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The National 1 June 2015

The Australian Foreign Minister called on countries of Asia and South East Asia to fight Islamic State as part of a multi-national bid to stem the terror group’s expansion into new countries and crack down on its funding sources.

Ms Julie Bishop said that all countries should believe that they have foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria. There were at least 200 Indonesians and 80 Malaysians fighting in Iraq for Islamic State. She said that fighters could use their training to carry out atrocities on their return.

Comment: Already a US General has warned the ASEAN nations in the same way. The Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia have faced suspected IS fighters in their countries. The question arises as to whether or not IS would attack populated Java or outlying territory in West Papua.

There is increasing population in South East Asia with the need for land. West Papua may provide ideal living space for Moslem extremists. The Boko Haram in Nigeria were said to be grabbing land in Northern Nigeria in the name of Allah.

A recent report stated that IS fighters were travelling to Europe on board the refugee boats from Libya, disguised as refugees. This may also occur on refugee boats moving down through South East Asia.

The United States has never intervened in the killings of West Papuans by the Indonesian military. There are extensive US mining interests in West Papua.

The US may be hoisted on their own petard if the IS becomes active among the transmigrated Indonesians in West Papua originally sent to strengthen the border with Papua New Guinea.

There are less than a thousand Moslems in Papua New Guinea all of whom appear to be Melanesian converts.

Australia has large areas of unpopulated land to the north sparcely populated by aborigines.

Extremist terrorism may well be carried out in the urban areas of Australia rather than the sparce expanses of land that cover half the Australian continent to the north.

The Boko Haram used armoured vehicles in Northern Nigeria. That would be wishful thinking for the IS in northern Australia.

When all the hype settles down, Indonesia may not be pleased with the prospect of allowing West Papua to be part of the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Saturday, 30 May 2015


With the increased legislations on gay and lesbian rights across the soft target western nations, the hidden paedophies are laughing. Politicians have sold their souls to ensure election the next time the people go to the ballot box.

Obama has supported gay and lesbian rights and been elected twice. David Cameron supports gay and lesbian rights in Britain and Ireland. Now Australian Opposition leader and Kokoda trekker Bill Shorten is putting a private member's bill to parliamant. 

That should get the gay and lesbian Greens party off his back. The Australian Greens have made same sex marriage as key platform item since the first leader Bob Brown set up the Greens Party.

The paedophiles are waiting for their day to come. Many are disguised as gays and lesbians. 

Over the years to come now, there will be danger to our kids with paedophile teachers seeking to promote homosexual sex education, welfare officers seeking to take children into care to be adopted, legal officers to take children away from parents, health officers to make adverse reports on parents, police officers to take children.

It will come down to the law of the jungle in the soft target Christian countries. The churches will have gay, lesbian and paedophile clergy to preach that the Bible is in error. God has made a mistake in condemning homosexual and paedophile sex. So too has Allah.

Parents will no longer have authority over their children who know their rights that they can disobey their parents and do what they like. For that they will be taken from their parents to be adopted by paedophiles. 

Children have the right to sex from babyhood. Can you imagine a small child being masturbated by a parent, step parent or foster parent? The child has the right to sex. That will be the way of the future. Ask the disciples of Kinsey. Please click:

Paedophiles are behind Ontario Sex Education | Truth Is ...

Nov 2, 2012 - Now Ontario's “Both/and — a curriculum resource for elementary 

Paedophilia: bringing dark desires to light - The Guardia › Society › Child protection

Jan 3, 2013 - The Sex Offenders Act 1997 defined paedophilia as a sexual ...significant events in a person's life, a sexually abusive event, a bullying environment …... a sample of boys in paedophil

Welcome to the Moslem nations that are opening this blog. Allah is not the enemy

Friday, 29 May 2015


Teachers will help students to choose the gender they want without knowledge of parents.

We have always known that paedophiles want sex with kids even small babies. Reverend Hammond author of the South African expose The Pink Agenda stated that gays, lesbians and paedophiles claimed that parents were to give sexual experience to their children.  Please click:

The Homosexual Agenda in South Africa - Christian Action
In, Defiant Desire: The Pink AgendaGay and Lesbian Lives in South Africa

Paedophile organizations in the USA want the age of consent removed on the claim that small children respond to sexual gratification from small babies. We wondered how they knew.

From the 1950s, the most extensive study on sexual behaviour in the USA was the Kinsey Report. We read that Kinsey was a paedophile who carried out study on the sexual stimulation of children from babies to teenagers.See Report below

That is why the Russian parliament or Duma has banned adoption of Russian children by foreigners. Gays, lesbians and paedophiles were taking Russian children for sex overseas. Children were to be sexually trained by their parents. They would be the next generation of bisexuals. 

There is a massive hunger on internet from world paedophiles seeking child pornography from sexual movies to torture of children. This is all part of the rise of world paedophiles on the backs of gay and lesbian rights.

Now the pressure is on in the world for gay and lesbian relationships to be introduced to school curriculum. This is all part of the paedophile push disguised as gay and lesbian rights. There will be paedophile teachers who gaze upon a class of students with sexual hunger.  Please click:

Paedophiles are behind Ontario Sex Education | Truth Is ...

Nov 2, 2012 - Now Ontario's “Both/and — a curriculum resource for elementary s

The big question in the report above is whether or not Kinsey was paedophile. Who cares? He presided over the sexual abuse of large numbers of small children. That is the key to the issue.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Please open Google with gay and lesbian school curriculum and be surprised that there are many reports advocating and demanding that gay and lesbian lifestyle be included in school curriculum. Please click:

It's time gay relationships were part of the school curriculum ... › Men › Relationships Apr 7, 2015 - I was one of 700 boys in an all-male Catholic high school in Northern Ireland. It was the late Eighties and the topic of same-sex relationships ...

The numbers of Google reports on the subject have risen dramatically over the last 5 years. We have to conclude that school curriculum is the key target in the takeover of the nation’s boys and girls.

Then we open Google at paedophile school curriculum to find that there are complaints across the western world of paedophile teachers and educationists seeking to introduce children to gay and lesbian sex.

There is a litany of lies and false statements on the plan to introduce children to the gay and lesbian lifestyle. The first is that gay and lesbian children are born LGBT. That is not true.

Psychologists refer to nature or nurture. The gay child can be born a girly-girly. But straight children can be nurtured into homosexuality over a period of time in the dormitory of a school or with gay or lesbian parents.

So a paedophile teacher or Boy Scout leader can have a deep influence on a child with long term grooming and sexual activity. A straight child can still be attracted to the opposite sex but responds to same-sex sexual gratification. 

The child has become bisexual. Gay and lesbian teachers may well be paedophile and know that all children in their class may be diverted to homosexual or heterosexual paedophile beds.

Children are subject to the age of consent at which they have the maturity, physiological growth and knowledge to understand what sexual activity is. There is also the age of informed consent.

But sex education that starts in elementary school can give knowledge to a school child that paedophile teacher would argue gives informed consent to the child.

Therefore the child is able to consent to sex as it has been covered in grade 2. There is still the matter of maturity and growth of the child. A seven year old girl will suffer damage, loss of blood and pain with the thrusting force of an adult penis.

But there is false information given by gay, lesbian and paedophile activists across the world. They give the impression that the schools have large numbers of gay and lesbian children in schools.

I have been a teacher most of my working life and can never remember more than one or two girly girly and lesbian children in schools.

I found out the other day that in my own grade 12 class in Brisbane there were only 2 boys who became gay. 

In 3 high schools in Papua New Guinea, I remember only one boy who was girly girly, kind, creative and preferred to work with the girls. The boys let him be and did not hassle him in any way.

Would the foreign UN activists be saying they wanted a special course to cover the existence of this boy in this school? Curricula have to be based on a paedophile agenda. Please click:

Paedophiles are behind Ontario Sex Education | Truth Is ...

Nov 2, 2012 - Now Ontario's “Both/and — a curriculum resource for elementary school.... Pingback: Paedophiles Setting Curriculum for Education in Ontario ..

The young boy would be horrified and not give his support. The school would be pushing him into a high sexuality profile that he would not want.

The most disgraceful exploitation of boys and girls was to be found in Massachusetts. The boys and girls were forced to come out and make known they were gay and lesbian even if they were not.

Psychologists tell us that boys and girls go through a same sex stage in early childhood. The boys are wresting and punching one another.

Girls are sitting with their best friend and talking. It is a disgrace if the paedophile teacher confuses children by declaring they are gay or lesbian.

The child will be mortified if this is made known to other students who are all sent off to same sex awareness classes.

There were Massachusetts schools that held Gay and Lesbian Appreciation Days. The school bussed students off to exhibitions in other schools.

A recent report stated that the USA is 28th on the world list for Mathematics and Science. The gay and lesbian focus on sexuality is dragging the nation down.

What happened to English, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Language and Social Science? The claim is that school is homophobic and heterosexual. Many students would be too busy to think about it. They are too busy passing exams. 

There will be problems if the teachers have divided the students into gay, lesbian and heterosexual groups. Then there may be trouble.

The lack of gay and lesbian studies has led to the greatest hoax in US education that gay and lesbian children are committing suicide.

It may be that their sense of well being and esteem has been destroyed by paedophile teachers with a hidden agenda.

All students have the same needs. They need to be prepared for higher study, given a sense of well being and esteem and taught about the world.

They can be taught about relationships with others without depth of study of sex. Family care and love can be available to all children. It is not necessary to give detailed study into anal and oral sex.

Children should not be thinking about their friends in sexual terms from early childhood. They are being given an unbalanced sexual view of life.

Gay and lesbian activists know that they have two major enemies that have to be removed if they are to take over the children.

Family has to be weakened and authority taken away. The lesbians in particular are working through Welfare agencies, Education, Legal and Health.

Faith is being destroyed by a subtle process of pushing the view that the Bible and Koran are fairy stories. God and Allah do not exist. Commandments are man-made. There is the belief in Nihilism or nothingness.

There was a recent referendum in Ireland by which the question was put on gay and lesbian rights. The vote was in the affirmative
Ireland has been the stronghold of Catholicism for hundreds of years and the Church has dominated families. It is likely that young people voted in support to tell the child abusing church that their reign is over. 

A senior Irish cleric stated that it is time for  a re-think. Perhaps it is time for a modern Reformation.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Queensland University)...

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Yesterday, I was walking along the road at Waigani, an outer suburb of Port Moresby, There was trouble at the local bus stop. I approached and saw a group of bus stop wardens bashing a young man who was unable to protect himself. 

He was being held by the wrists and stood with his head down while being bashed by a bus stop thug employed by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC). There is a practice of employing young thugs to bash citizens - not good in the days before the South Pacific Games.

There were about 10 bus stop thugs attacking the young man. Some had run to the local road works to get a rock to be used to crush his skull. This was a vicious attack by an NCDC goon squad.

In the days of the betel nut ban, these young men would prowl the streets with iron bars to take the betel nut and steal money often from frightened old women.

I stepped forward and bellowed at them in my best military voice. " Leave him alone. You heard me you bastards leave him alone. Hey you arsehole stop hitting him. Put those rocks down. You heard me leave him alone. You bastards should be in gaol."

It took a little while for the penny to drop that they were being bellowed at. I deliberately swore at them as they would not respond otherwise. They all stopped. Some dropped their rocks and walked away. There were about 200 people watching. I grabbed the young man, put him on a bus.and told him not to get off.

Whatever he had done was not enough to have him murdered by criminals in NCDC illuminous coats. The attack took place outside the police station.

I hope overseas visitors are not bashed by these thugs during the South Pacific Games.

This morning, a man stopped me in the street and thanked me for stopping what may have been a killing by NCDC thugs. Those rocks would have broken his skull.

An Australian Federal Policeman met me at the Holiday Inn this morning and said he heard the confrontation from the nearby police station. He said I seemed very comfortable in Papua New Guinea.

It is not as if I confront NCDC goon squads every day. But I do confess that many PNG people call me a PNG white man. I act as if deeply offended. I tell them I do not chew betel nut, get drunk on pay day nor bash women. That causes laughter.

Friday, 22 May 2015


There has been an incident that we have all read about of the cartoonists of the magazine who published a cartoon of Mohammed seeking to make him look stupid. It raised anger in the Moslem community but was not retracted.

Then the office of the magazine was attacked by Moslem gunmen who killed 11 cartoonists and was condemned across the world. But this was a disgraceful mistake by the cartoonists. Mohammed is the chosen one of Allah and is to be treated with respect.

He was drawn to look like a fool and this was in very bad taste across the world. Never in my life have I ever seen a caricature of Jesus.

Years ago there was a movie put out entitled Porca Madonna which caused great anger among the world Catholics. It translated to Mary the Pig. The world was not to know that this was a vulgar and profane Italian expression. Please click:

PORCAMADONNA Blasphemy nickname and words in Italian language ...
1 day ago - "PORCAMADONNA" is a blasphemy word against the Virgin Mary 
in Italian language. Translate in two words: "porca" (in Italian language in .

Being Catholic, the critics complained but did nothing else. The Moslems killed the cartoonists. The man who drew the cartoon says he has stopped as he has no heart for drawing the prophet again. We should hope so. He was the one whose actions led to the deaths of his friends.

There was a recent attack in Texas at a cartoon drawing competition held by the anti-Moslem Freedom Defence Initiative. The organisers were fools involved in a deliberate provocation. A cartoon in a PNG newspaper drew the cartoonist at the Texas competition as a straw man. That about sums it up.

Will we wait for the Moslems to arrange a cartoon competition to ridicule Jesus? It will not happen as Jesus is regarded as a prophet by the Moslems. But Jesus did have a time when people talked of blasphemy against the Lamb of God. Please click:

Defaming the Name of Jesus - Jesus is Savior

The blasphemous movie, Jesus Christ Superstar, assassinates 
our Lord's character and ... This is what the world has to say about 
the spotless Lamb of God

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Those who believe in Allah are Moslems or followers of Islam. The rest of us are infidels meaning that we have no faith.

The world is being divided into Moslems and infidels according to the Moslem point of view. An infidel is one who does not accept the beliefs and practices of Islam.

There are major similarities and differences between the two groups. Christians and Moslems all derive their faith from the Middle East and both declare a lineage going back to Abraham. Both groups have a faith that starts in Old Testament times.

The Moslem faith allows polygamy of men marrying more than one wife. A woman may not marry more than one man and is leaving herself open to be stoned. 

In a tribal setting, polygamy is the way that a man of power bring unity to groups in an area of influence. He marries a woman from each area. 

It can also cause violence as wives conspire with their sons to take control within the family. It is potentially a family at war with itself. A woman with several husbands would bring violence and chaos.

The Christian faith permits only one wife to be lawfully married to a man. Both men and women are leaving themselves open to a charge of bigamy.

But both groups share common goals for bringing up a family. Children are to obey their parents. Girls are to grow to become good wives and mothers with chastity. But there the comparison stops.

Moslem fathers maintain total control over their wives and daughters. They are to stay within the confines of the home and must not have relationhips with outside men or boys.

Christian families see the issue differently. There is to be a developing friendship between boys and girls. Men and women are to have friendship. They can work together in employment, church activities and sports.

There has been a protocol going back centuries where men and women can dance together but follow certain protocols. A married women may not dance in an intimate way with another man.

English people enjoy the barn dance by which the community joins in a circle and every woman dances with every man.

Christian parents want their boys and girls to stay at the house and go out in limited ways until they have become adults. They can bring boy or girl friends home to meet the parents.

But that is not possible in Moslem families. Boys have freedoms but the girls are totally limited in any friendship with the opposite sex. It can and does lead to honour killing.

There is a disturbing trend in western countries where young teenagers go out at night to binge drink and take drugs. Girls drink as much as boys and many take part in drunken fights. Girls and boys have sex.

This is a horrifying situation for both Moslem and Christian families. The young people are out of control, more so the children of the non-Moslem families.

In the European Christian world, there are limitations placed by certain ethnic or religious families. All families want their children to marry within their ethnic or faith group.

Where there is racial or religious tension, parents want their children to marry as close as possible to their own group.

Catholic families in Northern Ireland did not want their child to marry a Protestant. It was based on race more than religion.

The Catholics were Irish. The Protestants were seen to be the English invaders who took the best land centuries ago. Catholics were said not to recognise marriage outside the church.

Times have changed and the Catholic church permits mixed marriage. But the non-Catholic partner was expected by the priest to convert to Catholicism and allow the children to be brought up Catholic.

The Moslem families are quite inflexible. Centuries of warfare in Europe have made the Moslem determined that the children marry close to the family as possible.

Marriages are decided by the father and uncles. A Sunni man must never marry a Shi’ite woman. That is the formula for family annihiliation. Someone has to die and the slate wiped clean.

Moslems like the Jews are most tied to the family lineage that may go back as far as Abraham. It cannot be spoiled by a daughter marrying an infidel. The shame will exist for centuries.

Norma Khouri in the book Forbidden Love wrote of her friend who suffered honour killing for her love for a Catholic Jordanian man.

So the problems of the Moslem and Christian families are very similar. The main difference among some Moslem families is that a woman who breaks family tradition may well be murdered by father, uncles or brothers in an honour killing.

The common problem for all faiths is the gay, lesbian and paedophile push to take over access to children who are being told that homosexual sex is beautiful and an option for all. They are told that they have rights including the right to disobey their parents.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


The world is being divided into camps implacably opposed to each other. First we read Karl Marx who spoke of the divisions into the bourgeois and proletarian camps. These were rich factory owners who exploited the poor workers who would eventually arise.

After World War 2, the planet was divided into capitalist and communist nations which framed alliances and disputes for half a century.

Then the USSR collapsed under the weight of its own economic incompetence and Communist China lifted its game by following the capitalist road.

But since the 1990s, there were two more camps that divided the world. These were the heterosexual and homosexual camps that began in response to the AIDS pandemic and spread out to gay and lesbian rights.

One by one the soft target Christian nations fell to the advances of the gay and lesbian activists, particularly those employed by the United Nations.

National governments came to say there was no constitutional and legal reason why men should not marry men and women marry women. This was anathema to the Moslem countries, just one more nail in the coffin of western nations.

We read that the United States is the abode of Satan. It is easy to see why Moslem nations should think that way when President Obama gives full support to the gay and lesbian agenda and even appointed a gay advisor to the Massachusetts schools.

The president deeply criticized the laws passed by the Russian Duma in banning adoption of Russian children by foreigners and giving homosexual propaganda to minors.

The advisor eventually promoted gay and lesbian sex to school children before being removed.

It can be granted that Shariah family law is an attempt by Moslem nations to remove the gross sexual sin of the world.

There is a move to expand the rights of women in western nations to enable them to move freely in society and to take jobs previously reserved for men.

There are laws on prohibiting sexual harassment of women and men. We in the West see this as good. We want women to enjoy rights of movement and be able to live as they wish, free of humiliation and harassment by men.

But the Moslems see it all differently. The place of women is in the home and her beauty must not be seen by any man except her husband. She is subject to all men and boys in the family.

The West sees sex in two ways. There is carnal sex which confronts us every day from advertisements and women in the street. Men respond differently in admiration and adultery of the mind as Jesus said.

Then there is sex merely in the differences in men and women that do not prevent both from working together with no other feeling but the needs of the job. Women are employed as managers.

They have to have an exhibition of company products to open next Friday. Julie have you designed the poster yet?

Moslems see it all differently. The place of the woman is in the family and she must not become westernized in her outlook. She can only study under strict conditions with her courses accepted by the men in the family. It is all about sex.

She should be escorted around when she leaves the house. As a teenager, she is restricted and forbidden to go to discos and dance with boys in performing imitation intercourse on the dance floor.

She must never have a boyfriend except the man her family has deemed that she should marry. She has to wear a veil and cover her body from the gaze of men.

But the Moslem family agenda is strictly opposed and ignored by the gays and lesbians of the United Nations. It is the job of the UN to promote freedom of women and girls across the world, particularly with a lesbian agenda.

The advances of the UN gay and lesbian agenda have caused the Moslem nations to turn their wagons in a circle with axles chained together like the Boer trekkers of the last century.

Advances in gay and lesbian rights have caused some African nations to pass draconian laws banning homosexual conduct.

A few years ago, Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron threatened member nations of CHOGM with punitive economic action if they did not allow gay and lesbian sex. The African members generally responded in a most hostile way.

The fact is that Christian and Moslem nations are implacably opposed on the issue of gay and lesbian rights. But the hidden problem that faces the nations of the world is the abuse of children by paedophiles.

The western nations accept Moslem families as refugees and immigrants. Citizens have to accept that there will be segregation of families within a closed community. Children will attend Moslem schools.

There is now violence directed against Moslem women. There was the young girl shot on the school bus as punishment for her public profile of women’s rights.

There were young women gang raped in Egypt. It was probably punishment by men for her western clothes.

A young woman was recently shot after singing a song on a TV talent show. That was for being too western. Her place was in the home.

What can we do? There seems nothing that can be done. The world scene is set in concrete. There will be pressure across the soft target Christian nations to legalize gay and lesbian sex. Moslem nations will harden their opposition.

Police forces in nations of the world will continue surveillance of talk shop paedophiles seeking meetings with young girls and boys. Child trafficking will be tracked by police.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Moslems murder family women accused of sin. Dads kill daughters. Brothers kill sisters. Uncles kill nieces

In recent months, there has been media debate on Christianity and Islam. As a Christian, I have belief in God and the saving grace of Jesus who died on the cross.

I am aware of the difference to faith that Jesus brought to the world with a focus on love and forgiveness. The Moslem faith brought family love but for many followers only to those who did not sin. Sinners were to die, particularly women and young girls accused of immorality.

Christians know that God is love and forgiveness. We have been told that sinners burn forever in the lake of fire. This image has put a false focus on Christian faith. 

We are told by devout Moslems that Allah loves and forgives. But Islam has been accompanied by mob violence. In the last year, two women have been killed on the accusation of burning the Koran.There was no questioning and counselling - only death.

In Indonesia, the Almighty is called Tuhan yang Maha Esa. That is the Almighty God on High. I have often wondered whether or not this refers to the Christian God or Allah. An Indonesia friend told me recently that the name applies to both.

It is becoming fashionable for young people to convert to Islam. Allah may be love but too many of his followers are killers of people whom they consider have insulted Allah. Converted Christians have left behind the questioning of faith. To question is to insult Allah and perhaps die.

We are all grains of sand existing for a millisecond in the history of the world. It is very doubtful that the Almighty would be insulted by anything we say or do, short of harm to other people. Shakespeare wrote that we strut on the stage of life and are gone.

We read of people who converted to Islam and went off to Syria to fight with the Moslem extremists. In the media today, we read of three Australians disenchanted with Jihad and wanting to return to Australia.

They wanted to speak to other young people to advise them not to go. But the Australian Prime Minister said there will be no amnesty for them.

In the 1930s, we had Australians and many from other nations who went to the Spanish Civil War. There is certain romance in doing so in the hearts of impressionable young people. So too the conflict in Syria. They want to say that they helped to set up the Moslem caliphate.  

Much conflict has been nothing more than a land grab not a holy war in the name of Allah.The Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria wanted land and raised a holy war to achieve that end with the kidnap and probable murder of hundreds of young girls.

There has been debate and confrontation in Malaysia with the Christian church that wanted to call God Allah.

There is only one Creator and both sides claim that the Creator belongs to them. But both brought different messages to the world. Our God gave us Jesus and forgiveness.

Allah gave rules for the Moslems to follow not unlike the writings in the Old Testament. Both religions grew in the same Middle East soil though hundreds of years apart.

Both share similar views on sin, satan, family and adultery. We recall in the New Testament the woman about to be stoned for adultery. Jesus said “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Our God has forgiveness. We believe that he hates sin but loves the sinner. We may repent and be forgiven.Too bad if we have been sentenced to death by the State for murder or drug smuggling. We teach our children to live a good life and put away their youthful ways.

Many Moslem countries are under the control of Shariah family law which gives the men of the Moslem family a horrific authority over the women in their household.

Women can be murdered by fathers, uncles or brothers on suspected sin that brings dishonour to the family. The police and judiciary of Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan and Yemen will turn a blind eye. Sinner men kill women whom they accuse of sin.

Allah surely did not intend that male followers of Islam had the authority to murder women and girls in their families.

They had no right to do so in the name of Allah. How many honour killings have been carried out to cover sexual abuse of girls by men in the family?

There is massive hypocrisy in the Moslem society of men. So much is secret and under cover. Do Moslem men lead a pure life and not drink alcohol? Do they commit adultery with prostitutes?

The division of men and women into two separate Moslem groups brings an ease by which gay and lesbian relationships flourish. Women and men retire behind locked doors.

I was saddened by a book Forbidden Love by Norman Khouri who now lives in the United States. It tells of a young women in a strict Jordanian Moslem family who was strictly controlled by the men, even her younger brothers.

She had found a job as a women’s hairdresser which was the only job her family men would allow. She touched only the hair of women. She could never be a nurse. That involved touching men.

She fell in love with a Jordanian officer who was Catholic. Her friend the author said that they only gazed at one another through the shop window until her family of men found out and killed her. Please click:

forbidden love by norma khouri - family positive living - aids ...
Aug 8, 2011 - FORBIDDEN LOVE BY NORMA KHOURI. ISBN 1 86325 348 3..

There has to be balance in understanding between the authority of men in the Christian and Moslem families. Moslem men bring the semblance of honour to families. 

But the men in some Moslem countries are able to marry 7 year old girls. We read of small girls dying of loss of blood on their wedding night.

There are limits placed on families with boys and girls not allowed to go to discos, drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and engage in unmarried sex.

The boys and girls in many Christian families have far more freedom to commit sin in the eyes of God. But they can mature, repent and become strong believers and members of the Christian faith family.

We are being told by the UN activists that children have rights but no responsibilities. Parents can not punish their children and engage them in any form of child labour. They cannot be punished nor made to do what they do not want to do.

It is obvious that the United Nations speaks only for the Christian nations. Nothing they say is relevant to the Moslem countries.They do not intend to address the followers of Islam. They just think the Christian soft target countries are easy pickings for access to children.

We must not generalize too much. There are loving and caring families who are Christian and Moslem. The violence of some Moslems is as much bound up in tribal custom as in religious faith.

There have been customs that came down from the Saracens and Bedouins. There were stonings in the Old Testament. There is now a world wide trend. Please click:

Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings :: Middle East Quarterly ...
by P Chesler - ‎2010 - ‎Cited by 41 - ‎Related articles
To combat the epidemic of honor killings requires understanding 
what makes these murders unique. They differ from plain and 
psychopathic homicides, serial ...

Muslim Statistics (Honor Violence) - WikiIslam
This page contains statistics specifically concerning honor violence. For more general statistics covering domestic abuse or danger to women, see Marriage and ..

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