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The body consists of cells that range from muscle cells, nerve cells, blood cells, epithelial cells and more. All are made partly of water. All need to be continuously fueled with water, oxygen, sugars and salts.

All rely on the water, salts and nutrients that are absorbed through the small intestine and pass through blood vessels to the cells that are bathed in fluid. 

Cells have to produce their own fuel in small compartments called mitochondria that generate cellular fuel with the breakdown of glucose and production of carbon dioxide that is then passed out of the tissues. 

The process is called the Krebs Cycle. The final end product is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This is the fuel of life.   Please click:

Krebs Cycle

The Krebs Cycle is the central metabolic pathway in all aerobic organisms. The cycle is a series of eight reactions that occur in the mitochondrion. These reactions take a two carbon molecule (acetate) and completely oxidize it to carbon dioxide.

The Citric Acid (Krebs) Cycle: Products and Steps - Video ..
It's a three-phase process, beginning with glycolysis, followed by the citric acid 


But the HIV virus slowly brings the the Krebs Cycle to a halt which then stops life. The damage begins with the replication of the HIV in the CD4 cells guarding the gut lining. 

The gut is slowly destroyed as the epithelial layer is broken down. There is no longer the passage of nutrients through the gut lining to the blood vessels on the way to the tissues and cells. The water-salt balance is damaged which brings working body processes to a halt.

There is not the passage of oxygen to every cell. The break-down of the water-salt balance halts the passage of water, salt, sugars including glucose and oxygen to the cells with removal of carbon dioxide. The cells are no longer replenished.

Living tissue slowly becomes dead meat. The sufferer dies of starvation, suffocation, infection and dehydration. A reprieve can come with antiretroviral (ARV) medication but the Krebs Cycle can not be allowed to decline past the point of no return.

But a loss of water through the small intestine can also cause collateral damage to body organs including the brain, nervous system, liver and kidneys.

There reaches a point at which the sufferer can only be treated with a drip at the hospital to artificially insert water, salts and sugars. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016


All living creatures and plants have a water-salt balance. If this balance is changed death may follow. We have to know that there is a movement at all times from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure.

We put fertilizer around the base of a small plant. What happens? There is low salt pressure in the plant and high water pressure. Salt then passes from outside high to inside low. Water passed from inside high to outside low. The plant dries out and dies.

We put a fresh water fish in salt water. What happens? High water inside. Low water outside. Water passes out. High salt outside and low salt inside. Salt passes in. Fish dries up and dies.

We put a saltwater fish in fresh water. What happens? High salt inside and low salt outside. Salt passes out. Low water inside and high water outside. Water passes in. Tissues fill with water and the fish dies.

It is all because of the change of homeostasis or water-salt balance.


All animals and plants need water and salts, crucial to life in a balance called homeostasis. This is commonly known by students of Biology.

Nutrients, water and salts are absorbed into the body through the epithelial layer of the small intestine or gut.

Homeostasis is essential to every cell of the body.. It enables combustion of oxygen in the cell mitochondria in a process called the Krebs Cycle. Combustion of food occurs in the cells.

But homeostasis is slowly destroyed by the HIV virus as water and salts can not be absorbed through the damaged gut lining.

The small intestine is the dirtiest part of he body full of nutrients with helpful and harmful bacteria. We harm the bacterial balance with indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

The wall of the intestine can leak but the gut is protected by millions of CD4 cells that engulf millions of HIV particles passing down in the blood to the CD4 shepherded by a host of white blood cells.

HIV is engulfed by gut CD4 and replicates within, producing millions of HIV and killing millions of CD4. Without medication, the HIV slowly wins the battle.

The small intestine is slowly destroyed preventing absorption of nutrients, salts and water which pass out as diarrhoea.

Homeostasis is disrupted forever stopping the break-down of food in the cell mitochondria and preventing absorption and combustion of oxygen. A layer of mucous is laid down in the lungs.

The body slowly begins to starve. There is no reserve of protein in the body except in the muscles. So the body starts to break down muscle tissue. There is no future in a body eating itself. The sufferer loses weight in legs and arms.

The antiretroviral treatment (ART) can reverse the process with HIV destroyed in the blood and prevented from tracking down to the CD4 protecting the gut lining. 

It is essential that such treatment be accompanied by positive diet of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins for the process of rebuilding and replenishment of cells and tissues.

Nutrients,water and salts can be restored together with the homeostasis or water-salt balance. Diarrhoea ceases as absorption begins again through the gut lining.

Otherwise the sufferer slowly dies of starvation, suffocation, dehydration and infection.

When an AIDS sufferer is admitted to hospital in later stages of the sickness, what is the first treatment? ......... water-salt balance treatment !!!

A drip is given of water, salts and sugars. Several refills may be administered. For some, it may be too little too late. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016


This month, AIDS Holistics celebrates ten years of promoting AIDS awareness through family Positive Living. We have had two blogs during that time. The first was with Geocities, starting in 2004 and closing when Geocities closed their site.

In those days there was little known of Positive Living and AIDS awareness. So the task seemed to fall to AIDS Holistics to put the message together. We were not the first to promote the concept. Positive Living was one of the four major topics for the Chiangmai International Conference in 2002.

But the first blog caught the whirl wind across the world. In four years there were 600,000 hits. On one day the blog attracted 2600 hits. Never before and never since. The hit rate on the present blog is more sedate with 191,400 hits over five years. The Positive Living message is not new anymore.

But people were learning of the physiology of HIV/AIDS. I have been a teacher of Biology all my working life and found the understanding quite uncomplicated. 

People were not aware of the attack of the HIV virus on the gut lining that brings slow destruction of the body through starvation and dehydration. The body can not take in nutrients, salts and water. 

The ART reverses the process by cleansing the blood of HIV and slowly allowing the gut lining to recover and mend through build up of the epithelial lining of the small intestine. Please click:

mend the gut lining - family positive living - aids holistics
Dec 28, 2014 - MEND THE GUT LINING. If you read no other report on this blog, read this one. It is at the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS infection. The action of HIV 

Dec 27, 2014 - RESEARCH PAPER ON THE GUT ATTACK. A number of points arise from the reports below: a. HIV takes a number of months to destroy the

To our amazement, we found our blogs attracted hatred and opposition from the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists working in the United Nations and Australian aid. They wanted women and children to have all rights and be free to have sex. They wanted no focus on family.

As the founder of AIDS Holistics, the hate message was focused on me. The community at large was told to ignore our family message as the founder was a child molesting violent basher of wife and children. The technique is to accuse the critic of the same sexual behaviour. It becomes obvious after a short time.

But the hit record shows that our blog is the key source of information in Papua New Guinea with over 400 hits a month. I have no idea of who reads our blog. I hope it is the politicians, clergy, care groups, doctors, health workers, teachers, parents and everyone else.

The key nations to open our blog are Papua New Guinea, Russia, United States, Australia and several more. We have focused on the gay, lesbian and paedophile issues to counter the hate campaign against us over a decade. Our focus is on child molesters rather than on straight LGBT people.

Our blog is slowing down as the message seems to have spread far and wide. We are starting to focus on the Christian and Moslem beliefs on family. It seems that children are suffering from paedophile sex around the world.

Monthly Hit tally: 191,400 

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

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Tuesday, 8 March 2016


If a woman is raped, there is the danger that she may be HIV infected. She must go immediately to a hospital to seek ARV treatment within 72 hours.

The virus circulates in the blood in the early stages. It can be killed in the blood before it passes into the deeper organs of the body. The woman has to take the PEP for a month or as advised by the doctor. It will kill the virus.

I tell my daughter that if she is raped, she must not be shy or ashamed but tell her father immediately. He will take her to the hospital.

Private advice by AIDS Holistics is that women may live in the rural areas and never be able to get to a hospital in time. She should flush her vagina with cold water from a stream or garden hose. Failing all else that may work. There is nothing to lose if there is no other option. Please click:

HIVsport: Swimming and diving

If you are HIV positive, exercise helps increase muscle mass and counteracts ... HIV is actually fragile outside of the body, and does not survive in water whether  
It may not be only the cold but the force of the blast of water inundating the vagina and preventing the HIV from being engulfed by the CD4 cells. A blast of water will prevent CD4 action of swallowing the HIV particles.

The virus is fragile in the open and will die in cold or hot. If that be so, a blast of cold water in the vagina may be sufficient to kill or immobilize. 

The woman can sit in a river and paddle water through her vagina. It should be done soon after rape and before the virus penetrates the cervix. How long does that take? Who knows? But there may be enough time. 

Bleach water is said to kill HIV. If I were a raped woman, I would spray deodorant into my vagina immediately. That should freeze and kill the virus quite effectively. The virus is floating passively in the semen deposited in the vagina.

If it works, the drug companies would not be pleased. If a woman does not have trust in her husband, she might have a bottle of ice water in the freezer with a hole in the lid. This would be used soon after he had rolled over and gone to sleep. Or a can of deodorant.

If a woman has an unfaithful husband, she can not run to the hospital every time they have sex. Let us hope that there is a water solution. One strong blast of water in the vagina and the semen with HIV should be lying in a puddle at the woman's feet.

Our suggestion has raised ridicule in recent years. One women from Fiji claimed that this was an insult to women's rights. One silly woman Dr Wendy Holmes of Burnet Institute emailed all that water in the vagina would spread the infection around.

She should go back to school and have a biology lesson on vagina and uterus not to mention the fragility of the HIV in water and cold. A blast of water would radically change the environment in the woman's vagina and put a space between virus and CD4. 

Cold may immobilize the CD4 of the cervix for enough time to remove the virus. If the HIV had a head, it would certainly give the virus a headache (joke).

I would have thought it all was an act of caring for women in danger from HIV infection. Keith Jackson on his blog PNG Attitude claimed that water in the vagina was a loopy idea. His blog has many loopy ideas. We have just put the facts together. 

The virus is fragile in water. It dies quickly outside.Can it be flushed out of the vagina by a blast of water or the chill of a squirt of pressure pack deodorant in the vagina> 

How long does it take to be engulfed in the vagina? That is the question. Dare I suggest a blast of freezing cold Mortein spray? There may be a woman in danger from infection here. Who cares if the Mortein spray causes vaginal irritation for a few days if it kills the virus?

In the 1940s and 1950s, women used to douche semen from their vagina with a small rubber hose attached to a small rubber device that squirted warm water. Can the same be applied to HIV in the vagina?

The unanswered question is how long it takes for the HIV to be engulfed by the CD4 cells at the mouth of the cervix. The particles float in the semen like leaves in a pond. 

The particles have to break through the semen to be engulfed by the body CD4. How does an immobilr particle do that? What if the semen is hit by a blast of water? That reduces the possibility of infection to zero. Surely !!!

Monthly hit tally: 191,140

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AIDS authorities in Papua New Guinea report the large numbers of HIV sufferers who die through default.

One nurse at an AIDS centre went to the waiting room with a handful of health books and called the holders. She pointed out that it is now March. How was it that several people in a random sample had not come back for new supplies due in February?

Many people default in taking ARV medication or fail to obtain new supplies.

If sufferers default on daily intake of drugs, they are laying themselves open to immunity of the virus and death.

The drugs have to be taken every day at the same time. There is the need for the person to have clear head. To be drunk or high on drugs, it is likely that the person will forget to take the ART. That is fatal.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


As a counsellor for AIDS Holistics in Port Moresby, I have only come across one fool who was HIV positive. 

I was warned before I met him that he was a con-man who bashed his wife. He talked about Positive Living but ignored all the steps to living in this lifestyle. His support for Positive Living was for a free meal ticket.

I once went to a UNDP meeting and the guest speaker was ...... Peter Momo. He stood quietly at the microphone and spoke " I feel so humble standing here to thank UNDP for their wonderful help to me and my family. I am so grateful for all they have done." That speech was worth a year of free luncheons.

There was not a dry eye in the place, What a kind, caring and supportive con-man. He knew how to manipulate people. He cared little for his family and was more interested in going out boozing.

He lived at 3 Angels Care centre until 2005 and was the chief trouble maker. He wanted to hyjack the centre to turn into private accommodation for him and his HIV wantoks. 

In the period before the caretaker, the Director had foolishly allowed HIV men and women to stay at the centre. 

Some stayed for over a year and regarded the centre as their private accommodation. Food was supplied by AusAID. Women brought men to live with them and called them husbands. 

These couples maintained their stay with violence, threatening the caretaker on his arrival. He was told he could only speak to the women through the husbands. 3 Angels Care was off the rails. 

Peter Momo chain smoked and lived as a drunk. The verandah of 3 Angels Care was always covered in his empty beer bottles. As care taker, I would try to get him to obey the care centre rules but he only screamed and abused. He would drink and smoke as he pleased. It is my body, arsehole.

He worked for UNDP promoting .... wait for it ..... Positive Living. He spent his pay only on booze. One night he was leaving 3 Angels Care for a night of boozing. He lived with free accommodation and food at 3 Angels Care. His UNDP pay was spent on booze. Great life.

His wife demanded money from his pay. He bashed her to the ground and kicked her in the head in front of my daughters. He walked out with his wife bleeding from nose and mouth and lying on the ground.

He abused his own family of brothers who had each looked after him but kicked him out because of drunken abuse of their family. 

There is no value in live-in HIV care centres in any country. It will encourage bullying, violence and prostitution. This man worked with a violent HIV woman who occupied one room and over-stayed by force. She ruled the centre with a long bladed knife.

People infected with HIV may live for several years with no symptoms. If they are loving helpful family members, there may well be no stigma and discrimination in their family

They will go on supporting and supported by the family. It is the violent trouble-making sexually active drunks who may be rejected by family. Then they will punish their family by announcing to the media that they were rejected by family. Momo did that.

Once he showed his contempt for Positive Living by dropping his trousers and baring his backside. That is what I think of Positive Living white man.

Now he is dead. The beer, cigarettes and rubbish food finally took its toll. I am told he was taking the second line of drugs as he defaulted on the first line. 

This man was a fool. He cut his life short by ignoring the facts about living with HIV/AIDS. He has left an HIV positive wife. He left an example to others not to follow. There can be no respect for the dead who do not deserve praise.

Postscript: Some 3 months after the caretaker arrived, the centre was closed with all evicted and the building sold. One of the drunken so-called husbands had an argument with his live-in HIV girlfriend who locked him out of her room.

He took an axe and smashed the door down. Peter Momo and the other HIV criminals threatened the owner that the centre would be burned down if they were evicted. So much for helping people with HIV infection. 

Criminals are criminals regardless of HIV status. So much for promoting Positive Living.