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AIDS Holistics urges the O'Neill-Namah Government to set up an enquiry on HIV/AIDS to establish a strategy to be followed by the international donor organizations on the promotion of AIDS Awareness.

At the present time, the donor organizations do as they like. The AIDS message is far behind in relation to modern research.

There is a refusal to take on board the role of HIV in the gut attack and the importance of nutrition. Care groups prefer to stick with the old story. 

Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea: The Positive Living

11 Apr 2011 ... and recall and rewrite all the reference books. Just keep to the old story.

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There is a flat refusal to promote Positive Living even though it is internationally accepted. The Positive Living message of Papua New Guinea covers all aspects of living.

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, hygiene, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, lean well cooked meat, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs

It was one of the four topics discussed at the Chiang Mai International conference and accepted as the basis of the Positive Living message put forward by AIDS Holistics from 2002. 

It was rejected by the AusAID gay and lesbian advsiors as irrelevant to Papua New Guinea. It does not suit the gay and lesbian world agenda.

3 days ago ... The Positive Living message has been part of the HIV/AIDS world
... back to the nation on Positive Living from the Chiang Mai conference. ...

There is a need for a legislation that sets the PNG HIV/AIDS response as focused on family. The PNG Government needs to make a stand against the individualist anti-family, anti-faith, anti-marriage and anti-men approach of the foreign advisors.

Many foreign advisors come into Papua New Guinea with no understanding of HIV/AIDS and no intention of helping the people who are infected.

They come with an ideology of women's rights and rights of children and no intention to promote family obligations and responsibilities. They come to mobilize the boys and girls and destroy family unity and family values.


Those people involved with the Sorcery Act can have no idea of sorcery until they have cared for a person living with HIV/AIDS, particularly those people in the highlands sorcery zone who are unable to be treated with ARV drugs.

With the slow onset of dementia over a number of years, their personality begins to change as the HIV breaks through the blood-brain barrier and starts to damage the brain.

Blood-brain barrier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is believed that latent HIV can cross the bloodbrain barrier inside circulating
monocytes in the bloodstream ("Trojan horse ... - Cached - Similar

HIV disrupts blood-brain barrier
28 Jun 2011 ... HIV weakens the blood-brain barrier — a network of blood vessels that keeps
potentially harmful chemicals and toxins out of the brain — by ... - Cached - Similar

On becoming demented, their emotions and ability to reason start to change under fearful influences. They believe they are being hunted to be killed. They believe that people want them to die.

They become violent to their loved ones. They have dreams that frighten them and other members of the family. It is almost as if they are under an evil spell. It has to be sorcery.
28 Mar 2011 ... Damon Courtenay had grand delusions in final AIDS.
He ... Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING at 16:46
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in-aids-dementia-dementia_1904.html - Cached - Similar

31 Jul 2011 ... Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING at 16:46 ·
Email ... The story of Damon Courtenay was written by his father and family
after he

Dementia is a process in which the sufferer has brain damage from direct entry of the virus into the brain. It can also be caused by the break-down of the gut lining and the blockage in the absorption of nutrients, water, oxygen, salts, vitamins and enzymes.

The water-salt balance is changed and this stops all processes of the body including the brain. The balance can be restored with ARV drugs that kill the virus in the blood and allow the gut to start mending.

The absorption of nutrients, salts and water slowly returns and the water-salt balance comes back to normal.

Palliative care: an integrated approach - Google Books Result
Jenny Buckley - 2008 - 331 pages Peripheral neuropathy and AIDS–dementia complex
are among the neurological disorders. ... Late presenters Some patients with HIV/AIDS come from

The founder of AIDS Holistics is in a better position than most to understand the fearful onset of dementia in people suffering from HIV/AIDS. He cared for 6 people who eventually died. We can not say that dementia is something of the past.

There are still thousands of people in rural PNG who have no access to ARV drugs. Thousands of families will suffer the cruel damage to personality of the HIV virus and the disruption to family.

Many have never heard of HIV/AIDS as the campaign has been limited to the urban areas within a hire car drive from the nearest 4 star hotel. AIDS advisors never do it rough.

People who suffer from HIV/AIDS with no ARV drugs will pass through emotional instability of dementia. They will be on emotional highs followed by deep despair. They will not believe they have AIDS. It has to be something else - sorcery.

They will suffer deep paranoia. Damon Courtenay in the report above believed the CIA was hunting to kill him. Julie thought that people were breaking into her room to kill her.

Linda thought that an old woman from Alotau had turned herself into a bird and was waiting at night in the trees to kill her. If her family lived closer to Alotau, they might have found the old woman and killed her. HIV/AIDS and sorcery are deeply linked.

In medieval times, dementia was linked to demons. One source of medieval madness was a fungus in bread.


We have to understand the role of the immune system that consists of a group of cells that we call the white blood cells.

These are the CD4, CD8, dendritic cells, antibodies, T cells and others. These identify foreign bodies, hold, shepherd and engulf.

There are two major accumulation points of CD4 cells. These are in the gut lining and also in the genitals when there is infection with STIs such as siphilis and VD.

HIV Management in Australia: a guide for clinical care
Edited by Jennifer Hoy and Sharon Lewin. HIV Management in Australasia a guide
for clinical ...... HIV/AIDS infected with are women with HIV/AIDS. HIV in 2001.
Sub-Saharan ...... 2 Selwyn PA, Hartel D, Lewis VA, et al. A prospective ...

testing the gut lining by assessing how well it. Gut warfare. Far from the unhurried
killer it seemed to be, HIV is a swift assassin, gutting the body's immune ... - Cached - Similar

The infection of STIs in the genitals is followed quickly by an influx of CD4 in the blood. These come to engulf the sexually transmitted infection. This is putting the process simply.

HIV in Genital Fluid Linked to Transmission - HIV: Health and ...
"This confirms what we had thought about the biology of HIV," he said, "and it
gives us new information about genital levels of HIV being particularly important, ... - Cached - Similar

But if the person is also infected with HIV, these will also accumulate first in the area of the genitals because of the massive presence of CD4 working to kill the other infections.

Therefore if a person is infected with HIV and other STIs, there needs to be effort to bring all these infections under control.

A man or woman who is HIV infected and also infected with other STIs will be super-loaded with HIV in the genitals.


HIV infection may well be dropping throughout the world. Is that because of the wonderful work of the world gay and lesbian activists in promoting that everyone uses condoms?

That may be so to a small degree. But the real reason is that antiretroviral (ARV) drugs are widely available across the world. ARV destroys the virus in the blood which removes the virus from the genitals and allows HIV infected people to have sex without a condom.

They are still infected as the virus is still in the hiding places waiting to burst out once the person stops taking ARV. Drug holidays are a dangerous fantasy. Reports also advise a rise in infection among the gay men of the world.

Millions of infected people on ARV are having sex without condoms for all they are worth. There is no behaviour change except to take ARV.

It may also be because of the focus of the churches on family, abstinence and fidelity. There is less danger in loving families.

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There are people going around to businesses in Port Moresby asking for a donation to raise funds for a contingent of PNG boys and girls to fly to the gay and lesbian mardi gras to be held in Sydney in 2012.

This is another way to recruit young PNG people into the gay and lesbian community in this country.


This report is made available for expatriates who come to this country and are willing to speak Tok Pisin as a way of showing respect and friendship.

The reports below have been on this blogspot for about  12 months and are opened every week. Please click:



24 Aug 2011 – I came to PNG to serve at Igam Barracks during 1976-1977. I had

just completed a Bahasa Indonesia course at the RAAF School of Languages. ...

23 Aug 2011 – Now let us play with patterns from the Tok Pisin Tree. ....
The family Positive Living message is a world message based on family
love and ...


I have lived in this country for 17 years and been careful to protect my two daughters from national and expatriate paedophiles. My elder daughter has had men try to coax her into a car on two occasions.

There is an expatriate paedophile culture that lives side by side with the gay and lesbian culture. In many ways, their objectives are identical and that is to have sex with kids.

The gays, lesbians and paedophiles in the national HIV/AIDS response seem not to care about who knows that they have a paedophile agenda. They deliberately seek to destroy the unity of families. To those who speak out, it is a matter of 'what are you going to do about it?'

Gay and paedophile men are part of foreign affairs departments of nations and the PNG business community. Being paedophile in the expatriate community is no bar to being popular and respected. Having a boy on the side is personal business.

It must be difficult for the PNG immigration and RPNGC to police this as the expatriate community will only close ranks. It is difficult to take Court action and reveal the identity of young boys and girls.

If a UN organization were declared persona non grata within PNG, that would have repercussions around the world. Such organizations see the Pacific nations as soft targets.

The UNAIDS Head is a gay paedophile and told the community on World AIDS Day not to hide behind family and faith. If he were kicked out, there would be a ripple for at least half a day. The UN would re-strategize from that point.

There was a time in Papua New Guinea when expatriate workers came with families. Now few companies employ men with families. It means that this country has been turned into a honey pot for gay, lesbian and paedophile expatriates.

The International Schools once set up for expatriate families now enrols mainly PNG children. Why does the Government not offer concessions for expatriate families?

If the PNG Government were bullied into decriminalizing gay and lesbian sex, the level of paedophile sex would rise by 100%.

Why repeal old colonial laws? No law enforcement or judiciary in this country takes any notice of such laws.

Why does British Prime Minister Cameron want old colonial laws in commonwealth nations to be repealed as he announced at CHOGM this year? So far he has only succeeded in losing Nigeria.


The human body has two circulatory systems. There is the heart and blood system that sends arteries, veins and capillaries into every part of the body.

There is the double channel lymph system that passes lymph from the toes to the vena cavae of large veins of the heart. Here the lymph mixes with the blood and passes through the blood system to all extremities of the body.

The mesenteric artery brings blood, oxygen and waste including HIV to the small intestine. The hepatic portal vein collects nutrients to pass to the liver from the wall of the small intestine.

The lymph system has vessels that pass to the small intestine. These are called lymphatics. Fat is collected and passes through the lymph system to the vena cavae and the heart before passing to the liver.

So the major collection point for fat is the heart. The fat accumulates in the lymph vessels, vena cavae of the heart and the heart vessels. This is what leads directly to heart attacks.


The Papua New Guinea nation has been shocked at the sudden deportation of an expatriate New Zealander. Much is being said. Strong words have come from the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce that seem in so many ways to be a threat to the Government.

The man concerned has been feted for his popularity. He has been called a friend to all. He is a respected businessman. He has worked tirelessly as a sports administrator. That may well be true.

Perhaps it is time for all to shut up. All may not be what it seems. There may well be a very good reason why immigration and police would raid a man's apartment at 6.00am. Did they find what they were looking for?

If this assessment is correct, there will be many other expatriates who have already picked up the message and taken corrective action.

If the man concerned has a case to return, let him take Court action. If he has not, he will remain silent.

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I am explaining as I would to a Biology class. I would tell them that when we eat large amounts of half cooked meat it may stick in our colon. I will explain like this.

Have you had a cold and a large amount of mucous in your throat? It will not budge. If you manage to spit some out, you will find it is grey in colour. Within a week, it starts to move and the colour is yellow. That is because the mucous has decomposed and lost its ability to stick.

Our digestive system is lined with a mucosal layer that is smooth and slippery. Feel the inside lining of your mouth. But the mucous can still stick on the oesophageal pipe.

The mucosal layer is in the colon too. If we eat mainly fruit and vegetables, the waste material can never stick to our colon wall.

But a large amount of half cooked meat will remain in the colon, particularly in the diverticular bubbles. The mucosal layer will break down and provide a surface for the meat to stick.

Decomposing meat will remain like a blob of mucous stuck on the colon wall. An ongoing diet of meat will cause problems.

If the piece is large it may remain for weeks, will rot and cause the colon wall to rot. Have you ever had an infection on one finger that passes to the other finger?

Infection from a rotten piece of meat can infect the colon. That is what happens with Pig Bel in the highlands of PNG. The whole colon starts to rot with what is called gas gangrene of the bowel caused by Enteritis necroticans.

The prevention of pig-bel in Papua New Guinea. | Mendeley
In many Highlands hospitals pig-bel is the commonest cause of death in ... Prevention
of necrotising enteritis in Papua New Guinea by active immunisation. ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Under the local name, 'pig-bel', Enteritis necroticans was, until quite
recently, endemic in the highlands of PNG. It is mainly a disease of children
with a ...


It is very important for all of us to keep an eye on our faeces. We can learn about how our diet is not working and then we need to know how to fix our nutrition.

Please read the report below from the Papua New Guinea Minister for Health Hon. Jamie Maxtone-Graham MP. He has a weekly column on nutrition in the Post Courier daily newspaper:

21 Dec 2011 – Before you flush…take a look at your poop. If it takes you two, three,
four or more days to have another bowel movement…..or you grunt and ...

I once worked in a school and shared a toilet with several male teachers. I would go to the toilet and take about a minute. My faeces were always soft and sweet smelling, the result of a regular diet of in-season mangoes and pineapples, bananas, pawpaws and vegetables

There were teachers who would sit for half an hour. Their faeces were as large as a small cob of corn and be as tightly packed. The faeces could not be flushed being so strong and large.

It was obvious that they were not eating right. They were eating large amounts of meat that made their digestive tract acidic. A diet of fruit makes the system alkaline. And their faeces smelled to high heaven.

As well they were eating large amounts of processed food. White flour is the worst as it sticks to the walls of the colon.


We have to think of our digestive system a little like a water slide at a fun park. Children slide down on a surface that is slippery and lubricated with water. They move at speed and are at the bottom of the slide within 10 seconds.

The digestive system is something like that. It is lubricated by water with the food passing down partly by gravity. But there is also the squeezing of gut muscles.

There are two sets of gut muscles in the walls of the digestive system. One tightens and the other pushes.

Squeeze-push, squeeze-push is called peristalsis and the food and faeces are pushed down towards the rectum. With push-squeeze-push squeeze, the food moves upward towards the mouth. This is called anti-peristalsis or vomiting. It tastes bitter the result of mixing with stomach juices.

What would happen to the water slide in the fun park if the slide were covered in a thick layer of muck? This can happen in the digestive system. Food passed so slowly that all the water is absorbed. There is part absorption of water in the colon.

The faeces become dry and do not slide. Faeces starts to roll into balls. This is called constipation. How do we speed the downward push of the faeces? Some water is supposed to pass out as lubrication.

We lay down a layer of slippery material that comes in the form of the fibre of fruit and vegetables. How do we make the soil break up and be soft in a garden? We lay down dry grass and work the fibre into the soil.

The fibre will also break up the faeces in our digestive system and allow a little air and water to penetrate the faeces just like soil in our garden. Then we no longer have constipation. And the soil of our garden is not like a large slab of wet cake.

Our faeces are soft and sweet smelling. We eat little meat that will be slowed and will rot in the colon.

The damage caused by diverticulitis in the colon will have the effect of impeding the action of peristalsis by damage to the two layers of muscles in the wall of the intestine. One is circular and the other is longitudinal. The food will be unable to be pushed forward and eliminated through the rectum.


2 hours ago – Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING
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The Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea has been writing a column in the Post Courier on nutrition for the last 2 years or so.

We in AIDS Holistics have become impatient that he never mentions HIV/AIDS. But he has done a great job in explaining nutrition. He is presently writing about the dangers of not looking after the colon or large intestine.

21 Dec 2011 ... FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS ... Before you flush…take a look at
your poop. ... I decided to share this tragic story with you all after coming across a few MPs with similar
complaints while camping at Sir Mekere's
colon-clean.html - Cached - Similar

He writes about the lining of the colon becomes caked hard with flour and other processed food. It forms into a concrete hard layer held together by mucous eventually blocking the colon and causing a back-up of faeces. Please read in detail if you have not yet done so.

There is also a condition called diverticulitis by which the colon becomes swollen with food and ruptures in many places like the bubbles in a faulty bicycle tire.

Are you living with diverticultis? Share you... - Diverticulitis ...
Share your experiences and learn how others with diverticulitis cope day-to-day.
... What i'm looking for is a positive diet to stay on that will help cure and .... Other
family members have had attacks, one needed the surgery ... - Cached - Simila

Food becomes clogged in the small to large bubbles and goes hard providing an immobile layer of rotting food and faeces. This will destroy the operation of the colon and prevent the passage of faeces and absorption of water.

It still comes back to diet and the need to eat fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts with fibre. Clean water passes through the colon to be absorbed through the colon wall.

I first read of diverticulitis by reading a book Back to Eden given to me by Joe Lari of 3 Angels Care. It was a book published by our friends the Seventh Day Adventists. This church promotes a Positive Living lifestyle as the key to their faith.

Back to Eden: A Human Interest Story of Health and Restoration to ... - Google Books Result
Jethro Kloss - 2004 - 936 pages In about 20 percent of persons with diverticulosis, an infection
with an ... If this should happen, the term diverticulitis is used, and at times it may ...

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After struggling for almost 8 years, AIDS Holistics can declare that Positive Living is now accepted in this country as the key to long life in the face of all lifestyle diseases including HIV/AIDS.

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul

AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs (Christian and Buddhist teachings).

We can not claim credit for the message of Positive Living. There was a magazine called Positive Living in Australia for years before we started but the message was non-family and non-faith. You guessed it.

Positive Living has been with the world through all ages, faiths, cultural practices, medical knowledge and advice to families from HIV/AIDS groups.

There is no other message for individuals and families. A key starting point is family welfare. This is the over-riding factor that covers all of the check-list above.

We need love, peace, relaxation, forgiveness, hope and faith. We need nutrition and an ongoing diet of fruit and vegetables.

4 Apr 2011 ... We read of FAMILY, FAITH and NUTRITION. in Scripture. Positive Living ... 

Positive living has been a key to the South African AIDS response, ...

This can come mainly through love and peace of family. There has to be love and respect between a husband and wife. They need to give their children security, health, education and family values.

28 Mar 2011 ... Please refer to the list of suggested courses below to see a range of training 

... Love, acceptance, positive living, normal living as much as possible, ... 

Families need to be free from violence, stress and fear. For family members with HIV/AIDS,  there needs to be forgiveness, fellowship and peace with no shame, blame or rejection.

27 Mar 2011 ... You will be able to live a very long time if you look after your body
and ... Bihainim Positive Living na laip inap stap strong inap long 10 o 12 ...

The Positive Living message has been part of the HIV/AIDS world response for a long time. It was one of the four topics in the international HIV/AIDS conference at Chiang Mai in Thailand in 2001.

Yet the lesbian advisor from AusAID who attended the conference did not report back to the nation on Positive Living from the Chiang Mai conference.

She wanted to develop the fantasy that all men are violent to all women and girls. She wanted them to stay that way to keep her in a job.

International Conference on Home and Community Care for Persons Living with. HIV

/AIDS Chiang Mai, Thailand - 17-20 December 2001. Also below are some ... - Cached - Similar

The message has been rejected by the gay and lesbian advisors of the United Nations and the Australian aid organization AusAID because of the family focus.

We are told by the Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea that the community must not hide behind family and faith. He is a gay paedophile.

30 Nov 2011 ... UNAIDS burning bridges in Christian PNG After 8 years of harrassment,
stigma and discrimination of the family and faith message, ...

But the family Positive Living message has been embraced by the churches. It is taken from Scripture and sets out the love and respect between husband, wife and children.

Churches have included the Catholic church through their Family Living Apostolate, the Anglican church through StopAIDS, Seventh Day Adventist Church through their Family Ministry, the Evangelical Brotherhood church through teaching and the Christian Brotherhood Church through their youth program No Excuses.

We do not need the false message of the AusAID and UN gays and lesbians with their focus on rights, rights and condoms. They live in another world away from families where they want everyone to have the right to have sex with everyone else.

Churches place more focus on family responsibilities and obligations. Loving families do not need to talk of rights. These grow out of loving responsibilities.
19 Jun 2011 – The SDA church has long accepted part-ownership of the family message.
Their home study booklets for ... Loving families have rights. That goes without saying. ...

We are pleased to find that Positive Living is the key to the HIV/AIDS response in Africa. Nutrition has long been important. We are proud to know the work of the Red Cross in African nations.
Cached17 Dec 2011 – It is very pleasing to find from Google that the Red Cross in
Africa supports Positive Living. There are reports on the Red Cross in Uganda and ...
11 Dec 2011 – RED CROSS SUPPORTS POSITIVE LIVING. The National of Papua ...
President Mbeki of South Africa had the story half right. He stressed the ...

AIDS Holistics is pleased to be associated with Ms Dipuo Bogatsu of Tanzania. It would be good if she were invited to visit PNG as a Commonwealth Ambassador for Positive Living. She told the Chiang Mai conference by email in 2011 of the way she follows Positive Living in raising her family
3 days ago – A contributor to the conference was DIPUO BOGATSU of Tanzania who ...
family. Positive Living. She still lives by her message and is now a . ...

The focus of the family Positive Living message is summed up in The National column by Dr Ambi, psychologist working in the Papua New Guinea Department of Health.

Our country is a society that cares for one another as individuals who form the nucleus of a family. Providing care for a family has a centuries old unwritten law of kindness, love and loyalty.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


The gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the Christian soft target world are moving towards victory. The HIV/AIDS pandemic has given them a world stage upon which to mount their offensive.

Governments of the world have foolishly passed the HIV/AIDS response to the world gays and lesbians some 20 years ago. It was easy after that.

There is a strategy in place to take control of families, women and children. They will win because the rest of the world is slack and idle. They can not see what may well come next.

What happens when only homosexuals are selected to work for the public service? Victory always goes to the activists.

The gay and lesbian activists are hitting the world at every weak point in families, health, education, welfare, faith, bureaucracy and politics.

Who is their leader? They have millions of leaders all doing their bit in their sphere of influence. The primary strategy will be to promote social chaos.

Parental authority is being destroyed. Churches are losing touch. Politicians are in fear of their seats. That goes right to the top in USA, Britain and Australia.

The world is being duped into accepting human rights as a ploy of authoritarian unelected activist employees of the United Nations. Gays, lesbians and paedophiles do not live by human rights themselves but have tricked every one else into believing they have to do so.

Symptoms of Domestic Violence? -
3 Mar 2011 ... Domestic Violence in Gay and Lesbian Relationships
... In many ways, domestic violence in lesbian, bisexual and gay
relationships is the same - Similar

Their only real enemy is Islam so they keep far away. Moslem extremists have turned themselves into the enemy of the soft target Christian countries. They will allow the gays and lesbians to wreak their havoc knowing that they will not enjoy their victory. Please click:

The Moslem extremists surely know that the gays and lesbians are the only activist group in the world to gather once a year, half naked and unarmed in celebrations called Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. They are easy pickings.

Weak nations will be the first to fall. These will be Britain, USA and Australia. They have the tolerance that comes from being slack and weak.

Monday, 26 December 2011


AIDS Holistics has become involved with the Crocodile Prize in a way that one could scarcely imagine. Our commitment to Positive Living has opened doors and brought us into contact with Juha College in Port Moresby.

The founder of Juha College has a deep commitment to AIDS awareness and has come to respect the work of AIDS Holistics and our ongoing awareness campaign. As well he says he is impressed by the polished style of writing on this blogspot. He has contacts in the LNG project in the highlands.

He has offered support when he found out that we are funded out of our own pockets. So the founder of AIDS Holistics has offered to reciprocate by helping the college with resource material for Mastery Learning of creative writing.

There will be a writing class at Juha College for two weeks in January 2011. Students will come from grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. We will start at the start: Please click:


But we have had several enquiries from adults and students seeking support in improving their writing skill for entry into the Crocodile prize.

The founder of AIDS Holistics is well able to help students and adults to polish their writing skill. Please click:


In his time, he was highly praised by headmasters in PNG schools, inspectors for his skill in teaching creative writing and even by Keith Jackson of PNG Attitude who gave him the nick-name of The General.

9 Sep 2011 ... FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope, peace,
love, ... Of the Admiral, the General ... and Moses - KEITH JACKSON'S PNG . ...

With the current world financial situation, the founder of AIDS Holistics has had difficulty with funding as the Australian currency is dropping.

Donations from Juha College will help our media campaign. And we hope to help lift the standard of creative writing in this country.

Sunday, 25 December 2011


While helping Cox with her supposed heavy workload in 2002, knight in shining armour and founder of AIDS Holistics was given several jobs at her apartment.

4 hours ago ... BETRAYAL OF AIDS HOLISTICS. 1999: The ...
HOLISTICS: POSITIVE LIVING: A WORLD ... 4 Apr 2011 . ... - Cached - Similar

One was to edit a submission to Callan Studies for a course in training counsellors in HIV/AIDS awareness. It consisted of 10 units with a trojan horse hidden inside.

An optional unit was Positive Living. How can a counsellor graduate with no studies in Positive Living?

The really insidious unit was called "Counsellor as a person". This was where a lesbian predator tutor could identify young girls as potential lesbians and lovers. Girls would be required to write about themselves.

"Julie, I really like what you have written. Perhaps marriage is not for you. There are other options, you know."

"Write again and tell me how you feel about men".

The trap was being sprung on a young girl who will obey the directions of a tutor.

"I would like to see you when you come to Port Moresby. I always have a spare bed in my apartment for such an occasion".

Let us hope that this insidious little course did not get off the ground.

Recently, a Court in the USA gave the teachers the right to text or email students in after hours. Parents had no say. Only in the USA. There are judges in the US who are either gay, lesbian or just simple minded.

There was a report in the media of an Australian teacher banned from teaching for 3 years for sending sexually explicit text messages to a female student.


1999:  The future founder of AIDS Holistics became a single father of two daughters when their mother ran off with another man. At the same time he was struggling to run a training company.

He needed someone to look after him and his daughters full time while he ran his business. He met a woman who promised to do so. She was a good lady and lived with the family.

After a year, she gave him a son who was diagnosed HIV positive. She said she had been tested by the blood bank but had never been advised of her positive status. She was not tested at the clinic.

The founder was counselled by a doctor at the Port Moresby General Hospital and told of how to live positively.

2000: The AIDS campaign had not yet started but he met the Director to come of the National AIDS Council Secretariat and promised to help the nation with the Positive Living message.

The AusAID team arrived with Elizabeth Cox as the Care and Counselling Advisor and Stewart Watson as the Deputy Team Leader. Relations with Cox were very good in the early stages and she welcomed all advice on Positive Living.

But the future founder of AIDS Holistics was not yet to know that she was corrupt and a psychopathic liar and cheat. She was working for AusAID and running an NGO on the side to publish books on HIV/AIDS. She would authorize the funding for her own NGO.

The future founder of AIDS Holistics was tutoring her in physiology of HIV/AIDS. He had been a teacher of Biology and found this knowledge to be quite easy to understand.

He was being led to believe that he was helping AusAID but was working to support her side business Help Resources. She arranged for him to write a book on Positive Living but demanded that he remove all mention of family and faith. The penny had not dropped yet.

His knowledge of Positive Living arose rapidly when Cox had him come to her apartment every Saturday morning to help with her load of work. Life is difficult with two businesses, one at the office and one at the apartment.

His first job was fate itself. He had to collate on her computer the pre-conference papers for the Chiangmai international HIV/AIDS conference of 2001. Positive Living was one of the four topics. See below:

Join in the Pre-conference Discussions on Home - ProCAARE
10 Aug 2001 ... Fifth International Conference on Home and Community
Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Chiang Mai, Thailand -
17-20 December 2001
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He spent 100 hours or more collating papers and learning what the world had to say about Positive Living. Much advice came from Africa. This is where he first came to know the work of Dipuo Bogatsu of Tanzania.

4 Apr 2011 ... A contributor to the conference was DIPUO BOGATSU of Tanzania who ... family
Positive Living. She still lives by her message and is now a ...

Cox told him he would be paid for the Positive Living book once complete. But it all fell in a heap when she stated that AusAID had rejected the work.

It was more that she wanted a free book for her NGO. The future founder went to the Team Leader to complain at such treatment by AusAID. But he was told that the team leader knew nothing about any such contract. This was a trick. The penny finally dropped. Cox was a crook.

And she used the strategy of "Use, Abuse and Accuse". This may be a standard lesbian technique. Never give a friend credit for what they do. Accuse the person, give trouble, destroy the credibility of that person  and then claim the work as your own.

2002: AIDS Holistics was formed. But almost immediately, Cox had AIDS Holistics banned through the Deputy Team Leader Stewart Watson.

The Department of Labour was told that the NGO was banned as the message was false and the founder was a violent womanising wife beater and child molester.

To cover her tracks with AusAID and to hide her double-dipping NGO Help Resources, she claimed that the founder used to force his way into her apartment and demand to use her computer.

He was banned from the AIDS building with instructions to the security guards as he was accused of breaking into her office and stealing the Positive Living file. That is not so. The Positive Living file if she had one was at her apartment among all the Help Resources files.

That would be funny if it were not so sick. She had the Positive Living knowledge of a Woolworths check out girl.

On top of all that, the community was told that the Founder of AIDS Holistics was a wife beating child molester.

The woman is a crook. Now she is the Head of UN Women and running programs to teach women about how to conduct themseleves when they get the 22 seats in parliament. Will she be teaching them to be psychopathic liars and cheats?

Cox has been behind all the email hate attacks. The hatred has continued through to the present time. She never got to use the book that she tricked out of the founder of AIDS Holistics.

It became the basis of the column that ran for 2 years in The National and the website that attracted 600,000 hits between 2005 and 2009. That laid the basis for more email hate attacks.


This woman was quite weird.

She accepted tutoring of the founder of AIDS Holistics on physiology of hIV/AIDS. Then she set about destroying him professionally and personally.

She helped him prepare the application for AusAID funding. Then as Care and Counselling advisor she rejected the application. One reason was that AIDS Holistics was banned. But she and Watson did that.

When the founder worked for 3 months at her NGO office at her apartment, believing he was being employed by AusAID, she gave the work of collating pre-conference papers and writing a book.

But when the story leaked out to AusAID, she denied having him work for her and claimed that he had been forcing his way into her apartment and using the computer without her permission.

He stole the Positive Living papers from her office.  She did not fool AusAID as her contract was not renewed.

The founder and Mr Justice Hinchliffe planned to set up a Committee of care groups. Cox asked if she could come along to observe. She asked the names of the care groups.

She contacted them unknown to us and changed the time and venue. She had herself appointed Chairman. She is as trustworthy as a rattlesnake.

She makes up stories that must embarrass the UN on gender violence. There is insanity in her hate mail. She has set the Positive Living message in Papua New Guinea back for at least 10 years. It should be the official message for carers and families.

Saturday, 24 December 2011


The was a report in the Papua New Guinea Sunday Chronicle 25 December 2011 on the works of famed historian Eric Hobsbawn, hero of my youth.

He writes of the modern revolutions starting with the Arab Spring and points out that modern revolutions are not of the working classes as before but the young middle classes.

Hobsbawn wrote of the revolutions of 1848 and likened these to the wild fire revolutions of 2011. Modern revolutions have been started by students and counter-culture.

The old left has been sidelined in the mass protests. But he claims that modern revolutions will be taken over by Islamists.

Comment:  There is much in what Hobsbawn has written that can be applied to the gay and lesbian middle class revolution. Many of these people have grown out of the old left and maintain the old strategies. They cry for equality but really seek power.


They will spread the revolution to the street kids being swelled by boys and girls in broken families. The kids will be told of their rights. The gay and lesbian ideology is self-serving and hedonistic.

There is no sense of sacrifice in the ideology of gays and lesbians. But they will appeal to the youth of dysfunctional families. We saw such riots in Britain and the US in August 2011.


Gay and lesbian activists are linking their rights with the rights of women, boys and girls. The army is forming against the common enemy - men. That is why men get the blame for all wrongs in the eyes of foreign lesbian advisors in Papua New Guinea.

The US gun lobby has long borne arms to face a common enemy. But the enemy is right under their noses preparing to destroy the values that make a strong family. Then they will take the boys and girls to bed. And the enemy may be the local teacher, pastor or welfare officer.

The revolution of the Arab Spring started in the Arab countries. Will they then morph into Arab extremists and attack the western nations? Will they wait until the gays and lesbians have brought the nations to their knees? Will they let the gays and lesbians live? After all, gays and lesbians insult Allah.

9 Nov 2011 ... These were the gay and lesbian advisors now working for the United Nations. The
family Positive Living message is a world message based on ...


The founder of AIDS Holistics hereby seeks compensation from the Australian Government and United Nations for suffering, violence, defamation, stigma and discrimination from 2002 to the present time.

Bruce Copeland makes this claim on behalf of his family against former AusAID advisors Elizabeth Cox and Stewart Watson now employed in the United Nations in UN Women and UNAIDS respectively. Both are responsible for UN work in Papua New Guinea.

In their effort to destroy the Positive Living message started in Papua New Guinea by the founder of AIDS Holistics,  the defendants began a campaign of hatred and vilification claiming that the founder was a child molester and wife beater. They also claimed that Positive Living was a false message.

14 Aug 2011 ... She should tell that to UNAIDS. Watson undoubtedly disagrees with her. ...
- Cached - Similar

Defendant Stewart Watson boasted he had taken steps to have AIDS Holistics banned at the Department of Labour and the United Nations.

Their actions led to gross discrimination and violence towards the founder of AIDS Holistics in the fact that he has been denied a work permit thus preventing him from visiting his children in Australia. He was violently removed from his work as caretaker of 3 Angels Care. He was threatened with having his children taken from him and put into care.

As well, AIDS Holistics has been excluded from all funding from the United Nations and AusAID, thus preventing him from taking the AIDS message to the rural areas of Papua New Guinea.

There are many witnesses who can be called. Former UN workers can testify that AIDS Holistics was not recognised by the United Nations. There were incidents in which the founder was removed from UN and AusAID conferences and blocked at the door.

The founder of 3 Angels Care can testify to having been threatened by AusAID advisors for his support of Positive Living. He was told that if any money passed to support for Positive Living, all funding would be stopped and he would be required to pay back all money spent.

PLWHA men and women at 3 Angels Care can testify that they were threatened with the stoppage of funding if founder of AIDS Holistics was not removed as caretaker. The reason given by AusAID advisor Sharon Walker was that he was a violent abuser who killed his HIV positive son and the boy's mother.

The children of the founder can testify still at witnessing brutally violent attacks against their father by men seeking to have the founder removed from 3 Angels Care. They were present at a meeting in which there was a plan to murder their father to comply with AusAID demands.

23 May 2011 ... lesbians did not want a Family Positive Living centre to be set up. ...
kangaroo court commencing with people planning to murder. ...

The criminality of the United Nations is evident in that these people are now employed as Heads of their Departments in the Pacific and still pursuing a hatred of the family and faith Positive Living message.

30 Nov 2011 ... UNAIDS burning bridges in Christian PNG After 8 years of harrassment,
... for the United Nations. The family Positive Living message . ...familypositiveliving. - Cached - Similar

The family Positive Living message is accepted by the churches of Papua New Guinea, World Vision, Red Cross, care organizations and the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS.

2 days ago ... Before you flush…take a look at your poop. If it takes you two, three,
four or more days to have another bowel movement…..or you grunt and ...

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11 Dec 2011 ... It is pleasing that the Red Cross in this country has shown support
for Positive Living for sufferers with HIV/AIDS. Advice in the recent media ...

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6 days ago ... It is very pleasing to find from Google that the Red Cross
in Africa supports Positive Living. There are reports on the Red Cross
in Uganda and
supports-positive.html - Cached - Similar

It is not a false message. AIDS Holistics tutored the African World Vision woman in Port Moresby on the basics of Positive Living in 2002. On the strength of that, World Vision opened the campaign as in the report below:

World Vision New Zealand :: Pacific Partners
Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea. "World Vision's Positive
Living Project in Port Moresby helps community members affected by HIV and ... - Cached - Similar