Friday, 25 November 2011


Over the years, advice has come from several churches in Papua New Guinea that they have been severely bullied by AusAID lesbian gestapo officers. AusAID is the Australian aid organization.

From 2002, AusAID advisors took control of the national HIV/AIDS response, reducing even the national Directors to Uncle Toms. National doctors were reduced by AusAID clerks to office niggers.

They demanded that the churches accept a strategy based on condoms. Only the Anglican church freely gave support, the result the Anglican gay culture of England.

They demanded an approach that focused on individual rights with no focus on family or family values. Husbands and fathers were out. They were all violent even the loving ones.

They expected churches to remain silent on the issue of same sex marriage and gay and lesbian relations. Their ultimate aim would be to put a lesbian woman into one of the 22 reserved seats of parliament to become the Minister for Community Development.

That would give access to the committee for the Marriage Act made up of clergy. They would then aim for adoption of children by expatriate gays and lesbians and same sex marriage. UNAIDS is working on the churches from their end.

17 Oct 2011 ... We have read the report on the meeting of the church ministers of Port Moresby
with the UNAIDS gay who told them that the AIDS pandemic ... - Cached - Similar

There is now a new generation of AusAID lesbian gestapo laying down the law to churches on using Australian fund money. The hidden agenda would be:

no opposition to condoms

no opposition to same sex marriage

silence of promiscuous sex

focus on violence of men to women

no focus on gay and lesbian domestic violence

no talk of faith

no focus on family and marriage

AusAID gestapo officers want churches to embrace a pagan strategy.

It is time for Australia to lose their "familiarity breeds contempt" relationship with Papua New Guinea. It may be time for China to give the key support to the national HIV/AIDS response.

At least China has a family approach despite the one family policy in a country with 1 1/2 billion citizens and population rising.

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