address the issue. So I put a report on this blog. I was told through other people that I had damaged the name of the hotel and would be sued for K10,000, arrested and deported.

Nothing has happened but another report was sent yesterday by the female supervisor with or without the knowledge of the manager that the CID would be arresting me this afternoon as a criminal. 

I am being intimidated and bullied. Can management not control their female workers?

No not a criminal. I was just an angry dad. If guests make complaint on social media, are they threatened with arrest and deportation?

On behalf of my daughter, I would seek damages of K15,000 for unwarranted assault on a young girl two weeks on the job. She and her cousin never went back as they feel intimidated and afraid of the senior women. 

I am being intimidated and harassed by the management and senior female staff of this hotel. I want to forget the incident but the threat of arrest and deportation continues.

I will report again if police come to the house to arrest me. I will be advised by cell phone and will come to the internet shop to inform the community.

If the worst happened and the founder of AIDS Holistics were pushed on an aircraft to Australia by the CID with no Court order and without his daughters and grandchildren, the stink of betrayal will hang around for years.

Perhaps the hotel could make a donation to AIDS awareness.  All will be forgotten.

Thursday, 1 February 2018


In recent decades with the rise of gay and lesbian rights, there is an increase in the paedophile exploitation of children over the world including Papua New Guinea. Paedophiles disguise themselves as gay and lesbian.

We regularly read in the media of children being sexually attacked by paedophiles. In the media this week was the report of the rape of a three month old baby. How could that be? The child has been internally ripped and damaged.

There is so much we do not know about abuse of children. Young children who are allowed into nightclubs can be drugged by paedophile men and carried out to be abused in apartments. 

There was the report of a paedophile on the TV who killed 10 year old Australian girl Samantha Knight who was murdered several years ago after being drugged, stripped naked, raped and photographed by the paedophile. 

He was gaoled when the police raided his house and seized hundreds of pornographic photos of young unconscious girls.

Now we have the foreign paedophiles coming to PNG and seeking to lure children away from families particularly LGBT children.

The United Nations UNAIDS campaign excludes family and seeks to take control of underage children, many lured from rural families to the bright paedophile lights of Port Moresby.

The Government sponsored shift to family and responsibilities of men and boys is to be ignored by racist foreign paedophiles.

There has never been a correction made by UNAIDS to the statement posted by Head of UNAIDS on two occasions that FAMILY and FAITH are not relevant.

Now the new campaign Count me too ignores all mention of family. The focus is completely on LGBT children whom UNAIDS seems to claim to own. Family has no rights.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Count me too excludes family too.  In ignoring family, the foreign paedophiles are opposing the paradigm shift to responsibilities of men and boys in family. The United Nations opposes the PNG government in the new focus on family.

For over 15 years, PNG has suffered at the hands of foreign paedophiles of the United Nations and AusAID seeking to break up families and steal children like the US Scientology mafia.

Foreign paedophiles wanted to unite and control the LGBT men, women, boys and girls like any other world dictatorship.

They failed badly the result of corruption and incompetence of paedophile Head of UNAIDS Stewart Watson who saw himself as the messiah of the LGBT family in PNG.

Watson explained to the community in two media reports on World AIDS Day that FAMILY and FAITH were no longer relevant in modern society. 

He told the Port Moresby Minister’s Fraternal that adultery kept husbands and wives happy. There was a riot where the UNAIDS speaker was rescued by Dame Carol Kidu.

Watson saw himself as the LGBT chief of operations who looked after the boys and girls. But he failed badly with the national rise in focus on family and the paradigm shift to the responsibilities of men and boys in families.

Now he has gone and left the country like a mongrel dog. His place was taken by one David Bridger who explains his plan to unite all UN organizations in Papua New Guinea.

The new paedophile attack on FAMILY has begun. The United Nations opposes the official strategy supported by the Department for Community Development, Prime Minister, Governor General and Archbishop of Port Moresby.

This time Bridger has sought to gain the support of the Minister and Secretary for Health and HIV/AIDS who are suffering from a blockage of aid funding from the UN and AusAID. They are being punished for the paradigm shift to family.

Last week, there was a large advertisement in the media promoting a new organization Count Me Too, a play on words for the US lobby group. The implication is that LGBT people suffer stigma and discrimination at the hands of families and care groups.

Count Me Too has an exclusive focus on LGBT people. This is a renewed paedophile attack on families. If we read the advertisement, we find no mention of FAMILY and FAITH. It is just like old times. The UN paedophiles are up to their old tricks.

We note too that Count Me Too is intended only for Port Moresby. The remaining 6.8 million citizens are to be ignored even though many are HIV positive with no access to ARV drugs in the rural areas.

The plan is to break up rural families with LGBT young people flooding to the Port Moresby LGBT sex scene.

Where will they sleep? Where will they live? The good looking ones will sleep in the apartments of foreign paedophiles.

The others will live on the streets as sex workers and spend their time in night clubs waiting for foreign paedophiles to take them home to bed.

Count Me Too ignores the fact that many LGBT young people live in loving families. But FAMILY is a dirty word in the paedophile world. These young people are being alienated from rural families and induced to come to the bright lights of Port Moresby paedophile sex.

The HIV positive people living in families are to be ignored by the UN paedophiles. The paedophile vs family war is continuing.

There is strong paedophile misinformation on stigma and discrimination of LGBT people. Many such children are sent to school by loving parents.

The UN paedophiles want dictatorship over LGBT children by breaking up families like the US Scientology mafia.