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I have had a 40 year association with the Gateway Hotel beside Jackson’s Airport in Port Moresby. It has changed dramatically over recent years. 

I arrived in 1975 with my small family as an Australian Army Officer on posting to the Joint Services College of Papua New Guinea.

The Gateway Hotel in those days was a frontier hotel little resembling the elegant and luxury hotel of today.

Over my days in the army, I spent many visits at that hotel on my trips to Papua New Guinea as an officer in charge of Tok Pisin training for defence and foreign affairs officers at the then RAAF School Of Languages near Melbourne.

On my return to PNG in 1993, I was alone. At the Gateway Hotel, I met a lovely woman Linda in 1999 with whom I spent 4 years with our son. She and my son died in 2002 and 2003 from AIDS. I was tested negative.

Each day, I would drive her to work at the hotel and was soon known by her worker friends. But life was not to stay happy as she started to drop in health. These were the days before free ARV drugs.

I explained to the HR officer at the Gateway Hotel that Linda could not return to work. Within months, I was helping with AIDS awareness information on a blog that I started at the business centre at the hotel. I am a teacher of Biology and found the physiology of HIV/AIDS to be very familiar to me.

In those days, the business centre was in a room to the left of the foyer. The Positive Living message started at the Gateway Hotel. The message slowly took root in the community of care groups and churches.

Over 4 years, our message on Geocities blog raised 640,000 hits. Positive Living was new to PNG and the world though it was a key issue at the Chiangmai International HIV/AIDS conference in 2003.

My work was known by the Gateway Hotel manager Fijian Alex who at one stage, donated money for our publicity campaign.

AIDS Holistics began the campaign on rights of women and girls which was rejected by the AusAID  advisors because it was in the context of FAMILY

Even Dame Carol Kidu supports our stance these days. Foreign advisors want to introduce girls to western individualism and same sex marriage. They regard the traditional family as out of date and needing to be replaced.

Our Positive Living message has gone from strength to strength to the present day. It all started at the Gateway for which we are very grateful.

I have only recently gone back to the business centre at the hotel and been enchanted by the luxury and elegance of the Gateway Hotel.

Times have changed in AIDS awareness. The Positive Living message is now very much part of the PNG culture. It always was with focus on family and faith. Even newspapers now have a focus on health as we have done for 14 years.

Last week, I posted a report that I called Positive Living with Potassium written from the Port Moresby General Hospital. The week before was a report we called Positive Living with High Fibre Diet. We are getting with the strength.

But there has been an ongoing issue that has troubled us. That is the strong influence of UN gays and lesbians. They have their own hidden agenda.

There is now starting a campaign across the world for paedophiles to be given the same rights as gays and lesbians. We are being told that children want sex from the age of 4 years old. That is not on.

One of the issues we have raised over the years has been gay anal fisting but we have been afraid to post photos from Google. We see our role to educate young gay men into the dangers of gay sex. It is all hidden away from them. Gay men generally die early. We are teaching them the dangers of gay sex.

Last week, I took the bullet between my teeth and wrote a report entitled Gays destroy Anuses and included three porn photos for the very first time. See the archive list on the right side of this blog.

Photos were carefully chosen to show (1) damage to an anus and (2) an anus penetrated by a gay man. It may be that the man with the damaged anus is already dead from infection and possible suicide.

But trouble came at the Gateway Hotel. The computers are in the foyer at times 2 metres from the crowd of incoming or outgoing guests. People can watch over the shoulder and someone complained to management.

I was met by the manager the next day as I prepared to post a report entitled Positive Living with Calcium. I was told I was banned for misusing the hotel computer by watching porn. There were complaints.

I understand where the manager is coming from. He has to look after the integrity of the hotel. Guests only see a man watching porn not writing a health blog.

I will not use the computer again but reserve my right to come for a beautiful Gateway pizza or club sandwich. I wish there was more privacy for computer users. The porn photos are the first and last in 1650 blog reports.

The Gateway Hotel is far removed from early days. The hotel is elegant and luxurious. Staff are friendly and polished.

I have come every day for the last two months and staff have addressed me by name from the second day. I feel welcome and respected

But the photos that caused the problem will remain on my blog. These are posted according to the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. There are 300 hits a week from PNG readers followed by readers from USA, Russia, Australia and a hundred more.

AIDS Holistics does not oppose gays and lesbians. Many are gentle and kind people. We oppose activists who are bullies seeking to infiltrate Government, weaken authority of parents and remove the age of consent. We are sure that many gays and lesbians are not happy too but can do nothing about it. There is a gay and lesbian mafia to keep control.

I apologise to the Management and staff of the Gateway Hotel. Sometimes I become so absorbed in the awareness work, I forget to look around me.

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Sunday, 26 July 2015


There has been great hypocrisy in the Obama election campaigns. The issue of gay and lesbian rights was never raised. The gays and lesbians were his hidden supporters and had to be kept secret.

So the Obama plan for wall to wall homosexuality only raised its ugly head after the election and Obama was President.

Now we find that Obama has a bleeding heart for all oppressed people in the USA and we find Africa.

The problem is that he will free so many people that he will unleash massive crime and corruption.

Drug users will be released from prison. Gays and lesbians will be free to marry despite the dark warning signs of the paedophile push. Obama is so positive that he is totally naive and unable to think issues through.

Before the next election, he is rushing to free so many people. He does not think through that the gay and lesbian issue is closely tied to the paedophile issue.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile issue is not related to the slave days in Africa as Obama seems to draw a long bow to think. If the paedophiles take over, the children will be slaves.

There should be shame in the heart of Obama on the massive error in supporting the gay and lesbian agenda of Kevin Jennings the gay paedophile fuehrer of Massachusetts education. Obama does not seem to have a learning curve.

He has gone to Kenya and urged the President to legalize gay and lesbian sex but was told that it was a non-issue. Is Obama not able to see the background to the traditional cultures of the developing world? 

Did he not learn anything from the Prime Minister David Cameron rant to the African nations at the CHOGM conference? Several African nations closed the book on gay and lesbian rights after that.

Do his Moslem roots mean nothing? There will be Moslems in his Kenya family. The law grows out of culture, not the other way around.

As a white man in PNG, I rejoiced when Obama became President but have now a feeling of shame.

Obama has two standards. He would never let his lovely daughters attend homosexual education of Massachusetts schools.

The security guards would never let his daughters be taken by a paedophile. Every other child of every other parent can be easy meat.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015


Port Moresby General Hospital Sunday Chronicle 26 July 2015

Potassium is one of the seven essential macro-minerals along with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride and sulphur. 

It is part of every cell in the body. Life would be impossible without this essential mineral that maintains fluid balance and keeps brain, nerves, heart, kidneys and muscles functioning properly.

Potassium is a key player in good health but you may not be getting enough in your diet. Falling short on potassium can jeopardise your long term health. Potassium is necessary for the kidneys and other organs to operate properly.

The best way to get enough potassium is to eat fruit and vegetables, dairy products, whole grain cereals, meat and fish. Try to get your daily requitrement of potassium from food sources not supplements.

One problem is to eat too much sodium and not enough potassium. Boosting your intake of potassium can reduce the risk of stroke and heart problems.

Low potassium is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, digestive disorders and infertility.

Consuming too much potassium can be harmful to those with kidney disorders. If your kidneys can not remove excess potassium from the blood it could be fatal.

Potassium is found in many unprocessed foods. A diet high in processed food will be low in potassium. Bananas are a good source of potassium with potatoes, leafy greens, beans, butternut squash, dates, yoghurt, avocado, fish, cantaloupe and papaya.

The great health benefits are instant energy boost, keeping regular, reducing blood pressure, reducing menstrual cramps, containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, helping strong bones, powering the brain, preventing ulcers and reducing depression.


It is amazing to find that gay men find sexual pleasure in fisting a partner. This involves pushing a fist into the partner's anus as far as the elbow. Google porn refers to insertion of a baseball bat

Douple Punch fisting and Punching             
The pain must be quite excruciating and give no pleasure to the poor foolish gay man who has allowed such brutal mistreatment that will damage his anus by ripping and tearing the walls of rectum and large intestine.

It is an exercise in power and submission between gay men by which one man shows his dominance over another man. It can not be an exercise in love making. There is too much pain and damage. Dominant gays are not likely to submit to fisting. We hope that children are not fisted by paedophiles. Google does feature blogs with teen fisting. Please click:

Fisting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was "invented" by gay men, then adopted by women following the gay men's ... Anal fisting carries risks of colorectal perforation; participants are advised to use ..

All normal people experience the act of pushing faeces out through the rectum. Their food has been pushed down through the digestive system by rippling contraction of the intestinal muscles called peristalsis

If there is a problem with the food, the rippling contraction goes in reverse called antiperistalsis that brings vomiting. 

On the way through the small intestine, the nutrients and salts are absorbed. On the way through the large intestine, water is absorbed with enough remaining to lubricate the faeces on the way out. Normal faeces will be soft and able to be constricted into a smaller diameter on the way through the rectum to the anus.

When there are no greens in the diet, there can be constipation which means that the faeces are rolled into balls with limited water. The balls are hard and cannot be constricted. There is pain as the faeces are pushed out through the purse string anal sphincter.

The normal faeces are the size of a small to large sausage. These can be easily pushed out. Now imagine a pair of gay men who agree to anal fisting. 

It means that one man pushes his fist into the anus of the partner which would be equivalent to the size of a large cucumber. The pain and ripping must be unbearable. 

Then the fist can go into the anus of the victim even further up to the elbow. That would bring the fingers up almost to the diaphram. This is gross trespass on another person.

What is the hand and fingers doing inside the rectum and large intestine? The intestinal wall is being ripped, opening the door to bacterial infections. Further anal sex will allow entry of the HIV virus through the torn wall.

By what depravity would a man get pleasure in pushing a hand through the faeces of a partner? By what stupidity would a partner allow it to happen?

The purse string anal sphincter would be overstretched and ripped, allowing faeces to flow freely particularly late in the diarrhoea of HIV infection and gut parasite infection.

Every animal in the world from mammals to reptiles has an anal sphincter. Gay men are the only creatures wanting to penetrate an anus.

Moslem women suffer the excruciating pain and damage of genital mutilation. Gay men suffer the pain and damage of anal mutilation. But the gay men have a choice.

Thursday, 23 July 2015


Please accept that there is a pornographic photo on this blog. Apologies if you are deeply offended. This is gay anal fisting. Let us hope paedophiles do not do this to children. Could you imagine the damage that fisting does to an anus? Please click:

a fisted anus stays open - family positive living - aids holistics

May 20, 2012 - FISTED ANUS STAYS OPEN. Gay sex is intrusive and violent. It causes damage to the anuses of men and boys. The human anus is meant to .

Internet pornography may well have the effect of disgusting kids. It is beyond anything they have seen before. I feel pornography is ugly - not a moralistic judgment on my part but a gut feeling that pornography has nothing to recommend it. It has no class and is material to be read in the gutter.

There has been a massive change in the gay and lesbian profile across the soft Christian countries now that the United States Supreme Court has ruled in favour. But the same ruling has released massive plagues of rock spiders who claim the same rights as gays and lesbians.

Rockspider is the name given to paedophiles who seek sex with children and now claim to be the saviours of small children starved of sex by their homophobic parents. The claim that grew from the writings of Alfred Kinsey says that all people from babies to adults have the right to sex with adults.

The gays and lesbians were always very careful about their public statements. They maintained focus on the rights of pure love between men and between women. We all have rights to love one another. 

There was never mention of the dangers of gay sex from anal fisting, destroying anal wall lining, permanent damage to the anal sphincter, inability to hold faeces in the large intestine and rectum, gut parasites, destruction of the epithelial layer of the small intestine, destruction of the capacity to absorb nutrients and infection with HIV/AIDS.

But the paedophiles are making statements that destroy the gay and lesbian credibility. Given that many gays and lesbians are paedophile, there is a message coming out that will horrify the community. That is that all children have the right to sex. 

The community in Papua New Guinea is talking about the Four Corners report in which a paedophile said that four year old children had the right to sex. One Australian said that the speaker needs his balls cut out with a blunt knife. Keep talking rockspiders.

The difference between gays/lesbians and paedophiles is that gays and lesbians have sex above the age of consent. When they put on the other hat, they want sex with children under the age of consent. 

They want the age of consent removed as all children have the right to be abducted and have one night stands with adults before being dropped off on a street corner with five dollars in their hands and fear of the dark. They want paedophiles to be free to lure children out of internet chat rooms.

We have to understand that the more rights given to gays and lesbians, the greater the plagues of rock spiders descending on our children. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I have had 4 daughters in Australia and Papua New Guinea. They are all good women, the youngest being 17 years old.

They are my daughters and I have loved them dearly. But sexually, I am not in the least interested in them.

I stopped seeing them naked when they were all seven years old. They covered up and so did I.

If they were shy for me to see them naked, I was shy for them to see me. Their nakedness is for a young man to come.

I have some sort of block in my soul that makes me switch off if ever I come close to seeing any daughter naked. I close my eyes or look away.

I find it difficult to understand men who have sex with their daughters. Even if they had moments of pleasure, the effects may well be not worth it over the years to come.

A daughter may not be able to understand at the age she had sex. But the day may come in 20 years time when she becomes angry.

The father may die in gaol or under a tree. His daughter refuses to look after him. Her only conclusion is that the father did not see her as a daughter but a sex object. Not good for her sense of who she is.

I recall a story of a man who went to a strip night club with his friends. A beautiful stripper came out and performed in glorious style. She kept looking at the man.

His friends noticed and pushed him to say something to the lovely stripper. She came over and said to him “ Hi daddy”.

She was his nineteen year old daughter. Shame. What would I do if that happened to me? I would be a hypocrite to punish her for working in a strip club and not telling me.

I would tell her that she looked beautiful. I am a man. I was interested until I found I was your father. Do you really need to work there?

After that, I was not in the least interested. You are my daughter and I love you. I never want to see you naked in your life again. OK? Ok daddy.

If I were a Moslem in Jordan, I may kill her in an honour killing. But we all stand before God. It is not our right to take a life like that. She is still a good woman on a learning curve.

I can hardly believe that the UN paedophiles did their best over a decade to kill the Positive Living message by spreading the word that I was a paedophile who molested my daughters.

I am the man who gets a rose from my daughters on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as I have been their mother and father for most of their lives. This is better than a knighthood.  Please click:

a rose for dad on mothers' day - family positive living - aids ...

May 10, 2015 - They said that their dad had been their mother and father all their 

lives after their mother ran off. So over recent years, they have given their dad ..

I live near my elder daughter and she sends me a cooked meal every night by security guard. I will never die under a tree.

We read of men who have sex with their daughter. It may be that some men see their daughter growing up and believe they are having sex around the town. 

So they punish them by having sex with them too. You want to be a whore do you? No dad, I am the one who will clean your shit when you are old. Stupid men. Please click:

The Effects of Sexual Abuse - Children's Services Practice Notes
If we are to reduce and repair the damage done by sexual abuse
we must truly understand how sexual abuse effects children and 
birth, foster, and adoptive families. ... a history of child sexual 
abuse and higher rates in adult life of depression,

But the paedophiles will still claim that children have the right to sex and that parents have no right to stop them. They will claim that sex between a parent and child has no lasting effects. Bastards. Read the Google report above.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


The prevailing view among paedophiles is that family is not relevant. Children have the right to find their own lives and live as they please, preferably with paedophiles.

The view is parents should not control children and stop them from doing what they want to do. Kids want sex so the rock spiders tell us.

If they read child psychology they will find that the key place to nurture and train children is in a loving home with loving parents, brothers and sisters. Parents are the first teachers a child will meet.

The mother teaches a baby to suckle the breast. As the baby grows, the mother teaches that she will come when the baby cries. The baby learns to eat with a spoon and suck through a straw. The mother teaches comfort and a sense of safety.

Teachers learn child psychology. It is surprising that the Head of UNAIDS in PNG is a teacher and anti-family. Many Nazi Gestapo officers were teachers and killed Jews.

Where was the UNAIDS Sturmbanfuhrer during psychology lessons at Teachers College? Perhaps he was out bare back riding with Satan and the boys.

There are key writers of child psychology that stress the importance of parents and family.

D.P. Ausubel writes of the stages of development of a child from the omnipotent stage within the family to satellizing around the parents and slowly de-satellizing within the peer group system before finding a spouse to start the new generation. Please click:

Theory and problems of child development. 
(3rd ed.). New York: Grune & Stratton Learning & Cognition

Piaget writes of the intellectual development of children that begins with the parents teaching language and reading, family values, self control, politeness, compassion and obedience.

Parents start the academic success of their child. Children grow to young teenagehood with skills of abstract thought and reasoning. Please click:

Piaget's Stages of Cognitive Development: The 4 Stages - Psychology children go through four stages of cognitive development

Parents teach personal habits to a child. Girls tend to learn to look after the house and other brothers and sisters. Boys can learn to use tools and maintain a car and other machinery. Fathers can teach the same to girls while boys can learn housework.

E.H. Ericksen teaches a series of goals for a child within the family. Each goal has a failure that slows the child down. The successful child moves from goal to goal until adulthood.. Please click:

Erikson's stages of psychosocial development - Wikipedia ...'s_stages_of_psychosocial_developme...

Psychology portal · v · t · e. Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, as 

articulated by Erik Erikson, is a psychoanalytic theory which identifies eight stages 

Every child has goals that need to be achieved with support of family. Sexual goals do not exist in children regardless of the writings of the paedophile fuehrer Alfred Kinsey.

The paedophiles reject all this. Children are in the world for the sexual pleasure of paedophile adults.

It is disguised as all in the interests of the child that they have one night stands with rock spiders. They must not be blocked from the sex they need from babyhood so say the rock spiders. Mummy, what's sex?

The only skills children need to learn are of sexual nature, so the paedophiles say. The true story of the growth of children is to be found in books on child psychology not in paedophile manuals such as written by Alfred Kinsey. He  should be in prison, creep.

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Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt