Wednesday, 29 March 2017


The foreign lesbians and Post Courier are doing their best to link child labour with children not going to school. 

The assumption is that there is poverty in the family such that parents force their children to stay at home to earn money for the family. This is 15% accurate.

Many children do not go to school because they do not have bus fare, lunch money, shoes, books and school bags. They have no skill in English and are largely illiterate. Their chances of employment in years to come are minimal.

They have no breakfast and go out to find food. Many are certainly not helping their parents. They are finding ways to obtain money for themselves. They are not fending for family. It is survival of the fittest child.

Parents should be supporting their children but many are unable to do so though a lack of money, family break-down, sickness and unemployment. 

Many children will be orphans and suffering from child abuse from wantok families who treat young orphan girls as the family Cinderella.

Now these poverty stricken parents are to be fined huge amounts by forcing children into child labour. How stupid.

The next step will be for the foreign lesbians to push the Government to set up orphanages and for PNG children to be adopted by overseas gays and lesbians.

The traditional culture of this nation required parents to send their young boys out to be part of the peer group. 

They slept in a village haus boi with the other village boys. If today, the group consists of raskols who steal, bash and do not go to school, all small boys are on a learning curve.

They will stay out at night with the bigger boys, seldom go home and never go to school. Is the Government going to fine the parents for pushing their kids into child labour? Dream on !! 

Perhaps the Government is trying to keep Uncle Roy Trivedy blissful, happy and not curmudgeonly like Jackson.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


The National 28 March 2017

We read that the PNG Green Party is fielding 5 women and 22 men in the 2017 election. That is 5 lesbians and 22 gays.

We are told by President Wak that the Greens party focuses on " human rights, climate change, gender equality and environment among a few others".

He says the party is global like the Greens of Australians and New Zealand. The parties in Australia and New Zealand are gay and lesbian and hiding behind environmental issues.

Their hidden agenda will be same sex marriage for PNG gays and lesbians and PNG children adopted by gays and lesbians particularly from Australia.

The Greens party in Australia was set up by Bob Brown to oppose the dam on the Franklin River in Tasmania. Hence the environmental cover to their agenda.

This is political dishonesty to hide unacceptable agenda from the voters. The real agenda will surface after the election if the Greens are elected. 

Monday, 27 March 2017


I am becoming impatient at the outlook of the Governor of NCDC Powes Parkop at the half truths and false information he is giving out in the PNG media on violence to women. 

He has started electioneering for the 2017 election at least 3 months early by supporting the UN lesbian women with their false and exaggerated reports on violence of men to women.

In the media yesterday, Parkop spoke of no need for statistical data. He knows what he knows. He is counting on media reports and the view from his desk. Combine that with lesbian propaganda.

He says it is all getting worse even with no statistical data. Let him say that to a judge in Supreme Court. Sorry Your Honour, I just know. I have no proof.

The parliament should appoint a GBV Committee to inspect all care group claims of violence of men. There should be a correlation with the police and medical reports. So too convictions in Court.

It seems to be getting to the point that any person including Parkop can make any false reports on violence of men to women with no proof.

Gang violence to women occurs in the Moslem Middle East particularly in Egypt. 

Let there be records of all violence in Papua New Guinea including violence of women to men. There is more killing of men and boys reported in the media than women and girls. 

Silence from Parkop and the foreign girly-girlies. Today 4 men were killed in Sialum including a grade 8 boy chopped up with an axe. Silence. That is girly-girly gender inequality.

Germany experienced such mob violence over twelve months ago. Mob violence to women in Papua New Guinea is totally unheard of. There are no mobs of men waiting at public transport. In your dreams, Parkop.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


I have lived in Papua New Guinea for 22 years with two daughters now aged 19 and 18 years. We live in a house that I rent with their cousin and 10 year old daughter. 

The young girl never walks through the house but cartwheels. I am the adopted grandfather.

Elder daughter is a widow stolen from me by a Chimbu who has since died. My daughter is now with me and her two sons. My life has come back to me. The house is noisier than it has ever been.

Each week, I bring home back copies of Women's Weekly from a second hand shop. These are for the women in the house including the 10 year old cartwheeler. 

I read the magazines from cover to cover to remind myself that I am Australian. The women learn of loving family issues from overseas.

The standard of magazine has risen in the last 20 years with reports from investigative journalists.

Reports tell stories of love in families. Women write of life, love, sickness, divorce and death in their families. Daughters write of their loving fathers and mothers. It is a magazine on life and love.

Recent magazines told of the love of the daughters of Kevan Rudd and Donald Trump. The daughter of our ex-prime minister said her father thinks her brain is her strongest asset and supports her success in life any way he can. 

Trump's daughter says he is a kind loyal feminist who supports the success of women. 

Last week, my first daughter told me that I was the best father she had ever met in her whole life. I told her she was the best daughter I had ever had. She now has love and equity that she did not have with the Chimbu.

We sounded like a father and daughter story in Women's Weekly. This is the true picture of my family not the filthy rubbish put out by foreign lesbians on child abuse. 

The Positive Living message is now stronger than ever supported by Women's Weekly. My family is being enriched by positive Australian stories on family love.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Those silly people in the United Nations are at it again. They overstep the line on family rights by placing all the blame on parents.

It is all part of the gay and lesbian anti-family agenda in putting all blame on parents, particularly fathers. 

They give children the right to go out and do what they like and then blame parents for problems the children bring on themselves. United Nations lesbians are playing games with parents.

Now parents are being blamed for child labour and child sex as an unwelcome intrusion of childless gays and lesbians on family.

Child labour is a part of family life. It is preparation of children with skills and strength for adulthood.

Girls go up the mountains with mothers to dig gardens and carry kaukau back to the village to sell in the markets. 

That is not abusive child labour. It is a family at work to survive. Children take turns in looking after customers in trade stores. Boys cut and carry firewood for family cooking.

Lesbians of the United Nations are seeking to sabotage families by giving false messages to children that any work is family abuse.

Media reports of young men and boys carrying bags of kaukau from trucks to market stalls in Mt Hagen. This is child labour, so we are told.

Residents of Mt Hagen disagree. Incoming trucks are surrounded by young men and boys jostling to take bags for K5 pay per bag. They carry the bags about half a kilometer.

The media had a teenage boy declaring that they are not aliens, pigs or dogs. That is false information probably from a reporter. 

It is money for boys, more than their parents could afford to give them daily. The money is never taken home for family food. It is usually for boys to spend on food, beer, home brew and marijuana. There are some thugs among the boys who prey on market buyers.

Does the UN want kids not to work and help parents but to hang around the streets? Then they can blame the parents for not looking after their children. And the paedophiles can take the kids to bed.

These childless gays and lesbians want it all ways to put blame on struggling parents. It is part of an anti-family agenda that is reaching across from UN body to UN body.

Friday, 17 March 2017


We read on Google that Barnados runs paedophile rehabilitation programs for convicted paedophiles to enable them to face their affliction. 

Cox must never be placed in charge of such programs as she is not a rehabilitated paedophile. She left PNG as a vicious lesbian predator.

In her life she has managed to hide her paedophile behaviour under the work profile she puts on her resume and the people she has destroyed and silenced.

She is a psychopath who makes friends to betray the very people who look to her for help. Barnados has been in operation in UK for over 160 years. 

Cox must not be allowed to betray them as she did with UN Women. She damaged our family badly by betraying the father and trying to steal the female children. 

She used UN Women for her own political agenda in Papua New Guinea. UN Women is widely known in this country as a lesbian organization that even advises women on Google on how to have other women fall in love with them.

With this report, I now hope to put Cox out of my mind for the rest of my life.

Thursday, 16 March 2017


In the media yesterday, there was a report from a police station in Port Moresby made by the Police Station Commander. He stated there were 25 complaints a day from women on GBV in the home.

Does this mean that there were 25 written complaints? Did the police make 25 arrests of men? Are 25 men to go to Court?

If not, then someone is playing tricks. Perhaps the police commander is inflating daily figures to impress the Metropolitan Superintendant.

Or are women playing tricks with fake violence? There are women who are starting to run down to the police station to report anything that happens in the house. No written complaints. No arrests.

Or are the local lesbians running a media hoax? None of the complaining women may actually have husbands or boyfriends. 

The police never go out to their homes to check on the man. There may be no man. It is all a lesbian trick for the benefit of the media.

Or do the police go out to make an arrest only after women pay money?


It has taken me many years to forget and find strength to talk about the evil that befell my family a decade ago at the hands of serial paedophile Elizabeth Cox.

Now that I find she is working for the adoption agency Barnardos in Australia as their adoption officer, the time has come to blow the whistle on an evil woman who preyed on young girls in Papua New Guinea.

If Cox or Bardardos wish to take Court action for defamation, let them do so. The truth has to come out at last. I have several witnesses to her crimes of seeking to molest young girls as the AusAID Care and Counselling Officer.

Cox came to AusAID as a teacher in Wewak. She settled into an AusAID apartment to carry out her duties and moonlight with a publishing company that she used to sell thousands of books to AusAID authorised by herself. Total fraud with poor quality books on HIV/AIDS.

She had a succession of adopted teenage daughters who lived with her. I am in contact with two of them who tell me the story of their relationship with Cox.

Cox met my family when I sought help with Linda and my son who were dying of AIDS. Cox decided that this family was ripe to be broken up. I had two daughters and Linda had a beautiful teenage daughter. 

Cox wanted them but had to get rid of me first. She would visit Linda in secret and question her in detail about all the abuse she was suffering at my hands. Linda would tell me what she said. She visited Linda's parents and told them she was being abused. 

Linda was suffering from HIV/AIDS and died in 2003 one year after our son Jonathan. I was struggling to help her. But Cox had the plan to take custody of Linda's 15 year old daughter as her adopted lesbian lover. 

She did not want me to care for Linda's daughter after she died. So she told the family and community that I was a violent child abuser. I was to blame for Linda's drop in health. She rejected the Positive Living message. 

Cox told boy lover Peter Barter to take my daughters away from me as I was molesting them. Barter tried but failed badly. He was too busy having sex with boys in Madang.

Linda made me promise never to allow Cox to take her daughter. Finally the family took the daughter away to Madang to escape from predator Cox who came to visit.

Now this creep female is working as the adoptions officer to Barnados. Paedophiles always select jobs that bring them in close contact with young boys and girls either as teachers or Boy Scout/Girl Guide leaders.

There is nothing more certain that Cox is taking young teenage girls home from Barnados to care for them until the adoptions are carried out. There is room in her bed.

Cox is in her sixties now but will still have sex with young girls. Barnados has given her a never-ending supply.

Now she is arranging adoptions for Barnados with same sex couples in Australia. Cox is in the thick of sex with teenage girls. She wants adoption of PNG children by Australian same sex couples too. Cox calls herself on internet a world expert on gender equality in PNG. Haha.

The guilt of Cox will be shown in her complete silence on this report as always. My beautiful daughters are now 19 and 18 and live with their father. They have memories to tell the Court. There is guilt in the long term silence of Sir Peter Barter too.

My daughters are my best friends on the planet. They give me gifts on Mother's Day. I am a loving father that the expatriate paedophiles tried to destroy.

There were two lesbians who wanted me in prison. They were Elizabeth Cox and Frieda Taimbari. Both had met my children and knew I had lovely young daughters. If I were in prison, who would take my children? Lesbians Cox or Taimbari of course.

Child stealing is undoubtedly common among the gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the world.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


There has been an ongoing campaign of dirty tricks of lesbian foreign women against PNG men. 

It is all part of the world UN campaign against men. If no violence, lesbians have pretended that violence exists so that men could be blamed.

The first campaign was set up by the present Barnardos adoption officer Elizabeth Cox on the false claim that men attack women at Gordons market in Port Moresby. 

How could Barnardos employ a liar and con-meri? She is now arranging same sex couples in Australia to adopt Australian children. 

As senior AusAID lesbian she was strictly anti-family and anti-man and did her best to destroy the Positive Living message by declaring that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a child molester and wife beater. 

Cox is a fraud who was sacked from AusAID for double-dipping with her publishing company Help Resources. 

She authorised the purchase of books for the National AIDS Campaign from her own company.

She and AusAID trash Stewart Watson (UNAIDS) spread the word in the community that the founder of AIDS Holistics was violent to women. 

Now the message is that all men are violent. Now she has a job with Barnardos bringing orphans together with families (and violent men). How nice. What a lovely con-woman.

She would like to pressure the PNG Government into legalizing gay / lesbian sex. Then PNG children could have gone off to be adopted by Australian gays and lesbians. 

She led the push for 22 Reserved Seats before the last election. She hoped that this would have led to legalization of gay and lesbian sex in Papua New Guinea. She does not count on the fact that the majority of politicians in this county are Seventh Day Adventist.

She planned that a PNG legislation would have resulted in adoptions of children to same sex couples in Australia. It was all about money for Cox.

She had started the fake lesbian propaganda that all men were violent to women in PNG. A meri seif bus was eventually put on the road for the protection of women and girls. What do you think of that Ms Michelle Bachelet President of Chile? It was all fake. 

Is that why you wanted to downgrade Cox when you were Secretary-General of UN Women? I read the open letter to you on Google from a million lesbians around the world. They praised her enormous contribution to women in the world. Lesbian women that is.

Photos of the girly girly bus were taken from a distance so that readers could not readily see that the bus was largely empty. Women and girls use the buses that all people use.

The UNDP Parliamentary Practice session organisers claim that 50 women have attended the workshop. Media photos showed only three or four women at the most. All fake again?

Why was there no group photo in the media of participants and facilitators? It would have been in the interests of all for the community to know who attended. The problem was that there was not 50 women .

All voting women know that families of female politicians will suffer if the wife and mother is in politics. The bottom line for many women is that the place for a loving woman is in the home beside her family.

Foreign lesbians want to convince educated elite national women to leave their families and come to the city, particularly the pretty ones. 

They have made PNG women very wary of foreign lesbians. PNG women have voted with their feet on the girly girly bus and the Parliamentary Practice session.

Monday, 13 March 2017


Post Courier Letter of the Day 13 March 2017 Nancy Yali 

Women's Day is to promote strong leadership of women and educate men and women. They should be honorable, responsible, respectful and supportive of one another to eliminate violence against women and girls.

Sadly, our men are mainly blamed for all the problems relating to GBV. In my experience in dealing with such problems in Kimbe and Kokopo, I found that women are equally to blame for problems we cause and face in families.

Well educated and professional women are largely a problem group especially in town centres causing marriage problems and break-ups resulting in suffering for innocent children and families.

I am reaching out on a special women's day to all our great women folk and girls to give thought to suffering caused by our reckless adultery.

Be responsible, considerate, and respect the rights of married couples by saying NO to adultery. 

Organizations promoting education and awareness on equality among men and women should focus on educating our elite women folk to change behaviour and attitudes.

Foreign aid programs and partners ought to tighten up on their recruitment of both men and women to ensure that staff are accountable through proper checks and balances.

Comment: The report above leads to the view that as women become educated and living in towns, the more family problems they will cause.

They may take the view that they have power, authority and money. They do not need husbands and families.

The proposed reserved 22 seats in parliament will be the cause of massive family break-up as women leave the rural areas and settle into Port Moresby in luxury apartments and become part of the social scene away from husbands and families.

It will be their turn to have extra husbands or female lovers and to hell with their families. Their parliamentary salaries will be spent on their own needs not the needs of family.

In the past and present, AusAID and UN have selected low class Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles to bully the PNG Government, churches and care groups in their determination to destroy family and take sexual control of the young men, women, boys and girls.

Sunday, 12 March 2017


There is an interesting report on Google of a woman made chief in Malawi and nullified marriages of young girls under 18. Please click:

Malawi Chief Theresa Kachindamoto Annuls 850 Child Marriages

Oct 18, 2016 - Malawi chief Theresa Kachindamoto has her priorities straight. In the past 13 years, she's used her position of authority over 900,000 people to .

Chief Theresa Kachindamoto was born into a chiefly clan and the youngest of 12 children. Yet she was selected to be the chief of 900,000 people.

Her first move was to nullify all marriages of young girls under 18 years so that they could go back to school. Her decree has been ratified by the Government. She wants the age to be raised to 21.

It is now illegal for men to marry girls under 18 years, The chief believes that great achievements can be made if girls get an education. 

At present, men are stealing their childhood and wasting their education opportunities. 

Young girls have so much to offer the development of community and nation. This applies to all developing nations including Papua New Guinea.

The chief acknowledges support of Malawi UN Women. Let us hope that there will now not be pressure for girls to marry lesbians. This is a problem in South Africa that has divided the nation.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Living peacefully in Papua New Guinea. I feel completely overawed by the Google reports on human rights abuse in Latin America with child trafficking, killing by drug cartels, child prostitution, illegal overseas adoptions and child slavery.

A lack of human rights is reported in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana and Venezuela. It can never change but get worse. The middle-class families may be comfortable but the poverty stricken classes are subject to all kinds of abuse.

The end response for the United States is to close down all movements of Latin American people. There is a strict process for entry of adopted children with passports from the country of origin and visas into the United States. 

This can be circumvented by private intermediaries who make millions of dollars annually in illegal adoptions. Please click.

Baby-snatching for illegal adoption hits the headlines in ...

Oct 4, 2013 - by Anastasia Moloney | @anastasiabogota | ... “Major trafficking 
in children persists, disguised as international adoptions.

We cannot blame the United Nations, United States or the Governments of Latin America. It is all too big and fueled by corruption at all levels.

Adoption of Latin American children to the United States is a drop in the bucket against the massive human need. There are criminal cartels involved in smuggling of cocaine and selling of gold.

The need for workers brings large numbers of child labourers and young girls to be prostitutes to the miners.

We must not overestimate the importance of the United Nations in the lack of human rights in Latin America. Countries sign protocols but that can mean very little.

It comes back to the individual governments of nations across the world. United Nations workers have minimal impact particularly those with a lesbian agenda. 

They offer no threat to criminal cartels in Latin America. Most UN workers are middle-class white women.

There are formal procedures in foreign adoptions in many countries but these are often circumvented by corrupt private intermediaries. Please click:

How To Adopt - Bolivia | Intercountry Adoption - US Department of State > Intercountry Adoption > Country Information > Learn About a Country
 Bolivia ...Bolivia. Official Name: Bolivia Last Updated: October 1, 2009 ...

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Over 15 years, I have had complete contempt for the United Nations in my suffering the hatred and discrimination of gay, lesbian and paedophile activists.

I have seen the efforts of the UN to push for the 22 reserve seats for women in parliament with legalization of gay / lesbian sex and prostitution.

I have experienced the dirty tricks of UNAIDS and UN Women in discrediting Positive Living and the focus on family. 

The Head of UNAIDS has gone public over the last 5 years to denounce the importance of FAMILY and FAITH in the modern society.

We read of child trafficking and the selling of children across the world for sex with paedophiles.

But now we read a report that UNICEF has been working to stop international adoptions. What is going on? Please click:

UNICEF Blamed for Decline in International Adoptions |

May 22, 2013 - UNICEF Blamed for Decline in International Adoptions. Critics say the U.N. agency's priorities have played a major role in the steep drop over 

We read that Governments are blocking adoptions by foreigners. These include Russia, Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia and Romania.

Critics state that millions of children risk death across the developing world from malnutrition, disease and war. National Governments are accused of being unfair and cruel in denying children a new life. 

Children may be abandoned by impoverished parents or struggle to survive as orphans.  Many will live and thrive under loving care in another country. But many will suffer sexual abuse at the hands of paedophiles.

Are UNICEF and national governments seeking to protect children from paedophiles groups that exploit children for sex? 

It may be that paedophiles run international crime syndicates with links to corrupt workers in the United Nations. 

We read that UNICEF is seeking to pressure governments into banning fast-track adoptions at the hands of corrupt attorneys.

Countries are putting restrictions on adoption for the safety of children. Adoptive foreigners have to live for a year in the country and be subject to checks.

Under the current system, adopted children become non-entities in the countries of their birth. There has to be more accountability to the country of origin.

The United Nations appears to have a mixture of good intentions and gross corruption. From observing the support of UNICEF to the PNG Department for Community Development, there appear to be good intentions.

In terms of the anti-family agenda of UNAIDS there appears to be only corruption and opposition to the family aims of the PNG Government and churches. The UN is its own worst enemy.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Google reports that several nations have tightened foreign adoptions in the effort to stop child trafficking. 

This is a polite way of saying that governments want to keep the children of the nation out of the hands of foreign paedophiles. Please click:

Uganda tightens foreign adoption rules to thwart child ... - Reuters

Mar 4, 2016 - By Evelyn LirriKAMPALA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Child rights campaigners in Uganda have welcomed a new law that restricts ..

The major adoptive nation is the USA. Google reports are that there are 15,000 children adopted from overseas while US orphanages are crowded with US children. Ethiopia is also tightening adoption by foreigners. Please click:

Surge in Adoptions Raises Concern in Ethiopia - The New York Times

Jun 4, 2007 - Ethiopia is a hot spot for international adoption, but the sudden tightening eligibility requirements, under scrutiny for adoption ...

The objection in African countries is the nation's children are being robbed of their cultural heritage by moving out of the country and into foreign cultures. Romania is also tightening up its foreign adoptions. Please click:

Romanian adoption official said that her country is going to make it harder for foreigners to illegally adopt children from the former Eastern bloc

Papua New Guinea needs to take care that the children of this country are not stolen by foreign paedophiles to be trafficked and sold overseas. 

The old days of the slave trade have come back as traffickers take children from the developing nations to be used for sex in overseas countries. 

There have been hundreds of Syrian children sold by traffickers as they escape to Europe with their parents. Australia has been involved in the last century with a stolen generation of aboriginal children.

Monday, 6 March 2017


As a parent, I am saddened to read the media report yesterday of a young girl lost on her way home outside Boreboa Primary School in Waigani.

She was 11 years old and in grade 5. Her father reports that she has gone missing and has offered K1000 reward. Let us hope that she has been found as she had gone off to visit her aunty after school.

Failing that she could have been snatched by a paedophile who will abuse and injure her. A child trafficker may take her to sell to a client.

My elder daughter was snatched while I was in hospital in 2010 by child traffickers Bobby and Susan who seem to live a charmed life without being arrested. 

It helps to sell children to politicians. My daughter was sold to Jeffrey Nape who outbid William Duma, so I was told.

I have always told my daughters never to go with any man who approaches them with stories that he has to take her to her father in hospital. He is very ill. Run away. Your father will never send a stranger.

Go back to the school and talk to the teacher. Go into a shop. Be ready to shout "Help. He is not my father". Run in the opposite direction from the car he is driving.

Children should not have their names on their school bag.

Friday, 3 March 2017


When the Government is pressured by the United Nations into legislating for 22 reserved seats for women in parliament and the Department for Community Development is under the control of national lesbians, there will be changes to adoption of Papua New Guinea orphans.

Minister for Community Development will be a national lesbian who controls child welfare in this country on behalf of the nation of lesbians.

The Government will be pressured into allowing children to be adopted by foreigners and taken out of the country. 

This is the dream come true for the world paedophiles. There will be an increase in orphanages in the country and children taken into care. Already there is a roaring trade in trafficking of child refugees from Syria.

The Russian parliament or Duma had legislated over 4 years ago to ban adoption of Russian children by foreign gays and lesbians who would take children out of the country for paedophile sex. Gay Sir Elton John was angry. Poor dear.

Three years ago, two paedophiles were gaoled in the USA for 30 and 40 years for buying a Russian child and renting him to paedophiles for sex from the age of 2 years. Please click:

Queensland paedophile Peter Truong sentenced for 30 years' jail ... › World › Child protection

Dec 9, 2013 - Truong and Mark Newton, jailed for 40 years, bought a newborn boy 
and allowed men around the world to sexually abuse him.

These creeps will be at least 80 years old when released from prison. The child will suffer for life. If released in 40 years time, they will probably go back to abusing small boys. Papua New Guinea children must never be put under such risk.

Thursday, 2 March 2017


There are foolish gay and lesbian activists in Papua New Guinea HIV/AIDS response who have made up a fake pretense of support for people living with HIV/AIDS. They are not to be called sufferers. 

Let us visit the AIDS Care Centre at ANGAU hospital in Lae. There is an office with a wall of shelves that hold over a hundred files of people who died during ARV treatment.

They died for several reasons. The first is that they did not follow Positive Living. They ate rubbish food, moved away from their families, drank beer and home brew and smoked tobacco and marijuana.

Many died because they did not come back for resupply of ARV drugs for a month or more after the appointed date. The virus in their bodies became immune and attacked them.

Some may have defaulted for reasons that were not their fault. They may have gone back to their village and were unable to return to ANGAU in Lae because of floods, landslides and tribal fights. They may not have had the money for public transport.

Some died of diabetes two the result of being HIV positive, taking ARV drugs and eating fatty foods with the result that they suffered from acquired lipodystrophy. Please click:

Acquired Lipodystrophy: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments - WebMD

Lipodystrophy is a problem with the way your body uses and stores fat. It changes 
the way you look and can cause serious complications. It's called acquired .

HIV & AIDS Information :: Factsheet Lipodystrophy
Lipodystrophy is the name for changes in body shape and metabolism first reported in 
1997 among people taking HIV treatment.

Others regularly forgot to take medication. Peter Momo the chain-smoking drunk was probably asleep and forgot. Defaulting on second line drugs, he ran out of life options. Momo was the nation's role model in Negative Living. Now he is dead.

People can and do suffer from HIV/AIDS. The foreign gays and lesbians have to commit themselves more to AIDS care and less to lesbian ideology.