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In other parts of the world FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY is taken very seriously, particularly in
helping dysfunctional families damaged by violence, abuse and alcohol.

Family Responsibilities Commission - Aboriginal and Torres Strait ...
17 May 2011 ... The Family Responsibilities Commission (FRC) began
operation on 1 July 2008 as a key component of the Cape York Welfare
Reform (CYWR)
commission/ - Cached - Similar

Gospel Principles Chapter 37: Family Responsibilities
"Chapter 37: Family Responsibilities," Gospel Principles, (2009) ... What
responsibilities do husbands and wives share in raising their children? ...
Teens and Family Responsibilities - University of Minnesota Extension
They want to teach their teen about family responsibilities by having them help
with these household tasks. There are many advantages to having teens help ... - Cached - Similar

Family Responsibilities -
15 Sep 2004 ... Teachers should also be aware of various household responsibilities
needed to make the family unit function. Intended Learning Outcomes: ...

Family Values: How to Teach Responsibility-
How can parents raise responsible children? Read our tips on teaching kids hard
work and persistence, giving them chores, and helping children grow up to be ...
person because of their family responsibility or family status. The Act defines
family responsibility as being responsible for the care of ...

A focus on Family responsibility is an area in which Papua New Guinea is lacking.


I have known many gay men in my life. In my childhood, the young boy on the next farm was gay. He was not a boy but a girl. His responses were of a girl. He thought and talked like a girl. For many years, he was my only friend separated as the farms were by many kilometers.

In later years, he left school and went to work in Sydney and we never met again. He probably became part of the gay scene of Kings Cross. I had heard many years ago that he had died.

As a teacher in Papua New Guinea, I once had a gay boy in my grade 9 class. He was a girl. He did not mix with the boys but spent all of his time with the girls.

He was a top student who did very well in study. He became editor of the school magazine as that was where several girls worked. He enjoyed their company.

I always kept a watch on him as I used to feel protective towards him as if he were a son. But the boys generally ignored him and treated him in polite ways. They saw him as a girl. But he was not a girl they wanted to have a relationship with.

I have kept an eye on him over the years and have met him in several places. We always greet as old friends. He says I was a top teacher. And he was a top student. I know where he works at the present time.

If I were his father, I would worry about him. As a woman, he would look for a relationship with a man. He is not a woman but a man. The Bible tells us that this woman should not lie with a man. It is an abomination.

He will always be the woman of some man. And he may be subject to gay domestic violence. By now, his anus could be ripped to pieces. He does not deserve that. But what can he do?

There is a gay man who worked in a store near my house. He was a woman and worked among women. He was a sweet man who did not cause trouble and worked hard.

Occasionally, I would catch his eye and we would greet each other. I am sure I was not giving him the wrong idea but was letting him know that I accepted him as a person.

In the PNG AIDS response, my objection to gays and lesbians is not about their sleeping with men and women. It is about their opposition to the family that is the key to the HIV/AIDS response.

It is about the promotion of rights and no responsibilities. If the expatriate gays and lesbians had the grace to support family as the other side of the coin, I do not know what I would do.

It is partly about alienating young gays and lesbians from their own families so that they have nowhere to go. I am sure that my young friend above has a family to go to. His father made sure that he went through school and cared for him. I knew his father from many years ago.

My education on gays came in the 1960s on reading an advertisement in a university newspaper that said “ Macho gay guys want a gay guy to share a flat – no poofs allowed”. Up to that time, I thought that they were all poofs.

But now I know that macho gay guys become the husbands and destroy the anuses of the poofs who become the wives. Too many expatriate gays in Papua New Guinea are macho predators abusing young PNG men and boys.

GAY FISTING AND RIMMING ... under gay lesbian rimming and gay lesbian fisting. ... - Cached

And they want gay sex relations decriminalized. It is a normal alternative way of life, so says the message coming to us from Dame Carol Kidu and Sir Peter Barter.

So now the world gays and lesbians are pressuring the community not to discriminate against gays and lesbians. This will leave them completely free to discriminate against the community.

ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI-FAITH, ANTI-MEN, ANTI-MARRIAGE, ANTI-PARENTING are all discrimination against the community. We are just too stupid to realize.

The Monpi Suite: The decriminalisation of Prostitution and ...
7 Apr 2011 – Dame Carol Kidu and Sir Peter Barter have proposed to decriminalise
homosexuality and prostitution in PNG. .... of researches to be done to convince the
world that gay and lesbian-lifestyle is an alternate way of life, ... - Cached

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


..... and stop the baby talk

In Papua New Guinea schools, too many students are allowed to write
baby talk. They write whatever comes into their heads, usually repetitive
sentences that start with "I". They often think in Tok Pisin and write in

Nem bilong me John. Mi bilong Sepik Province. Mi gat 8 pela Krismas.
Mi gat 2 pela brata. Mi gat 2 pela susa.

Teachers have to emphasize complex sentences.  But many do not know
how to stop the baby talk. Teachers should try the exercises below.

Parents please take these exercises home to your children particularly
those in upper primary to high school levels.


I work in Lae. I live at Nadzab. I arrive at my workplace
at 8.00am

I work in Lae and live at Nadzab, arriving at the workplace at

Working in Lae, I live at Nadzab, arriving at the workplace at

Working in Lae, I live at Nadzab and arrive at the workplace at

He traveled across the country. He bought produce. He sold
produce in the towns.

He traveled across the country to buy produce that he sold in  the

Travelling across the country, he bought produce to sell in the

I studied at university. I wanted to become a doctor. I wanted
to help people.

I studied at university to become a doctor and help people.

I had come to town. I had walked for many hours. I was very

I had come to town having walked for many hours and was very tired.

Having walked for many miles, I came to town and was very tired.

He had walked for many miles. He sat by the old tree. He waited
for the bus to come.

Having walked for many miles, he sat by the old tree waiting for the
bus to come.

He had walked for many miles and sat by the old tree waiting for the
bus to come.

He opened the door. He went inside. He put the package on the table.

He opened the door and went inside to put the package on the table.

He opened the door, went inside and put a package on the table.

Opening the door, he went inside to put the package on the table.

The old man sat by the river. He had sat by the river for many years.
He waited patiently for the fish to come.

The old man sat by the river as he had done for many years, waiting
patiently for the fish to come.

I work as a cleaner. I put out the rubbish. I sweep the factory floor.

I work as a cleaner to put out the rubbish and sweep the factory floor.

Working as a cleaner, I put out rubbish and sweep the factory floor.

She arrived at the house. She opened the door. She went inside.

She arrived at the house, opened the door and went inside.

Arriving at the house, she opened the door and went inside.

He opened his eyes. He smiled at his family. He died.

He opened his eyes, smiled at his family and died.

Opening his eyes, he smiled at his family and died.

He held the rope . He told his friend not to be afraid. He said
that help was coming

Holding the rope, he told his friend  not to be afraid as
help was coming

He held the rope and told his friend not to be afraid as help
was coming.

He looked out the window. He saw a ship. It was on the horizon

He looked out the window and saw a ship on  the horizon.

Looking out the window, he saw a ship on the horizon.

She opened her eyes. She smiled. She asked for a glass of water.

She opened her eyes, smiled and asked for a glass of water.

Opening her eyes, she smiled and asked for a glass of water.

He tried to open the door. He could not open the door. The lock
was stuck.

He tried to open the door but could not as the lock was stuck.

Birds come back to their nesting sites. They find their mates.
They produce their young.

Coming back to their nesting sites, birds find their mates and
produce their young.

Birds come back to their nesting sites to find their mates and
produce their young.

He was a great king. He gave land to the poor. He built water
canals. He brought farming to the desert.

A great king, he gave land to the poor, built water canals and
brought farming to the desert.

He was a great king who gave land to the poor, built water canals
and brought farming to the desert.

I graduated from Grade 10. I had credits in English and Social Science.
I had upper passes in mathematics.

I graduated from Grade 10 with credits in  English and Social Science
and upper passes in Mathematics.

Graduating from Grade 10, I had credits in English and Social Science
with upper passes in Mathematics.

He had nowhere to sleep. He looked for a dry place. It had to be secure
from intruders.

He had nowhere to sleep and looked for a dry place secure from intruders.

Having nowhere to sleep, he looked for a dry place secure from intruders.

She hoped to be chosen as a candidate. She prepared a detailed resume.
It included referees. It included a summary of part-time work.

She hoped to be chosen as a candidate and prepared a detailed resume
that included referees and a summary of  part-time work.

Hoping to be chosen as a candidate, she prepared a detailed resume with
referees and a summary of part-time work.

He did not know what to do. He sent a message to his friend. He sought his

He did not know what to do and sent a message to his friend seeking his

Not knowing what to do, he sent a message to his friend seeking his advice.

He was a man. People would come to him. They would seek his advice.

He was a man to whom people would come to seek his advice.

It was a tree. People would sit under the tree. They would eat their lunch.

It was a tree under which people would sit to eat their lunch.

There was a large river. People built bridges across the river. They would
take their produce to market.

There was a large river across which people built bridges to take their
produce to market.

There was a beautiful lake. The settlers built a town around the lake. They
lived there for many centuries.

There was a beautiful lake around which settlers built a town where they
lived for many centuries.

He bought a beautiful horse. He had paid much money for the horse.

He bought a beautiful horse for which he had paid much money.

There was a hotel in the valley. It had a large roof. Across the top was
the word “Hotel”.

There was a hotel in the valley with a large roof. across which was the
word “Hotel”.

The old man was his employer. He had worked for him for many years.

The old man was his employer for whom he had worked for many years.

The problem has not been solved. Power failures still occur. There are
breakdowns in power stations. Power lines have been damaged in the

The problem has not been solved with power failures still occurring,
break-downs in power stations and power lines damaged in the floods.

The Bolivian Government failed. Extensive poverty existed in rural
areas. Violence raged in rural areas. Corruption caused services to

The Bolivian Government failed with extensive poverty existing in rural
areas, violence raging in rural areas and corruption causing services to

The weather news for the weekend is not happy. High winds will bring
rough seas. Heavy rain will cause even greater flooding.

The weather news for the weekend is not happy with high winds bringing
rough seas and heavy rain causing even greater flooding.

The arrival of the Queen has brought great joy. The people crowded the
streets. Children danced in the show grounds. Flags fluttered from buildings.

The arrival of the Queen has brought great joy with people crowding the
streets, children dancing in the show grounds and flags fluttering from buildings.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Success of children at school is very much in the hands of parents. Research in the US shows that families with children who do well at school are often those with no English at home. But the parents know how to get the best out of their children and make sure that they achieve their potential.

The parents ensure the children go to school, complete homework, complete assignments, attend school on test days, buy books for the children to read, question the children on what is read, accept no excuses for school work not done, provide a home study environment and make sure that school work is done before play starts.

Then children start to achieve their potential. Many students in undisciplined homes are achieving below their potential.

Monday, 27 June 2011


The AIDS Awareness in this country would lift in every province if the task of teaching HIV/AIDS were given to high school Biology and Science teachers. The physiology of HIV/AIDS is very basic starting with the attack on the gut lining and the slow process of blocking nutrients, salts and water.

10 May 2011 ... 10 May 2011 ... testing the gut lining by assessing how well it. Gut warfare.
Far from the unhurried killer it seemed to be,. HIV is a swift ... - Cached - Similar

29 Jan 2008 ... HIV causes physical problems - The HIV infection causes damage to your gut
lining, which means that you may not be able to digest and absorb ... - Cached - Similar

Causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome.
HIV/AIDS can also create a leaky gut as can the medications used to manage the
disease. Candidiasis; Cancers of the gastro-intestinal tract ... - Cached - Similar

Leaky gut in HIV
In advanced HIV infection, the homeostatic balance between gastrointestinal
indigenous bacteria and gut immunity fails and microbes are able ... - Cached - Similar

HIV and Inflammation | | The AIDS InfoNet
The immune system in the gut is called gut-associated lymphoid tissue or GALT.
It protects the body from germs in food. HIV ... - Similar

27 Jan 2007 ... Leaky gut and bacteria in the gut are important in the progression of AIDS
after HIV infection. Benchley et al report elevated levels of ... - Cached - Similar

Gut warfare
the gut. Doctors have known for more than a decade that HIV affects the ....
puts it, “a leaky gut”—a condition in which the gut barrier ceases to function - Cached - Similar

AIDS Dementia Complex
It is postulated that “leakygut in HIV infection may in fact trigger the onset
of HIV encephalitis. Neurodegeneration. Neurodegeneration ... - Cached - Similar

PLoS Medicine: Gut Mucosa in HIV Infection: “Immune Milk” Solution
27 Feb 2007 ... Brenchley and colleagues suggest in Nature Medicine that HIV
infection causes this breakdown in the gut mucosa resulting in a “leaky gut,” ... -

But that has been a banned issue for many years by expatriate advisors not willing to allow awareness in the community of the attack of gut parasites on gay men. So the rest of us have to remain unadvised. I have been a Grade 11 Biology teacher in Papua New Guinea and taught the physiology of HIV/AIDS as part of the curriculum.

Homosexuality and Parasites - Conservapedia
13 Feb 2011 ... Concerning homosexuality and parasites, anal sex can be an important risk factor
for intestinal parasitism. In 2006, the The Medical Journal
_and_Parasites - Cached - Similar

Ma La Absorption
18 Nov 2010 ... Abstract Background: Intestinal parasites not only cause ... Literature
on the role of parasites, such as intestinal coccidia and ..... these commensal
parasites has been found in homosexuals with AIDS and refugees [31]. ... - Cached - Similar

intestinal parasites worms -, Authoritative ...
6 Mar 2011 ... Treatment for intestinal parasites usually involves antiparasitic drugs. ...
Characteristics of Intestinal Flagellates, Ciliate, and Coccidia Visible in ...
many gay men became infected by intestinal parasites which ... - Similar

Intestinal Protozoa Medical Microbiology 201
A wide variety of protozoa inhabit the intestinal tract of humans (Box). ... the
parasite increases in size and undergoes asexual replica- ... male homosexuality
(oral- anal contact). • zoonosis? ➢ Entamoeba = no ..... of the coccidian is a
thick walled oocyst stage that is excreted with the feces. A few coccidian ... - Cached - Similar

Sexual transmission of intestinal parasites in men who have sex ...
the incidence of the 'gay bowel syndrome,. Although the term is .... Intestinal
parasite infestation. Several protozoal, coccidian and helminthic parasites ... - Similar

Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites and Proļ¬le of CD4+ Counts in ...
from Mazandaran province and screened for intestinal parasites, using direct wet
mont, formalin-ether sedimentation concentration, modified .... coccidian
parasites (Cryptosporidium sp., Isospora .... homosexuals (Zali er al., 2004). - Cached - Similar

The HIV/AIDS response in Papua New Guinea totally ignores the attack of HIV on the gut lining, the importance of ARV drugs to stop the attack and the importance of nutrition to build the gut wall again together with all other cells and tissues.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


We read in The National, that the law courts have put up a list of human rights. The photo in the media this morning showed a leading lesbian activist sitting in the front seat. Is that what retired gay judge Michael Kirby was doing in PNG?

Let us bet that the Courts are by-passing the legislative process and going straight to the United Nations Charter of Rights. It will include gay and lesbian rights. The Marriage Act does not include same-sex marriage. Gay and lesbian adoption of children is not permitted in law.

We have to remember that legal is the servant of legislative.


Power in the Blood David Chilton
1987 ISBN 0-943497-05-4

Without Him nothing was made. This report has been written in response to the impending decriminalization of gay and lesbian relations and later legaiization of same sex marriage and adoption of children in Papua New Guinea.

We must never allow ourselves to forget that Scripture tells us that gay and lesbian sex is an abomination. The human race is part of creation. God is in control of the world at every moment, but allows us to make a mess.

This does not mean that we have to be fatalistic and resigned to everything on the basis that it is all God’s will. There is sin in the world. There are disasters and tragedies. There are evils that we must fight.

Nature is a word commonly used as the reflection of reality. Those who profess not to believe in God often sneak another God in through the back door, capitalizing Nature as speaking as if the creation were the Creator itself.

To Nature are ascribed attributes of personality and of deity as well. But the Biblical world view is that God as Creator rules every aspect of reality. Scripture never uses the term nature. The unity in the created order is in the Creator alone.

Our God brings the normal events of life: sunshine, darkness, heat and cold, seasonal changes, wind and rain, thunder and lightening.

As a Biology teacher, I have always been in awe of the magnificent and panoramic detail of creation.

Out there in the world is a massive ecosystem that has been in operation for billions of years and provided living space for creatures all living together from bacteria to snails, caterpillars, cockroaches, dinosaurs and birds. It did not grow out of amino-acids in the swamps.

Billions of creatures live in harmony with the seasons, rain, vegetation, reproductive cycles, winds, and sunshine. Some butterflies have been pollinating the same flowers of the same bush for millions of years.

The palolo worm has bred in the sand on the same Pacific island on the same night every year from the beginning of time.

Their female organs mature minutes after their male organs to prevent self-fertilization. Within those minutes, another palolo worm is fertilized.

I am too overawed to think of creation versus evolution. Whatever happened was brilliant and the work of the Creator. Perhaps we are not meant to know.

I once saw a cartoon in a university magazine in 1965 that I have never forgotten. Two fish were talking in a fish bowl. One said to the other “If there is no God, tell me, who changes our water”? Are there other civilizations in the universe? We are not meant to know. It is all outside our fish bowl.

The discovery of DNA has opened up the magic of creation. Every creature and plant on the planet has its own DNA that replicates in basically similar ways. Every cell has its own mitochondria that is the blast furnace for metabolism and the Kreb’s Cycle.

The earthworm, snail and cockroach are brilliant in design. The body systems of all are basically identical to other living creatures. The rows of pseudo hearts beat in the anterior section of the earthworm. Fertilization is external.

The snail has small arrows for sexual arousal. The cockroach has a keratin layer that makes it breathe through portholes on the side that are covered with a sticky fluid to prevent water loss.

It extracts water and excretes uric acid crystals that make cockroaches smell like urine. Every creature on the planet has the intricacy and brilliance of the Creator.

Whenever I have doubts about the Creator, I open my Biology textbooks not my Bible. Early lovers of the beautiful work of the Creator in nature were called Pantheists. In the ecosystems, He is there in all his glory.

I recall the Jesuit priest and poet Gerard Manley-Hopkins who wrote the poem “Glory be to God for dappled things; for skies as couple colour as a brinded cow. For rose moles all in stipple on trout that swim”. He was not a teacher of Biology. But what he wrote was from the heart.

Our Creator watches the land and seas of the planet being depleted of life while the planet is suffering from global warming, loss of rain forests and acidification of the seas. .

There are more people living today than ever lived and that number will double by the end of the next century. Please God help us.

The world is moving into apostasy. AIDS will always be with us. The gay community of the world will suffer the greatest loss of life over the next century.