Sunday, 17 September 2017


Crime Investigation: TVWAN cable TV

The expose by Leah Amini on Scientology reveals a brutal, authoritarian sect, set up by a science fiction writer claiming to be a messiah like Jesus or Mohammed. But his authority came from little green men not God.

All earthly dictators have been cruel, authoritarian and permitting no criticism or disillusion from followers. Critics are to have their spirits and lives destroyed. They are the enemy.

All families are married within Scientology and belong to the sect. They can be taken away from any disconnected follower.

The regimes of Hitler and Stalin produced subordinates who were psychopaths determined to show their worth by making all followers afraid and suffering. Jesus did not do that.

With the death of Hubbard, his place was taken by a junior high school drop-out and psychopath David Muscavige. Hubbard did not die of a stroke but merely discarded his body and went to live with the little green men on another galaxy. Haha.

His successor Muscavige believes in terror attacks on followers, forced confessions, re-education, demotion and disconnection. There is no Christian love. The focus is not on the soul of the believer.

It is on the cruel, asset greedy, authoritarian, vicious and fraudulent agenda of the Scientology Gestapo.

Perhaps Hubbard and Miscavige are the anti-Christ we read about in Revelations. This writer is not a Scientologist but merely recognises the authoritarian bullying common to all dictatorships.

Why do Americans allow demagogues as spiritual leaders? There seems to be a cult of personality among spiritual dictators in the USA. 

Take Jim Jones of the Guyana cult who killed his followers with poison. Why do Americans follow like sheep? I would never have allowed him to give poison to my family. 

Where in the Bible do we read of mass suicide? Those silly people died because of a crazy megalomaniac pastor. The Scientologists have a megalomaniac in Miscavige.


We read in the media that Malcolm Turnbull has urged people of Australia to vote yes to gay and lesbian rights. Today he supports the right of a church not to marry a gay supporting couple. He seems to be having a bet each way,

He says the sky has not fallen in among the countries that have given gay and lesbian rights. He has not noticed that these countries have gone quiet on statistics on child abuse and child serial killing. Paedophiles are having a field day.

Gay and lesbian rights include same sex marriage, adoption of children, marriage in a church and police protection from terrorist attacks on gay pride marches.

The day will surely come when terrorists attack gay pride processions. We do note that the public profile for gays and lesbians has dropped across the world. There is secret fear of Moslem terrorist attacks.

We will all recall the attack on a gay bar in the USA over two years ago. Gay and lesbian rights puts soft target Christian nations on the opposite side of the fence to Moslem countries.

Moslem countries have their own sin and corruption but look to the soft target countries to condemn families for lack of security and morality of women and girls who are allowed to go out to night clubs, dance with men and drink alcohol. 

Sharia law is coming closer to Australia every year. Indonesia will embrace Sharia law within 5 years. So-called Islamic State plans to take Indonesia.

There are Sharia squads patrolling streets throughout Britain. Will the Government allow Sharia law in Australia?

Thursday, 14 September 2017


Anna Solomon (Department for Community Development)- Focus on violence and abuse distracts us from the needs of family.

Yatu Idauman (School Principal)  If we look after needs of family, violence and abuse looks after itself.

Needs of family

In Papua New Guinea, family consists of father, mother, sons and daughters. This is the nuclear family which exists within the extended family of the clan.

Families have basic needs which include food, shelter, clothing, medicine, love, caring, respect, education, lunch money, bus fares and protection from abuse and violence.

The family has basic rights which include the right to be cared for, given nutritious food to prevent malnutrition, gender equality for all family members, freedom from violence and abuse, education and employment in a job, access to medical treatment, access to gardens and freedom from HIV/AIDS.

A husband and wife have the responsibility to care for their family, provide a loving environment, protect the family within shelter, give values and living skills, treat all members with gender equality.

Older children have the responsibility to support their parents with care for small brothers and sisters, disabled family members and older people living in the family. 

They have the responsibility to free parents of stress and worry and to study at school to secure employment and support their family. They have the responsibility to accept values and living skills for marriage and rearing children in future years.

All family members need peace and love. They need to be respected as people. Wives need to be cared for with no fear of violence from drunken husbands. Men need to be respected and not suffer bashing from violent wives. Family needs to be free from abuse of alcohol, home brew and marijuana.

Families do not need polygamy with the man marrying two or more women, bringing home HIV/AIDS and not earning enough money to look after two or more families of children.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


The National 14 September 2017

For over a decade now the foreign lesbian Gestapo of the United Nations has worked to destroy the PNG family and the authority of parents particularly the fathers.

But today we read in the media that the Department for Community Development and Religion has changed all that with focus away from violence to women and girls. Now the emphasis is on the needs of family.

Secretary Anna Solomon said the Department wanted a family approach with not too much talk on violence to women and girls. This focus had diverted attention away from the needs of family.

There is a forum to be held from 4-6 October to involve women, men and children in a holistic approach to family. This would give all men and women the opportunity to speak and contribute.

PNG people have withstood the attacks of the foreign paedophiles. 


Crime Investigation on TVWAN cable channel.

In recent years, the people of Papua New Guinea regularly read media reports of a young man who claimed to be a pastor and posed as the son of God among villagers in the Madang area.

He would stay in villages and call for baskets of food as offerings to God. He would call the young girls to come in traditional dress and serve as his hand maidens. He had sex with each of them as young as 8 years old.

He was a paedophile who was sentenced to prison and escaped twice to return to his job as the son of God. But villagers started to question his morality and claims of divinity

In the end, he was chased by a gang of men who cut him with bush knives, speared and castrated him. His time was ended. He did not rise from the dead.

He became known as the Black Jesus. He had been preceded 25 years before by the brother of Jesus in the Wewak area Mathias Yeliwan who lived on Mt Yangoru and had hand maidens he called flowers.

He killed a young girl, cut her up and claimed he would make her rise from the dead in 3 days. The family is still waiting.

Monday, 11 September 2017


In recent months, we read reports in the media from public figures claiming that social media postings are false.

AIDS Holistics has had two blogs in the last decade. The Geocities blog attracted 600,000 hits about Positive Living before Geocities closed down. The present blog has attracted 235,000 hits in 5 years.

We have made deep criticisms of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in Papua New Guinea. Yet in all that time, there has not been a single blog or media comment telling the world that our information is fake.

They would not dare as they know they would only make the matter worse. The gay, lesbian and paedophile lobby has specialized in anonymous fake reports on Google and email. They would not dare explain the gay, lesbian and paeophile agenda to the community.

Deep criticisms have been made of the paedophile agenda of Stewart Watson (UNAIDS), Elizabeth Cox (UN Women and Barnados) and Sir Peter Barter (Madang Resort Hotel) but there has been total silence. They know that our facts are deadly accurate.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Post Courier 8 September 2018 Letter to the Editor

There was a letter to the editor from Mike commenting on the recent spate of sex crimes on underage girls. He put the blame squarely on parents and guardians.

There is a small grain of truth in his words. But the fact remains that young girls are now preferred for sex by older men. Older sex workers are out of business.

Most families do not have money to give to children particularly young girls who need cosmetics, clothes and menstrual pads. Men have the money and girls know where to go.

I have spent almost 18 years worrying about my daughters. They would come in after dark and not say where they had been. I would walk the streets. When I was ill in 2011, paedophile Jeffrey Nape stole my elder daughter.

Children can not be protected by parents all the time. Parents go to work and the children arrive home from school before their parents return. Children have to be given freedom if they are to grow to be responsible adults.

The foreign lesbian paedophiles did not help by working to promote the rights of children with no responsibilities. They planned to destroy the authority of parents. Then these paedophiles turn around and blame the parents. Good trick.

But children have to travel to and from school , go to the store, wash clothes at the river, collect water, work in the gardens and gather firewood. Here is where many girls are raped.

The writer of this letter has to take care not to be making excuses for the paedophile attackers of children. Paedophiles are the criminals not the parents. The last creep to try this was Valentine Tangoh of the National AIDS Council.

Is the writer pushing all blame on parents? Paedophiles do the crimes and most parents just worry and try to protect their children. In Australian prisons, paedophiles are called "rock-spiders". They hide under rocks and leap out to snatch a victim.