Tuesday, 17 April 2018


There has been a public statement from UNAIDS on the effects of polygamy on the levels of HIV/AIDS.

This is the first statement made by UNAIDS that AIDS Holistics has ever agreed with. Does this mean that UNAIDS is slowly becoming supportive of family. Or is UNAIDS still anti-man?

The increase in polygamy has the direct effect of men going out seeking sex with other women and women attached to a polygamous man going out to sell their bodes to find money to feed the family.

Too many polygamous men can not afford to support 2 or 3 women and children. Someone has to suffer. The man comes home with HIV and infects the other wives.

Or a wife goes out to find money and brings back HIV infection to the man to be passed on to his other wives, their children and babies.

Good men have businesses that make each wife financially secure.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


There is a puzzle of how this woman in full blown AIDS gave birth to the child with no maternal blood mixing with foetal blood in the womb and causing infection with HIV. She gave birth 12 months before she died.

My daughters have a cousin who has just died and left her baby to her sister as foster mother. The woman denied that she was HIV positive and claimed to have TB infection. In her last days, she looked like a skeleton from a Nazi prison camp.

The family claimed she was afraid to tell her father as he would kill her. So she gave the child away ready to die. The child was 12 months old which means she became pregnant in final AIDS.

I was concerned that the child was HIV positive and quietly approached the foster mother and her husband. Both said the baby was taken for 3 AIDS tests since birth and he was negative. He certainly was not skeletal but very weak and unable to walk.

The foster mother said he had never drunk his mother's breast milk and was given Lactogen that proclaims large numbers of vitamins on the package. Smart lady.

But like a kaskas dog denied mother's milk, the boy may have had a weak immune system from a lack of mother's nutrients in the milk. The kaskas dog is the last in the litter denied mother's early colostrum and milk.

I have suggested that the foster mother brings the boy around to my two daughters to be given a daily teaspoon or tablespoon of breast milk that may lift his strength. The extended family in operation.


There is a report in the media how the earthquake in Hela province is damaging the resupply of ARV drugs to HIV and AIDS sufferers. There were 5 Care Centres damaged by the earthquake. As well, the sufferers may be cut off by road to the care centres in the towns.

Some people may have 3 months supply of ARV drugs, But many will have run out of drugs for over a month which will make the HIV virus immune to the first line of drugs. A second line may be necessary in the months to come if the roads become clear.

The same problem exists for refugees over the world. Many will die having been cut off from their drugs and travelling through hostile countries whose governments will refuse to help.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


There is a regular message in the media that the blame for stigma and discrimination lies with family who make the young sufferer afraid and ashamed.  This is only partly true.

There is more to the issue than this. The overriding emotion in the news of HIV infection of a loved one is fear and disappointment by family members. 

The young girl has been through school at great expense and now is unable to marry and bring bride price into the family. The parents are unhappy with the fact that she has been going out for sex.

The young people may be afraid to tell parents and even afraid to go for an AIDS test. They do not want to know. 

So they allow their health to sink past the point of no return until they die. The blame is laid on the workers in care groups by the AIDS false news reporters.

A young woman in the village may have been a loving mother and made HIV infected by her husband. But she lives in his village and has no way to defend herself if the womanising husband tells his family that she infected him. 

As the person sinks to AIDS there is the onset of dementia or brain damage. The person starts to hallucinate, have delusions and fear of being killed by evil spirits. 

The family may find it easier to blame the problem on sorcery. Some innocent person has to die.

In the past, the trouble making boozing PLWHA made the practice of punishing their families by announcing to the media that they were discriminated against by their families. 

They did not mention that they caused so much violent and drunken disruption to the family and preferred to live in other places around the town. They also suffered from demented screaming and shouting at night at being attacked by evil spirits.

Some sufferers are afraid to go to a cere centre for testing and ARV drugs as they are ashamed to sit in the waiting room to be identified by their health books as come for HIV/AIDS treatment. 

There may be people in the waiting room who know them and will spread the story. There are reported to be 40% of HIV sufferers in this country not on ARV. Why is it so? The drugs are available.

There is a young woman who died recently and was afraid to tell her parents and extended family. She claimed to have TB but refused to go for TB medication. 

Perhaps she knew she had HIV infection. Now she is dead and her young son is dying with no medication. The family is doing nothing. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


UN and AusAID Health has had an anti-family paedophile focus.

The Personal Development work books for Papua New Guinea schools are provided by the Australian Government to the Department of Education with a firm family focus on rights and responsibilities.

Yet the advice on Health provided by the UN and AusAID has a distinctly anti-family paedophile focus at odds with the family focus supported by the Government and Department of Education in this country.

So the UN supports renegade groups fighting family and supporting LGBT young people with straight forward groups looking after strong loving families.

Friday, 6 April 2018


The Papua New Guinea community has faced accusations from foreign paedophiles of United Nations and AusAID that family is responsible for child abuse. This is a vicious trick to hide the child sexual abuse by gay, lesbian and heterosexual paedophiles.

Parents are held responsible for all child abuse at the hands of fathers, grandfathers and uncles. This tells only part of the story. The child abusing family men are often put in prison after being reported to the police by the mother of the child. It is a family response.

These incidents are reported in the media on a weekly basis. But the media tells little or nothing of the loving families in the nation who could act as role models to the rest of the community through the media.

There are virtually no reports of men abusing boys. This would not be supported by the foreign paedophiles as many such men would be foreign paedophile. Only village men are reported in the media for sex with a boy.

There are absolutely no reports in the media of expatriate men being arrested by the Australian Federal Police for sex abuse with children certainly not men employed by AusAID or the United Nations. Only grass roots PNG men go to Court and prison for such crimes.

Foreign paedophiles are very discrete in their sex activities with children. The usual practice is to take a boy to a hotel to spend the night in a room with the paedophile signed into the hotel under a false name.

The strategy has been to disrupt families and remove the authority of parents particularly fathers. Fathers can rescue a child with the help of brothers, father and uncles. Paedophile activists tell the community that parents abuse children by their discipline.

Foreign paedophiles say that all discipline is child abuse. It is the task of paedophile care groups to rescue boys and girls from the dictatorship of parents. The real truth is that in most families the children are protected from danger by parents.

It is difficult to forget the young girl in prep grade at Boreboa Primary School in Port Moresby over a year ago who disappeared and never been found to be returned to her parents. She was obviously stolen by a PNG man which can be printed in the media.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


There has been much focus in the media on sexual abuse of children. This is a serious problem  in the nation and world. 

The answer lies in a positive focus in the media on the importance of family rights and responsibilities. Arrests and punishment still serve as deterrents.

It is too easy to promote the false impression that families and children are abused. This is not true. 

There are hundreds of thousands of families in this country with loving parents and children who are cherished and cared for. They should become the role models through the media.

The nation is very fortunate that there is a powerful Personal Development curriculum in Papua New Guinea schools that takes students through from grades 6 to 12.

They learn of the needs, roles, rights and responsibilities of family members. They learn of the importance of love, care, dignity, respect, gender equality and self esteem of all members within the nuclear and extended families.

This message is developed and redeveloped from grade to grade over 6 years of school. Boys and girls learn of the importance of choosing wisely in finding a partner acceptable to the family. The young person has to be acceptable to the family of the partner.

Young people learn that their family provides their key protection as they grow to adulthood. Young girls need to inform parents of where they are going, with whom and when they will be back.

If they tell lies they may find problems if they are kidnapped, raped and murdered a hundred kilometers away from where they told their parents they were going.

Young people are taught how to be mentors to their younger brothers and sisters. They must warn them never to allow themselves to be snatched by men on the way to school, in the market or at the river.

They must tell their parents never to put the name of their brother or sister on their school bag to give a kidnapper the chance to call the child by name. 

“ Hullo Mary, I am your uncle. Your daddy is in hospital and told me to take you to him”. Go and see your teacher. He will be gone when you come back.

The child must never approach the man in a car and give him the chance to open the door and grab his victim.. The brother or sister must run in the opposite direction, go into a shop or the school grounds.

The Personal Development curriculum allows the child to think out a future life from early age. Girls must not allow themselves to be trapped into a relationship if pregnant.

Both boys and girls must ensure that they have education and a job before marriage. The girl must not marry a boy with low education and no job.

She needs a man with a fortnight pay who support her education and job search. Two pays in the family are better than one.

This nation needs a family column in the media each week.