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Over the last year, there has been a vicious hate mail campaign directed at AIDS Holistics in an attempt to discredit this NGO and derail the Positive Living family message.
It has been led by Keith Jackson of PNG Attitude and an unknown hate writer calling himself the “real Bruce Copeland” sending out emails to all on
In recent months, the anonymous person has directed filthy messages purporting to be obscene emails to PNG women living in Australia and sent by the founder of AIDS Holistics.
It is interesting to ponder on how the hate mailer had all these messages forwarded to him. There is no proof that the emails actually exist. There was no proof that these came from AIDS Holistics.
He has targeted Australian woman Lydia Kailap, a gracious lady married to a PNG man. I feel so sorry for her as she was not the real target. Please click:


The hate mailer caused her distress so that he could push the blame on to the founder of AIDS Holistics and destroy the Positive Living message in support of Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles.
I have always had the strong feeling that the hate mailer was Keith Jackson in cognito. He caused massive concern to me last year in his false postings on blog that PNG Attitude was being attacked.
Then the hate mail started in earnest from the real Bruce Copeland. People became hostile to AIDS Holistics on the basis of obscene emails that were never sent by us.
There were occasions that raised questions. There was one stage when Jackson sent an email to all demanding to be taken off our email list. I replied to him alone apologising and telling him I would take him off.
Within an hour, there was an email to all from the real Bruce Copeland stating that at last Copeland of AIDS Holistics was afraid of Jackson.
How did he obtain that email? It meant that he was on the Jackson private email list. Or that Jackson was the real Bruce Copeland.
This was a mistake as it showed that the real Bruce Copeland was not the founder of AIDS Holistics.
Following that there were emails sent by real Bruce Copeland to all addressees abusing Jackson who probably realized he had overplayed his hand in the previous month and made a serious mistake.
Jackson replied to AIDS Holistics info. all that he was tired of these abusive emails and that he had been keeping all messages to be used in future Court action. This may have been a diversionary tactic to lead suspicion away from him.
Then there was the disgraceful email to Lydia Kailap. This time the anonymous hate mailer really overplayed his hand as she wrote back to the PNG Attitude blog stating that the founder of AIDS Holistics was NOT involved. Please click:


Jackson was probably amazed that his own readers disagreed with his posting and stated that the founder of AIDS Holistics was not involved.
So Jackson promptly removed the report from his blog.  This was a report on his blog from Nancy Sullivan revealing all. She had never contributed before that time and never since. It may well be one of Jackson’s fakes.
But AIDS Holistics had down loaded the report and put it on the Positive Living blog. We anticipated that he would remove the report when so many faithful readers disagreed. He had been hoisted on his own petard.
If this is the work of Jackson, it has to be in support of the Australian gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. It has also to be to remove the blog Positive Living from serious competition with his own blog PNG Attitude.
AIDS Holistics is promoting a message to readers of the world. We have up to date information on the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We have talked to the world about the family focus. There must be no doubt as to our credibility.
We will not allow anonymous gay and lesbian trolls to give a false message to the community on the credibility of Positive Living and AIDS Holistics. If Jackson has been involved, he has to cut his losses and examine his own defamations.

It was he who claimed in a report on his blog that the founder of AIDS Holistics was homophobic - the sure sign of a gay. He said that our blogspot gave rubbish advice that put people in physical danger. He said that the founder was unqualified to give any advice at all. His blog should be closed down.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


AIDS Holistics has called the bluff of the Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles who have infiltrated Papua New Guinea under the pretext of helping the nation with HIV/AIDS awareness.

Once they had settled in, their approach changed to a gay and lesbian agenda by which FAMILY and FAITH were dirty words.

But AIDS Holistics has won through past the dirty tricks and an attempt to show that the founder was mentally ill and unable to see the world social issue in any sane perspective. The gay, lesbian and paedophile activists have failed badly.

The focus in the national HIV/AIDS campaign is on FAMILY not on gay and lesbian rights. The ownership of the campaign has passed to PNG care groups and churches. The homosexuals are standing naked before the nation and Pacific neighbours.

We have to understand that the gay, lesbian and paedophile community across the world is planning a world take-over.

We need to see the world as being divided into major national groups. There is the developed (western) world, the developed (eastern) world, the developing nations and the Moslem nations.

Gays and lesbians have focused on the soft target developed Christian world that has weak leaders, the result of democracy. Nations are falling to the gay and lesbian push. When the US activists tell President Obama to jump, he jumps.

Prime Minister Cameron of Great Britain has shown his colours in the threat to the developing Commonwealth nations at the CHOGM conference last year. If they do not repeal the old colonial laws on homosexuality, aid will be cut. Or so he said.

Australian Prime Minister Gillard has weakened with the dinner party with gay couples at her official residence. She is ready to allow the gay and lesbian takeover of Australia. So too Premier of Queensland Anne Bligh who has been talking of the equality of gay and lesbian love.

It is all very naïve and self preserving of politicians to allow themselves to be cowed like this. The Moslem countries of the world have stood fast and appear to have hardened their attitude to gay and lesbian activists.

Already the Government of Nigeria has banned gay and lesbian marriages. This followed the threat of Prime Minister Cameron at CHOGM.

The President of Uganda has announced that his country will not legalize gay and lesbian marriage but will not punish these people for being gay and lesbian. He pointed out Uganda has always had homosexuals. Punishment will only be given to paedophiles.


The O-Neill-Namah Government of Papua New Guinea has announced a hardening of policy towards paedophiles who are destroying families. There has been one deportation

Developing countries need to be aware that any threats from the soft target Christian developed world is merely a bluff to keep the gay and lesbian voters happy.

Developed countries need the raw materials from the developing world. If they move out of a country in support of expatriate gays, lesbians and paedophiles, then the economic world has gone crazy. And China will move in to fill the vacuum.

It is a trick for gays and lesbians to be crying crocodile tears about so-called punitive colonial laws in the developing world.

Developing nations have long since forgotten about these laws and accepted that the gay boys do live with their families.

Repealing old laws is part of the gay and lesbian thrust to bring the issue alive to a new generation. Papua New Guinea like Uganda has a traditional peace with gay men

We all have to get the role of the United Nations into context. This world organization is only strong when respected by member nations.

At the point that the developing world rejects the United Nations hidden gay and lesbian agenda, there will be a slow decline in the influence of that body. The League of Nations lost massive support in the 1930s.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile activists believe that the founder of AIDS Holistics does not understand that PNG is an independent nation. It is they who do not understand and who have ridden rough-shod over the national sovereignty.

Nations of the Pacific please take care in using Australian private companies to run the HIV/AIDS response. They can be as vicious as computer viruses as just as difficult to remove.

Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Tahiti.


Romeo and Juliet were young lovers in the Shakespearean play. By the modern
definition, Juliet was under the age of consent. But they were both young lovers
and not seen as committing any breach of the law. They were a pair of kids.

Romeo and Juliet laws at Role/Reboot | Hugo Schwyzer Cached 
2 Feb 2012 – Though the law cannot be written to meet every individualm situation.
Romeo and Juliet laws do reflect an evolving and increasingly nuanced ...

There are what are called Romeo and Juliet laws in other nations that give protection to young boys and girls in a loving relationship.

This does not protect young people who commit rape or are involved in paedophile
crimes. It does allow some discretion to the Courts.

peace, love, truth, ... TEENAGE PAEDOPHILE GAOLED. Post Courier
4 August 2011 ...

Monday, 27 February 2012


Dear reader: Points to ponder as you read. How did the founder of AIDS Holistics know the identity and email adresses to send the obscene emails below? They live in Australia. Did they have an email profile to make their emails and names known?

What were their email addresses? Let us see the original emails. The founder of AIDS Holistics has only known Lydia through the Jackson blog PNG Attitude.

He has never known her email address nor made any personal contact with her. He has always meant to find her house and visit Lydia and her husband Peter..

Why did Jackson take the hate mail off his blog after Lydia sent her letter and his readers rejected the proposition that Copeland of AIDS Holistics was involved.? Surely his blog is committed to truth.

He should have joined forces with the readers to find the anonymous hate mailer. He opens himself to the suspicion that he was involved as the media front man for the Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

Jackson has never commented on the present matter. That may well indicate that he is up to his neck in the issue. To make comment would be like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

AIDS Holistics looks forward to peace from this time on. We will give major support on the family message to the Department of Education. The teachers not the foreign advisors are at the forefront of HIV/AIDS and family awareness.


The report below contains filthy words that the anonymous gays, lesbians or paedophiles claim come from Bruce Copeland of AIDS Holistics. We see insanity in this hate mail. Lydia Kailap in the report below calls the hate writer deranged.

5 Jan 2012 – This has been a very difficult blow to withstand because it comes from
a deeply hidden (yet very clear) source. It is an all out attack on freedom ..

These are anonymous words they claim have been sent to anonymous women. The whole report is part of the vicious hate attack on Positive Living for families by Australian and Papua New Guinea gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

About HIV Activist & Kokoda Trekker Bruce Copeland, anti-PNG ...

1 Dec 2011 – PNG trekking Kokoda trail Bruce Copeland documented
cyberstalker. AIDS PNG Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker.
Holistic Living ...

These postings often center around sex (especially anal) and rubbish Papua New Guineans living in Australia including members of the Kelegai, Noipo, Puye, Goddard and Pape, but especially Philma Kelegai. The typical writing style is shown on this example:

It has now been confirmd that Miriam Waters, of Mooroobol Cairns has been writing sick and defaming messages all over the internet, aiming her abuse at innocent people. Miriam, who has NEVER had a job, slutbagged her way into Australia. MIRIAM = fark off out of Australia or we will shove a wombat up your arse!”

The purpose of this document is to share evidence, taken from many sites and individuals, that when taken as a whole, strongly indicate that Mr Bruce Copeland is the man behind the spam. But first some background information about him.

Reading Bruce Copeland’s own words on his blog mostly, certain hatreds and obsessions become obvious:

For example: “get some kau kau up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 26 2011 at 1:20 PM Anonymous if you cant find another PNGians to fuk, you can always shove some kaukau up your arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Again and again such postings have appeared on pngscape as well as on a completely different forum (, simultaneous with the appearance of anti-Kelegai postings.

For example: fark off BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! November 17 2011, 1:05 PM theres only one thing worse than a scumbag scabbing PNG family, and thats a farking Filipino parasitic family!!!!! Fark off back to the Philippines!!!”.

And another example:

The kelegais are deliberately conning Australia December 1 2010, 4:08 PM heres whats really going on, these Kelegais simply hate Australia. thats what all this conning and ripping people off is about.


Emails apparently from Mr Copeland to white Australian NGO woman Lydia Kaliap, exposed on Nancy Sullivan’s blog included this one: “Black cock whore! White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!”

5 Jan 2012 – This has been a very difficult blow to withstand because it comes from
a deeply hidden (yet very clear) source. It is an all out attack on freedom ..

2 Dec 2011 – This is addressed mainly to people of Papua New Guinea who have
received emails from AIDS Holistics. Please be reminded of the hate ...

For example: “A new STD has hit the streets of PNG! Its called "KeleGAYensis" Symptoms included: flashing breasts at tourists and then demanding money fingering onesself in pubic toilets whinging for money whenever you see a whiteman and shoving bananas up your vagina when nobody is looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It is likely that Mr Copeland does not offer details and substance because he either does not know his intended victims or knew them only briefly and thus has little factual information to offer.

If he has legitimate complaints against the people he rubbishes and would lay out the allegations in a normal, mature way, offering details, his postings would probably not be an issue to anyone but those accused of wrong doing. But he does not do that.

In at least one case, Mr Copeland seems to have picked a Papua New Guinean name off a Townsville online newspaper (, then rubbished that person in pngscape postings:

Has Toke Kewe been farkin little boyz in townsville too? November 24 2011 at 10:14 PM Townie doesnt this scumbag toke kewe have awife in townsville? farken hell, i feel sorry for townsville people. i bet hes been farkin little boys there too!!!”

DONT THINK THAT THE WORLD DOESNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN PNG, THEY DO KNOW. You PNG people always lie and blame other countries especialy Australia,


Postings like the one above remove all doubt that these words are coming from an Australian expat who has now started stereotyping and rubbishing Papua New Guineans in general. The only other person offered up as a possible for such postings is a Daniel Collins of Tully/Cairns.

However, there is no indication that this person has an interest in HIV AIDs as does Bruce Copeland, nor has he been involved by name in documented tok paits with others on the internet.

However it is possible that Bruce Copeland is taking information from Daniel Collins about the Kelegai family, etc. then putting that into his internet spam.


That completes what we know at present about Bruce Copeland, the reasons for his mental illness, and how his mental illness is being expressed.

This information is being given to you so that Papua New Guineans will come to widely understand what is in back of all this spam and perhaps can feel a bit of sympathy towards a lost soul, a person who is the victim of his own excesses and extremes.

Don’t let yourself fall into the hole that he is now in, a mentally ill person who no longer has control over their actions.

Mr Copeland’s brain now drives him like a machine to try and destroy people around him. It is a sad end to a life that otherwise might have been celebrated.

You’ll probably notice that Mr Copeland often replies to this information posting with his usual anonymous spam. The best thing to do is ignore it. The reason why this information is being put up in reply to his spams is to educate Papua New Guineans about what has been going on.

Bruce Copeland’s game on the internet and any influence amongst thinking people is now quickly drawing to a close. In time, others will be able to pick up the explanation of Mr Copeland’s spam through Google when they type in his name.

Also hopefully someone at some point will be able to post where Mr Copeland is physically located so that he can be helped and perhaps his daughters removed from the custody of this unbalanced man.

4 Dec 2011 – In the book The Pink Agenda, Peter Hammond refers to a
lesbian writing a pamphlet stating that "This is war". So be it. The gays and
lesbians of ...

Sunday, 26 February 2012


Last word until next hate attack

Over the last 10 years, the founder of AIDS Holistics has been viciously attacked in a hate campaign by Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles working for the Australian aid organization AusAID before moving on to the United Nations.

This was punishment for the founder who had promoted a forbidden area to the community at large. He supported FAMILY and helped the churches in their family and FAITH role.

Key misinformation still coming out is that the founder is disliked by PNG people especially educated men and women.

He is said to have a colonial contempt for PNG people, particularly strong women. Surely hate mailers are not referring to lesbian activist women. They are not strong - only vicious.

About HIV Activist & Kokoda Trekker Bruce Copeland, anti-PNG ...
1 Dec 2011 – PNG trekking Kokoda trail Bruce Copeland documented
cyberstalker. AIDS PNG Bruce Copeland documented cyberstalker.
Holistic Living ...

There is no doubt Mr Copeland does (did) cares about PNG, but in that always patronising way characteristic of colonial era expats which requires that you must do things the way he wants if you want to be respected by him.

He has not grasped that PNG is an independent country which is why he does not relate well with many educated Papua New Guineans.

Those who know him described him as extremely stubborn with a know it all attitude. He acts like the final judge and leading punisher of anything he doesn’t like.

That kind of personality fits exactly into the kind of person to post hundreds of defamatory postings on pngscape and other PNG sites, with the goal of destroying the reputations of various Papua New Guineans.

Mr Copeland’s anal obsession is well established. On Copeland’s own blog he complains at one point about Australian Prof Michael Toole, Head of the Centre for International Health at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne and Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at the Monash University.

Professor Toole told an audience that Bruce Copeland was “quite anally fixated, mentally ill and obsessed.”

Now let us look at this logically. An anus licking gay is telling the world that a heterosexual man is anally fixated because he has been talking about anus licking gays. That is very funny.

Prof Toole also e-mailed AIDS workers in PNG: "For too long we have all sat back and accepted Bruce’s sick, anal-obsessed ravings. He can only get away with it because he’s hiding behind the inadequate legal system of PNG.”

Copeland’s obsession with gays may explain why he took RH’s side in postings at pngexposed in the controversy over the Pomio land grab by RH, in which Greenpeace got involved.

He writes on his blog: “The nation has to watch the Greens Party. With Dorothy Tekwie as president, there are many environmental issues. Present members may not realize the PNG Greens have a hidden gay and lesbian agenda just like their opposite number in Australia.

Professor Toole has been a gay corrupt Australian AIDS officer and hate mailer working to promote the gay and lesbian agenda in PNG.

He objected to AIDS Holistics having explained gay anal sex, anus licking known as rimming and the coccidian gut parasites to the world.

Gays complained they were discriminated against in the campaign. As soon as we started talking about the dangers of gay sex, they became hateful. Toole is supported by Keith Jackson of the blog PNG Attitude who allows hate mailers to post their poison mail. Please click:


AIDS Holistics also raised anger by explaining to PNG people the Australian gay link to the Greens movement in Australia led by Senator Bob Brown. The senator came up to PNG at the very time the legalization of gay and lesbian sex was becoming a hot issue.

As for our support for RH, the fact is that we have always criticized RH for their support of the gay culture at the Divine Word University. Missed by a mile there, hate mailer.

The blog report above  is opposite to reality. Founder of AIDS Holistics has a close working relationship with all key PNG organizations and more senior people than he cares to mention, both men and women.

He has worked closely with the welfare officers, RPNGC Sexual Violence Unit, Curriculum Division of the Department of Education, Seventh Day Adventists, the Catholic Family Life Apostolate, Christian Brethren Church, Radio Maria, Karai FM and other church denominations and care groups.

He remains a supporter of the national HIV/AIDS response despite having been sabotaged by the Australians in blocking AIDS Holistics at the Department of Labour and having his work permit stopped. 

The PNG Government has ignored the issue and allowed the founder to live in the country with his two daughters. AIDS Holistics started the Women's Rights focus in the National HIV/AIDS response. Please click:


Everyone knows his name - Bruce Copeland. Noone knows the names of the gay, lesbian and paedophile attackers who are as anonymous and vicious as the Gestapo and Klu Klux Klan.

Saturday, 25 February 2012


In recent days, the founder of AIDS Holistics has bought a mobile phone with Google and Facebook.

He now has the opportunity to sit in a comfortable chair and go through the reports on this blogspot. It has always been a rush to post a document having scanned relevant related linkages.

But last night, he sat for the first time and went through a dozen reports, particularly to read the information in the linkages. It was quite mind-boggling to read just what had been linked.

There are very detailed and excellent reports linked to our blog that provide a world and historical perspective. Please click:



The only sadness felt was to read in detail the hate mail that has been pushed on the world reading public by enemies of AIDS Holistics. It is malicious and anonymous fantasy.

But we have over 650 reports on Google on aspects of family Positive Living. The few hate mails can have little impact, except to let world governments know that there really is a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda that is thriving but failing in developing countries. Please click:


If the founder of AIDS Holistics is guilty of all the sexual and cyber crimes that these rotten anonymous people claim, they need only take their evidence to the Australian Federal Police, Papua New Guinea Police, Google and Hotmail.

./ Dec 2011 – Bruce Copeland
documented cyberstalker. FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS Bruce Copeland ...
This person is ...

The fact that they have never done so, condemns them to public awareness that their claims are fraudulent. They want the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda to win. AIDS Holistics is standing in the way.

Friday, 24 February 2012


This blogspot started in March 2011. As of 25 February 2012, there have been 17,800 hits. This would not compare with a blog by Justin Bieber who would attract a million hits on the first day.

But our blog has a steady hit rate day after day. There would be about 40 countries represented in the statistics to this blog. As of today, the key nations are:

Papua New Guinea nearly 8000
United States 2200
Australia 2190
Russia 1200
New Zealand 890
United Kingdom 418
Germany 279
Malaysia 132
France 129
Argentina 124

and 20 more.

Readers seem to expect a report every day. If we do not post for a two days, the number of readers drops. We are going through a quiet period at the moment.

There is the added problem that the counter to some countries cuts off for a period of time. New Zealand and Fiji should be right up there but seem to be cut off by a periodic glitche in the airwaves.

So too Russia seems to suffer breaks in the airwaves. But this is still a great blogspot.

Perhaps readers know that the Positive Living message has seen through the years of turmoil and has come out smiling.


A key theme in the Grades 9 and 10 Personal Development courses

In Papua New Guinea today, there are many young girls with babies. They have gone straight from dolls to babies. Any dreams and priorities they may have had have been changed forever.

15 Feb 2012 – The Personal Development course places some emphasis on choosing
a husband or a wife. Let us start with a husband. Many girls do not ...

Some girls have no dreams as they have not been to school past grade 2. That is as far as they could go in the village elementary school.

Their parents were afraid to send them on to the next grade and spend their time living with an uncle in a distant village. Many young girls were kept at home while their brothers went on to school.

So they have no education, no job and are unemployable. In the villages, their only job will be to work in the gardens. Yet many young girls who have been to school, still throw away their opportunities by allowing some boy or man to make them pregnant.

Problems have just started. The man may be married already and does not support the girl and her baby. Young boys may not have education, job prospects and the capacity or desire to have the responsibilities of looking after a wife and child.

The boy still wants to drink with the boys and come back to the girl for sex. She has been the only female from whom he has successfully demanded sex. Other girls see him as a loser. He will not let her go easily. He smokes marijuana and drinks homebrew and is on his way to becoming a drug body.

She does not love him. Nor does he love her. They have just come together for sex that he has pressured her into.

He is not a husband to the girl but becoming a man who comes and goes, boozes, demands sex and bashes her. He wants any money that she has earned from selling vegetables in the market. Her family stands by and lets it all happen. What can they do? She has given birth to his child.

Let us wind the clock back to the start:

She could have not allowed the boy to make her pregnant.

If possible, she should have put her priority on education and a job.

She should have had sex only with a boy who could be a good husband.

She should have waited until she was married.

If pregnant, she should have taken care in telling him he was the father.

She should not have allowed him to treat her as his wife.

She should have taken care in accepting his money for the baby.

He now regards her as his wife and the baby his child.

She is now locked into a relationship.

She should have waited acceptance of any boy by her family.

If able to complete education, that should still be her priority.

She should work in a paid job if possible.

Only then should she marry a boy acceptable to her and family.

She should not choose a husband who will take her far from her family.

She should know that village abortion is dangerous.

Regardless of what Australian gay and lesbian advisors say, it all comes back to family.

Dear overseas reader: Wantoks means people of the same language which comes down to nuclear and extended families.

USELESS WANTOKS ... Even so, Australians still make lousy wantoks. Papua ...

Thursday, 23 February 2012


We read in the media that the world gay and lesbian agenda is starting to falter in developing nations in Africa. The President of Uganda has announced that the homosexuals will not be punished as there have always been gay men in his culture (The National 24 February 1012)

He said that his country tolerates gays but does not accept the western view that homosexuality is good. He is showing that he will not accept the demands of the British Prime Minister at CHOGM and the United Nations to legalize gay and lesbian relations.

He says that punishment will be given to those who seek sex with children. That will undoubtedly include the paedophiles who infiltrate the United Nations and Save the Children.

5 Nov 2011 – of children has ... Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING
at 20:00 ... british-prime-minister-spits-dummy.html. - Cached - Similar ...

peace, love, truth, ... Nigeria Senate approves bill banning gay marriage, groups..

The O'Neill-Namah Government of Papua New Guinea has made statements on a need to control the influx of paedophiles from overseas. The Somare team has made a public statement that paedophilia is one of the four international crimes.

AIDS Holistics opposes the gay/lesbian strategy because of the ANTI-FAMILY agenda by which they plan to take control of families and children.

The expatriate gays and lesbians think they have the right to damage the families of the nation by weakening the authority of parents and telling the children they have rights without responsibilities. They are talking to the children of your family and mine.

It may be that the success of gays and lesbians in western nations will be accompanied by increasing failure in the developing/Moslem nations.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Over the years, I have examined many exam papers for high school students in Papua New Guinea and found some to be totally unfair. A curriculum is the guide to the teacher as it should also be to the examiner and authors of the school books.
Sometimes I feel that some curriculum writers, book authors and examiners are all on different planets in relation to students. There is at times only a vague link between the students and the work being put out.
A curriculum is supposed to set out a big picture in both theory and practice. This often does not happen if there is total focus on the theory.
The result in most schools is that students who do not have a text book are given blackboard summaries by the teacher that copy exclusively from the only text book held by the teacher.  There can be no forward work by the more capable students.
This is not learning but rote copying of the thoughts of other people. But then the exam paper arrives at the end of the year, at times posted by an examiner living on planet Mars.
A curriculum is designed to show the whole picture and the parts. The teacher has the job of relating the theory to practical examples to be mastered by the students.
But a teacher has also to prepare the students for exams that can be unfair, quirky, ambiguous and not testing the whole picture. The examiners who set papers in Papua New Guinea can be authoritarian and intellectually narrow.
They force students into responding to questions that are vague with angles probably not covered in class. Some examiners are from the ranks of the teachers who think that their role is to fail students.
There are no options. Questions often do not require general answers that cover the topics. Questions should give students a range of options. If not sure of one question, they can choose another.
A fair, comprehensive and valid question could be set as below.  This tests knowledge and understanding.

Explain in your own words ONE of the following:
How to build up esteem within a family, OR
Ways a parent can damage esteem, OR
What a young man OR woman should think of in choosing a wife OR husband OR
How might family members deal with a problem in relationships? (10 marks)

Students should be able to look at the exam paper and rejoice that they are being tested on what they know. The reaction of many students is probably fear and a drop in morale at the start of perusal time in an exam. It all looks different and not for them.
High school studies must have a set curriculum, practical exercises in Mastery Learning, a text book that covers the curriculum, internal tests based on the curriculum and an external exam covering a fair range of options from the curriculum.
If students fail after that, it may not be the fault of the system.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


The grade 9 class has been working on de facto marriages and blended families. We have talked about the problems that can arise. Three problems have been discussed:

INCEST: A men marries a woman. Then he marries her young two daughters. He has a mother and two daughters as wives. Is he breaking the law? He is certainly involved in a damaging relationship.

It depends on whether or not they are formally married in a church or custom relationship. It also depends on whether or not the daughters are/were under the age of consent.

PROPERTY: A man marries a woman in a church. They break up and he lives in a defacto relationship with another woman. He sets up a business and has a large house. The de facto relationship lasts for 12 years before he dies.

The first wife arrives with a policeman and gives the defacto widow a week to move out of her property as she is the lawful wife. She wins the Court case.

BLENDED RELATIONSHIPS:   A man and a woman come together each with children. What problems can arise? The children of both sides may fight and argue. The wife or husband may discriminate against the children of the other. A man may sexually abuse a step daughter.

According to PNG law, step-parent or any person in authority over a child is committing an offence by sexually abusing the child. That applies to all persons including family members.


In the last century, numbers of young people entering university studies has increased rapidly. The question has always been there of the assessment required for entry. Is the standard set by the Departments of Education or the universities?

The grade 12 exam in Australia has been the standard setter apart from university entrance tests. The question still remains as to whether of not grade 12 had the primary purpose of setting the university standards. Or should the university set their own entry tests?

The assessment up to the 1970s was based on norm-based assessment by which only the elite gained the top marks and top places in universities.

Then the system changed to criterion-referenced assessment  by which students were required to achieve the required criterion standards. Far more students entered university by what became Outcome Based Education (OBE). Complaints were made that standards had dropped.

This had to be stopped. The OBE was slowly hijacked by the universities and turned into a research based program. The average students no longer succeeded as before. That was not the original purpose of Mastery Learning.

Universities are working to recover their elitism with only the above average to bright students doing well. OBE in Papua New Guinea has been elitized. But the standard has dropped in the process. The academics made research so impossible, they gave no time to teach the basics.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Papue New Guinea students have faced a terrible no-win situation over the last decade at the hands of Australian educational advisors.

Outcome Based Education required poorly educated and poorly motivated students to become research scholars, studying topics with few reference books and no picture of the world.

Many know next to nothing about anything, often having come from villages and schools with no access to learning resources.

Outcome Based Education was once known as Mastery Learning in the 1960s when the strategy was taken up by the United States. It was intended to help the middle range students achieve success.

It was never that in Papua New Guinea where it became research of books that did not exist in the school library.

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Benjamin Bloom. Mastery Learning was the original name for the process
known lately as Outcome Based Education, also known as Performance Based ...

It involved preparation of sequences of exercises prepared by teachers and completed one by one by the students with the support and guidance of the teacher. Patterns would be revised over and over until the students were able to solve by themselves. It was not just one hit-miss-fail.

Most teachers lacked the skill and experience to know just what to teach. Learning to many teachers was to have students memorize the textbook that most students did not have while the teacher had the only copy.

Lessons have long degenerated to having the teacher copy the textbook to the white board. The students would rule up their books nicely and then spend the entire lesson copying the summary from the white board not in their own words. This is fatal for students learning English as a second language.

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This is a revised version of Benjamin Bloom's work with the addition of the ..Words typically
used: describe, compare, contrast, rephrase, put in your own words, ..

That was learning week in week out. Teachers knew nothing about Mastery Learning, except Mathematics teachers.

13 Nov 2011 – It is called Mastery Learning. FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING -AIDS

Education in PNG will go back to normal when there is a return to the old strategy of an external exam result added to weekly test results from each school.

It still gives the opportunity for the production of Mastery Learning sequences prepared by the Curriculum Division of the Department of Education. There still has to be uniformity in the Mastery Learning, school by school and year in year out. Please click:



A key aspect of the Papua New Guinea Grades 9 and 10 Personal Development course is Rights and Responsibilities. The theme is developed that all people have rights, responsibilities and obligations.

1 Jul 2011 – We are amazed that the Queensland Government has been working with
ATSIC to support family responsibility. Why have the AusAID advisors ... 

Family members have rights and responsibilities though in loving families, the focus is on responsibilities, particularly for the older children. 

13 Feb 2012 – The scenarios below are intended for the first to third weeks of the
Personal Development course. The aim is to give a broad picture of life in ...

We look at the ways in which responsibilities accompany every right. We have the right to education but the responsibility to study to our best ability. We have the right to an opinion but responsibility to tell the truth and not hurt innocent people.

On this course, the true story is told of the man who abused his family as a young man in the highlands but suffered at the hands of his eldest son when he was an old man.

All men have to realize that they must respect the rights of family and their own responsibilities or they may well suffer when they need their family in old age.

VIOLENT MEN BECOME OLD MEN ... Men have to realize that
their young family is helpless ...

As well, the course touched on the family who participated in the Seventh Day Adventist Family Crusade about 2 years ago. Parents and children talked about responsibilities in the family.

1 Jul 2011 – A family of 8 children and 2 parents came on the stage to explain their
individual responsibilities. FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS: ...

It is good to know that on every school day in Papua New Guinea, there are hundreds of thousands of school students every year from this time on who will study such concepts. This must make a difference. Overseas advisors are not in the race with their rights, rights and condoms.

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AIDS Holistics was the first care organization to raise the issue of women's rights in the national HIV/AIDS response of Papua New Guinea.

The founder of AIDS Holistics used to give focus to the abuse of girls as the Senior Subject Master and Deputy Head Master in PNG High Schools in the period 1993-1996.

Boarding high schools were very much under the control of boys. Girls lived in their dormitories often like frightened rabbits. At one school in Morobe province, the boys claimed the right to rape any girl found outside her dormitory fence after lights out.

This awareness has continued in AIDS Holistics from 2002 to the present time. The founder continues to focus on violence against women by men.

The organization is involved with abuse of wives and girls. We have helped a number of women find shelter.

We have learned the problems of women facing violent men seeking to control their bank accounts, ATM cards and superannuation.

We learned of men who harrassed their ex-girl-friends and ex-wives outside their workplace. At times, they bashed and forced them to go with them. They would arrive on pay day when the woman had her ATM card.

There were men who were cunning enough to make friends with all the family spread over Port Moresby and could locate the woman by a dozen phone calls. She had no place to hide.

One woman hid at my house for 4 months while the boy-friend turned Port Moresby upside down looking for her. He was a violent policeman who thought he was above the law.

We have links with the Police Sexual Violence Unit and learned of the value of the interim restraining order. The woman can still be at the mercy of the man, particularly if he is a policeman.

There has been considerable effort from AusAID lesbian activists to stop the founder of AIDS Holistics by spreading a message that he was an abuser of women and girls.

They could not handle the fact that the key promoter of women's rights was a MAN. All men are supposed to be bastards. Lesbian activists do not want the solution to be happy and stable families.

But the hate campaign was never true and has been unsuccessful in stopping the AIDS Holistics focus on the rights of women and girls.

15 Aug 2011 – The fact is that an abused child could end up suffering life-long ...
The young girls have to stay with families in the villages near the schools.


15 Sep 2011 – Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING at 16:43 .

More young school girls will be drawn towards school cults that offer homebrew. ...

Drunken mothers will certainly abuse their children and leave their teenage ...