Sunday, 30 November 2014


On World AIDS Day, there was a report in the Post Courier quoting the Chairman of the National AIDS Council Dr Banare Bun on stigma and discrimination on AIDS Care in this country.

He said that a study among HIV positive people in Chimbu found that 60% had been denied health services, 71% had been physically assaulted, 85% verbally assaulted, harassed or threatened and 67.5% excluded from family gatherings, all because of HIV status.

I have always had respect for Dr Bun but feel the need to question his figures as there seems to be an element of fakery, probably by the persons who gave him the statistics in the first place. 

How many people were interviewed? Were they interviewed at care centres? or at the bar of the local hotel? Who were the interviewers?

Let us look at the AIDS support in the Chimbu. How many AIDS centres in the province? If people were said to be denied treatment, was this permanent?

Are they getting treatment now? Was the supply of antiretroviral drugs depleted at the time?

Of those claiming to be physically assaulted, who was responsible? Was it AIDS clinic workers or other people? Given that treatment is confidential, who would have known? Many thin people have TB. How did assault take place? Where? by whom?

We have long been told the fake story that gay people run the risk of being arrested by police. The insinuation is that they will be reported by health workers.

There were 85% in the Chimbu health centres who were insulted, harassed or threatened. How did that happen? Was this at the hands of health workers or visitors to the centre?

There will be times when health workers will talk cross to HIV sufferers for several reasons. They have delayed their resupply of ARV drugs. They have not taken the drugs as prescribed.

As well, 67.5 % were excluded from family gatherings? This is not quite as simple as that.

There will be those not on ARV in the final stages who raise negative responses in a family gathering. People on ARV may look quite normal.

Those not on ARV may look like skeletons with hair falling out and cause unnecessary response among family members. Some family members will talk of sorcery. It is better for the infected person to avoid family gatherings.

Some HIV infected people will avoid gatherings because they have not told their families of their HIV status. Linda kept her status secret from family for 3 years. She was afraid that her sisters-in-law would spread the news to their families.

So her carer was blamed for her skeleton look, loss of hair, cracking finger nails and dementia with hallucinations of spirit killers come to harm her.

There is another aspect to dementia. That is to complain of mistreatment. Some of the complaints of AIDS sufferers may be the result of delusions. They are hungry so they say they are being starved. The real reason is that they refuse to eat.

I would not accept any advice from a person who had the virus without ARV for more than 5 years. They are probably demented and making any complaint that they can think of.

The people to blame are those caring for them. They are the closest targets as carer, family and health workers. There may be stigma and discrimination among health workers but we need first to look at the mental state of the complainants.

Many AIDS sufferers without ARV are demented and mentally retarded. They are not telling lies but have forgotten what the truth is. 

It is the workers collecting data who are the liars.  They undoubtedly know that the people interviewed are not fully part of reality any more. But that does not matter.


In the final stages of AIDS, the sufferer not on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment will suffer increasing dementia as their brain continues to be affected by collateral damage caused by the HIV attacking the small intestine and brain.

Damage to the gut wall will stop absorption of nutrients, salts and water. The water-salt balance will change, blocking passage of oxygen, nutrients, salts and water to the cells, including brain cells.

In final stages, people with AIDS will suffer dementia and memory loss. They forget where they live and how to get home.  The stove will be lit and the person forgets and walks away.

I have had experience with several people in the final stages of AIDS, particularly as caretaker of 3 Angels Care at East Boroko.

Linda lived with me for three years and gave birth to our son. She was the one who would be the mother to my daughters. But she was diagnosed as HIV positive in 1999.

LInda was happy, friendly and loving to my daughters. Life was good until diagnosed HIV positive.

She had the virus for 6 years at that time but never tested. She had given blood at her work place three months before but never told she was HIV positive.

Her personality slowly changed. She ceased leaving the house believing that the girls’ mother had sent highlands men to kill her. She was violent to my daughters after I left the house.

She became quite paranoid in believing that she had killed the girl friend of her first husband and was being hunted by the woman’s mother from Samarai who waited for her at night as a black bird with fiery red eyes.

Linda would tell the family who believed her hallucinations. They blamed me for allowing my daughters’ mother to harass Linda. It was not true.

A characteristic of dementia is the belief of being hunted and killed by real people or spirits. The person spends the last part of living terrified of being killed. Health workers may get the blame for any delusions suffered. Linda blamed me for starving her while the family ate. Not true.

Sameo came to live at my house after 3 Angels Care was full in 2004. She stayed with me for 8 weeks before she died. She was suffering the full blast of dementia at the time. Looking after her was hell.

One night, she asked to be let out of the back door to wash her clothes. After a few minutes, I noticed no movement in the laundry. She was not there. I searched the streets but could not find her.

At 3 am she came back and said she had never left but was playing cards under the house with a group of men. Not true.

Some days later, she told the neighbour that she had won a large sum of money. But the police came and arrested the white man and took him to the cells. She caught a taxi to the police station and paid K1000 bail. I wish I had been told.

Then she told me that her room had been broken into by a gang of raskols who attacked her. But she was saved by the Prime Minister who arrived at the window in a helicopter.

She died two weeks later after what seemed like suffocation. My daughters said she would go through my trousers pockets and send them down for cigarettes.

Damon Courtenay died in 1991 and his life struggle recorded by his loving father Bryce Courtenay in the book April Fools Day. He was infected with HIV through blood transfusion as a haemophiliac.

Damon suffered massive dementia caused in part from smoking marijuana. He had all kinds of delusions.

Over his time with HIV/AIDS he believed he was a famous doctor who had discovered a cure for HIV/AIDS and was being pursued by the CIA.

He claimed the US Government had introduced the HIV virus and wanted to kill him to remove the cure. Doctors and nurses at the hospital were CIA agents.

He believed he was the chief of police and general of the armed forces who was leading his troops to oppose the CIA. He was not popular at the local police station.

His father said in his book that the family was strong and supported Damon until his death.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


A generation of HIV sufferers is now on anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs. Most will not know of the horrors of AIDS that had afflicted people in the past and present.

ARV returns the sufferer almost to normal with the HIV blocked in the vessels of the blood and lymph systems and the attack on the small intestine stopped. The virus replicates in the millions of CD4 cells protecting the gut wall from leaked infection.

Digestion begins again with absorption of nutrients, salts and water through the new epithelial cells of the gut wall that have been given time to renew.

We must never forget the horror for HIV infected people in isolated areas unable to obtain supplies of ARV. Others even in urban areas may never have been tested.

Blockage of the small intestine prevents absorption of water, salts and nutrients. The water-salt balance is destroyed upsetting the whole metabolism of the body. It is worse for gay men infected by gut parasites from licking anuses. They have a double attack.

Break-down of nutrition in body cells comes to a halt. The body has no reserves of protein and has to take existing protein from the muscles. The finger and toe nails start to crack while the hair falls out. The person becomes skeleton like.

The virus breaks through the blood-brain barrier causing brain damage and injury to the optic nerve. Dementia comes but has several causes including the break down of absorption and dehydration.

The infected person in later years suffers dementia with fears of attack by evil people and demons seeking to kill. This can have a fearful effect on family. The sufferer may wander away and miss out on taking the daily ARV drugs.

Families have enough problems without being accused of stigma and discrimination. I looked after Linda and our son for 3 years and know all the fear that her HIV brought to my little family. My son died in 2002 while his mother died in 2003.

She would not let her family know of her infection so all the blame passed to me. She looked like a skeleton so it must have been my fault. She screamed at night so I must have been hurting her. She was always unhappy so I must have been abusing her.

On the basis of this, AIDS was banned at the levels of the UN and Foreign Affairs PNG by lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox of AusAID and gay predator Stewart Watson now Head UNAIDS in PNG. Please click:



They spread the word that Positive Living was a false message and that Linda was being abused. She was certainly being the HIV virus.

They were protecting the secret AusAID gay and lesbian agenda from any focus on FAMILY. They also banned any mention of the attack on the gut lining. It was too close to the gut parasite attack on gay anus licking men. Not good publicity for gay sexuality.

Friday, 28 November 2014


There are two groups of people suffering from HIV/AIDS. Both live in Papua New Guinea and many other parts of the world.

There is the group with permanent access to anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs. They will be able to turn back almost to normal provided they continue to take the drugs. The virus in their blood has been destroyed thus stopping the attack on the small intestine.

They are able to return to absorption of nutrients, salts and water through the gut wall. They can put on weight and live for many more years, perhaps 20-40 more years.

Then there is the group living in isolated areas with no access to ARV. They drop to death within a matter of years. The virus attacks the small intestine slowly stopping the absorption of nutrients, salts and water. 

The sufferer drops in weight almost to a skeleton. The loss of protein causes finger and toe nails to break and hair to fall out. After about 6-8 years, they begin to suffer dementia with hallucinations and delusions.

They will die within two or three years more. It is in the interests of all sufferers to gain unbroken access to ARV and for the Government to make sure that ARV is available to isolated areas without any break in supply.


There is so much false information in the community on family support for people living with HIV/AIDS. It has been turned into false ideology against family.

Most families are struggling to exist and find great difficulty with any family member suffering from HIV infection. 

Many young people have become infected through a promiscuous lifestyle and given their family trouble by boozing, staying out at night and refusing to be part of family life. 

Foreign lesbian activists have used these people to spread on anti-family message and given a false message of rejection. But rejection of their family may be closer to the truth.

So HIV sufferers had started a new trick. They have kept away from family and pretended to have been rejected. It may have been their boozing and violence that caused the problems. They become part of the foreign lesbian propaganda machine against family and expect to be looked after.

All the young people at 3 Angels Care had rejected family and planned to take over the centre as their permanent home away from home. The young man had been rejected by all his brothers through his drunkenness and violence. He bashed his wife at the centre.

He used to work for UNDP promoting....wait for it..... Positive Living. He spent all his pay on booze. So we had a drunken, violent, wife bashing, family rejected bum promoting Positive Living and telling of rejection by family. Great work if you can get it. You can fool most of the people some of the time.

One young woman had rejected her husband who was also HIV positive and started a relationship with her cousin thus making problems for both families. Her new boy bashed her at the centre. She would talk of stigma and discrimination by family.

The situation becomes even worse for the family, particularly in isolated regions where sufferers have no access to ART. In the later stages of infection, they will suffer from dementia with delusions and hallucinations. They will believe that they are being pursued to be killed.

They will become violent, forever seeing people waiting to harm them. What does the family do when the HIV loved one is now terrifying the family, particularly the children?

Dementia is often accompanied by wandering. The person will disappear and only come back if found in the town. The problem may be that memory loss has caused them to forget how to come home.

They forget the number of the bus or PMV. The young woman may have had sex with many men in her wanderings. She is now mentally retarded.

Hallucinations at the end of AIDS may be so frightening as to be seen as evidence of sorcery. I looked after Linda dying of AIDS. 

She thought an old lady from Samarai turned into a black bird and was waiting at night in the trees outside the house to kill her. Neighbours and my children would hear hysterical screams at night. I can still hear her 12 years later.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Papua New Guinea is the world home of family Positive Living in AIDS awareness

We are pleased to advise that most hits to this blog come from Papua New Guinea, followed by Russia, United States and Australia.

I used to think I was artificially inflating the PNG hits by opening the blog every day. But I do not download to lift the hit count. I just put new reports on the blog. There have been times when I do not open the blog for a week, yet the count still rises by 300 hits.

The fact is that the AIDS Holistics Positive Living message has an ongoing wide readership in this country. That may explain that the focus across the board is moving to FAMILY. 

The Head of UNAIDS had warned us over the last 3 years not to hide behind FAITH and FAMILY. Even he is now writing on the importance of family to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community. Times are changing.


The National 28 Nov 2014 - Letter to the editor

Gender violence is deplorable. It happens all over the world but currently media initiatives to tackle it in PNG appear totally one-sided and ill-conceived as only men are to blame.

If PNG women want their men to behave like gentlemen, then they have to behave like ladies too. PNG women are hot tempered and aggressive. They can get drunk and be stupid too.

In my view, the only way to reduce domestic violence is to teach couples how to solve conflicts on a constructive way, without both sides losing their temper.

Comment: The campaign to promote women’s rights in Papua New Guinea has been flawed by the UN and AusAID lesbians. They focus only on women and blame all men.

They make fake statistics on violence to women and girls. All violence is blamed on men whereas much of the violence reported to care organizations may be deliberately attributed to men but caused by other women and girls.

They tell women and girls of their rights but do not include men. The lesbian activists do not want men to cooperate but appear to still bash women. Not all men are violent.

The Seventh Day Adventist church put the figure at 60% of women bashed and 46% of men abused by their wives. We are in an era of women’s rights and much is abused by women and girls.

Many women spend their time playing cards and not looking after the family. They drink homebrew and smoke marijuana. They bash their small children who disturb them.

The long time trick has been to bash husbands and then run to the police, brothers and uncles to complain about violence to them.

My daughters’ mother would accuse me of sex with women. That enabled her to refuse to wash clothes and cook food. Get one of your prostitute girl friends to do your jobs. She would bash me and then run to her uncles to cry domestic violence. 

She lasted two years before I kicked her out. My two daughters are with me. Their mother lasted one year with another man who kicked her out for stabbing him in the stomach.

There is obviously trickery among some women in making police reports. We assume that violence is started by men. But it may be the women.

My daughters’ mother was violent and tried to have me deported for womanizing and domestic violence. But it was all started by her. She had no proof when I went to National Court for custody.

UN lesbian activists do not want peace between women and men. They want ongoing confrontation. Tell the women of their rights but not the men.

Tell women they can go to discos, make contact with men by mobile phones, have sex outside their relationship, use family money to play cards, hold all market sales money and tell lies to Medecins Sans Frontieres about violence. 

Care group lesbians undoubtedly falsify all statistics on violence. Even if a man came for treatment, he would be recorded as a woman bashed by a man. Lesbian activists have several tricks to inflate statistics.

I had been bashed by my daughters' mother many times. Had I gone to a lesbian supported care group, I would have been recorded as a woman. Put this person down as having been bashed 45 times. That makes 496 bashings of women this week.

A recent report stated that 87% of PNG women suffer violence in their lives. It would be more accurate to state that 100% of all men and women have suffered violence in their lives. 

I have been bashed in PNG. My nose has been broken. I have been stabbed twice. My jaw has been dislocated  by a king hit. I have been hit by a rock and a smashed beer bottle. Ignore all that. He's a man. He probably deserved it. No I did not. I am just a gentle dad.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Post Courier 27 November 2014

Voluntary Counselling and testing (VCT) and support from families play an integral part in prolonging the life of an HIV/AIDS patient. LCCI Peer Education instructor Meredith Tutumang says that support from families is vital to prolong the patient’s life.

She urged families to have a more positive approach to such people as this would contribute greatly to reducing discrimination. This makes the person feel appreciated and gives them the courage to become active advocates in the fight against the disease.

Comment: So the wheel has turned full circle. For over a decade FAMILY was a dirty word in the National HIV/AIDS response at the hands of the UN lesbian activists. Now the Positive Living focus across the nation and Pacific is on the strength of family.


There has been a massive hoax in Port Moresby started by the UN Women on violence to women in the markets of Port Moresby. It has gone on for about 3 years to the point that people are saying it must be true.

The focus has been on Gordons market that consists of a large sale area and surrounded on one side by a large bus stop. There is very little violence and intimidation of women in the market area with at times dozens of women seated selling their fruit and vegetables.

It seems as if the United Nations is pressuring the police into action that may not be necessary. There has been violence at Gordons market. About 3 years ago a clan fight ended within a short time.

There was a stabbing of a soldier in the bus zone outside the market. Then there was a fatal stabbing of a young police officer in the last fortnight in the bus zone. This was very unfortunate. It seems as if a small squad of police with dogs would do the trick to stop random raskol activities.

There is a massive problem building up in the markets and roadside selling. That is the violence and corruption of police who arrive at a market in police vehicles, determined to destroy all.

I saw a police vehicle in the Gerehu market beside the shopping area raided by police about a month ago. A similar raid occurred at the Waigani market. Hundreds of people fled before rifle fire and tear gas.

Police fire their weapons causing law abiding citizens to scatter. Police smashed and kicked down all stalls, even belonging to drink and clothes sellers. Tear gas caused panic among citizens.

The money from vendor sales was seized by police. Tables were kicked down and set alight. Others were driven over by the police vehicles and systematically crushed. So families went hungry that night with all their market assets stolen and destroyed by police.

Had there been objection, that person would have been bundled into a police wagon to be charged with obstruction of police in performance of their duties. So police have a free hand.

There is a key problem at police stations on control of police. All police officers have the right to arrest and not to be stopped by the Police Station Commander. That means that any constable can be corrupted with a payment to make any fake arrest asked for.

Police Station Commanders have no control over the violence and corruption of police from their station at town markets.

It has to be getting to the point at which the community is seeing police as the public enemy. Let us hope that the community does not react with violence against marauding police ransacking markets on the excuse of stopping betel nut sales. Betel nut is seized and police are often seen stuffing betel nut into their pockets as they return to their vehicle.

A police spokesman expressed fears in The National 28 November 2014 of officers abused, threatened and chased with bush knives. A policeman friend advised that four officers a week have been assaulted at Gordons market in recent times. 

Are the police inflicting the damage on themselves? What were they doing when assaulted? Are they innocent victims like the young policeman who died recently? He had only just started his career.

The United Nations is undoubtedly full of glee at recent events. Their false reports appear to have a glimmer of truth. So there were no rapes at Gordons market two years ago as reported by the UN. But there could have been. The UN has made a series of self-fulfilling prophesies or blatant lies.

Thursday, 20 November 2014


UN Ambassador ignores families and paedophiles. Over the last decade, the PNG AIDS message has been basically paedophile. It is about breaking down family and giving children their rights. No mention of responsibilities. The US leads the moral decay in the family.

Over recent days, there seems to be an upsurge in public pressure to accept gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons as a global challenge, central to the US commitment to promoting human rights, to quote the words of President Barack Obama. Sexual imperialism.

It seems that the US ambassador has now weighed in with a media statement tinged with rose coloured glasses and a very simplified view of sexuality. He wants all such minorities to be respected in this nation.

He promotes the view that such people are not treated with respect by the community and this is the cause of their HIV infection and inability to make use of services.

The community is to blame. There is no understanding shown that HIV/AIDS brings fear. There are people spreading the virus intentionally. Gay men often do not reveal their status to their partner.

North seems oblivious of the fact that parents worry about their children being infected. I am very afraid that my 16 year old daughter could be gang raped by men who give her the virus. If held over 30 hours, with no ARV treatment, she could be infected for life.

North says that when trying to achieve an AIDS free generation, intolerance and hatred create barriers that keep the most vulnerable from accessing essential services. What is he saying about medical support in the nation and the professionalism of care workers?

This is a gross exaggeration. We are being pressured to legalize gay and lesbian sex as this is the basis of all the problems, so we are told by the activists.

The fact is that HIV infection is soaring across the world in the gay community. It is no fault but the gays themselves. They are not using condoms and are continuing anal sex and anal licking. But somehow the blame is being pushed on traditional society by the gay community.

Legalization of gay and lesbian sex will fix it all up. North does not for a moment discuss the reasons for bisexual men and women. Many have been perverted as children by paedophiles.

There has been a massive upsurge in paedophile activity in the world. Child sex is the new past-time for paedophile men who are riding on the back of the gay and lesbian rights. They are often hidden gays who have sex above and below the age of consent as available.

Remember "Sweetie" the mock-up pretty little 10 year old girl on internet who attracted thousands of paedophile men in recent months wanting to see her perform sex acts on web-cam. We have to respect their rights to see little girls naked. Be tolerant. Don't be homophobic.

The police of the world are placing massive focus on paedophile activity and the networks on internet that show child pornography and violence. There are gay and heterosexual paedophiles.

No-one promoting gay and lesbian rights ever distances themselves from the paedophiles who are their brothers in sex.  This includes Obama and North. They just throw it all together in a call to the so-called homophobic community to practise tolerance. We have to tolerate paedophiles. Who tolerates families?

It is presented as part of an AIDS free society. North never mentions family. It is all about respect for and tolerance of individuals – gay, lesbian, bisexual and transvestite. No mention of paedophile. Mr Ambassador, your slip is showing.

Monday, 17 November 2014


The National Papua New Guinea 18 November 2014

Every human being is entitled to his rights I am gay and a human being. I did not plan this having no say in my creation.  I was wonderfully made as you were.

Most of us in our community live in constant pain and fear. We worry about taxes, family obligations, rascals, corruption and high cost of living.

What we worry about most is that society will not accept us for what we are or far worse, that our family will stop loving us.

It is terrible to grow up in a society that tells you there is something fundamentally wrong with you. You begin to hate yourself. In your heart you know that you are a good person but society tells you otherwise.

To family, friends and colleagues who make insensitive jokes about homosexuality, it hurts more than you will ever know. You crush our self esteem and make us resent who we are.

I love God and he knows my heart. When I think of God, I think of love and believe he loves me.


I read this letter with compassion for gay and lesbian people who suffer under the lack of acceptance in the community. Nothing they do is acceptable. I wrote a similar response to a letter like this about 4 months ago.

There are two levels on which to view this letter. First is on the level of gay and lesbian men and women who struggle for their existence within the community. The problem is compounded by hostility of community groups.

Second is on the level of the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists many of whom infest the United Nations with a criminal agenda. They are destroying the credibility of ordinary gays and lesbians.

They have hijacked the AIDS agenda to be replaced with a strategy that is hostile to men and paints a picture of abuse and violence to women. They have censored the attack on the gut for their own purposes. See report below.

The average gay and lesbian activist is a liar, cheat and bully. They falsify statistics on violence and falsely paint the picture of abuse of women and girls. They can not be corrected but build lies upon lies.

They do not grant men any kindness towards women and girls. One UN report claims that 60% of PNG men confess to gang rape. Liars.

Only two years ago, there was a false 6 nation report presented at a UN conference in Thailand. The survey claimed a high level of rape in marriage in the six nations. 

The survey was said to be conducted in Buka Papua New Guinea. Even the President of the Autonomous Region claimed that there was no such survey. So all the findings were fake.

At the same time, there was an open air meeting of UN activists at Gordons Market to discuss the claimed violence.

Surprise surprise there were two rapes the week before. The Minister for police announced that this was false. The lesbian UN activists setting up their own rape scene.

The lesbian activists have been busy in Papua New Guinea over several years. They worked to hijack the AIDS message and replace it with a human rights message based on fake statistics.

Even today, the HIV sufferers never find out about how to live with the virus. The lesbian activists will prefer to talk about the violence of men.

What about the progression of the infection? Not interested. What about the importance of water, fruit and vegetables? Not interested. In what year does dementia start for people not on ARV? Not interested. But we can tell you about violence to women.

So the ordinary gay and lesbian person has the problem of being spoken for by lying, cheating and bullying activists who know very little on HIV/AIDS infection.

The focus is on destroying family unity. Do the gay and lesbian grass roots support this? They have to be as there is overwhelming silence. Or they are afraid of the activists.

Then there are the paedophile activists who seek to give more freedom to children and destroy the authority of parents to achieve this.

We must never forget the advice of Stewart Watson Head of UNAIDS in PNG who told us that we must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. These are two areas the gay and lesbian activists have marked down for destruction.

So the evil of the activists will rub off on to the ordinary gay and lesbian person in the street. 

Do we accept the equality of same sex marriage if it means a gay and lesbian curriculum for schools, adoption of children by gays and lesbians, youth leaders to be gay and lesbian, churches to be forced in law to accept openly publicizing gay and lesbian clergy

Saturday, 15 November 2014


This blog report has been on internet for 4 years, following on the Geocities report that continued until 2008.

The present blog has 1734 reports that we have written on physiology of HIV/AIDS, Positive Living and the gay and lesbian attack on the family. This is the biggest AIDS blog in the world.

There has been a new generation of readers grow in the last decade. So it is time for us to go back and write many of our reports again to be more integrated and simple. We will work to make the message clear to the new generation.

So many readers open our blog now. We wonder why this is so. Is it because if the AIDS message? Are the world gays and lesbians following the issue on our blog with morbid fear? 

Is our blog monitored by intelligence organizations of  US and Russia? The gay and lesbian issue is a matter of national security.

Perhaps another reason is that our message is written in clear English able to be read by those for whom English is a second language. It helps for the founder of AIDS Holistics to be a teacher of English as a second language.

But we will now take the key issues from our blog and rewrite for the new generation. We started about 3 blog reports ago. We have made no known errors in the last decade.


Attack on the gut lining is the key to the HIV infection. But it is censored knowledge.

The AIDS awareness message across the world is flawed by a massive cover-up on the HIV infection. 

Gay and lesbian advisors do not want the community at large to learn of the closely related attack on the small intestine by gut parasites that enter the mouths of anus licking gay men. So any mention of the gut attack is censored.

The word in all reference books and AIDS workshops is that the virus attacks the immune system. This is true but the attack on the gut lining is far more vicious. It is the springboard to the slow onset of death among those not on ARV.

The key attack point is the lining of the small intestine that slowly blocks the absorption of water, salts and nutrients.

We have to understand that the small intestine is the filthiest part of the body with millions of germs and bacteria.  But entry to the body through the small intestine is protected by millions of CD4 cells. This is the key replication point for HIV in the body.

Quickly at first then slowly, the gut wall is destroyed by millions of HIV that replicate in the CD4 cells of the gut.

The sufferer slowly dies of starvation, dehydration, infection and suffocation. ARV drugs stop the gut attack by destroying HIV in the arterial pipeline to the gut.

Slowly with nutrition and ARV, the body builds up as the absorption through the small intestine is able to start again.

Friday, 14 November 2014


Our blog has recently come under the attention of certain key officers in Papua New Guinea. It is time to post a summary of this blog so far. We have had two blogs on Positive Living, one started in 2001 but stopped when Geocities was sold out.

That blog opened the issue of Positive Living and attracted 1,600,000 hits in 5 years. On one day in 2003, there were 1600 hits, an all time record for us. The second blog began in 2010 and has attracted 159,000 hits to date. The Positive Living message is now old news.

We did not invent the Positive Living message but put together all the known factors, based on family living, nutrition and healthy living. The message was one of the four out - of - conference topics at the Chiang Mai HIV/AIDS conference in 2001.

We have been severely attacked by gay and lesbian advisors from AusAID and the United Nations who wanted to focus not on family but on (1) abuse of women (2) violence of men and (3) rights of children to leave the family. They have hyjacked the AIDS message to this very day.

Their most damning trick was to censor the attack of the HIV on the gut lining to hide the closely related attack of gut parasites on faeces licking gay men. 

The attack on gut lining is key knowledge in the fact that breakdown of the gut lining blocks absorption of nutrients, salts and water. This is what reduces the sufferer to death. 

ARV drugs kill the virus in the blood and stop the gut attack. Intake of water, salts and nutrients lifts the capacity of the gut to absorb.

But most of all, we have stressed the importance of family to bring peace, hope and strength to people infected with HIV.

We need to stress that 40% of sufferers in Papua New Guinea do not have access to ARV. This reduces their life span to the maximum of 10 -11 years. In the later stages, they may well horrify the family with hallucinations and violence.

We have stressed the importance of circumcision in men by proper medical means. This is one factor in reducing the vulnerability of men by removing the CD4 cells on the inside of the foreskin. 

They need to use a condom to make sure and to treat any rashes, cuts and sores on the penis which provide a second door to HIV.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


There is a constant propaganda campaign in this country on violence to women and girls. That is partly true. But there is another cruel picture that is apparent in the nation. That is violence of mothers to small children.

There is regularly seen young mothers dealing punishment to young boys and girls of the age of one year and upward. So when we read of the violence to children, we assume that to be at the hands of men.

But there is so much violence to children at the hands of mothers and aunties. A child comes crying while the mother is playing cards. Bash. A child soils the floor in the house. Bash. A child wants an ice cream and cries. Bash.

Yesterday I saw a child crying in town and being knuckled by a woman on the skull. He screamed and cried in pain and was knuckled again. I told the mother to kick him. She was ashamed.

Many uneducated mothers do not see the difference between training and punishment.

In the media today there was a report of three children who died in a house fire while the mother was away playing cards.


Over the last 3 years, there has been a false picture set up in PNG media on the violence to women in Port Moresby markets. It all started at the hands of lesbian activist Elizabeth Cox who has a history of making false stories to advance her own career.

She has painted a grossly false picture of Gordons market with claims of men pushing in and stealing money from women vendors. The claim was made two years ago of two rapes which was even debunked by the then Minister of Police.

Now there is a new trick in the Post Courier dated 14 November of raskol gangs of Gordons Market vowing to help the police to clean up the market.

The media report claimed that Gordons bus stops and market are notorious for petty crimes such as bag stealing, valuables taken from locked vehicle, harassing of the elderly, sale of stolen goods, drugs, disorderly behaviour and even daylight rape attempts.

The raskol gangs are reported to have stated that they have had enough and are helping the police with an interest in having projects funded to turn them into useful members of the community.

So that is what it is all about. It may be that young men have turned up all over the town to take advantage of the scam. They claim to be raskols based on Gordons market.

I have been going to Gordons market for over 8 years to buy fruit and vegetables. In that time I have seen one bag snatch and a man being bashed by a woman.  One man was stabbed at the bus stop.

Saturday, 1 November 2014


The major readers to this blog as of today are Papua New Guinea, United States, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Germany. United Kingdom, New Zealand, France and Ukraine.

By far the major readership comes from United States and Russia. Both stand in support of Positive Living messages but are on opposite sides in the gay and lesbian debate. 

Both have shared vested interests in the Outcome Based Education issue in schools going back 50 years. It all started with launching of Sputnik in 1956.

In the McCarthy era of the 1950s, the US senate was so busy checking communism in the film industry, they forgot to check the teachers, some of whom were busy sabotaging education by removing the basics.

And they were doing it all to lift the standard of education in the USA. Smarter than the average senator.


In the western Christian soft target countries, there is an age of consent for children in having sex with an older person. A person who has sex with a child under the age of consent is liable to a criminal charge.

In some countries there are what are called Romeo and Juliet laws that prevent criminal charges against a young person three years older than the underage child. Kids having sex.

The age of consent has varied from century to century and culture to culture. But the key in the western world is that young girls have the right to education and employment before marriage. 

This does not apply in the Moslem world where girls are being forced into sex by having to marry men at the age of 8 years. We read of young Moslem girls dying of blood loss on their wedding night. Girls in Africa are being kidnapped from schools as they are not to go to school.

Chances were that young girls on their wedding night  had no idea of what was going on. A man was thrusting himself into her tiny vagina and she had no idea of why. There is in the western world the concept of Informed Consent. A young person has to have informed consent to sex. This is linked to the age of consent.

So the paedophile activists are working on that. Already they have given children the right of association in the UN Charter of Children's rights. Children by the definition are under the age of consent. They can associate with any person according to the UN.

But lowering the age of consent can be fixed by lowering the informed consent. Teach about gay and lesbian sex at school. When the majority of children are informed, the age of consent can be lowered in law.

So the paedophile world wants to lower the age of consent by introducing a gay and lesbian curriculum at school. Any objection from parents can be dismissed by accusation of homophobia. Creeps.

The Russian Duma was on the right track in legislating to criminalize gay and lesbian propaganda to minors. Paedophiles of the world are still complaining. 

They see this as denial of the rights of gays, lesbians and paedophiles to pervert children and turn straight children into bi-sexuals. The rights of children to be perverted are being denied.