Thursday, 18 February 2016


There has been a long track record of UN workers calling the community homophobic because they oppose gay and lesbian influence on their children. They are not allowed to oppose gay and lesbian sex education in schools. 

Gay and lesbian activists seek to infiltrate Education, Health, Legal, Police and Welfare that enables them to take children into care as the State. They are the modern nazis.

Throughout the soft target Christian world, gay and lesbian teachers tell students to ignore their parents as they are homophobic. 

This is all part of undermining family and telling kids they have rights that parents ignore. Kids are never told that there are responsibilities that go with every right. Activists want kids to be rebellious and demanding.

UNAIDS has criticized any comments from the PNG community on gay and lesbian sex. But they are strangely silent on any criticisms of the Moslems. Gay and lesbian sex is a matter for legal response under Sharia law. But not a word from the United Nations.

The Moslems support marriage to small girls. That should inspire applause from the United Nations paedophiles. But there is silence. The UN focuses only on the soft target Christian countries. 

It is time for the UN to denounce the Islamic State for their cruelty to women and girls and opposition to gay and lesbian sex. 

They would not dare annoy the Islamic State for fear of hostile action in Syria or Libya. The Middle East boys and girls have to look after themselves. Besides, the paedophiles who attack refugee boys and girls have to be given a fair go.

Paedophile brothers and sisters do have a sense of ethics. They are wolves in wolves' clothing.

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There are paedophile groups in the United States that want the age of consent lowered or removed particularly for boys.

These creeps believe that all people from babies have sexual desire and that parents are abusing by preventing their children from having sex. Please click:

North American Man/Boy Love Association - Wikipedia, the ...

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States. It works to abolish ...
Founder‎: ‎David Thorstad
Founded‎: ‎2 December 1978
Location‎: ‎New York City‎ and ‎San Francisco

The main group is the North American Man-Boy Love Association who want their members to have wonderful sexual relationships with boys. They say it does no harm to the boys but gives them a fullness of living. They want to protect the sexual rights of boys and girls.

Think of the numbers of men, women, boys and girls whose lives have been damaged and spoiled by sexual molestation of Catholic priests. Some have committed suicide as they have been unable to face their lives after such abuse. So much for sexual desire of children !! 

In the report below, the priest was a family friend. But all the while he was sexually molesting the son. He destroyed the faith of the family by his betrayal. The boy committed suicide as a young man. Please click:

betrayal of a catholic family - family positive living - aids ...

Sep 18, 2015 - BETRAYAL OF A CATHOLIC FAMILY. This is a report on a devoutfamily in Massachusetts at the hands of the paedophile priest sexually .

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


In primitive societies across the ages, the age of consent has been non-existent. Young girls were seen to have a child bearing role once they reached puberty and menstruated.

Young girls are like fruit that should not be touched until ripe. This is to draw an analogy not to make a sexist remark.

As a girl grows to womanhood, her body develops with fullness of breasts, mature reproductive organs, sexual awareness and desire.

The vagina expands to allow a girl to accept a penis without damage or pain. Medical science shows that young girls are prone to vaginal cancer, the result of sperm mistaking the immature vaginal cells for ova, penetrating and causing infection over many events of intercourse.

In modern times, the age of consent in the western world has been lifted to give a young girl the chance to grow to maturity with education and employment. She seeks the rights of a woman. But these rights do not exist in many primitive societies.

A girl is seen as being only a bearer of children. She will cause trouble to men if she knows she has rights. Moslem societies do not see women in the work place. They may not train to be nurses and touch men to whom they are not married. 

There was a young girl in Afghanistan shot by the Taliban for advocating education for girls. She lived to promote a hopeless cause in Moslem society. Education for girls is only the first step on the ladder.

In Nigeria, the Jihadist group Boko Haram opposes education for women. They probably oppose education for themselves. They kidnepped over two hundred from a school and most likely raped and killed them. 

Moslems are inspired by the story that Mohammed had a 6 year old wife. One blog writer was threatened with death for calling him a paedophile. If we open Google, we find there is much debate on the matter. Please click:

Muhammad's Marriage to a Prepubescent Girl and its Moral ...

An Examination of Muhammad's Marriage to a Prepubescent Girl And Its Moral ... She called me loudly and I went to her and I did not know what she had wanted .

Was Muhammad a Pedophile? - Answering Islam
Nevertheless, Muhammad's relationship with a young girl presents a problem for Muslims, especially for those who want to share their faith with others.

Teacher Said, "Muhammad Married 6 Year Old Girl" - Just ...
Teacher Said, "Muhammad Married 6 Year Old Girl" - Is It True? HELP! 
I am 9th grade student of Catholic school here in Karachi, Pakistan. Help us please!

Whatever the conclusion, it has given generations of Moslem men the justification to marry and have sex with small girls. 

Sunday, 14 February 2016


Homosexuals have long been regarded  as security risks among the intelligence services and considered capable of betraying the nation. They could be blackmailed by enemy security.

Now we are told that all is well in the British security organization MI5 that is now the major employer of homosexual workers.

These people are more susceptible than ever to blackmail particularly the paedophiles. who could be set up by enemy operatives and recorded having sex with children. Their conduct could be revealed on webcam or intercepted email or text messages.

Security comes with eternal vigilance. But MI5 may be letting the side down by deceptive propaganda. Accounts always come out when the accountant is also the auditor.

Is homosexuality now a hidden selection criterion with British MI5? Is it now compulsory? Paedophiles can be gay, lesbian or heterosexual.

Are foreign security organizations recruiting homosexuals too? It is certain that President Putin would not allow homosexual recruitment in Russian security.


An old friend complained of a swollen abdomen with pain in the upper area that appeared to be the duodenum and small intestine.

Another friend suggested that he suffered from abdominal tuberculosis. A check was made of Google. Please click:

Abdominal Tuberculosis in Patients Infected with the ... - JStor

by MJ Fee - ‎1995 - ‎Cited by 49  - ‎Related articles 
Disseminated tuberculosis was present in 93% of the HIV-infected patients, compared with 31% ... for HIV-infected patients with abdominal tuberculosis seen.

The report revealed that abdominal tuberculosis is related to HIV infection. It is felt mainly in the duodenum or small intestine. The condition requires prompt medical treatment and can be fatal.

My friend undertook to seek medical advice. There is something new to learn every day.

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Moslem nations across the world maintain orthodoxy by Sharia law. Focus is on the behaviour of men and women in relation to clothing, smoking, sexuality and drinking alcohol. Couples are not allowed to be seen showing affection in public. Please click:

Iranian youth get app to dodge morality police - BBC News 
BBC News - 2 days ago
Iranian youth get app to dodge morality police. By BBC Trending What's popular and why. 9 February 2016. Share. Email · Facebook · Twitter · WhatsApp
Iran has the morality police known as Erchad that deploys patrols at any time to stop Moslem people and take action against clothing and behaviour. They can be chastised at the roadside or charged to appear in Sharia Court.
But a computer app has been devised to be used on mobile phones to enable passers-by to register where the morality police van is concealed at the roadside with its squad of inspectors.
There are reports of Sharia squads operating in London with Sharia Courts. In Moslem countries, morality police have the authority to take severe action against gay and lesbian couples. 
Moslem men and women can only socialize with the same sex in public. It is fertile ground for clandestine gay and lesbian relationships behind closed doors.
Infection with HIV and AIDS must be a great problem in Moslem countries and a source of fear for men and women. HIV and TB must be devastating refugee sufferers who can not gain access to medical supplies.


Over recent years, the world has been horrified by violence of the so-called Islamic State controlled by one so-called caliph claiming authority over the world. 

No other Caliphate is to be allowed. All people should suffer death before Allah as infidels even Moslems who do not accept the authority of the caliph.

It has all happened before with the ascendancy of the Catholic Church in seeking to destroy all pagans who adopted the Bible as their authority. 

Hundreds of thousands of early believers shed their blood with the support of the Popes. All belief was the belief of the Papacy that traced its authority from Saint Peter. "Upon this rock, I will build my church."

Men and women died from burning at the stake. Women died throughout Europe accused of being witches who did not bow before the village priest but carried out duties as midwives and herbalists.

At the time of the Reformation, the teachings of Martin Luther were regarded as heresy and inspired hatred with the papacy that placed pressure on the German emperor and princes to excommunicate and imprison Martin Luther the rebel priest.

The view was that the Catholic Church had the one and only right to promote faith with exclusive authority on all doctrine.

We see this happening with the so-called Moslem caliphate that will demand exclusive right to all doctrine. Those who refuse will suffer death by genocide.

All doctrine will be non-negotiable with believers required to accept all belief without question. Doctrine issues were none of their business. Priests had exclusive right to promulgate belief without reference to Scripture.

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther relied on the infallibility of Scripture and slowly convinced the citizens of Europe.

Neither he nor the Popes had the support of national armies, air strikes nor drone attacks. People of Germany did not suffer terrorist attacks as now occurring across Europe and the Middle East today.

But the Catholic Church would welcome any violence against heretics who did not renounce their faith and embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church. Early victims were the Albigensians, Waldenses and Anabaptists.

Catholic priests of the sixteenth century lived in splendour and engaged in debauchery according to Martin Luther.

Surely paedophile abuse of children has a long history in the Catholic Church going back to the beginning. The faithful kept silent for fear of going to hell.

The Moslems have Sharia law which may be a factor in saving the world from sexual depravity of men including Moslem men.

But the Moslem fighters today do not protect women and girls. They rape, traffic, kill and enslave them. Many Moslem men marry small girls and tear them apart with an adult penis.

Let us hope that the modern Catholic Church is moving to a second reformation. Priests are not to tear boys' anuses apart and destroy their faith. Shepherds do not abuse the sheep.

The present pope appears to be a kind and caring man focused on mercy. He may be unable to stop the depravity of priests, starting with the secret gay clique recently revealed in St Peters. The Catholic church has a paedophile culture.

Gay rights are secondary. Paedophile abuse is the key issue in the Catholic and Moslem faiths

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Over recent years, there has been a rise in paedophile activity in the world, particularly with child pornography on internet. 

Children are being kidnapped, raped, tortured, made stars in snuff movies where the child victim can be tortured and killed and sold to paedophile gangs. Please click:

'Poorly protected' refugee children at risk of being preyed upon › News › World News › Europe › Germany
Nov 1, 2015 - Refugee children in Germany are at risk of being preyed upon by paedophiles due to a 'scandalous' lack of controls at asylum centres, warns 

Scandal of refugee children preyed on by paedophiles ...

Oct 24, 2015 - Refugee children trying to reach Europe are being preyed on by paedophiles and forced to resort to prostitution in order to pay people .

Over recent decades, there has been foreign paedophiles seeking to adopt Russian orphans but this was stopped by the Russian Duma or parliament. 

Homosexual propaganda was not to be given to minors. Foreigners were not to be allowed to adopt Russian orphans. 

One Australian paedophile was gaoled in the United States with his friend for adopting a 6 year old Russian boy and renting him out for sex to paedophiles.

But now the source of children has increased massively with the numbers of unaccompanied refugee children following the refugee trail from Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan  and Algeria. Many will be kidnapped and sold to paedophiles.