Wednesday, 29 May 2013


The community of Papua New Guinea has been horrified by the alleged action of three policemen in arresting a group of 70 men, making them lie in a line and cutting their achilles tendons with bush knives.

Apart from the lack of morality of the act, there are families whose men were turned into cripples. Many were breadwinners with responsibilities to look after their wives and children.

The policemen have not thought through their actions. They run the risk of being waylaid by family members and having their own tendons cut. If sentenced to prison, they will surely meet family members among the prisoners.

Knives are not difficult to come by in prisons of Papua New Guinea. A broken bottle will do the trick.

Recently there was a range of  penalties voted upon by parliament. Aggravated rape brought the death penalty. What of aggravated achilles tendon cutting?

Monday, 27 May 2013


The National - letters to the editor 24 May 2013
Ethics and moral values are terms that many use interchangeably. These are a set of socially shared concepts of what is good and bad, right and wrong and desirable and undesirable.
Our values influence our orientations, actions and reactions. Educating students on these values is essential but the result is still not evident.
The school system seems to focus on fundamental aspects and fails to see the impact morals and ethics have on students.
For students to become complete individuals in our society, there is a need to focus on teaching ethical and moral values.
The good part is ethical values are universal and heavily stressed in different religions and cultures. But teaching ethics is challenging because of the diverse cultures and religions.
For students to become morally wholesome, they need to learn as much as possible from different people and cultures.
Teachers play a vital role in guiding students on how to conduct themselves with other people.
It is evident that many young people do not know the difference between right and wrong. We often see them engaging in immoral activities because they have no guidance when it comes to morality.
For the education system to become a major contributor in establishing a moral foundation, there is a need to implement two things.
First is the need to feel the presence of God in the school system through prayers and religious subjects. Second, is a need to make ethics study compulsory.
Overseas gay and lesbian activists from the UN will oppose this suggestion.


The National - letters to the editor 24 May 2013
I would like to share my concern with readers about processed food. I believe that many of us are ignorant and not careful when it comes to making proper food choices.
There is something called trans fat found in some food items, especially processed food such as canned and bottled food. It is not natural fat derived from fats in plants and animals.
It is artificial fat created by humans and added to food to extend shelf life. United States research shows that transfat is responsible for an increase in heart problems, diabetes and cancer.
Footnote: We have checked labels for trans fat. Most labels make no mention. No mention on the Chinese peanut butter that we checked.

Mention was made by the writer of Chinese peanut butter.

The only brand was Peanutter that featured a high level of fat. But was this trans fat?


There has been a debate on PNG Attitude in recent days on the plan made public for a PNG company to hire Fijian workers to build a road from Madang to the highlands.
There has been much breast beating particularly from the corps of armchair generals from Australia.
The cry has gone up that there are PNG workers who can do the work. Why employ foreign workers? Armchair generals and PNG scribes have missed the point completely.
Employing foreign workers goes back even as far as the Caesars who used Nubian guards to keep the Caesars safe. They were part of a foreign wantok  system who would kill without fear or favour.
Employing foreign labour was a key strategy of the colonial powers. The Americans and British brought slaves from Africa. Japanese came to work on the Hawaiian pineapple and sugar plantations.
The French brought Vietnamese to the New Hebrides now known as Vanuatu. Indian workers came to work on the sugar plantations of Fiji. Pacific Islanders worked on the sugar fields of Queensland.
But we know from past experience that severe trouble can arise in Papua New Guinea when construction of a road crosses several clan boundaries.
There will be new demands at every end of the sector. New workers will be demanded by the new clan. Sabotage will occur.
New claims for compensation will be made in every sector. The prospect of villagers armed with high powered rifles adds a new fearful dimension.
The problem may be reduced with workers from outside the country. Perhaps not. At least they can be sacked and deported. But the villagers are there to stay.
But then there is no complaint when PNG imports Australians in programs like the ECP.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Lifestyle diseases a big threat - Post Courier 22 May 2013 P.9
Lifestyle diseases in Papua New Guinea are killing more people than HIV and AIDS, says a church health director.
Gad Koito the national health director of the PNG Church Mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church said yesterday that more people are dying from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes,  heart disease, strokes and cancers.
He said that changes to people's diets and their lack of physical exercise contributed to the death toll.
Many people are careless in their choices of food in their diets. We need to eat more vegetables and fruit, eat meat moderately, drink more water and do more physical exercise.
Mr Koito said that exercise is as important as eating good food. He advised that walking fast for 30 minutes was good exercise to stay fit and healthy.


faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, lean meat, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, homebrew, tobacco, marijuana and drugs
AIDS Holistics has promoted Positive Living for over a decade. It is based on medical knowledge and included writings of Jethro Kloss, a key nutritionalist of the SDA Church who wrote the book Back to Eden and died in the 1940s. Please click: › HealthMedicine
Jan 21, 2004 – Back To Eden has 353 ratings and 32 reviews. DJ said: Jehtro Kloss was a
great healer. He dedicated his life to learning, and teaching, about; ...
The book was given to the founder of AIDS Holistics by Joe Lari who ran an AIDS organization 3 Angels Care. We used the nutrition aspects of the SDA teachings as the basis of Positive Living.
Our advice on family living was based on a home study book of the SDA church.
But our effort was opposed by the gay and lesbian activists of AusAID and the UN who were determined to eliminate any mention of FAMILY and FAITH. Their approach has never changed.
On World AIDS Day of 2010 and 2011, the gay paedophile Head of UNAIDS advised the community not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Saturday, 18 May 2013


For overseas readers the Haus Krai is the mourning house in which family and friends gather at the death of a loved one. A Haus Krai was set up in PNG to mourn women who had suffered violence.

It was the start of a new awareness on the rights of women. It will mean that many more men will look to the safety and security of their wives and children.

This was also a propagandist's dream come true. All blame was heaped on men. There were photos in the media of men on their knees begging the wives and daughters for forgiveness.

But through it all fakery was obvious. Figures were inflated by double factors. We read in the report on the Jackson blog of children who suffer sexual violence and abuse. Please click:
What does that mean? Out of 100 children, 40 may suffer sexual violence and 60 may suffer abuse. Abuse can mean anything.

You went to school without lunch money. That is abuse.
You were sent to bed without dinner. That is abuse.

But when it is all put together, it seems as if 100 suffered sexual violence.
There was a report last year that advised that 2 million children suffer violence in the home and outside. By addition of outside, the fakers can add hundreds of thousands of cases.
Take my family. My daughters have been punched several times at school mainly by class girls. That makes them survivors of violence. Added together across the nation, these would provide a few hundred thousand cases to the figure above.

Last night my daughters went with girl friends to the UN concert. My younger daughter was punched by a drunken young woman. She hit back followed by the two girl friends who punched the girl in the face.
Four were punched. If they went to the local health clinic, there would be 4 victims of violence. Some clinics would record that they had been attacked by men. Most clinics would not ask how the injuries took place.

There is a propaganda war going on. In Nazi Germany, all blame was heaped on the Jews. If 1000 women were to suffer violence, we are being conditioned to believe that it is the work of men. But that need not be so.
Violence can be heaped on both men and women as victims. Women in PNG can be the instigators of violence to other women, men and children.

There is a massive publicity hoax taking place with the survey by the European Union of gays and lesbians on violence and threats of violence  they have suffered. This is another double factor designed to inflate the figure. Please click:
1 day ago – A quarter of gay people surveyed in a major EU poll say they have been
He spoke with BBC Europe Correspondent Matthew Price.

We have to know some background to the reality that so much violence exists in the homosexual community. Please click:

gay and lesbian domestic violence - family positive living - aids ...

Many gays are bashed not by heterosexual men but by homosexual lovers. But the survey ignores this and infers that all violence is at the hands of heterosexual men. Liars.

The Care group AARDVARC advises that homosexual workers suffer discrimination in the workplace at the hands of jealous lovers. So the conclusion of the EU survey was fake. We can fool only some of the people some of the time. Please click:
Aid and Resource Collection. Information, referrals, publications and assistance ...
Many are afraid to report this for fear of their families finding out. Many seek care and pretend to be bashed by heterosexual partners. Many are afraid of seeking counselling from homosexual advisers who have the habit of breaching confidentiality. The EU survey did not get that one right.

We must not forget that the gay, lesbian and paedophile activist movement  is ANTI-FAMILY, ANTI-FAITH, ANTI-MEN, ANTI-MARRIAGE,  ANTI-GOD and ANTI-ALLAH.

They seek to increase the abuse of children by destroying family unity, authority of parents, credibility of faith and the validity of education. Then they blame the men and push themselves in to mend the damage. Bastards.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile push must not convince the community that they are in the right and the community is in the wrong. It is like the foxes convincing the sheep that they have a wrong life style.

Remember that fool Hollande in France. He planned to lift his popularity in the polls by legalizing gay and lesbian marriage and banning school homework. No homework will get the kids on the streets at night. It is hard to get good help these days.

As a final key point, the violence against gays is very much part of the gay and lesbian scene.

In the urban areas, gays spend much time in gay bars and gay saunas with serial sex and glory holes.  Reports show that some gays have sex with 20 men a night. It also explains the rise in HIV infection among gay men.

The gay bars are gay meat markets where men seek sex and jostle with others for the best looking gay boys. Of course there is violence and threats among gay men out on the town at night. Most has nothing to do with heterosexual men.

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ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Over the last two years, there have been silly lesbian reports seeking to define sorcery killing in Papua New Guinea as gender based. These reports are written mainly by foreign women who know very little about sorcery.
The last is a report on the blog PNG Attitude in which one Dr Nicole George wrote on gender killing in sorcery from the comfort of the University of Queensland. She had compromised her professional objectivity by being funded by a lesbian organization to examine gender violence in sorcery. Please click:
Apr 16, 2013 – Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE. Words ... Dr Nicole George
Sorcery- related killings should be understood as part of a continuum of ...
The initial  thrust was made by lesbian activist and past head of UN Women Elizabeth Cox who blamed men for all wrongs. As a naturalized citizen, she thought she had all the qualifications to lead the field on gender violence in sorcery.
She made grossly false reports on the harrassment and violence towards women in Port Moresby markets, culminating in a UN Women's media campaign of fake rapes in Gordons Market which was eventually debunked even by the Minister for Police. Please click:
Stupid women like Cox are desperately seeking to set up a huge case against PNG men so as to attract massive funding and give a generation of UN lesbians a paid holiday in the South Pacific.
Such women falsify or fail at understanding of sorcery. They fail to explain that sorcery does exist and practised by village men and women. In some parts of the country, the network of sorcerers consists of women. In others, sorcery is practised by men.
In the recent killing of a young woman burned alive, the lesbian activists will never reveal that a woman was the alleged ring leader of the village killer gang. Not convenient for the lesbian ideology.
Ask any man or woman in this country and they will tell of their fear of sorcery. It is not a reflection of a failed education system but of deeply held fear. Ask any senior politician or cleric.
I am afraid of sorcery of men or women coming into the house and putting poison on kitchen utensils. It does happen. In  the past, battery acid and ratsak have been key aids to murder. It takes more than an education to avoid dying.
In Samarai, men and women are believed to change themselves into birds. In other parts, sorcerers are believed to kill a victim by destroying internal organs and bones. They then bring the person back to life to die in the days to follow.
But sorcery is not as simple as that. There is the belief that a death has to be caused by another person. A person may die of malaria. Who brought the mosquitoes?
The most insidious accusations come in response to HIV/AIDS, particularly at the stage of weight loss and dementia. A sufferer can have fearful delusions and hallucinations that have to be caused by sorcery. When in doubt, blame sorcery.

Monday, 13 May 2013


In recent months, persons unknown have tried to set up a fake scenario of child trafficking in Papua New Guinea.

Some months ago, there was a report of children being used to direct traffic, work in mines, chop wood and shift furniture. It sounds a little trumped up. Please click:

Apr 24, 2012 – FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope, peace,
love, truth, ... There are no mines in which to employ children. Nor are there ...

Now we read a report of forced labour, trafficking and sex exploitation rife in PNG, recently posted on Jacksons blog and purportedly written by Thin Lei Win of Trustlaw. On checking out Trustlaw on Google, we found the following:

The latest from TrustLaw (@trust_law). TrustLaw from the Thomson Reuters
Foundation provides free legal assistance for NGOs and social entrepeneurs plus ...

The report quoted from International Organization for Migration and PNG Department of Justice and Attorney General. On checking the first organization on Google,  we found......nothing.

There is an organization called IOM but a check of their archives reveals no mention of child trafficking in Papua New Guinea. Someone may be playing tricks. Please read:

Established in 1951, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the leading
inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely ...

Apr 8, 2013 – Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE ... prevalent form of
trafficking in PNG, followed by labour, domestic servitude and child trafficking.

There may be confusion between child labour and children helping parents in the village. There is child trafficking but there has to be more specific evidence.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Over recent months, there have been quality reports posted on Jackson blog PNG Attitude on the issue of Gender Equality for which the foreign lesbians had substituted lesbian feminism that promoted the false view that all men were violent and all women abused.

Over the last decade, the message has been hyjacked by the foreign lesbians who have  worked to focus only on the rights of women and girls. They had no intention to promote equality with man who were to be vilified and pushed down. This was not Gender Equality.

There was a plan to set up 22 reserved seats in PNG parliament. But this was defeated at the last moment. It seems that the women's movement was divided. The plan was supported by the foreign lesbians who would have undoubtedly been intending to insert PNG lesbians into parliament.

But in recent months, there have been several reports on the Jackson blog setting out the confusion between gender equality and feminism, wrongness of rights without morality, honour to a father, gender equality focus of the new women politicians and lies from the UN on gender. Please click:

There was a time when these issues were off limits on the Jackson blog, particularly in relation to links with the Australian gay and lesbian activists. 

For several years, AIDS Holistics has written on the anti-family, anti-faith, anti-men focus of the UN and AusAID homosexuals. For this, we were severely punished. Please click:

Now we find that PNG people are moving to support the Gender Equality focus in the National HIV/AIDS campaign. This is now appearing on the Jackson blog.

We find that the new women politicians seek to support women working with men. One of the three women has had problems with her husband while another writes of the love and support that her husband gives to her. Please click:
The planned 22 seats raises many questions. Were women elected to the seats or nominated? Do only women vote in any election? Or do men vote too? Is more than one woman able to nominate for each seat?

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ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


Wednesday, 1 May 2013


In recent days, there has been a report on BBC internet of an American basketball star Jason Collins who announced to the media that he was  34 years old, 7 feet tall, black and gay. He was the first professional athlete ever to have done so.  Please click:

NBA's Jason Collins hopes gay athletes will follow suit ... - NewsDiffs

President Obama announced that he had spoken with Collins whom he called a "terrific young man".
The President said that Americans should be proud that this is just one more step in the ongoing recognition that we treat everybody fairly and that everybody is part of a family".
"We judge people on the basis of their character and performance not on their sexual orientation".
AIDS Holistics has no argument with this.
But here the buck stops. There are two levels to  approach gay and lesbian rights. The first is for the individual struggling to live. The second is on the level of the activists seeking to hold society to ransom and tear the fabric of society. No holds barred.
Where do we draw the line?  The HIV/AIDS pandemic in the world has brought out a generation of lying, cheating, bullying and hating gay and lesbian activists. Please click:

Activists are trying every dirty trick in the book to push the gay and lesbian agenda on to an unsuspecting community in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific.
Are we allowed to judge them on their character and performance, Mr President?
They want to place a gay and lesbian agenda in the community with no public consultation, control welfare, promote adoptions by gays and lesbians, become Boy Scout and Girl Guide leaders and destroy family unity. They want to recruit children into the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

They want children to have the right of association with any person, commit to rights without responsibilities and promote lesbian feminism.
Gay and lesbian athletes are making public their sexuality. This may contribute to a change of image from anus licking, fisting into an anus or vagina, infection with gut parasites. Please click:


Sorry folks. A picture is worth a
thousand words.

Fist For Hire 1

They pervert young school children with a gay and lesbian curriculum and making false messages on women.
Gays lead the world in HIV/AIDS infection while gays and lesbians insult Moslems and Christians with denial of the existence of Allah and God. International welfare organizations in Moslem countries may well be working to undermine the Moslem faith.

Why does Obama support the gay and lesbian activists?

Why did he let Kevan Jennings lead the gay/ lesbian curriculum
in Massachusetts schools?

How does the President reconcile the fact that the world gays and
lesbians are anti-family, anti-faith, anti-culture and anti-God and
anti-Allah? Is he supporting the enemy?

We can not serve two masters. How can we worship Allah and
support anti-Allah at the same time?

It stands to reason. If the gay and lesbian lobby thinks that the
Bible is just man-made fairy stories, they must think the same
with the Koran. Please click:

Obama's Religion - Conservapedia's_Religion

The facts confirming that Obama is Muslim are too
obvious to deny: ... Obama seems to emotionally hold a
Muslim view about Israel, in contrast with Americans ...

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There is a disturbing report on BBC internet of the cerebral malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum becoming immune to the malaria  drug artemisinin in western Cambodia. The problem has spread to other parts of S-E Asia. Please click:
3 days ago – New strains of the parasite that causes malaria are
developing a resistance to the drug most widely used against the
This is a worry as the drug artemisinin is the last in a long line of drugs to which the parasite has become immune. Experts point out that the drug works very well at the present time. But it will only be a matter of time.
Africa is the most affected continent with about 90% of all malaria deaths occurring there. Across the world, there were about 219 million malaria cases in 2010 with about 660,000 deaths.