Sunday, 19 November 2017


Directors of the National AIDS Council always knew that if they supported family Positive Living, the ugly Australian homosexual activists would sack them and black ban them permanently. They wanted an anti-man gay and lesbian agenda.

They had already banned Positive Living and AIDS Holistics. We have never been officially part of the National AIDS response. Paedophile Chairman of the AIDS Council Sir Peter Barter threatened to have my daughters taken into care for sex abuse. I still have his email in file.

He sacked Secretary Wep Kanawi for announcing that family is the epicentre of AIDS awareness. Now Valentine Tangoh is back to an anti-man and anti-family gay agenda by announcing that 80% of PNG women suffer abuse. His knowledge on HIV/AIDS appears to be gay and zero.

He is mistaken as 100% of men and women suffer abuse. I have had my teeth knocked out, smashed vertibrae and a broken nose and I am only a  white man. My elder daughter was slapped at primary school in 2000 by a girl. Put her down for violence Valentine.

As the founder of AIDS Holistics in 2002, I have been involved in promoting AIDS awareness to the community of this country and the world.

This has been with first-hand experience upon looking after Linda and our son with AIDS before they died in 2002 and 2003. These were the days before the free availability of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.

Linda died in horrible ways under the grip of AIDS. Her lovely personality changed as she came to hate her carer and children and sought shelter from the evil spirits that were attacking her. 

The family blamed her carer. He had arrived just as she was moving into AIDS and went from happy to morose and angry.

We needed help with advice on HIV and AIDS but help never came. The Australian AusAID advisors knew nothing about AIDS despite being paid $200,000 a year with apartment and car tax free and all the boomerang aid they could arrange for their friends.

These advisors arrived with a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Supported by Dr Clement Malau they opposed the Positive Living message as fake and fatal for all sufferers. 

Malau is now a professor and said to be respected as a professional of high integrity. He sold the nation down the drain with his support for Barnet Professor Toole and the gay and lesbian agenda. How can a doctor oppose Positive Living?

Peace, hope, love, family, forgiveness, faith, rest, sleep, exercise, clean water, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, apple cider vinegar and rejection of fear, violence, hate, stigma, discrimination, dehydration, malnutrition, beer, home brew, tobacco and marijuana.

The task fell to the founder of AIDS Holistics to research all aspects of the virus and to advise the community. It was not a difficult task as the founder had always been a teacher of Biology and Physiology.

Times have changed now with the availability of ARV for all sufferers. An infected person on ARV will not suffer stigma and discrimination as the amateur advisors claim.

In a loving family the ARV will return their lives almost to normal. Family and friends will forget within months as the person goes about their daily lives and their jobs.

The body starts to return almost to normal as the HIV load is removed in the blood causing a pause in the attack on the CD4 and gut lining.

With strong nutrition the person regains health with one exception which is the onset of fat loss on face, buttocks and arms with fat gain on the abdominal wall. This is called lipodystrophy and can lead to diabetes 2 and heart trouble.

People on ARV are still sufferers and are not free of deadly side effects that come from lypodystrophy.

The understanding by the founder of HIV/AIDS has always been totally accurate. Advisors began a hate campaign to say that the message was full of errors and killed any person who sought help with AIDS Holistics.

No changes have ever been made to our message from that day to this. No error has ever been noted by any person on this blog. We were quietly supported by several doctors who still remain anonymous.

The focus was on people living without ARV and included (1) infection of the virus (2) invasion of the blood (3) attack on the CD4 cells in the gut lining (5) absorption blocked of nutrients, salts and water (6) slow blockage of the Krebs Cycle and (7) slow destruction of the gut wall.

This led on to the slow onset of AIDS after several years with (8) loss of weight (2) break-down of protein in muscles, hair, finger and toe nails (9) loss of appetite (10) diarrhoea (11) dementia and (12) lumps in lymph nodes.

There were (13) delusions and hallucinations (14) fear of being killed by evil spirits (14) hysterical violence and despair (15) loss of memory that often meant the sufferer often forgot where the house or bus number  (6) suffocation as the oxygen is blocked in the lungs and (16) death.

But the foreign advisors were not in the least interested in the physiology of HIV/AIDS infection. They focused on (1) stigma and discrimination (2) condoms (3) rights of women and girls (4) gender equality and (5) violence of men against women.

Now all foreign advisors have gone back to the Australian gay bars and moved away from the massive corruption of boomerang aid. Tangoh is here to carry on the gay message. Too late.

AIDS awareness has been taken over by national officers and the standard remains low. There is no help for the AIDS sufferers who have no access to ARV drugs. 

Now we read that Tangoh wants the Health Department to take over clinical advice. The lazy gays, lesbians and paedophiles want to take over shouting about rights and violence. Give them a pay cut for laziness.

The Regional Manager Valentine Tangoh appears to be a complete amateur with the awareness of HIV/AIDS at the level of the average departmental tea lady.

His only message is that people suffer stigma and discrimination ….again. Not with ARV and not in loving families and communities. The over-riding emotion of families faced with violence and screams of an AIDS dying loved one is fear and trauma. Tangoh is gay anti-family like paedophile Watson.

Tangoh focuses only on HIV and can give the impression that sufferers are now normal to have sex without condoms. This is a disgraceful and wilful error.

The virus always hides in the hiding places which includes the spleen, thymus, liver and long bones that produce the red and white blood cells.

If the patient defaults on treatment the virus will rebound worse than ever and cause either death or the need to go on with the second line of drugs.

Tangoh ignores the suffering of those not on ARV and tells the journalists never to say that people with the virus are sufferers. The 52% not on ARV will suffer to their deaths.

The Titanic is sinking and the personnel manager Tangoh is busy rearranging the deck chairs and telling the community that the passengers are not sufferers but enjoying the cruise.

Families need to know the importance of ARV and the stages to death of a person suffering dementia, hallucinations and delusions. It is not sorcery. All demented people can suffer anger and fear of being killed. Think of Alzheimers Disease and brain damage with strokes.

That is the job of the National AIDS Council. They can rely on AIDS Holistics for accurate advice.

They need to understand that the onset of AIDS is not sorcery and requires medication of the loved one with ARV.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Biology and AIDS Awareness
Founder of Positive Living in Papua New Guinea

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Violence is being caused by break-down in family caused by drunken husbands, women playing cards and drinking home brew, teenagers coming home drunk and young single mothers with no money for a baby.

A Lutheran pastor advises that many men and women have relationships outside their marriage at the work-place. This can be the cause of problems in the home. Women and men never let their spouse see their mobile phone.

Many children suffer violence at the hands of mothers who are too young to have a mature attitude to raising a child. They are angry at having to look after a baby while the small boy father is nowhere to be seen.

They smack children when they should be training them. A child may be smacked for disturbing the mother while she is playing cards. A small boy is smacked for faeces on the floor.

Children may learn to cry for hours and never be taken up by the mother who can be busy elsewhere.

But another mother may suffer as she has no money for food for children or medicine. The child has had malaria for 3 days and the mother has no money to go to the hospital.

Some married women may take their child when they meet their boy-friend. The child is left with his family who could not care less. The child may be sexually abused by some man in the family of strangers.

I will raise this matter when invited to the Men and Boys Forum sponsored by the Department for Community Development and Cardinal Sir John Ribat Archbishop of Port Moresby.

The paradigm shift to men and boys was explained in a recent editorial of The National and has great possibilities. But the powers-that-be must not forget the personal development curriculum in Papua New Guinea schools.

Child sexual abuse usually occurs in weak families with parents not caring where the child is and not concerned in going out to search.

In the media today there is a report of a 6 year old girl who is missing from her distraught family and a small girl raped by her uncle.

As a parent, I would be almost insane with worry at suffering a lost child may be having at the hands of a paedophile child trafficker or serial killer.

There was a report in the media of a young woman in Japan deserted by the father of the baby, gave birth and then threw the baby out of the window of a 15 storey flat.

AIDS Holistics has been much involved in school curriculum.


Over recent weeks, I have written on the evils of the Scientology cult in the USA at the hands of L Ron Hubbard fake war hero and science fiction writer.

I have combined the strategies of the pagan cults I have known and found that all have the same strategy of enslavement of followers.

All are dictatorships, managed with fear and punishment and destruction of family with followers able to leave only in a coffin. All are not Christian but dominated by a single man who names the cult after himself. That is a danger sign.

There were the Waco Davidians named after David Jabesh and Jonestown named after the Reverend Jim Jones the psychopath and pagan evangelist.

Christian churches are generally named after saints as taken from Scripture. They are not crazy psychopaths who have set up their own words as gospel truth and been prepared to punish all who criticize or question.

I have been reading the Readers Digest condensed book by Karen Armstrong entitled Through the Narrow Gate. It gave me the chance to compare the Catholic approach with those of the pagan cults. Please click:

Through the Narrow Gate | Karen Armstrong | Macmillan

Through the Narrow Gate is Karen Armstrong's memoir of life inside a Catholic convent. 
With refreshing honesty and clarity, the book takes readers o...

Karen Armstrong joined a Catholic convent in 1963 at the age of 17 years after seeking to be closer to God. Convents were all medieval in thinking but soon to be changed by Vatican Two.

On passing through the narrow gate, she was faced with a new world of discipline which she endured for over 15 years hoping to become closer to Jesus as the bride of Christ.

In the end she realized that despite struggling for all those years, her soul was becoming shriveled and damaged by loopy, neurotic and weird practices she was forced to accept by superior nuns without question.

She was to be the bride of Christ. That meant to the Mothers superior in the convent that she had to forego all love to focus on Jesus. She had to reject the love of her family and even any sisterly love with fellow novitiates.

The convent culture had a neurotic view of human relations. Jesus was not a being in heaven but a jealous, pagan and vindictive husband who gave hell to any nun who loved any other person except him. He had thousands of brides in every century.

This was not Gender Equality. How would the teaching nuns explain marriage to girls in the Catholic schools? Are all men jealous like Jesus? Do all girls have to love only their husband? There was denial of the need for people to show love to fellow human beings. Certainly not nuns.

Noviciates were to obey all rules, maintain silence, march everywhere in lines of three and in order of age and observe poverty, total obedience with a willingness to be punished and be grateful for having to polish tiled floors with a toothbrush.

They were to question nothing and make no decisions of their own. They accepted that they bathed once a week with convent soap and no talcum that had to be surrendered. They were not allowed to question the Mother Superior and her covey of senior authoritarian nuns.

Black is white, they may be told by Mother Superior.  But Reverend Mother black is black. How dare you question your reverend mother.

You are arrogant and too concerned with your own opinion. I am sorry Reverend Mother. I accept now that black is white. But the time bomb was ticking for Karen Armstrong.

Karen Armstrong was never given medical treatment until she was ill at Oxford University where she was sent to study for her degree in English Literature. She was sick in all her years t the convent.

She had anorexia nervosa from the unsuitable food she was forced to eat at the convent. Her sickness was seen to be arrogance by the primitive and silly nuns. 

She was told by the Reverend mother to tear all the feelings out of the novels she studied at Oxford and to focus on being a bride of Jesus.

At last she decided to leave the order after such a long separation from her loving family and living a life completely dominated by several neurotic and narrow minded nuns who followed the law but not the love of God.

She was escorted to the train by the Mother Superior, hugged and blessed before beginning the journey back to her family.

How different this was from the Gestapo approach of the Scientologists. The Catholic church accepted the young women as noviciates and let the families get on with their spiritual lives. 

There was no attempt in the church to destroy the family and take the children. Family members were not deemed the enemy who were to be reported on for any comment made against the church

Despite the strange ideas of the nuns, the focus was still on the love of God. Scientologists focus on power not the salvation of the soul. Scientologists are pagan.

The Scientologists are a political organization protected by neo-nazi security guards who are probably armed. They put followers in a prison and remove children from the families. As reincarnated adults from the past, they could be taken away by Scientologist thugs.

Some cult leaders seek sex with women in the families including wives and young girls. There is evidence of abuse of children in the Scientology sect that has been covered up. Children have died according to the Leah Remini TV expose.

Two cults in Papua New Guinea were set up by men who claimed to be brothers of Jesus, But the leader in the Taiping revolt in China in the 1800s used the same trick. But he told the followers that bullets could not harm them.

Both Mathias Yeliwan and Black Jesus sought to make pregnant the daughters of village followers in Papua New Guinea, But then they both died.

Yeliwan had killed and dismembered a young girl and claimed that she would rise from the dead in 3 days. Black Jesus was hunted down and killed with spears and bush knives.

Cults can not pass the test of time. The cult dies when the last cult fuehrer dies. Miscavige will be the last Scientology fuehrer.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The National 16 November 2017

Regional manager of the National AIDS Council advises that there are more than 47,000 people living with HIV. 

Of these only 52% are on ARV drugs. That means that 48% of those infected are moving slowly to AIDS and death. It is important for the family to help the loved one to receive ongoing antiretroviral drugs with no breaks of even one day.

With no ARV, they will move into dementia over several years as the CD4 count drops below 150. That will mean that they lose weight as the body protein is eaten away, lose hair with broken finger and toe nails.

They will suffer delusions and hallucinations that bring fear to the sufferer and families. A sign of dementia is fear of being killed by evil spirits and violent people. 

The sufferer will wake up at night with the hallucination that there are people crowded into the bedroom. Family members will be woken and afraid of the screams. 

One young woman believed that an old woman waited in a tree outside the house as a black crow ready to kill her. 

As the onset of HIV and AIDS can take several years, the family may be concerned that the loved one is the victim of sorcery. Some innocent person has to die.

Life will be extended with the sufferer following Positive Living with love, peace, family, fruit, vegetables, clean water, exercise and rejection of beer, home brew, tobacco and marijuana. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Scientology thugs starting with David Miscavige are warned not to bring the cult to Papua New Guinea.

There would be danger if there were family members declared suppressive with the children taken away into the sect.

There would be PNG husbands, fathers, uncles, and brothers who would not hesitate to send the Scientology thugs back to the USA in several pieces hacked by bush knives.

That is probably the reason why there has been no Scientology focus on African American families in the USA. Scientology is afraid of black supremacy.

There would be the danger of young black men bringing their family members back after blowing the heads off the cult thugs as their vehicle sat at a petrol station or a traffic light.

They are not what the Scientology thugs would call “fair game”. Scientology targets the weak middle class white American community.

There is nothing more certain that the Scientology headquarters and prison would be protected like Fort Knox and the headquarters of the Waco Davidian crazies. Followers who escaped the prison would suffer violence no matter what age.

There would be a hidden arsenal known only to senior scientologists and neo-nazi security guards.


Paedophile creep Dr Albert Kinsey told the world in a report in 1948 that small boys are ready for sex as they have erections. He is one of the primitive witch doctors of modern psychiatry.

Men and small boys have erections when they wake up in the morning which has nothing to do with sex but of the rush of blood into the penile tissues after a nights sleep and a bladder full of urine.

Fake war hero Hubbard would have supported this with the assertion that this is proof of reincarnation from dead adults. He dreamed that up during the war while peeling potatoes in the soldiers' mess.

In tribal communities, mothers are known to gently stroke the genitals of baby girls and boys to soothe them. It has nothing to do with sex. 

Kinsey and the Scientology war hero had their own ideological reasons for pushing adulthood on to small children.

Psychiatry has gone through hideous stages over the last 500 years. Demons were cast out by burning witches at the stake. 

Personality and intelligence were measured by means of a caliper to take readings on the skull. The Nazis did that. 

Psychiatry is getting closer to the truth in the modern era with research into genetic defects, hormonal imbalance and lifestyle health.

Kinsey and Hubbard are dinosaurs of psychiatry and Hubbard was not even qualified. He was advised by an intergalactic chieftain who dropped people down volcanoes.

Monday, 13 November 2017


The worst child abuse comes with abuse of trust from fathers, uncles and grand-parents.

It is difficult to explain child abuse from the point of view of a small child. The child knows nothing about sex. They have no idea of what an adult is doing to their body and have no idea of fear, anger or surprise.

The child has no idea of sexual intercourse and the function of the parts of the body. The child may cry if there is pain.

We have to understand that sexual intercourse occurs between two consenting adults though younger teenage children may be involved. 

There is what is called the age of awareness at which the child knows what sex is and is able to give consent.

The person is aware of how sexual stimulation takes place and that there is pleasure involved in the giving and receiving of sex between consenting partners.

A child knows nothing of this. Children often assume that an adult is doing right and makes no judgment at what is happening to their body.

As the child grows older and becomes aware of sex, there may now be anger and grief to look back at abuse that had occurred at an early age. For child molesters there is a time bomb ticking as a child grows to maturity.

Case study 1:  There was a report on Google on a young boy who joined the Boy Scouts in the USA. He was befriended by the scout master who seemed to know that the boy was from a broken home and needed a father figure.

But the scoutmaster started to sexually molest the boy. The boy became his sex slave. Several years later, the boy was in his 20s.

He remembered the abuse that he suffered and was angry. One day, he went to the home of the scout master and shot him to death. The boy went to prison.

Case study 2:  A policeman friend once told me of an incident in the town. A young man had seriously bashed an old man who visited his family. The bashing took place in front of horrified parents.

The police were called and the story unfolded. Years before the man visited the family and became friends with the young boy. The parents were delighted that the new uncle took the boy fishing and camping.

Then as the boy grew to be an adolescent, he said he no longer wanted to go with the man. The man ceased to come to the house.

Then years later, the boy had become a young man living in his own flat. He came home to his parents one day to find the man at the house. He was so angry that he punched him in the face and threw him down the stairs.

The parents were horrified to hear the story from their son that the man had been sexually abusing him on every fishing trip. The matter was put in the hands of the police.

Case study 3: A family in America were friends with the local parish priest. He was a family friend. The parents encouraged their young son to go to youth group and become an altar boy.

But as the boy grew older, he ceased to attend church. He became unhappy to the point that one day in his early 20s, he committed suicide having left a note for his parents.

They read that the boy had been sexually molested by the parish priest who had betrayed the trust as a priest and friend of the family.

Case study 4: There was a report many years ago on TV 60 Minutes of a priest who had been molesting boys at the church school. He was met outside the school by a reporter who demanded to know why he was molesting boys.

The priest ran away from the reporter. That night he committed suicide.

There is a time bomb ticking for all child molesters. The explosion can occur when their victim is in teenage years or early adulthood. And the paedophile creep Dr Albert Kinsey wrote reports in the 1940s to say that children are ready for sex at an early age.

The Scientologists tell us that small children are reincarnated adults with the implication that they can have sex with adults without parental knowledge. 

There have been reports on the TV expose on Scientology of children in the cult who have died. Did they commit suicide after being taken from the parents and abused?

The UN paedophiles told the PNG community that children have rights and one is the right of association with adults. No mention was made of responsibilities. 

Like the Scientologists, the UN paedophiles want to break up family and destroy the authority of parents.