Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Father rapes daughter. There was a report in The National last week of a father in this country who raped his 13 year old daughter until she was 17 years old.

He was a church worker who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the crime he committed against his biological daughter.

The judge referred to the betrayal of a daughter by someone who should have protected and cared for her. This father has destroyed his daughter’s sense of esteem.

If she hates him because of the sex he forced on her, she will probably hate any young man who wants to touch her and marry her. 

She will see him as filthy like her father. Or perhaps her lack of self-esteem will drive her out to be a sex worker.

There was a letter to the editor today that expressed deep sadness at what had happened. He said that the sentencing should provoke us fathers to rise up and take hold of our responsibilities to our daughters.

He said we should embrace them, think good of them, respect them, build them up, give them fatherly leadership and strive to be a role model to them.

This will help develop stronger families, stronger society and a strong nation. Thank you to the father who wrote this letter in terms of the paradigm shift to responsibilities of men and boys in families.

There are more loving fathers in families of this country than violent molesters of daughters. It is time that the positive influence of fathers be heard loud and clear.

Note to students: This writer has made use of listing in the letter. Read the third last paragraph in blue. This is an important skill in essay writing as students proceed from grade 8-12.

Friday, 16 March 2018


Over the last 17 years, there has been a vicious battle raging in Papua New Guinea between two paedophile teachers employed by AusAID and a single parent teacher seeking to promote Family Positive Living.

There was Elizabeth Cox and Stewart Watson who worked as lecturers at Kaindi Teachers' College and Goroka Teachers' College respectively. 

They joined the National HIV/AIDS response with the express purpose of pushing a paedophile agenda on the churches, care groups and members of the community. 

Both controlled AusAID funding and ruled with a rod of iron to punish any group that did not support the gay and lesbian agenda.

But they were opposed by the founder of AIDS Holistics who was an experienced teacher of Biology and soon showed a superior knowledge of HIV/AIDS. He had a son and his mother dying of AIDS and both passed away in 2002 and 2003. His focus was on family care.

Cox and Watson claimed he was a violent child molester and womaniser. He molested his own daughters, a message soon taken up by the paedophile community led by Sir Peter Barter, Jeffrey Nape, Bomal Gonapa and the horde of gay boys and girls employed to work in AIDS awareness.

But the gay, lesbian and paedophile message has died with the lesbian activists overplaying their hands in an ongoing media campaign against men abusing women and girls with violence. 

Supported by the Governor General, Prime Minister, Department for Community Development and Catholic Archbishop of Port Moresby, the focus is on men and boys and the contribution they can make to loving families.

The foreign paedophiles have suddenly gone quiet. They failed to accentuate the positive but focus only on the negative. Perhaps the massive violence of men to women is completely fake.

And the Meri Seif buses are travelling each day on fake evidence that women and girls are attacked on public transport in Port Moresby.

Let the foreign paedophiles face my daughters and tell them they were molested. My younger daughter has the capacity to be very violent. Come on Elizabeth Cox, talk to my daughters. Lisa will knock you down the stairs.

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Over last few months there has been a paradigm shift  in the foreign lesbian war against men, a shift supported by the Prime Minister and Governor General. 

Focus is now on responsibilities of men and boys in families. The nation now has a positive message not an anonymous hate campaign against violence of men led by foreign lesbian paedophiles seeking to disrupt family and parental authority.

No longer do we read of the large numbers of women and girls bashed by men and being treated at lesbian supporting care centres across the nation.

In some centres there have been claims of hundreds of injured women and girls every month. It was most probable that much of this was fake news designed to shift the so-called power balance towards women and girls.

The news items released by the foreign activists and care group supporters all played the same journalistic tricks. So 657 cases were treated at a care centre over 6 months.

The asssumption would be that men were the violent offenders and that all the so-called injured patients were women and girls. A further assumption would be that they were injured by men.

Women fight women. But just put them down on care centre records as the survivors of violence of men.

Lesbian women have set up their own fake battle lines. They have told women and girls that they have rights, rights and rights with no responsibilities to family. They do not dare mention responsibilities – to whom?

Women and girls have the right to go to night clubs at night, drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and drink home brew, play cards, bash their husbands, tell him lies, steal family money, make calls on cell phones to men and have their husbands charged by police.

If they bash their husband and he defends himself, they are to go straight to the local police station and have him charged with assault.

That will open the door to unlimited nights out with the girls. The husband will be afraid to lift a finger.

A good night out is to get drunk and bash other women and girls. Then they can take their injuries to care centres to be recorded as victims of violence of men.

Many world lesbian liars come from South Africa. They claim that lesbians are raped by angry men as training to convince lesbians that sex with men is better.

That may be fake news ro hide the fact that lesbians were attacked by family men to rescue sisters, daughters and nieces from the clutches of older lesbians. The older lesbians are raped for good measure. 

The PNG nation had a rescue of a young PNG woman some 4 years ago at the hands of her family men from a car parked across from the Crowne Plaza hotel.

South Africa is a woman’s world with hundreds of men working apartheid style in the mines. Young family girls are claimed as belonging to lesbian women as the men come home once every quarter.

Now in PNG, the news reports on violence to women have gone silent. With the paradigm shift to men and boys in families, the foreign lesbians have nothing to say to men The trick has failed.

The fact remains that men are still the enemy. So gays, lesbians and paedophiles move their focus to LGBT boys and girls. They can still run a hate campaign against men in protecting and grooming boys and girls for paedophile sex.

But they can never overpower the teachers of PNG and the Personal Development curriculum on men, women, boys and girls in families. The message belongs to the teachers of the nation.

Monday, 12 March 2018


The Personal Development curriculum for grade 10 in Papua New Guinea schools places extensive focus on family and family relationships. 

Students learn the roles, responsibilities and rights in families, causes of conflict and ways to solve conflict. As well there is focus on marriage, parenting, and causes of domestic violence. 

It is difficult to believe that the Papua New Guinea community was once advised in the media by the Head of UNAIDS that family is not relevant in modern society. We should not hide behind family.

The teachers who wrote the curriculum see family relationships as the pivotal epicenter of the care of men, women, boys and girls, including LGBT young people who need the love of nuclear and extended family members.

Contrary to UNAIDS advice,  we can hide behind family. A strong family will protect us from outside exploitation.

The key reference text was Personal Development Outcomes Edition for Papua New Guinea by Kenneth Rouse Website oup.com.au.ox.

Thursday, 8 March 2018


The foreign paedophiles from UN want to look after the LGBT kids. But then who says the kids are LGBT?

Modern child psychologists say that all children go through a same sex interest in early adolescence. The boys hug and wrestle with boys. Girls hug and kiss girl friends when they meet. Then most go on to heterosexual relationships as they mature.

Years ago, a teacher reported that Save the Children in Goroka conducted a sexuality survey among primary school children in the Eastern Highlands. Who gave them permission to do that?

The schools in Massachusetts used to give sexuality tests to students so as to identify the alleged gay and lesbian children. This is a disgrace to put  young children under such pressure. Then the schools held gay and lesbian appreciation days. 

And the paedophile teachers said that homophobia caused suicides among children. It was probably the result of humiliation at the hands of paedophile teachers. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018


For over 15 years, the UN and AusAID paedophiles have waged a hate campaign against family. 

They spread fake news that all men were violent and families punished HIV sufferers with stigma and discrimination.

But now there has been a paradigm shift in Papua New Guinea with focus on family and the responsibilities of men and boys.

Prime Minister, Governor General, Department for Community Development and Catholic Archbishop of Port Moresby all support. The UN paedophiles have nothing to talk about as they remain anti-family and anti-men,

So the media has gone silent on violence of men, Paedophiles have changed their focus to LGBT children. 

There will still be pressure on all care groups to ignore the new family focus. The UN paedophiles think they are still the bosses of the national message.

The family message now belongs to the Personal Development teachers in the Department of Education with their focus on family, rights and responsibilities, role models and self esteem.

As well there is focus on reproductive systems, gender equality, sexuality, family planning, love in marriage, adultery, domestic violence, child trafficking, child development stages, dangers of homebrew, marijuana, heroin and importance of healthy living.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


The great paedophile conspiracy has been in place in the world for over a decade and sparked by the HIV/AIDS pandemic that began in the 1980s.

It opened the gates to the paedophiles  of the planet exploiting the world view that the pandemic was a gay plague.

The response justified large numbers of gays, lesbians and paedophiles being employed across the world to hijack the response and insert a strategy to molest children. 

Papua New Guinea suffered in the last decade from vicious United Nations and AusAID paedophiles.

Outreach of paedophiles stretched across the continents with the world use of computers and internet.

Children could be groomed and stolen from chat rooms and private homes. Innocent people could be hacked and their accounts used for pornographic videos and photos.

There has been international trafficking of children. Over half a million young girls are kidnapped in India to be sold as sex slaves according to the media today.

Paedophiles want to be free to have sex with children, The paedophile organization North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) claims that there is nothing more beautiful that sex between a man and boy.

The number of recorded suicides of boys reduces this claim to satanic nonsense. Boys are often devastated when molested by family men, teachers, clergy and scout masters.

Foreign paedophiles want (1) legalization of gay and lesbian sex (2) legalization of sex work and eventually (3) lowering the Age of Consent for children to have sex with adults.

There will soon be pressure return to Papua New Guinea with legalization of same sex marriage in Australia. 

Burnet is coming back according to a recent advertisement of a position in the media in support of the HIV/AIDS campaign. Burnet was at the vanguard of the early attack in the 1990s.

There has been consistent fake news from the paedophiles. We are told that gays, lesbians and sex workers are afraid to go for HIV testing and treatment for fear of being arrested by police. What absolute nonsense.

Do they suggest that doctors, nurses and care workers will breach confidentiality and report them to the police to be arrested?

The claim is that young girls and boys will be protected with a law legalizing sex work. The real danger is violent men who rape, murder and do not use a condom. Particularly in the USA, paedophile men are also serial killers of teenage girls.

But all such planned legislations are in support of the safety of paedophiles. They want the flood gates of teenage and child sex to open and overflow.

If sex work is legalized, will advertisements be recorded in career books for schools so that boys and girls can make a choice as sex workers?

There has been pressure for children to be able to seek condoms at Care Centres. Several years ago, a spokesman for Save the Children in Goroka blasted the care workers in the media for refusing to give condoms for underage children.

So the first step is to alienate children from their families and parents. Paedophiles lovingly claim to be protecting the children’s rights against the dictatorship of parents, pastors and police. Children have the right to sex with whomever they want.

There have been claims from paedophiles that children have the right to medical treatment without the parental consent. Underage girls can have abortions without knowledge of parents.

Girls can die in the filthy backyard abortion clinics of Papua New Guinea. Paedophiles do not want to be implicated in infection of another person with HIV, particularly an underage child. They would prefer to dump them on the roadside at night dead or alive.

Gays, lesbians and paedophiles keep their lifestyle secret particularly the hideous infections of men and boys with gut parasites that enter when an anus is licked and faeces swallowed full of parasite eggs.

Paedophiles are the king Cobras of the homosexual and heterosexual community. They tend to be sent to prison in the USA for 99 years without the possibility of parole. Those who will most likely offend when released are never released. Three life sentences are common in the USA.

I once had a lesbian woman tell me that gays and lesbians hate paedophiles too. But many gays and lesbians are paedophile in disguise. 

Regardless, the gay and lesbian community never makes public statements about their gay and lesbian paedophile brothers and sisters.