Friday, 26 September 2014


A recent report in PNG Attitude expressed concern that there will be interference of the State in church affairs with the policy of Government in church social welfare. That may be so in some countries but not necessarily PNG.

The PNG Government is more concerned with social welfare programs of the churches including health and education.

The main interference in the churches in recent times has been with the gay and lesbian agenda being forced on churches in the National HIV/AIDS campaign from the United Nations and AusAID. The churches were bullied into accepting condoms, contraception, focus on rights without responsibilities.

Same sex marriage and adoption of children was next on the agenda. Same sex marriage required control of the Department for Community Development and the Marriage Committee of clergy.

Failure of churches to toe the line would bring black banning and loss of funding. Now that is interference. Two main churches to suffer was the Catholic church and Salvation Army.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


We read in the media of the expulsion of 10 grade 12 students for involvement in cult activities. Students of the school claim that no cult activities are going on at the school.

The principal justified the action of the school administration in monitoring the activities of the grade 12 students passing their cult names to selected students who would take their place.

This means that there is a cult at the school. Otherwise there would be no need for cult names. It comes down to the fact that there has to be a dividing line between teachers and the students who have worked to hijack the school.

Schools are places of learning not the meeting place and breeding grounds for student cults. The time may come when cults seek to have a controlling voice in the affairs of the school. That is just not on.

Bumayong High school students may claim there are no cult activities in the school. That may be true. These activities may be carried out in the jungle clearings adjacent to the school.


Diarrhoea is a most distressing illness that lasts for 4 days with germ infection of the gut. It can last for years as a chronic illness for such afflictions as HIV/AIDS, typhoid fever and the many gut parasites.

Many of the more vicious gut parasites lay eggs in the epithelial cells of the gut. These parasites infest the gut of gay men involved in anal sex that includes anal licking. 

The most common parasite in Papua New Guinea is the Ascaris lumbricoides or roundworm that lays millions if eggs slowly destroying the digestive function of the gut.

But diarrhoea is a wonder of creation that protects the body and limits the spread of the illness into the body.

Over recent days, I have suffered badly from diarrhoea, only about the fourth time in 20 years. It may have been that I ate contaminated food somewhere in my travels.

The first that I knew was that my faeces had become the consistency of soup. Why does this happen? The germ had entered my mouth and passed down to the small intestine or gut.

The body went into lock-down. By some mechanism, the body shut down the epithelial layer of the small intestine. Now the body was no longer able to carry out its routine function of absorbing water, salts and nutrients.

Water, salts and nutrients then passed out of the body in a steady stream. This is diarrhoea.

So the body is in a state of increasing dehydration, with perhaps only a little water being absorbed. There must be some that manages to pass through or the body would shrivel like a potato crisp. The sufferer feels weak and tired as the diarrhoea progresses.

The sufferer becomes desperately thirsty and drinks copious amounts of water but most of this becomes part of the outward flow. This gives the sufferer an even stronger need for more water.

A sign that the body is not absorbing water is that the sufferer not longer urinates. There is little water being processed in the kidneys and stored in the bladder.

There will be a constant warning sign of an impending gut explosion. The gut regularly rumbles from the duodenum down.

Once that happens there are only a few minutes warning to head for the toilet. So it may be that the body has a mechanism to push the offending fluid out of the gut. It may also relax the anal sphincter.

After 3-4 days in a routine attack, the body starts to return to normal. The urgency of proximity to the toilet has dropped.

The sufferer starts to urinate which means that water is being absorbed. Faeces cease to be the consistency of soup but slowly gain body and thickness.

The sufferer will help recovery with plenty of vegetables, salt, sugar and no fatty foods.

My neighbours have helped me with cups of guava water made of guava leaves and sugar. Guava has vitamins that help recovery. That may explain why so many Papua New Guinea people love to eat green guava.

Sunday, 21 September 2014


The most fearful danger facing the schools of Papua New Guinea is the damaging influence of cults. These are large groups of boys and girls who are encouraged or coerced into becoming a cult member.

Cults consist of large numbers of foot soldiers up to grade 10. They have been inducted into the cult and required to swear allegiance.

The new members are given a cult name and required to live up to their name. This may require them to drink alcohol and take drugs with the group, take part in fights, be involved in sexual activity and have a general bad attitude to school rules.

We may assume that there are schools that do not have cults. There will undoubtedly be no cults in church schools. We would be wrong.

There may be several church schools with cults including De La Salle College in Port Moresby. The fighting at Don Bosco school may indicate a cult. Church schools talk of Jesus. Cults promote Satan.

Having spoken to several young people about cults in their schools, a general picture in certain city schools is of 50% to 60% of students as members of cults. Other students are invited to join and bullied if they do not.

On students reaching grade 11, they move out of an active role and become elders maintaining an interest in the progress of the cult and identifying potential members.

I knew that there would be cults at Bumayong High School when I was a teacher there in 1993-4. The school was on the border of a jungle which meant that students could have secret meeting places in jungle clearings at night at least 600 meters from the school where they could hold initiations, smoke and drink.

I have spoken to one young woman who was a student at Passam High School in 1995 and a member of a cult. She spoke of sisterhood and looking after one another. There seems to be a different ethos in modern cults with bullying, killing and fighting.

What is to be done? Governor Naru seems to underestimate the cults in Morobe schools. Expelling the foot soldiers is of limited use. Others will take their place.

There is no value in expelling or gaoling foot soldiers involved in fights. Many have joined a cult as their response to survival. They are living up to their cult name.

Cult membership can be very attractive to many students. It gives them a peer authority separate from the teachers.

They can feel they are in charge of the school while the teachers are just workers. There would be teachers who are intimidated. Headmasters may be afraid to expel students for fear of retaliation.

Already schools give limited accountability to students in their study. Results of students are not to be given to other students. Test papers are returned upside down on the student’s desk. Now the cults can give members complete freedom in accountability.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Objective questions are the symptom of a decline in student writing standards. Let the examiner do all the writing and students just tick and flick.

Papua New Guinea is going through a period of soul searching on the declining standards of learning in schools.

Recently a Dr Sinebare wrote a newspaper article explaining that over the last three years, the standard in the grade 12 external exam had dropped badly. There were 70% of students who were graded D and E in their results. That means that only 30% passed the exams. The rest failed.

The Department of Education is now seeking to raise the standard of education starting with elementary grades.

Outcome Based Education is on its way out and Standards Based Education is the new approach. That is good in some ways. The Department tells of standards required but gives the teachers limited understanding of how to achieve that. Sadly teachers will be required to set up their own resources.

Too much education in Papua New Guinea is focussed on summarizing and memorizing what the teacher has placed on the blackboard.

Lessons have long since degenerated into the teacher writing the lesson on the board and students copying into their work books that have been neatly ruled up. Testing comes with students required to answer questions from their workbook summary.

There is a problem in this country in that teachers in the daily classroom and external exams place too much focus on objective questions. I have seen so many objective questions in this country that have no correct answer or three correct answers.

On a recent student quiz show on Kundu TV, we saw the question as follows:

Exercise strengthens which body system? a. immune system b. blood system  c. immune system or d. pulmonary system.

The student answered that it was b the blood system. Sorry he was wrong. It was the c. immune system. This question really had 4 correct answers. I have read many exam papers that have wrong responses in the objective questions. And clever students fail.

I teach English to grades 10 and 12. I saw a Grade 10 test paper recently that I would have failed. I would have got many of the objective questions wrong. It was the question designer who got the questions wrong. Let students write a little note to the examiner. FAIL.

There is a poor approach to test design. There should be a bank of valid objective test questions.

A group of subject teachers should come to the Measurement Support Unit and sit for exams in the subjects they teach. If a significant number fail certain objective questions, these should be reassessed and rejected if not valid.

We have the problem that the universities are becoming unable to accept the larger body of grade 12 students. Norman Sike speaking on the EM TV House and Home show stated that within the decade, 93 % of students will not be able to find a place at university.

Is that why Dr Sinebare says that there has been a drastic drop in levels of achievement in the grade 12 external exam? Are the exams being made too difficult to weed the students out for places in university? Are the goal posts being moved further down the field?

There is a problem in schools with Mastery Learning of subject skills and knowledge. Students may achieve high pass rates for internal assessment. But the level of difficulty in the external exam may be out of this world. This is cruel assassination of student hopes.

Saturday, 13 September 2014


Recently there was a report on EM TV on transvestites and bisexuals in Papua New Guinea. I felt sad at the plight of these people suffering from the fact that nothing that they do is accepted in the community.

They are innocent victims of their own sexuality in the roll of the genetic dice prior to birth. At the same time, some make difficulties for themselves.

Their rights have been spoiled by gay, lesbian and paedophile activists who have added their own secret agenda to ensure political dominance.

In this country, foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles have grossly misrepresented their case and lied, cheated, infiltrated, discriminated and bullied the community. All the time they cried homophobia and discrimination.

Dame Carol Kidu, recently past Minister for Community Development said that the problem lies not in the pre-colonial laws but on abuse by which gays, lesbians and transvestites have been threatened and blackmailed on prosecution at breaking the law. Probably not true.

There is the false fear spread that such people could be arrested if they go for HIV treatment or for other illnesses that come from their sexuality. The claim seems to be that the medical world will report them. Not true.

Nations across the world have to take care with legalization of gay and lesbian sex. They are quietening the lion by putting their arm into its mouth.

Legalization can destroy the unity of family by removing parental authority, promoting rights with no responsibilities, lowering of the age of consent, gay and lesbian lifestyle in school curriculum and adoption of children by gays and lesbians.

I have worked in PNG schools for many years and have come across only 4 likely gay, lesbian or transvestite boys and girls. I did not notice they were being treated badly.

We are told on the report that 60% of gays, lesbians and transvestites are not employed. That figure is probably higher for all young people.

If there are so many people in sympathy with transvestites, why are more not employed in business? Perhaps their focus is not on employment. There is no proof that such young people are not accepted within their families. Some will not be. Many will be.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Over the last three years, we have promoted Mastery Learning in schools of the world with focus on schools of Papua New Guinea. It is a problem based approach by which students master sequences of graded exercises.

Master Learning contrasts strongly with the common approach that students have to follow in copying passages from the black board into their work books to be tested on theory at the end of the term. The focus was on mastery of practical exercises.

But we have always referred to the mastery Learning Problem Based Learning (PBL) of doctors in the Papua New Guinea School of Medicine and Health Science (SMHS). Now we have a report in the newspaper from the esteemed Professor Sir Isi Kevau on Problem Based Learning.

Quality of doctors rising

Post Courier 12 September Letter to the Editor P.13

The traditional Curriculum used in the Faculty of Medicine UPNG ran for 39 years. I was trained under this curriculum. For the last 14 years, the Problem Based Learning curriculum has been used.

From our searching, we discovered that the McMasters University in Canada had developed an innovative curriculum based on student centred learning. Later we learned that closer to home the students of the University of Newcastle were taught under a Problem Based Learning curriculum.
Approval was granted to use the new curriculum. It started in January 2000 to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students studying the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

I am very proud to be the teacher of PNG doctors who have graduated from both the traditional and PBL. They have all been very impressive.

Mastery Learning in the PNGDF

As an instructor at the Joint Services College in 1955-77, I am proud to have been involved with Mastery Learning in Decision Making skills.

It involved the mastery of skills of checking and double-checking in military scenarios. The programme consisted of 126 mastery problems that students had to solve. It was very similar to the approach of which Professor Kevau writes.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


In the last two months, the issue of house stealing has built up on the matter of houses being stolen by present and past members of the National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estates Limited.

The present issue started with the house at Lot 117 Section 05 83 Garia street and two attempted invasions of the unit by house stealers the Baragu family and neighbour Jill Kendi. Alan Baragu was terminated some years ago for stealing NHC houses.

He seems to have been doing exactly what the present acting Managing Director John Dege is being accused of doing by tenant Jack Tulia who has had his house at Siule Place East Boroko sold by Dege. He produced a list of houses claimed sold across PNG by Dege in reports to The National from 9 September 2014.

But the house at 83 Garia Street Saraga is now vacant with the tenant afraid to live there because of threats of violence from thug neighbours and the occupant evicted. No rent is now paid. Advice from the tenant is that the house has been opened by a drug body marijuana smoker who has brought in his own tenants.

The occupant has placed several reports on internet on the corruption in NHC and NHEL. He referred to stealing of houses and rent by thug officers. He has pointed out that a gay group of activists has infiltrated NHEL to steal houses for the gay and paedophile community.

The occupant has been promoting Positive Living with HIV/AIDS and TB for over a decade. He has been opposed by the Australian and national gay and lesbian officers.

The present eviction may well be linked to his success in destroying the gay and lesbian hidden agenda. The legal officer of NHEL is a corrupt gay activist from the days of the National HIV/AIDS response.

The thug officers led by Michael, Francis and John had tried to divert the issue away from themselves. So they accused the acting CEO Madeline Paulisbo of stealing houses while an officer of NHC.

Through her husband she responded in The National by advising that they are trying to remove her, allow the corruption to continue and stop the audit that Ms Paulisbo has discussed with the Auditor General. An audit of houses and rents is long overdue.

Then came a media statement from past Managing Director Akukusa who accused her of stealing houses. He did not mention that he had been imprisoned for house stealing.

Now the plot is getting thicker with accusation by Jack Tulia that his stand alone house at East Boroko was sold under him by the Managing Director John Dege who has denied and stated that the house was legally sold to another person.

Tulia claims Dege to have sold 40 houses. The question arises as to who gets the money. All this tenant has to do is to have his lease published in the media. Dege says in the media today that he has no idea how Tulia got a lease. He says the lease is illegal. Sounds like an excuse to me.

But the issue is being diverted away from the nest of NHEL thugs. It is time for a new approach to recruitment to be introduced.

The problem is that rogues recruit rogues. There should be an advisory committee of clergy and other reputable people to recommend appointment of NHEL and NHC officers.

In the Post Courier today, John Dege says that there are 250 Court cases pending. Many of these would involve corruption of housing officers.

Monday, 8 September 2014


Over the last decade, the world gay and lesbian agenda has become obvious with the activists seeking to infiltrate national bureaucracies. They know they could never stand for parliament on a platform of gay rights.

So they achieve their aims in secret by infiltration of the bureaucracies of the world. They seek to control education, public housing, legal, health and welfare. 

They want to have the gay and lesbian lifestyle presented in human development in schools as a lovely and valid option in life.

They want the age of consent lowered for children to have sex with adults. They want to adopt children even single gays and lesbians.

They want the churches banned from opposing homosexuality.

They want public housing made available to gay, lesbian and paedophile men and women. It could mean that they use false names and set up love nests for themselves.

The Australian gays and lesbians have worked to achieve legalization of gay and lesbian sex and to include in education in Papua New Guinea.

Let the nation be warned that there is a small cadre of gay men working in the National Housing Estates Limited. It is certain that they plan to divert/steal public housing, particularly the housing planned for the future.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


I am not homophobic. I oppose the gay, lesbian and paedophile anti-family agenda.

The younger and older generations in this country would not be aware that a vicious secret war has been raging in Papua New Guinea since 2002.

This was the beginning of the National HIV/AIDS response with the vanguard of advisors arriving from Australia to wage war against the virus. Sadly it did not happen.

It is clear now that the contingent of Australians were gay and lesbian activists come to insert their own hidden agenda.

It was not a reduction in AIDS infection but the destruction of families with greater sexual activity of boys and girls through increased use of condoms and awareness of rights without responsibilities. These foreigners were the cultural enemy.

There was a core of gay and lesbian supporting activists who led the campaign including Professor Michael Toole (Burnett), Elizabeth Cox (AusAID & UN Women), Stewart Watson (AusAID and UNAIDS), Sir Peter Barter (business man and past Minister for Health) and Bomal Gonapa (NACS and National Housing Estates Limited).

Corruption and bullying raged in the National HIV/AIDS campaign with a stream of gays and lesbians brought up from Australia. Many came as contract workers and used their time to come back as consultants.

The focus was not on living with HIV/AIDS but on condoms, violence of men, abuse of women and girls and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. There was no focus on how a family would look after an infected loved one.

The nation was bullied into submission through pressure on national officers. Though the Australians were advisors, they were really the bosses. Any national doctor working in the campaign could guarantee no renewal of contract with any comment contrary to the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

Churches were bullied starting with the activist use of the word “koap” that was regarded as vulgar by the nation. A man would “go up” a woman. But the gays and lesbians were counting guns of which organizations would be denied funding of Australian tax payers’ money.

Churches were expected to distribute condoms with total contempt for a faith view. The one morally decrepit faith organization was the Anglican church that ran Anglicare and gave out condoms like lollies even to married policemen on temporary duty in the highlands during the last election.

To this very day, the gays and lesbians have never stopped our Positive Living message and suffered defeat to the top floor of the UN building in New York.

The lesbians in Papua New Guinea thought they would push the 24 reserved seats for women in parliament with the legalization of gay and lesbian sex.

They put massive pressure on the Minister for Community Development Dame Carol Kidu. But the plan failed to have 24 places for PNG lesbians in parliament.

The demise of the gay and lesbian foreign agenda began with continued publicity by AIDS Holistics on corruption in Australian support.

Sir Peter Barter as gay Chairman to the National AIDS Council tried to stop our message by threatening to have the daughters of the founder put into care for abuse. He failed. Creep.

A ray of light came with the appointment of the Director for the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat Wep Kenawi who announced that the family was the epicentre of the response. His contract was not renewed.

The axe fell on the gays and lesbians at the hand of the Prime Minister Kevan Rudd who was on our extensive email list for over two years.

He raised an audit of Australian advisors some 5 years ago and deleted about 60%. It was not political to point out that many were gay and lesbian AIDS consultants.

Then most of the gay and lesbian consultants were gone much to the joy of the corrupt UN gay and lesbian activists in UNDP, UN Women and UNAIDS. Many were corrupt Australians They thought their day had come.

The remaining gay and lesbian influence has moved to the security area of the Australian High Commission where they could conduct their bullying of care groups and churches.

The Salvation Army and Catholic Church were key targets. Now AusAID is gone. Perhaps the corruption has only moved to Canberra.

Corruption continued in the UN. Head of UNAIDS Stewart Watson continued the anti-family agenda with advice to the nation on 2 World AIDS Days not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. Let us wait for World AIDS Day 2014.

Led by corrupt lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox came a focus on violence towards women in Port Moresby markets. She raised several fake reports including a report that two women had been raped in Gordons market. Liar.

One report presented in a conference in Thailand stated that a high percentage of men in 6 countries including Buka PNG raped their wives.

Another report stated that 60% of PNG men have been in gang rape. Now they are passing their fake reports to care organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres. If you want funding, publicize our reports.

The fake reports have been denounced by Hon Gary Juffa MP, Mr John Momis President of the Bougainville Autonomous Region and AIDS Holistics.

There has been such bad publicity directed to the UN that three Heads of UN organizations have come to PNG in the last year. One was the chief lesbian supporter of New Zealand.

But now the Positive Living message has come to the fore in PNG churches and care groups. Focus is on FAMILY. AIDS infection is dropping. It is due in large measure to the FAMILY message.


There are so many countries now giving full equality to gay and lesbian rights. The primary nation is the United States under the leadership of President Obama. 

There may well be a naive lack of understanding of the implications of gay and lesbian rights. To start off with, there are also rights given to paedophiles, those men and women who want sex with children.

Equal rights means that gay and lesbian sex have an equal place in educational curriculum. Teachers have the right to promote gay and lesbian sex as a proper alternative in sexuality for children. Parents have no right to complain and will hit a brick wall if the go to Court. So many parents have failed in legal action in the United States.

Let us recall the book written by the Rev. Hammond in South Africa on the hidden gay and lesbian agenda in the world. It was called the Pink Agenda. I have always had sympathy for Rev. Hammond in becoming the focus of gay and lesbian hate. Please click:


When I started promoting Positive Living in 2001, the Australian gays and lesbians spread the word that I was a child molesting wife beater.

When the Rev. Hammond published his book almost 15 years ago, he was denounced by the South African gays and lesbians as being a gun runner to the rebels in Angola responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children.

These creeps never change. The gutter hate message has gone right through to the gay boys of the National Housing Estates Limited and the house stealers do their best to evict me.

Friday, 5 September 2014


An increasing problem in Papua New Guinea is that public housing is being sold by rogue housing officers. The house may be sold to a person living far away from the house but rent money is diverted to a private account. 

The occupant tenant may think that the rent money is going into the National Housing Corporation but it is not. It may well be that many corrupt housing officers have stolen a home unit and diverted the rent to their own bank account taken out in a false name.

As the numbers of housing units is being increased, the more public houses will end up in private hands. The system of accounting is basically flawed. It has been rendered useless by a generation of officers stealing and deleting houses from the register.

How many units of public housing exist? Who knows?

Thursday, 4 September 2014


It is time for an audit for public housing as held by National Housing Corporation and National Housing Estates Limited. An audit may find that millions upon millions of kina have been lost in stolen housing units and rent monies at the hands of criminal bully boys.

This has been more the problem of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) in which houses were stolen by officers. The system has been tightened up with the National Housing Estates Limited (NHEL) but the houses passed over from NHC may have lacked rental histories. Corrupt officers made sure the payment history was not available to reveal the theft of rental monies.

NHC still holds a register of houses. I was offered an NHC house at Waigani a few weeks ago but refused. The tenant had not yet been evicted by police - no Court Order. I would guess that the houses with stolen rents would stay with NHC, even though the officers concerned had moved to NHEL.

For years now, the corrupt officers have been diverting public property into their own bank accounts. It is so hard to identify housing units that have been corruptly deleted from the housing register. All the old records have probably been shredded.

The responsibility lies with the Board of Directors and the CEO who we understand is seeking an audit with the Auditor General. She is undoubtedly being set up by the corrupt bully boys who want to see her removed and replaced by a house stealer. That will make theft easier.

Police state they know of no warrant of arrest for the CEO as reported in the media. It may have been written by a constable somewhere for a bribe of K100. Bully boys want to keep their stolen income. The gay boys want to set up secret love nests in stolen public housing.

The Managing Director is John Dege. We wonder what he will do in the face of an audit of public assets. It is very much in his interests to stop the looting if he is to remain as Managing Director.

I have been removed by the housing bully boys who witnessed the way I kicked house stealer Alan Baragu from the housing unit in Garia Street But they have unleashed a backlash from which they will not survive. They allowed themselves to accept the false stories of the house stealers.

The war has started. They are the enemy of the nation. If they worked in China, the house stealers would be taken out and publicly executed. They are damaging the nation.

The unit at 83 Garia Street had no record of rental payments. To renew the lease, the tenant had to bring in old receipts. So how can there be no record of rents? Where has the money been going all these years? If this can happen once, it is probably happening hundreds of times.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


The nation has not been aware that there has been a house stealing racket in Papua New Guinea at the hands of corrupt workers in the National Housing Corporation and now the National Housing Estates Limited.

It is not necessary for the stealers to be workers in these organizations as long as they have accomplices who can delete houses from the register and divert rent for a number of years.

The problem has been that in the National Housing Corporation over recent years, it has been possible for tenants to buy the houses that they rent. It could have been set up by the house stealers. 

It also meant that the NHC houses could be bought and sold. It meant that the NHC houses could be stolen even today with the aid of a fake title back dated to the years when the houses were sold.

There is a small core of house stealers in this country. Prime targets are elderly tenants with no children or children who do not have a close relationship with their tenant parents. 

It takes little for a house stealer to move in perhaps claiming to be a friend of the son. They never leave. They move more tenants in and slowly push the original tenant out.

The king house stealer in Port Moresby has been Alan Baragu who tried to steal the unit in which I was staying looking after the old man who was tenant. He and his rubbish wife tried all sorts of tricks to push me out. I was HIV positive, mentally ill, womaniser who infects women. But they failed. 

The man claimed that the old tenant had a son who stole K19,000 from him. He was taking the unit to cover the debt. But it was the unit leased by the father !!! It was not owned by the father. Who cares? The unit was being stolen and sold with a back-dated fake title.

An old lady down the street told me that neighbours accused her 20 year old son of stealing K150,000 from them. They chased him away and told her they wanted the house as payment.

There has to be an official audit of houses held by the Housing Corporation. The auditors many find hundreds of houses no longer on the register. 

They may find hundreds of houses that have no record of rental payment. It is because the rent has been corruptly diverted into private accounts.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


The National 3 September 2014

There is a report in the media of the arrest warrant put out for the CEO of National Housing Estate Limited Madeline Paulisbo. The report quoted her husband who said that individuals in the company were trying to smear her reputation to divert attention from themselves.

As a person who has suffered the gross corruption and trickery of the housing officers of NHEL, particularly Geen and Michael, I feel that there is more than a grain of truth in the words of the husband.

Many of the corrupt workers have moved over from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and brought with them the corruption of stealing houses and rent money. Perhaps Pauline has become so close to the corruption that she has been compromised by association.

The statement by Ms Paulisbo says that she is a practising advocate of anti-corruption for more than 27 years at NHC. But she would have been a cry in the wilderness amid the wholesale stealing.

Her boss at one stage was Alan Baragu who is the house stealing king in the country whose wife comes from the Sepik and related to Madeline by marriage. Baragu is Tolai. Madeline is from Milne Bay.  He tried to steal the house at Garia Street.

Paulisbo states that NHEL is now operating as a professional entity with realistic business plans. She claims ulterior motives to removing her to abolish NHEL, establish negative opinions of her, remove barriers to corruption, place a smoke screen on numerous corrupt activities and divert attention from the proposed audit of NHEL.

But a single issue that has brought the NHEL wagon to a halt was the corrupt eviction of the writer from the unit in Garia Street at the hands of NHEL bully boys and rogue cops. 

It was a clear case of house stealing. Advice has come from the police that there are many cases of house stealing in Port Moresby, including those from NHEL. The criminal bully boys have been busy.

The problem had been that there have been two massive attempts to steal the house in Garia Street over the last year, both carried out by family members of Madeline Paulisbo. 

The old man had to bring his receipts in to sign a new lease. This meant that rent for this house was being systematically and permanently diverted into private accounts. This was a target house for stealing. There were no records of rent paid.

The Baragu family forced their way in during 2013 when the tenant was overseas for medical treatment and I was the caretaker. They were forced out when I changed the locks on the very night their new owners arrived to take the empty house.

The wife came from the Sepik and was related to Jill Kendi and Madeline Paulisbo. Kendi was the violent neighbour who called Paulisbo aunty. She finally succeeded in producing a fake letter from the tenant Gabuyo who was away sick and having the corrupt bully boys from NHEL to give 24 hours for eviction.

Perhaps Paulisbo was the fall lady being set up by the corrupt bully boys Geen and Michael who came to evict without a Court Order and ransacked the unit with the local raskol boys. 

I had been arrested for punching a raskol stealing our TV and was put in the police wagon on the way to the cells while my possessions were being looted. Police assisted theft.

I have written several reports on internet. One suggested that there is a small core of gay boys taking control of public housing. The legal officer Gonapa is a corrupt gay boy from the national AIDS campaign.

In the weeks before, I had been reassured by Madeline that I would remain in the house and not be evicted by her niece. She said that I was the one paying the rent for a sick and unemployed old man. Two weeks later I was forcefully evicted by the bully boys.

Or it might have been that Paulisbo was the instigator playing tricks to remove me from the house to give to her niece. But I tend now to think that she was an innocent victim unable to control the criminals in NHEL. She may have been getting very little help from John Dege the acting Managing Director.

Good luck Madeline. I always thought you were a good Christian lady. The core of corrupt officers below you is too much for you. Perhaps your niece went over your head to the bully boys with a bribe and secured my eviction. We do know that she has been harrassing you through your family.

You always reassured us and thanked me for protecting the unit from the Baragu house stealers. I did so at severe cost to my health. I now have severe daily chest pains.

If I can be evicted for bringing prostitutes to an NHEL unit, Madeline can be set up by the corrupt bully/gay boys working under her who are planning to make a millions of kina in stolen rent and housing units.

The fact was that men and women who came to the unit were people seeking help with HIV/AIDS and TB through our care group AIDS Holistics. We have lost all the files in the recent looting. 

The old man knew of the work of AIDS Holistics, So there was never a chance that he would write a letter accusing me of bringing prostitutes to the unit. There is no chance that he would then give the letter to the house stealers. The letter was probably written by neighbour Jill or NHEL criminals.

One young woman Rhonda who came was harrassed by the Baragu family criminals. But they were not happy to find that she was the daughter of a man whose house was stolen at Hohola by NHC house stealers led by Alan Baragu.