Saturday, 30 June 2012


The 2012 elections in PNG have become a mess. The blame for this is obvious. But the new Government under Peter O'Neill wanted a six month postponement.

But the nation rose against this. The claim was that a dictatorship was under way. People demonstrated in the streets. So the Prime Minister changed the plan and allowed the elections to go ahead.

After a couple of weeks, the electoral commissioner declared the rolls were ready. Perhaps he had been smoking marijuana.

How can this nation possibly have valid rolls? Will each distant villager have an ID card to enrol? How will their identity be verified to receive an ID card?

We read that the rolls have not been updated since 2007. That means that thousands of dead people are still on the rolls. Hundreds of thousands of young people have become eligible to vote and are not on the rolls.

A large percentage of the population missed out on voting with the obvious suspicion of foul play in updating the rolls. The Australian media commented. Please click:

Belden Namah says Australia ‘interfered’ in election

We had our say about two months ago in a report on blog that stated the obvious. Please click:

9 Apr 2012 – The PNG parliament voted to defer the election for 6 months. The general
population in Port Moresby rose against the Government action.

Friday, 29 June 2012


A report has appeared on BBC news about a new once a day drug for people with HIV infection. It will make life easier for them.

HIV Treatment Adds Safe Once-a-Day Pill - NewsPlurk
15 hours ago – BBC News ( 6/28/2012 7:08:00 PM -08:00 ) ... New quad
drug for HIV proved safe and effective. A new once a day “Quad” pill for
HIV is a safe and effective alternative to traditional antiretroviral regimens,
concludes two ...

Life expectancy is increasing by the year now. The BBC report states sufferers will soon live for 30-40 years after infection if they look after themselves.


I have just been to Malaoro market in Port Moresby. It is a beautiful day at 11am on Saturday morning. The market is spotless and tidy.

Women sit in rows on clean mats brought from home upon which they place their fruit and vegetables. It is a happy atmosphere.

Many suckle their babies as they sell. Small children tend to play in the vicinity of their mothers.

The women mainly sell fruit, vegetables and fish. They sit in rows of village aunties, daughters and cousins.

Men have small tables on which to display DVDs, mobile phones and assorted factory made goods. There are no drunks. Neither is there gambling. Ever.

In the afternoon, the banana leaves and betel nut shells will be piled to be carted away by cleaners overnight.

The UN Women lesbians have made their last false report. Please click:


They will say anything to get their New World Order agenda in place.

Head of UN Women in the Pacific is an older middle-aged woman who is a psychopathic liar. Please click:



Now that same-sex marriage is on the agenda in many countries, there are very important issues to be raised.

We have read from the South African book The Pink Agenda that the world gay and lesbian agenda does not recognise family, traditional marriage and heterosexual husbands and fathers. Please click:


What does this mean for the same-sex marriage? Is it that the world agenda wants to take all traditional marriage customs back to square one?

Will brothers soon be allowed to marry their sisters?

What about bigamy and polygamy? What about divorce?

Divorce rate lower in (gay-marriage legal) Massachusetts - Blogging ...
4 Sep 2009 – By allowing gay marriage, why then would you oppose bigamy, ... that
if other states pass gay marriage laws that the divorce rate will go down?

If a man or woman in a heterosexual marriage then leaves the marriage and takes part in same-sex marriage, is that bigamy?

Is this why the divorce rate is low in Massachusetts? Gays and lesbians just move on without divorce.

After all, if they do not recognise traditional marriage, they do not recognise any of the associated laws.

Is the family to be watered down with the call for a lowering of the age of consent for children to have sex with adults? Please click:


Do the gays and lesbians deliberately plan that same sex marriage is a "mickey mouse" union? Do they want all marriages to be mickey mouse?

We read in gay supporting PNG Attitude blog the view that adultery be decriminalized. Is this part of the plan for gay / lesbian bigamy and polygamy? Please click:


Do gays and lesbians have to go to Court for a divorce? Or do they just move on to the next same sex marriage?

If there are children by in-vitro fertilization and the gay or lesbian couple divorce, does the non-biological partner have the right to custody? Or does custody go straight to the biological parent?

If the biological parent dies, does the same sex partner have rights over the children? Or do family members of the deceased have the right to sue for custody? Please click:

When Same-Sex Marriages End in Divorce -
John Schwartz
by John Schwartz - in 1,077 Google+ circles - More by John Schwartz
2 Jul 2011 – Inconsistent laws will make same-sex divorce difficult. ...
New York's same-sex marriage law does not require residency to
wed, but the state does require residency of at least 90 days to obtain ...
Has Texas legalized bigamy?

Thursday, 28 June 2012


We have already posted a report below with a document from South Africa within.

The writer is a lesbian from South Africa who talks about horrific rapes of lesbians but has no statistics.

She makes the enlightening point that most lesbians in South Africa are teenagers.

Does this mean that most gays are teenagers too? Please click:

28 Mar 2012 – We read the report by Natalie Rosa Bucher of South Africa who tells
us that horrific levels of sexual violence in South Africa have been well ..

If true, it has to result from the gay and lesbian lifestyle promoted in school curriculum.

What does this mean? It means that schools are recruiting grounds for homosexual activists.

It means that teaching is now the domain for gays and lesbians.

We see the same in Massachusetts. Schools in Massachusetts promote a homosexual agenda.

They have gay and lesbian clubs in schools in which children out themselves

Schools require kids to publicly declare that they are gay and lesbian by attendance of gay and lesbian activities. Boys are advised of the best gay bars in Boston.

Romney and Obama support the gays and lesbians in Massachusetts education.

Romney was Governor of Massachusetts. What a choice for president - two gay and lesbian supporting presidential candidates.

And the Australian gays and lesbians are moving in like vultures to schools of Papua New Guinea. Kids are soon to be given condoms. Please click:


A gay and lesbian agenda in Papua New Guinea schools will end up a bigger mess than the 2012 elections.

The gay and lesbian activists are experts in making fake reports.

We saw a recent fake report from UN Women on violence of men in Port Moresby markets. Please click:


The ultimate fake report was the secret sex survey given to Massachusetts boys and girls by the Department of Education. Please click:


Wednesday, 27 June 2012


This is a survey prepared by Massachusetts gays and lesbians in the Department of Education to survey children on questions such as sexuality, sexual activity and attitudes to suicide. Please click:


Massachusetts Health Curriculum Frameworks - MassResistance! - Similar
The "functions" of family members is about breaking down male-female roles
in families. ... emotional reactions of the body to intense positive and negative
feelings. ... movement, and reinforces homosexual behavior as a legitimate part of life

Open the document and scroll down to the last reference in the report:

Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results, from the Mass. Dept. of Education. This "survey" is as fraudulent as they come.

This is a gross intrusion into family. The survey is confidential and not available to parents. It would be the basis of fake statistics on children particularly on violence of family and suicide. Creeps.

The students are not required to put their names to the survey they complete.

This means that anonymous gays and lesbians in the Department of Education have prepared an anonymous survey given to anonymous students.

It means gay and lesbian teachers can fake thousands of questionnaires with the exact responses that they seek. Education decisions are based on fake reports. Creeps.


My kids have a DVD about a young girl of 11 years. She is sweet and talks a lot. She lives wih her parents and argues with her young brother. She spends time planning out what they will all do for the summer holidays.

They will go to the circus that is coming to town. They will catch fish in the creek and ride their bicycles up and down the street. All the boys and girls of the neighbourhood are a gang.

I could not imagine gay and lesbian teachers spoiling all this by telling this little girl and her friends about sucking penises and anal sex.

They would put a new focus in their lives and spoil their childhood. They are forcing the kids to lose their innocence. Creeps.

The draft book of gay and lesbian education in Massachusetts tells young male high school students of the best gay bars to go to in Boston. This is recruitment not education. Please click:


It is all in the context of respecting and understanding the homosexual way of life. Creeps.

Monday, 25 June 2012


We must not annoy the activist gays or they will punish us. Please click:


They will cut off our funding if they work for AusAID or the UN. They will black-list us if we speak out on any matter.

AIDS Holistics must be the only care organization prepared to call a spade a spade. We have had our funding cut for talking of family and faith.

They have banned us and run a 10 year hate campaign. There is nothing more that they can do to us that will be successful. Please click:


So many people are afraid to say anything that may be taken as offensive. Take the professor who edited a book on HIV/AIDS.

In the Google posting the book is described as involving HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases.

AIDS Holistics has no problem about referring not to related diseases but to anus-licking and faeces eating diseases. That is what many of these are.

Most clinical books refer only to  "associated with gays and bisexuals". Readers have to use their imagination after that.

It takes a medical thinker to conclude that this is an anus-licking and faeces eating affliction. Please click:


Or that this involves blood or lymph. It is probably an anus sex disease made worse by fisting and tearing the mucosal layer of the anus. Blood and lymph systems are breached.

This opens the path to STIs including HIV. Please click:


The next disease comes from oral. anal sex or kissing such as candidiasis or oral hairy leukoplakia.

It involves gays or bisexuals with HIV and low immune systems and contracted through body fluids.

Many doctors accept through fear that they have to classify anus-licking and faeces eating diseases as "opportunistic".

They must not annoy gays. Some diseases are opportunistic but most are lifestyle.

Gays want to hide their diseases so as to give the false idea that they are the same victims as the rest of the community. They hide the reality that there are two plagues - HIV and gut parasite.

Gays are the main vectors of the gut parasite plague.

The anus to mouth pathway saves millions of parasites that go straight down to gay small intestines and would otherwise be lost in sewerage systems and pit toilets.

Some diseases may be contracted by the community not only by the gays. Take Ascaris lumbricoides. Please click:


This is inflicted by anus licking or eating vegetables fertilized with human faeces. This is still not opportunistic.

The gay and lesbian trickery has to be revealed.

They plan major changes to society starting with destruction and remodeling of family and faith.

They hide the more seedy aspects of gay and lesbian sex starting with anus licking and the gut lifestyle diseases.

Our kids have to be helped to see through the mask. A gay and lesbian lifestyle is not cool.


The key centre of digestion and absorption of nutrients and water is the small intestine or gut. The gut is lined by hundreds of small projections called villi that increase the absorption of nutrients. Please click:

Intestinal villus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Intestinal villi (singular: villus) are tiny, finger-like projections that protrude
from the epithelial lining of the intestinal wall. Each villus is approximately 0.5-1.6 ...
The mucosal lining has a layer of epithelial cells and mucosa cells. The epithelial cells are involved with the metabolism of starch to glucose that begins in the mouth and stomach with the enzyme amylase.

The next point is the broad fields of epithelial cells of the gut that line the villi. The mucosa cells are targetted by the HIV virus.

Most coccidian gut parasites replicate in the gut lining of epithelial cells. So we can see that the virus and the gut parasites have the capacity to destroy the gut. Please click:

The gut lining ends up being destroyed faster than the cells can be replaced. Without medication, the coccidians win in the end. That includes HIV.

A coccidian parasite is one that needs to replicate in a body cell. The HIV virus is coccidian too in that it replicates in the CD4 cells that protect the body and gut. Please click:

Coccidia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Coccidia (Coccidiasina) is a subclass of microscopic, spore-forming,
single- celled obligate intracellular parasites of the apicomplexan

But the major attack of the gut occurs in the bodies of anus licking gay men. We have already read of the Ascaris lumbricoides that produces millions of eggs in the gut.

A gay with extensive anal licking could have many species of parasites in the body and hundreds of millions of eggs in the gut with larvae throughout the body. Please click:


Please place this information in school curriculum across the world. Young men involved in gay anal sex are destroying their bodies through coccidian parasites.

They must know that many gay men have a nihilist death wish. If eating pork is seen to be Scripturally unclean, so too is anus licking, but far more so. Please click:



Oral Hairy Leukoplakia is a condition that is believed to be caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and is common among gay men. It can be malignant. It is passed by oral and anal sex of gay men.

It is called Oral Hairy Leukoplakia because of keratinized lesions that are formed on the tongue.

Oral Hairy Leukoplakia: An Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Disease ... - Similar
Time from HIV seroconversion to oral candidiasis or hairy leukoplakia among homosexual
and bisexual men enrolled in three prospective cohorts. AIDS. 1994 ...

leukoplakia (loo´kōplā´kē),

n a white plaque formed on the oral mucosa from surface epithelial cells with an unknown etiology. It is leathery, opaque, and somewhat thickened. Excluded from this are the white lesions of lichen planus, white sponge nevus, burns, thrush, and other clinically recognizable entities.

Histologically, hyperkeratosis, acanthosis, and subepithelial and perivascular infiltrate of round cells may be seen. Dyskeratosis may be present. These lesions may progress to malignancy, with cellular atypicism, dyskeratosis, epithelial pearl formation, and infiltration of malignant cells into connective tissue. See also dyskeratosis; hyperkeratosis.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


The largest and most common roundworm to infest the world is the Ascaris lumbricoides of the Phylum Nematoda.

It grows to considerable length, is elongated at each end and has hooks to attach to the gut wall.

Ascaris lumbricoides - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
Ascaris lumbricoides is the giant roundworm of humans, belonging to
the phylum Nematoda. An ascarid nematode, it is responsible for the
disease ascariasis in ...

Roundworms lay millions of eggs in the gut of the host which pass out with the faeces. The report above advises that the female roundworm can have 27 million eggs in her uterus.

That gives little comfort to a gay man who has a mouthful of his partner's diarrhoea faeces laden with a million eggs. The eggs are impervious to chemicals.

Because of the wide use of bush toilets and sewerage, most parasite eggs are lost. One million eggs might produce 100 adult parasites.

It can spread in developing countries where human faeces are used as fertilizer. An egg can lay dormant in the ground for several years. See report above.

But with anus licking by gays, the loss rate can be reduced. Those eggs that fall to the ground in faeces may be lost. But anus to mouth ingestion by gay men gives a perfect vector for all gut parasites.

Those that pass directly to the mouths of anus licking gay men will pass to the next stage to grow to adulthood.

Larvae pass through body systems before reproducing in the gut - the lymphatic system, heart and vessels and lungs before passing by coughing back to the small intestine to mature and reproduce.

Those that pass into the faeces and taken ino the mouth of another gay man will continue the life cycle.

This should be inserted into the Biology books for schools of the world.

We will post other gut parasites in weeks to come. Young boys should be aware that gay sex brings gross dangers. Please click:


Gay activists work to call all gut infections opportunistic. This is not true.

Most HIV infected people are not attacked by gut parasites.

These are lifestyle infections mainly for anus licking gay men.

And many more to come 



File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
by A Adjei - 2004 - Cited by 10 - Related articles
Design: Prospective study of HIV/AIDS patients with diarrhoea over a nine
month period. Setting: Korle-Bu ... several parasitic diseases, and among the
intestinal parasites, the intracellular coccidia, Isospora belli and. Cryptosporidium
of enteric pathogens in homosexual men and without acquired immunodeficiency ...

Saturday, 23 June 2012


The soft Christian world is being attacked by a gay / lesbian pandemic. Churches oppose the agenda but are unable to stop a relentless push.

The churches fight like sheep against wolves. The prize for the gays and lesbians is our children.

We have to fight them like wolves. This does not mean sending in a team of suicide bombers against gay mardi gras. That is always on the cards among Moslem extremists.

The most powerful technique is to promote the reality that gays lick anuses and absorb faeces of partners with totally infected and filthy guts.

The small intestines of all people are full of germs, bacteria and gut parasites breeding in massive numbers.

There are many gut parasites that lay millions of eggs in epithelial lining of the gut.

There are gay men who have serial sex with hundreds of other gay men.

Some have sex with 20-30 men a night in toilets and saunas. They have sex in cubicles of adult movie theatrettes. 

This means they may have licked hundreds of anuses full of parasite eggs, bacteria and germs.

Fisted anuses are always leaking faeces and infestations of parasites eggs. Please click:


Picture gay men at a glory hole having anonymous sex with dozens of penises or anuses poked through from the adjacent toilet. They might as well lick toilets.

This is the deep secret of gays who are trying to tell school boys that the gay lifestyle is very cool and sophisticated. This is false. Please click:


It is filthy and potentially fatal. They never promote anus licking in schools. That is a deadly secret that can only turn boys and girls away. The health aspects are not considered by teachers. Creeps.

Gut parasites combined with the HIV virus in the gut will enter the body through the leaky gut and damage liver, kidneys, blood and brain.

Many gay men at the end of their short lives have to be demented.

If the churches want to fight like wolves, they have to be prepared to promote the filthy anus licking side of gay sex.

Is this on the curriculum of gay/ lesbian studies in Massachusetts and South African schools? Undoubtedly not included.

Faeces are a hell's kitchen of disease. Lives are cut short. Brains will be damaged.

The clinical book by Professor Jenny Hoy below has about 30 pages of gut parasites.

They are creatures out of hell. Some gay men live by 30 pills a day to fight HIV and coccidian parasites.

The total book is summarized below:

HIV Management in Australia: a guide for clinical care
Edited by Jennifer Hoy and Sharon Lewin .... (DHAC) and the Australian National
Council on AIDS, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases (ANCAHRD) ... HIV Epidemiology
and Clinical Research, University of New South Wales, Sydney); Adam ...
Jeffrey J Post
13.2 Kaposi’s sarcoma 136
Cassy Workman
13.3 Oesophageal candidiasis 138
Mark Kelly
13.4 Mycobacterium avium complex 142
Jeffrey J Post
13.5 Mycobacterium tuberculosis 146
Jeffrey J Post
13.6 Toxoplasmosis 148
Kate Clezy
13.7 Cryptococcosis 151
Kate Clezy
13.8 Cryptosporidiosis 154
Mark Kelly
13.9 Cytomegalovirus 156
Mark Kelly
13.10 Microsporidiosis 161
Mark Kelly
Chapter 14
Respiratory manifestations 163
14.1 Approach to respiratory symptoms 163
Jeffrey J Post
14.2 Respiratory infections 166
Cassy Workman
14.3 Respiratory disorders 171
Jeffrey J Post
Chapter 15
Gastrointestinal manifestations 175
15.1 Approach to gastrointestinal symptoms 175
Jeffrey J Post
15.2 Gastrointestinal and oral infections 178
Mark Kelly
Chapter 16
Dermatological manifestations 189
Mark Kelly, Cassy Workman
16.1 Approach to dermatological infections 189
16.2 Varicella-zoster virus 189
16.3 Herpes simplex virus 191
16.4 Scabies 193
16.5 Molluscum contagiosum 193
16.6 Oral and anogenital warts 194
16.7 Seborrhoeic dermatitis 195
Chapter 17
Oncological conditions 199
Cassy Workman
17.1 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 199
17.2 Hodgkin’s disease 201
17.3 Cervical cancer 202
17.4 Anal cancer 203
17.5 Lung cancer 204
17.6 Other cancers

13.1 Pneumocystis carinii 131

Thursday, 21 June 2012



From Magazine New Age Woman dated 13 June 2012

This report was written by an anonymous UN Women writer. This is one of the unsavoury organizations in the Pacific focused on violence of men, real or grossly false.

All problems are due to men preying on abused women. This report is flawed by a prejudice against men and a plan for lesbians to take control.

The track record of UN Women shows lesbians of the New World Order employed. 

The Head of United Nations Women is a psychopathic lesbian who worked in AusAID and sought to set up a gay and lesbian infrastructure in the National HIV/AIDS campaign.

She led the fake market study in Port Moresby. Now she wants to push her way back in with fake studies for UN to give large amounts of funding.

UN Women is ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI-FAITH, ANTI-MEN and ANTI-MARRIAGE. The present study is quite manphobic.

UN Women would have played a leading covert role in 2011 in pushing for decriminalizing gay and lesbian sex by pressure on Dame Carol Kidu then Minister for Community Development.

The report below includes men and boys. Advice is that some boys suffer sexual violence in markets. The report is getting silly.

The writer must be referring to gay men and boys.  A report was written on this market issue last year, Please click:
21 Nov 2011 – It tells us that Gordons market in Port Moresby is a dangerous place
LIVING - AIDS ... Cox and the UN lesbians are getting the story wrong.

For the last three years, Port Moresby has been ranked as one of the five least livable cities in the world based on ranking scores in the five areas: stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Violent crime in Port Moresby threatens the safety and security of all citizens, and particularly women and girls who live in fear of physical and verbal harassment and assault, and are too often victims of these and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV).

This is a gross exaggeration. All people know where and when not to go. The same rules apply to New York after dark.

Public spaces and recreational areas for social integration are limited, dangerous and unwelcoming. Due to the limited availability of public spaces, markets and informal trading places are not only used for buying and selling of goods, but also to socialize, meet friends, gamble and drink, among other activities.

Perhaps to a UN white woman.

The National Capital District Commission – NCDC manages the city markets. However, the markets in the Moresby are characterized by weak local government presence, authority, and capacity in market planning, development of by-laws, budgeting, management, and maintenance.

This is a city with a massive increase in population over the last 2 years. It is crowded, particularly the markets.

There is no clear understanding of who is responsible for maintaining public order and violence in many different forms.

Newcomers and expatriates to the city are warned about the city’s “no-go zones” and in this context are told to stay away from markets and other public spaces, which severely restricts cash flows into markets and informal sector hubs.

This is false. Expatriates do not go to the markets as they are prepared to pay the increased prices at supermarkets. Shopping in markets would be seen by some expatriates as "going native". No-go zones?

About 80 percent of the city of Port Moresby’s market vendors are women, and over half of them have to bring their children to the market. Women in PNG suffer disproportionately from poverty and experience major barriers to participation in their communities due to low levels of literacy and education, high incidence of domestic and other forms of GBV which severely hinder women’s ability to manage and sustain their daily economic activity, to supplement their family livelihoods.

This is false. Children come to markets with their mothers. Markets are safest places. To set up a market on a roadside is to face violence and theft from police and city ranger thugs armed with iron bars. What does low levels of literacy have to do with selling fruit and vegetables?

The goal of UN Women’s Safe Cities Project in Port Moresby is to pilot new approaches to reduce violence against women and girls in public spaces.

This is false. The markets are mainly peaceful places. The overriding emotion is boredom. Many women sit in village groups with a few men among them. UN Women did not notice that.

The lesbian Head may well be seeking to infiltrate PNG with fake projects and agenda within agenda for the New World Order.

The project will focus in markets as the key entry point for mobilizing women’s leadership and citizens’ rights and responsibilities to set and observe new norms and standards of mutual respect of human rights, especially the right of women and girls to live, work and go about their daily lives free from all forms of discrimination and violence.

A scoping study was commissioned by UN Women in 2011 to gather and document qualitative and quantitative data on GBV and other forms of violence taking place in six markets of Port Moresby.

The results revealed that while women and girls are at most risk and are the most common victims of all forms of violence in the markets and other public spaces, men and boys also suffer from high levels of violence including sexual violence.

This is gross exaggeration. Boys suffer sexual violence at markets?? There is limited violence in markets.

Fear and anxiety is prevalent amongst males and females of all ages, ethnic groups and socio-economic status.

Rubbish. There is safety in numbers at markets.

Most men and women do not have confidence and trust that they will be adequately protected by the police or private security guards in the markets.

In most markets, wrongdoers will often be dealt with by the men. Young drunk boys know they will be in trouble if they make trouble.

They also fear retaliation if they inform on or chastise wrongdoers and may be subjected to threats, abuse or further mistreatment.

Not true.

Ethnic conflict is common in and around the markets, and has at times led to violent deaths. One of the ethnic conflicts in 2011 resulted in the closure of one of the main markets in the city, the subsequent loss of incomes, as well as spill over and disruption of the other city markets. Females also suffer from extortion on a regular basis.

Generalizing on a single incident at Gordons market 18 months ago.

In the absence of guarantees that police or security guards in the markets can and will protect women, and with high levels of unruly and provocative behavior, women are under pressure to pay public nuisances and perpetrators of violence with their produce or cash for “protection” to avoid confrontation or violent incidents.

Police and security guards are often involved in different ways, both intentionally and inadvertently in the crime and violence committed against vendors and patrons at the markets.

The conditions under which most market vendors sell their goods poses severe health and security risks to both vendors and buyers.

Markets are cleaned and swept daily. Most rubbish is banana leaves, betel nut shells and pineapple and kaukau offal.

Unemployment combined with alcohol and substance abuse, are some of the main problems amongst male youth who have been identified as constant perpetrators of violence in the market places.


Men of all ages tend to inconsiderately occupy the seats and shelters for market vendors, using these spaces to consume and sell alcohol and drugs, gamble, menace women and girls and negotiate commercial or transactional sex.

This is totally false. Stalls are reserved month in month out. Most stalls are under cover. Men do not occupy seats of the vendors.

Some men are vendors. Some women and men come together to sell. It is part of the lesbian agenda to accuse men of abusing women.

Many women vendors are displaced from the market shelters or market premises and have to sit next to busy roads, open sewage or near the trash, where they sell their fruits and vegetables, and have their children play.

Total exaggeration. The problem is most markets are overcrowded with vendors not inconsiderate men. Which market is being referred to? Some vendors are banned for selling factory made goods. They set up outside the main gate to the market.

The results from the scoping study indicate that commercial sex trade and sexual exploitation, in particular of young females, is prevalent in all markets especially where gambling and drinking takes place and even the toilets are being used to have sex.

Exaggeration. Very little or no gambling and drinking takes place in markets. Drunks come from other places.

This shows UN Women have not been to Port Moresby markets if they make such a basic error. But reality is not essential when fighting men.

Women and girls enter the sex trade to afford school fees or to be able to buy food to survive.Transactional sex is also prevalent, where vulnerable women and girls exchange sex for cigarettes, betel nut, drugs, alcohol and even food.

How do UN women know that a man and girl are talking about transactional sex? Surely they are not suggesting there is sex within the market. This is fantasy based on what they think is going on. This will require hundreds of UN Women counselors in country.

Lack of routine maintenance and management to meet basic health and safety standards has rendered many spaces in the market places unsafe, in particular for women and girls. For example, criminal assault, including sexual assault has been reported in the overgrown areas and dark spaces.

Most markets in Port Moresby are cleaned daily. Fruit and vegetables are stored in bags overnight. Security guards watch at night.

There was slush and sewerage overflow at Boroko market in the  monsoon rainy season. It was not in the market as this report indicates but on the road outside.Toilets can not cope with the population increase.

The NCDC has allocated funds to this project and has committed to restructuring its Markets Division to ensure markets of the city are safe, clean and maintained spaces, free from all forms of violence. New Zealand Aid and other donors are also supporting the Safe Cities project.

There are numerous achievements from the first year of implementation, including: 1) the mobilization and training of grassroots women and youth; 2) sensitization and training of the relevant Divisions in the areas of: gender, human rights, HIV preventions, working with men and boys to end violence against women, and community mobilisation; 3) the revision of market by-laws to ensure they are gender sensitive and incorporate issues of violence against women; 4) implementation of new and accountable mechanisms for the collection of fees at the markets; and 5) upgrading of infrastructure in the first pilot market.

In order to make Port Moresby city safer for women and girls, the Safe Cities project has been designed to have a holistic approach and address the underlying causes and drivers of violence and transforming the gender relations of power.

They are setting up a program that will have no effect. UN Women have no idea of grassroots solutions. They will claim success by saying the situation has improved. But it was not as bad as they said it was in the first place.

The project will contribute to women and girls (as well as men and boys) enjoying freedom of movement and the right to earn a livelihood, through decent work in public spaces based on mutual rights and respect.

As part of its commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment in PNG, NZAID in PNG recently allocated NZ$500,000 to support UN Women in this innovative and strategic intervention.

The funds are allocated under the framework of the UN Delivering as One in PNG and will support UN Women and the Gender Task Team.

The funding is critical for the UN to support the efforts of the NCDC to address the critical issues faced by women and girls in the markets of Port Moresby with aims of making the markets safer and support economic livelihoods of many in Port Moresby where the market is their only source of income.

Let us consider the sensitivity changes that UN Women might recommend for markets. There should be a room for breast feeding mothers, a coffee room for market lesbians to meet, market staff to look out for violence against gay boys and a police station in every market with a cell for violent men and boys.

There should be a statement of rights for women and girls on a large notice board, testing facilities for HIV infection, security guards to escort expatriate women around the market and guards warned to be vigilant against non-existent drinking and gambling.

What about selling fruit and vegetables? Don't worry about that.

AIDS Holistics will keep the community informed. Any further report will have this present report as a linkage.

There is never a response from the lesbians. They know better than to do that when they have something to hide.