Sunday, 30 April 2017


Gay Bowel Syndrome was a medical term first used by Henry Kazal. High rates of intestinal parasites are found in MSM.

Reported causes include herpes viruses, gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia, campylobacter and shigellosis. Abdominal discomfort by homosexual men includes abdominal pain, cramps, bloating and flatulence.

Regardless of the anonymous hate campaign against Dr Paul Cameron, the fact remains that the homosexual community is the repository of oral-anal infections. How could it be otherwise?

The rest of the community is not obsessed with sex as is the homosexual community who often seek sex with strangers every day. For most of society, life is much more than sex. 

It does not bring family men and women in contact with gut parasites and early death. We do not need to listen to Dr Cameron. 

Just open Google on the depraved sex of gays and lesbians - fisting, rimming that involves licking faeces of strangers. There are porn websites full of anal and oral depravity. Even dogs do not do that to each other. Read Google on gut parasites.

Since when are the churches right wing? I always thought that Hitler and the gay Gestapo were the right wing thugs not loving family and church people. But then Hitler put the gays into the gas chambers.

AIDS Holistics is undoubtedly branded as right wing. As founder of Positive Living, I have been a socialist in Australia all my life. That makes me a left wing right winger. Haha.

Any person who opposes the gay agenda is always branded as homophobic and right wing. 

I would never want my sons to be licking strange anuses and swallowing parasite eggs and bacteria. What do you think Sir Elton John?

Friday, 28 April 2017


We are all aware that Governments require health messages on cigarette packets - Smoking causes cancer. Other warnings are required to appear on packets of drugs.

It is time for Governments to require all gay men to register their names and have a health warning tattooed on their bums - Warning - Deadly bacteria and parasites can live here - No licking.

A sick joke and a serious message.

Deadly infections come from viruses, bacteria and parasites. The viruses can not be attacked by antibiotics. Harmful infections can come from Entamoeba histolica and Entamoeba coli.

The most common parasite in Papua New Guinea is the Ascaris lumbricoides or round worm that can lay a million eggs that will come out in the faeces of infected gays to be licked by a foolish gay partner.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


Most amazing medicinal food I have come across is Apple Cider Vinegar. It turns the pH of our body alkaline which makes us healthy, healthy and healthy. Please click:

20 Apple Cider Vinegar Uses and Benefits - Dr

Apple cider vinegar is one of my top two natural remedies that I use every day along 
with coconut oil. I recommend it to my patients and take it personally for ...

Do not believe me. Open up Google and read reports from what seem like highly credible experts. 

They tell us that Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders on our health and strengthens us against all kinds of ailments.

It is difficult to comprehend the range of ailments that disappear after a week of daily Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of water.

But we must not overdose or drink too much straight from the bottle. It is best to drink a teaspoon of liquid in a glass of water after meals. Add honey if you think it is too sour.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Post Courier 27 April 2017

We read in the media of the escape of Sir Elton John from death with infection by a harmful and unusual bacteria.

Elton John is a gay man living in a same sex relationship. He was struck down by a strain of bacteria on the way home from a tour of South America. 

He was treated in intensive care and came close to death. He has now cancelled all performances at his million dollar piano in Las Vegas to recuperate from the deadly bacterial attack.

Let us hope that the bacteria was not antibiotic immune and attacking Elton John through his intestine. Let us hope that this was not a strain of horrific bacteria that attacks gay men. 

Sunday, 23 April 2017


We read in the media that the world faces the massive problem of bacteria becoming immune to antibiotic drugs. 

One recent report stated that no new antibiotic drugs have been put on the market since the 1980s.

We are told that people are starting to die from infection with previously curable antibiotic drugs. 

The gay anus licking community faces greatly increased mortality if there are no new drugs to protect them from the horrific gut parasites that they take into their intestines as eggs through the mouth. Gays want to hide this danger from young boys. That is criminal.

Professor Jenny Hoy sets out a broad range of horrific gut parasites in her clinical book. Please click:

HIV management in Australasia: a guide for clinical care
HIV management in Australasia: a guide for clinical care. Jennifer Hoy and Sharon 
Lewin. Published in 2003 by the Australasian Society for. HIV Medicine Inc.

Young boys on their first experience of anus licking will suffer from infection with hideous antibiotic immune gut parasites. It will never stop. Please click:

Shigella Infections among Gay & Bisexual Men| Shigella – Shigellosis ... › Shigella › Prevention & Control

Mar 14, 2016 - Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)are at risk for Shigella infections. ... Oral-anal sex, or sucking or licking of the anus (anilingus or .... Shigella sonnei outbreak among homosexual men, London. ... I. High rates of quinolone-resistant strains of Shigella sonnei in HIV-infected MSM.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles have given neighbouring nations of the Pacific the impression that Australia has been led overseas by sexual fascists.

This is to formally advise the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea that this nation has suffered severe corruption at the hands of Australian AusAID gay, lesbian and paedophile advisors to the National AIDS Response from 2002.

This is a Christian country struggling with a focus on family and faith. We would expect that Australian AIDS advisors respected this but they have not done so. The Australian sexual fascists just wanted to destroy family and faith.

They have worked to bully and intimidate the churches and care groups with their anti-family and anti-faith agendas. Stewart Watson spoke for the UN paedophile advisors when he said that family and faith were not relevant.

Community groups were not allowed to strengthen families at the risk of having AusAID funding cut. Australian advisors had decided that families, churches and parents were the enemy opposed to the rights of women and children.

Australian homosexual advisors wanted young boys and girls to be free from the "dictatorship" of parents and church.

They planned a society of weak families where parents had no authority and children had full rights of association for sex.

The agenda is corrupt and against the interests of the traditional family and churches. The task has been passed to the Green Party of PNG gays and lesbians. But they will fail in the 2017 election with their fake agenda.

Over the last 15 years, the main AusAID trouble makers have been Stewart Watson now of UNAIDS, Elizabeth Cox of UN Women and Barnardos and Sharon Walker a past Salvation Army pagan. In this country there have been several pagan older women working for the Salvation Army.

It is good that the Christian groups such as YWAM have replaced the gay and lesbian agenda with support of family. Perhaps Australian Prime Ministers Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull have been trying to clean up the mess.

We are starting to read of messages on family in the media from Governors General, Prime Minister, churches and care groups.

The Australian paedophiles have failed. Governments of the Pacific please note. Ask Australia for YWAM not gay, lesbian and paedophile thugs.

AIDS Holistics and 3 Angels Care had planned for 2 years to set up a Positive Living Training Centre at East Boroko. We would have brought HIV positive people in for two weeks to teach them all aspccts of living with HIV/AIDS.

Then families would be invited to join us in the last two days to learn how to look after their loved ones. They would sleep at the centre in bunk beds.

Our training program designed by a teacher and trainer with degrees in Education and Arts would have led the nation. 

Foreign AusAID lesbian thugs knew that their jobs and their paedophile agenda were on the line. So they worked to destroy us. We  are still here.

The creep sociological and psychological societies in the USA are doing their best to destroy the family message of Dr Paul Cameron. He says that gays die of the average age of 43. Please click:

Paul Cameron - Wikipedia

Paul Drummond Cameron (born November 9, 1939) is an American psychologist and sex. ISIS was shortly afterwards renamed the Family Research Institute (FRI) and moved to Washington, D.C.. In 1995 ... disassociating itself "from the representations and interpretations of scientific literature offered by 
DrPaul Cameron.

That is probably a close estimate given the damage of ripped anuses and gut parasite infections. But he is called right wing and homophobic. Since when is support for family right wing?? Only to gay and lesbian professional criminals.

These societies have been infiltrated by gays and lesbians determined to hide the dangers of gay sex from the community - damaged anuses and antibiotic immune gut parasites. They are criminal not professional.

I am now too old to face the task of leading Positive Living training programs around the PNG nation. But the availability of ARV medication has taken the pressure off families and loved ones suffering from the virus. Many rural families have no access to ARV.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Biology
Counsellor in AIDS Awareness

Tuesday, 11 April 2017


I have always felt betrayed by Joe Lari. He allowed me and my children to face these thugs alone. He was afraid they would burn the centre down so he kept away and pretended he was on their side. Joe was a Christian coward. My last word.

For 3 months in 2005, I was caretaker at 3 Angels Care in East Boroko at the request of Joe Lari recently deceased. He owned the centre and ran 3 Angels Care.

Joe was granted K50,000 to run a care centre funded by AusAID. He moved people in but did not start operations for 12 months. He was asking for trouble.

Much happened in those 12 months with a group of thug PLWHA forcing their way in and refusing to leave. 

Joe asked me to be care taker but did not warn of the violence and misconduct. His eviction letters were ignored which he did not tell me.

I arrived with my daughters to meet the 5 PLWHA over staying in rooms. They had moved men or women in to their room. 

Men from the street ignored all rules and spent nights drunk and coming back to bash the women they lived with. Women unlocked the gates for men.

These people went into revolt when Joe Lari advised that the centre was soon to become a Positive Living Training Centre.

They claimed the centre belonged to them and that the care taker should leave immediately. As care taker, I tried to stop violence of drunken men but was bashed. 

This frightened my daughters who saw their father knocked unconscious twice, hit with an iron bar and kicked on the ground by one of the intruder men.

A claim was made that the care-taker must leave as he molested children including his own. AusAID lesbians had put them up to this to block the Positive Living Training Centre

The AusAID lesbians were paedophile and anti-family. They wanted to force a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda on the nation. Lesbian thugs wanted weak families that would give access to sex with young girls,

One night my daughters were terrified when these people broke into our room and declared they were taking my daughters into care. I blocked them at the door with an iron bar.

AusAID lesbians stopped all funding for food, lighting and water. Funding would return when the child molesting care taker was removed. Great trick.

PLWHA threatened that if they had to leave, the care centre would be burned down. 

It all came to an end when one of the drunken intruders smashed the door down with an axe to kill the woman he stayed with claiming she had made him HIV positive.

The centre was closed and we were all moved out. There is no value in care centres for trouble-makers.

These people thought they could do as they liked as they had the corrupt AusAID lesbian advisors on side. This was gross corruption at the expense of Australian tax payers. These people had the commitment to block the Positive Living Training Centre

Margaret Marabe was a violent prostitute who brought men into her room at night for sex. She ruled the centre with a long knife. The care-taker was stabbed twice. She refused to be evicted by Joe Lari.

Peter Momo was a violent drunk. He spent most of the K800 he earned from UNDP in drinking beer. My daughters remember the last time he bashed his wife and left her lying on the ground with blood coming out of her mouth and nose. She wanted money on pay day. He is dead.

Maura Elaripe was HIV positive and left her HIV positive husband Max and started a relationship with his HIV negative cousin. It was Jay who smashed her door down and had us all evicted. He claimed she had made him HIV positive. She should be in Bomana prison. Jay bashed the care-taker from behind with an iron bar and may be dead.

Sandy was a simple minded girl with a son and HIV positive. She allowed a soldier from Taurama Barracks to live with her every weekend. He was married with children but he still came to 3 Angels Care Centre to booze and bash Sandy. He knocked the care-taker unconscious twice.

Sharon Walker was a gross and ugly AusAID lesbian with the grace and size of a bull elephant seal. She hated the Positive Living message and the founder of AIDS Holistics. Being 120kg in weight, she had learned to throw herself around from early age. She did her best to destroy the Positive Living message. She was a pagan Salvation Army worker, one of several. 

Monday, 10 April 2017


Only sex, violence, alcohol and cigarettes

Over the last 15 years, there has been two care centres for PLWHA fail in Papua New Guinea. There was Three Angels Care in East Boroko and another in Mt Hagen, 

A care centre also failed at 16 Mile in Port Moresby due to misconduct of a priest, 

The first two failed for the same reasons. The centres attracted young men and women who were trouble makers and rejected by family. They saw the centre as permanent free accommodation.

There was no stigma and discrimination of family just drunken violent misconduct of the PLWHA family member.

They used the centre as their permanent home where they ate free food provided with donor money. They brought in men and women for sex, regardless of HIV status.

The worst scenario was that there were violent PLWHA thugs who drove the peaceful tenants out and took their rooms. 

Women brought in men off the street to live with them in their rooms. The caretaker could do nothing.

The place for PLWHA is with loving family. There is no value in trouble makers leaving their homes and moving into a care centre where they could be free to booze and have sex.

Now we read of another care centre about to be set up. This is a massive mistake on the part of aid donors to make money available for PLWHA thugs. 

Even if gentle people come at the start, they will soon be chased out with violence. The thugs in residence at 3 Angels Care were Momo, Elaripe and Marabe.

Lesbian AusAID thug Sharon Walker wanted the violent people to stay permanently to block the Positive Living Training Centre being planned. She cut off funding.

Thursday, 6 April 2017


There is an annoying trend to fake reports in the Papua New Guinea media. So many of us have cameras on mobile phones but never do we see a photograph that adds credibility.

We never see photos of crowds of women and girls boarding girly girly meri seif buses. We only see empty buses at a distance. 

Now we have the pastor of Ginigoada telling lies about violence of men on public transport. That is to ensure UN funding.

We are told that 15,000 women and girls take the buses each month. Now that has dropped to 600. The liars have to get their acts together.

Now we have photos from Mt Hagen of young boys carrying a poster of a camel to announce they are not camels. They are wearing clean clothes and shoes. One teenager has an expensive watch.

Never has a photo been shown of a boy carrying a heavy bag of kaukau. It sounds like fakery of junior journalists. Children are not forced into labour at Mt Hagen market.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


The importance of AIDS Holistics to the PNG national AIDS campaign was seen in the fact that the founder was the only person singled out by foreign gays and lesbians to be destroyed. 

The Positive Living message was taking over from the gay and lesbian agenda. The foreign activists had decided that the gay and lesbian agenda was the true community agenda. 

This will be supported by the PNG Greens party. But they will probably fail in the 2017 elections. The community does not respect hidden agendas.

Over the years the founder was subject to rejection, hate messages to the community, threats of deportation, attempted murder, imprisonment and removal of family. All failed.

Incited by the foreign lesbians, the PLWHA at 3 Angels Care attempted to have the founder taken by a group of highlands tribesmen armed with bush knives. 

He was to be cut up by bush knives on the false claim of molesting a village child. The ringleader Momo is now dead. 

I was the new caretaker of 3 Angels Care in 2005 but the occupants claimed the centre belonged to them and I had to leave. 

When I did not leave they tried to have me killed supported by the foreign lesbians. They had even arranged for highlands men to come and take me by force.

I was saved by the Provincial Care and Counselling officer Rachel Pokesy who was sacked by AusAID lesbians for interference.

Rachel had made the mistake a month before of announcing that she had supported Positive Living all her professional life as a welfare officer. For that the racist Australian lesbians sacked her.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017


AIDS Holistics played a role in the PNG AIDS response from 2002 that can only be talked about now. The start of the campaign caused serious alarm to many PNG doctors.

We know now that Australia had moved a horde of racist gay and lesbian Australians to this country who believed they were senior and superior to all PNG doctors. 

No PNG doctor was permitted to express a view on HIV/AIDS without the express authorization by the gay and lesbian office workers from AusAID, most of whom knew nothing of HIV/AIDS.

There was one person who accepted the rightful role of PNG doctors and that was the founder of AIDS Holistics.

All doctors knew that if they ever expressed an unauthorized view they would be black-listed by the racist Australians.

First Director was Dr Clement Malau who was the original Uncle Tom and did exactly as he was told in support of the gay and lesbian agenda. He was rewarded with a posting to Melbourne. 

Dr Ninkama Moya knew how to shut his mouth too as the second Director. Other doctors were afraid of being blackbanned by the AusAID Gestapo. 

Employment with the AIDS campaign was financially important to doctors unable to maintain their own surgery. Doctors could not survive in practice in rural Papua New Guinea.

The only bright light on the horizon was Bruce Copeland founder of AIDS Holistics who was not rich but had an independent source of income.

He had respect but knew how to protect the identity of any doctors who helped him. So the AIDS message went out to the community through AIDS Holistics. An army of gay and lesbian workers tried to destroy the message.

The founder was banned from the National AIDS campaign, refused funding with care groups threatened with black-banning if they made any contact.

Several doctors quietly rallied to give support as they could see that the message was on the right track. First helper was a doctor at POMGH who talked of Positive Living. He left to work at Hobart Hospital.

One doctor gave me a clinical book by Professor Jenny Hoy that gave valuable advice particularly on intestinal parasites in gay men. Please click:

HIV Management in Australasia a guide for clinical care

Discounted registration to the Annual Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference hosted. Free and discounted training courses and seminars contributing to Continuing ... Editors: Jennifer Hoy, Sharon Lewin, Jeffrey J Post, Alan Street.

Some doctors who will remain confidential even now allowed me to contact them to ask questions. That is why AIDS Holistics always got it right.

In the early stages I contacted Dr Glen Mola to ask his support. He made me sit in his waiting room for 2 hours. 

Then he came out to tell me that I should make an appointment and pay the consultation fee. I was not sick and he knew it.

He was most unprofessional as the senior gay doctor who opposed the Positive Living message. 

He wanted to be the only medical expert in the nation and condemned the doctor who started the column in Post Courier. But the Managing Director of the Post Courier was gay too !!

But now the Positive Living message has been hit by over 600,000 readers on two blogs since 2003 run by Geocities and Blogspot.

I am not a doctor and not deeply involved in clinical study. That is doctor work. But I am careful in what I write on AIDS awareness.

I am analytical and a permanent student of HIV/AIDS physiology. I combine physiology with family. I am a teacher of Biology.

My only other enemy was the curmudgeonly Keith Jackson who wrote on his blog PNG Attitude that I had zero knowledge of AIDS Awareness and had trashed my way through professional doctors of Burnet.

He got that right on trashing through Burnet starting with gay Professor Toole. Most were unprofessional gays and lesbians pushing a secret agenda on the people of PNG. But AIDS Holistics got in the way.

Monday, 3 April 2017


Helen Samilo was a lovely young lady who was HIV positive and supported Positive Living. She was given a program on EMTV to explain how to live positively. She did a much better job than an ugly old white man.

She was involved with Anglicare and I Gat Hope care group and was the means by which the AIDS Holistics message was spread.

Then she died. She became involved with a bush kanaka fundamentalist church whose pastor told her that antiretroviral drugs were not necessary as faith in Jesus could cure her.

She stopped ARV treatment and allowed some fool pastor to sabotage the Positive Living message and her life.

This is the second time I have heard of this happening. A young woman stayed at 3 Angels Care and lived on ARV drugs. Then she went home for the weekend and was taken to church.

The pastor was told that she was HIV positive. He laid hands on her head and prayed to God. He told her to go home and be happy as she was cured. Fool.

She came back to 3 Angels Care about 3 weeks later and explained that she was cured in the name of Jesus. She was smoking. She died about two months later.

Perhaps we should place total faith in Jesus. No need to drink water. Have faith in Jesus. No need for food. Faith in Jesus is all you need. No need for malaria medication. Jesus will cure you.

I bet these fool pastors drink and eat with their families. They buy malaria and TB medication for their children. They are not completely stupid. What do you think Pastor Godfrey Wippon?

The problem is that the established churches Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican and Seventh Day Adventist all give out ARV drugs in their care centres. Please click:

Revivalist PNG church says faith healing can cure HIV - CathNews NZ ..

Jul 25, 2014 - Revivalist churches are promoting prayer as a substitute for medication 
to those with HIV, according to human rights ...

But the bush kanaka fundamentalists want to believe that they have faith higher than the established churches. They can cure in the name of Jesus. No they can  not. Helen Samilo could still be alive. 

We can all have faith in God but God has to know we are cooperating.

Sunday, 2 April 2017


My problem is that I do not trust them. They are loyal to no organization except other lesbians, They are not even loyal to gays.

They are ready to tell lies and play whatever tricks are needed to achieve their aims. They plan across the world to infiltrate all Government departments that will put them in control of young girls. These are rhe departments of education, health, welfare, legal and police.

Now they can hand over young girls to take into care over several departments with the signature of several lesbians. It is an in-house job sure to succeed.

I was the first person I know to be treated like this. Care and Counselling Officer Elizabeth Cox started the ball rolling by claiming I molested my daughters. 

That passed to gay paedophile Watson now of UNAIDS. Then to Head of National AIDS Council boy sex lover Barter and on through Bomal Gonapa paedophile legal officer of the AIDS Council to Jeffrey Nape a cousin from Sina Sina Chimbu, now both dead.

Nape wanted to take both girls into care to protect them but truth was that he was the paedophile. Any paedophile accuser can come to Lae to meet my daughters. Be warned that my younger daughter can be violent. Both girls are very protective of their father.

Gay and lesbian activists want to take over all child care for children to be put into orphanages and overseas adoption to gay and lesbian singles and couples. Watch out for Cox of Barnados.

Wait for the hidden agenda of the PNG Green Party.