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There is a massive hoax perpetrated in Papua New Guinea by United Nations lesbians and that is that all men are violent and abusive to women. This is the key to the planned expatriate lesbian take-over of PNG women and girls.

There is a defamation of the nation taking place. Like the fat Jew in the 1930s Nazi poster about to rape a beautiful young German girl, PNG men are being painted as  violent animals who will join in any gang rape like a pack of dogs.

Go to hell you lesbian bitches. The founder of AIDS Holistics experienced this defamation from you at first hand. It was told to the community that he was a violent child molester and wife beater.

He has a reputation of being a gentleman in his neighbourhood who spends all his time looking after his daughters and keeping them safe.

He has a smashed nose caused by a punch from a man who was bashing a girl. One side of his nose does not exist from a king hit.

He defended girls as a deputy head master in a rural high school. He was knocked unconscious by a man bashing a young woman at 3 Angels Care.

We just have to see how women are treated in public to know there are good men around.

At Juha College, there appears a very gentle friendship between boys and girls. They even sit next to one another in class and copy one another’s work. The Personal Development program seems to have an effect.

There is usually a tussle to get on public motor vehicles but once women get on, they are always offered a seat by a man. Most women never say thank you.

We have heard reports from lesbian UN workers that women are attacked by men in the main markets of Port Moresby. That is a very occasional occurrence and usually a husband or boyfriend wanting money.

Most men will keep order at the markets by their presence. A man who bashes a woman at the market may well be bashed by men.

Most men have the sense to stand and be bashed by a woman at the market rather than risk being bashed by her family men who are undoubtedly in the crowd. I have seen that happen twice.

Bag snatchers at the market know they have to run away as fast as they can. Once a women cries out, there can be a chase. The thief is bashed and the bag brought back. That is the Papua New Guinea I know.

As a white man, I am protected in the market just like the women. Once a pickpocket took K50 from me.

I grabbed him and knocked him over two tables. Then he was bashed by the men. I have a reputation at Gordons market as being a tough old bastard. I have not been pick-pocketed in three years.

I was hit by a taxi once at Gordons market. The crowd of men wanted to bash the driver. But I convinced them that it was my fault. I heard that after I left, they bashed him.

Last year, I was in Gordons Market buying fresh fruit and vegetables for my family in the name of Positive Living.

There was a young man harassing vendors, probably marijuana demented. I stood waiting for him to pass and made the mistake of catching his eye.

He came up to me with vicious intent. I was ready to knock him into next week. It was not necessary as someone hit him across the head with a piece of wood.

I was being protected like one of the women. Being a white man has its advantages.

I know most of the men in my neighbourhood. I know that if a woman were in trouble at the hands of an attacker, most men would defend her. I allow my daughters certain freedom in the neighbourhood on that basis.

My daughter had a man try to drag her into a taxi on the way to the shop after dark but she was protected by a group of neighbourhood men and escorted home.

Women all over the world know that there is safety in numbers. My daughters have about six twelve year old boys who go around with them. I am forced to concede that they are safe for the cost of an icecream or a packets of twisties.

Girls need to go to school in a group who meet at the street corner and all troop off to school. There are about 6 girls who go to school with my daughters. But that is the same all over the world.

If my family moves to Australia and lives in inner Sydney, Carlton, North Melbourne or the inner suburbs of Brisbane, the same rules will apply.

Girls who go to nightclubs alone are looking for sex. Girls who are out on the streets at night will cause men to wonder why. Girls who wear revealing clothes are giving a message to men and boys.

Girls and boys who write sexual messages on Facebook will get the same messages back.

Girls who have a reputation for promiscuous sex will cause men to line up, even some men in their own neighbourhood and family. Why miss out? She has to pay for shaming the family.

Friday, 30 March 2012


Over recent weeks, the visit of a rapporteur (Tok Pisin: grismeri ) has promoted a certain hysteria that needs to calm down. There is not a general movement in this nation towards all women being raped by men.

In the whole world, women need to take care even in countries not at the bottom of the list in treatment of women. All men and women need to learn not to take silly risks. If men and women venture out at night, they need to be careful.

As a man, I have no fear to live in Port Moresby because I know the risks that I must not take.  There are places where I do not go. Women need to take the same care with a few more added.

Women need to know that if in danger of attack, they may well be protected by men who pass by. The picture being painted here is that the men passing by will all join in any gang rape.

Women do not catch a taxi alone or use a public motor vehicle that has only the driver and conductor. Past experience tells us that she runs the risk of being diverted to an isolated spot and raped.

Children take care with being picked up by a stranger in a private vehicle or taxi. They know that they keep away from strangers claiming to be a friend of the family come to pick her up because her father is in hospital.

But we have to take care with the words we use. A recent report in the media by Ume Wainetti told of how she is now frightened to walk around her village area for fear of being attacked by family members.

Yet in the Weekend Courier there is a report of a village that has just received reticulated water written by Clive Hawigen.

The report tells of a young woman who no longer has to walk 15 to 20 minutes down to the water to haul heavy loads back to her house. There was no mention of fear of being raped. She has done that for years.

There are foolish comments being written. In the blog report below on PNG Attitude there is a Michael Dom who states that female babies less than one year old are being raped. Grandmothers older than 70 are no different.

There is intellectual stupidity/dishonesty in generalizing on a single incident. There was a report several months ago of a baby being raped. It would have appalled all men and women in the nation.

A marijuana demented young man raped and murdered an old woman in Madang some time back. That incident would have saddened all readers.

Dom says that women of any age walk in constant fear of violent attacks, not from strangers but from their very own husbands, brothers, fathers and other family friends.

“Ask your wife. Ask your daughter. Ask your niece. Ask your aunt. Ask your mother. Ask any woman close to you if she feels safe at home, let alone in public.”

“The uninhibited violence of PNG men to PNG women is destroying the family unit and hence the basic social structure. This is defamation of the nation.”

Michael Dom may be a pen name. This person is fantasizing in a very damaging way. This may be a fake report designed to reduce all men to the level of animals. That is not reality in any way.

On the way to the internet shop, I stopped and asked several women in the neighbourhood about how they felt. None felt they were afraid of living in Port Moresby. They all said they do not take silly risks.

I asked what would happen if they were being attacked on the street. All said that men would run to help. Some would not as they were afraid.

All felt safe in the neighbourhood. They said that the men in the neighbourhood would protect them from raskols attacking their house.

That is a thumb sketch of a selection of women in a Port Moresby suburb. Let us now look at women in the rural areas. It is not honest and very dangerous to make generalizations on women or men. 

We have reported on the families in St Peters Parish. There is limited domestic violence in the parish. There would be hundreds of other places in this country that are just the same.


PNG ATTITUDE:  Letter by Michael Dom

Female babies less than one year old are being raped. Grandmothers older than 70 are no different.

Women of any age in between walk around in constant fear of violent attacks, not from strangers but from their very own husbands, brothers, fathers other family and friends; ask your wife, ask your daughter, ask your niece, ask your aunt, ask your mother, ask your bubuhaine.

Ask any woman close to you if she feels safe at home let alone in public. Then tell me again that we don't need a law to stop this madness.

Everything starts from the mind, but the law is concerned with the result of our actions (we might think in our minds is okay) which must have consequences for what we agree is not good for our society - for our family.

The uninhibited violence of PNG men to PNG women is destroying the family unit and hence basic social structure - the place where we begin to learn what is good and what is not good.

The social work, counselling and therapy you refer to is always an option for working through but works best for those men and women, like yourself, who see the need for it and more importantly are willing to make it work.

Recognition of the problem and willingness to solve it are the key. That is straight forward. A law must be there to provide the penalizing recourse.


After a decade of lying and cheating by expatriate lesbians in Papua New Guinea, their attack has been stopped. They trained first in AusAID and then moved on to the United Nations. Please click:


These lesbians are basically racist bullies and think that they can put any unqualified lesbian or gay into Papua New Guinea to dominate the national agenda with an anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-men and anti-faith focus.

But they have failed. These blackfellas have sent the Australian advisors packing. They think they can do the job better themselves with a focus on family.

The white race knows best. Gay and lesbian activists are basically white supremacists. Hitler presented himself as the saviour of the German race.

Remember the poster of the fat Jew about to rape a lovely blonde German girl? That image has stayed in my memory all my adult life of 50 years. Sexual propaganda works.

The lesbians are presenting themselves as saviours of womanhood against the violence of men.

The major source of awareness and stumbling block in Papua New Guinea is the Department of Education with their Personal Development program and their message on personal rights and responsibilities, family, marriage, role models and HIV/AIDS.

But these low down blackfellas are shutting out the expatriate gays and lesbians. Now that the AusAID advisors are out of the country, it is time for the UN to stage an invasion against all patriarchy.

But we have to have a massive world propaganda beat up first. Adolf Hitler taught us that. He staged a fake invasion of Germany by Poland.

That forced the Germans to move in invasion force. It was the culmination of the hate campaign against the Jews. The United Nations lesbians have started a massive hate campaign in Papua New Guinea against men.

They do not want peace in the form of loving families. They want to sabotage all that and replace with individual rights of women, boys and girls. They want war with men.

The family campaign of the Papua New Guinea Government has to be silenced. It has to be replaced with a message that individual rights are more important than family rights and responsibilities. Please click:


The big gun has been Ms Rashida Manjoo who we are told comes at the invitation of the O’Neill-Namah Government. She is perpetuating the misinformation of 100% violence of men. Not in our street or church. She is a rapporteur. Wow. Please click:


Namah has been silenced probably by unknown gays and lesbians with the report of sexual harassment in a Melbourne casino. Please click:

The latest propaganda is a report in the gay supporting the website PNG Attitude that vilifies all men and calls them male chauvinist pigs. See above.

That marks the author as being probably an expatriate lesbian in her 60s. The word male chauvinist pig was the in-word in the 1960s and 1970s in Australia and other overseas countries. Of course the report is anonymous.

In every part of the world dominated by lesbians, there has been considerable misinformation against the heterosexual community.

The lesbians of South Africa focus on corrective rape which may well be massively exaggerated and false in the explanation of causes. The lesbian advisors in Papua New Guinea place complete emphasis on violence of men.

The lesbians of Massachusetts emphasize the suicide of gay and lesbian children necessitating the take over of education and the introduction of gay and lesbian studies. Hitler would be proud.

And now the lesbians of the United Nations are talking about a focus on the education system in Papua New Guinea.

They will be aiming for a gay and lesbian lifestyle focus in school curriculum. They will want to throw out family from the curriculum from grades 6 to 12.  Please click:

But they have to penetrate a phalanyx of second secretaries, inspectors, head masters, subject masters, teachers, students, boards of management, clergy  and parents. It will not be easy. It may be painful.

The United Nations may succeed only in burning a few more bridges. So far they have failed in their covert operations to have gay and lesbian sex decriminalized and 22 seats in parliament.


It is now or never. The developing world is turning against the gay and lesbian attempted hegemony.

The homosexual activists have failed in Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia and all Moslem nations. They are failing in Papua New Guinea. British Prime Minister Cameron made sure of all that with his threats at the last CHOGM conference.

The lesbian activists are starting to panic. The gays are not so worried. They are off bare back riding with the boys.  Please click:


There is never a negative response to the reports on this blog. They know better than do that. All the possible hate mail has been sent. All possible false accusations have been made.  Please click:

There were 25,000 hits in the first year March 2011–March 2012. The top nations are Papua New Guinea, US, Australia and Russia followed by New Zealand and UK.

Good men and boys want equality for women and girls. But the lesbian activists are not interested.  They just want men and boys to bash women and girls. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy after that. They want no support of men. They are the enemy. Please click:

Thursday, 29 March 2012


It has been a most useful visit of Rashida Manjoo to Papua New Guinea. Her comments below set out the scene quite clearly. There is violence towards women and girls at the hands of men. But this UN person makes a number of generalizations that need to be commented on.
So the United Nations has declared war on the patriarchal society of Papua New Guinea. Perhaps the UN could tell us where in the world such a war has been won by the United Nations. Every developing country in the world has a patriarchal societal foundation.
AIDS Holistics faces this focus of the United Nations with some scepticism. The UN appears to have restrategized from a gay and lesbian hate man agenda. They now want to declare war on patriarchy by declaring war on men.
The war is being waged in the classrooms daily with the Personal Development program run by thousands of male and female teachers. It has been in operation for over 3 years and will take another ten to twenty years to bear fruit. We have to be patient but do our best to protect women and girls at the same time.
Ms Manjoo did not mention family once in her media releases. So nothing has changed. The gay and lesbian agenda is still the focus of the United Nations program. The war against patriarchy will be the excuse for bringing in a horde of UN lesbian activists.
The United Nations is overstating the violence in the country. This country has been under the influence of colonial powers for over 80 years. There was a time when no man, woman or child ventured past their tribal boundaries.
Any woman or girl would be kidnapped for wives. Men and boys would be killed. Tribal wars continue but people are now able to travel through enemy territory on the national roads.
There used to be a village understanding that women, girls and boys are not to be killed in tribal war. But that has slowly declined for several reasons. The village structure is breaking down.
Young boys are taking part in violent acts armed with weapons. So the new approach is becoming that if they want to fight like men, they can die like men.
The place of women is changing in the nation. We have written about young girls becoming actively involved in prostitution with the aid of their mobile phones. Highlands men are booking young girls early and giving them enough money to bind their loyalty.
Young boys and girls are starting to ignore their clan background. More and more young girls are reaching maturity and heading for the city. They obtain money but never help their urban extended family members. It means that they are out of the protection of the wantok system.
Many girls do not go on to senior grades at school as the parents are afraid for their safety particularly in the upper grades of primary schools that have no girls' dormitory.
Families are becoming afraid of violence. We occasionally read of a young marijuana addicted boy killing his father or brother. Many people are afraid to intervene in domestic violence of a family member. They could be killed. It is all about marijuana addiction.
So the United Nations is wide of the mark if they allow their lesbians to go off into the country to teach women and girls about their rights. It is really about teaching women and girls that they can marry women. That is the ultimate agenda. The ultimate protection for women and girls is a loving family.
They are getting ready to tell the world that the United Nations has sailed in like the cavalry to save the silly blackfellas. What of the Personal Development program of schools that goes from Grade 6 to Grade 12? Are they going to try to foist a gay and lesbian agenda on thousands of Personal Development teachers? Please click:


A new generation of married couples is graduating from high school. Ms Manjoo undoubtedly has a sincere interest but she is stating the obvious and reinventing the wheel. Let us see how the new married generation applies what they learned at school.

Remember the United Nations view:

100% of PNG men are violent (false) 100% of PNG women are kind and abused (false) 100% of gay and lesbian marriages are beautiful (false) 100% of children of gays and lesbians are happy and well adjusted (false)

The recent visit to Papua New Guinea of Rashida Manjoo, UN Special Rapporteur on the causes and consequences of violence against women, has resulted in a timely focus on this blight.  It’s an issue we’ve featured prominently in PNG Attitude this week.  Overnight, the Russian newspaper Pravda has published this story…..
WELCOME TO PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Gold Medal Chauvinist Pigs Award for the men, where women's rights have been relegated to the dustbin, where women are relegated to the dregs of society.
However, the world is aware and war has been declared against Patriarchal society of Papua New Guinea as the United Nations Organisation calls for more to be done.
For thousands of years, society in PNG has been patriarchal and men have been able to beat, punch, punish or kick, scald and insult women with virtual impunity.
Women appear at the few support centres that exist having been hacked with machetes, with open skull fractures after being bludgeoned with stones... after being kicked in the belly with a heavy boot while heavily pregnant.
Gang rapes, knife attacks and beatings of women are commonplace. However, new laws are in place and the UNO is watching as war is declared on violence against women in this forgotten bastion of humankind.
So endemic is the violence that an aid worker working with MSF said "Because it's so widespread, women think this violence is normal.
They have developed a mentality where they say, 'It's OK to beat me up with a stick but don't chop me up' and this mentality is really stuck in their head". She added "Making them understand that beating with a stick is not OK, they don't deserve it - even that is quite hard. Deep down, it boils down to where society places women here."
According to CARE International and Save the Children, 22% of women aged 15 to 30 had experienced forced sex in 2009 in Bougainville, while in Eastern Highlands, the figure was 15% for the same age group. Please click. AH.


[Save the Children reports they encourage young children to use condoms. At one stage they complained that the health centres would not give children condoms because they were too young. So we could say Save the Children encourages young children to go out looking for sex. AH ]
In the Southern Highlands, the local centre receives 65 new cases of domestic violence and between ten and twenty cases of sexual violence each and every month.
Ume Wainetti, national program director of PNG’s Family Sexual Violence Action Committee says: "We also make excuses for why men should behave the way they behave, trying to say things like, 'he's a man and he can do these things'."
"I think our biggest problem is as women we still have not taken a stance and said 'No, I'm not going to accept this. I'm going to make sure that my son is not going to be like that.' But no, we're teaching our sons to be like that," she said.
The country's age-old patriarchal system may explain in part the attitude of men towards women, leading some of them to believe they can prove themselves through violence and go without punishment.
Tribal violence is also part of the problem - this small country is home to around 800 languages. Coupled with this, frustration engendered through endemic poverty - over a third of the population of 7 million people live below the poverty line - and this, fuelled by alcohol, lends a hand.
Polygamy is another issue involved, for neglect of the first wife and her children can often spiral into rejection and violence as a new wife is favoured.
Gender inequality is rife in terms of school enrolment, access to healthcare and to employment. Secondary school enrolment rates for girls are 50% those of boys.
There is one woman in the Parliament of 109 members. A proposal last November to increase the number of female seats to 22 did not get enough votes to pass as law.
On the UN Gender Inequality Index, Papua New Guinea is near the foot of the table, just above Afghanistan, Yemen, Chad, Mali, DR Congo and Niger.


We have read in the media statistics about men and violence towards women. In a recent report in the Post Courier, we read that 64% of PNG men confess to group sex most likely gang rape.
Let us stay with that one. I do not believe that men will make such an admission to an interviewer. So how did the information come to be recorded? The obvious conclusion is that the interview data was faked. Please click:


We have to understand that violent, abusive men will never consent to an interview on the way they treat their wives and other women and girls unless in gaol.

Many uneducated men will only answer yes or no. To say any more, the words are being put into their mouths.
It will only be the kind, educated men who will do so as they are confident in their marriage and understand the importance of interview information. They are not expecting to be set up.
There would be interviews in which men were tricked by the lesbian interviewer. Let us think about it how  man can be tricked. 
If I were a lesbian interviewer I would hide my intentions from the men to be interviewed. I would have them making admissions like lambs to the slaughter.
I would tell them that we are looking at marriage relations between men and women who have been long married.
They would be put at ease by friendly questions. Then they would be hit by the hidden killer questions.
John, how long have you been married? 16 years.
Do you love your wife. Yes I do,
What do you like most about her? She is kind and understanding.
Do you take her out to dinner? Yes when we can afford it.
What do you do on weekends? We relax and watch movies.
Do you make love? Yes often.
Does she enjoy making love? Yes. Mostly.
Does she say she does not want sex? Occasionally.
Does she like gentle sex? Usually but she likes rough sex too. (delete)
Do you have sex when she does not feel like it? Occasionally.
Why do you have sex? She says to have sex and she will lie quietly. (delete)
How often did you have rough sex? Five or six times a year. It was nice
How often do you have sex when she does not want? Two or three times a year.
Do you drink alcohol? Not much.
Have you ever hit your wife? I did do that many years ago.

Interviewer    Do not worry John. This information is confidential.
John  I changed as my faith grew.


This man has confessed that he enjoys raping his wife against her will and violently over 200 times in their 16 year marriage. He has been violent under the influence of alcohol.
We are finding this is becoming a trend among men. Sixty other men interviewed make the same confessions of rape and violence.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


In this corner of the world, there are lesbians activists telling lies. There are PNG journalists committed to setting up fake statistics to show that women suffer under horrific violence from men.
Only recently, the UN rapporteur Ms Rashida Manjoo stated there were no reliable statistics on violence.

But it did not stop Nellie Setepano of the Post Courier telling the nation that 64% of PNG men confess to group sex most likely gang rape.

Perhaps the interviewees were all given a bottle of whisky. Bring the girls on. Hic. My mates and I will rape em all hic. Have you done that before? Sure hundreds of times hic.

Evah Kuamin told us the following fortnight that violence is the norm in PNG families.

We read the report by Natalie Rosa Bucher of South Africa who tells us that horrific levels of sexual violence in South Africa have been well documented and publicized. But no solid statistics.

The Pacific lesbian liars are being well trained by the lesbian liars of South Africa. Take the report below:

SOUTH AFRICA Law Failing Lesbians on "Corrective Rape" Cached - Similar
7 Jul 2007 – There are no solid statistics for the frequency of what is
known as "corrective rape ". "While the problem has most certainly
existed for years, our ...

According to this report the South African police statistics show there were 36,190 rapes and attempted rapes reported between April and December 2007. What is an attempted rape?

It could be a fight between a girl and her lover. All domestic violence could be recycled as attempted rapes. Now that will inflate the real figure.

We must always look for the slippery words in lesbian statistics. The rape figure was inflated by attempted rapes.

We recall the UNICEF report last year that told us of violence to PNG women and girls with 1 million attacks in the home and outside. Inclusion of outside may inflate the domestic violence figure by 60%.

Violence outside would encompass all violence. Sisters and brothers fight. That would be included. Girls fight with girls.

But the South African lesbian writer Natalie Rosa Bucher seemed to be a past master at inflating figures when she tells us that the number of unreported cases may be 10 times greater.

Then she goes on to say that a study by the Medical Research Council found that of 1738 men interviewed 27.6% had perpetrated the rape of a woman or girl. Does that include attempted rape?

Where is my calculator? Let me see 1738 men over an unspecified time divided by 27.6 equals 64.3 rapists or attempted rapists. Stop the press. New discovery on male depravity.

In the report by Bucher above, there are no figures whatever on corrective rape. It is all out of her imagination. She does mention a murder and a double murder in 2006.

She tells of a lesbian who was raped and died of AIDS. That is a bit cheeky. How did she know that the HIV infection was related to that gang rape? With ARV the person could live for 20 years after infection.

She does not have to know. Bucher as a lesbian activist has complete mastery of all slippery information. Every statement is justified as long as it shows violence of men.

She talks of men raping girls because of the strength of the patriarchal society. That can be taken two ways. First they rape women who threaten their manhood. Or they rape women who steal their daughters and will not give them back.

She does mention in the report above that most lesbian women in the towns are teenagers. Most women are aged 16-25.  How has that happened? Is it the result of the lesbian education programs in high schools?

There is certainly not that kind of statistic in Papua New Guinea. Perhaps the lesbian programs in South African schools present homosexuality as a career option.

Girls, you can be a doctor, nurse, teacher or sex worker. You can marry a woman and be happy. That kind of educational propaganda must never happen in PNG.


After the public announcement of the UN rapporteur Rashid Manjoo on the importance of schools in promoting gender values there have been two major responses.

Perhaps she is here partly on damage control after the rampage of a horde of UN gays and lesbians over the last decade.

The first response was from AIDS Holistics applauding her approach but pointing out the existence of the Personal Development program in Papua New Guinea schools with focus on the individual person within family.

We also pointed out that the present school text books focus only on family which is good. It enables the teacher to expand the centre of attention to the rights and responsibilities of men and women, boys and girls.
That should be enough to cover whatever Ms Manjoo has to offer. AIDS Holistics believes that the books should be more specific and not leave the detail to individual teachers.
Gender issues can be promoted against the framework of family. This brings the focus to the rights and responsibilities of women and daughters as well as men and sons. Brothers and sisters are also included.
We cautioned that any approach suggested by the United Nations should not involve removing the family focus and promoting individual rights with no responsibilities only for women and girls. That is the gay and lesbian strategy.
The second major response came in the editorial of The National newspaper. The present editor of The National is a national treasure.
The editor wrote that having gender based issues inculcated as part of school curriculum is a powerful tool to equip young women and men with social awareness to appreciate and take seriously the issue of violence towards women.
How a husband treats his wife influences their offspring’s perception of the world. It is with that mindset that these children are likely to revert to when starting families of their own and when interacting with others in the community and in their place of employment.

The role of the church and other agencies for change are available to form and mould the people. That is the end of the editorial. Well done editor. Who taught you to write beautifully like that?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


We read on Google of the incidence of corrective rape of lesbians by men in South Africa. This is a matter that should horrify us all.

SOUTH AFRICA Law Failing Lesbians on "Corrective Rape" Cached - Similar
7 Jul 2007 – There are no solid statistics for the frequency of what is
known as "corrective rape ". "While the problem has most certainly
existed for years, our ...

But there is more to all this than meets the eye. The gay and lesbian community are experts in the entire world for giving out misinformation. Who made up the word "corrective rape"?

Did the same people make up the word "homophobia"? In making up a word we also set down the meaning which may be false. Are all critics of gays and lesbians "homophobic"?

We are being told of men raping women because they feel threatened by being rejected by a woman in favour of a woman.

The advice is that they believe that lesbians are who they are because they have never had a good man. So rape is corrective training by real men.

This may be true in part. But it raises questions. Why do we read of lesbians being raped singly? We do not seem to read of pairs of lesbians being raped.

What happens to the other woman? Is the attack on the lesbian part of brothers, uncles and fathers rescuing a young woman from a lesbian? This would be a powerful way to warn the lesbian to keep away.

Gay and lesbian rights was never put to the people after the fall of apartheid. It was just included in the Constitution. There must be much community confusion and resentment. What of the gay and lesbian curriculum in schools?

Perhaps many men see corrective rape is the only way to defend their families, particularly the young boys and girls being preyed upon by gays and lesbians.

How do you stop a lesbian teacher from showing pornography to young students? School will not stop her. Rape her. A lesbian in South African book Pink Agenda was quoted from a brochure "This is war". So be it.

We read of a probable rescue of a young woman from an AusAID lesbian last year over the road from the Crowne Plaza hotel in Port Moresby.

The news report never mentioned the young girl who was left in the apartment car park while the AusAID woman ran away.

She was undoubtedly being rescued. There was no follow-up report that she had been harmed in any way.


The country needs a holistic solution to addressing the individual needs of women and girls, a United Nations rapporteur said.
Rashida Manjoo said social, economic and cultural barriers affecting the lives of women and girls needed to be addressed.
She was invited by the PNG Government to conduct a research on violence against women in the country
She said that violence is a cultural problem and it needs a holistic approach. Education is a better way to start with. She said it will be important to introduce this as a subject in schools.
It will be very important if you introduce this to schools. She said she is encouraged by a human rights track in the National Court.
Comment: Ms Manjoo needs to examine the Personal Development program in primary and high schools in Papua New Guinea. The focus is on family and the roles and responsibilities of family members.
But there could be more focus on the women’s rights issues that include the right to equality in education and in marriage. The founder of AIDS Holistics has been doing this in Juha College and at other schools in the past. Please click:


Focus has also been placed on problems of women and girls in abuse from sugar daddies, ARV treatment in rape and Mother to Child infection with HIV. But this has raised the anger of the all male Juha College Board of Management.
They want the PD program followed strictly with no focus on women and girls. The founder of AIDS Holistics has been removed from teaching Personal Development, an act that has raised the anger of all students.
But the focus in education needs also to be on family. Ms Manjoo must not be leading the nation to a gay and lesbian anti-family focus in school curriculum. That has been a key UN and AusAID agenda item in the past. Please click:


What suspicious little minds we have. But then we do have the world gay and lesbian agenda to refer to.  The gay and lesbian lifestyle is to become part of curriculum as we see in Massachusetts and South Africa.