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Over the last two weeks, AIDS Holistics has received a new kind of hate mail by text message on mobile phone. Two have been received to date:

We all know you bin havin sex with your daughter (named). That is why you bin livin alone with her. You are a bad father. We will repot you to CID and Foren Afairs. You should be in Bomana jail or depoted.

I showed my daughters who were very angry. They showed their aunts and uncles. I sent a copy of the text to two welfare officers who advised me not to worry.

The fact is that there are always several people at our house. I am not worried and have no fear of making this rubbish public.

My elder daughter is a tough female. She texted that she would hunt the person down. But the sender has made a practice of texting and permanently changing the SIM card. Creep.

It seems to be a local gay or lesbian with perfact timing on the latest hate campaign. The sender has not found it too difficult to locate my phone number. Digicel: 675 70114411.


This morning, I opened my blog on mobile phone to find another offering from the same obvious obnoxious conspirator. The tide has been turning against the homosexual juggernaut, particularly in Papua New Guinea. Please click:


Our troubleshooter here has been desperately seeking to silence the AIDS Holistics expose on the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in the South Pacific.

He thinks that a simple-minded strategy will do the trick. Now they can call a halt to their hate strategy with heads held high as Copeland is in hiding. Good try.

Martyn Namorong and police came today looking for you to serve your court papers but you were in hiding! You have something to hide, Bruce Copeland! COURT ACTION TO COME: REAL OR FAKE?
9:22 AM

This time Marty Namorong came with police to serve civil court papers (not criminal court papers).... on a Sunday ... to an unknown address. Perhaps the police were not busy.

The conclusion of the conspirator above was that the founder of AIDS Holistics was in hiding. Perhaps he was in church somewhere in Papua New Guinea.

There is no indication of the nature of the summons. The only indication is deportation.

But that is not a matter for private individuals, especially alien Jackson to be pursuing.  It is just a matter for Foreign Affairs. No mention of the gay and lesbian agenda. 

If true, then Jackson and Namarong should be cautioned. I have been served with several Court papers over the years. I have never lost a Court case.

The most memorable claimed 3 defamations. I strongly disagreed. There were at least 8 defamations. So I wrote to 8 in the Intention to Defend.

The Plaintiff was never heard of again. I will not let Plaintiffs pick and choose defamations that are least incriminating to them. This fool thought he would have a clear run.

In this case, the Writ of Summons will then be posted on this blog with comments. It may set the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda back for many years. Both Jackson and Namarong have involved themselves in the issue.

But this case may well be a set up. The informant seems to have day to day knowledge of the intentions of Jackson and Namarong. They are either working together or Jackson and Namarong are being set up not the founder of AIDS Holistics.

Then perhaps AIDS Holistics will no longer be harrassed and intimidated and allowed to promote the Family Positive Living message.

We were black banned 10 years ago by AusAID and UN homosexual activists but continued with a volunteer effort to help people living with HIV/AIDS. Our effort sets the standard. Please click:


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Friday, 28 December 2012


The report below has been written in English and Tok Pisin and intended as the key message for PNG people facing HIV/AIDS. It was among the first reports posted on this blog and is the key to the message of family Positive Living.
STAP STRONG - STAP LONGTAIM  (Tok Pisin)        
Sapos yu kisim sik HIV yu no ken pret na guria olgeta. Yu bai inap stap longtaim tru sapos yu lukautim bodi na spirit. No ken sindaun aninit long diwai na wet long dai. O stap long bet. O tromwe laip long ol pipia pasin.

If you become HIV positive, do not be afraid and shake. You will be able to live a very long time if you look after your body and soul. Do not sit under a tree and wait to die. Or stay in bed. Or waste your life on rubbish behaviour.
Bihainim Positive Living na laip inap stap strong inap long 10 o 12 pela yia o moa. Bodi na spirit bai stap strong wantaim hop na bilip na famili wantaim klinpela wara na klinpela bodi insait na ausait. Waswas gut wan wan de wantaim sop na wara. ARV marasin bai halivim yu long stap longtaim moa. Tasol yu mas bihainim Positive Living wantaim.
Follow Positive Living and your life will stay strong up to 10 or 12 years or more. Your body and spirit will stay strong with hope, faith and family with clean water and a clean body inside and out. Wash well each day with soap and water. ARV drugs will help you live longer. But you must follow Positive Living at the same time.
Stap gut insait long famili. Lukautim ol na gutpela sapos ol i lukautim yu. Sapos yu yangpela meri, papa i no ken semim yu na kolim yu pamuk. Em i mas lukautim yu na no ken rausim yu long haus wantaim pikinini bilong yu.
Live well with your family. Look after them and it would be good if they looked after you. If you are a young girl, your father should not shame you and call you a prostitute. He should look after you and not throw you out with your baby.
Yu ken wok long haus na lukautim ol brata na susa na lapun papa na mama. Ol i no ken stapim yu long kukim kaikai. Ol bai i no inap kisim sik HIV. Yu ken wok long gaden o long opis na halivim famili long winim mani. Sapos ol i rausim yu, ol bai lusim memba bilong famili bipotaim stret.
You can work in the house and look after your brothers, sisters and grandparents. They should not stop you from cooking food. They will not be able to be infected with HIV. You can work in the garden or the office and help the family to earn money. If they kick you out, they will lose a member of the family very early.
Kisim gutpela na stretpela kaikai. No ken kaikai rabis mit olsem lamb flaps. Kisim kumu na frut long maket. Kain kaikai i no dia tumas. Kukim pumpkin na kaukau. Kaikai kumu na no ken kukim strong tumas. Planti kaikai i gutpela long kukim long stim.
Get good nutritious food. Do not eat rubbish meat like lamb flaps. Get vegetables and fruit at the market. Such food is not too dear. Cook pumpkin and potato. Eat greens and do not cook too much. Much food is good to cook in steam.
Dringim klinpela wara wan wan de. No ken pulim simok long brus o spak brus. O dringim bia o homebrew. Wasim han bihain yu toilet pinis. I gat planti binatang i stap long pekpek bilong dok o pik. Nogut sapos ol kiau bilong binatang i go insait long maus na paulim bel bilong yu. Em problem wantaim ol gay man i wokim sex long as.
Drink clean water each day. Do not smoke tobacco or marijuana. Or drink beer or home brew. Wash hands after the toilet. There are many germs and parasites in the faeces of dogs or pigs. It is bad if eggs go into your mouth and foul your intestine. This is a problem with gay men involved in anal sex.
Pulim simok inap sotim laip . Pulim spak brus inap mekim kru bilong yu i paul na yu inap go longlong maski sapos yu sik long HIV o no sik.
Smoking can shorten your life. Smoking marijuana can mess up your brain and you can be mentally affected regardless of whether or not you have HIV.
Stap amamas na stap gut insait long famili. Pilai spot olsem netball o touch football. Raun wantaim ol pren. No ken pret na hait. No ken givim sik long narapela man o meri. Go long sios. Sapos yu bilip putim han long han bilong Papa God.
Stay happy and live well with your family. Play sport like netball or touch football. Socialize with your friends. Do not be afraid and hide. Do not infect another man or woman. Go to church. If you have faith, put your hand into God’s hand.
Sapos yu no inap kisim ARV marasin, yu inap stap gut longtaim tasol helt bai surik isi isi insait long 10 o 12pela yia. Sapos yu kisim ARV, no ken stapim-statim. Ol binatang bai kisim strong inap long stap gut na marasin i no inap kilim. Na helt bai surik strong inap yu dai sapos yu no gat mani inap long kisim nupela lain marasin ol i kolim second line.
If unable to get ARV medicine, you can stay healthy for a long time but health will slowly decline within 10 or 12 years. If you are on ARV, do not stop and start. The virus will become immune to the drug. Yu will drop strongly in health and die if unable to afford the second line of drugs.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt
Australian Army (retired)
Lecturer in Charge
Pacific Languages Department
RAAF School of Languages

AIDS Holistics
2001 - present

Thursday, 27 December 2012


We really do not know what is going on. The world of the soft target Christian nations is under attack by values that threaten to destroy families.

There are a number of causes. Family has been breaking down for a hundred years from the time of strict Victorian families of the start of the century to the strict but slightly swinging children born of soldiers returned from World War 1.

The boys went to fight in World War 2. Those who came back produced the baby boomer children who grew to make love not war in the Vietnam era. The family was poised to break as the result of the selfish values of many baby boomers. Some had been the flower children of Woodstock rock concert.

Out of the baby boomer generation came the drug taking and love making young people who brought gay and lesbian sex to the front during the Vietnam War.

Many activist gays and lesbians were of the baby boomer generation seeking sex with the next generation. Never say die. Take the old ladies and men working for AusAID and the UN gay and lesbian agenda.

Remember the song about love in San Francisco and lovely people with flowers in their hair. Fifteen years after the war ended, there was the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Their grandchildren grew to be the young people of today who go out on binge drinking in the bars, fighting and being injured on the streets, making dates with mobile phones and telling lies to their parents.

Grandma had been married for 40 years to the same man. Now he is dead, she thinks she will end her days as a lesbian, stroking the breasts of some young girl and working as an AIDS consultant.

Young and old of the next millenium have pornography at the press of a button on mobile phone. With payment by credit card all perverts can buy videos of children being abused and tortured.

There is now sexual excitement in watching children suffer. On snuff movies they die. Mass killings of children in schools is a development from this sick trend.

Remember the boy who shot a number of school friends at a US school. They were all hit by head shots. He had become skilled in this by playing video games. He was acting out a fantasy.

The 1980s marked the start of the decline of family and the gay and lesbian rise. They took over from the communist threat though the parents did not realize what was happening. They have targeted the next generation.

Gays, lesbians and paedophiles are pushing a new view and values assisted by mobile phones, marijuana, pornography, alcohol, telling lies to parents, going on the streets, demanding money from parents and telling parents they have no authority. Please click:

They expect to be given what they want. They learned this from their parents, the children of the baby boomers.

There is no please, no thank-you, no sorry and no appreciation. Just give it to me dad. That is your responsibility. I do not have to show any appreciation.

My elder daughter in Australia was exactly like that. We have not spoken in 18 years. It may have been the influence of a few lesbian teachers at the high class school she went to.

The present generation is moving away from faith. It is all fairy stories. We see the religious right losing the presidential race of Mitt Romney. Churches are coming to be attended only by the grey haired brigade.

Young people are accepting gay and lesbian sex. God means nothing. Many parents do not recognise the evil hidden agenda.

Society is being restructured to leave the family out in the cold. Most kids just see a good time in the interim. They have rights and no responsibilities or morality. Cool.

The gay and lesbian lobby is working to have gay and lesbian lifestyle education in schools. Children are coming to regard same sex relations as normal. They tell the kids they have rights while parents have only responsibilities. They want families to break up. Please click:


We have to fight not just for the now but for the next generation up to the 2020s. After that, who knows? The world may sink into a family broken mish mash of promiscuous sex and violence.

The Christian soft target nations are in trouble. But the gay and lesbian lobby is not doing well in the South Pacific. They are not invincible. Please click:


But we have to counter-act their focus on our kids. The kids are learning that their parents are homophobic.

Tell your sons of the joys of gay fisting. Ask your son what a boy should do when his anus is destroyed by a gay lover. What if his faeces leak all the time and he stinks? His friends at school call him stinky. Please click:


HandPacked 2: ManPacked

This has to be brutal and cause
permanent damage. Is this love

Are the men preparing the victim
to be cooked for Christmas dinner?
Stuffing goes in next.

Tell your son it is a beautiful expression
of love between two men.

Don't be so disgusting, dad.

Reverse psychology works sometimes.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


If Jackson were a real friend of this country, he would not seek to destroy the family Positive Living message to strengthen the gay and lesbian agenda. Events will demonstrate this in any Court action.

Over Christmas, the founder of AIDS Holistics was treated to a comment on blog advising of Court action to be taken by Jackson and Namarong.

Keith Jackson and Martyn Namorong have advised their Port Moresby lawyers to pursue legal action to get you deported immediately, Bruce Copeland. NOT ANOTHER HOMOSEXUAL HATE MAILER

So the person posting the comment on Namarong being Jackson's gay lover now advises Court action for AIDS Holistics posting the comment.

This is despite the fact that we warned that the comment was probably fake. Consider that if this commenter is in contact with Jackson and Namarong to know they are taking legal action, then it is a set-up. The commenter is part of a conspiracy. Please click:


Please understand the background to the gay, lesbian and paedophile hate campaign against AIDS Holistics.

The hate explosion burst in late 2010. Minister for Community Development Dame Carol Kidu, without any consultation with the churches or her own Department, pushed for decriminalizing of gay and lesbian sex in support of the gay and lesbian activists of the United Nations.

Even pastors in her own village were against the draft legislation.

The founder of AIDS Holistics had taken up the issue on the eve of the expected vote but was fiercely attacked by the expatriate gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

There was a plethora of anonymous hate mailers calling the founder every name they could think of. He was a paedophile, womaniser and closet gay. He was deemed anally-fixated for explanation of damage to the anus from fisting. He was just your messenger, boys. Please click:


In particular , he was attacked by Professor Michael Toole corrupt head of the gay and lesbian Burnett institute that was promoting a rights only, morality never campaign that was anti-family, anti-faith and anti-men.

Then corrupt Dr Clement Malau came into the email debate supporting his minister and demanding to be taken off his official email address.

He had always been against the Positive Living message even though he was a doctor. How could he oppose the messages on nutrition, exercise, clean water and no smoking?

He was supporting the Burnett gay and lesbian agenda that wanted FAMILY and FAITH removed.

Out of nowhere, came a vicious attack from Keith Jackson of PNG Attitude in support of Professor Toole, Dame Carol and Dr Malau. The issue had never been submitted to his blog.

Jackson has had to eat his words since that time. All above officers are no longer involved, two of them under a corrupt cloud. Jackson has removed one report from his blog supporting Professor Toole. Wise move, sucker.

If the threat to take Court action is true, then Jackson has to go back through his own words.

He advised readers that the founder of AIDS Holistics was unqualified to have any advice of HIV/AIDS, homophobic, loopy ideas with no mention of the Positive Living message while rude and abusive to professional senior officers.

He strongly suggested that Copeland be deported to wait for a defamation summons in Australian courts. The blog should be removed as people face the danger of serious health problems to follow such loopy advice.

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs

He claimed that the founder of AIDS Holistics was attacking his blog under false names.

All that was written on Outcome Based Education was deleted from the Jackson blog but returned in expanded detail on this blog. AIDS Holistics will make history. Jackson started his working career as a teacher. You would never know.

The Positive Living message is world wide. The Mastery Learning blog will lead the nation. It takes over where Benjamin Bloom left off in death at 94 years old. Jackson had the message removed from his blog out of sheer spite. Please click:


Jackson knew that pen-names were being used because he was aware that several of his rocking chair expatriate generals sulked when Copeland wrote to disagree with their view using hard panoramic insights. Take Colin and John, the worst offenders.

The attempted damage to the AIDS Holistics message was a major error on the part of Jackson of PNG Attitude. He hates the fact that when Copeland responds to any issue from the Jackson blog, all debate ends instantly.

Readers let the Copeland view stand alone as being the big picture. Jackson's rocking chair is too far away from PNG to be completely on the real situation.

Jackson will not allow any criticism of the gay and lesbian agenda. But he allows writing on gay Martyn Namarong. Hmmm. Please click:


AIDS Holistics and PNG Attitude could have worked together but for the betrayal of Jackson on gay and lesbian decriminalization. Now an anonymous reader says that Court action is imminent. We are not holding our breath.

Jackson may not know that dozens of readers loyally open both blogs and refrain from responding to any issue taken up by the founder of AIDS Holistics.


It is always possible that the comments posted as above have been done to set up the founder of AIDS Holistics for defamation in Court. It was expected that the founder would jump for joy at the advice that Jackson and Namarong were (1) gay and (2) lovers and advise all on his blog.

We would not respond in such a way to any unknown scribe. Their status as gay lovers is unknown. However we are all known by our words and deeds. There is more to this issue than meets the eye.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Many teachers are confused about teaching English. They think they have to teach through grammar. But this is not true. They start with the language patterns that are mastered.

Some time later they may explain what nouns, verbs and adjectives are. But this must not interfere with basic teaching of language.

Our mothers did not say to us " I am going to tell you about the three bears. Now my child, please note my use of present participle and the passive voice".

You will not understand the story if you do not know the grammar. She just told us the story.

In the mastery learning patterns on this blog, the focus is on the patterns. Students learn the patterns first. Grammar can be given once the patterns are mastered. But grammar is not the key.

That is how I taught Tok Pisin at the RAAF School of Languages. Most students in the Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Russian classes were selected for their language aptitude.

The students on the Tok Pisin class were on posting to Papua New Guinea and many had no idea of grammar. So we left it out and just taught patterns. It was a superior way of teaching and learning.

They learned by rhythm and music of the language. Many say they have never forgotten the Tok Pisin basics. Please click:

Yumi go.
Yumi go long taun.
Yumi go antap long maunden.
Yumi go kisim wara.
Yumi go insait long haus.

Bai mi go
Bai mi go long hap.
Bai mi go kisim kaikai.
Bai mi go wantaim yu.
Bai mi go long haus wantaim em.

and so on for hundreds of patterns

So too the PNG students learn by rhythm and music. Why do we not hear poetry recited in schools? Why is there no reading aloud?

Friday, 21 December 2012


Resource ideas for the Department of Education in Papua New Guinea.

This archive report will be given in the new year to all schools in National
Capital District.

Voluntary workshops will be offered. Already two workshops were conducted
at Kila Kila Secondary and Boreboa primary schools.

Teachers were very happy and amazed.

A skilled design team will remove all problems term by term. They could be one term ahead in all grades until the job is finished. All grades could complete the one common core of mastery exercises. We all start at the start.

In the dying weeks of 2012, much is happening in Papua New Guinea on the matter of Outcome Based Education.

There has been a batch of media reports attacking and defending OBE and vernacular teaching in elementary school with comments on this blog.  Please click:


There will be the occasional exercise below that could have the solution improved or added to. That will happen in the weeks to come. Polish comes last.






























Having discussed Mastery Learning with teachers over a year, I find there are many who support vernacular teaching. I really do not want to oppose their views nor downgrade the importance of vernacular learning.

I would seek a compromise in which vernacular learning is carried out 2 periods a week from Grades 1-6 in the new system. Phonics is the only way to go.

It is good to read in The National today the statement by the Prime Minister that vernacular could be taught part time only. Who says nobody reads our blog?

The only option for teaching is Mastery Learning that proceeds from  simple to complex, whole to part, part to whole, concrete to abstract, known to unknown with recency and frequency. Mastery Learning is how Outcome Based Education should have been.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


It has been 12 years since the gay and lesbian hate campaign started against the PNG community. Now we can say that the lobby that began in AusAID and the United Nations has failed to set up a gay, lesbian and paedophile society in the South Pacific.

The original model for the gay, lesbian and paedophile infrastructure was provided by the Government of New Zealand under the then prime minister Helen Clark who had now moved on to the United Nations.

The Australian gay and lesbian activists saw how easy it was to by-pass the formal structure and impose changes without consultation.

They tried to do that by pushing the gay and lesbian decriminalization draft legislation. Helen Clark did that sort of thing.

So the AusAID gay and lesbian activists thought they could infiltrate the Government and society of Papua New Guinea.

But they have failed at everything they tried to achieve by being treacherous, lying, cheating and cruel.

They may wish they had ignored Positive Living being promoted by AIDS Holistics. They only succeeded in elevating their scumbag agenda to the heights.

Since 2001, they worked to achieve the following:

bullied churches on supporting condom strategy and use of vulgar words,

banned churches that opposed the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda,

discriminated against the community by recruiting gay and lesbian workers,

worked to destroy any organization that did not follow the agenda,

promoted a false message on rights but no responsibilities or morality,

promoted rights of boys and girls to reject parents.

worked to insert lesbians in the women's movement,

planned a gay and lesbian curriculum for schools,

set up false anti-family counselling,

gave false advice to children on their own sexuality,

failed to dissociate from paedophiles,

set up anonymous hate campaigns on internet and email,

worked to have reserved seats for lesbian women in parliament,

worked to take control of Department for Community Development,

planned same sex marriage and adoption of children for gays and lesbians,

produced a false report on gender violence in sorcery killings,

promoted a fake report on rapes in Gordons market,

promoted an attack on churches and faith in the blog PNG Attitude,

worked to set up national gay and lesbian media input,

conducted a false campaign on violence of men.

censored dangers of gay and lesbian sex from boys and girls.

and it was all about love and equality for all men, women, boys and girls.

Where do they go now? They have almost re-strategised the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda into oblivion.

Nations of the world, please take note. The gay and lesbian lobby can be defeated. It just takes a focus on family and family values.

Do not worry about threats by the UN. It would just take one nation to kick out a UN organization to have them behave themselves. They need the nations of the world.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Email me to confirm that you are truly the founder of Family Positive Living! Also, what have you done for Family Positive Living in PNG? GAY RIGHTS IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA
এতে2:37 AM
I will get all the PNG Attitude writers to write poems, sonnets, and elegies about you, Bruce Copeland. Good writers like Martyn Namorong, Michael Dom, and Russel Soaba! They will write elegies about your deportation! FAMILY IN A BRAVE NEW WORLD
এতে2:32 AM
Martyn Namorong is not foolish like you, Bruce Copeland! He writes for PNG Attitude, which is 100 times better than your rubbish! GAY RIGHTS IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA
এতে2:29 AM
Cut out the crap, Bruce Copeland, you are obviously jealous of Martyn Namorong! We know you are a serial spammer who should long have been deported from PNG! We know you have been inundating PNG Attitude with a lot of spam! REAL OR FAKE COMMENT ON BLOG?
এতে2:27 AM
Bruce Copeland, you are obviously jealous of my boy, Marytn, because he's a better writer than you are and also my lover. Keith WOMAN'S RIGHT TO KILL A FOETUS

Our expose of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda is starting to bite deep.

Ours is a world message that is striking a chord across the planet.

It may be that the paedophile agenda is moving to kill school children as a spin off from the modern prolific computer pornography and snuff movies.

Use of words sonnets and elegies probably means that the hate mailer is a middle aged expatriate man or woman.

These words are not in school curricula any more, I am sure.

So that the present hate mailer is not bored, let the blog report below be opened and read:


He may be taking the mickey out of Jackson and Namarong. He is the one who says they are gay lovers.

Will the founder be deported before or after the Government reads the report below? Please click:

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There has been a massive operation in Britain called Operation Ore in which the police have focused on internet paedophile pornography.

The view is now being taken in the world that child pornography is not just photographs. Children have been abducted, abused, photographed and at times, murdered.

There is a growing market in child pornography of men who have sexual gratification at seeing children being raped and abused. They enjoy seeing them distressed, calling for their mother and screaming in pain. Such sexual joy for perverts.

The approach is now being taken that the people who pay on internet by credit card can be traced once the pornographers are arrested and their computer files taken. Please click:

1 day ago – 16 December 2012 Last updated at 20:57 ET By Jon Kelly & Tom de Castella BBC News Magazine It was the UK's biggest ever computer crime ...

The men are often professionals, priests, doctors and lawyers. Many end up in prison as accomplices to the pornographers.

Joy in child sex has to be the reason why men are entering schools and murdering children. Pornography has shown them orgasmic pleasure at the pain of children.

We read about snuff movies where children are videod being tortured to death. We are told that snuff movies are an urban myth. Please click:

Snuff: Murder and torture on the internet, and the people who watch ...

Paedophiles now only feel heightened pleasure at killing children and seeing the screaming, crying and dying. It is a sick world when children in schools are no longer safe.

But the paedophile world is closer to home than we think. Next to the Catholic church, the United Nations is the heart land of paedophilia. Men and women are pretending to be gay and lesbian when they are paedophile. Please click:

BBC News | UK Politics | Paedophiles 'targeting aid agencies'

22 Jul 1999 – The UK Foreign Office promises to investigate reports of
paedophiles targeting aid agencies to prey on children in the developing
world ...

Just examine the UN agenda for HIV/AIDS. It is all about weakening families and telling kids their parents have no authority over them.

They encourage kids to go out at night. They tell them that their parents can not smack them. Ask Helen Clark, the head of UNDP  who is not lesbian. The UN appears to have a sizeable corps of paedophiles.

But they seem to be untouchable. When are the police going to raid the luxury apartments of UN officers and seize their computer files? We can not do that. It is too political. Let the UN paedophiles run free.

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Documents posted in 20 months: 1400

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Monday, 17 December 2012


20 July 2011

This is a  foolish letter by Martyn Namarong. He wrote this on the eve of the expected decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex in the Papua New Guinea parliament. Namarong is a favourite son of the gay supporting PNG Attitude.

He won the Crocodile prize last year and recently mysteriously won the first prize offered by gay and lesbian supporting UNDP.

It helps to be a supporter of the gay and lesbian agenda in PNG.  Favourites get favouritism. The foreign gay, lesbian and paedophile organizations have suffered a mauling at the hands of family Positive Living.

Namarong is being polished as the silver bullet to destroy the Positive Living message. Good luck Martyn.

There are massive flaws in this letter. Namarong talks about PNG not being a Christian country. He ignores that all the other faiths in this country do not support a gay and lesbian lifestyle too. Certainly not the Moslems.

Namarong is very vague on how gay and lesbian people are discriminated against. I know several who work in Government and private enterprise. They go home to family each night.

Any hostility may be the result of foreign gays and lesbians encouraging such people to go out at night to nightclubs, hit a high profile and flaunt their sexuality.

I once saw a group of transvestite boys come into a Port Moresby hotel. They came in like the retinue of good Queen Bess. They shouted to one another in effeminate ways in the vestibule.

They laughed louder than all other patrons. They waved their arms and hugged and kissed one another. They annoyed people. Then they say that they are being stigmatized and discriminated against. Patrons were could only see the stupid exhibitionism.

So they were afraid, were they, Martyn? They needed laws to be changed, did they Martyn?

Namarong ignores the gay, lesbian and paedophile hidden agenda of takeover of bureaucracy, pushing sexual curriculum into schools, discrimination against the heterosexual community, working to destroy parental authority, rights with no responsibility or morality and brutality in gay and lesbian sex. Please click:




Read the writers who record that the letter below is brilliant.


Feed You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. I'd hate to think that by writing this, some folks have the impression that I think Christianity in PNG is irrelevant.

But just as the Muslims at Hohola dont expect Christian beliefs to be imposed upon them, I believe gays have the right to be gay if PNG is truly a free and democratic country.

I agree with Kela's assessment. My view on homosexuality is something that has developed out of my circumstance as a street vendor.

As I identify more with those despised by society such as street vendors and street kids, etc, I empathise with the gay cause.

It is a fact that many people look down on us street vendors perhaps not as bad as how gays are viewed.
That is why there is a consistent theme in all my writings and that is - social justice!

Martyn - You have stated and identified that the christian faith and bible have made important contributions to the constitution of PNG.

With the constitution being the soul of the nation, on which it conducts itself and identifies itself, it is clear PNG is a christian country.

But if we start introducing laws that contradict those in the constitution and hence the bible we will not be a christian nation.

The bible is a tried and tested book showing the laws that govern ones self (or body of people) to live a honest, healthy and happy livestyle within oneself (or body of people) and with others and the environment.

The bible is also a book that tells us about mankinds past, present and future and from the history lessons given in it it has shown time and time again the disasters that fallen upon nations like sodom and gomorrah and individuals like King Solomon when the Laws of the bible are not followed.

I myself was not present in Sodom or Gomorrah in its heyday or when King Solomon ruled Israel to tell you from experience that breaking the bibles law will send the nation of PNG down the path they took.

But I have experienced myself and witnessed individuals go through personal crisis when not following God's Law stated in the bible.

I pray PNG does not follow the downward spiral to disaster as shown in mankind's history of rebellion against God's Laws. I also pray for those who are pushing for these laws to be changed as they are fellow sinners like me.

But it is stated in the bible that all mankind will continue to pursue his/her lust of evil desires and mankind will desent into wickedness and will fight against Christ and his followers when he comes down to earth in the second coming.

Your Brother in Christ.

Post modern philosophers when pondering mankind’s state of existence often refer to three states of lifestyle which are characterised by the pleasant life, the good life, and the meaningful life.

Clive Hamilton, the Australian philosopher, writing on this subject exposes that:

“The pleasant life is one motivated by hedonism- the desire to maximise the number of emotional and physical highs that is the signature of modern consumer capitalism.

"The good life can be thought of a life devoted to developing and refining ones capabilities and thereby fulfilling one’s potential.

"The meaningful life the third approach to living whilst similar to the good life entails a commitment to something greater than oneself – a higher cause characterised by a pursuit of virtue or selfless moral principles.

"Whilst the first two ideals may appear to provide happiness such happiness does not necessarily occur because such ambitions are based upon materialistic and egotistical outcomes and that people who set themselves internal goals such as strong relationships, self development and contributing to the community indicating internal orientation, have higher levels of happiness to those who pursue external rewards”.

The Buddhists refer to reaching this state of happiness as being Nirvana achieved when one has found true enlightenment.

Very few manage to achieve the meaningful life, as it requires self-sacrifice and complete asceticism.

In our lifetime a few shining examples would be Ghandi, Nelson Mandella and the present Dalai Llama all of
whom, although varying in dogma had strong beliefs in religious thought.

The final thoughts on this matter are exquisitely summarised by American anthropologist Robert Gardner in his foreword to 'Gardens of War':

“Curiosity about one's fellow creatures is a hallmark of civilization. Should we ever lose interest in the way others live and look, we will have lost an important aspect of our humanity.

"This curiosity is not idle or sentimental; rather, it is a seeking to know about others' circumstances so as to better identify oneself and to see a little more clearly the direction in which we might wish our own identities to evolve.

"What might, then, seem no more than a colossal vanity may actually be the mainspring of our moral natures.

"By our very eagerness to find out about others and in our willingness to use this knowledge as a mirror, we can progress surely, if often slowly, down the road of human change and betterment.

"Man's great distinction is surely not his erect posture, which has not changed in hundreds of thousands of years, but his self-consciousness, which has created an endless variety of Life pathways.

"Indeed, change has so accelerated in the past few hundred years that it threatens to leave us poorer instead of richer.

Surely one of the most tragic themes of this century is the inexorable and irreversible decline of traditional societies and their values throughout the world”.

Ganjiki and Martyn have argued brilliantly on their convictions about amoral and morality of certain human inclinations and decisions.

They are two intelligent human beings giving logical arguments on why things should be done conventionally or should toe relativity (go with the winds of change).

To me the split on whether we should be relative or remain within the perimeters of the regular world (Church doctrines) depends on one’s upbringing.

For example, a man is a child of circumstances, of hardships and struggles radiated by the environment.

These experiences gave certain convictions, dreams and aspirations to different individuals and eventually they choose what they want to be and behave in certain ways.

That is why not everybody thinks and behaves in the same way.

Well, diversity is an asset and not an obstacle to development, as many people say.

Therefore, my conviction is to see everyone go about being whoever they want to be as long as they are safe in their endeavours and simultaneously do not pose threats to others in their neighbourhood.

I am a committed Roman Catholic (no condoms, homosexuality is amoral, etc) but that doesn’t stop me from talking to homosexuals and sex workers about the risks involved in anal sex and providing condoms to them to stop HIV transmission to their partners.

That I think is a noble thing to do to reduce the burden on the existing health system and cut costs on treatment.

I give them the benefit of doubt after giving them the information and condoms. Whether they refrain from being homosexuals or continue to have unprotected sex is entirely up to them.

It is not my business. If their inclinations are wrong, only the God Almighty has the power to acquit or to sentence, I don’t.

I willingly help to reduce harm to others and themselves.

This is a very good letter Martyn. Yes, sadly, no-one is free from sin. I'm sure the prisons are full of armed robbers, murderers and rapists. In fact, I wrote to one the other day.

If they put all who sin into prison we would all be there.

But as a Christian I feel sickened by the present push by homosexuals for equal rights re marriage and adoption etc, I believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.

Children need to be born into a loving family with a mother and father.
I believe that as a Christian you have to love the person but hate the sin.

I believe that the punishment for any sin is eternal death.But as a Christian I have put my faith in Jesus Christ as my Saviour. He died on the cross as the sacrificial Lamb.

I wonder if PNG people can understand that concept.

Martyn - I like this letter. You've hit a lot of nails right on the head.
'The more knowledge the more pain'.
Christianity is still suffering from that fateful apple bite.

What an excellent letter/article. It is about time that a Papua New Guinean refuted the nonsense that PNG is a christian country and correctly asserts that it is a secular democracy.

As such, the views of the christian churches carry no more weight than the proponents of the modern universal rights which are not necessarily based on a 2,000 year old document with all its contradictions.