Monday, 31 March 2014


It is sad to walk the streets of Papua New Guinea and see young mothers carrying babies who look like shrunken skeletons. There may be several reasons for this.
First that the mother is very young, perhaps a teenager who has given birth to small baby. It may be that the mother smoked during pregnancy and after while the baby is at the breast.
The mother's milk may not have the necessary nutrients and antibodies. The baby may be bottle fed and given a non-nutritious diet of food.
I am reminded of the small underfed and sickly puppies in a litter. They are always the last to be born and the last to get to the mothers teats. The colostrum has been drunk by the first puppies. So the runt of the litter misses out.
My daughters are always bringing home the runts of litters they find hiding by the road side. They feed them and then they die. My daughters cry.
There is a lesson in the lives of my daughters' babies to come. A human baby can be a runt if not given the breast milk, especially the first creamy colostrum They will not survive a smoking mother before and after birth.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014


It would be an interesting experiment for Malaysian Airlines to send up another aircraft with tracking systems disabled as before. When the aircraft has arrived at its destination and been hidden away, the nations of the world be invited to find by following the pings on their satellite computers.

If the aircraft can not be located, then it is back to the drawing boards. With the high number of satellites in the sky, it is amazing that not one recorded the flight of the original aircraft. There must be satellites that can keep surveillance of the entire region. But silence on the missing aircraft.

With a photo against the background of a map of the region, a recruit at training school could orientate a map and estimate the direction in which the aircraft was heading.


We read in the media about the killing of women accused of sorcery. We point out that this is ideological rubbish put out by man-hating expatriate UN lesbians. Domestic care groups repeat the message to make sure they get foreign funding.

But there is a more reasoned view of sorcery killing in this country that has nothing to do with gender: It is about a lack of education and no knowledge of germs. Please click:

But even this is exaggerated. In most villages, there are bush pit toilets.  Many are padlocked as a precaution against finding someone hiding in the dark ready to attack a toilet user or interfere with faeces for witchcraft purposes.

It is mainly to limit the use of the toilet to the family. Comings and goings to the bush toilet are strictly limited. Strangers do not clean up their mess.

This report written by Emma Wakpi really is a load of rubbish. Is she suggesting that PNG villagers do not have bush toilets. And the rocking chair expatriates applaud !!

The main problem with bush toilets is that the faeces and germs will seep down into the ground water and pollute the streams and wells. It can be a no-win situation.

But there is a strong basis for cleanliness in many villages. Many of us can testify that the cooking by village women is often immaculately hygienic and clean. Water is boiled before use.

Foreign lesbians take note. It is not about killing of women. That is your own ideological crap, designed to put 100% blame on men and obtain overseas funding for hordes of foreign lesbians to come into the country to set up their own love nests with young girls.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014


It is becoming tiresome to read in the Papua New Guinea media the false reports on violence of men to women and girls. It is all part of a United Nations lesbian anti-man conspiracy. Please click:



Today we read a report in The National newspaper of the words of the Executive Director of the Family and Sexual Violence Committee  Ume Wainetti that sorcery killing is all about killing of woman and girls. The Director may be an innocent dupe.

This is all totally fake. But it has tricked the European Union into making large amounts of money available to pursue the violence to women and girls.

There is even talk that special buses will be provided for women and girls. The issue is going from sublime to the ridiculous.

Does this mean segregation on buses? It may be all part of the UN lesbian plan to break up families. In most buses in the nation, men, women and children travel in peace. Will families have to travel in separate buses? That will involve thousands of buses across the nation.

The work of the UN lesbians has been marked by fake reports supported by Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Family and Sexual Violence Committee.

Two years ago there was a media beat-up on two rapes in Gordons market by UN lesbian activists. Fake. The sorcery killings are about men killing women. Fake. There are never figures provided and silence on the killing of men accused of sorcery.

The killing of a young woman in the highlands last year was carried out by a gang led by a woman. It is not convenient for UN lesbians to point that out. UN lesbians are generalizing one single incident.

A female colleague has told me that there are mainly widows in her area of Bougainville from the killing of husbands. Sorcery killing is partly focussed on lonely older men and women with no family to protect them and land to be taken and divided among the families of the killers.

We all read the famous report from the fake UN survey across 6 nations of men who admit to rape. There was no evidence of such a survey in Papua New Guinea. It was probably put together by a group of lesbians in the UN coffee shop in New York.

The anti-man propaganda of the UN lesbians has a resemblance to the anti-Jew propaganda of the Nazis. If the same lies are given out over time, the lies will become truth. Of course there is violence of men but not on the scale claimed by the UN lesbians.

There is a new world starting in PNG the result of laws against violence of men to women. Women are becoming violent against men and other women. Women are drinking homebrew and smoking marijuana, particularly on Buka island and in the highlands.

Newspaper reports advise that in the Papuan block of Lae, homebrew is made and distributed by women. An earlier report stated that young female students distribute beer and homebrew to students of the University of Technology in Lae.

Many women are starting to know they can bash their husbands. If the husbands return the violence, they can be reported to the police. or the women can call on their father, uncles and brothers to come around and bash the husband. How sweet it is for rogue women.

Friday, 21 March 2014


We read that there are two possible corridors for the flight path of the missing aircraft. One is down into the Indian Ocean. The other is into Asia.

Surely there is a third corridor across to Africa - to Somalia, Ethiopia and South Africa. A corridor for aircraft is what the pilot wants to make it. It is not a specially bitumened road in the sky.

There would be potentially hostile groups from the Middle East to South Africa. Is it possible for unknown hostile activists to have boarded the aircraft and hidden in the baggage compartment?
There is no joy in the news that debris has been found in the Southern Indian ocean. The fear may be that this is a new type of terrorism that will be repeated.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


Most people in Papua New Guinea seem not to be overly worried about malaria. Most will say that they have not taken malaria medication in many years but not suffered from malaria. Why is this so?

It may be that their resistance to malaria is the result of not taking the medication. The parasite is given time to live in the body and perhaps in hiding places and allow the body to build up antibodies.

All common malaria parasites pass from the mosquito to the blood stream and then enter the liver to stay for several days before breaking out to replicate in the red blood cells.

It may be that antibodies are produced in the liver, blood and lymph systems to give some control over the parasite. The medication from yesteryear was not able to penetrate the liver and so, there were always parasites waiting in the liver.

Chloroquine could not enter the liver. The only old time drug was Fansider. It is not certain if the Chinese drugs Artimeter or Artemisin can penetrate the liver and destroy the parasite.

The expatiate population is quite paranoid about malaria fever. Perhaps they remember their fathers and grandfathers coming home from the war and suffering for many years.

The problem is that tourists never have time to become immune. So too the villagers in the highlands being attacked by mosquitoes rising in altitude the result of global warming. Villagers who survive may become immune after 10 years of not taking anti-malarial medicine.

Expatriates are advised not to give anti-malarial drugs to their employees including domestic servants. They may be doing more harm than good. By all means, give the drug on the onset of fever. Malaria fever gives a characteristic body heat.

As a first aid officer in PNG schools, I could diagnose malaria in a student in about 2 seconds. Hold the arm and feel the deep heat - not too hot just deeply warm.

The long term expatriates in country take malaria medication on a weekly basis to destroy the parasite as it emerges from the liver. There is no opportunity for the body to build resistance. Please click:


We may not be immune to all malaria infection. Cerebral malaria from Plasmodium falciparum seems to be in a class of its own.

Footnote. Do you realize that the word malaria means bad air. In the 19th century, it was believed that sickness came from the vapours.

The word malaria probably came from the days of building the Panama canal. It was believed that workers were sick from breathing swamp air. - Mal (bad) Aria (air).

In earlier times before the discovery of germs and parasites, people were believed to be infected by the vapours, So the standard approach for sick people was to close all windows to stop bad air from coming in. Today we open windows to let the fresh air in.

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Thursday, 13 March 2014


There is an excellent report on BBC on coronary heart disease. It would be useful for public reference including schools. The explanation is simple and emphasises that the heart needs a blood supply of its own. Please click:

  1. Coronary heart disease -

    The symptoms and causes of coronary heart
  2. There is a focus on the role of the heart being blocked by accumulations of fat inside the arteries. We need to understand that the fat is absorbed in the small intestine but does not travel with the other nutrients along the hepatic portal vein to the liver. The wonders of creation.
    Emulsified fat enters the epithelial layer of the myriads of villi that line the gut wall. Fat then enters the lattice work of lymph capillaries known as lymphatics. These then join with the major uni-directional lymph vessels moving upwards to the heart.

    Fat travels up the lymph vessels and empties into the vena cava, the large veins to the heart. For that reason, the accumulations of fat occur in the lymph vessels, vena cava, heart and coronary arteries.

    Footnote: Destruction of the gut wall of the small intestine by HIV, removes the capacity of the body to absorb nutrients, salts and water. This includes fat absorbed through to the lymphatics.

    The sufferer loses weight and declines in health to death if there is no ART. Fat is necessary as a nutrient to the body, all in moderation.

    This new information makes the BBC report complete.

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014


There is a report on BBC on the need for people to limit their daily sugar intake to 5% of calorie intake.
This means that we all have to look seriously at our sugar intake that will affect our blood sugar level and leave us vulnerable to diabetes. Please click:

BBC News - WHO: Daily sugar intake 'should be halved'

Mar 5, 2014 - The recommended sugar intake will stay at
below 10% of total calorie intake a day, with 5% the target,
says the WHO. The suggested limits  ..
This must be a serious problem to those people who drink large quantities of tea, coffee and beer. They will have a daily high blood sugar level.
A person who drinks 6 cups of tea or coffee a day with two teaspoons of sugar per cup, must have consumed at least two sacks of sugar each year.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


There is a report on BBC on the damage that passive smoking in the home does to the health of children. Their arteries are damaged, a condition that lasts into adulthood. Please click:

BBC News - Passive smoking 'damages children's arteries'

7 days ago - Exposure to passive smoking in childhood
causes lasting damage to the structure of children's a
rteries, say researchers.
There is only one practice that is worse. That is pregnant mothers smoking. My children have been lucky that there has been no smoking in my home. They are free from the damage to their health.

Mothers with HIV infection should not smoke as the poisons will affect the breast milk and pass infection down the oesophagus of the breast feeding baby.
If the mother is not on ART, the child will be infected with HIV from the milk to the infections in the throat.

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Monday, 10 March 2014


I have lived in Papua New Guinea for 20 years. During that time, I have been bitten by thousands of mosquitoes, many of which were Anopheles with black striped football socks.
I have not taken malaria tablets in 20 years. I have suffered two bouts of cerebral malaria from Plasmodium falciparum and spent time in hospital on one such bout.
But that is all. I have been spared from malaria in the rest of that 20 years. I do hear that many PNG people are immune to malaria. It seems to be true.

Having spoken to many PNG friends, I find that all never take malaria medication. That is the practice of the silly expatriates who never want to catch malaria. PNG people only take medicine on the onset of fever,

They all say they have not taken medication in up to a decade. But they have suffered fever only once in that time or perhaps never.

Friday, 7 March 2014


There is a report on BBC about the spread of malaria in Africa and South America to the high altitudes the result of global warming. Please click:

Global warming spreads malaria to higher altitudes – 'In Ethiopia ...

5 hours ago - By Rebecca Morelle, Science reporter
 6 March 2014. (BBC World Service)
Warmer temperatures are causing
malaria to spread to higher ...
The same applies to the highlands of Papua New Guinea and to the Kokoda Track that attracts Australian trekkers every year.
The most well used drug now is artemisin which comes from China. But there are reports that the malaria parasite is slowly becoming immune. Where do we go from there? There is a crisis on its way in the world.

Thursday, 6 March 2014


Last week there was joy in my house. One family member had gone to a health clinic in town and met Grace. So the reports that she was dead were false. 
It was a week later that the women in the family went to the clinic to find Grace. They enquired at the counter to be told that Grace had no entry on her card since last November.

The family members visited the home of members of Grace's family that was not far away. They were told that Grace had died last November. Her family said that she had died of sorcery. This can involve poison in food or on clothes hanging on the clothes line.

My daughters were told that we should not blame ourselves. She had gone to the village with her AIDS infection and was killed by poison.

But she had TB not AIDS !! The family said she would have died anyway even if she stayed with us. Sorcery knows no boundaries.

It turned out that my daughter had seen Grace's cousin at a distance at the health clinic. She was tall and beautiful like Grace.

We do know that the house stealers had spread the word that I was HIV positive and an AIDS carrier. This was to remove me from the house they planned to steal. I am HIV negative. Please click:
They first removed Grace. There is a good chance that they informed Grace's father and other family members that she was HIV positive as infected by her husband. The word would have spread to the people of Kemabolo. AIDS and TB are very close diseases.

It does raise the question of whether or not AIDS victims are killed by family members or members of the village.

This is a vicious extension of stigma and discrimination. No wonder people want to keep their infection secret and move away from the village.

In the week after Grace was taken by her father, she sent me a text that said "Darling, my hands and feet are going numb. I think I am dying". It may have been poison from sorcery.

I texted back but the message never went through. She died a month later. This did not sound like tuberculosis. I have not moved on yet.

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