Wednesday, 30 September 2015


We have all been following the issue of Kim Davis the clerk in Virginia who refused to authorize a license for a same sex marriage. She was a conscientious objector in obeying the law of God.
She was gaoled for one week after which time she was released on the undertaking that she would not block any more marriage applications. She is unrepentant.
Last week, she met Pope Francis who told her she had the right to object which was a basic right. This Pope wants all issues on the table not just gay and lesbian propaganda. The world has an educated Pope.
We see the same issue with men who were conscientious objectors to killing in war. They had to be excused by the Court.

Many of these men became stretcher bearers and medics on the battlefield while many gave their lives for their country.

Ms Davis had the right to be a conscientious objector on same sex marriage legislation. But she did not seem to be informed of her rights. She could have been moved sideways in her office. People are playing politics.

Last week, she met Pope Francis in Washington at the Vatican Embassy. This caused concern from gay and lesbian activists who had the delusion that the Pope would make changes to gay and lesbian relationships.

This is a deep and complex issue by which we must not forget what is written in Scripture. The Pope can not just make changes though as a human being he has compassion for people. 

The exception seems to be the child molesting paedophiles who have made the Catholic church their home for perhaps hundreds of years.

The Pope also met an old student of his from a Catholic college in Argentina. He came to the embassy with his gay partner. This person gave the support of an old friend to Pope Francis against criticism by other gays and lesbians.

I hope we are all getting the picture of this Pope as a humble and caring man who puts humanity before ideology. The College of Cardinals chose well. The Catholic clergy want the church to survive, hopefully without paedophile priests.

There will be a Synod convened in Rome to approach the issue of family. There must be focus on the hidden paedophile issue. Paedophile priests are the tip of the iceberg in the community. 

The gay priest who revealed his sexuality is trying to pressure the issue, particularly if he is disciplined.

Concessions to gays and lesbians will flow on to the paedophiles who are busy attacking family and hiding behind accusations of homophobia.

There will be clergy from over the world many in Africa opposing same sex marriage. Please click:

Synod on family could help define Francis's Papacy - BBC ...
7 hours ago -Caroline Wyatt Religious affairs correspondent ... Gay Catholics, female theologians and churches in Africa opposed to ... The hopes of gay Catholics and their families were also raised by Pope Francis's own words in 2013 in ... countries - including America and the UK - have legalised same-sex marriage

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Sunday, 27 September 2015


They pretend to be gay and lesbian and suffer from homophobia. But they are really low class child molesters who steal and harm our kids.

There is a new era coming to the world. The Bible is wrong. St Paul was homophobic when he wrote that homosexuality was an abomination.

But then we hear that God is homophobic. Just because God made the world does not mean that he got marriage and sex right.

Now we have the Pope in America saying that God weeps to see sexual abuse of children. He does not talk of the wrath of God. Perhaps he does not want to make the paedophiles angry with God. Please click:

Pope Francis: God weeps for kids sexually abused by priests
2 hours ago - Pope Francis declared that "God weeps" for the children sexually ...have been responsible for the sexual abuse towards children will be held  ...

The United Nations supports gay, lesbian and paedophile sex but condemns the Catholic church for priestly sexual abuse of children. They are having ten dollars each way and think they are being clever.

The paedophiles in the United States have been supported by President Barak Obama in the gay and lesbian educational curriculum introduced to Massachusetts, the heart land of paedophile Catholic clergy.

We have the foolish anti-family and anti-faith advice from the Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea that the community must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. That is a paedophile view.

The world is tricked. A line is drawn between gays, lesbians  ........ and paedophiles.

The fact is that the paedophiles are hiding among the gays and lesbians. To criticize paedophiles is to be homophobic. We have to ignore that they are sexually impaired creeps unable to seek relationships with adults.

But we are slowly coming to the understanding that paedophiles are the real enemy attacking our kids. They are being hidden by the gays and lesbians, many of whom are paedophile.

President Putin has got it right. But he now knows that to stop the paedophiles, Russian police have to stop the gays and lesbians. Perhaps Elton can soften the approach. 

But the fact remains that any gay or lesbian activist would have a wealth of knowledge of the paedophile scene. They are part of the picture and of use to any police investigation.

But that will not make the paedophiles back off. They will see Elton John as having a victory over a Russian dictator who may well be too busy on defence of Syria.

Paedophiles have been kidnapping Russian kids, raping and killing them for snuff movies. Foreign paedophiles have been adopting Russian children. The recent Russian laws are a matter of Russian national security.

Elton John cannot do anything about that. He can only tell the President that gays and lesbians support the push against the paedophiles. He will never do that. His best friends may be paedophile. 

The obvious question will not be asked as to whether or not Elton John is paedophile. Are his sons Russian and adopted?

But now we hear that Pope Francis is homophobic. He has sacked 400 paedophile priests in the last two years. He is invading the privacy of young people who have been lovers of Catholic clergy. 

He has a kindly attitude to gays who seek God and have good will. But his outlook on abusive priests is homophobic so we are told. But paedophiles are criminals harming our kids. Paedophiles have no rights.

The Royal Commission in Australia has found that child abuse occurs in every organization where workers have authority over children. 

One Catholic brother used to thrash boys in his office and have sex with them before dismissing them. God must surely have wrath rather than weeping. 

We have to redefine the value of churches. It is not about Scripture but abuse of children. Two key abusing churches in Australia have been the Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses. It is all about authority. 

Jehovah's Witness men have the authority of Old Testament men. They can sexually abuse their daughters if they so want.

We have to see the danger we are in with the paedophiles of the world. We acknowledge that we support God.

We acknowledge the work of Pope Francis and wisdom of the Russians in support of their anti-paedophile laws. 

We acknowledge the police forces of the world in their fight against child pornography and child trafficking. Paedophiles have only prisons to look forward to .... not rights.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Post Courier 27 August 2015

The Fiji Government is preparing for the worst as a prolonged dry spell is predicted to continue for at least a couple of months.

The Disaster Management Minister says hundreds of thousands of litres of water have already been sent to parts of Western Division including the outer islands.

Over 30,000 people are adversely affected by the lack of rain but the Minister has said that no drought has been declared yet.

The Ministry had already spent its budget of K455,000 for provision of emergency water. He said an additional K62,000 has been made available as the situation is expected to get worse.

Predictions from the weather office is that the period from September to October will probably be the worst but there is the possibility the drought will continue into January/February next year.

The entire Pacific region is preparing for what forecasters say could be the worst El Nino event since the late 1990s with ocean temperatures already 3-5 degrees centigrade above normal.

El Nino is expected to last well into next year. El Nino is the warm phase of the El Nino Southern Oscillation (commonly called ENSO).

It is associated with a warm band of ocean water that develops in the Central and East-Central equatorial Pacific, between the International Date Line and 120 degrees west including the Pacific Coast of South America.

Comment: It would be great diplomacy if one or more of the major powers sent an oil tanker or five full of water to the Pacific zone each with equipment to reach islands whose people have no water. Some islands now have no water.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Tie yer kangaroo down sport

It is difficult to believe that Rolf Harris should care so little for his daughter that he would start a relationship with her teenage girl friend.

A daughter should see her home as a haven for herself and her friends. She would never suspect that her own father would be sexually attracted to her friend and start a sexual relationship with her.

Suddenly her father would be wanting privacy with her friend while his own daughter would be at a loose end not knowing what to do. Harris has betrayed his daughter, the friend of his daughter and her family who would expect that he makes sure their child is safe.

I have a teenage daughter who brings girl friends home. I sometimes think of the predatory attitude of Harris. I expect that my daughter will always be proud to have her dad meet her girl friends. 

She is not staying with me while she goes to school. If I come to the school to see her, she will run up the path to me and throw her arms around my neck in the view of other female students. My daughter loves her dad. What else does a dad need?

Monday, 21 September 2015


Water is the key to life. All living plants and creatures are composed of water.

Salt is the key  to life in conjunction with water in producing homeostasis or water salt balance.

All plants and living creatures have a given water salt balance that maintains life. If the balance changes, the living entity may die.

Think of a small plant placed in the ground. We water the plant regularly with a steady growth of leaves and branches.

We place a large handful of fertilizer around the base and the plant slowly wilts and dies. The salts in the fertilizer have entered the plant massively changing the water-salt balance.

High concentration to low concentration

High concentration of salts outside will enter the plant to an area of low concentration of salts. High concentration of water inside will leave the plant to the low concentration of water outside. Then the plant dries out and dies.

We have the same with human beings suffering from HIV/AIDS. In a normal person, there are water and salts that enter the digestive system.

These are absorbed in the small intestine and contribute to a water salt balance. This equalizes the homeostatic balance of all tissues and organs. But we should not eat too much salt.

This means that all processes in the body will operate normally. There will be water salt content in the blood, lymph, organs, brain, nervous system, reproductive fluids, bone marrow, urine and faeces.

But a person in later stages of HIV/AIDS will have damage to the lining of the gut, preventing the absorption of water, salts and nutrients. These pass straight through with the faeces. 

The gut lining has the greatest accumulation of CD4 cells in the body and attracts the HIV down through the artery to the intestine. 

The gut has the greatest accumulation of bacteria in the body and the greatest number of protective CD4 cells. The gut lining is the epicentre of the HIV attack. 

The gut lining is destroyed by HIV and the gut parasites that infest the gut particularly of gay men. HIV destroys the CD4 cells and the gut parasites destroy the epithelial cells.

The water salt balance will be changed preventing the normal operation of all body systems. The nutrients, water and salts will pass out of the body causing the onset of diarrhoea.

Permanent damage to the gut lining will cause chronic diarrhoea, a danger sign for a person suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Gut bacteria will enter the body through the damaged gut lining. The sufferer is a long way past the need for antiretroviral (ARV) drugs.

ARV drugs destroy HIV in the blood and give the small intestine the chance to mend with water, salts and nutrients absorbed again. The sufferer puts on weight as digestion begins again.

Any person with HIV/AIDS should notice that normal soft to hard faeces will mean that the small intestine is working normally. Water is being absorbed together with nutrients and salts.

If faeces are too hard with constipation, it may mean that the time has come to eat greens regularly – beans, spinach, cabbage, carrots and lettuce. Villagers may have access to all kinds of greens.

Water, salts and nutrients are still being absorbed through the small intestine. Systems are operating normally.

But the time will come when the gut lining breaks down if the sufferer is not taking ARV drugs.

Water is the key medicine for all people including those who are HIV positive. All creatures and plants have the requirement for a set balance of water and salts.

People suffer from dehydration if they do not drink water and may die.

A lack of water means that all body components become dry and begin to die. There is no water-salt balance.

All people should check their urine regularly. If the colour is light orange, the body is being well hydrated. If the dark colour of beer, there is the need for more water each day.

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Already in Port Moresby, the El Nino drought is being felt with channels dry, grass and trees dying and cracks appearing in the ground.

People are already going around the streets with bags of bottles. This will increase across the country as the drought advances and water becomes scarce.

Bottles of all sizes will be on sale in markets and on roadsides. Every day, there will be thousands of travellers on roads who will buy bottles of water.

It will become a growth industry as the drought deepens over the next 6 months.

There will be sites across the country which provide water for villagers. Rivers fed by aquifers will not run dry.

We are told that many highlands villagers have access to ground water that has been stored under the limestone for a million years. Villagers know where to find groundwater in an emergency.

There will have to be a spirit of cooperation among villagers who must allow access to their neighbours.

Trucks need to be made available with a fibre glass tank in the back carrying water for one or more village.

Water is the gift of God and not to be denied to neighbours. It is also important for washing. A lack of water can bring disease.

We need to make sure that the water we buy is not polluted having been collected in a drain.

All water has been on the planet since time began. Not a drop has been lost in all that time.

Saturday, 19 September 2015


Methinks Sir Elton John protests too much.

Russian parliament or Duma passed laws banning (1) adoption of children by foreign gays and lesbians and (2) propaganda on non-traditional sex to minors.

There has been a world wide howl of protest from paedophiles disguised as gays and lesbians. This has resulted in the Russians targeting all who may be paedophile under the skin. 

The Russian gays and lesbians have brought this all on themselves. Let them denounce the paedophiles among them.

World gays and lesbians were going to disrupt the Russian winter games at Sochi. But they never did as they may still be serving time in a Russian prison. The complaint was really that the law had cut paedophile access to Russian kids.

But now we have gay Sir Elton John seeking talks with the Russian president Vladimir Putin on the false complaints of western paedophiles disguised as gays and lesbians and naming all criticisms as homophobia.

We never know where Elton John and partner stand on this matter. Supporting western paedophiles against the Russian Duma is not a good start. If you wear feathers like a chicken and cluck like a chicken, then you are probably a chicken.

We see photos of Elton John's kids. In the last photo, they were wearing suits and bow ties. They have no names and look like an anonymous pair of sad little kids. Do they mix with the other kids and play football? 

Now two Russian men have phoned Sir Elton John pretending to be the Russian president and interpreter. How could Elton John have an intelligent conversation by just mouthing fake paedophile propaganda? Please click:

Russian Elton John prankster admits 'Putin call' - BBC News

3 days ago - Russian prank caller confesses to tricking Sir Elton John into thinking ... And I was Vladimir Putin," 'the prankster told the newspaper. ...

The complaint is all about access to Russian kids. Let Elton John take his boys to Russia. Let them be kidnapped by Russian paedophiles, raped and snuffed to death in videos to be sold to the paedophiles of the world.

Friday, 18 September 2015


This is a report on a devout family in Massachusetts at the hands of the paedophile priest sexually abusing the young son in the family. The young man died. Please click:

A papal visit can't heal these wounds | The Washington Post
2 days ago - papal visit can't heal these wounds ... Sign up here to follow Washington Post stories about Pope Francis's visit, .... A civil case, seeking reimbursement for Sean's drug rehabilitation costs and damages for pain and suffering,

The abuse had devastated the family. The husband and father stated that he cannot handle betrayal at the hands of the family parish priest whose sexual conduct was known by the local Catholic hierarchy.

The man used to go to confession heard by the priest. He would take communion at the priest’s hand while all along his son was being sexually abused by the same priest. The father must be perpetually angry that he allowed a paedophile priest to rape his son. He probably supported the son to be an altar boy.

Is it a coincidence that Massachusetts was also the scene of gross abuse of children with the gay and lesbian agenda in schools?

I have betrayal by a priest in this country. I was looking after my family suffering from HIV/AIDS and promoting the message of Positive Living that was opposed by the Australian activists.

We had befriended the local priest who also opposed the Positive Living message and took every opportunity to destroy the message.

He joined the non-believing anti-faith gay and lesbian activists in telling the community that I was not fit to promote Positive Living as a violent child molester and wife beater.

I have never been contradicted in my stated view that he was molesting HIV infected young women in his care centre at 16 Mile outside Port Moresby He was very attracted to Linda who was a beautiful lady despite her AIDS wasting. He wanted her to stay at his care centre.

He was anti-family like the gay and lesbian activists and banned the families from visiting their loved one in the 16 mile care centre. He had something sexual to hide. 

He appears to be no longer in the country and seemed to vanish after my first statement on his suspected misconduct posted on blog.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


The world has lasted millions of years with the evolution of plants and creatures. Animals declined in certain ages, the most famous being the dinosaurs and mammoths. 

But never before has there been the systematic extinction of living creatures as we witness in the present industrial era.

The world is in competition between the human race and all living plants and animals.

The Bible says the human race has dominion over the birds and beasts. That has been taken as the right to kill all living creatures.

We even have a dentist who recently killed a lion as a great white hunter. A tame lion was murdered by a relic of the colonial era.

Even the lions and tigers only kill the herbivores that are needed for food. The human race kills for sport and profit.

The fish in the sea are being harvested like wheat in a field. The time will come within the next century when fish are gone. That includes whales, tuna, dolphins and plankton.

Papua New Guinea Government plans more fish canneries to process the yellow fin tuna that come to breed in the waters off the nutrient rich Ramu and Sepik Rivers.

The tuna are being harvested. The full sized tuna can live for 120 years but their lives are cut short by long line fishermen. Baby tuna are sold in the Papua New Guinea markets, having not lived past 12 months.

BBC reports that the living creatures of the world have dropped in numbers by 50% in the last 45 years. What will happen in another half century?

Another report once pointed out that there are more people living in the world today than have ever lived on the planet. That is mind boggling.

With the massive increase in population to come, there is the need for more land to be taken and cultivated. There will come a time when there is no land for animals.

The only wild animals will be in zoos. Many will be killed to maintain the diversity of DNA of the species.

Virgin land has been the feeding grounds for wild animals that are now killed for eating human beings, domestic animals and crops under cultivation. The seas are becoming acid.

Animals are starving. But they cannot encroach on human beings who have dominion over all birds and beasts. We read that in Scripture.

The world faces global warming that is being pushed along by burning of fossil fuels. For all the conservationist rhetoric, that will not change. The Australian economy depends on sale of coal to China.

We read in the weekend media about pollution and death of millions from the cooking fires in India and China. It is not just industrial pollution that is damaging the atmosphere but millions of families cooking meals.

It brings back the prophecy in the story of Superman. The planet of Krypton was heating up but the people did nothing but argue until the final explosion.

Lucky for truth, justice and the American Way, young superman was put into a space ship and sent off to spend life on earth before his planet and parents were obliterated.

He became mild mannered reporter Clark Kent on the newspaper the Daily Planet.

The world ecosystem is being slowly destroyed. Lands and rivers are over-exploited and polluted. Seas are warming and becoming acid. Arable land of China is becoming acid which is a disaster for the people.

The food chain is being spoiled. The earth will cease to sustain the inhabitants within the next century.

Monday, 14 September 2015


The world is suffering from global warming with a fearful effect from floods, cyclones and regular widespread droughts in patterns not experienced before.

The Pacific zone is suffering from El Nino caused by the warming of the waters of the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Yet there is flooding in Japan.

The weir that supplies Sydney is overflowing. Between the two is the El Nino drought that is spreading from the South Pacific to S/E Asia. There is drought in California.

Such a drought has not been experienced in Papua New Guinea before. The highlands region has been hit hardest with frosts killing the food crops and rivers and wells drying up.

The highlands of Papua New Guinea has always benefited from the rain clouds that come up the coast and empty rain on the lower slopes of the highlands.

The villagers and towns people have relied on the large rivers – the Sepik, Fly, Ramu. Wahgi, Markham, Purari, Goldie, Laloki and Brown Rivers which are now dropping in water levels.

Many villages have relied on water piped down by gravity feed from the creeks high in the mountains. This supply will have ceased in many villages. These creeks would have relied on the daily rainfall.

Kokoda trekkers will recall the PVC pipe that follows the track out of the village of Naduri and up into the Owen Stanley Range.

Eora Creek in Lake Myola surely rises from the water of the aquifers that come to the surface in the extinct volcano. This creek runs across the volcano floor in a deep channel of glorious water.

The rivers are fed by a myriad of smaller streams that are now becoming dry. People have not yet started to really suffer but the time will come in a number of months.

Let us look at this nation in another way. Papua New Guinea is to be found on a large tectonic plate on which sits Australia.

This plate is being pushed by the Antarctic plate and restrained by the Pacific plate bordered by the Ring of Fire.

The island on which this nation stands is being slowly pushed out of the water over the eons. The mountains were once islands.

The Markham Valley was once a strait between two large islands. The Sepik Plain was a coastal lowland. Fossilized shells have been found in the Chimbu valley. 

Eora Creek gorge, the site of fighting in the Kokoda campaign would have been a deep inlet from the sea wide and deep enough to allow a large ocean liner to ride at anchor.

The main range extends from Papua New Guinea to West Papua and has been the collection point for rain over millions of years. There must be massive lakes in the aquifers under the highlands.

In the Southern Highlands, there are huge limestone caves that have to contain large quantities of water. Over the years, we hear of teams going down to explore the caves below the ground. 

A reliable source from Chimbu says that the limestone extends from West Papua to the Milne Bay province. In Chimbu and Southern Highlands provinces, there are flowing rivers under the limestone. 

If the Wahgi River ran dry, it would affect villages all the way to Kerema. But this river is undoubtedly linked to aquifer water.

We read reports that wells are drying up in the highlands. This may be the result of levels dropping in aquifers under the highlands and evaporation of surface water in the high temperatures.

There are extensive aquifers around Port Moresby as seen in the Morata swamp and the lake on the golf course. These waters would be polluted with sewage.

In a time of emergency, the question arises as to whether or not the aquifer water of PNG and West Papua could be tapped.

Could the water be articulated across the highlands perhaps stored in large concrete tanks?

It is sad if the village people are suffering but standing on lakes of water under the ground.

Papua New Guinea stands on the tectonic plate with Australia. It is higher than Australia as if sitting on a crinkled carpet pushed up against the Pacific plate.

I recall reading years ago that aquifer water from PNG slowly seeps down the aquifers into the artesian basin of Australia.

In an era of global warming, this may not be the first time the nation suffers drought.

It would be interesting to seek advice of the experts of Oil Search whose exploration may have given a detailed picture of the water in aquifers across the nation.

Readers may find this report interesting. But it may be that there is nothing to be done in the present crisis. I hope the report may jog the memories of a few experts. 

There is a report in The National newspaper today about tapping ground water. But much of the ground water is drying up. It may be necessary to go deeper.

An interesting aspect is that El Nino in the Highlands has been accompanied by high winds and sporadic rain. Two women were recently killed by a falling tree as they washed clothes at the river.

In Port Moresby, there is so much clean water running down the gutter from illegal connections that are never turned off. Try Kanage Street.

Yet the water supply company Eda Ranu talks of the Sirinumu Dam running out of water and requiring taps to be reduced in pressure.

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Paedophiles have sex with children under the age of consent. They can be gay, lesbian or heterosexual.

A paedophile man can seek sex with small boys or girls. A paedophile woman can seek sex with small boys or girls too.

There are paedophile lesbians who seek work in education, welfare, health and legal. Many will seek careers in international care organizations that will give them access to young girls in foreign countries like Papua New Guinea.

Paedophiles may also seek sex with men or women above the age of consent.

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