Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Over the last two months, there have been messages left by Google that there seems to have been an attempted break-in of this blog on two occasions.

On both occasions, the attempt has originated from the USA. Is this an indication that the US gay and lesbian lobby seeks to silence our blog. Or is it more official than that? There would be reports that may cause upset in the US. Please click:



US legal system says fathers of the nation intended that the Constitution refers to all marriage. They say parents can not complain about gay and lesbian studies as this right is part of the Constitution. Case dismissed.

It is a democratic right for gays and lesbians to violate child rights not to be told of fisting and licking anuses at the age of 10 years. Fathers of the nation had foreseen single-sex marriage three hundred years ago. Pull the other leg.

Children are being taught at early age to see their friends in sexual terms rather than in terms of normal boy/girl friendship.  Boys will look forward to fisting their male best friend and licking his penis. It is their right under the Constitution.

Each time, we change the pass-word. At least there is proof to us that we have been putting out an international message.

Thank you Google.

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ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


The recent hate campaign has raised the determination of the founder of AIDS Holistics to debunk totally the hate messages of the gay and lesbian lobby across the world.

He is grateful for their hate mail as they show that there is an enemy of the family out there that is not the figment of imagination of AIDS Holistics.

The memory fades. Only recently at 2.00am, the founder of AIDS Holistics sat bolt upright in bed to recall the earliest attack by the homosexual lobby in 2001.

Long before the real hate attack, there were emails to all to announce that the Positive Living message was being promoted by a trained serial killer from the Australian Army. Some of my old army friends thought it was hilarious. Ha ha Copeland a trained killer !! What next ??

He had no respect for human life so the message went and should be removed from the national HIV/AIDS response.

It did not take long for the homosexual lobby of pseudo-pacifists to realize that the Positive Living message of family and faith was a major threat to their agenda.

It is the homosexual lobby with no respect for human life. They stage manage deaths of children in Massachusetts through suicide. Creeps.

They tell young boys and girls they are gay or lesbian. Then they expect them to form gay and lesbian social clubs. This would cause maximum stress and embarrassment.

Teachers were setting these kids apart. Parents would not be told. It is none of their business. Teachers ask students how they would kill themselves. Then they use the responses as part of surveys. Most kids would never think of suicide. It is a teacher trick to violate child rights to be kids.

The Australian homosexual lobby is not in the least interested in promoting AIDS Awareness. There is interest only in lesbian feminism and the violence of men. They ignore the need to promote anti-rape ARV drugs for women. Please click:


But the trained killer message did not take long to be laughed at. The main corps of pacifists in the world are ex-soldiers who had fought and understood the futility of war.

But the message continued in other forms. The next time the theme of serial killing popped up was in 2004 .

There was the message that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a potential serial killer just as the sheriff and his men tried to paint John Rambo. Please click:

But this did not seem to work. The creeps moved on to the founder being a serial (1) womaniser (2) wife basher and (3) child molester. But the Positive Living family message was not in the least affected.

The founder of AIDS Holistics was a non-combatant in the Australian Army promoted to the rank of major. He wears the 10 year Independence Medal for services to the PNGDF.

His main contribution to the Australian and PNG nation was to conduct courses over 14 years from 1978-1992 to prepare defence personnel for postings to PNG at the then RAAF School of Languages. Please click:


The same respect does not exist in privatized homosexual companies of this era. Many have come into the nation gay, lesbian, paedophile and racist. To many, Tok Pisin is is low level blackfella talk.

The language skill of the founder found its way into the Positive Living message. His skill in Tok Pisin enabled him to explain all aspects of HIV awareness including body physiology. Please click:


So much for being a potential serial killer.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Readers may think that this blog is being highly repetitive on the issue of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. That is quite true but intentionally so. There are new readers weekly who have to be taken back through the old issues.

The founder of AIDS Holistics is the writer and is coming to integrate the issues in new ways and say more than was written even two weeks before.

It is all useful for the new readers particularly in the USA and Russia. It takes little imagination to guess the identity of readers in the USA and Russia.

Gentle readers need to realize that this blog fights a campaign on Positive Living and defends the blog against gay, lesbian and paedophile scumbags.

But it is also giving a useful intelligence briefing on the South Pacific for the US and Russian foreign affairs.  Would the Russians give a better service to Pacific nations on HIV/AIDS control? It is time for the UN to lose their mandate.

Would Russians send privatized companies full of homosexuals as the Australian Government has done? Perhaps Obama might do the same.

The world has to see the gay, lesbian and paedophile campaign for what it is. It is full of hate, lies, discrimination, double-standards and dirty tricks.

They ignore the sovereignty of nations and seek to force Governments into accepting the gay and lesbian agenda of single-sex marriage, adoption of Pacific children by gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

Pacific nations should block foreign adoptions as the Russians have done. As well, the propagandizing of under-age children should be a criminal offence in the Pacific nations. Please click:



The gay and lesbian agenda has to be seen in the context of the destruction and reconstruction of the weak and soft target western society.

The lobby talks of heterosexual abuse of children. But the greatest abusers in the world are the paedophile whom the gay and lesbian lobby pretends not to recognize. But the lobby follows a paedophile agenda in courts, schools and welfare.

The gay and lesbian teachers in Massachusetts justify their agenda in schools by talking of suicide of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual children.

But they are the ones who give the children questionnaires on suicide. They push the kids into homosexual activities in school that bring the kids out., even if they do not want to come out.

Even the teachers have the right to stay in the closet but not the kids.  Schools have gay and lesbian social activities for kids. There are gay and lesbian social clubs.

Teachers are stage managing the stress and suicide among students. They want more gay and lesbian school activities. Stupid, criminal and unprofessional creeps.

How dare they tell children they are gay and lesbian !!! They violate all  psychology of child growth. Please click:


They talk of violence against women. But Google reports of massive domestic violence among lesbian couples. It is said to be the same as with heterosexual violence. Please click:

They talk of discrimination by society. But the homosexual lobby has the greatest number of discriminators against family, church, men and heterosexual job applicants. Homosexuality is often the hidden selection criterion in job interviews.

They say that children in heterosexual families are abused more than children of gay and lesbian couples. That is false propaganda. Please click:


There is a close link between domestic violence and abuse of children, regardles of heterosexual or homosexual relationships. Google reports the children of bashed gays and lesbians ending up in shelters in the US cities and hiding from abusive partners.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Monday, 28 January 2013


There is a hidden issue in my family that has been raised on email in the past with total characteristic lesbian silence. That is the destruction of a family and taking of any young girls by expatriate lesbians.

Adoption is made in a private arrangement with family not the Department for Community Development. The child is used and abused. Any problems and the child is quietly replaced by another unofficially adopted child.

From 2001, the future founder of AIDS Holistics became friendly with AusAID advisor Elizabeth Cox. At that time he had no idea that she was a cruel lesbian predator. He invited her to meet Linda and our son who had just been diagnosed HIV positive.

Linda was Malay-Papuan, descendant of the Catholic lay workers brought to the Papuan coast over a hundred years ago. She and her 14 year old daughter were beautiful. But Linda was  dying of AIDS with our young son beautiful Jonathan. 

Linda had been full of fun and laughing all the time. On visits to the family farm, she would entertain her parents and siblings with funny stories.

But with the birth of our son and diagnosis with HIV, all laughter stopped. She became morose and silent. The family blamed her carer when she started to seriously lose weight.

He was obviously abusing her. Cox agreed. Linda was in her 9th year of infection without ARV drugs.

Why no AIDS test? It is a long story.

But Linda would not let her carer tell the family of her infection with HIV. He finally told her mother after 2 years of stress. Linda was afraid that all her sisters-in-law would spread the story far and wide.

But the founder was not to know of a hidden agenda operating with Cox the AusAID care and counselling advisor. She planned to adopt Linda's 14 year old daughter the lesbian way.

But Linda was aware that Cox was lesbian and collected young girls. She was told by our welfare officer that Cox was a woman who did not like men.

Linda was determined that her daughter would not join the Cox collection of junior lovers. She made her carer promise never to let her daughter fall into Cox's hands.

Cox knew that the major stumbling block was the step-father founder of AIDS Holistics. She made secret meetings with Linda to tell false stories of his known violence and child molesting.

But Linda did not accept this. Cox would visit Linda privately at Port Moresby General Hospital while Linda was caring for our dying son.

So Cox spoke to Linda's family about the carer's violence. She warned that he would most likely abuse Linda's daughter.

She wanted to make sure that Linda's daughter would not be part of the carer's family after Linda died. Cox wanted her as another junior lover.

So the family took Linda away from the abuse of her carer as explained by Cox. They were also taking the daughter out of the lesbian clutches of Cox who travelled to Madang to talk more, without success.

Now the daughter is 26 years old and married to an expatriate from the Divine Word University. They have moved to England.

Cox never did get her predator hands on Linda's lovely daughter as a teenage lover of a fat ugly blue rinse old lady. Linda's daughter made peace with her step-father about 12 months ago and thanked him for looking after her mother.

This shows the reason why the expatriate lesbians and gays of UN and AusAID have a deep interest in the Department for Community Development. They want access to young girls and boys preferably unofficially to become junior lovers.

They support the setting up of orphanages. That will bring expatriate paedophiles rushing into the country. But the pain remains for a founder and loving parent on the cruelty of Australian gays and lesbians. Please click:





With the pressure placed on the family of the founder over the last decade, it may well be that the lesbians had plans for his two daughters too.  Both are beautiful and mixed race.

The hate campaign has centred on the founder abusing his own daughters. Creeps. Please click:





Sunday, 27 January 2013


My two daughters have lived in a loving family but under the shadow of the AusAID and UN gay and lesbian hate campaign.

They really are only growing to understand that their father has been portrayed by evil homosexual activists to be a wife beater and child molester. They do not blame him for his Positive Living campaign.

We reported recently that an anonymous hate mail text arrived for the  family to read written by some creep following the current hate campaign.

It accused their father the founder of AIDS Holistics of molesting his elder daughter. Please click:

My elder daughter was angry and talked of hunting the person down. But the next day she had disappeared. I searched for three days looking for her but she was gone.

My younger daughter said she had run away out of shame that the creep had spread the word around the neighbourhood. She could not handle having neighbours talking behind her back.

I finally found her at her girl friend's house at the other side of town. She said she did not want to go back to the old house and neighbourhood as she was ashamed.

I asked her if she had been abused by her father as the creep had texted. She said no, of course not. I knew that. I suggested that she be strong and not let a gay or lesbian creep spoil her life. So she came back to the house.

I asked around the neighbourhood but was given no confirmation of a rumour doing the rounds.

If she had been attacked on her three days in hiding, I would have blamed Cox and Watson who started the child molesting lie some 10 years ago to kill the Positive Living message.

Cox and Watson were lesbian and gay paedophiles respectively who tried to cover their crimes by falsely accusing the founder of AIDS Holistics of what they were doing.

If she had died,  Cox and Watson would find that no high rise office would protect them. He is threatening us. That is right. It would be time for extreme violence. Please click:

The police would not arrest and take them to Court. We said he is violent. Only against creeps who attack my family.


Obama is left far behind. Mr President, what is the difference between education and propaganda? Why are parents being ignored by the US High Court?

Russian parliament has started legislation to block homosexual propaganda being pushed on under-age kids. The world is slowly reacting to the horror of gay, lesbian and paedophile dictatorship. Please click:


It was announced in Russia that the practice is violating rights of children. The focus would have to be on the gay and lesbian curriculum in schools from primary to secondary that is being pushed across the world.

Kids are not allowed to be kids. It is the right of kids just to be kids and not objects of sex. The educational scumbags in Massachusetts justify their agenda on the basis of child suicide. But it is they who introduce the idea of suicide to kids. Creeps.

We need to differentiate between education and indoctrination. Of course, there is indoctrination in all curriculum. Children are indoctrinated into the need for dental hygiene,  exercise and strong nutrition.

Society chooses those aspects that maintain positive living and culture. There is no opposite opinion to dental health and daily exercise. There can be no alternative opinion to loving family.

The gay and lesbian curriculum promotes extreme anti-society, anti-family and anti-faith messages to children. There is no God or Allah. All laws of faith are man-made. Children have rights. Parents have no rights.

It is the responsibility of society to protect minorities from abuse and discrimination. But with the gay and lesbian activist minority, their agenda is to destroy society by tearing the social fabric of family and faith.

The activists should have the same rights as terrorists. They want to destroy societies and set up a New World Order through the United Nations.

They have disqualified themselves as a minority that should be given special consideration. That is not to say that gays and lesbians do not exercise rights particularly in the western nations. But activists use these rights to destroy the society in which they live.

They want all or nothing. They want to weaken and destroy family and faith. They want all children to be taught Nihilism at school. that preaches no God or Allah, no soul, no laws and no faith.  They are to be fought and defeated.

Education gives students both sides of issues. But the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda requires that education proceeds on the basis of no-God, no-family, no-parental authority but sex for all. That is the starting point.

This is propaganda and indoctrination under the guise of education. We are reminded of the vicious propaganda in German schools of the Third Reich against the Jews.

There was no attempt to show a balance for and against the Jews. Family is being treated the same by the gay, lesbian and paedophile lobby. Hence the focus on violence of men. There is no attempt to show the value of stable families together with gay and lesbian love.

It is to promote more boys and girls for sex with gays, lesbians and paedophiles. It is education for the benefit of the teachers not the students.

The nations of the world should follow the example of Russia.

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ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Friday, 25 January 2013


There is a BBC report that the Russian Government is moving to ban homosexual propaganda to minors. The homosexual lobby has brought this problem on itself by working to push gay and lesbian curriculum into schools. Please click:

Russian parliament backs ban on 'gay propaganda' - World News ...

2 hours ago – Russia's parliament backed a draft law ban "homosexual ...
"The spread of gay propaganda among minors violates their rights," ruling ..

There are countries that have allowed so-called homosexual education to be pushed into schools against the wishes of parents who are written off as homophobic. The US Supreme Court upholds the rights of teachers to ignore parent objections.

We see this in South Africa and Massachusetts. It is all part of the homosexual lobby taking control of education, legal, health and welfare.

AIDS Holistics wonders if our input has found root in Russia. With USA, Russia is our major client in reading this blog.

The gay and lesbian curriculum in schools is for recruitment not education. Children are not necessarily born gay and lesbian. They can be groomed into homosexual practice by paedophile teachers and welfare officers. Please click:


ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Parents, what do you want for your children?

Do you want their moral values dictated to by foreign homosexuals? No.

Should they be taught about gay and lesbian sex from primary school? No.

Should kids learn they can suck penises and lick anuses and vaginas? No.

Should kids be told their parents have no authority over them? No.

Should they be told they can tell lies to parents? No.

Should homosexuals and paedophiles be youth leaders? No.

Should kids be told that same sex marriage is an equal option? No.

Should kids learn at school there is no God or Allah? No.

Should they learn morals are man made and can be changed? No.

Should parents be ignored by homosexual and paedophile teachers? No.

Should family issues be deleted from school curriculum? No.

Should parents be refused the right to complain about curriculum? No.

Should gay and lesbian domestic violence be withheld from kids? No.

Should homosexuals take control of Education, Legal, Welfare and Health? No.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The hate gets back to the kids

For the last 10 years, the founder of AIDS Holistics has suffered vilification at the hands of the Australian homosexual and paedophile lobby. The problem was that he refused to delete FAMILY and FAITH from the Positive Living agenda.

How to stop him? Let's tell everyone in the community that he is a child abuser and wife beater. That will kill his credibility with FAMILY and FAITH. But the hate campaign also reached his daughters who were not immune. Please click:


He was attacked first by two senior homosexuals Elizabeth Cox (ANTIFAM) with her retinue of "adopted" little girls and Stewart Watson (UNAIDS) with his little boys.  They were the senior UN paedophiles. No gaol for them. Please click:

Dec 25, 2011 – FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope .... Cox had
AIDS Holistics banned through the Deputy Team Leader Stewart Watson

Watson has told the community twice on World AIDS Days that the community should not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. UNAIDS is anti-family and anti-faith and wants everyone to be the same. Creeps.

In 2001, Watson demanded that the founder removed these from the Positive Living message. When he refused, Watson had AIDS Holistics banned. Please click:



They spread the word that the founder of AIDS Holistics was not acceptable to be involved in the national HIV/AIDS response.

They saw it was their responsibility to protect the community from a violent sexual abuser. The reality was that they wanted to protect the homosexual lobby from FAMILY and FAITH.

The word spread through the gay, lesbian and paedophile community. Care workers were afraid to associate with the founder of AIDS Holistics.

The founder  joined forces with Joe Lari of  3 Angels Care and helped him with the work of his care centre. But the PLWHA living there had hyjacked the centre and made it their private accommodation to be defended with violence.

They were told by successor of Elizabeth Cox, lesbian counsellor Sharon Walker that they were to get rid of Copeland as he was a violent wife beating child molester. It ended in violence against him and plot to murder. Please click:


These HIV infected people were the low class creeps who would do anything to get money. They were Elaripe, Marabe and Momo.

They spent time trying to show that their new caretaker was a child molester. They tried unsuccessfully to pin guilt on him with two children at the centre and his own children.

The hate campaign continued with the new gay paedophile Chairman of the National AIDS Council Sir Peter Barter. Let us look at his family that no longer lives with him and remains overseas.

He contacted the founder of AIDS Holistics and advised that he had instructed Welfare to take his daughters into care because of sexual abuse. He merely showed that he was part of the creep homosexual lobby.

Then came from the cyber creep realbrucecopeland Malum Nalu who wrote the fake reports on Google that ended with advice that the founder of AIDS Holistics was mentally ill and daughters should be taken away. Please click:


Don’t let yourself fall into the hole that he is now in, a mentally ill person who no longer has control over their actions.

Mr Copeland’s brain now drives him like a machine to try and destroy people around him. It is a sad end to a life that otherwise might have been celebrated.

Also hopefully someone at some point will be able to post where Mr Copeland is physically located so that he can be helped and perhaps his daughters removed from the custody of this unbalanced man.

The question does arise as to whether of not journalist Malum Nalu is gay and working under funding to the AusAID and UN homosexual lobby.

He has more masters than he can handle. He is a widower and has three young boys.  People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

He has to remain employed to put his boys through school. But no-one wants to employ a traitor. He is betraying PNG by his actions in attacking the anti-logging activists by dishonest means and pushing the blame on the founder of AIDS Holistics.

Only a month ago, AIDS Holistics reported on an anonymous text message about sexual abuse. The text was put on the blog and passed to Welfare. Please click:


The bottom line is that the homosexual lobby need only have evidence to take to Welfare or the police. But they obviously have none over a decade. AIDS Holistics works closely with the Department for Community Development. Please click:


It is all fake. Child molester and wife beater  is all they can say to stop the Family Positive Living message. Kill the message by killing the messenger.

Let us examine all the adopted daughters who have passed through the hands of Elizabeth Cox. Over three years, girls appeared and then vanished to be replaced by new young girls

But AIDS Holistics still supports FAMILY and FAITH. Please click:


Monday, 21 January 2013


The members of AIDS Holistics feel sad at the problems facing Ms Loujaya Toni, new Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development.

The good lady has come into parliament after a lifetime of community support. Many of us remember her singing hymns in the TV program Songs of Faith.

And now we read the report in the media that she has enemies. She is having marital problems with her husband and sought a Court order restraining him.

There are deep divisions in the Department that have resulted in long term senior officers being moved out.

But there may be a deeper hidden problem in the clandestine effort of the foreign lesbian advisors of AusAID and the UN seeking to destabilize the work of the Department.

The lesbians would hate even the new name of the Department. It is a Department involved in Religion. Lesbians are anti-faith and want to destroy the influence of the church.

The Department is to work with Youth. That is the lesbian patch of dirt. They want control particularly of the young girls.

The gay and lesbian plan is to set up a lesbian Minister. It may be they are trying to prevent the present Minister from ever starting.

They will want her removed for incompetence. They will seek decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex which will involve infiltrating the Marriage Act Committee with gay and lesbian supporting clergy. 

They will be supported by UNAIDS that is seeking to dominate the clergy in an organization set up about 2 years ago. It has no public profile and may well have died through lack of support by PNG clergy.

That will lead to same sex marriage and adoption of PNG children by foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles. That will be supported by the lesbians of the United Nations in their plan to set up the New World Order. Please click:


It is not difficult to destabilize a Department. It just takes false claims against senior officers, especially men. UN and AusAID lesbians are experts at setting people up and starting a hate campaign.

As well, it would be part of the lesbian strategy to cut funding. Ms Toni seems to be a tougher nut to crack than Dame Carol Kidu.

She will not be beaten down in the foreign push to decriminalize gay and lesbian sex in support of the New World Order. The Department workers may not be happy with funding cuts but may not understand why.

There is a major long-term problem with the retirement of the present middle-aged welfare workers. The PNG Government must not allow recruitment and training to fall into the hands of Australian privatized aid givers.

It would end up like the national HIV/AIDS response with lesbian trainers and lesbians recruited as welfare officers with gay and lesbian professional training. 

The Department for Community Development is a major prize for foreign lesbians of AusAID and the UN. It is here that adoption of children starts with same-sex marriage.

We are being tricked with legalization of sex workers. We all think of girls and men having sex. But we are not told that legalization involves gay men having sex with boys and lesbian women having sex with girls.

Legalization of sex work is a back door way to legalize gay and lesbian sex. Tricky little bastards.

The media report above has been written by the realbrucecopeland journalist Malum Nalu.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


He thought he could hide safely among the AusAID and UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles attacking AIDS Holistics. But his focus on anti-logging dragged him down.

At last after 2 long years, the founder of AIDS Holistics has found enough evidence to make public the hateful campaign waged by a journalist employed by The National.

Malum Nalu has taken it on himself to destroy any activists speaking out on the vicious corruption of the parent company Rimbunan Hijau in illegal logging. Lydia Kailap regards him as a traitor. Please click:

He has protected his cowardly arse by pushing the blame on the founder of AIDS Holistics as the realbrucecopeland which then became brucecopeland.

He used the email list of AIDS Holistics in his hate campaign. We see one such email in the report below used to attack anti-logging activist Lydia Kailap. Please click.

What makes this act so despicable is that he had for a decade presented himself as a friend of the founder of AIDS Holistics.

I know of his family. His father was a school inspector. He and his sister went to Busu High School. He was born in Salamaua and supported the founder in his writings on the Black Cat Track.

But his attitude and perhaps his sanity changed in 2009.

The founder commented on internet against a campaign by journalists Simon Eroro and Malum Nalu to have all Australian trekking companies kicked out of PNG for tax avoidance and misuse of entry visas.

Nalu responded on internet to all screaming that the founder of AIDS Holistics was racist and should be kicked out of the country as an alien. 

Deport him !!!!!!  The same multiple exclamation marks were used in the report on Gay Filth on Internet below.

The report on the blog of Nancy Sullivan showed the realbrucecopeland advising all that Lydia Kailap should be arrested and deported.

The email against Lydia Kailap had the addressee list of the founder of AIDS Holistics and all the detail about the anti-logging at Pomio. 

Nalu was blowing his cover and damaging a humanitarian campaign at the same time.

What possible interest could the founder of AIDS Holistics have in the issue? His primary focus was on Positive Living. Only Nalu had the anti-logging hate profile.

Nalu is coming too close to having his identity revealed by a modus operandi becoming quite obvious. There is more.

At that time, there was a gay and lesbian attack on AIDS Holistics which gave Nalu the idea of how to wage a campaign using fake names.

He decided to attack the anti-loggers of Rimbunan Hijau at Pomio but do so in the name of the founder of AIDS Holistics.

He started by sending emails to all claiming that the founder had a fake name and that the cyber creep was the realbrucecopeland.

He was slowly taking over the identity, email list and Positive Living message of AIDS Holistics. Lydia Kailap says the same. Please click:


I have only just realized through the report of Nancy Sullivan that this bastard had taken over the Positive Living message and was pushing a hateful family message on blog PNGexposed.

So at the time of the AIDS pandemic, Nalu was using the message not to help people but to support the illegal corruption of his employer Rimbunan Hijau. He did not care. Traitor.

The founder of AIDS Holistics was puzzled that a number of his readers demanded that they be taken off the email list.

It was the filth that was going out in the name of realbrucecopeland that became brucecopeland and confused everyone.

About 18 months ago, the founder met Malum Nalu at Big Rooster Chicken on Waigani Drive. He was so friendly and even insisted on paying for the founder's chicken.

There was no idea of the hate campaign as the founder never opens Facebook or PNGexposed. Nalu apologised for all he had done.

But the founder had no idea of what he was talking about except for the minor email storm on Kokoda trekking. Nalu was not apologising.

He was checking to know if the founder knew anything about his hate campaign. No he did not.

But the campaign was becoming nasty. The anti-logging campaign was rising in intensity. A reader put a comment on the Nancy Sullivan report talking of burning Nalu's car and killing him. Please click:

Nalu decided to push blame elsewhere. He put a report on blog accusing the founder of AIDS Holistics of a filthy racist campaign against PNG women. Please click:

The latest move in the Nalu campaign appears to be the emails sent out recently on legal action against the founder of AIDS Holistics by Namarong and Jackson.

Nalu thinks he is clever. We all think this has been mounted to attack AIDS Holistics. But no. He is attacking two anti-logging activists Nancy Sullivan and Martyn Namarong.

He wants to start a fight between AIDS Holistics and two anti-Rimbunan Hijau activists.

Then he can sit back and laugh. He has overplayed his hand this time. Perhaps the anti-logging issue is starting up again.

AIDS Holistics will keep much evidence against Nalu confidential to await the day that he takes legal action for defamation.

In Court, he will not know what hit him. Syntactical checking across his letters is very revealing.

The name in the recent reports is Maiba Lane (5 letters x 4 letters). The name Malum Nalu has 5 letters x 4 letters. Five letters are the same across the two names. Please click for Maiba Lane:

No. It is a vicious hoax.

There are conmen in the world who have the arrogance to want to leave clues as to their identity. They think they are the Riddler in the Batman series.

What goes around comes around. The founder of AIDS Holistics has only a positive return to come around.

Nalu should look to his career as a journalist. I no longer read his articles. Let him apply for a job with the other newspapers and see who wants him.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Saturday, 19 January 2013


This is cyberstalker realbrucecopeland aka Malum Nalu

Over the last two years, there has been hatred promoted on intenet against Bruce Copeland founder of AIDS Holistics and Lydia Kailap activist against illegal logging by Rimbunan Hijau owner of The National newspaper.

Lydia was working with Nancy Sullivan who also received hatred through the social media. Please click:


Malum Nalu put the blame for all his filth on the founder of AIDS Holistics. We can show that with the aid of IT specialists. Please click:


Please read what Nancy Sullivan had to say in her report cited on New Light Dawns on Hate above. She explains the involvement of Nalu in seeking to destroy national opposition to Rimbunan Hijau and illegal logging. Please click:

Nineteen years and counting in Papua New Guinea: Whatever It Takes
6 Nov 2011 – When a Malaysian logging company fear-mongers about the national ...
The truth seems to be that Rimbunan Hijau will do whatever it takes, and in ..... good
post Nancy, thanks for filling out some blanks. keep on speaking the ...

We can read the words of Lydia Kailap on this when a filthy email was sent to her in the false name of the founder of AIDS Holistics. Creep and betrayer of friendship.

If he wants to take Court action, there will be several witnesses including Nancy Sullivan, Lydia Kailap and Martyn Namarong all active critics in the logging issue. Perhaps the present issue has a link.. Please click:


Taken from the report by Nancy Sullivan above.

When the blog, PNGexposed, started to run stories critical of RH in Pomio, they began to receive comments from a character named Brice Copeland (with an email address by that name). That’s not a typo, although it is close to the name Bruce Copeland, an Australian Kokoda Trail trek leader, ‘military advisor’, and holistic-living HIV advisor--with whom Malum Nalu had a heated exchange in 2009 by email, regarding references to each other in blogs and the press.

The name, just a typo away from the known individual, has been used on PNGexposed to flog some of the most hateful and paranoid sentiments ever known to ‘social’ media.

Eventually the blog called out Malum Nalu directly and asked if he was using this cover to slander his own critics and make this character even more loathsome than ever. It has truly become a circus of homophobia, racism, misogyny, flogged family values, pity-me tactics and false bravado.

Following the Pomio protests, no one has heard from Copeland himself. On the other hand, we have heard quite a bit from one of The National’s leading reporters. This person has accused the blogger Martyn Namarong of being nothing more than a buai seller and thus having no right to critique his coverage of RH in Pomio. And yet, most of us curious about the Greenpeace protest, as about so many contemporary issues in PNG, have increasingly turned to Martyn’s smart and thoughtful posts in The Namarong Report. As Peter Rongotha recently wrote in PNGexposed:

[Namorong’s] blog on the ongoing crisis in Pomio where RH’s behavior has been terrible against our own citiziens, where RH has lied about Greenpeace breaking custom laws and where they are trying to make out that everyone loves logging in the area is typical for RH. Remember local landowners in Pomio did the right thing. Instead of resorting to violence like RH – they went to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL) testified on their own behalf and returned home. And when they got there RH sent in the thugs, dressed as police. It’s not the first time RH has done this, but this time, thanks to the social media – which Mr. Namorong pointed out, people are not remaining quiet.

Nalu’s pitiful report made serious allegations that Greenpeace had broken PNG Customs regulations by entering Pomio District. He also claimed Greenpeace had caused friction in the Pomio community when in fact the friction between landowners had been incited by RH and its landowner company “Directors” who, in fact, arranged for supportive landowners to act a logging company security due to the confrontations between Gilford’s (an RH subsidiary) Malaysian staff and landowners opposing the logging.

Besides the obvious in regards to Nalu and what he “reported” and why is the response from him and his supporters and those of the people supporting Namorong. Nalu, who began his sorry defense by trying to make himself a hero saying he risked his life by going out to Pomio, tried – and failed – to make fun of Namorong. He responded by pretending to laugh – a sure sign Namorong got to him with his analysis. He said Namorong was a buai seller turned blogger and suggested he go back to selling buai. In other words Mr. Namorong you nailed him and upset him. Now Nalu supporters jumped on the bandwagon calling him low-life, scum, questioning his sexual preference and laughing amongst themselves.

However those that were supporting Namorong’s right to report or supporting what Namorong had to say never got to that low level of name calling and trying to down Nalu. They stuck to the issue at hand. As I was watching this I then realised there is a change going on in PNG – and its a big one – and it is reflected in the response of Nalu and friends to Namorong.

Lydia Kailap, who, with her husband, runs a music and arts academy for settlement kinds in Port Moresby (an initiative that, not surprisingly, has won admirers from home and abroad, government and media alike---as a true example of what an NGO can do to make positive change)—has been on FB ;sharing’ and commenting and calling out The National for its bias reporting the Pomio crisis.

As Lydia revealed today, the first day she began to FB her opinions, she received the following email:

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 14:48:31 +1000
Subject: Black cock whore!

Black cock whore!

White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!

31/10/11 – sent to Lydia only—from the same address:

Your mouth, ass and cunt stink, Lydia, that we can smell it from a mile away!”

And another to her from the same address:

We are watching your every move and every word you say Lydia, and when
we strike, a rocket will be placed into your dirty black cock-loving
anus! We are watching everything you say on Facebook and other
websites, You have been warned!

The same day, the following was sent to a massive list (as you can see):
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 15:48:51 +1000

Subject: Lydia Kailap



Friends, media, I want you all be to be cautious of an Australian conwoman who goes by the name of Lydia Kailap, AKA Cuma PNG.

She is contesting for Moresby South and is going through every means to get votes.
I also appeal to Gary Juffa, Customs and Police to thoroughly investigate her.
This is urgent!”

“Attached is a picture of the woman and her black lover. Police: Please arrange to have them arrested.”

“They should also be checked for drugs.”

“This old white bitch is also responsible for the spate of attacks against RH and The National over the last couple of days.
Please move in to arrest her and her husband for defamation as well as inciting trouble.
She and her foul mouth should be deported immediately.

She is also the one who has been making false accusations against police.”

Come out Cuma PNG, aka Lydia Kailap, you cannot hide! Peter Jackson, you should be ashamed of yourself for taking rubbish from this conwomen and putting on your blog. Your ass might be sued too!

IF this is the troll who has been using the alias of Bruce or Brice Copeland ---the same troll who has morphed into a handful of other PNG and expatriate personae to slam everyone even slightly critical of Rimbunan Hijau---and IF this troll is the same person who pleads family values (and screeches these values even louder than the real Copeland himself)---and who then whines on FB about being slandered as gay, but then slanders others as the same—

There is a new generation of Papua New Guineans and they are thinkers – they are not small boys with egos like Nalu displayed in his defense nor are they like those that supported Nalu by name calling. The new breed think, analyse and try to engage in constructive dialogue. They give a damn about PNG and they want to do something about it and they will. And when they see what happened in Pomio when, once again, RH comes in plays the bully its always been – they are not going to shut up. They are seeing it, calling it out and they are moving towards action.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Neither. It was a vicious hoax aimed at anti-logging activists
Martyn Namarong and Nancy Sullivan.

Today another comment appeared on this blog to advise the founder of AIDS Holistics to make himself available to be interviewed by three writers to the blog PNG Attitude.

The question arises as to whether or not this is a retaliatory attack in support of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Or is it a silly hoax to embarrass silly adjunct professor Keith Jackson?

Please avail yourself for Martyn Namorong, Michael Dom and Russel Soaba to interview for the project they are carrying out on behalf of Jackson & Associates.

You seem to be playing a hide-and-seek game, Bruce!

They want to make sure that they get both sides of the story.

Jackson has also commissioned Nancy Sullivan to carry out a detailed study into your psyche for an academic paper. POTENTIAL SERIAL KILLER

6:28 PM
There is grave doubt on the professional impartiality of the interviewers. Martyn Namarong has written on the Jackson blog on wanking priests in monastries and gay rights. Dom wrote about craving sex with a nightclub girl. Please click:


Soaba sounds like a nice old fellow being carried along.

Nancy Sullivan is to write an academic paper. She is remembered on one blog report saying that the founder of AIDS Holistics calls everyone gay and lesbian if they disagree with him.

That is not true. The infallible sign of being gay and lesbian is to be anti-family, anti-faith, anti-man, anti-marriage and anti-culture. They stand out like dogs' balls.

There is virtually no-one in the community who disagrees with the family focus in Positive Living. It is only the gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

The plan set out above is to put the other side of the argument. Let them do that at any time on the gay supporting Jackson blog. They need not try to put down AIDS Holistics. It is beyond their professional capacity.

It must not be assumed that an academic paper will sweep the issue into an overriding victory. The founder of AIDS Holistics will treat rubbish as rubbish.

Our paths crossed with the attack by realbrucecopeland on Lydia Kailap who was opposing illegal logging by Rimbunan Hijau owner of The National. 

Nancy Sullivan worked with her. Note mention of Malum Nalu in the report below. Please click:


The cyber creep attacked Lydia's marriage to a PNG man under the false identity of the founder of AIDS Holistics. Please click:



AIDS Holistics gave support to Nancy and Lydia in the fight with Rimbunan Hijau. They were respected for their commitment.

Reg Renagi can confirm that the founder sought out Martyn Namarong in late 2012 who sold betel nut outside the Port Moresby General Hospital to pay for his blog. 

The founder wanted to offer K50 a fortnight credit to Martyn's favourite internet shop. But Martyn could not be found.

I consent to an interview with whoever writes a comprehensive and sincere report to Jackson's blog entitled The Family Positive Living Lifestyle.

The others will be expected to comment in sincere ways. Then I will make my decision.

I take into account that these people have no involvement in the PNG HIV/AIDS response. They may not be qualified to do the job.

My digicel number is 7011 4411. Anyone who makes contact as one of the writers will need to answer questions on their own blog reports.

Nancy whom did you criticise most in the report on Rimbunan Hijau? Namarong what was the main criticism that you made of the Catholic church? and so on.

Now Martyn has been said to be running around to addresses unknown with Court papers of unknown charges but the founder we are told is in hiding. If Namarong does not phone now to the number above, then it is all a trick.

There are Christian contributors to PNG Attitude. Ganjiki D. Wayne and Peter Kranz are Christian and the sons of pastors. Mrs Barbara Short is a Christian. Also Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin and Reg Renagi. Please click:


They must be horrified at this vicious satanic hate campaign against a person whose only offence was to promote family and faith through Positive Living. They would have expected more ethics from Keith Jackson.

But we are recently told on PNG Attitude that we do not have to be Christian to have ethics and a sense of decency.

How would they like vicious Klu Klux Klan type anonymous people telling the world that they were violent child abusers, wife beaters and potential serial killers?

Daily Hit tally:  86,357

Hits speeding in new year.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


We read in Google that gay and lesbian single-sex couples have happy and loving children who are well balanced and loved. Please click:

InvestigateDaily – Children raised in gay and lesbian households ...
13 Jun 2012 – On the issue of child sexual abuse, the differences are horrific.
... Greenberg contends that the terms “homosexual,” “gay” or “lesbian,” are,

Do Lesbian Households Really Have No Child Abuse? | Care2 ...

We must see the big picture. There are paedophiles who live in single-sex relationships and who adopt and abuse children.

The South African book Pink Agenda states that the world gay and lesbian agenda claims the right for parents both biological and adoptive to have sex with their children for training purposes.

Gays and lesbians do not recognise paedophiles even though large numbers of gays and lesbians have paedophile sex.

The gay and lesbian welfare officers will still allow them to adopt children. They will still line up for same sex marriage and a place in the gay and lesbian mardi gras.

So let us take that 100 gay and lesbian men and women are sexually abusing their children. The homosexual/paedophile welfare workers would claim that the 100 men or women are paedophile not gay.

There is zero child abuse among gay and lesbian parents, so we are told. But there are three categories of child abusers:

heterosexual paedophiles,
gay paedophiles, and
lesbian paedophiles.

So the reports on Google are fake and grossly misrepresent the real situation. It is all in a name. Paedophiles abuse. Gays and lesbians do not. But the statistics for paedophile abuse go in the welfare rubbish bin  because many of them are gay and lesbian.

Child Abuse Rate At Zero Percent In Lesbian Households, New ... 

10 Nov 2010 – 'Zero per cent' rate of abuse for children with lesbian parents
with children and realize this study has little to no significance, statistical
or otherwise ..... Pastor Under Fire For Anti-Gay Sermon Withdraws From
Obama's ...