Thursday, 29 June 2017


We hav been reading in the media that the National AIDS Council regional Manager Tangoh has blamed families and care centres for the infection of gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals.

But the fact is that many gay and transsexual boys in Papua New Guinea have sex with expatriate gay men. If these boys become HIV positive it is because gay men do not use condoms and do not care for the boys. They have become gay sex fodder.

Tangoh is playing a blame game and trying to push responsibility to families and care groups. There is always strict secrecy among gays and lesbians about their lifestyles and sex with transsexual and gay PNG boys.

Obviously Tangoh has arrived on the AIDS care scene seeking to divert blame away from expatriate and national gay men.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


The National 28 June 2017

The was a most confusing report in the media from Head of HIV/AIDS Management Dr Nick Dala that will surely mislead the average PLWHA grass roots sufferer.

He said that Papua New Guinea must follow the world formula for HIV/AIDS treatment that is 90. 90. 90. What on earth does that mean to the grass roots sufferer?

He says that 90 % of HIV infected people must be given ARV drugs that will rest their immune system. They need not infect other people.

Is he saying that those on ARV will be able to enjoy safe sex as normal people? Is he saying that ARV cleans the HIV out of the body hiding places permanently? That is foolish and incorrect.

Defendant: I did not intentionally infect my boyfriend Your Honour. I was advised by the National AIDS Council that I did not have to use a condom now that I am on ARV. I am one of the 90% of safe sex PLWHA.

Perhaps the journalist got the message wrong. It is now up to the National AIDS Council to correct the error.

Surely the formula should be 100.100.100. That means that 100% of HIV sufferers are given ARV with a view to making them 100% safe but only on doctor's advice. 

In the meantime they must use a condom every time they have sex.

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Sunday, 25 June 2017


It is a relief to read in the media today that the PLWHA Kokoda trekking group made the trek without problems.

It may have been that all PLWHA trekkers were following Positive Living with strong nutrition that reduced the fat accumulation and built up the protein of muscles to strengthen the legs, back and arms.

It may be that valuable lessons have been learned. It is good that families were involved. Perhaps a new chapter in AIDS Care is moving into the national AIDS campaign.


People of Papua New Guinea may be unaware that the nation faced a take-over bid from Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles over the last 15 years disguised as HIV/AIDS supporters.

Australian based groups arrived to destroy the family culture of the nation and remove the faith message. PNG people especially men were seen as savages. 

The Head of UNAIDS made a public statement five years ago declaring that family and faith were no longer relevant in modern society.

Groups included AusAID, National AIDS Council, Burnet, UNAIDS, Save the Children and Poro Sapot all with a hidden gay and lesbian agenda. 

All were set up by Australians who saw themselves as the power group in the Pacific. Most moved on to the UN to spread the gay, lesbian and paedophile message.

They gave rights to children and none to parents. Fathers were blamed for all abuse. Churches were bullied into accepting the gay and lesbian agenda.

The key organization to set up the family Positive Living message was AIDS Holistics. But Australian activists declared that the founder was mentally ill, hated by PNG people, violent and a child molesting womaniser. 

His children are now adult and would strongly disagree with the gay and lesbian lies about their father. Both are older now, live with their father and care for him.

But over the last 17 years, the wheel has turned to a focus on strong loving families. Family messages were given to the media by churches, politicians, care groups, governors-general and Dame Carol Kidu who is patron to a group that honours good men.

The last dying effort was to accuse men of attacking women and girls on public transport. They even had Governor Powes Parkop and David Conn tell lies to the media on their behalf.

But groups have now realized that Family has the upper hand in the media. The only way to retrieve credibility was to support family but at the same time to covertly sabotage. Malnutrition can be blamed on husbands. Poverty is not seen to be a general factor.

AusAID is becoming family focused. Burnet now focuses on women and babies. Save the Children has put child sexuality on hold to focus on malnutrition in the nation. 

But be not deceived. Legalization of gay and lesbian sex is still a hot issue. It is supported by the nondescript Green Party.

Blame is pushed on to family men for abusing children. But as soon as a family man does that he becomes paedophile.

And the paedophiles are protected by gays and lesbians as many of them are paedophile too. So the foreign activists are playing mind games with the community.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Post Courier 21 June 2017

A pork barrelling promise has hit the media that National Capital District Commission will provide another 10 Meri Seif buses to add to the lone 2 buses already driven around the streets of Port Moresby to pick up women and girls.

Chairman of Ginigoada Business Development Foundation David Conn claims that 220,000 women and girls have travelled on the two lone buses though no media photos have ever shown this. The count changes up and down with every news report.

This is all fake news to show that women are attacked on public transport by men. As a past principal of Laloki High School, Conn should know the men of this country better. Abuse of women and girls on buses is just not happening.

Conn is being conned. The pastor of Ginigoada told the same fake stories to the media about 2 months ago.

Conn says now that " the separate service would not have existed if men were respectful to woman and girls who are the main victims of crime and violence on public transport". 

Conn has undoubtedly never travelled on public transport and would not know. There would need to be about 150 meri seif buses to help the women and girls travelling the streets of Port Moresby each day.


At what age should care groups give condoms to children - 18? 16? 14? 12? 10? 8? 6? Save the Children want children to be given condoms whenever they have the need for sex. 

There was a recent media report that the Australian Government had stopped support to care group Poro Sapot set up by Save the Children (STC) and two UN lesbians.

I have never trusted STC after reports a number of years ago that they had conducted a gay and lesbian survey among primary school children in the Eastern Highlands.

How dare they confuse young children on their sexuality !! Tell young boys or girls they are homosexual and they may remember that all their lives. All children go through a same sex phase in early adolescence that must not be exploited by foreign gays and lesbians. 

Then came the report from STC criticizing care groups for refusing to give condoms to children.

This was obvious discrimination. Children had the right to sex and parents and care groups had no right to deny them condoms so the foreign lesbians say. Does STC and Poro Sapot give condoms to children? That may be the reason for blame to care groups.

Save the Children has been kicked out of several Moslem countries for loose foreign lesbian morality. 

There was a report this week of a young woman who had spent her younger years in discos and having sex with men. Now she is HIV positive. 

She has suffered stigma and discrimination from community and family. It was not her fault so the foreign lesbians say. It was the fault of others. 

She was just a poor loving sex worker who horrified her parents and was a disgraceful role model to younger girls and boys in the family.

Now she is on ARV with a 7 year old daughter. She says that she is normal like everyone else. This is not true. 

She can still die from defaulting on medication, heart problems and diabetes two from lipodistrophy. She can infect other people despite haveing ARV medication.

Best wishes to this young woman and may she live long. But she must not push the blame on to family. She alone was responsible for her sexual conduct.

Families and community have moral standards. It is not for foreign lesbians to say they are wrong.

Sunday, 18 June 2017


There was a report in the media recently of a PLWHA woman declaring that she became positive as a teenager and then went on to marry a negative man and give birth to three negative children.

This is very dangerous advice to make public. The implication is that antiretroviral medication made her viral load go to zero and allowed a man to have safe sex with her.

This may not always be true if she has been regularly defaulting on her medication even for a day. She is a advising negative men that they can have safe sex with a woman on ARV without a condom.

It may be that she has made her husband HIV positive but gives birth to HIV negative babies by continued ARV medication.

Other possibilities are that the husband uses a condom but makes her pregnant with a syringe full of semen or that he becomes infected but takes ARV soon after to destroy the virus in the blood.

The media must take care with the reliability of information on HIV/AIDS.


About a month ago, the Regional Manager of the PNG National AIDS Council Valentine Tangoh made a number of fake and silly claims to the media. He had no way of knowing what he was talking about.

He declared that stigma and discrimination by families was the cause of LGBT HIV infection. He further claimed that care groups were refusing to help LGBT people and sex workers.

We called Tangoh a liar and challenged to produce evidence including the names of care groups and care workers involved. 

There has been total silence from Tangoh but he announced a Kokoda walk for PLWHA to show they are not weak. 

He ignored the side effects of ARV including acquired lipodystrophy that leads on to heart problems and diabetes two. 

He ignored the loss of tone in muscles of PLWHA that were stripped of protein prior to commencement of ARV medication. 

PLWHA trekkers need to be sure that their muscles can carry them up the endless steep Kokoda gradients.

We call upon Tangoh to explain the stigma and discrimination of care groups. Is there stigma and discrimination if a care worker tells a young gay boy of the dangers of anal sex? 

What if a young sex worker is advised that she should not take risks of HIV/AIDS by selling her body? What if a young girl of 7 years old  is refused a request for condoms?

The reality is that families can reject HIV infected family members if they damage the family stability with violence and drug abuse including alcohol, marijuana and home brew.

The Tangoh propaganda is all part of the foreign gay, lesbian and paedophile message to damage families and take the kids for sex. 

Is this rubbish official advice from the National AIDS Council? Tangoh is losing credibility in his national responsibility.

Friday, 16 June 2017


Food passes down the digestive tract into the stomach and then on into the small intestine. 

Nutrients pass through the intestinal wall and into the capillaries of the hepatic portal vein to be carried to the liver.

But the fats follow a different path through the lymph vessels or lacteals. These fats pass into the major lymph vessels of the heart called the vena cava.

Food passes through the heart to the liver down the abdominal artery. But on the way, fat is deposited in the lymph vessels, vena cava, heart, coronary artery and capillaries of the heart.

Examine the animal hearts on sale in the supermarkets. There is a layer of fat in the upper heart. Fats in the heart can cause strokes and heart attacks.

Monday, 12 June 2017


Change PLWHIV back to PLWHA

AIDS Awareness has gone off the rails in Papua New Guinea at the hands of amateurs trying to show that antiretrovirals (ARV) have rendered HIV harmless and allow sufferers to go back to normal.

ANGAU care centre in Lae has shelves with rows upon rows of files of sufferers who are dead including those on ARV.

There has been a name change. PLWHA used to mean People Living with HIV/AIDS. Now the amateurs have called it PLWHIV to remove all mention of AIDS. This is foolishness.

There are still hundreds of people in Papua New Guinea with millions across the world with no access to ARV and go on to full blown AIDS with dementia and loss of weight.

People in war torn nations undoubtedly have no access to ARV or TB medication. They just die.

People on ARV need to follow Positive Living with limits on fatty foods that might bring lipodystrophy. Please click:

Acquired Lipodystrophy: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments - WebMD

Feb 10, 2017 - Lipodystrophy is a problem with the way your body uses and stores fat. 
It's called acquired when you aren't born with it. It often affects the fat .

HIV and Lipodystrophy | Understanding HIV/AIDS | AIDSinfo

Nov 18, 2016 - Side Effects of HIV Medicines.Lipodystrophy 

Lipodystrophy can include buildup or loss of body fat.

This is loss of fat on limbs, legs, face, stomach and buttocks with new layers of fat around the stomach.

New fat can build up in the lymph vessels, vena cava, heart and liver with inevitable onset of diabetes two and heart problems.

Helicopter companies will not be happy if the HIV status of Kokoda trekkers is hidden from them and puts them into the position of making several evacuation flights. 

They will want to raise the evacuation insurance premium or refuse to accept.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


I trekked Kokoda 14 times in 10 years. But I was diagnosed HIV positive 3 years ago and have never trekked since. My thighs burn just walking up a long flight of stairs. Imita Ridge and Brigade Hill would give hideous pain.

I am loved by my daughters. Friends who know remain friends. I have never known stigma and discrimination except from the anti-family foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

It is all false propaganda of the foreign activists seeking to raise legalization of gay and lesbian sex as an issue before the election in support of the samting nating gay and lesbian Green Party. They think that trekking Kokoda will do the trick. Hahaha. The Greens polled last in the British election.

The National AIDS Council regional manager Valentine Tangoh is off the track again with his plan to support a Kokoda PLWHA trek to disprove stigma and discrimination.

He seems to know nothing about HIV/AIDS. Only last week he blamed families for the high infection of LGBT family members. He ignored the promiscuous lifestyle of many such young people away from family.

This is the old gay, lesbian and paedophile anti-family strategy to blame other people. He does not accept that many PLWHA family members have settled down with love and caring in their families.

He thinks he will disprove stigma and discrimination by organizing a walk with PLWHA people led by an unnamed Australian organization with an HIV olympic team leader.

Tangoh is unaware that HIV people lose muscle tone as the HIV causes the body to strip protein of muscles of legs, arms and back. It can weaken the person's capacity to trek the steep gradients of the Kokoda Track. 

HIV sufferers will build strength with ARV and strong nutrition but may never regain full muscle tone. What happens to PLWHA trekkers who collapse on the track? 

Are arrangements made for helicopter evacuation? Has the aviation company been advised that PLWHA trekkers are involved? Has medical advice been sought and a medical clearance given to these trekkers?

HIV sufferers can find difficulty with lipodystrophy that can open the way to diabetes two and heart problems. Gastric reflux can be a problem with stress and over-exertion on the track. PLWHA smokers suffer debilitating health that can lead to death.

There needs to be professional advice sought on PLWHA trekkers and problems they may face. If a helicopter does not come, stricken PLWHA trekkers may have to be carried out by stretcher.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Families are victims of paedophiles disguised as gays and lesbians across the world.

A campaign is starting prior to the 2017 election on gay and lesbian rights. The Green Party is keeping a low profile waiting to spring their gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

The media falsely advised this week that the stigma and discrimination of the community is the cause of high HIV infections of gays.

We are told that gay and lesbian people are afraid to go for testing, counselling and medication. This is fake news. Several care groups support LGBT HIV sufferers.

The real picture is that gays, lesbians and paedophiles want access to PNG children for sex through legalization and adoption.

Child sex is increasing in the world. The Australian Government plans to cancel 20,000 paedophile passports to block Australians on sex holidays in the Pacific including PNG.

That is the real issue. Families have nothing to do with the high infection rate of gay and paedophile world men rutting like wild dogs with hundreds of other men, boys and girls.

We have to ignore the false messages of the PNG National AIDS Council. It is being driven by foreign gays , lesbians and paedophiles who want PNG kids.

If passports are to be cancelled, the next step is to bring PNG children to Australia for adoption by same sex couples. Cox of Barnardos is waiting.

Then PNG children will take the place of Aboriginal children of the last century who became the "stolen generation".