Thursday, 13 July 2017


Child sex has existed from the beginning of time. In the modern western world the age of consent has been raised to give girls the chance to get and education, work in employment and have a life before being pushed into child birth and marriage.

Child sex is the norm in many Moslem countries. Mohammed is reported to have married a nine year old girl. Many small Moslem girls die from loss of blood on their wedding night.

The Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah has male followers who marry and make pregnant every female cousin and niece from the age of 12.

Now paedophiles are reaching out to take our children and being given the green light by gay and lesbian rights.

Nations that give gay and lesbian rights are also giving support to the hidden millions of paedophiles across the world who buy child pornography and seek sex in internet chat rooms.

Police forces are cracking down on paedophiles with long prison terms but it is too little too late.

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