Sunday, 28 December 2014


If you read no other report on this blog, read this one. It is at the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS infection.

The action of HIV on the body is very badly understood by the community. The course of action is not well known because of the lack of knowledge on what is going on.

The digestive tract consists of the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Food is emulsified in the stomach and turned into chyme.

It passes to the small intestine where nutrients, salts and water are absorbed. Some absorption takes place in the stomach and some in the large intestine. Waste passes out through the rectum.

The wall of the small intestine is covered with row upon row of villi. These are small protrusions that increase the surface area of the gut for absorption. The villi are comprised of epithelial cells.  The gut lining is prone to damage with cracks and tears appearing from time to time.

The gut is full of millions of microscopic viruses, germs and bacteria that are kept in place behind the gut wall.

But the HIV changes all that by replicating in the CD4 T cells and causing the gut lining to tear in places, slowly over the years, allowing the entry of bacteria, germs and viruses through the damaged gut wall. Some are beneficial to the body in their place in the gut..

There are hideous parasites in the gut, particularly introduced to the intestine of gay men by licking anuses and engulfing parasite eggs. Some are able to breach the blood-brain barrier and damage the brain.

The body becomes susceptible to the HIV and the gut parasites. So modern treatment for HIV infection is first to reduce the invasion of parasites through the damaged gut wall. There are drugs that can immobilize the parasites in the gut. Even common SEPTRIN will reduce the parasite load.

The first major task is to mend the broken fence and block out the gut parasites. This is done with ARV drugs combined with the antibiotics.

Since the HIV has been regularly shepherded down the abdominal artery to the gut mesentery and the small intestine, the ARV will immobilize the HIV in the blood. The sufferer will be advised at some time in the future of a zero viral load in the blood.

There will be reduced replication in CD4 T cells. The tearing of the gut lining will slow down. Soon the gut parasites will not be able to enter the body through the damaged gut lining.

Some sufferers will die despite successful ART against the HIV. Some will die from the bacterial infections, particularly gay men. Believers say that gay sex is unnatural. Licking anuses is certainly unnatural and potentially fatal.

The roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides can lay 3 million eggs in the gut epithelium. It exudes an anti-protelytic enzyme to prevent its own digestion. This will also pass through the cracks in the gut wall.

Now the sufferer has to work to build up the body cells again with nutritious food containing all the food groups including protein. The gut lining will respond to nutrition and slowly mend. Now the job is to eliminate the HIV from the blood.

But HIV is not removed from the body. If it did, the ARV would be called a cure. The virus is in hiding places. Google reports on new hiding places all the time including the lymph organs, CD4 cells of the gut and the gut itself.

If the sufferer ceases to take the daily ARV, there is the chance of immunity and HIV bursting out of the hiding places with even greater vigour. The sufferer will die, being unable to afford the next regime of non-immune drugs.

Saturday, 27 December 2014


The two research papers below give the latest view on ARV treatment and the destruction of the gut lining. The breakdown of the gut lining allows the bacteria from the gut to enter the blood stream.

So the task with ARV is to mend the gut lining to block entry of bacteria and to allow the return of the gut function to normal with absorption of water, salts and nutrients.

So those commencing ARV also have treatment of antibiotics perhaps SEPTRIN to reduce the bacteria in the gut. The HIV can remain in the CD4 cells of the gut lining.


A number of points arise from the reports below:

a. HIV takes a number of months to destroy the gut lining.
b. Diarrhoea follows after that.
c. Bacteria enters through the broken gut wall.
d. HIV forces into the gut.
e. The sooner treatment starts the better.

Open Read more below

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Fixing leaks in the gut may stall progression of HIV

PLUG the gut to stall HIV. It seems the virus damages the gut, allowing bacteria to leak out and spark an immune response, triggering many lethal diseases.
Ivona Pandrea at the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues gave a drug used to treat kidney disease, called sevelamer, to monkeys newly infected with the simian equivalent of HIV. The drug binds to bacteria, keeping them safely inside the gut. Those given the drug had a dramatically reduced immune response compared with a control group (Journal of Clinical Investigation,
Because an increased immune response triggers many lethal diseases in people with HIV, giving the drug to people soon after infection may prolong lives.
This article appeared in print under the headline "Fix leaky gut lining to slow HIV's attack"
Issue 2971 of New Scientist magazine
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Friday, 26 December 2014


A few years ago, I found myself explaining the destruction of the gut lining to a large group of people attending an AIDS meeting.

My explanation was cut short by the chairperson Lady Roselyn Morauta and brought to a halt by Dr Moale Kariko, retired surgeon. He was a cutter rather than a thinker. He explained that he was tired of hearing my theories on attack on the gut lining.

Within a week, I had given him a response with several Google reports on the destruction of the gut lining. There was silence. He has never corrected his professional error. 

Kariko is now the second in charge of the national AIDS response and the nation is suffering from his medical incompetence.


Readers please note that the focus in our blog reports has become the small intestine the centre point of the HIV infection.

Here the nutrients pass from the stomach to be absorbed through the villi of the small intestine. These are the myriads of small protrusions on the gut wall that increase the surface area for absorption.

Inside the villi is a network of blood capillaries that leads to the hepatic portal vein. Along this path the nutrients are carried to the liver.  As well there are lymph capillaries that lead to the vessel that carries lymph to the heart and known as lymphatics.

On absorption through the gut wall, nutrients pass on to the liver through the hepatic portal vein. Fats do not travel along this route but pass to the lymphatics to connect to the major heart vein the vena cava and carried to the heart.

The first major points of accumulation of fats are the lymph vessels, vena cava and heart. People who consistently eat fats will suffer the risk of heart attack as the fat clogs the arteries of the heart.

If we go to a food shop in Papua New Guinea, we will find trays of sheep hearts for sale. On top of each heart and the two vena cava, there is a layer of fat. And sheep only eat grass !!

HIV follows the same path but enters the lymph system lower down at the genitals and travels up to the heart to be shepherded down through the abdominal artery to the CD4 cells that guard the small intestine. Replication takes place in the CD4 cells of the small intestine.

The small intestine is the epicentre of the HIV attack and the loading of fat into the body.

Monday, 22 December 2014


Over recent weeks, I have heard two different versions of the fate of the HIV against the attack of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.

Let us go from the basics. HIV is not alive as a parasite is alive. It consists of a microscopic string of DNA that enters CD4 cells and attaches to the DNA chain before linking with the RNA for replication.

It is a totally passive virus and moves in massive numbers through the blood stream like leaves in a stream. It does not attack the small intestine as we often read. It is shepherded to the millions of gut CD4 and genital cells and engulfed. It is like a herd of passive sheep with no legs.

The virus may enter through the genitals, the second filthy organ of the body and moves to the lymph nodes. It passes through the lymph vessels and enters the vena cava, two major veins that enter the heart.

It is swept through the heart and passes down the abdominal artery, shepherded by the white blood cells to CD4 cells that guard the small intestine, the first filthiest organ of the body. The gut carries millions of bacteria that often pass through the gut wall by cracks in the lining to cause infection.

The virus has two basic sites. The first is the blood stream. The second are the hiding places. There are hiding places in the lymph organs and the long bones of the body where the red blood cells are made. In the bloodstream, the virus is vulnerable to ARV.

That is why a baby can be treated with ARV on birth if only newly infected in passing down the birth canal. The virus stays in the bloodstream for several hours and can be stopped by the ARV. After that time, it starts to move to the hiding places.

An HIV woman can protect her unborn baby by taking ARV during pregnancy. The viral load in her blood stream is reduced to zero.

So too, a woman who has been raped can be given ARV treatment within the first 30 hours and have the virus killed in the blood stream before it can penetrate deeper.

So what does it mean that the viral load is reduced to zero? Does it mean that the virus particles are permanently immobilized? This means that the infected person cannot pass the virus to another person.

I am hearing two versions in the community at the present time and am looking for an authoritative text to post in the weeks to come.

One is that the virus in the blood is put to sleep. Does that mean that the virus will spring to potency in the blood stream if the ARV treatment ceases? I had thought the virus would spring from the hiding places if ARV is stopped, not the blood stream.

The other is that the virus is killed in the bloodstream. Well as killed as we can make a strand of DNA. Does that mean that an infected person can have intercourse with an HIV negative person without a condom and not cause infection?

These questions will be focussed on in the weeks to come.

Sunday, 21 December 2014


Over the last 6 years, there has been a con-man operating in Port Moresby selling cures for HIV infected people. His name was Lansy Lapu. His address used to be Murray Barracks which means he was probably a soldier. He claims to have cured so many people of HIV infection.

He seems to have friends in the Sunday Chronicle newspaper who support his claims. First there was rogue reporter Tereni Kens who demanded that the Department of Health accepts the Lapu stink water as a cure. Now we have a report from one Paul Zuvani.

The Department of Health has not been up to the job in debunking the stink water claims of cures. All fake curers claim to be not interested in giving samples to the Department as these will be stolen and sold. Cure wonder man Joe Lari made the same claims.

On the other hand, the claim is made that the Department knows the stink water is a cure. That is why the so called drug is being rejected. The Government officers are jealous.

On the notice boards around town, Lapu the stink water man makes massive claims that his drug is the only cure in the world. He calls on people to phone him on 72404113.

In the Sunday Chronicle, there is a very suspicious story of a young man Joe Roge who claims to have contracted HIV in 2011. He was on the verge of dying in 2012.

That is a fake statement to start with. AIDS sufferers normally live for several years before “constant diarrhoea, lack of appetite and weight loss”. This is the sign that all body systems are falling down. Small intestine is destroyed. Protein is being taken from muscles. Not in 12 months John Roge.

The only explanation is that he was HIV positive perhaps 4 years before that. But Lansy Lapu the stink water man said he was HIV positive and probably told him what to say to the media on symptoms.

Most likely he was not HIV positive. It is easy to cure someone of HIV infection if they were not HIV positive in the first place.

The person comes to Lapu and explains a series of symptoms. There is no pre-test of blood. Lapu just diagnoses HIV. He may have just had gut parasites or infection from polluted water.

Joe Roge claims he was given ARV that did not work. So we are being led to believe that he had a proper medical test. Prove it Roge. What does he mean that ARV does not work? Was he expecting a cure?

It just slows down symptoms and postpones death by a decade or three. But for Roge, it did not work after a few months. So he went to Lapu the stink water man, took his mixture and was declared cured. No pre-test. No post-test. Just cured.

It is time for the Department of Health to clamp down on con-man Lapu. If HIV people are abandoning their ARV in favour of his mixture, Lapu is guilty of killing innocent silly people. He cannot sell stink water from behind bars in Bomana prison.

There will be prisoners who rape him and tell him to cure himself. That should be easy for him. He has saved so many people. But he can always have access to ARV drugs. There would be justice in putting HIV Lapu in a cell with a box of bottles of his own stink water.

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Our bodies need a constant water supply on a daily basis. But people with HIV have the problem in the later stage of the break-down of the small intestine with water, salts and nutrients not absorbed.

This can cause dehydration and damage to the kidneys. So it is important that the person drinks plenty of water in the hope that water will be absorbed. The problem is reduced with people on antiretroviral treatment.

A sufficient supply of water is seen in white wine coloured urine. The person is in trouble with dehydration and kidney damage with orange urine.

The attack on the gut lining is the key to all understanding in HIV/AIDS awareness. Yet the issue is ignored by the UN activists. It is too close to the attack on the gut lining by gut parasites in anus licking and faeces slurping gay men.

Diarrhoea is the sign that water is not being absorbed through the gut wall. Long term diarrhoea is a real danger sign of dehydration that may lead to kidney damage. Urine may be orange in colour. Time to drink large amounts of water.

Friday, 19 December 2014


Post Courier 18 December 2014

The Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Hon Michael Malabag has made a public statement supporting the work of the churches in health work.

This reflects the present policy of the Government in working in support of the churches in both education and health work.

The Minister referred to funding and salaries of health workers which would have to be a massive morale booster for these people.

It has been a long hard road for the church health centres, many of which have been forced to close. St John"s ambulance has suffered financial problems with stoppage of health care and wages not paid. Workers have gone on without pay.

The dilemma for some churches comes with distribution of condoms seen as contrary to Scripture. The UN and AusAID handled the issue with threats of withdrawal of funding and bullying of the churches. Common sense has to prevail whatever that may be.

In the last month, there have been 783 hits from PNG to this blog. There seems to be a constant and steady reading clientele. Papua New Guinea (23159) leads the world followed by USA (17246), Russia (12336)  and Australia (7238) in the last 4 years.

Daily hit tally   159,876

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

Thursday, 18 December 2014


We read so much about stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. This does happen but is only part of the picture.

The key site of stigma and discrimination is in the heart of the sufferer. Suddenly in their own minds, diagnosis has reduced them to 25% of the person they used to be.

The bottom has dropped out of their world. They can no longer marry the person they love and are afraid to tell them of their positive status.  Better to say they have incurable TB, the residue of infection 2 years ago.

Their loved one may tell other people and suddenly the news is all around. The person is afraid to tell their friends as they feel they will drop to 25%. They fear they will become a 25% brother, sister, son or daughter. It may not happen but they are afraid to find out.

The problem becomes worse if the news gets out at the work place or at school. People are quietly warned not to have relationships with such people. Suddenly the person has no place in the football team. Promotion does not come.

I have counselled dozens of people with HIV who feel they have lost the status of their own soul. They see that their only option in life is to marry another HIV infected person. They do not want to make the local care group as their social centre. They do not want to spend their lives with a group of HIV sufferers.

"Excuse me but I am HIV positive. If you are HIV positive too, will you marry me?" 

The key to stigma is in the soul of the sufferer. Family and friends are mere outsiders. Families can love but still make excuses for infection of their loved one. They know there is a risk of other people realizing they have been infected and seeking compensation or pay back.

Sorcery can be the key excuse. Then some innocent person has to pay.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


The National 17 December 2014

The family and Sexual Violence Action Committee has drawn up 5 strategies to address family and sexual violence in Morobe. 

Representatives from Police, Department fof Community Development, churches, NGOs, ANGAU General Hospital, faith based organizations and Morobe provincial AIDS council met and came up with strategies to end family violence.

It is noticeable that there was no representation from the Department of Education and Men's groups.

The children of the nation have Personal Development education from grade 6 to grade 12. Children focus on personal growth and family life. 

It would be interesting to survey the levels of domestic violence among young people in years to come who had completed the Personal Development education in schools. It may be that the problem of domestic violence is being solved from the bottom up from this time on..

All the more reason why the lesbian over-lords and over-ladies will work to exclude Education and men. The United Nations lesbians are lurking in the background with their black book. They are the thought police.

Note will be taken in the black book if any delegate places any focus on rights of men, violence of women and the importance of family.

Monday, 15 December 2014


We have had two internet sites on Positive Living. One was by Geocities and closed in 2009 when Geocities was sold out.

We have never had a comment from any gay and lesbian activist on our reports. It is as if AIDS Holistics rules the skies.

There has been total silence. In early times, the activists may have taken the view that the founder of AIDS Holistics was the village idiot. It was beneath their dignity to respond.

But after 10 years, that is wearing thin. Our comments are always spot on. We have had regular anonymous internet hate mail. That is the best the activists can do as the internet Klu Klux Klan. Their real arguments never see the light of day.

UN gays and lesbians, often in paedophile disguise, would not dare make comment from the senior UN lesbian from New Zealand to the gay boys in Papua New Guinea.


Lesbian activists and heterosexual paedophiles want our young daughters. So they have to destroy FAMILY to achieve that, They are engaging in modern social engineering to reduce the authority and credibility of family.

They want to show that FAMILY is an authoritarian structure in league with the churches. It is the job of the lesbians to free young people from family and FAITH. The Bible has to have its credibility destroyed. It is just man made.

Marriage has been set up not by God but by men to keep their control of women. There is no such practice as adultery. All men and women are free to have sex with whomever they want.

Women and girls have rights to free them from their fathers and any authoritarian mothers. Parents are not to scold their children. It is abuse. Smacking a child is out. It is abuse to tell children to do work they do not want to do. 

The plan is to let the children run free. Rather than work to help the family, they have the rights to roam the streets. The UN Charter of Rights gives them the right of association with any other person. Paedophiles have an open door to children thanks to the UN activists.

Children have rights and no responsibilities. Parents have responsibilities and no rights. The gay and lesbian activists want families to be loose collections of people in which parents roam and have sex as they wish just like many gay and lesbian couples. Children are free to do as they wish.

Gay and lesbian activists would not dare go to a Moslem country and express such views.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


Now we are being told by the UN gay and lesbian activists that telling a child to do work against their will is abuse. We have to be reasonable about this. 

Such advice is the ultimate sabotage of all parental authority. UN lesbians are filling kids with rights and no responsibilities. Parents have all responsibilities but no rights.

We are all aware of reports on child labour particularly in the developing nations. Children have their childhood cut short by the need to work from dawn to night.

But the United Nations has extended this to Papua New Guinea as part of the lesbian activist plan to undermine families.

Kids can no longer work to help parents. It is child labour. Children can tell their parents to go to hell when it is time to work. 

In Papua New Guinea, there is limited child labour. UN reports have told us of children moving furniture, selling papers, collecting bottles and chopping wood. It sounds like the view from a tourist bus.

It is the job of parents to train their children to work, Girls learn to cook, collect firewood and carry vegetables. Boys learn from their fathers not as much as their sisters learn from their mothers.

The UN must not be allowed to undermine the responsibilities of parents. Lesbian activists probably grew as middle class girls with no more responsibility than to sweep the floor, tidy their bedrooms and put clothes in the clothes dryer.

Now we are told that 10 year old girls are involved in prostitution. Sorry we can not be more specific. Confidentiality you know. It comes from the very best lesbian care groups.

So parents are not to smack their kids. They are not to get them to work. They can not speak harshly in criticism. All discipline is defined as abuse. But gay and lesbian couples are allowed to bash one another and sexually abuse their kids. Open Google at gay and lesbian domestic violence.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


I have only seen one group of transvestite boys in Port Moresby over 21 years. We are led to believe that they are in large numbers but it is most likely not true.

About 3 years ago, I was sitting in the foyer of the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby when a group of boys came in through the door. They entered with the flair and flourish of a group of Les Girls at a wine bar in Kings Cross Sydney.

The next half hour was spent in kissing and hugging one another and making comments on clothes. O darling those trousers are beautiful. I must get one like that.

If a new boy arrived through the sliding door, there was a rush to greet, kiss and hug him and comment on his lovely shirt.

The guests at the hotel ignored them and politely looked the other way. I just sat fascinated at this boring group of boys pretending to be on a different plane of existence than the rest of us.

I imagine that such antics could raise a negative response in a wine bar late at night among a group of rough heterosexual men annoyed at having the night dominated by group of effeminate boys.

This is not the path to promote acceptance in the community at large. They seemed to delight in showing off that they were different from the rest of us. Not the way to go.

Not once have I seen a group of transvestite boys in this town doing community work and washing a dozen police vehicles as their contribution to the boys in blue. Or helping out at the hospital.


Post Courier 8 December 2014 Page 3

AIDS Holistics: The nation must not be shamed by fake gay and lesbian propaganda into making changes to allow the gay and lesbian activists to dominate government and parliament. All their claims are without evidence. 

The UN gay and lesbian scene produces fake information on violence of men, abuse of women, discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS and stigma against the gay and lesbian community. It is all produced by the gay and lesbian dream machine.

There is a massive gay and lesbian hoax underway in Papua New Guinea that has drawn in an innocent good man Governor Powes Parkop of the National Capital District.

They want the laws governing gay and lesbian sex to be decriminalized after failing three years ago in parliament.

The claim is made about the “harsh treatment they receive from police and a select few who discriminate against them for what they are”. That is nicely vague.

Governor Parkop said that it was important to create a safe environment for these groups so that they can come forward and get the services that they are entitled to as citizens.

One would think that gays and lesbians are being over-serviced. There are so many overseas care groups with a gay and lesbian agenda. From the top, there has been AusAID, UNAIDS, UNDP, UN Women, Burnett, Tingim Laip, Poro Sapot, Kapul Champions, I Gat Hop, Save the Children, Stop AIDS and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

We wonder about the harsh treatment from the police and “select few”. Why have details of attacks never been published in the media? Perhaps these have come out of the gay and lesbian dream machine.

The dream machine has been very skilled at hiding gay and lesbian objectives in the National HIV response. It is all about being fair and community caring for gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual people.

The hidden agenda is poison. Decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex is one step from legalization.

It is a further step from making massive changes to school curriculum for gay and lesbian lifestyle to be presented to children as a viable option for living.

The big lie is that people are born gay and lesbian. This is partly true but there are those who have been nurtured into homosexuality.

Then there would be pressure for gays and lesbians to adopt children from the orphanages. There is nothing more certain that many such children would end up homosexual. 

The next on the agenda would be the lowering of the age of consent. After all, children can have sex, having become able to give informed consent, the result of the school curriculum.

There will be changes in the churches blocked from banning openly gay and lesbian clergy and quoting from Scripture against homosexuality.

The Boy Scout and Girl Guides will be blocked from banning gay and lesbian leaders.

The care and fair message of the gays and lesbians is the tip of the iceberg. So much is hidden away that is hostile to FAMILY and FAITH.

Sunday, 7 December 2014


In the media today The National 4 December 2014, there is a report on a statement of one Margaret Munjin of the National AIDS Council. How I remember her well over the last 10 years.

She announced to the media that the rights of people living with HIV must be protected. In particular she referred to men who have sex with men, sex workers and trans-genders.

She is suggesting that their rights are not being protected at present, even by the myriad of gay and lesbian based care groups. There seems to be a foreign gay and lesbian take-over bid at the present time.

In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler claimed the German minority in Poland was being marginalized by Jews. So he invaded Poland with a massive army.

We see the same in Papua New Guinea with the claim that gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals are being marginalized. We will soon find an invasion of gay and lesbian consultants to protect them and take the pretty ones as lovers.

For almost 12 years, all foreign care organizations have been gay and lesbian. Many still have a gay and lesbian focus. There was AusAID, UNAIDS, UNDP, Burnett, UN Women, StopAIDS, Tingim Laip, Save the Children, Poro Support and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

How do we recognize the gay and lesbian message? There is a focus on women’s and girls’ rights, abuse of men and stigmatization of gays, lesbians, trans-genders, bisexuals and sex workers. So too with Margaret Munjin.

Several years ago, I was promoting Family Positive Living among the churches. By arrangement with the priest and parish council, I spoke at St Peters after mass in Tok Pisin.

Sapos yu gat sik HIV/AIDS,
yu no ken pret na guria.
Yu bai inap stap longtaim tru
sapos you bihainim Positive Living.
Stap gut insait long family.
Famili i no ken rausim yangpela meri
Na kolim em pamuk.

Ol i mas lukautim em
na halivim em.
Yangpela meri i ken lukautim haus
na kukim kaikai.
Em i ken lukautim pikinini
o stadi moa long skul.

Famili i mas halivim em long kisim ARV.
Nogut em i stap longwe long helt senta.
Family i mas kisim em i go
na i no ken sot long marasin.
Wanpela family memba i mas i go 
long helt senta wantaim em.

The talks were well received by parishioners. Many see me even today and remind them of how I spoke on family Positive Living. But there was a dark side to the talks after church.

A Parish Council member advised that he had been approached by one Margaret Munjin of the National AIDS Council who told him I should be removed as I was a child molesting wife beater.

This was the lesbian false report to kill the Positive Living family message started by lesbian predator and Care and Counselling officer, the evil old woman, Elizabeth Cox. Good try Margaret Munjin.

When Cox sees me in the Holiday Inn, she scurries off like a frightened rat. She knows her fake hate messages against AIDS Holistics have come back to haunt her for the rest of her life.

The two key people who made accusations on wife beating and child molesting were both sex predators. 

One was Cox and the other was the aging Catholic priest with a keen interest in HIV young women. He put them in a care centre at 16 mile and would not let family visit. He had to have a reason for that. Linda talked to me before she died about the old priest. He was not what he seemed.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


There is so much false information spread about stigma and discrimination with HIV/AIDS. It seems that blame is being passed to family and care workers.

We are being told that people stop going to care centres because of stigma and discrimination by health workers. There is more to it than that.

People in villages are watching other people and ready to criticize. Why does that woman go to the town every month? We hear she goes to the health centre. 

Family members say she has a box of antiretroviral drugs in her bilum. Once that news gets out, she will never go again.

The woman has HIV infection but afraid to tell even her husband. How can she go to the health clinic without her husband finding out? She has to get money for a bus fare.

He will bash her and accuse her of infecting him. She knows she got the virus from him. What does she say to her father when she asks for money? It is easier not to go.

She has family who lives near the health centre. But she cannot stay with them. How does she explain coming to the health centre every month or two? It is easier not to go.

Her sister in law wants to go to town with her. But she cannot do that. She will want to know why she is going to the health centre. She will tell the clan when she returns to the village. It is better for the woman not to go.

There are always several clan members at the health centre. Why is our wantok coming for treatment? She comes here all the time. Better for her not to go again.

Linda hid her status from the family for fear that the sisters-in-law would pass the news on to their families. I wrote on her status on internet but never in our Positive Living column in the newspaper.

On her death, the family told the clan and neighbours that she was being attacked by a spirit skeleton man who lived on her shoulders and stole the food from her mouth. That is why she looked like a skeleton. Linda refused to go to any health centre.

People in the final stages of AIDS suffer dementia and imagine all kinds of wrongs against them. Before we criticize health workers, we need to consider that any harsh words or actions may be delusions or hallucinations on the part of the AIDS sufferer.

Linda claimed to others that I left her alone in the house. But she refused to go to town. I had to go to work and do the shopping. She claimed that she was starved while family ate. But she refused to eat. She would not let any family live with us.

Towards the end, people often go into denial for the second time. Damon Courtenay believed in the final months that he had been cured of AIDS. See report below Dementia frightens families.

The daughter of a friend died believing that she could stop the ARV and take daily doses of holy spirit water. Many people die having stopped their ARV and started taking herbs which ends their lives with immunity of the HIV to the drugs.

It is a frightening thought for people suffering HIV/AIDS to know they have to take ARV for the rest of their lives. Taking TB medicine for 6 months is bad enough. But the sufferer has to go to a health clinic for the next 30-40 years.

People need a carer to be responsible for food, water, rest, relaxation, unbroken supply of ARV drugs and drugs taken as prescribed every day.

Many people do not have the discipline to look after themselves. So don’t blame any one person.

Monday, 1 December 2014


The tables appear to be slowly turning in Papua New Guinea on gay and rights, the result of a massive hoax over the last 5 years.

The same false information has been used to the point that gay and lesbian rights ilesbian s being promoted by Barack Obama, US Ambassador Walter North and new Governor Powes Parkop. The issue has reached the heterosexual political scene.

The false advice is that the HIV/AIDS pandemic will slow down as soon as gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals have equal rights. We are being told they are denied health services and are afraid to go for treatment.

We have to see the real situation that reduces the current propaganda to a heap of lies. Since 2001 and the start of the National HIV/AIDS response, this country has been swamped by foreign gays and lesbians telling us to use a condom when we koap.

For almost `12 years, all foreign care organizations were gay and lesbian. Many still have a gay and lesbian focus. There was AusAID, UNAIDS, UNDP, UN Women, StopAIDS, Tingim Laip, Save the Children, Poro Support and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

These have supported national care organizations with a gay and lesbian focus. These include Kapul Champions and I Gat Hop. They have required these organizations to put out a message on violence of men, abuse of women and girls, stigmatization of gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals.

If the national organizations did not comply, they would get no funding. Church organizations suffered most with the demand to supply condoms.

So there are many care organizations with a specific support for gay, lesbian, bisexual and bisexual men and women. So much for these people afraid to seek treatment.

Now the issue has become political. The fact is that the PNG nation has reduced the support to the overtly gay and lesbian Australian organizations. The Rudd Government sent many consultants home. So the push is on for a return to former gay and lesbian glory of 2001-2011.

The push is on for legalization of gay and lesbian sex which failed in parliament about 3 years ago. Now we are being told that these people are being marginalized and denied HIV treatment. They have the same rights as the rest of the community, so we are told.

But they have the same rights for personal security, security of property, nomination for parliament, treatment at public hospitals and protection under the HAMP Act.

But there is a down side. An increase in gay and lesbian rights will increase the activities of paedophiles posing as gays and heterosexuals. 

Curriculum of schools will be changed to include gay and lesbian lifestyle for all school children. There will be pressure for children to be adopted. Same sex marriage will be back on the political agenda.

The Moslem world has turned away from the gay and lesbian world juggernaut. The Russian Duma has banned gay and lesbian propaganda to minors which stops the changes to school curriculum.

Other Moslem nations have increased punishment for gay and lesbian people which is going too far from our point of view.

I would be afraid to see full gay and lesbian rights in this country. I have seen the betrayal, treachery and cheating of the gay and lesbian foreign activists. They play whatever tricks they deem necessary to win their campaign. The present moves are part of an elaborate trick.

Once gay and lesbian rights becomes part of PNG, the nation will be swamped by new consultants, more than ever before.

There will be gay consultants, lesbian consultants, transsexual consultants, bisexual consultants and more, all arriving from overseas to move into luxury apartments and look for new lovers. Paedophiles will assume any consultancy role.

Legislation can not stop negative reactions of the public to overt public gay, lesbian and transsexual activity. Legislation is one matter. Culture is another.

This report will be the basis of a police complaint.

I have lived in this country from 1975 as an officer in the Australian Army and from 1993 as a senior teacher in the Department of Education. Life has been peaceful with my involvement in the community.

There have been three times of total stress in my time here. There was the harrassment and hatred by the Australian gays and lesbians trying their best to get me out of the country and to stop the Positive Living message for people suffering from HIV/AIDS.

The two key troublemakers were gay paedophile Stewart Watson formerly of AusAID now the head of UN AIDS who had AIDS Holistics banned to stop the family message. 

Then there was lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox of AusAID, then UNWomen who spread the word that I was a violent wife beating child molester. They were desperate to use public funding to promote a gay and lesbian agenda.

Two years ago the hatred started again in a house at Saraga when housestealers tried to steal the house of an old man. I stood in their way as the long term tenant. They took up the false story of the UN paedophiles that I was mentally ill, violent, AIDS carrier and deserved to be deported.

Now it has started again at the hands of a thug non-teacher of Norman Sike Institute. He has taken it upon himself to remove me from the school and the country.

He has harrassed me non-stop for a month with the plan of the Director to promote me as Director of Studies at the Mt Hagen business school. He resented that I did not like the work books he downloaded from Google. These were not suitable for PNG students and more appropriate for US students.

Killo Wangon Rakasa  of Wabag has no qualifications in Education which makes him unable to be accepted as a teacher by the Office of Higher Education according to officer Mr Charles Mabia. But he claims to be far more skilled than a senior expatriate with two degrees, one a post graduate degree in Education.

He has taken to ongoing harassment by text message. I have received over 300 texts from him in 4 weeks. Some have been sent at midnight and 4am. No sooner does one text arrive but the next one is flashing in the mobile phone screen corner.

You are a stupid old man.
You are a fake. You have no qualifications.
You are a loser.
You have no place in this country.
You are a child molester.
Your work is crap.
You made a mistake opposing a clever man like me.
You are brainless.
Everyone is laughing at you.
I am going to get you out of the country.
I have been to see Mr Korimbao of Foriegn Affairs. (sic).
My cousin in Foreign Affairs is arranging your deportation.
My tribesmen will get you, poofter.
They are waiting at the school gate now.
If you show yourself in the school I will smash your face.
You are going to be deported. poofter. HOORAY !!
I win. You lose.
If anyone tries to help you, they will be charged.
No more lies, cheating and harassment !
Foreign Affairs put me in charge of giving information.
I have a statement on your trouble to the AIDS campaign, poofter.
Everywhere you go you cause trouble, arse hole.
That will get you deported.
I will put your photo in the paper that you are not employed.
Tell me I am smarter than you.
You are a stupid old man.
I found out you are incompetent. You don't like that.
Everything you do is crap.
I read your book on psychology. You are a sex pervert.
The book was full of sex.
Your writting (sic) skills course is crap.
You can sharp (sic) your Latin and Greek up your arse.

and three hundred more hate texts. Heil Hitler !!

But the real motivation has also surfaced. He wants to take my 15 year old daughter. He is a paedophile which shows his support for Stewart Watson above. He has been harassing me at the same time.

I want your daughter.
I am prepared to call you tambu.
My tribesmen are ready to pay bride price.
I want her. She is perfect.
All trouble will stop if you give her to me.
You lied saying I was blackmailing you, poofter.
I would not want the daughter of a loser.

But this paedophile already has a small girl he took out of Boreboa School at the age of 14. He abandoned his wife and 5 children. Now he wants a 15 year old girl. The first wife comes to the school begging money to feed their kids.

This Sunday, Killo has started a new battery of hate text messages. There have been about 40 in the last two hours:

Two little girls say you molested them.
You went to schools to teach English but molested girls.
You are a child molester.
You should be put in gaol.

All this follows a pattern. In the past 10 years, I have written about paedophiles in the AIDS workers, There was an immediate accusation that I was a child molester. 

Now the same is happening with Killo who is an active paedophile having taken a 13 year old girl from school and made her pregnant. He is making demands for my 15 year old daughter. So to counter that, he is suggesting that I molest girls.

I am being blackmailed by him. If I don't give my lovely daughter to this creep, he will have me deported and then take her.

He does not care that the Director of Norman Sike Institute wants to employ me as a consultant in Mastery Learning. He is senior to the Director in his own mind. Wabags are like that.

At last I am not going to be poor if I get to be a consultant. I have been a volunteer long enough.  I have spent about K80,000 of my own money in promoting Positive Living since 2002, mainly in travel and internet.

Australian gays and lesbians made sure I was given no funding by AusAID and the UN. The Wabag thug wants to stop any money coming to me.

Norman has been a good friend over the years and funded my AIDS Holistics blog. Positive Living started with AIDS Holistics funded by Norman Sike in recent years.

Killo Wangon Rakasa is not fit to be employed anywhere. He is not a qualified teacher. He is a troublemaker, thug and bully. He is intimidating the Director. 

It may be that he has hyjacked the Norman Sike Institute in Mt Hagen. All he knows to do is download from Google and claim the work to be his. He is the original plagiarist.

Wangon was given the job of preparing the submissions to the National Training Council (NTC) and Office of Higher Education (OHE) about 8 months ago. 

He brought in a woman assistant and both sat for 6 months until the woman was sacked by the Director and the job taken from Wangon and given to me. 

He had advised that the task would take another 6 months. Almost 12 months to write one submission and be paid - conman !!! 

He wants to kick me out of the school so that the submissions are never completed. But he wants me out of the country. He is not a qualified teacher and has gutter professional ethics.

I had the submission ready in two weeks waiting for the resumes of tutors yet to be employed. The fact was that Wangon was blocking the submissions because he was an unqualified teacher and trainer. He did not want to be rejected by NTC or OHE.

Monthly hit tally  164, 878

Ex-parliamentary speaker Geoffrey Nape says he is a god and chief of the Chimbu. He has made my family Chimbu and tells me the father of my daughters that we are all Chimbu and have to do as he orders us. Or we will be punished by his tribesmen. 

What an idiot!!  He wants my two daughters. He has a tribe of 1200 people about the size of the enrolment of Ward Strip School. He is one of the fools in this country who thinks that all white men are cowards and stupid. Not this one.

Egypt had pharoahs. Romans had Caesars. PNG has god chief Nape. Is he crazy or what? His knowledge is perfect, so he says. He has no need of proof. He can accuse me of whatever he likes and it is true. He has an all-seeing eye across the world.

This clown wants to call himself my son-in-law but treat me like dog shit at the same time. He wants total control of my daughters. He has not even paid bride price for my first daughter. 

If he claims to be a Chimbu chief, he has to set an example. But I will not accept bride price. He is not fit to take my lovely daughter. He is certainly not going to get my second daughter. 

He claims to have authority over my family as Chimbu leader. He was angry last Christmas when I sent my younger daughter to stay with her aunty in Morobe province. He said I had to get his permission. I swore at him. My daughters were raised as Australian girls. Now my elder daughter is in prison. I can do nothing about it.

He said when I die, he will take both daughters. I will give custody to the aunty and uncle who have been with us since my daughters were small children. Nape says they are strangers. In his dreams. Please click:

gift to father on mother's day - family positive living - aids ...
May 12, 2014 - On Mother's Day 2014, I received an amazing gift card from my 17 and 15 year old daughters wishing me a happy Mother's Day.

He says I am the worst kind of father. Only last Mother's Day I was given a card by my elder daughter for being both mother and father to both daughters. 

Last year, he banned my younger daughter from his house. Some rights. She could not see her sister. He said recently his job is to protect my younger daughter's rights. He is a stranger in my family. 

He thinks women are to be subjugated by men. He totally controls who my elder daughter meets. Nape will not let my daughter go to church. He says she is going to look at men. 

What kind of PM or GG will he make after 2017? He says he has the numbers. If he wants me to be a father-in-law, he has to show a little respect to my daughters and me. It is too late now. He broke every promise. He has threatened to punish me for this blog report.

forced marriage without love - family positive living - aids ...

Oct 6, 2013 - There is a very emotive report on the blog PNG Attitude written 

by one Pamela Toliman. She writes of being forced to marry a man she hated by ..

I have two treasures in Papua New Guinea. They are two daughters Rachael (nearly 18) and Lisa (nearly 16). I have looked after them since their mother left us in violence and jealousy in 1998.

In 2011, my elder daughter attracted the interest of Geoffrey Nape, then speaker of parliament who had a chequered career up to that time. She was 14 years old. I was very sick at the time with a minor heart attack and tuberculosis and Nape took advantage of the fact.

He showered her with money after secretly meeting her at Vision City. I was angry to find out but he faced me and said he was interested in my family and would care for us. 

Rachael said he was an honest man who promised to care for our family and send Rachael and Lisa to private school. Faced with inability to work, I finally agreed to allow him to help.

He said he would propose marriage to Rachael when she was 19. He was a liar. He took her away when she was 15 and in Grade 8. He made her pregnant a year later and put her in his apartment. The law is about to block marriage with under aged childrenAnd Nape wants to be PM in 2017.

He offered to put us in rental accommodation. In the two houses, we were evicted because he did not pay the rent. This is a con-man who says he will be back in parliament in 2017 as either PM or GG. He has the qualities of a god, so the fool tells me. 

I have complained to Police and Welfare. But Head of Welfare Simon Yanis is a highlander and says he can do nothing about sex with an underage girl at the hands of Geoffrey Nape.

Nape is a weirdo. He has been with my family for 4 years. During that time, I have never been into his apartment. I am forbidden to enter except to stand at the gate of his palace at Morata.

I would be assaulted by security guards if I came through the gate. He has a preference for only small girls in his apartment. Not the man he claims to be his tribesman and father-in-law. Nape is crazy.

He is totally possessive about my daughter. All of her girl friends have been chased away. They are all trouble makers. It means that she is a prisoner in his palace. All that keeps her sane is her son and father who stands at the gate and waits. She is not allowed to have a mobile phone.

Nape will drive out the gate and not ever offer me a lift even in the rain if I am walking past. My standard address on text message is arsehole. He is starting to go mental on text messages. He never keeps to the same view even over 30 minutes of texting. And he plans to be PM or GG.

He has slowly developed what seems to be a sexual obsession for my second daughter Lisa, so much so that I have moved her away from Morata. He has started to claim possession of her. 

He tells me I am not to make contact with my daughter without his permission. When I die, she will belong to him. He seems to be meaning as a second wife. 

Does this Nape want two sisters as his two wives? I will allow her aunty and uncle to have permanent custody if I should die. Today I told Nape I was putting a report on blog about him. He says he is confused as I am his father-in-law.

Rachael told me that her baby son has been called Bruce. I referred to this in a text to the madman. He said there is no child by the name of Bruce in his house. I asked him the baby’s name. He said he has no name. He says he has 9 sons who are university graduates. Liar.

The latest contempt is that my daughters’ mother has arrived back in town from the highlands. Nape demands that I take her back after 16 years. He demands that I pay her K250 a fortnight. Better me than him.

Last week he texted that Rachael had explained to him the violence of her mother. I should not reconcile. Last night, he texted about whether or not I had made peace with my beautiful wife. He is mentally unstable.

This is no suggestion from a man pretending to be a son-in-law. This is a demand from a stranger who has not even paid bride price. He says because I am an expatriate, he has paid the money to the Australian High Commission. Liar. There are family members in poverty who would share bride price. I have refused to accept as I do not believe my daughter is happy. She is a Nape prisoner.

I cannot imagine Nape as either GG or PM. He never keeps the same opinion more than a day. He would tell lies and play tricks on every PM in the world with whom he had negotiations.

My daughter has attempted suicide twice in the last 4 years. If Nape takes the baby from her and she commits suicide, the war will really start. My life is not important. Neither is Nape’s.

Friends tell me that I will die if I put this report on blog. It will not be Nape. I will be killed by his brothers on his orders. I will take that risk. My daughters are more important.

Nape has certain delusions. He texted that he is God. That means he is one step higher than Mathias Yeliwan who came out to tell all on Mt Yeliwan in 1972 that he was brother of Jesus. Nape is the third God pretender in this country in 40 years. A decade ago we had black Jesus.

On Easter Saturday, I got a series of texts from Nape to say that my younger daughter who has total trust in him (the God chief) had told him that her father was a prostitute and she does not trust her father. He told me I was a piece of shit. My daughter does not trust Nape. That is closer to the truth. 

Nape said it is tribal trust in her chief. Yeliwan had young girls who were his flowers. Is Lisa to become one of Nape’s flowers? All of Yeliwan’s flowers ended up pregnant.

Nape phoned and found himself in direct contact with Lisa who shouted at him on the phone and called him liar. Don't you ever speak to my dad like that again. My family is not Chimbu.

If Nape takes his delusion any further I will take the matter to the Australian High Commission. If I am forced to be Chimbu, do I lose Australian citizenship? Will I get a Chimbu passport? (joke) My daughters are in danger from a madman and PM or GG in waiting for 2017.

I tell him I would be a more disciplined politician than he has been. I would focus on infrastructure. In the Chimbu electorate I would develop schools, water supply, health centres, roads and bridges. Nape just ignored infrastructure and threw money around. Did he develop infrastructure among those who did not vote for him? He is an undisciplined politician.