Monday, 31 October 2016


If Lady Roselyn Morauta deliberately blocked the Positive Living message in support of foreign lesbians, then she is racist white trash. Now she is head of the World Bank in Papua New Guinea ready to continue blocking the message in support of Oil Search Foundation.

If ex-Prime Minister husband wants to have me deported for saying so, then so be it. The care groups needed the Positive Living message to give to HIV sufferers and families. But the foreign gays and lesbians wanted the message killed. So Morauta sought to kill the message. Read on.

Citizens of Papua New Guinea be warned. The foreign paedophile invasion of PNG has begun. 

AIDS Holistics has kept watch on foreign organizations for over 15 years and faced hostile responses from UNAIDS, AusAID, United Women, Oil Search and other foreign organizations in this country. Now the invasion is on the move with the support of the World Bank.

This is modern economic imperialism with the spread of donor oriented aid. Already Dr Kwa of Papua New Guinea made the announcement recently that changes will be made to the Marriage Act. 

That has to mean same sex marriage. This time it will be pushed after the Prostitution Act with sex with boys legalized. But then gay and lesbian sex is then to be legalized.

There has been an abortive attempt for over a decade to push gay and lesbian sex into the country mainly for the benefit of hordes of foreign paedophiles who will invade once gay and lesbian legislation is passed in parliament.

The big stumbling block has been AIDS Holistics that has promoted a FAMILY message of Positive Living. Foreign paedophiles do not want that. They hate that. They just want the founder of AIDS Holistics to die. I think that God has kept me alive.

They want the community to degenerate into a loose collection of men and women with children living on the streets. Then they can take children home for sex. Will this happen in Hela, Peter Botten?

They can no longer do that in Indonesia where paedophiles are to be chemically castrated. But PNG is a much softer and weaker nation than Indonesia and not as tough and smart. There is still the colonial cringe - yes masta. no masta.

PNG will welcome foreign paedophiles to come for sex with PNG children. Yes masta. Welkam masta. Welkam missus. Politicians will be bribed by foreign organizations. 

The World Bank will add pressure on the Government. You won't let that happen will you Lady Roselyn Morauta? You support Positive Living don't you? 

Remember the meeting where you cut the founder off from talking about Positive Living. You gave him a minute then cut him off after 20 seconds. That is corruption.  

You had to take the guests to dinner. You did not want the care groups to support Positive Living. You were on the side of the foreign lesbians. 

If you are a citizen, that makes you a traitor. In the media today, your husband Sir Mekere supported the role of the social media in informing the community.  

There is an inevitable succession of steps to full paedophile rights in this country to turn this nation upside down:

* prostitution legalized,
* gay and lesbian sex legalized,
* same sex marriage permitted,
* adoption of children to foreigners,
* age of consent to be lowered for sex with children,
* churches not permitted to criticize homosexuality,
* gay and lesbian clergy,
* Department for Community Development taken over,
* Minister to be lesbian,
* Marriage Tribunal changed,
* gay and lesbian curriculum in schools,
* gay and lesbian studies for welfare officers,
* gay and lesbian welfare officers recruited,
* special classes for gay and lesbian children, and
* special positions for gay and lesbian teachers,

We need to note the difference between gays, lesbians and paedophiles. Paedophiles want sex with children. But many are gay and lesbian. Paedophiles hide behind gay and lesbian rights. 

Thank God the legislation failed on the 25 reserved seats for women in the PNG parliament. There would be a lesbian war started with PNG men and women.

There will be an increase in paedophile child trafficking once the parliament legislates for gay and lesbian rights. The Russian parliament or Duma has banned foreign adoptions of children who were being taken out of Russia for sex. 

PNG children will be a target for paedophile sex once the Indonesians start chemical castrations of foreign paedophiles. Papua New Guinea will become a paedophile love nest for Australians.


The people of Hela province and the Papua New Guinea nation are facing the arrival of the Oil Search Foundation with an agenda in Education. Beware of strangers bearing gifts. 

Oil Search has linked with some evil foreign people who have pushed for same sex marriage and gay and lesbian legislation. The focus on Education may be the trojan horse bearing same sex education to the children of Hela. 

Already workshops have been held for Hela teachers of Personal Development with focus on curriculum matters on sex that are not in the Department of Education syllabus. 

The link with UNAIDS gives an alarm call as there is a vicious anti-family and anti-faith agenda being pushed on the nation. The World Bank may be ready to limit funding to churches that oppose same sex marriage.

The proposed legislation on prostitution may be an act of counting guns as the AusAID paedophiles did by publicizing the word koap a decade or more ago. 

The churches that opposed koap did not get funding. The churches that oppose the prostitution bill may get the same treatment from the World Bank. 

Prostitution legislation is on the same route as same-sex legislation. First there will be support for gay men to be sex workers. Then there will be legislation for gay men having sex. 

Now there is a focus on support for Buk Bilong Pikinini. There are many children's books circulating the world on children having two mums or dads. AIDS Holistics will keep watch on the books coming into Buk Bilong Pikinini.

We are causing worry to Oil Search Foundation as their media hype has risen markedly in the last month. 

AIDS Holistics will always remember that Oil Search blocked our Positive Living emails a decade ago with the message on email that the words were obscene. 

There may be a virulent gay, lesbian and paedophile employment in Oil Search. They are spreading out to take ownership of the Hela community that we read is already deeply divided. The Hela people will have to unite with the arrival of a trojan horse on gay and lesbian sex.

Sunday, 30 October 2016


I have been at the centre of a hateful campaign from 2002-2016 to silence the Positive Living message with the conspiracy from Australian and national paedophiles to steal my daughters.

The leader of the hate campaign was Bomal Gonapa (now dead) of Chimbu Sina Sina village and senior legal officer of the National AIDS Council. He was a paedophile and determined to remove the FAMILY message. Gonapa was cousin of fellow paedophile Jeffrey Nape.

The first step in 2002 was to silence Positive Living that was in competition with the gay and lesbian agenda. The task fell to the two senior AusAID paedophiles Stewart Watson and Elizabeth Cox. 

They had AIDS Holistics banned at all levels and spread the word that the founder was a child molester.

That did not stop AIDS Holistics from promoting Positive Living. So Bomal Gonapa called on paedophile President of the National AIDS Council Barter to take my daughters into care as protection from being molested by their father.

That failed badly when the email from Barter was placed on internet. I have nothing to hide. The intention was still to take my daughters. These paedophiles are criminal bastards.

Then AIDS Holistics linked with 3 Angels Care to set up a Positive Living Training Centre at East Boroko. Gonapa conspired with paedophile AusAID advisor Sharon Walker to tell people at the centre that the founder was a child molester.

The people at the 3 Angels Care tried to set me up with molesting children at the centre but failed. Then Gonapa arranged with his Sina Sina cousin Jeffrey Nape to take my daughters. 

Nape stole my first daughter and over the last 3 years sexually molested my younger daughter. All the while, he claimed that the father was the child molester even while Nape was molesting my yonnger daughter.

By that time Gonapa had become the legal officer with the National Housing Estates Limited and was delighted to find that a unit at 5 Mile was being used as an AIDS Holistics care centre. He conspired to have us removed on the basis that we were running a brothel.

Over the next 6 months, during the chaos of homelessness, Nape had taken my elder daughter, still claiming to be protecting her from being molested by her father. Good trick. I could not get the police or welfare to act. The Head of Welfare Simon Yanis was a Chimbu.

Nape still molested my younger daughter who was 15-17 at the time and afraid to make him angry and lock her out of his apartment. She had come to see her sister. 

We moved to Lae to get away from Nape. He continued to harass and intimidate the father demanding that he bring his younger daughter back. Then Nape died and saved my family from massive pressure.

My elder daughter decided to stay with the Nape children. Nape's elder son Yaldiye is 23 years old and has banned my younger daughter from entering the apartment to visit her sister. 

He can not blame her for sex with his father. Nape was the child molester and she was the victim of his father's paedophile sex. He was pursuing her from the age of 14 years and giving her money. He would wait for her outside Gerehu High School.

Yaldiye plans to stand for parliament when he is a man. That may take quite a few more years to become a man. He is abusing my younger daughter by blocking her from visiting her sister. He has a negative attitude to women and young girls and will attract criticism from women's groups.

Nape has a poor image in many parts of Chimbu and Yaldiye will have problems against high quality politicians like Nick Kuman and Kerenga Kua. The Chimbu Christian Party has focus on child molesting and child trafficking. They could start with the Nape family.

Yaldiye has the filthy record of his father dragging behind him. Nape had an attitude of gender equality that stank. His small boy son of 23 years seems to have the same attitudes. 

He is practising on my underaged daughter and banning her from visiting her sister. He may have a hidden agenda. He demanded that she gets an AIDS test. Perhaps he has his father's baby "wife" in mind to take to bed himself.

My younger daughter Lisa looked after one of the Nape sons for all the time of mourning for dead Nape in Port Moresby and Kundiawa. The Nape small boy ignores that.

Friday, 28 October 2016


Over the last 15 years, Papua New Guinea has been infested with enemies mainly expatriate who saw in the national HIV/AIDS response the perfect opportunity to hyjack the agenda and insert a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

The first Australian advisors to come in 2001, were without exception paedophile, They planned to bully the Government, churches and care groups into a paedophile agenda. 

They were the child molesters. They moved on after that to become paedophile advisors to the United Nations. If the paedophile men went to Indonesia now, they would risk chemical castration.

The only force to stand in the way of the foreign paedophiles was the founder of AIDS Holistics with the family Positive Living message. From that time, so many of the enemy worked to block the message.

First there were Stuart Watson (now head of UNAIDS) who tells us that FAMILY and FAITH are not relevent in the modern world. He has never changed. He was supported by lesbian paedophile Elizabeth Cox ( later Head of UN Women).

The national AIDS campaign was corrupt from the beginning. Professor Michael Toole brought a gang of gays and lesbians to open the national response to HIV/AIDS. 

In 2010, he was supported by gay supporter Keith Jackson who sought to destroy the credibility of Positive Living prior to the planned gay and lesbian lagislation in parliament. It failed. Jackson failed.

Then there was Lady Roselyn Morauta who did her best to destroy the unity of the care groups. There was a plan to set up a society of care groups. Why did she do that?

Election of a president was held and Morauta won. But she went off to her home in New Farm in Brisbane and never held one meeting. The group is non existent. 

The care group society was a positive development in the nation taking ownership of the AIDS response. The care groups were making a focus on FAMILY and POSITIVE LIVING. But Morauta decided to shut it down. Why was she supporting the gay and lesbian agenda?

It was as if she became President to shut the society down. That is national corruption. Now she is head of the World Bank in PNG. Will she shut that down too?

The greatest sick joke came when the key paedophile Chief Sir Peter Barter became President of the National AIDS Council and immediately opposed the Chairman Wep Kanawi who announced his focus on FAMILY

Barter wanted a community of boys for sex not family. Barter was made chief by the Government. Does that make him Chief paedophile? His hotel wing was recently opened by the Prime Minister.

A long term opponent of Positive Living was Oil Search whose officers rejected our email messages as obscene. 

Now we have Peter Botten joining forces with two key enemies of Positive Living - Stewart Watson (UNAIDS) and Lady Roselyn Morauta (World Bank). We fear pressure on the Government for same sex legislation. But I always had the feeling that Botten was a good man.

There has to be evil on its way for the people of the nation regardless of the Oil Search support for Buk Bilong Pikinini. UNAIDS is anti-family and anti-faith and works on regardless.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016


The AIDS world in Papua New Guinea has known for many years that all was not well with the National AIDS Council (NAC) of this nation. 

It started off under the domination of the Australian gays and lesbians of AUSAID who bullied all stakeholders with the threat of banning if the gay and lesbian agenda was not followed. 

First retired Brigadier Tony Huai was selected by rejected by the Minister Tomscol. He may have had the approach that would have got results as a former military commander.

It remained under gay and lesbian dominance for a decade. Then senior boy sex paedophile Barter became the President of the National AIDS Council. 

He was not impressed with the opening words of the incoming Chairman Wep Kanawi that FAMILY was the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS response. Wep Kanawi was moved out sooner rather then later. The NAC improved markedly under the leadership of Dr Banare Bun.

Then the National AIDS Council moved into obscurity with Chairman Peter Bire. Both NAC and Bire moved into a slow war where nothing would have been achieved over several years.

Today in the media, Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Malabag expressed his disgust with the low level of bureaucratic conduct shown by the NAC over many years. Malabag is a straight forward and no-nonsence Minister and former trade union leader.

He has expressed annoyance that the conduct of the NAC has annoyed the donor organizations of Australian Foreign Affairs and United Nations. He says NAC has betrayed the nation.

But the two international bodies have supplied the gays, lesbians and paedophiles who had reduced the effectiveness of the national AIDS response over many years. United Nations and Australian Aid were the hot beds of paedophile sex messages.

Why has NAC now been fighting? Is it a war of gays and lesbians? Is Bire a gay boy who is fighting other gay boys on the NAC? That can happen. Are the girly-girlies fighting?

AIDS Holistics has never had any contact with the NAC ever since President paedophile Peter Barter threatened to have my daughters put into care for child abuse of their father. 

We have gone our own way with the Positive Living message and led the nation. Our website has had 217,700 hits across the world in 6 years with almost 63,000 from Papua New Guinea. We advise the new care groups and new generations of carers.

A senior journalist with The National once congratulated the founder of AIDS Holistics in putting Positive Living on the map.

It has become the underground strategy for all care groups of Papua New Guinea who are afraid to let the foreign paedophiles know they support the message. Their funding will be cut.


Post Courier 26 October 2016

Positive Living has been supported by two GGs - Sir Paulias Matane and Sir Michael Ogio.

The Governor General of Papua New Guinea His Excellency Sir Michael Ogio has called on citizens to live healthy lives by eating more healthy foods instead of processed foods.

AIDS Holistics is grateful for this message that confirms our Positive Living message first made public 16 years ago.

Sir Michael said that the simple step was to change one's diet to include more fruit and vegetables and less processed food. We are to drink plenty of water and avoid both alcohol and fizzy drinks.

He said we need to educate children about healthy lifestyle at an early age so that they grow up with healthy eating habits.

AIDS Holistics message was banned by rogue AusAID officers in 2002 who claimed that the Positive living message was false and killed people. They wanted only one message based on gay and lesbian sex.

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, home brew, tobacco,  and drugs.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016


I have visited a number of schools in Lae and Port Moresby and been saddened by the lack of ability of many students with the basics of learning. 

Many are unable to recall information over a period of a few days. It could be that many are still illiterate in the basics even as young teenagers. 

Some teachers explained that there are some students brain damaged by marijuana which explains why they sit like passive logs in class. There are students as young as 11 years old who smoke marijuana and drink home brew.

There is a lost generation in this country that is growing larger. It can be the cause of mental illness of young people who are unable to control their violence.

I knew a family in Port Moresby with two sons 23 and 26 years old, both brain damaged from marijuana. The elder was violent to anyone who spoke to him including his parents.

What a loss to the mother and father. They were old and suffered from two dependent drug bodies who destroyed their family. The daughters and grand children were afraid to visit for fear of violence.


In the media recently was a report from a statement by Prime Minister Peter O"Neill to say that laws can not fix violence. Only the community attitudes can do that.

The same applies to same-sex marriage legislation. The Government can not fix same-sex marriage by imposing a legislation on the community. The Papua New Guinea community is not ready for same-sex marriage.

A forced legislation will cause unheard of disruption to the PNG community. Only the community can fix both violence and same-sex marriage.


Post Courier 25 October 2016

[ Ensisi Valley is a suburb of Port Moresby on the hills opposite the University of Papua New Guinea. It is mainly a squatter settlement ]

There is a place at Ensisi Valley where youths go to buy marijuana. Every day and night, youths as young as 10 years old are buying marijuana and smoking.

Please parents, check your children at the corner where the stone wall and mango tree are situated. A tent has been set up to sell betel nut but really to sell marijuana to children.

Mental illness is on the rise so please parents, it is about time we stand together as a community and save our children from being spoilt..

Comment: This is a job for both police and parents. There is now regular advice to the community from senior police for parents to keep watch over where their children are.

Monday, 24 October 2016


Gender violence has been viciously and falsely diagnosed in Papua New Guinea by rogue lesbians of the United Nations and Australian Aid. Most are Australian women. They have their own agenda not to give equality to men and women but to defeat men.

They have set up a media campaign on violence to women and girls supported by UNAIDS and UN Women. Wait until the awards come out in December for the best false reports by journalists.

The last false statistic was that 80% of women have suffered violence. It is more likely that 100% of men and women have suffered violence at the hands of fathers, uncles, aunts, mothers, brothers, sisters, school bullies and strangers. Put it all down as gender violence by men.

I have lived in this country 22 years and suffered a broken nose, smashed teeth, been stabbed twice by a woman, knocked unconscious, hit with an iron bar and punched several times.

Foreign lesbians do not want to promote happy families as they want men to be defeated. Men are the husbands and fathers in FAMILY. Everything that men do has to be condemned as abuse.

Women are not taught to negotiate with men. Men are never invited to gender seminars with their wives. Foreign lesbians want confrontation and violence. It is what the lesbians are used to with their lesbian lovers. Please click:

Domestic violence in lesbian relationships - Wikipedia

Domestic violence within lesbian relationships violent and coercive behavior 
in a female same-sex relationship where a lesbian or other .

There are laws in place to protect women from domestic violence. But many women are using these laws to bash their husbands, drink home brew and coffee punch, smoke marijuana and abuse their children. My daughters tell me I have always been their mother and father.

In all this, the rogue women have the support of rogue lesbians who will support them with false claims of violence. The problem will never be solved with the finger pointed only at men, even good men.

There are violent men of course. But there are violent women too who bash their husbands and make them fear being arrested by the police on false complaints of violence.

The foreign lesbians are happy to see the violence. Empowering women has the secret agenda of advocating violence towards men, even good men.

But in this country, there are still hundreds of thousands of loving families with husbands and wives who care for each other and their children. They do not find a place in the media. All we read about is wives being bashed and daughters raped.

Any care group that supports men will have their funding cut at the hands of the foreign lesbian Gestapo of UN and Australian Aid.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Post Courier 24 October 2016
Jennifer El-Sibal Country Director Save the Children

In his address to the National Development Forum Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said " Laws won't fix violence. Community attitudes will." He is absolutely correct.

We must start focusing on families and communities that can create a safe environment for our children.

It is for every parent, teacher, nurse, doctor, pastor and leader to create a community  that is safe for boys and girls and a community that no longer tolerates violence against our most vulnerable citizens.

Comment: It is good to read this comment from Save the Children. There was a time when AIDS Holistics saw Save the Children as the enemy of the family.

It gives focus to the roles of families, parents, churches and schools. The wheel is turning away from the foreign lesbian hate campaign against family, faith, parents and fathers with focus on rights and no responsibilities.


Throughout history citizens have been united and made afraid with real or false threats of enemies about to invade and take over. Hitler promoted a holocaust against the Jews who were accused before the German nation of destroying the German economy.

After World War 2, the American people were made afraid with the threat of invasion by the Soviet Union. Australians were afraid of invasion throughout South East Asia by the Chinese armed forces as part of the domino theory.

Now there is another threat made by the foreign lesbians that women and children of Papua New Guinea are under threat from another enemy - men. 

There is now an ongoing false propaganda campaign to warn women against the violence of men and to empower women to respond to men with violence powered by home brew and coffee punch. 

In The National today is the report of a woman (P.12) who stabbed her husband to death while both were drinking coffee punch.

There is a real enemy in this country in the form of foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles who have come for sex with children. 

There would be thousands of loving husbands, fathers, uncles and brothers who will do their best to stop paedophiles from stealing the children of the family. So the men have been made the enemy.

There is violence of men in this country but it can not be addressed while the foreign lesbians are promoting fake propaganda that ignores the violence of home-brew drunk women.

There has to be a way to empower women who do not even vote for one another in elections. They vote for men instead. The way is to turn men into the enemy. United Nations lesbians are writing their own long term job statement based on fake evidence.

Friday, 21 October 2016


Over the last 15 years, since the start of the HIV/AIDS response in Papua New Guinea, there has been an influx of Australian gays and lesbians to this country.

They have brought with them a misinformation campaign that puts all the blame for violence on men. This has given the foreign lesbians the excuse to live in country to protect women and promote same sex marriage with young girls.

They have pushed for laws to protect women from violence of men. But the laws are having a reverse effect in giving the opportunity to women to control men with many becoming violent drunks on homebrew and coffee punch.

Many women now want to be men with the capacity to booze, fight and stay out until all hours playing cards and bingo and seeking men on their mobile phone. Violence has escalated against men while the blame is being pushed on men.

Families across PNG are being damaged by the violence of the women. The lesbian propaganda campaign paints a picture of women being loving mothers while men are violent womanisers. This is far from the truth.

Women now know they can be violent to a man and then run to the police to complain of gender violence if the man defends himself. The tables have turned even on good men.

The killers in this country are home brew and marijuana. Both of these are made mainly by women and drunk by women and girls. 

Reports indicate that home brew is destroying families in the highlands and Buka. But the lesbians blame the men. The UN lesbians have produced a diversionary fake report that Buka men rape their wives.

Families are in real trouble if both the man and his wife smoke marijuana and drink home brew and coffee punch. Violence will follow.

There are families who sit at night and drink large bottles of Coca Cola mixed with coffee punch. Even the children are allowed to drink too. All family members drink until they are drunk. So many PNG men and women see little point in drinking if they do not end up stone drunk. 

Then the fights begin and the foreign lesbians blame the men. But women have just as much capacity to be violent drunks. If they go to the care centre, the lesbian carers will record domestic violence from the man. But it may have been nothing of the sort.

Thursday, 20 October 2016


Post Courier October 21 October 2016

The nation has followed the drama focused on Peter Bire, Director of the National AIDS Council. His appointment was revoked by the National AIDS Council Board but he has only  now been temporarily reinstated by the public solicitor until his contract expires soon.

Bire is obviously unsuitable for the position that requires tact, diplomacy and team work. The work of the National AIDS Council has been paralyzed for a long time.

He may have caused a drop in donor funding. He is totally unsuitable in building team work as he thinks that the campaign is all about him. 

He has just presented a draft list of new Board members to the Minister. The proposed new members may be totally unsuitable like Bire.

I do hope that this is not a fight among the National AIDS Council gay boys. I once visited the AIDS Council for the first time in about 12 years and was kicked out by Bire screaming like an angry gay boy. I made the mistake of thinking he was a white man.

I was the main contributor to AIDS awareness then and now but Bire just wanted me out of the building. Any excuse to get rid of me.


The National 21 October 2016

At a recent seminar of Family Health International 360, Director Daniel Tesfaya told participants that the message of Gender Based Violence (GBV) must be shared with friends and families.

It is not violence against women only. It is also Gender Based Violence against men who are suffering silently. It is violence against people with sexual diversity.

Comment: Many PNG men suffer silently from brutal bashings from their home brew drunk wives. Much home brew in this country is produced and sold by women. The foreign lesbian Gestapo has it completely wrong. Many men are the victims of violent drunk women.

A report two years ago stated that much home brew in Lae is made by women at the Papuan Compound. Much violence on Buka is the result of women and girls being stone drunk on home brew with violence against men and women. Please click:

women make and sell homebrew - family positive living - aids holistics

Sep 25, 2013 - Home brew is devastating family in the highlands... buka women and girls drink homebrew - family positive living - aids

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Over the last 6 years, there have been 1813 reports posted on this blog by AIDS Holistics. 

These have covered a range of topics on HIV/AIDS, Education, healthy living and opposition from foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

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After so many years of sex tourism of Australian paedophile men to Indonesia, the Government under Mr Widodo has legislated to chemically castrate offenders.

Recent media reports indicate that a steady flood of Australian men has gone to Indonesia to have sex with young girls and boys.

The policy of the Indonesian Government has been unclear. Australians have been arrested and the result has usually gone dead. 

Remember the Australian principal at an International School in Jakarta charged with paedophile sex with students. The issue just died probably through Australian bribery and Indonesian corruption.

The problem is that many Australian men are uneducated racist yobbos who know little of the world and think that Australians are civilized and people of Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Papua New Guinea live like dogs. 

Molesting children is not important. Give them a little money and their families will be too stupid and uncivilised to take any action. They saw the thousands of Thai girls who flooded Bangkok during the Vietnam War to have sex with American soldiers.

They do not understand that many Indonesian families are strict Moslems. The Thai people follow strict religious practice. Papua New Guinean families are often Christian but very poor.

There is a hardening of attitude in Indonesia. Drug smugglers can be executed by firing squad. Philippines is witnessing the killing of drug pushers and drug addicts. Now there is chemical castration in Indonesia. 

Papua New Guinea takes no action at all. Grass roots paedophiles go to prison. Top ranking paedophiles may be given knighthoods or other awards. Foreign paedophiles have a free hand particularly if on red passports.

Foreign paedophiles may soon roam free under the freedom of same-sex marriage legislation. Paedophiles are often gay and lesbian in disguise. 

But it may be that several unsolved killings in this country have been the work of young men taken home by Australian paedophiles for sex. One was an AusAID advisor with Community Development in Waigani.

Wake up Papua New Guinea !!!


Recently in the media was a report that Peter Botten CEO of Oil Search was acknowledged as a world class CEO. I have always regarded him as such from consistent positive reports in the media.

But there have been certain misgivings recently in the news reports that funding for AIDS treatment is to be supported by Oil Search Foundation, World Bank and UNAIDS. There appears to be a gay and lesbian agenda, particularly in the Oil Search Foundation and UNAIDS.

AIDS Holisics directs certain questions to CEO Peter Botten. (1) Does the Oil Search Foundation plan to push gay and lesbian studies into school curriculum in Hela Province and elsewhere in Papua New Guinea? 

(2) Will gay and lesbian workers be mainly employed in care groups? (3) Will teachers be required to promote gay and lesbian lifestyle in Personal Development school studies in Hela province?

(4) Will the churches be funded under the new arrangement if they have a view of gay and lesbian sex taken from Scripture (5) Does the new organization oppose any public announcement of the violence of women to men?

(5) Will the Government now be required to legislate for same sex marriage as payment for funding support? (6) Will there be acceptance of the UNAIDS view that FAMILY and FAITH are not relevant in modern society? (7) Will there be support for the PNG Christian Leaders Alliance on HIV and AIDS?

AIDS Holistics has long been been rejected by workers in Oil Search in blocking our emails on Positive Living. These have been deemed as being obscene. Does Oil Search have a family outlook for the workers and villagers?

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


There is a crisis in Papua New Guinea involving men and women. Beer is very expensive to buy and many men and women opt for home brew.

This can be a very deadly mixture that affects the brain to give the drinker a sense of killing violence.

Many women drink home brew as it is cheap and can be bought in the settlements. It can make them attack family members including mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers and other children.

Recently I witnessed a young woman arrive in the street and go straight to attack her sister. She had been drinking home brew all day. Her attack was vicious and stopped only by brothers who punched her until she lay on the ground. She was armed with a piece of iron and fiercely violent.

This is a key to domestic violence the foreign lesbians will never understand. They can not see such violence out the window of their luxury apartment in down town Port Moresby.

Let us see the foreign lesbians and Uncle Roy Trivedy stop the home brew violence. They are from a different world and know little or nothing of the real world in Papua New Guinea settlements. They are tourists on massive salary.

Some home brew is laced with methanol which can kill or make the drinker go blind. There is no quality control in the settlements. Any fool can drop a dose of any substance into the home brew containers and sit back to watch the ill effects of the drinkers.

We may recall the people who died at a high school and the teacher was blamed for making the home brew. Please click:

Methanol poisoning: Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia
medline › Medical Encyclopedia

Methanol is a non drinking type of alcohol used for industrial and automotive purposes.
poisoning from an overdose of methanol.


The National 19 October 2016

Many women drink home brew and beer to get drunk and be violent.

There was a report in the media of the increase in assaults of women by other women according to the magistrate of Boroko District Court Laura Kuvi.

The Court deals with up to 15 cases a week with the numbers rising. The magistrate said this when adjourning a case of Brenda Gangah who attacked a flight attendant on an international flight. They were married to the same man.

It is easy to assume that the womanising men are to blame. But the fact is that many young women are going out to have sex with men regardless of their marital status. Then they are involved in fights with the wife. Some may be drunken ex-wives.

The foreign lesbians promote violence by undermining the strength of family and marriage. They work to remove the authority of parents especially the father. They seek to make women think they have all RIGHTS and no RESPONSIBILITIES.

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Monday, 17 October 2016


Post Courier 18 October 2016

Schools Personal Development curriculum about to be hyjacked - the hidden agenda. Beware of the Trojan Horse. It is not a gift. It is full of foreign gays, lesbians, paedophiles and LNG funds not yet paid.

Recently we read in the media of the Oil Search Foundation conducting a workshop for high school Personal Development teachers in Hela Province. Please click:

oil search foundation - mark of the beast - family positive living - aids ...
Sep 28, 2016 - Is Hela province base for gay, lesbian and paedophile sex education? teachers who argue will never be employed by Oil Search.

The agenda was strictly gay, lesbian and paedophile that was to be pushed into PNG education by way of loading Personal Development with homosexual studies.

Now it all comes clear. The PNG HIV response is being hy-jacked by the Global Fund, World Health Organization, UNAIDS and the Oil Search Foundation.

The Papua New Guinea Government will pay the price for this support. That is the obligation to legalize same-sex-marriage. The gays, lesbians and paedophiles are now in charge.

Hela Province will become the home base for gay, lesbian and paedophile sex. The new agenda will be pushed in through the back door. Shame Peter Botten. We expect this kind of shit from the Head UNAIDS. 

Churches will be blocked in funding for AIDS care. Care groups will be strictly controlled with only gays, lesbians and paedophiles employed with the Department for Community Development under the total control of a lesbian Minister. Bad days are coming for Papua New Guinea.