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If statistics are to be believed, there is a very great problem in Papua New Guinea on violence to women and girls on the figures of foreign AIDS organizations. No statistics are being kept on men and boys. Please click:



The UN lesbians are telling that 100% of women are being abused by men while 100% of men are abusing women and girls.

But then Medicins Sans Frontieres tells us that 90% of women suffer violence in their lives. That takes into account being hit by their little brother at the age of 7 years.

As well, 60% of men confess to group sex. The Post Courier thinks this is most likely gang rape. No statistics on violence to men. Lesbians are like that.

We hear from the Seventh Day Adventist church at Jack Pidik Park in 2010 that 64% of men and 36% of women are violent. At least violent women are in the picture.

Now we have the President of the Commonwealth Youth Secretariat on EM TV tell us recently that 43% of citizens of PNG are under the age of 15 years.

Let us say that a small percentage suffers violence at the hands of men and women. My daddy smacks me when I am naughty. That is violence and abuse.  But the lives of most children are peaceful.

That means that 57% of the citizens are over 15 years.

Out of that 57%, let us say that 40% of those people are over 40 years and live in married peace and happiness for themselves and children.

That means that 17% live in domestic violence. That would be about 10% men and 7% women.

The blog Broken Rainbow says that there is domestic violence in 30-45% of gay and lesbian relationships in Britain. Please click:

Broken Rainbow | Coventry Family Information Directory
Broken Rainbow lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) domestic
violence service (UK) is the first organisation dedicated to confronting and
eliminating ...

A half a million gays are bashed by their partners in the United States every year. Every city has a shelter for bashed gays and lesbians with their children.

The foreign organizations are grossly exaggerating. In the estimates above, there is room for small error of a percentage or five. But that is still more realistic than the statistics we read in the media.

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ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ
Russia seems to lead the field. Welcome to
the Philippines and Spain.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


In the lead-up to World AIDS Day, we read in the media a report by the Country Coordinator of UNAIDS and senior gay predator Stewart Watson.

We need to understand his background. Watson was once the assistant team leader of the AusAID Support program who worked to set up the secret gay and lesbian agenda in the PNG National HIV/AIDS response.

He was ANTI-FAMILY and ANTI-FAITH which he justified on behalf of AusAID on the basis that a focus on family and faith was discriminating against those who do not have family and faith. He meant the gays and lesbians.

Now he is doing the same as Head of UNAIDS. In 2010 and 2012, he advised the community through the media not to hide behind idealized concepts of FAMILY and FAITH.

Nothing has changed. He and the rest of the creeps want both out of the way to maximize access of the paedophile gays and lesbians to our kids.

He makes a false report that HIV infection is dropping in PNG. At the same time, he states that the number of sufferers on ART has risen with 40% not yet treated.

People not being treated is very much the result of the isolation of villagers long distances from health centres. But that also means that large numbers are not being tested.

So how can Watson say that infection has dropped? He is experienced enough to know that he is playing games with the issue.

UNAIDS has an ANTI-FAMILY track record. Last year, a representative told the Port Moresby Ministers’ Fraternal that they have to accept adultery in marriage.

It seems that UNAIDS regards abstinence as hiding behind idealized concepts of FAMILY and FAITH.

To make matters worse, the UNAIDS man told clergy that every one has the right to sex with every one else.

That includes men having sex with boys and women having sex with girls. What about men having sex with dogs? That’s OK too. If you want it, it's OK,

Is that male or female dogs? Female of course! Are you saying I am gay?

The UNAIDS not so secret agenda is to decriminalize gay and lesbian sex. That is why UNAIDS (gay) has joined forces with UN Women (lesbian).

Watson tells us that the old colonial laws are making gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender and sex workers suffer. This is a massive fraud, even worse than the UN Women fake market rape reports in November 2012.

They are suggesting that these people do not attend clinics for fear of being reported to the police and put in the cells. Good trick.

Once legalization occurs, there will be massive changes to come up on the gay and lesbian agenda. Legalization means equality.

That will give the homosexual and paedophile lobby the right to have gay and lesbian curriculum in the schools, age of consent to be lowered, right of association of children to be enforced, gay and lesbian clergy and Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders.

Watson is working to open up gay, lesbian and paedophile access to our boys and girls. In the meantime, the community is not to have idealized concepts of FAMILY and FAITH.

FAMILY and FAITH are keys to the Positive Living message as promoted by AIDS Holistics.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Papua New Guinea has suffered at the hands of Australian educational consultants who led the educational system into great trouble with a half-arsed implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE).

We urge the Department not to fall into the same trap. It is important to examine the Curriculum Vitae of all prospective consultants.

It is important that the prospective consultant has experience in primary and secondary schools. The person should not have a Doctorate in Educational Administration but be experienced in the class room, preferably in Papua New Guinea.

The applicant should not be so young as to have no idea as to the basics of literacy and numeracy. The person needs to have experienced the phonic approach to reading and at least read books by Dr Seuss for curriculum in elementary schools.

There should be awareness of the PNG culture and specific needs of boys and girls to be incorporated into curriculum. There should be no intention to include a gay and lesbian agenda in curriculum.

There must be detailed understanding of the subjects to be developed. The applicant should be experienced in teaching at least two of the subjects to PNG students. In a team of consultants, there needs to be detailed experience in all subjects.

There should be a practical approach to curriculum and not just a focus on theory. The applicant should be aware of a wide range of practical exercises.

There should be respect for OBE and Mastery Learning. Any applicant who regards these as rubbish is showing a weakness that promises to spoil their consultancy work. They want to promote theory rather than practical skills.

The applicant and team should be willing to include PNG teachers in their plans and in validation of the work.

There should be balanced and limited focus on research and preparation of students for tertiary library research. All research should be provided by the teacher in a photocopy. It is the end process in a wide range of skills.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


This sequence of mastery exercises has been prepared to demonstrate Mastery Learning to the Papua New Guinea Department of Education.

So much nonsense has been written about this strategy that it is time to demonstrate beyond all doubt. The inventor of Mastery Learning intended breaking skills down from basics to the higher level skills.

But some fool teachers in the United States removed the basics and increased research. They called it Outcome Based Education and blamed Bloom for its failure.

Bloom was in his 50s when he introduced Mastery Learning and in his 80s when OBE came in. Why blame him? He died at the age of 94 years.

Mastery Learning was intended to pass the slower students and lift high the more capable students. It was a response to the US Government paranoia on the Russians sending up the satellite Sputnik.

Already modules have been prepared in Literacy and Biology. In the media there has been a report from the Department of Education that the new curriculum will not be ready for the new year. Please click:


Modules in Mastery Learning in English, Biology, Science, Personal Development and Mathematics could be ready for validation within 10 weeks. Please click:


The sequence in Friction below consists of 40 small mastery exercises approprate for primary school students supported and guided by the teachers. All have a common theme of friction. Solving one problem provides the key to the next problem and so on.

This module in friction could be submitted to a design team of science teachers who might be able to add 30 more exercises. The sequences could be rearranged and added to from the class room.

Some problems may be easily solved by students. But they may not have thought of the issue in that way.

Problems that are interesting could be given more focus by teacher and students. They may not have thought of electricity generated by blood passing through the blood system. Then they learn that sharks can detect this electric pulses from fish and swimmers.

They may not have thought that the world depends on friction. Without friction, we could not walk, climb or run. Cars could not run. Pulleys could not work.

We start with the real situations and explain what is happening. Then we work out the theory behind the scenarios. This is INDUCTIVE LEARNING. There is no focus on theory as we see in classes today.
What happens when we rub our hands together?

Explain how villagers make fires with sticks.

Feel the tires of a car that has been driven a long way.
What do you feel?

What happens to moving cars if we pour oil on the road?

When do most moving cars have accidents?

Why do many cars have accidents on a bend in the road?

How do we light a match?

Is it better to light a match on a match box or a window?

How do we stop the hinges on doors from sticking and squeaking?

How do we keep the engine of a car cool and running smoothly?

Why do we have to change the oil in an engine?

Why are there crackling noises when we comb our hair?

Do we hear the noises on a hot dry day or a cool wet day?

Cut paper into pieces. Rub a plastic ruler in cloth and place
on the papers. What happens? Which cloth is best?

Why does black dust gather on a ceiling fan?

Why do pieces of paper above become electrified?

What are the best boots to wear on the Kokoda Track?

Why are there grooves on the rubber sole?

What happens to our hands when we slide quickly down a rope?

If we wear shoes for many months, what happens to the soles?

What causes electricity in our bodies?

Sharks detect electricity in fish. What causes electricity in fish
and other animals?

How do we know there is electricity in our bodies?

Why do car tyres lose their rubber?

Why do some tyres lose the rubber quickly?

What is the best to slide on - rock? water? coral? or mud?

What is friction?

What occurs when there is friction?

Give examples of friction causing heat?

How do we reduce friction between pieces of
steel rubbed together?

What would happen in the world if there was no physical friction?

What happens when an engine seizes?

How does friction occur between people?

What causes friction between people and animals?

What happens to the temperature of the relationship when friction occurs?

How do we remove friction between people?

Advanced problems in friction

What is constipation?

How does an enema work?

What effect does fibre have on waste in the large intestine?

Why does an asteroid trail fire on entering the earth's atmosphere?

What is the main problem facing space shuttles returning to earth?

What is a friction rash?

How do we treat a friction rash?

What causes an aircraft to lift off on take-off?

How does a violin player make sound?

These problems explore all possible aspects of friction. This is an exercise in exploration of the practical scenarios.

Students learn general knowledge as well as knowledge of friction. They learn to explain in their own words, written and spoken.

Students could be interviewed one at a time at the teacher's table on 5 problems. Most students in PNG schools never speak.

It is not just effort in mindlessly copying theory into a student's work book as we see in PNG schools today. Please click:


By the end of 2013, this sequence in friction could have 80 more exercises provided by class room teachers, students and design team teachers. The Department would develop a memory bank of exercises.

Teachers could be invited to submit their new exercises to the design team to be included in the next edition. Teachers are becoming involved.

The mastery sequences could be arranged in modules. Science may have 20 modules for all grades. Elementary grades complete module 1. Grades 3-4 complete modules 1 to 5. Grades 5-6 complete modules 1-9....and so on.

Grade 5 students could revise the earlier exercises of modules 1-4 in the first 3 weeks of the term....and so on. 

There is always revision. As students grow intellectually, they will see all earlier problems in more complex ways and with more connections.

We already see in the exercises above the links with static electricity, motion, physiology and personal relationships. 

By end of grade 8, some students should be able to achieve 100% correct of the (say) 1200 science and biology mastery exercises. One book said 60% correct 60% of the time. Students can do better than that.

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Monday, 26 November 2012


We read in the media today about all that the AIDS care organization I Gat Hop wants. They want to remove discrimination and abuse. They want more representation on provincial AIDS Committees and more involvement in planning.
Over the years, we have come to expect that many HIV infected activists involved in the HIV/AIDS response are usually interested mainly in what can be given to them.

They want a free ride. They will get it if they play their cards right. That is to support the foreign gay and lesbian activists and be ANTI-FAMILY and ANTI-FAITH.
They are busy talking about discrimination and stigma. They forget that with anti-retroviral drugs, they look completely normal and would not be picked by the community as being HIV positive.
They say that they are afraid to get the drugs because of stigma. This is a false report designed to support the gay and lesbian campaign to remove the so-called homophobic laws from colonial times and bring in decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex.
There are people infected who caught the virus by promiscuous sex, boozing and smoking tobacco and marijuana. Many have rejected their family but claim that the family has rejected them.
The groups do not give known support to new people with the virus. The PNG AIDS activists are too busy looking after themselves. They do not support newcomers who may come to compete with them for jobs.

They go to conferences for the free lunches and hotel accommodation. They will never go into rural areas except those that enable return at night to a 3 star hotel.
They never promote Positive Living as they know they will be black-banned by the expatriate gays and lesbians. Many still smoke and booze. With ARV drugs, they would have returned to promiscuous sex without a condom.

There was one HIV infected man who used to talk at AIDS conferences. He would talk sweetly about the need for a positive life with love. But he would speak against family rejection.

But those who knew him were aware that he has been rejected by brothers and sisters by living in their house, boozing, smoking, bashing his wife, spending time away from family in the bars and coming home rolling drunk. He would earn pay at UNDP but spend all on booze and nothing for wife and family.

His anti-family message made him a firm favourite with the expatriate gays and lesbians. He managed to con his way into every source of AIDS money he could lay his hands on.

Positive Living:

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul

AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs

They can not help others as they are too busy helping themselves. The care group I Gat Hop (There is hope) should be called the AIDS Gimme Club.

Latest hit tally:   76, 360

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Sunday Chronicle 25 November 2012

There has been a spate of negative critiques on Outcome Based Education (OBE) in the Papua New Guinea media over recent months.

The time has come to question the qualifications, experience and vested interests of the authors. Last was by one Robert A. Nemala who neither cites his qualifications or experience with OBE.

Is there an overseas conspiracy to damn OBE to enable foreign consultants to come up with their own package? They work on the basis that the PNG blackfellas are basically stupid and will believe anything from an expatriate.

They did that last time with introduction of OBE and a little sleight of hand from the expatriate consultants.

I have been involved with OBE and Mastery Learning for 40 years yet have no idea of what Nemala has to say. It seems so contrived, superfluous and smart-arsed. His big words hide the fact that he does not understand the concept of OBE and ML. Please click:


He blames OBE and ML for everything. This is like a mechanic blaming his spanner. He does not understand that these are tools and templates for learning.

OBE provides a check-list in the form of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and is based on KNOWLEDGE, COMPREHENSION, ANALYSIS, APPLICATION, SYNTHESIS AND EVALUATION. What more or less can there be?

OBE does not prescribe what is to be taught. It focuses on the recall of facts in KNOWLEDGE, understanding and writing in own words.

Yet Nemala says that OBE ignores the basics. That is like saying that the mechanic ignores the adjuster on a spanner. It is not the fault of the spanner. I can not hit nails with this hammer. I blame the hammer.

The taxonomy provides a template or tool box for learning – all learning. The student is required to ANALYZE components of any concept. That applies in mathematics, comprehension of texts and solving problems in chemistry and physics.

Namala foolishly claims that OBE avoids the basics of literacy, writing and numeracy. No. The foreign teachers avoided the basics to make work easier for them. Here is Namala blaming the tool box again. Please click:



We APPLY our knowledge, concepts to all kinds of school study. We work out a useable plan for primary industry on the basis of our knowledge of developmental economics. We apply our knowledge of ecology to assessment of the dangers of undersea mining.

The report on Mastery Learning in Science has been designed for primary school children. It enables students to solve a sequence of small problems that have been taken from the study of heat.

Each small problem could be expanded in scope as widely as the teacher wants and the students seek. Please click:


We put together a plan by SYNTHESIZING  all concepts and insights we know. After the work is finished, we EVALUATE the effectiveness of our plan.

But much learning remains at the level of KNOWLEDGE and COMPREHENSION, particularly in the old approach to learning.

Recall of facts

When did PNG gain independence?
Who was the first Prime Minister?

What is the cause of malaria?
List the stages of development of the liver fluke.

What are characteristics of an economically
strong nation (from the text)
What is the theory of evolution?


Explain in your own words the theory of evolution.
Explain with a diagram, the pathway of HIV infection.


From the written text, list the causes of World War 2.
Explain from the text, the causes of global warming.
What is the main difference between mitosis and meiosis.

Most PNG school learning does not rise above this level.
It is just recall of facts not in own words. Please click:


The key to effective learning is (1) in your own words and
(2) by your own reasoning.

Mastery Learning should be designed to gently promote
own reasoning in own words.

Many PNG students have never had a thought and never
put any thought in own words. See report above.


It is often not that the teachers have to work too hard. It
is more that they may not have intellectual capacity to
break skills down to component parts.

The job should be done by a mastery learning design
team to prepare sequences and conduct workshops.

Application (research with texts provided)

What are future possible effects of global warming?
What are future problems that HIV/AIDS will cause?

Synthesis (research with texts provided)

From what you read, explain how the human race will combat HIV/AIDS?
From your own insight, what problems will face PNG in the next 50 years?
Prepare a plan to solve overpopulation and shortage of land in PNG?

Evaluation (research with texts provided)

Read the following plan and explain your view on its future success.
Explain possible success of the new Government policy on economic
development in terms of the following criteria.
What are the criteria for a successful student.
How would you assess a candidate in the election. Give your criteria.
Assess the theory of evolution for accurate explanation of life.

Bloom provides the template. Teachers provide the knowledge, attitudes and skills. Rubbish in - rubbish out. Incompetent teachers in - uneducated students out.

If the expatriate consultants reject OBE, basics and Mastery Learning, perhaps they should fill the school libraries with Phantom comics. What else is there?

Friday, 23 November 2012


Members of AIDS Holistics are saddened at the news that Australian author Bryce Courtenay has died. He was an important figure in the world HIV/AIDS response with his book April Fool's Day. Please click:'s_Day_(novel)Cached - Similar

April Fool's Day is a 1993 novel by Australian author Bryce Courtenay. The
book is a tribute to the author's son, Damon Courtenay, a haemophiliac who ...

His whole family contributed to the book that told of his haemophiliac son Damon who died of AIDS on  April Fool's Day 1991. Please click:

18 hours ago – Australian author Bryce Courtenay, who shot to fame with The
 Power of One, has died at the age of 79, his family say.

He chronicled the years that led up to his son's death, particularly onset of dementia. He was infected by contaminated blood during an attack of haemophilia. These were the early days when not much was known of HIV/AIDS.

Damon had delusions that he was a famous doctor who had the cure for HIV/AIDS and being hunted by the CIA to be killed.

He believed he was the chief of the army and was in danger from CIA agents disguised as doctors and nurses at the hospital. He did not make life easy for his family. Please click:

hope, peace ... CASE STUDY IN AIDS DEMENTIA ... his son Damon in about
1993. He was ...

Bryce Courtenay and family introduced the people of the Pacific to the horror of dementia. We offer sympathy to the Courtenay family and honour their contribution.

There are still people in the world not on anti-retroviral drugs who suffer dementia in final AIDS. Not knowing the cause, families in Papua New Guinea may well blame sorcery. 

A common symptom is paranoia and the fear of being killed by evil people or spirits. This was demonstrated by Damon Courtenay.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Updated briefing to defence officers at the RAAF School of Languages 1978-1992. Soldiers on posting to PNG were briefed on all aspects of culture. Status of women was one such topic.

This is a report written to explain the range of factors involved in the violence in Papua New Guinea between men-boys-women-girls.
It has been written in response to the plethora of reports in the media placing the blame squarely in the hands of men and necessitating an invasion of foreign lesbian advisors to put men and women in their place. Please click:

The issue is not as simple as that. The violence has been growing for thousands of years when the nation was divided into clan areas. All strangers were the enemy except by special arrangement.
Men entered a clan area in raiding parties to kill men and steal women. Then the white man came to send kiaps into the clan areas to bring temporary peace and justice.
That lasted for 40 years before independence came and many clans slowly reverted to primeval times up to the present. But they drive Landcruisers to town, compliments of a corrupt politician.
Killings returned. But this time it was often on highways at the hands of raskols. Clans turned their outlook to putting a member into parliament by whatever means possible. They wanted the parliamentary funding to be turned only towards their clan.
The place of women was in the clan area looking after gardens and children. Now girls went to school while some sold their bodies to buy mobile phones and solicit for more sex. Older men waited for girls outside schools to obtain sex for money.
A new generation of girls has been born since independence with foreign ideas of rights with no responsibilities. They just wanna have fun.
But violence remains for women. Reports have been appearing in the media of highlands women and girls drinking homebrew and smoking marijuana.

This is the cause of much highlands violence on the part of men and women. Violence towards women and girls is rising.
Women in the highlands are becoming violent towards men to stop them from having other wives and leaving their original wife and children to starve.
There are often fights between women even in the streets of Port Moresby. Bomana prison has a section for women almost exclusively devoted to women who assaulted and killed other women.
Women and men are accused of sorcery and killed in village areas. It is very much the result of a lack of education of villagers on matters relating to health. Someone has to have caused deaths and be punished. 
The notorious UN Women has tried to turn the matter into a gender issue but that is false. Both men and women die in sorcery killings. It is certainly not an exercise in discriminating against women. Please click:

The place of women has been set since the time of the ancestors. Women have to bathe down stream from men so that their menstrual blood does not contaminate the men. They may not cook food at that time.
Families in many churches do not sit together. Men and boys sit on one side of the aisle while women and girls sit on the other.

European churches stopped the practice in the Middle Ages 600 years ago. Having families sit together may be step one for some churches.
Boys and girls in the more backward rural schools still sit apart in class. They never learn to talk to one another.
The report in the The National of 23 November 2012 quotes the Head of Medicins Sans Frontieres as stating that violence is found as sexual in family, tribal and inter-family. That view is a little more comprehensive and balanced. There are many factors involved.
Dr Karunakara suggests that PNG is not in a war zone. That view is quite unbalanced. There are many places in the highlands that are involved in ongoing tribal war. He shows his lack of experience.
There is a massive increase in population that is causing pressure on land. Clans are killing members of other clans to take their land. In the Eastern Highlands, clan members have taken to poisoning one another for their land.
There are clan members in settlements of Port Moresby who are afraid of being poisoned even by their own clan members. Their wantoks are not allowed in the house for fear of sprinkling plates and pots with poison. They sit under the house.
There was a time when there was a prohibition of killing women, girls and boys in tribal fights. But that has fallen away.

Tribal fights swarming down hill tops have stopped and been replaced by automatic high powered rifles that kill young boys on the way to school and women at the river. The nation has not resorted to genocide.
How is all of this to be stopped? Who knows? The population will continue to rise and pressure on land will increase. Please click:

Is PNG’s growing population a threat to the region?

In traditional China, government workers could not be posted to their tribal areas. This precaution has been ignored in Papua New Guinea. Much corruption is at the hands of government employees living and working in their traditional areas.
Organizations like UN Women and Medicins Sans Frontieres have to be more honest and professional in their statistics that they make public. Or they will continue to be accused of having a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Please click:


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


The community of Papua New Guinea is half way through a radio debate on FM 100 chaired by renowned radio personality Roger Hau'ofa.

He is doing a masterful job of keeping the issue of gay and lesbian rights on an even keel. But he could not help if some of the activist participants are using the opportunity to do a "snow job" on gay and lesbian rights.

I listened for 2 hours and at times felt that AIDS Holistics was being unnecessarily harsh. By the end of the show, there was a dubious balance. The message was mainly hidden.

Participants in the debate and the entire HIV/AIDS response are operating on two levels. One is the personal level in which respondents talk of love, equality, rights and discrimination. This is the level for community consumption.

Then there is the vicious level in which activist gays, lesbians and paedophiles are fighting to take control of governments and world aid organizations and intimidate, infiltrate, discriminate, alienate, dominate and seduce. Please click:



They play whatever tricks and tell whatever lies and make whatever false reports that it takes to win. Notorious UN Women set up a fake rape in a Port Moresby market to show the violence of men. They can fool only some of the people some of the time. Please click:


The message the gay and lesbian activists give is false. They are telling lies to maintain the world hyjacking of the world national HIV/AIDS responses. Please click:


President of I Gat Hop started the first major misinformation. That is that gay and lesbian people are born homosexual. That is true for a percentage of people.

Psychologists refer to the Nature-Nurture principle. Some people are born gay and lesbian. Others become that way because of the lives they lead.

Children of gay and lesbian couples may well follow the lifestyle and sexuality of the parent and partner, particularly if they have sex with the partner.

A boy may start at an English upper class boarding school. He arrives at 6 years old and finds himself in the beds of other boys until he is 18 years old. He has much enjoyment from masturbation and anal sex. Sucking penises is very nice.

He graduates gay having never had sex with a girl in his life. He goes to university with a group of gays and graduates to become a gay teacher, officer in the Foreign Office, clergy man or legal eagle. Take the famous group of gay spies in Britain in the 1950s - Philby, Maclean and Blount.

So Annie, you are talking rubbish. Why are most lesbians in South Africa teenage girls? Were they born with it?

Or were they indoctrinated by the gay and lesbian curriculum in high school compulsory to all students? The key hidden agenda is to recruit young boys and girls and destroy parental authority.

Father: What did you learn at school today, son?
Son: We learned how to suck penises and put our fists up a gay lover's anus.
Father: That is disgusting.
Son: Don't be homophobic, dad. Our teacher warned us about this.


The activists place much emphasis on discrimination and the need to remove the "old colonial homophobic laws". There is a hidden agenda here.

The claim is that gays are afraid to get treatment because of fear of these laws. This is rubbish. They imply that the gays and sex workers will be reported to the police by doctors and health workers.

How many gays and lesbians have been arrested since independence? A few paedophiles have been arrested for sex with boys. Gay and lesbian activists do not tell us that their anti-family agenda is paedophile. It is all about boys and girls.

It is all fake. Once the gays, lesbians and paedophiles overturn the old laws, they will be equal in every way with the community. And the gay and lesbian lifestyle will be equal.

They have the right to take Court action if their application is refused to be clergy or Scout and Guide leaders. They have the right to include gay and lesbian studies in school curriculum without permission of parents. Please click:



There is no mention of the activist plan to tear the fabric of society, destroy the role of parents, destroy the authority of Scripture and motivate children to spend their nights on the streets within the grasp of paedophiles.

French socialists want to ban homework. That should get the kids out on the street. Please click:


Gay and lesbian activists talk of discrimination. This is laughable. They are the greatest discriminators on the planet. They will discriminate against heterosexual job applicants in favour of unqualified gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

They will refuse to give taxpayers' money to churches and care groups that support a Positive Living family message.

They will discriminate against PNG doctors who do not toe the gay and lesbian line. They decided who was  or was not employed in the privatized campaign. They make false accusations against people who oppose their agenda.

They hide the dangers of gay sex from young gays. They never talk about the danger from coccidian gut parasites that enter bodies of anus licking gays and destroy the gut lining. They never mention dangers of anal sex. Please click:


25 Jun 2012 – The mucosa cells are targetted by the HIV virus. Most coccidian
gut parasites replicate in the gut lining of epithelial cells. So we can see that the ...


Scholarly articles for Family Positive Living: Gut parasites HIV/AIDS coccidian

Gastrointestinal parasites in the immunocompromised - Lewthwaite - Cited by 56

Most people with HIV infection are family people who need to be looked after by family. AIDS Holistics has always focused on the importance of family.

For this we are hated by gay and lesbian activists. They want to exclude FAMILY and FAITH so that they can have the young kids to themselves.

They want to ban smacking, promote gay and lesbian adoption, encourage kids to tell lies to parents and go out at night to discos, use condoms from early age and learn about gay and lesbian sex in school curriculum, gays, lesbians and paedophiles to be Scout and Guides leaders and ordained as clergy.

They want kids to  have the right of association, lowered age of consent, regard faith as false, accept same sex marriage and have rights but no responsibilities. Please click:


And this pack of bastards have undoubtedly sponsored the radio debate this week on FM 100. All the speakers were from gay and lesbian supporting groups.

The sponsor is undoubtedly from the United Nations. They are getting desperate after the fake market rapes last month. But no mention in the newspapers.

On World AIDS Day 2010, gay predator and Head of UNAIDS Stewart Watson advised the PNG community in his speech not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH.

A UNAIDS speaker went to the Ministers' Fraternal last year and told the clergy that they had to accept adultery as this keeps married couples happy.

He said that all people have the right to sex with any other person. Dogs are like that with other dogs. It may have been Watson. He nearly caused a riot among the clergy rescued only by Dame Carol Kidu. Please click:



Watson is ANTI-FAMILY and ANTI-FAITH and was the main enemy of the founder of AIDS Holistics when he worked for AusAID in 2001.

He would be a major supporter of the radio debate this week. But he would not dare show his face.

The United Nations would still be suffering from the fake market rapes set up last month. The radio campaign was a huge mistake.

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Monday, 19 November 2012


Report is anonymous - coming trend among lesbian activists.

There has been a dramatic increase in reports to the Papua New Guinea media on violence of men to women.

It seems that the notorious UN Women is leaving the fakery to PNG women's groups who need funding. Please click:


In The National newspaper of 20 Nov 2012 Page 8, there is one of the typical reports from Family Voice Centre and the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee.

The report is dated 2006 to 2008 which means these figures are not those of the two groups cited. Key message is that one third of all violence towards all women is at the hands of educated men.

These we find out later are men who go to high school and university. High school starts in grade 9.  We are told that men are clearly the main offenders. That means that there are women involved in violence too.

Activists conveniently ignore that women make up the rest of the offenders. Main offenders 60-40? 70-30? 80-20? 90-10?

In 2010, the Seventh Day Adventist church advised that the figure for family violence was 64% men and 36% women.

This was advised at the Family Crusade at Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby. This means that all statistics on domestic violence must include violent women, both heterosexual and lesbian.

We are told that of 750 victims of violence, 250 said that the men involved were educated up to college and tertiary levels. What about the other 500? Perhaps the men were lesbians.

Statistics is an exercise in sets and logic. In this case, the universal set is 750 victims. They may be women, girls, lesbian women and girls, gay men and boys. 

We are told that there are 150 claiming violence from educated men. Twenty said they were attacked by men who attended primary school. What about the remaining 580?

The rest could be women violent to men and lesbian women violent to girls. There is a high degree of lesbian violence to women and girls in the world. Please click:

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Domestic Violence - Similar

Providing information, resources, and support to gay, lesbian, bisexual
and transgendered victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Then the Family Voice Centre goes wild with figures. We are told that 84% of violence is in the home.

That would include highlands women violent to men. Delete.

But wait. Forty-eight percent is non-physical violence. What about the remaining 8%? Any act can be termed as violence by hostile lesbian activist counsellors working to reach their weekly tally of violence.

The Family Voice Centre claims that 29% of victims report being raped. 10% report sexual violence. 9% report touching. 8% extra-marital, 8% abuse, 6% harrassment, 5% attempted rape and 5% rape in marriage.

That sounds reasonable, I hear you say. But no. A woman may talk to a counsellor.

My boyfriend (1) hits me when he (2) has sex, (3) shouts at me and calls me names (4) comes to my work place to demand money (5) has a spouse in the village and (6) tries to rape me.

I will record that as 6 different attacks and 6 different men and women. Fake result.

Then we have input from a church. The lesbians never mention good husbands and fathers. They are all violent and abusive. Please click:


Sunday, 18 November 2012


Over the last decade, Papua New Guinea has become the victim of a fake media campaign by foreign organizations particularly the United Nations.

Of course we know there is violence in this country as in every country but the foreign organizations infiltrated by gay and lesbian activists are grossly exaggerating.

They make nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels look like a kindergarten teacher. They have homed in on violence of men and abuse of women, just as Goebbels focused on Jews and rape of the German nation.

The trick is to repeat fake information about men until it is generally believed. They support only those national organizations that support their fake information.

Recently we saw this fakery at the hands of UN Women who have moved in with fake information on the markets of Port Moresby. They claim that the markets are dominated by violent men who booze, gamble and harrass women.

Two weeks ago, they set up a hoax report in the media of two violent rapes in Gordons market. UN Women had their fingers badly burned as did the foreign newspaper The National.

The National has published reports each by a different female journalist claiming since the hoax that Gordons market is getting worse. In the media today, the journalist referred to the "notorious" Gordons market. They are trying to cover up the newspaper role in the rape hoax.

But UN Women has now backed right off the fake market violence campaign. They have suckered another organization into taking over. Funding has undoubtedly been promised or already forwarded.

Now the Red Cross is naively taking the reins of market violence that mainly does not exist. Please click:

Waigani market has a main pavilion for night selling and has banks 40 fluorescent lights. The UN lesbians missed that one.




The fake media campaign is being run by gay and lesbian activists, mainly lesbian. We have another fake agenda at the hands of Medicins Sans Frontieres that are putting out fake statistics with gay and lesbian tricks. Please click:

They claim to have access to hospital statistics but use the age-old slippery tricks. A recent report claimed that 90% of PNG women suffer rape and other violence. Including other violence can inflate the statistics by 500%.

About 60% of PNG men admit to group sex most likely gang rape. Lies.

They use slippery words. There are 1817 women seen at the hospital. What does seen mean? Is this another word for treated? Did the MSF operative go around with a clip-board and interview visitors?

Why be so conservative? We are sure that 100% of women and 100% of men will suffer violence and abuse too some time in their lives. There can be massive inflation of figures. Every person on the planet has a story to tell.

I was pushed. That is violence.
My mother sent me to bed without supper. That is abuse.
A boy hit me at school. That is violence.
My father slapped me. That is violence.

Put down four more survivors of violence and abuse !! That makes 84 for Monday. It has been a good day. Let's aim for 450 women and girls by Friday. Don't include violence against men. They deserve it.

Survivors is the new in-word for lesbians.

The claim of confidentiality enables massive fakery. Prove your figures. We can not. It is confidential.

AIDS Holistics has found that 95% of lesbians are beaten by their partner. 87.3% of gays have gut parasites. We can not reveal our sources. It is confidential. Who wants a statistics fakery war with us?

The fake figures are used by lesbian supporting journalists. Then the reports are sent by the activists around the world as fact. Organizations seeking funding have to use the fake reports.

Papua New Guinea is being set up by gay and lesbian foreign enemies.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ