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The National 29 January 2015  Nemo Yalo

In the aftermath of the shooting of 2 young men by the PNG police reservists, the Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki has referred to a lack of governance at the lower command level of the PNG police. AIDS Holistics made the same point in a report that we recently posted on this blog. Please click:

corruption in papua new guinea police - family positive ...
Jan 16, 2015 - FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope, peace, love, CORRUPTION IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA POLICE. The question does .

We referred to the lack of respect and corruption among police at suburban police stations by which the Commander of the police station is unable to stop corrupt arrests by police at his station. 

A commander seems to be unable to dismiss a false corrupt arrest by one of his police officers. He is at the mercy of his own police men and women. An arrest and charge should be counter-signed by the Police Station Commander.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015


Please read the report below AIDS Holistics has come a long way. Keith Jackson pours scorn on our work. We have not come far in our suggestion that HIV in a vagina could be killed by cold water. The drug companies would ignore the suggestion. 

We have to help women raped in rural villages and unable to get to hospital in time for ARV rape treatment. Or a woman having sex with a husband she knows is not faithful to her.

Jackson talks about loopy ideas. AIDS Holistics has raised the issue of water in removing the virus from the vagina of a woman.

Research shows that the virus is very fragile and will die quickly in cold, hot or bleach. There are references in the report below. Please click:

HIV is fragile by nature and is also extremely sensitive to even
small fluctuations in temperature and the presence of oxygen.
Outside of strictly controlled ...

Researchers say that the virus can not live in the outside environment. A vagina of cold water would be equivalent to bringing the outside environment inside.

It may at least immobilize the virus and the Langerhans cells that capture the virus to be engulfed by the mucosa cells. HIV is as active as leaves in a pool of water.

How long does HIV take to be engulfed on the cervix? Remember it is in a pool of sticky semen. What do you think, adjunct professor Jackson? 1 minute? 5 minutes? 45 minutes? 2 hours?

If I were a woman, I would even flush my vagina with cold 500 ml bottles of Coca Cola or a pressure pack can of spray deodorant.

I would shake the Coca Cola bottle as kids do before a coke fight. That is creative not loopy. It could do no harm but may save a mother from infection.

Most great ideas in the world are innovative. It may only take a short while for HIV to be absorbed. That is what AIDS Holistics has been asking the experts.

Five minutes may be enough time to flush the virus. Sit in a cold river or the sea and flush water through the vagina. Remember the virus dies in cold water so the researchers say. Be quick. It may save you from infection.

Raped women need a way of self-help if their village is 3 days walk from a health centre where they can obtain anti-rape ARV drugs.

Anti-rape ARV treatment has to take place within 12 hours of infection. Most women in villages are too far away. Adjunct professor Jackson could not see that. He was too busy being stupid, vindictive and supporting gays and paedophiles.

He told lies when he wrote above that our suggestion was a strong jet of water in the vagina.  He was trying to ridicule. Interfering fool.

Silly Dr Wendy Holmes of Burnett sent a scornful email to say that water would only disperse the virus through the body. What rubbish !! The vagina leading to the cervix is a sealed pipe that opens to admit sperm to the uterus. Will it remain sealed for enough time to destroy HIV?

Up to the 1940s and 1950s, women would clean the sperm out of their vagina with a rubber douche. The principle is the same.

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The worst personal attack I have ever suffered came from an anonymous activist who set up an email pretending to be me. My email address was He set up another email with the name

He took my email list and started sending out filthy emails in my name. He then set up an internet report claiming that Bruce Copeland had been sending filthy emails to women. He quoted one white woman married to a PNG man who was called a filthy whore who loved black cocks. 

I was never on the email address. I was saddened when so many people contacted me demanding to be taken off the email list. I later found out that the anonymous person was journalist Malum Nalu who was seeking to destroy Nancy Sullivan and Lydia Kailap who were activists confronting Nalu's employer Rimbunan Hijau on their logging policy in Pomio.

Nalu has never been terminated by The National Newspaper which means he was probably acting as a cyber creep under orders from the Editor or above. He was told to get rid of the logging activists. But he saw a chance to ingratiate himself with the AusAID and UN gays and lesbians by getting rid of AIDS Holistics too. He was then followed by Keith Jackson.

It just so happened that the woman being abused by Nalu was Lydia Kailap who had been criticizing Rimbunan Hijau, She was the white whore. But she put a report on internet that I was not involved but a mentally ill and deranged person who betrays his country and known to her. That was Nalu. He was probably not gay but an opportunist with no sense of ethics.

There are several blog reports now expressing that the founder of AIDS Holistics was the victim of Malum Nalu. That is why I am surprised to read my report below posted on his blog. Perhaps he was trying to divert suspicion from his hate mail. Read Moresby life: the Struggle for Survival two reports down.

Whatever It Takes - Nineteen years and counting in Papua ...

Nov 6, 2011 - That's not a typo, although it is close to the name Bruce Copeland, ...holistic-living HIV advisor--with whom Malum Nalu had a heated exchange in 2009 by email, .... good post Nancy, thanks for filling out some blanks. keep on 

When the blog, PNGexposed, started to run stories critical of RH in Pomio, they began to receive comments from a character named Brice Copeland (with an email address by that name). That’s not a typo, although it is close to the name Bruce Copeland, an Australian Kokoda Trail trek leader, ‘military advisor’, and holistic-living HIV advisor--with whom Malum Nalu had a heated exchange in 2009 by email, regarding references to each other in blogs and the press: one calling the other a neo-colonial with cargo cult mentality, the other defending his homophobia in the press by calling other AIDs advisors, newspaper editors, and critics in general anti-family gays, etc. The name, just a typo away from the known individual, has been used on PNGexposed to flog some of the most hateful and paranoid sentiments ever known to ‘social’ media. 

malum nalu - journalist and cyber creep - family positive 20, 2013 - Malum Nalu has taken it on himself to destroy any activists speaking out on .I have only just realized through the report of Nancy Sullivan that  ...


Over the last 10 years, AIDS Holistics has come a long way from hate mail that we 

used to get. The most vicious attack came in 2011 when the gay and lesbian activists 

of AusAID and the UN tried to push the gay and lesbian sex legislation through 


AIDS Holistics published a view of the problems that will come with gay and lesbian sex legalized. There will be an automatic move to have gay and lesbian sex legalized in the school curriculum as low as primary school. 

There will be a push for adoption of children. The Russians have banned overseas adoption of Russian orphans by foreign gays and lesbians. There will be a push to ban the Christian view on homosexuality taken from Scripture.

There was corruption in the PNG Government. The first Director of the National AIDS Council,was giving full secret support to the foreign gays and lesbians. He was rewarded with a posting to Australia to work for Burnett. As Secretary for Health he opposed strongly any criticism. He was corrupt.

For our trouble, Keith Jackson of blog PNG Attitude decided to destroy AIDS Holistics. He wrote a series of reports on his blog claiming that the founder of AIDS Holistics was trying to destroy his blog and had no right to criticize the Secretary for Health. He did not mention the Head of Burnett the corrupt gay Professor Toole.

AIDS Holistics is now the main source of AIDS information in the Pacific zone. All hate mail has stopped. Our blog is opened by over 1000 PNG readers a month. 

The Secretary for Health is no longer involved with the National HIV/AIDS response. He was too much on the side of a corrupt gay and lesbian agenda. The head of Burnett was a corrupt gay doctor Professor Micheal Toole affectionately known as Melina. Please click:

Now Copeland attacks PNG's head of health - Keith Jackson 28, 2011 - BY KEITH JACKSON SELF-PROCLAIMED HIV/AIDS guru, spammer, reputation trasher and visa overstayer Bruce Copeland..

Since the report above was posted two days ago, Jackson has deleted the report. But we have another. It does not look good. He should stand for what he has written.  Please click:


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Did I write that 4 years ago??

Moresby life: the brutal struggle 

for survival


  1. Malum Nalu: Moresby life: brutal struggle for survival html
    2010 - BRUCE COPELAND. AIDS Holistics promoted Positive Living 
FOR MANY YEARS, the organisation AIDS Holistics promoted 
a message of Positive Living. We emphasise the importance of 
nutrition with daily fruit and vegetables. The staple diet in this 
country is scones made from white flour.

Positive Living is a sick joke for many people in PNG. They simply
cannot afford to eat properly.

We read a recent newspaper advertisement for senior positions in the 
Department of Foreign Affairs. A director receives K32, 000 a year, 
a net K95 a day without tax taken out. Take school fees and children’s 
lunches and that drops to K50. 

Take out rent and there is no money for food. And this is the salary of 
a senior officer. Rents in Port Moresby are out of reach of middle 
to top ranking workers.

So the family may have to live in a squatter settlement. They have to 
dig a garden. There is no way a director in Foreign Affairs could live 
in a rental house and have his family eat adequately on one wage.

A schoolteacher may earn K540 a fortnight, well under the Australian 
poverty line. A junior teacher will earn much less. This provides K17 
a day, enough for a meal of rice and tinned fish once a day and no money 
for school fees and lunches. It may buy a bag of flour twice a week.

A security officer may live on K150 a fortnight which is K11 a day, 
provided the family lives in a squatter settlement. No money for 
school fees and lunches. One meal a day. In off-pay week, the family 
may not eat for some days. The family will do worse if the man spends 
some money on beer.

Corruption in this country is about survival. Families steal to eat. Families 
become desperate when they find traditional land stolen by fake landowner 
groups. Any chance of a decent future life fades. The desperation intensifies 
if there are no jobs.

Yet it makes the mind boggle to stand at the side of the road and watch so 
many people driving the latest land cruiser vehicles worth upwards of 
K100, 000. How do they pay?

Social injustice is a way of life in this country. We find PNGDF retrenched 
officers getting no money. Retired correction officers have pensions stopped. 
They end their days with nothing after a lifetime of loyal service.

Then in the national HIV/AIDS response, we find AusAID and other advisors 
earning upwards of K500, 000 with house and car. And Papua New Guinean 
AIDS workers are mainly volunteers. Social injustice sponsored by Australia.

What would I do if my family were starving and someone left money within 
reach?I may well steal to stop my children from crying. And I dig a garden 
where I can.

There is no value in being honest and having children starving. I have to risk 
ending up in gaol. The English lower classes ended up as convicts in Australia 
for the same crimes 300 years ago.

To hell with do-gooders crying about corruption. How can we blame mothers 
for selling their bodies? What of mothers having their roadside goods scattered
and stolen by police?

I have seen police taking bags and stuffing money into their pockets as they 
return to their vehicle eating the betel nut they have confiscated. Their families 
may eat well tonight.

National Capital rangers think they have the right to hit people with iron bars. 
They roam the streets looking for people to bash while stealing their goods. 
Onlookers scurry in the dirt to pick up scattered betel nut.

I stood in the middle of a bashing pretending to be a simple old white man, 
And all violence stopped. The gang leader apologised that I had to witness 
such an event. Then he took his men around the corner to do the same again.

I stood beside a policeman while he bashed an old man at the market. He 
stopped. One day I will end up in the cells being bashed. But police take a 
risk bashing a white man. Who knows how it would end up? It would be a
news headline to start with.

What would I do as an unemployed PNG father if my daughter was bringing 
K15 home each day and I knew she was selling her body? I may well do 
nothing. Thank you daughter. Wife, ask our daughter if she is using a condom.

And my son was giving the family K5 some days after buying homebrew 
and marijuana? He must be stealing the money. Thank you, son. Your sisters 
and brothers will not be hungry tonight.

My daughters never have to sell their bodies while I give them money every 
day for basic needs. What if I died tomorrow?

What is the great lie that PNG mothers tell their children? Do not worry about 
me, I am not hungry.

Fruit and vegetables from the market are still the cheapest and most nutritious 
food - kaukau K2, beans K1, carrots 40 toea, kumu 50 toea, with tinned fish 

Gentle reader, this is not the time to switch off and tell yourself that all is 
well. Many families do not have K5.50 to go to the market.

Friday, 16 January 2015


My name is Bruce Copeland and I have been the author and originator of this blog for 4 years. But this blog has been hacked by one Peter Kiama whose name is in the blog as author.

To add insult to injury, I tried to remove his name a while ago. Peter Kiama received an email from Google advising that someone was trying to hack into his blog.

I have found it difficult to contact Google management and now have put the situation on my blog. There are reports on Google from one Peter Kiama from Africa. But this Peter Kiama has a PNG mobile phone number. It may be a false name.

He has not interfered with the blog up to this time. He can interfere by deleting my blog but I am advised that Google has a back-up. The big test will be to see if he can delete this report. I still seem to have the only password. Time will tell.

Perhaps as fake author he is collecting money. He is just sitting back taking credit for all the reports posted daily. Cheeky.

Perhaps he opened the blog one day and found it still signed in. So he inserted all his personal details and claimed the blog as his own.

But on closing the blog, he could not open it again ever. He did not have the pass word. It was a once only hack. That should inspire him to do it again just to show he is the boss.

Google: Please remove Peter Kiama. Insert Bruce Copeland  My email address is already recorded on the blog.

Hi Peter,

Someone recently used your password to try to sign in to your Google Account

We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was a hijacker trying to access your account. Please review the details of the sign-in attempt:

Saturday, March 1, 2014 2:36:14 AM UTC
IP Address:
Location: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

If you do not recognize this sign-i attempt, someone else might be trying to access your account. You should sign in to your account and reset your password immediately. 

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The question does arise as to whether or not expatriates can be bashed and violated by PNG citizens and all complaints ignored by police.

The question also arises as to whether or not there is racism in the PNG police against expatriates. Please read the report below entitled Child Molester goes Free.

There was a vicious house stealing in Saraga in which an old man lost his Housing Commission home to neighbours who were determined to steal the house. They succeeded with the help of corrupt NHEL officers and police. He lives there still but his house is now in the hands of a violent marijuana smoking drug body.

The other white man was the one who faced most violence. He complained to the police but his complaints were ignored by the police at 6 Mile. Over a year, he complained to the Metropolitan Superintendant Andy Bawa but all complaints were ignored. Bawa seemed to have a corrupt  hidden agenda.

The woman house stealer Jill Kende bashed the white man on several occasions. But the last time she bashed him at the gate with a large piece of wood, he swore at her. 

So she had him arrested by corrupt officers at Gordons police and he ended up in the cells, released on K600 bail. This is blatant police corruption. He insulted her after she assaulted him. She demanded he leaves the unit and he refused to go. He spent the night in the cells.

The case was dismissed in Municipal Court because the woman never turned up. Her complaint was in a fake name. But that is alright. Her brother is in the police.

The questions arise as to whether or not this is racism against expatriates. Any expatriate who complains is ignored to the top. Any complaint against an expatriate is pursued with a car load of police.

The question arises as to whether or not the police had a corrupt relationship with NHEL housing officers and on the take with proceeds from any stolen house.

One problem is that senior officers can not control corruption from subordinate officers. They just have to allow the subordinates to carry out any arrest and charge regardless of being corrupt. The Police Station Commanders tried to help but could not stop corruption in their own station.

Thursday, 15 January 2015


In the last year, I have suffered with an old man Astor Gabuyo from a series of house stealers wanting to take his National Housing Estate Limited (NHEL) unit at 83 Garia Street Saraga. He had lived in his unit for almost 20 years.

In late 2012 he went overseas for medical treatment and his house was invaded by renowned house stealer Alan Baragu and his wife. This is a common practice in PNG that houses are taken by trespassers. We know of one family told to leave at gun point.

I was the only person looking after the old man’s house which then came under attack by two neighbours Jill Kende, member of the family of Madeline Paulisbo senior officer of NHEL.

Danny Manau violent drug body and child molester drifted from house to house until he settled on the unit of Astor Gabuyo. He took over the large family house wind in his parents unit nearby. But he left when his brother burned it down to get rid of his mentally affected brother.

But the two neighbours were afraid that Gabuyo was dying and planned to take the house. They had to get rid of me first. They thought the house would come to me who had been paying the rent for almost 8 years.

This they did by constant harassment and violence. Our reports to the police were ignored. Police corruption reigns supreme when family members of the police become involved and subject to arrest.

Jill Kende had a brother who was a policeman at 6 Mile Police station. All complaints were ignored. She would complain to him on any silly matter and he would come to arrest me.

I would complain and no police would come. Complaints to Metropolitan Superintendant Andy Bawa were ignored. There was a corrupt hidden agenda here.

Then the issue got worse. I had two small girls staying with me. The eldest was 10 years old and soon reported that Danny Manau had been pressing her for sex. 

He moved in to the old man's unit by a series of manoeuvres. He soon took control with threats of violence. He threatened to burn the unit if evicted.

On a number of occasions, he had appeared before the 10 year old girl naked and wanted her to take off her clothes. He came to her room at night and wanted to come in. He touched her sexually. She and her friend moved into my room in the middle of the night.

So Kende and Manau decided to get rid of me with her corrupt relative Madeline Paulisbo of NHEL. They wrote two letters claiming to have come from Astor Gabuyo evicting me.

These they took to NHEL and I was evicted with door smashed down and arrest by corrupt police. The old man was too afraid to say he did not write the letters. Manau used the fake letter to force his way in to stay with the old man. He threatens him with violence if he tries to evict him.

Now I live elsewhere and the old man is starving. I used to give him money and food. I paid his rent that has now 7 months of arrears. I used to pay fortnightly.

This does not concern the corrupt officers of NHEL. Gabuyo will soon be evicted for not paying rent. But NHEL knows that they cut off his capacity to pay by evicting me.

But the issue of child molesting has suffered ongoing police corruption. We complained to the Sexual Offences Squad (SOS) but the complaint was ignored. Constable Martha Maraga took the complaint and never acted on it. Her excuse was that they had no vehicle.

Danny Manau has a history of child molesting including my elder daughter whom he would stop in the lane and demand that she sucks his penis. She was 6 years old at the time. He was evicted from a village in Rigo for molesting a small girl. The Sexual Offences Squad has a fake role.

I meet the old man in the street. He is devastated by what has happened. He has not paid his rent and has no money for power and water bills or food.

He has no way to put a violent trespasser out without being bashed. He is terrified that Manau will see him talking to me. Yesterday I gave Gabuyo all the money I had in my pocket.

I asked corrupt Paulisbo of NHEL to investigate. She told me that NHEL has more to do with big housing projects than to worry about an old man in a rat infested house. Corruption starts with being too busy to give justice to little people. Paulisbo claims to be Christian.

If the old man dies or is evicted for rent not paid, it may be the house will go to violent neighbour Jill Kende member of the Paulisbo (NHEL) family. That is official Christian corruption.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The National 13 January 2015

Over recent years, we have been treated to media reports from Medecins Sans Frontieres in PNG that put out a range of slippery figures on “survivors” of family violence in the country. The record keeper seems to play games with the figures.

One can be forgiven for believing that the figures are written to make the situation worse than it really is. It is they who have coined the term “survivors”. If someone hits you, then the term applies to you.

One of the apparent lesbian activist tricks is to lump all figures together to be labelled as violence to women and girls. In the media today, we read that MSF looks after survivors of family violence, general violence, emergency medical care and tuberculosis services.

From past experience, we can be sure that domestic violence figures will be lumped together with general violence that will add several thousand violent attacks to the domestic violence figures.

The figures will not differentiate between men and women, boys and girls. All figures will become statistics of violence of men to women, even violence of women to men.

354 violence to women + 24687 general violence to men and women = 25 041 violence to women

A report may state that 86% of women have suffered from violence in the home and elsewhere. Inclusion of ‘elsewhere’ means anywhere else on the planet at any time from childhood. That statistic is fake.

If Medecins Sans Frontieres wants to be credible in their statistics, they have to be more specific in their figures for men and women:

Required surgery
Admitted to hospital
Injury to unborn baby
Sexual abuse of a child
Sexual abuse of a woman
Violence to a man
Homosexual abuse
Basic first aid
Domestic violence
General violence.

We have suffered from a general campaign of fake figures from UN advisors. These figures only serve to reduce credibility. Medecins Sans Frontieres once told the community that 64% of PNG men confess to gang rape. Liars. How would they possibly obtain such a figure?

Now the UN activists are relying on outside organizations to produce the fake figures. Successful liars from the outside organizations may end up employed in the United Nations.


For a decade now, there has been the unwelcome intrusion into the culture of Papua New Guinea by foreign gays and lesbians working for such organizations as the United Nations and AusAID. Some are still here in UNWomen and UNAIDS.

They are very much like the rangers working for the National Capital District who have set up their own objectives and given themselves the right to discipline those who do not follow their agenda. City rangers are a little like Hitler Youth. When prowling the city they used to carry iron bars.

Gay and lesbian activists punish care organizations and churches by black-banning and blocking funding. They are the modern day Nazis. Hitler attacked families under the pretence of protecting them. In the end, young German children reported their parents for betraying the Fuhrer.

The primary attack of gays and lesbians is on the FAMILY. They want to dismantle family by removing authority of parents. They have decided that all discipline of parents is abuse, thereby robbing parents of any chance of keeping their children on the straight path.

Parents are no longer able to smack a child or discipline them. Gating them is abuse. Strong criticism of a child’s behaviour is abuse. A parent may not make a child do what they do not want to do. That too is abuse.

While there are abusive acts by parents, lesbian/gay/paedophile activists want to extend this to remove all parental authority.

Children have to be taught by parents how to help the household. A boy may need to be taught how to maintain a car and help with the manual labour of the father. A young girl has to help with the house work. This is not child labour but the act of including a child in the work of the family.

Lesbian activists in Papua New Guinea make ridiculous claims of child labour that they have seen through tourist bus windows. One reported on children moving furniture, chopping wood, directing traffic, collecting bottles and selling papers. Poor dears. It must make them so tired.

I have never seen children chopping in the wood selling markets. Moving furniture must have been a one off situation. I have gone looking for children directing traffic and have found none.

There are now organizations setting up in this country to monitor child trafficking. Even this is full of nonsense. I have inherited two small girls. One is the daughter of my daughters’ mother by another marriage. One is her friend. If I do not look after them, they starve. They have not been trafficked.

There must be so many children moving between families. But then that is what the wantok system is all about. Child orphans of HIV parents are passed to extended families and may often be abused. They become the slave Cinderellas of the new family.

Save the Children looks after children one way or another. Only a few years ago, they conducted a gay and lesbian survey in the schools around Goroka.

Advisor: Mary, do you have a best friend?
Mary: Yes I do.
Advisor: Do you love her?
Mary: Yes.
Advisor: I am happy to tell you that you are lesbian.
Mary: Oh?
Advisor: Don’t be ashamed. It is so natural and wonderful.

They complained in the media some time ago that small children were refused condoms by care centres on the basis of being too young. What counselling is given to children that will send them off looking for condoms?

The activists consist of paedophiles who want sex with small children. The task is to get the kids away from parents. Already the police forces of the world are searching internet for paedophiles seeking child pornography.

But the paedophiles have slipped into the human rights picture on the backs of gay and lesbian rights. Parents have to warn their children of stranger danger. For years, I talked to my children about taking care.

What if a man meets you and says your father is in hospital and wants me to come and pick you up at school?

I would not go with him. I would not approach his car but run back to the school to tell my teacher.

What if a man calls you by your name and wants you to get in his car?

I would not get in. I would run in the opposite direction. I would run into a shop. I would run to a woman in the front yard of a house.

Parents are warned never to put a child’s name on his/her school bag.

Hullo Mary. You do not remember me. I am your Uncle Tom. I remember you when you were a baby. I have come to stay with your mum and dad. Get in the car and I will take you home.

I remember a report in the media about 5 years ago of an experiment at an Australian school among grade 3 students.

A man sat outside the school by arrangement with the teachers and invited children into his car. All children accepted the invitation. Not good.

Paedophiles want the age of consent to be lowered. But there is in the world the concept of informed consent. A child cannot consent to sex with an adult as they know nothing about sex.

What if they are taught about sex from an early age? Can they then give informed consent for sex with an adult at the age of 8 years? The gay and lesbian agenda is for gay and lesbian sex to be part of school curriculum. Gays and lesbians can also be paedophile.

The AIDS awareness message in this country has targeted the rights of children. No responsibilities are ever mentioned. The PNG AIDS agenda is paedophile but moving towards the welfare of FAMILY.

AIDS Holistics is proud to be part of this move.

The most blatant attack on family came from France. About two years ago President Hollande and the socialists planned to put forward a legislation to ban school children from doing homework. The standard focus of paedophiles is to get the kids on the street. 

That would do the job really well. Parents would be breaking the law by expecting children to study at home - a virulent attack on family that did not get past the voters.

In Australia, the gays and lesbians had a term of office in the Greens movement. The leader of the gays in parliament was the Green Senator Bob Brown.

They had worn out their welcome by their balance of power. Now the Australian gays and lesbians have probably moved across to the Socialist Left mainly in Victoria.

The Socialist Left was the old Communist Party that sought refuge in the Australian Labor Party many years ago. They were a government within a government.