Tuesday, 30 June 2015


We read in the media that gay and lesbian relationships have been declared legal by the US Supreme Court. That means that the gay and lesbian same sex marriage is legal in all states of the USA.

There has been little thought expressed of the impact that all this will have on US security. The nation has put itself in danger. We can trace the issue back to World War 2.

Australians of that generation remember the US servicemen coming to Australia in droves prior to taking part in Macarthur’s island hopping against Japanese troops.

The Australian girls went crazy after the smart looking Yanks who were kind to ladies, spent money and had sex.

The Italians dropped pamphlets on the Australian soldiers in North Africa telling how their wives and girl friends were in the arms of American soldiers in Australia. Australian soldiers would say the Americans were Over-sexed, Over-paid and Over-here.

When the war was over, there were thousands of Americans in Tokyo falling in love with Japanese girls. We recall the movie Madame Butterfly.

Then during the Vietnam War, thousands of Americans regularly descended on Tokyo and Bangkok for Rest and Recreation leave. Bangkok changed into a sex capital with young girls flocking to the city from villages to meet Americans. HIV/AIDS became the backdrop to Thai society for decades.

But now the ball game has changed. The Americans are fighting in the Middle East. This is hostile territory where soldiers do not dare venture out of their fortified positions to have sex with Moslem women. They may end up captured, beheaded and killed by suicide bombers. Lesbian soldiers dare not seek sex aith Moslem women.

In previous decades, Americans left babies behind to grow up as mixed race people discriminated against.

In the Middle East, a woman would be terrified to have a mixed race baby with an American soldier as father. She would be subject to honour killing.  The child would be killed by family disgraced by a baby fathered by an infidel American.

So what is the answer? The American soldiers are still Over-sexed and Over-there. It would be better to make sex relations in-house. But there are many men and few women. Let the men have sex with men. The US military discipline starts to go on the slide.

According to US Supreme Court, every soldier has the right to a same sex partner, either civilian or military. On any military base, there could be hundreds of same sex married soldiers.

Each couple will demand a married quarter. There will be no more living in the barrack blocks with the single soldiers. The messes will be the local gay bars.

In the military there is discipline that keeps order. There is division between the ranks – officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers. This may all be destroyed over time by same sex marriage.

There are two institutions in democratic society – STATE and INDIVIDUAL. In time of war, the state takes precedence. But since the Vietnam War protests, the STATE has taken a battering. The INDIVIDUAL rights are about to swallow up military discipline.

We are aware of the fighting spirit of the American soldiers in the D-Day invasion and on the island of Okinawa.  Australian troops on the Kokoda Track had less admiration for the Americans who were mainly young inexperienced soldiers of the national guard.

Even back in those days, our fathers told us that the American soldiers were not tough but relied on comforts with close air and naval support.

The standard of fighting dropped during the Vietnam War. These were the baby boomer soldiers who were a product of the new generation of culture of “Make love not war”.

Australian soldiers in Vietnam were not in the thick of fighting of the American troops. Australians fought the Long Tan battle while Americans faced the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong at Khe Sanh and in the Tet offensive.

Discipline among the American troops was said to be lacking with fragging or the killing of officers. American troops are said to have gone on patrol smoking marijuana which could be smelt by the enemy.

Now the standard of fighting may have dropped further in the war in Afghanistan. There is greater reliance on firepower from air strikes and drones. It may be that the U.S. military is going soft.

The focus is on advising and training of the troops of the supported nation and letting them avoid the fighting.

Now the US Supreme Court has allowed same sex marriage within the military.

We read disturbing reports on Google of military chaplains to be removed if they refuse to perform gay and lesbian marriages. But such marriages require a certificate to be recognised by the military.

There is a sad possibility that same sex marriage in the military will send the US Armed forces into slow decline. The military may lose any tough edge that it may have had.

The military is a sub-culture of society with the major difference that personnel are subject to military law. There is a command hierarchy with orders given and expected to be obeyed.

Now there may come to be large numbers of gay and lesbian soldiers demanding their rights. This will run the risk of destabilizing the military.

Since the military will now become an extra attractive career venue, there may be large numbers of homosexual applicants for careers in years to come. Corrupt recruiting may accept more homosexual applicants.

This will increase over the years. Any attempt to introduce a quota will bring cries of discrimination and legal action. Gay and lesbian soldiers may respond with confrontation and demands.

There are supposed to be few variables that operate in the giving and receiving of orders.

Will gay couples be allowed to go into battle together? Will gay sailors go to sea with their gay naval partner?

Are gay soldiers mature enough not to cause confrontation with the requirements of military law?

Or will the same sex marriage bloc cause confrontation and instability within the command hierarchy? There will also be gay senior officers. At least a marriage certificate will lock couples together as the partner is to be a beneficiary in superannuation payments.

In leadership studies in the Australian Army, we are told of two leadership systems in the military. There is the formal rank structure and the informal social structure both of which work together.

With same sex marriage in the military, there is a new major structure that may operate at times in opposition to the formal command structure.

At times, both will be in conflict. Gay and lesbian soldiers may be supported by industrial action. They will demand a Directorate of Gender Equality with authority outside the command structure.

This may get worse year by year and be supported by hostile forces working against the nation. There is a standard tactic of combat that involves finding and attacking the weak points.

It will not end. The military same sex marriage issue is part of a wider campaign of activists in the community.

There will be increased pressure on the other target areas of Education, Law, Welfare and Health.

Let us hope that the State Courts and Supreme Court have not been infiltrated. The problem is that both the gay sex and anti-gay sex judges have to disqualify themselves. But they can not and do not. There is no common ground whatever.

No-one is fit to make the judgment. There is no intellectual and professional depth in one side getting to make the judgment first.

Our children are entering a different world which will now be telling them that they have valid options of straight or homosexual marriage. They will be told that parents are to be ignored along with faith of their forefathers.

Family and Faith are said to be irrelevant. But the United States must not be taken as the leader of world morality. Barak Obama is the leader of the moral decline of the United States. He is so proud.

Parents have no rights. American teachers now have the right to promote gay and lesbian sex in schools to young children. They can ignore the objections of parents. The Constitution gives them rights. The world is being polarized with Obama leading the gay and lesbian bloc.

American people believe that the US Constitution gave every person the right to bear arms.The original plan was to defend the family and neighbourhood from hordes of communists. Now that has gone from the agenda. Arms are now to defend against Moslem extremists.

The new enemy may well be the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists determined to take the children away from family. That is a more real possibility than all the communists and Moslems on the planet.

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Sunday, 28 June 2015


In writing this report,  I am focusing on Papua New Guinea and several countries in the Pacific area where the people suffer death due to lifestyle habits. These include diet, lack of exercise and too much beer.

Before starting on these matters, it is important to understand aspects of the physiology of the body. Our body consists of a digestive system that starts in the mouth and ends in the rectum.

Food passes into the mouth where digestion starts with the enzyme amylase that begins the break-down of starch. Further break-down occurs with amylase in the stomach. Food is further broken down in the duodenum with bile from the liver.

The absorption of nutrients takes place in the small intestine with water and salts. It occurs through the hundreds of small fingers called the villi found on the gut wall. Food is absorbed and passes into the hepatic portal vein that takes the nutrients to the liver.

In the wall of the small intestine are the capillaries of the lymph system called the lymphatics which link to the lymph vessel that goes up to join the large veins of the heart known as the vena cava.

Nutrients pass though the hepatic portal vein to the liver. Fats pass through the lymphatics to enter the heart and go down to the liver. So the accumulation of fats is on the lymph vessels, vena cava and heart. Blockage of the heart by fats causes heart attack and possible death.

We have only to examine the sheep hearts we buy in the supermarket to see accumulations of fat on the upper area of the heart. And sheep only eat grass !!

The function of the liver is to break down chemicals. So we can make our liver work far too hard by eating and drinking large numbers of chemicals from processed food on a long term basis. The liver can eventually give up, increased by liver damage called cirrhosis. Diabetes 2 brings damage to the kidneys.

Now we come to the diet of death in the Pacific and elsewhere. Let us start with fats from fatty meat and coconut milk.

The Australian and New Zealand sheep farmers send all their old fatty rubbish meat to the meat works that is sent in cartons to the Pacific nations. Some mutton is just a slab of fat with a streak or two of muscle. To make matters worse it is cooked in fatty coconut milk.

The life span of many Pacific people is 48 years old. Men in particular die of heart attacks after a lifetime of fatty meat with fat that passes up the lymph vessels to the vena cava and into the heart.

Men and more and more women make matters worse by binge drinking of beer. These days in PNG, young men come in a vehicle to a settlement area in a car with a loudspeaker. That way they avoid the police.

They play loud music until dawn, drinking the cartons of beer from the boot of the car, playing loud boom-boom-boom music and dancing with a stubby in their hand. A person who drinks large quantities of beer over many years will suffer several problems.

They will have a large beer gut and waddle like a duck at 35 years old. Their liver will be grossly overworked. That is all the overworking many men do. Diet of food will be replaced by alcoholic drink. Men do no exercise, absorb too much sugar in alcohol, smoke and risk the onset of diabetes 2.

Healthy diet problems in Papua New Guinea are the result of many factors. There is not enough land for gardens. Many women do not make gardens but prefer to buy processed food in the trade store. Many families live on noodles. 

Many have no idea of diet having left school early. The standard diet of many PNG families is biscuits, white buns, twisties and Coca Cola. These are all carbohydrates. Small children arrive at the store in the afternoon with two kina for the evening meal. Mother is playing cards.

Some men earn money from jobs but do not give money to their wives who are expected to find the evening meal somewhere. If she has a stall, he may demand that money too. The cheapest meal comes with a bag of flour made into pan cakes cooked in oil. This is processed food.

There is a very lazy way of marketing in this country that involves little work. A product is bought to be broken up and sold one item at a time.

A packet of cigarette or lollies or a carton of soft drinks can be sold at a small profit. But they join the line of several women doing the same. Marketers with initiative try to sell car to car at traffic lights.

Very few women would go to the market for a greens, carrots, beans, cabbage and potatoes as the family diet of vegetables. There will be no fruit.

Even an apple or orange could be cut up for the children. She may not have the K5. Diet requires a little education. Most women do not have education. Many families live on a diet of carbohydrate and no protein.

In modern PNG, we find that the old people may live until 75 years old. Their sons die at 48 years of age. An old man lived on the Kokoda track and stayed healthy to 104 years old. He followed a Seventh Day Adventist lifestyle.

Village people had a way of life that came from living in the mountains, walking bush tracks to town, carrying heavy loads, digging gardens, eating mainly vegetables and drinking mainly water from the creek. They did not eat too much food. Garden food gave all the protein they needed. Protein is not just from meat.

Their children came to town and learned to eat rubbish food cooked in oil, eat their evening meal in the Chinese rubbish food shops, have a permanent diet of tinned fish and white rice, drink alcohol, drive everywhere or catch buses and do no exercise.

So the Pacific diet of death is well established in PNG and other countries in the Pacific. Positive Living belongs to those with the education and good sense to know that they live and die by the lifestyle they follow.

Children may die from diet and from inhaling the cigarette smoke of their mother. A small child being breast fed by a foolish mother with a cigarette in her mouth may well suffer hardening of the arteries or lung problems in later age.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt
Teacher of Biology and Personal Development


Dr Thomas Vinit  Post Courier 29 June 2015

Dengue fever is a vey serious arboviral disease that can lead to severe haemmorhagia fever and possible death.

I do not know if the NDoH or NCDC have informed the public, but we have some confirmed cases in Port Moresby and are managing them.

This disease is spread like malaria by mosquitoes but by different species which are common brown mosquitoes that bite us.

I urge all citizens to clean your areas and remove all tins and coconut shells that hold water. We do not want to breed more of these pests.

Cut tall grass and bushy dark areas where they breed near your house. Do this to prevent contracting dengue. Make our city clean to show our Pacific neighbours coming to the games.

Arboviral (short for arthropod born) diseases are caused by arboviruses tht are spread to people by a bite from an infected arthropod including mosquitoes and ticks.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Over the last 12 years, there has been a steady message put out by the PNG media on healthy living or Positive Living.

All writers have generally avoided using the term Positive Living as there has been so much hate put out by opponents of the message. Some say Living Positively while others say Healthy Living. But it is all the same.

There have been care organizations that have adopted the term apart from AIDS Holistics. There is StopAIDS and World Vision.

Since 2005, there has been a steady message of health put out. AIDS Holistics started the ball rolling with Positive Living with HIV/AIDS in The National newspaper supported by editor and friend the late Yehiura Hriehwazi.

There were 120 reports in 2 years 2003-2005. Editor Frank Kolma stated that we put the AIDS message on the map. 

We were attacked by opponents of the Positive Living message with the claim that our information was all false. I have never done a job so useful in my life and been deeply hated for doing so. 

The blog PNG Attitude called our writings embarrassing rantings and ravings. Professor Toole of Burnet said that it was time to stand up against AIDS Holistics. Keith Jackson of PNG Attitude claimed that AIDS Holistics was defaming hard workers. Many of them were gay, lesbian and paedophile and running to their own agenda. Hard workers? Hardly.

We put a column in the Sunday Chronicle in 2008 that covered a whole page of several stories in English and Tok Pisin. Editor Sam Vulum came after a few months and gave me a pay rise for work well done. The next week I was sacked.

It seems that rogue reporter Tereni Kens told the owner that AIDS Holistics was working for a foreign organization that was against the welfare of the nation. He may have been a gay boy in hiding. I was sacked. He was sacked about a year ago for dubious conduct.

After I stopped writing, Tereni Kens took over as the HIV/AIDS expert with the first 3 columns full of errors. He supported fake herbalist Lansy Lapu in selling fake AIDS cures. Kens did not ever write another column after that.

Then there was a void in the media on health matters. Dr Uma Ambi filled in the gap as advisor giving advice on mental health. She has had a column in The National for over 3 years.

From that time there was silence until 2014. The media moves slowly in Papua New Guinea. Now there are doctors writing on health matters in the three newspapers.

It is good that the doctors are now writing in the media on medical matters in support of the Port Moresby General Hospital and Pacific International Hospital. 

There have been Positive Living reports on diet, diabetes, kidney damage, liver damage, effects of alcohol, lung cancer, heart disease and many more. 

Several doctors always supported our column on Positive Living. They will remain unnamed for professional reasons.

Our library is graced by several clinical books quietly given by doctor friends. They were afraid of being punished by the AusAID bullies. AIDS Holistics was the pipeline to the community.

The most useful book was edited by Professor Jenny Hoy and Sharon Lewin called HIV Management in Australasia. From that book came reports on gut parasites that attack the gut lining. 

Rogue medical institute Burnet did not contribute to this prestigious book in any way. They were leaders in the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in Papua New Guinea. Advisors opposed the Positive Living message despite being doctors who learned of healthy living as first year medical students. Director in Papua New Guinea was gay Professor Michael Toole who attacked the founder of AIDS Holistics by email giving free dignosis to all of his mental illness. He was not registered on the PNG medical list of doctors. His emails are still on file.

Please click:

HIV Management in Australasia a guide for clinical care www.som.uq.edu.au/media/418950/hiv_aus_guide.pdf Discounted registration to the Annual Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference hosted by ASHM Editors: Jennifer Hoy, Sharon Lewin, Jeffrey J Post, Alan Street, Suzanne Crowe (AIDS Pathogenesis and Clinical Research Program,

Now the doctors are professionally free from foreigners in their own country. The dictatorship of Australian clerks.

There was once an anonymous report on Google voy.com that claimed that I was hated by PNG doctors and I hated them. Not true. Positive Living was known as the underground message hidden from the Australian Gestapo.

In the early stages, a number of very helpful doctors allowed me to text questions to them on my mobile phone. Only one doctor refused. He was a gay doctor who would not answer a simple question and told me to make an appointment and pay the normal specialist fee. Creep. 

There was only respect from me towards the PNG doctors.  I did not ever step over the line. I left that to the AusAID gay and lesbian Gestapo.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Please note the hideous hidden agenda of gay and lesbian advisors of AusAID and United Nations. 

These people are a minority in the world but are using infiltration to push their hidden agenda across the world, particularly the soft target Christian countries.

The gay and lesbian agenda is basically paedophile in that the focus is on freedom and rights of children. Sex is the bottom line for all the gay and lesbian agenda.

The agenda focuses on destroying the modern traditional society and replacing family with a loose collection of people free to have sex with any other person at any age. Gay and lesbian marriage is often a joke.

Parents are to lose authority. Children are to have the right to make their own decisions to drink alcohol, meet paedophiles for sex, go to discos, drink homebrew, smoke marijuana and hit up with drugs. Read the UN Charter of Children's Rights.

The paedophiles of the United Nations have given children the right of association. Parents lose authority over whom the children associate with. If parents want to know, children have the right to tell their parents lies because parents have no right to ask.


family and faith removed from the AIDS awareness agenda,
world Positive Living message removed from awareness,
use of condoms promoted,
all people to have the right to sex,
children to have the right to consent to sex,
children to be adopted by gays and lesbians,
same sex marriage to be legalized,
churches banned from opposing homosexuality,
promote there is no God or Allah,
all commandments man-made,
national care groups forced to accept our agenda,
infiltrate Education, Health, Welfare and Legal,
support laws to take children into care,
authority of parents removed in law,
age of consent lowered,
gay / lesbian lifestyle in school curriculum,
all men violent with all women abused,
gay /  lesbian domestic violence ignored,
dangers of gay sex hidden from community,
attack of HIV on gut lining hidden,
attack of gut parasites on gay men hidden,
promote that LGBT afraid to seek treatment,
promote gays/lesbians always born that way,
ignore they may be nurtured into homosexuality,
ignore paedophiles among gays/lesbians, and
public not to be warned on paedophile danger,

Compare the Positive Living family message that supports the rights and responsibilities of parents and children. The lifestyle requires honesty, respect and loyalty. It reinforces traditional family values.

The Family Positive Living promotes a healthy lifestyle that we all know from doctors and health columns in the media. It promotes honesty whereas the gay and lesbian agenda promotes cheating and telling lies.

In the family message, nothing is hidden. All dangers to health are open to be discussed. On the other hand, the gay and lesbian agenda has censored all information that these people do not want the community to know including young people pushed into gay sex.

In the family message, we report on the attack on the gut lining by HIV. That is strictly banned in the gay and lesbian agenda.

They do not want the community to know about the filthy sexual habits of gay men in licking anuses of partners and swallowing eggs of many gut parasites.


promote faith for believers,
give hope to individuals and families,
support families to live in peace and love,
encourage fellowship in communities,
promote the importance of exercise and fun,
set up community basketball, volley ball or touch football,
promote social interaction among people of all age groups,
promote importance of forgiveness,
fresh fruit and vegetables eaten daily, uncooked if possible,
lean meat with fat removed,
awareness of dangers of salt and sugar,
importance of family rights and responsibilities,
responsibilities and obligations for community and family, and
antiretroviral drugs for raped women within 12 hours,

with freedom from

violence, fear, hatred and discrimination,
infection external and internal,
suffocation from HIV mucous in lungs,
rejection from family,
poison avoided from tobacco and marijuana,
children not breastfed by mother who smokes, and
drugs avoided by all,

There is a place for Positive Living in modern society. The paedophile agenda is an aberration that has to be pushed aside by society. It may not last for a decade or more before the community rejects the evil of hedonistic living. That is living only for oneself and sexual pleasure.

That is one reason why the Roman Empire crashed. The soft target Christian nations may be going the same way. Just type Gay fisting into Google to see the depravity that modern society accepts.

There is an orgy of pain in gay fisting. It is not love making. It is all about one gay destroying the anus of another gay. It is about gay girly girly power.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Having been the most long term volunteer worker in the PNG National HIV/AIDS Response over 15 years, may I venture the view that I would be a top Director of the National AIDS Council Secretariat?

I would put all the hate and violence behind and look forward to a positive future for all citizens in families and communities.

I have had depth of experience as a teacher of Biology and Physiology in high schools.  I was an AIDS carer for Linda and our son.

I served as caretaker for the Positive Living Training Centre brutally destroyed by AusAID advisors. I promoted Positive Living for all infected with HIV and TB.

As Director, I would be skilled, experienced and committed to:

stand against bullying by overseas advisors,
have stakeholders base their work on Positive Living,
support all sexuality in the community,
ensure accuracy in all reporting across the nation,
promote family as the key to AIDS support,
bring nation to AIDS awareness self reliance,
teach all workers the physiology of HIV/AIDS,
ensure ongoing supply of ARV drugs to HIV sufferers,
extend availability of ARV across the community,
stop corruption in consultancy and recruitment,
visit all provinces and check awareness programs, and
ensure high training standards across the nation.

If that should happen, then all of the suffering and hate of the last decade will not have been for nothing.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt
Major - Australian Army (retired)
Director of AIDS Holistics
Founder of PNG Positive Living.

Monday, 22 June 2015


I am a white man and lived in this country since 1993 having worked in Papua New Guinea as an Army Officer from 1975 until 1978.

I have found myself in deep trouble in the last decade in promoting Positive Living for people infected with HIV/AIDS. It was in response to my son Jonathan and his mother dying of the virus.

The Australian advisors objected strongly to my focus on FAMILY and FAITH and I have put this down to the fact that these people were gay, lesbian, anti-family and anti-faith.

But I have read a book The Stolen Generation by Peter Read, a report on the removal of Aboriginal children in New South Wales 1883 to 1969. The insight has come very strongly that Australians have been racist in their contempt for Aboriginal families.

Yet 40 years later in 2001, the next generation of Australians has come to Papua New Guinea with the same anti-family and anti-faith attitude of the Australian Government officers who took Aboriginal children away from their families.

The Australian advisors working with Burnet were deeply racist. All PNG people from senior clergy, doctors and directors of the National AIDS Council Secretariat and secretaries for Health were just blackfellas who had to do as they were told.

If they disagreed with the gay and lesbian condom agenda, they would not be offered a job after their contracts expired.

The gay paedophile head of UNAIDS told the Ministers Fraternal that the churches were to blame for the AIDS pandemic and that the churches had to accept adultery as that would keep husbands and wives happy.

He said that the community must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. This ex-English teacher thought he was senior in intellect to all blackfellas and could lay the law down even to Bishops.

The lesbian Care and Counselling advisors kept strict control of the AIDS campaign and dictated terms to the Director even though they were supposed to be advisors. The Director was a blackfella which made these white racists senior to him.

I once spoke to the Director and begged him to support Positive Living. He said “I can’t, Bruce”. I asked him why not? He said  ”I just can’t”. I knew why. 

The AusAID lesbian in charge downstairs would have him kicked out after his contract expired. That was 120kg of ugly fat frump and bully lesbian Sharon Walker.

These AusAID officers had contempt for me as I had been promoting FAMILY and FAITH. They believed that Papua New Guineans do not have the intellectual and spiritual capacity to live in families and live by faith.

There was to be no focus on FAMILY but only on condoms. PNG people will not respond to any focus higher than a box of condoms. They are second rate human beings.

So many Australian men come to PNG to make money, have sex either heterosexual or homosexual and then go home to their wife in Australia leaving their PNG woman standing in the street empty handed.

I know of several women who were abandoned after living with Australian men for several years. All are now in poverty as the man went home to Australia without leaving money. One is dying of cancer in Goroka hospital.

I was to be punished by Australian advisors for supporting the PNG family. There was to be a focus only on the rights of women and girls with no emphasis whatever on PNG men. They wanted to break up the family unit.

Women were to have rights outside the family as it was impossible to bring men and women together to live as a loving pair. PNG women and men are sub-human and do not have the capacity to love one another.

Women needed the freedom of white women overseas. Their freedom stood outside family and community. That was not PNG culture as Dame Carol Kidu reminded us recently in the media.

I was to be dragged down so that the Australian advisors could state that all men in this country were violent and molested family members. I was a violent molester of the women in my family as the anonymous libel was spread.

But the PNG society is sub-human with men having total control of the women. Women and children were to be freed from the authority of husbands and fathers.

Shariah law gives authority to men as did the Old Testament in Scripture. There are PNG people who say that traditional melanesian custom has similarities to the practice of Islam.

We had the example of the Catholic HIV/AIDS Care Centre at 16 Mile where only women were accepted by the priest who would not let family visit.

This is the same as church missions in Australia who kept the stolen children from seeing family. Some boys and girls never met their family again.

The Australian policy towards HIV/AIDS was racist. There was no point in teaching how to care for family members. Families reject members who are infected with HIV/AIDS. They are sub-human. Just teach condoms and tell them to go for ARV medicine.

Place no focus on nutrition with fruit and vegetables. They will be too lazy to grow and will not go to the market. It is a waste of time telling them not to smoke. So do not tell them.

Do not tell them of the attack on the gut lining. They are too stupid to understand.

The author Peter Read above stated that people in church Aboriginal missions were often psychopath. So too the AusAID advisors in Papua New Guinea in the period 2001-2006. Cox was senior psychopath.


So the only option for PNG people is to accept and promote Positive Living. At least this message comes across the world and is promoted in this country by a white man loyal and compassionate to PNG society.

Sunday, 21 June 2015


I have two beautiful daughters 18 and 17 years old. They had a crazy violent mother who left us when the children were babies. I looked after Rachael the elder while the mother breast fed Lisa. In 2001, I took the mother to National Court for custody.

I was given custody of Rachael while the mother retained Lisa on the breast. There was no mention of my violence and child molesting in Court. Even Linda came and told the Court I was a good and kind man. So much for having bashed her, according to criminal AusAID lesbian Elizabeth Cox.

I gave maintenance money to the mother for Lisa. But after two years of giving money, I found that the mother was having problems with an uncle who wanted to take Lisa to the village.

I offered to keep giving her maintenance money while she gave me the kid. That went on for 8 years. My younger daughter is now 17 years old.

Then I started having problems with the AIDS awareness message of Positive Living at the hands of the AusAID paedophile lesbians. Cox the criminal started a story that I was not fit to promote family Positive Living because I abused my own family.

I molested my daughters. The lesbians ignored national sovereignty by bullying the national care groups and the National AIDS Council. They bullied me and that is where they came to grief.

They wanted to kill all aspects of Positive Living supported by criminal Medical organization Burnet that promoted a gay and lesbian agenda.

Burnet was a medical organization with many doctors yet they opposed a health message of peace, love, friendship, work, relaxation, exercise, sleep, water, sunshine, fruit, vegetables and lean meat.

There was freedom from violence, fear, infection, rejection, starvation, suffocation, alcohol, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs.

The medical ethics of the lesbian doctors were in their knickers. They ignored the need to advise people suffering from HIV/AIDS on how to live a healthy life. That became the task of AIDS Holistics then and now.

When I came to be the caretaker of 3 Angels Care, I received the full hate blast of the AusAID criminal lesbians who had passed the fake report of my violence and child abuse to the PLWHA with the threat that the Positive Living Training Centre has to be buried or funding would stop.

The Australian advisors were supporting corruption in breaching the plan of the owner of 3 Angel Care to set up a Positive Living Training Centre. He was forced to accept a group of violent, boozing PLWHA to live at the centre on Australian tax payers’ money permanently.

Over a three month period of my stay, I was accused of sexually molesting four children at the centre. It was all fake but designed to intimidate and remove me.

After the last accusation that crashed badly, a new player came into the game. My daughters’ mother had come from the village and visited the centre every second Thursday to collect her maintenance money.

One day towards the end of the hate campaign, she arrived and was taken aside by Marabe and Elaripe to be told information that would make her angry.

Rosa, we have to tell you that your daughters’ father has been sexually abusing them. We have proof that he has been doing that at night. They expected her to go wild and tell them he had been doing that for years.

Rosa replied that she had been told of what they have been saying. She said that they were liars. My daughters’ father is a good man. He has cared for my daughters all their lives.

She said that they are never to say that again. Do you hear? If I hear that you are saying that from now on, I will come to the centre with my daughters’ uncles. They will bring bush knives and straighten the thinking of all of you here. Do you hear?

Yupela i no ken tok olsem. Yupela i harim? Sapos mi harim tok bilong yupela gen, bai mi kam bek wantaim ol uncle bilong tupela gel. Ol bai karim busnaip na stretim tingting bilong yupela. Yupela i harim?

It appears that my little daughters had been talking to their mother. All talk of child molesting went silent, then and now. Even the AusAID 120 kg of ugly fat, frump, bully advisor Sharon Walker went silent.