Saturday, 26 December 2015


In western countries, wars are fought between armies. Men sign up to join the defence of the nation. Then they go to fight overseas while families wait at home in safety.

In World War 2, the fighting moved into the cities of Europe. Allied bombers destroyed German cities. 

At the end of the war in one night of horror, Dresden suffered RAF carpet bombing so fierce that the massive fire ball swallowed up the oxygen for a whole city. Over 300,000 Germans died.

Nothing destroys morale for soldiers like news reports that their family back home is dead.

The wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria involve families in day to day fighting and rocket attacks. Children die as a matter of daily routine. 

Many men are civilians in uniform not jihadists and taken up arms to defend their families hiding in cities. They could have moved out as refugees into Europe but they stayed. They will end up supporting the side that wins for the sake of their families.

Many families in Syria hide in bombed shelters with  no lighting, water, sanitation or food. Many have their children, grandchildren and the children of dead neighbours. Please click 

Syria's civilians living a 'life worse than death ... -
Dec 7, 2015 -The BBC's Lyse Doucet meets displaced 
Syrian families facing severe. 
Daily life in Syria is 'worse than death', say people in ...

It is interesting to read BBC reports that the UN is permitted to move into devastated areas to supply food, water and medical treatment, except the Islamic State areas. The IS believe that all people have the right to die as infidels.

The world must have compassion for these Moslem people. They have families and neighbours crowding into Europe. What more can they do?

Their immediate priority is security for family, medical treatment, food, water and a place to keep families safe. The report above states that nearly 1 million civilians have no chance of aid. 

European governments have to allow refugees within the capacity of the nation. They may be being used as refugee fodder in the Moslem jihad. They are the peaceful invasion of Europe. It is largely not the fault of the refugees.

When will it all stop? Will the IS caliphate extend to other Levant nations to set up an empire? Will there be millions more refugees to come as innocent pawns in a plan to take over Europe?

Is there an agenda for the Moslem leadership to expand the Moslem empire into Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Libya, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbechistan, Chechnya and Pakistan? 

The Islamic state must be defeated on the ground by the forces of Moslem nations supported by allied forces in the air. 

The final phase in the jihad will be to drive the Israelis into the Mediterranean Sea. Gun emplacements will go back on the Golan Heights, this time armed with rockets to reach Jerusalem.

This is a saga that started 1000 years ago with the Crusades. This time the Christians will be driven out of the Holy land.

Monday, 21 December 2015


The National 21 December 2015 

UNAIDS PNG should tell the Moslem rebels in Syria and the refugees in camps that family is not relevant in the modern world. Rebels may give them a round of rifle fire up their you know whats.

UNAIDS has announced in the second public statement in recent years that they have a writing program for journalists claimed to be in cooperation with UPNG, Divine Word University and the PNG Government. No mention was made of the churches that are the enemy.

The focus of the HIV/AIDS program is to be violence towards women - a typical gay and paedophile diversionary strategy. We know that the primary focus of UNAIDS is gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual men, women, boys and girls. There has never been a focus on living with HIV/AIDS.

From bitter experience with UNAIDS, we warn journalists not to make the UNAIDS officers angry by talking about family. They want the kids to be free and able to live in paedophile apartments for as long as they like. Parents stop kids from doing what they want.

We are told by the Head of UNAIDS that family is not relevant. These gay, bisexual and transsexual people are to live on the streets and outside nightclubs but not in loving families.

The UNAIDS focus is on violence to women. No focus on helping people living with the virus. There is to be no journalist allowed to write on dangers of sex to gay men and boys. That is totally banned by UNAIDS. 

It is important for these people to know the dangers of gut parasites, anal sex and damage to the anus by fisting. UNAIDS appears to refuse to counsel gay boys on dangers to health. 

No mention is to be made of faith. We have already been told that faith is irrelevant in AIDS awareness. Churches and families are the enemy of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. 

UNAIDS accepts the help of churches as long as no spiritual values are raised with the community and boxes of condoms are distributed.

Journalists must never raise the Positive Living message in their newspaper articles. UNAIDS has fought against Positive Living messages for several years in this country at the hands of the present Head Stewart Watson.

He hates the family message. Perhaps he had an unhappy childhood and rejects all families. Twit. Family is important to us all. But journalists will be punished by UNAIDS if they mention family or faith. 

Journalists must just focus on violence to women. Violence of paedophiles may not be discussed. There is no mention of paedophile violence to children. 

UNAIDS deals in propaganda in support of their own ideology. On removing family, faith and Positive Living, there is nothing to talk about except ...... violence to women.

Sunday, 20 December 2015


In writing this report, I feel unsure that the view will be not accepted by readers at large. There appears to be a lack of understanding of the implications of the rise of Islamic State (IS) in Syria and the world. I do not support the IS and their violence to innocent people.

If we study the maps of Europe over the last milleneum, we find massive changes in boundaries of nations brought about by war and invasion. 

There was the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne, the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Empire, the failed empire of the Third Reich and the British Empire.

Now there are moves to set up a Moslem Empire based on Syria. A so-called caliphate has been established and supported by many Moslems across the world who have come to fight in Syria. 

At the same time there have been hundreds of thousands of refugees uncounted numbers of whom would be infiltrating European nations. There is a law that says that if it can happen it will. If refugees can enter country as terrorists, they will.

The world is being invaded by Moslems, many peaceful and afraid of what is going on. They want only peace and security for their families. Many will not be pleased with the immorality of the western nations they want to call their new home.

The promotion of gay and lesbian rights in the soft target Christian nations has put a brick wall between Christian and Moslem nations. The Moslems follow the Koran as the word of Allah. Many Christian nations follow the separation of Church and State and ignore the word of Scripture.

Moslems arriving in the West would be horrified by the lack of discipline of families with freedom for young girls, clothing, boy friends, sex and the right to go out at night. Compare this to the Moslem honour killings.

It is interesting that gay and lesbian rights have been silenced in the present era of the moves of Islamic State. Perhaps there is awareness that Sharia law carries a large sword. Moslem nations of Africa feel the need to change nothing.

In earlier invasions in history, the invading armies came first to pacify the barbarians, followed by the settlers and clergy to make a new nation and set up Government and laws.

But in the Moslem invasion of nations, the settlers came first to become part of the community. Then the fighters follow to conduct terror campaigns.

Moslem citizens would most certainly not see themselves as vanguards of an invasion. But that is what is happening. They may want peace in their new land but have to accept the caliphate and allow their children to travel to the war zone in the Middle East.

Many European countries will have their culture massively changed with many thousands of refugees moving in for a lifetime. 

BBC reports the Government of Hungary expressing that Europe will be overrun by Moslems. Hungary and other nations know nothing about them. what do refugees intend? are there terrorists among them? will they attack? It is foolish not to ask these questions.

What does the West do? Allow more to settle? Block and remove as suggested by Donald Trump? It is all too late. Leave the refugees there and be damned. Remove them and be damned. 

The West really does consist of soft target Christian nations. Could the movement of refugees go on for another hundred years until all nations are occupied? Refugees could occupy nations as part of a major plan of the Moslem leadership.

The world has gone past the point of no return on Moslem refugees.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Last week, I travelled down the Papua coast on the Magi highway. The vegetation was so dry the result of El Nino. The creeks were parched and dry.

There was a different scene at night in the villages such as Kalo and Hula. The houses were in a blaze of light. Every house had a fluorescent light outside on the verandahs. There were lights everywhere. The villages looked like small urban towns.

It was the result of a solar panel in every house. A new lifestyle is undoubtedly available to every village and house in the country and overseas.

This surely will be one factor in the response to global warming. There will be no need for the Government to provide electric power to the rural areas. 

There will be the opportunity for television, computers and electric appliances as the solar panels become more available to villagers. Schools will benefit. There will be a rise in security.

Surely solar power is a viable alternative to houses in the urban areas with a choice between easy pay electricity and solar power.

No more house fires from kerosene lanterns and candles. People can charge their mobile phones by solar power.

Monday, 7 December 2015


In four years, Syria has descended into chaos from a prosperous nation with a middle class merchant economy and society. There was violence by President Assad in 1982 following the brutal crushing of a dissident group by his father. 

The BBC reports that the army was the first to refuse to follow orders forming the Free Syrian Army which was unable to maintain control and broke up into splinter groups which quickly became sectarian. The situation rapidly deteriorated with Al Qaeda and IS taking control in the north.

There formed several jihadist groups both Syrian and foreign, becoming the core of the anti-Assad force, securing and maintaining territorial control. The main Syrian islamic groups were Ahrar al Sham and Jaysh al Islam. But the most notorious groups were the Islamic State and the Nusra Front, al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria.

Ideological and political disagreements within the groups and their international backers led to splintering and fighting among the opposition groups. This was taken by the Kurds to provide the opportunity to break the strict years of nationalist control. Kurds alone have taken territory back from the IS. 

The civil war in Syria has wars inside of wars. It can not be solved by intervention of foreign armies. Wars cannot be waged with the sides unsure of whom they are fighting. Sides may change. Allies one week may be enemies the next week. Enemies may pretend to be allies while seeking the best advantage to strike.

There is reluctance on the part of the allied Governments to deploy ground troops against the Islamic State in Syria. There has been ample time for nasty surprises to await troops at the hands of IS.

It is certain that not all nerve gas has been removed from the hands of the Assad Government with some held by the IS. Already we recall the debilitating illness of US troops after Operation Desert Storm.

The IS surely has military reserves to come to their aid as rear guard attackers of any allied army. There may be confusion in the event of a multi-nation response so that the wrong troops are attacked by aircraft.

BBC reports that there has been considerable recruitment to IS from Tunisia, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi, Iraq, Libya and Chechnya. The total would be in the vicinity of 67,000 recruits, mainly Arab. 

This means that Syria is encircled by Levant countries that will provide volunteers. This will make any ground attack by Allied troops most difficult.

The Syrian army will rest if foreign troops enter. They will keep out of the way. It will be like the South Vietnamese army allowing the US troops to do all the fighting. They knew where not to be.

There would be confusion of allied commanders between the moderate rebels and the IS troops. Russian troops would focus on the moderate rebels. Some of them may be IS in disguise. There would be total confusion among troops on the ground.

The Russians would have the problem of IS supporters waiting to come to the aid of IS from their base in Chechnya, the home of Islamic jihad. Others would be waiting throughout Europe disguised as refugees. They would attack the nations within national borders.

The ground attack would be accompanied by heightened terrorist activity across Europe. This would impact on the hearts and minds of citizens of European nations. The danger is that Moslems across the world may be forced to have sympathy for the caliphate.

The so called Caliph has decreed that all Moslems swear allegiance to him. This may push the moderate Moslems of the world into silence. 

Nevertheless, there has been a statement from Mohammed Ali, famous heavy weight boxer denouncing the brutality and slaughter of the Islamic State. He explains that this does not reflect the purity of Islam and the will of Allah.

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Friday, 4 December 2015


Over the last decade, the world has faced the onslaught of militant Muslim activists that started with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq with thousands of military officers suddenly unemployed.

The destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York brought the militants to centre stage. Over the years that followed, there were many attacks on the public across the world with lone radicalized attackers causing death to innocent citizens. 

Citizens may be afraid to be anywhere - schools, churches, trains, theatres, football stadiums, roads, buses and aircraft.

Daily in the media we read of suicide bombers killing people in markets across the Middle East. It is all part of the vicious sectarian conflict of Sunnis and Shiites, both claiming the other to be infidels.

Now that the Islamic State has pushed into Syria, there has been response from the United States, UK and France with others now joining the air war against the Islamic State in Syria. The world is being treated to propaganda on the effectiveness of the bombing.

The terrorist attacks in other nations may be the alternative to recruits coming to Syria. It may be an attempt to turn the citizens against the bombing of the IS, just like the anti-war movement against the US involvement in the Vietnam War.

The fact has to remain that every bomb dropped on IS troops and installations, the weaker the attacking force must be. There will be a gradual attrition.

There must be a lowering of morale on the senior commanders of IS to be unsure as to whether or not they will end up dead by morning, the result of a missile that an allied bomber dropped at such an altitude and distance that the approach was not heard. 

Recruitment overseas may not produce fighters ready to go into combat as required, particularly if training camps are hit with missiles. Training will have to take place in other countries.

The UK now has the most deadly Brimstone missile that has pinpoint accuracy to kill a person sitting in a vehicle travelling at speed. Please click:

British Brimstone missiles can hit vehicles doing 70mph ...
5 days ago - British-designed Brimstone missile can hit small and fast-moving .... work has had an 'embarrassing' effect on his sex life Arrived at BBC studios ...

But now there is a new expanded policy of the IS in attacking citizens of the countries involved in saturation bombing of the IS in Syria. The Russian aircraft was destroyed in the Sinai desert with great loss of life. That was punishment to the Russian people.

Now we read on BBC of the intelligence reports that IS terrorists are planning to attack Russian tourists in Thailand. The French were attacked in Paris as punishment for their bombing in Syria. That may continue in ways that will horrify the world. Please click:

in Thailand to target Russians - BBC 11, 2014.

Both Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are rich in minerals with Indonesia being a major supplier of oil. The IS has a background in oil hyjacking

The Islamic State might be looking for territory on which to place their own people. We read that the IS is working to set up the infrastructure of Government in the so-called Caliphate. Please click:

threat of islamic state to papua new guinea - family positive ...
Apr 19, 2015 - There is a report in the Papua New Guinea newspaper The National ... 
there is a threat from the Islamic State (IS) among Moslem nations of South East Asia. ... 
Moslems who have been planned to live in Papua New Guinea.

Thursday, 3 December 2015


It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that Positive Living should cause such hatred and division in Papua New Guinea. There is likely to be 99.9% support from families and churches.

There has been deep opposition and hatred from the gay, lesbian and paedophile community that would account for about zero percent of the indigenous population.

The family has been under attack. The authority of parents was to be removed and replaced with a new class of homosexual officers in welfare, legal, health, police and education.

Children were to have full rights with no responsibilities and all rights to sex with paedophile adults. Parents had nothing but children who ignored them.

The papers of the Chiangmai International HIV/AIDS conference in 2002 showed that Positive Living grew out of Africa among HIV infected families and church care groups. So this is a reason why Positive Living is rejected by the homosexual lobby.

Positive Living families were strong in the faith and not likely to succumb to the pressure of the homosexual lobby. The most well known writer to the Chiangmai conference was Dipuo Bogatsu of Tanzania who became the Commonwealth Ambassador for Positive Living.

The goal of Positive Living was to give hope and life skills to people living with HIV/AIDS in an era when antiretroviral drugs were not freely available. It is still important.

But the gay paedophile agenda was much wider and involved restructuring families in society. They had hyjacked the AIDS awareness agenda. The gay and lesbian message had nothing to do with HIV and AIDS. It promoted sex rather than limited sex in society.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


In the period 2003-2009, the Australian paedophiles in AusAID and UN were determined to block and destroy the Positive Living message. 

The founder of AIDS Holistics had a newspaper column for 2 years and had spread the message far and wide. So many people today trace their understanding back to the days of that newspaper column.

People in the AIDS response had been following the message but the AusAID and UN paedophiles were unable to stop the Positive Living story. Care groups were careful never to mention the word Positive Living as they knew they would be denied funding.

Desperate to stop the message, paedophile activists Watson (now UNAIDS) and Cox (UN Women) decided to spread the word that Positive Living was a false message that killed people. It was full of errors so these creeps said. 

Chairman Barter could have introduced Positive Living but as senior paedophile, he chose not to. During his time, Wep Kanawi became Chairman of the National AIDS Council Secretariat. 

Wep's big mistake was to announce to the media that family was the epicentre of the AIDS response. He did not last long. His contract was not renewed. Family was the enemy of young people according to the paedophiles. It stopped the kids from having sex with adults.

The Australian paedophiles ignored that Positive Living was a major topic in the Chiangmai HIV/AIDS international conference in 2002. But these creeps were more interested in their own sexual priorities. 

The birth place of Positive Living seemed to be Sub-Sahara Africa and Thailand. But its launching site across the world was Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

Let the dear readers check the message to find the errors:

Faith, hope, peace, love, truth, patience, family, friends, fellowship, forgiveness, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, lean meat AND FREEDOM FROM fear, violence, stress, hate, discrimination, starvation, suffocation, infection, beer, cigarettes, marijuana, home brew and drugs.

These paedophiles were being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money to give fake messages to the community in support of their own sexual agenda. 

Activists Cox, Watson and Barter should be in gaol for a crime against humanity. The Positive Living message was no more complex than the advice in the medical column of a women's magazine. There were no errors in the message.

Positive Living applies to us all for long life and good health. It applies also to those living with HIV and AIDS, particularly if not on antiretroviral drugs.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


At last the foreign paedophiles have gone silent in the HIV/AIDS campaign in Papua New Guinea. They have come to the end of their rope and there is no where to go.

For over 15 years, they tried to take control of the AIDS message, seeking to replace it with a gay, lesbian and paedophile message.

They were not in the least interested  in supporting and giving advice to people living with HIV/AIDS. They wanted to focus on the rights of women and girls, violent men and sex rights of children. 

They worked through the United Nations Charter of Children's Rights that gave all children the right of association. That means they could associate with any man or woman who wanted to meet them from an internet chat room. All children had the right to sex according to the foreign paedophiles.

But they came head on with the founder of AIDS Holistics whose wife and son died of AIDS in 2002 and 2003. He was naturally focused on FAMILY and FAITH and has continued to the present day.

The foreign paedophiles joined forces for over a decade desperately seeking to destroy the Positive Living message. The founder was secretly accused of child molesting, stealing the Positive Living message from the paedophiles and killing women.

They sought the help of the paedophile President of the National AIDS Council Peter Barter. He claimed the founder's daughters were to be taken into care because of sexual abuse by the father. Chief Barter never mentioned little boys he had anally abused in Madang. It helps to be a Chief.

But the churches were slowly taking over and AIDS Holistics is proud and gives thanks to God for giving us the strength to withstand satanic hatred of the foreign paedophiles. The churches have a generally holistic approach to family.

This year on World AIDS Day 2015, there were reports in the media on the AIDS message, A key message came from the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS. 

Then came a wonderful report from the churches. There was complete silence from the paedophile UNAIDS and the Catholic Church still suffering from their womanising priest who controlled AIDS care at 16 Mile.