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Condoms are very popular in Papua New Guinea. But people do not always use these condoms as advertised on the pamphlet in the packet.

There is a belief that the oil in the condom foil can be used to kill the white spot that covers the skin. It is a fungus of some kind.

Last week my daughter wanted to heal the white spot appearing on her skin. She asked her dad for a condom. White spot turns brown people into spotted white people.

Sadly he told her that he has not had a condom in the house for years and years.

But there was an empty packet in the house that afternoon. She must have gone around the neighbours.

Because her father looks after AIDS Holistics, she must think he has a container load of condoms under his bed. Let the National AIDS Council look after that.

We do not oppose condoms as such. We just focus more on family and urge churches to do the same.

Some PNG fishermen enclose their hook and bait in a condom to protect the meat from voracious fish snapping at the line.


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Monday, 29 October 2012


Message is circumcision and condoms to be safe.

There is a report on the blog PNG Attitude that should not have been published as it gives a totally misleading understanding of circumcision.

The writer fails to understand the concept of the 2 symbolic doors causing infection. He seems to believe that circumcision is being promoted as 100% safe. Not true.

Comment under discussion is below and written by Hugh Young. AIDS Holistics supports the report by Joe Wasia. Please click:

Male circumcision for AIDS prevention should be prioritised

Door 2 opens to the HIV with rashes, infections and genital herpes. Please click:

He expresses the view that condoms are safer than circumcision. That shows complete lack of understanding.  

Correct advice is that condoms are always to be used by all men including medically circumcised men to protect them from infections through the symbolic Door 2.

How does circumcision increase risk of infection to women? Once HIV infected semen is ejaculated, the woman is infected. What can be the possible effect of circumcision?

AIDS Holistics offers to vet any medical AIDS reports submitted to PNG Attitude. If we are not sure, there are several PNG doctors who can offer advice. Much of our understanding comes from Google reports and clinical textbooks.


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The fall in HIV in Uganda had nothing to do with circumcision - the campaign hadn't started yet - and everything to do with "zero grazing" (one partner at a time).

This is because the virus is at its most transmissible just after it has been received.

The three African circumcision trials (including Auvert's) are very dubious. Less than two years after circumcising a total of 5,400 men, 64 of them had HIV, 73 fewer than similar groups told to wait.

That is the whole basis of the "60% reduction" claim. But 327 circumcised men were "lost from study", their HIV status unknown, so anything is possible.

Another study in Uganda started to find that circumcising men increases the risk to women, but it was cut short before that could be confirmed.

Condoms protect both partners much more than circumcision can, even in theory.

Sunday, 28 October 2012


How many elementary vernacular schools close because of no teacher with vernacular skills?

For many years, Papua New Guinea has suffered from an expatriate bright idea that children in elementary school should be taught in vernacular language.  It was more than just reading but teaching the vernacular to village children.

It started as a heavenly brain wave of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) that claimed that their holy duty was to translate the Bible into all languages of PNG to make way for the Second Coming. But only in PNG.

Surely any quote from Scripture applies to the whole world not just PNG. It sounds as if the SIL has used Scripture to infiltrate this country in a long term commitment.

For over 20 years now, the education literacy policy of his country has been dominated by a secretive and fundamentalist group living with military-like security in the Eastern Highlands with high frequency radio back to the US.

They have promoted vernacular as the saviour of Literacy Learning.

They translate the Bible with no checks on accuracy but undoubtedly a focus on the beast, 666 and the Second Coming. They do not publicize to outsiders that the world is depending on them for the Second Coming.

I trekked Kokoda in 1977 and met an SIL translator in Efogi with family. He told us military trekkers that he was a US navy intelligence officer before joining SIL.

There was a time when SIL was considered to be agents of the CIA. But that may well have been due to their secrecy. They were undoubtedly anti-communist and anti-catholic with a high frequency radio.

SIL believes that Scripture tells us that the Second Coming will not come until total translation is achieved of all vernacular languages but only in PNG.

What a great way to ensure funding and tenure. The future of the world depends on a lill' ol'  Bible-belt organization from the old US of A.

This was supported by one Professor Tom Dutton of the Australian National University who started his association with PNG in colonial times as a primary school teacher.

We have often heard the devotees of vernacular teaching telling us that this bridges the literary gap with English. They may have quoted a few students who did well. No mention is made of the dismal failures.

There was a report in Post Courier today written by Tim Lithgow Director of Summer Institute of Linguistics who makes glowing praise of vernacular teaching with no mention of the Second Coming.

Vernacular in the lower grades makes foolish assumptions. First is the assumption that the students speak the language of their village.

At the age of 6 years, their knowledge may be very basic. Many village languages are very complex and would take several years to teach children. These are years better devoted to teaching English.

There has to be a teacher from that village who speaks the language. If that person does not regularly go to school or is the village drunk, the village is stuck with that person.

What if this teacher has only very basic understanding of the village language? He may have spent his childhood in the urban schools.

There are no books in the library to teach the vernacular. It is all in English and donated by Rotary. Students have no idea of the English of library books.

The Bible is the only book with that vernacular language in the school. Not all villages have a translated Bible in their ples tok. The Second Coming is a long way off yet.

Vernacular elementary schools are very unfair to the only teacher and the students. That person has to close the school at least once a month to go to town to collect pay. That applies to all village schools.

That teacher is stuck in that school forever. The appointment is to a particular school of the language of the teacher.

One teacher on the Kokoda Track was without pay for almost a year. He had taken up a position at Menari school held by another teacher who moved to Sogeri.

She illegally collected her pay at another school still as a teacher at Menari school that was closed until the new teacher arrived.

But the teacher had not told the Department that she was somewhere else. The new teacher at Menari starved with his family. He was on first appointment but pay did not follow him. Records said that another teacher was at Menari school.

The new teacher came to town and tramped the corridors of the Department of Education with the founder of AIDS Holistics whom he met on a Kokoda trek.

He got his pay after three visits or three weeks holiday for his pupils. The Department did not know him and many officers were not interested.

He needed a letter to prove who he was. One of the officers had to give him the letter. But they would not give him a letter until he could prove who he was. We used to call that Catch-22.

Teaching vernacular language or Tok Pisin is a great idea. But only for two lessons a week.

It would be interesting to survey all past pupils of vernacular schools to establish their success in schooling after years of the vernacular bridging of gaps.

We must not assume that the vernacular teacher has the ability to produce material in vernacular language.

Most such teachers went only as far as grade 10. As the only educated person available in the village, they were it.

But in the afternoons they dug their gardens. The female teacher stayed until she became pregnant. No other teacher was available in the village.

No teacher could come from outside. Vernacular language was a barrier to schooling. Close the school.

It was not the fault of SIL. They just translate the Bible. Then the rest of the task had been dropped on the Department of Education like a massive rock.

Vernacular education must have been a 20 year headache for the Department of Education. How do they plan one teacher at a time for a village school?

They had to plan from the present to the Second Coming. The SIL has much to account for. And don't blame God. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Genital Herpes is a widespread disease that is endemic in the gay community. Please click:  - Similar
Learn about genital herpes causes (HSV-1, HSV-2), symptoms, signs, information
and treatment. Get the facts about this common STD caused by the herpes ...

AIDS Holistics has long stressed the dangers of genital herpes in allowing entry of HIV into the penis of men even those circumcised. Please click:


Friday, 26 October 2012


Gentle reader - this report is not intended to be offensive

Today, I was contacted by a woman to ask for my help. She had been called by a female cousin on her mobile phone who had been arrested.

She was charged at the Gordons police station with assault, having been involved in a fight with another woman.

You may remember that this is the police station that was under fire at the hands of The National newspaper last month and UN Women over their inactivity with two rapes in Gordons Market that turned out to be a hoax.

AIDS Holistics had defended the police from that station.

Now the lady went to the station with money to bail her friend. She arrived at the point that the charge was being written and the woman was being harrassed by a group of brave defenders of the law.

One police man had told the woman being charged that he was going to piss in her mouth. Her friend asked him quietly not to talk to her friend like that.

She was then bashed, slapped on the face and punched on the head and charged with obstructing the police in the performance of duty. She is now in the cells at Gordons police station with her friend both to be bailed on K300 each.

Was she charged with obstructing a policeman in performance of his duty? Or was she obstructing him from pissing in a woman's mouth?

This report will be prepared as a Statutory Declaration for the Magistrates Court and for Internal Affairs.

If this policeman wants to arrest and bash me and piss in my mouth, he will have a double problem.

Post script. This report was downloaded and a copy given to the police at Gordons station. Presto!! The two women were released within the hour. All charges dropped. Wonders of the modern social media.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


In the 1960s,  a new pseudo-professionalism came to education. The focus was on intellectualizing not memorizing. The movement started in the United States. Please click:




Some fool teachers managed to convince the educational world that memorization was a lower level of learning and had to be removed from teaching programs.

But the brains of children are like a blank sheet that has to be written on by intellectual thought and memory. So much has to be memorized helped with the thinking process.

My mother used to say that as a primary school pupil, she had to memorize all the capes and bays of Australia from Cape York around the coastline to Cape York. That might be stretching memory a little too far.

We all have all kinds of memory from aesthetic memory, language memory, rhythm memory, modulation memory, literary memory, numerical memory. These pattern our behaviour. Schools have the job to pattern memory.

But some fool teachers want to develop all this through the intellect. They would not have the intellect to know how to do that. Or to know that they are totally in error. Our memories carry all input from life.

I once attended the RAAF School of Language in 1973 for 12 months to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Students had to memorize 40 words a night, every night. (That's very bad.  You should have intellectualized the words).

I can still remember 75% of the words I learned. Six months in Indonesia would bring back the rest. Kata kata ada di belakang otak saya. Bisa didepankan dengan segera kalau ada kesempatan.

Do not forget the old saying:

USE IT OR LOSE IT  and also


From the 1960s, chanting multiplication tables was out. Pupils were to "intellectualize" the tables, whatever that meant. My daughters in PNG are 15 and 14 years old and still have to work out their tables on their fingers.

That is why so many students do not know their tables. That would put students behind in any cohort of students. Besides chanting disturbs other classes.

Memorizing poetry was out. Now students do not learn the rhythm and modulation of language. Reciting poems as a class was definitely out. Singing was out. We used to sing every week to the ABC music program.

Spelling and derivation of words was out. Students learned to spell by reading books. Learning the structure of sentences was out. Students learned by appreciating sentences in books. Who are we fooling?

Learning came about by the play-way method. If learning required effort, it was being presented wrongly. If it was not interesting, the students could switch off.

I completed primary school in 1959 and learned so many basics that stay with me yet and enable me to write on so many skills on this blog. 

We learned to develop our vocabulary by expanding on Latin and Greek roots which gave students categories of several hundred words. Please click:


We analysed sentences and were able to understand the structure of sentences in the form of phrases and clauses. Please click:


We memorized poems for homework and learned the rhythm and music of the English language.

We memorized the multiplication tables to be tested in class and chanted by students, softly so as not to disturb other classes.

We practised our script by copy book.

We rewrote wrong spellings many times correctly.

We sang songs and learned language, rhythm and music.

Many teachers are not among the intelligensia of the nation. Many are in the lower echelon of graduating college students. 

Many follow like sheep. New strategies come in and old strategies go out like a pendulum swinging. Please click:


New techniques could provide enrichment to the old techniques. No. The pendulum has swung. It all goes out to make way for the new. Many teachers are stupid people.

I had a teacher in Grade 6 in 1958 who would give us a model picture which we had to reproduce exactly.

So many pupils were shouted at because they did not get the shading right of the possum on a stick. Not good teaching.

The basics are the foundation of learning. Why is that not obvious to all teachers? Students will fail if they do not master the basics.

Perhaps the elitist ethic of pseudo-professional teachers is that students deserve to fail if they can not master the basics by themselves. Stupid and unfair people.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt
Teacher in Australia and Papua New Guinea

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Dumbing Down of Education in US, PNG and Australia

Outcome Based Education was originally born out of Mastery Learning in 1956-58 to lift the standard of US education. It was intended to systematically lift and strengthen the basics.

It never did that as anonymous powers-that-be in the US Education system cut the legs off Outcome Based Education by setting up a strategy by which students no longer needed the basics.

They were to fly before they could crawl.

Educationists lifted the standard of Outcome Based Education into the upper realms of research with basics ignored. This was a tactic akin to bombing enemy railway systems and dams that supplied water to the enemy.

The removal of basics was never debated nor passed by legislation. It was anonymous. But it killed the education process. People talk now of the Dumbing Down of Education in the United States. Please click:
7 May 2007 – One of the most horrifying tragedies I have seen in my lifetime
is the United States education system. Education has become nearly ...

There is a comment in the report above that the US system suffers a further complication in the legislation that no child should be left behind.

All students are placed in main stream classes. Students with learning difficulties have problems. More capable students suffer from being not challenged. The US system is called communistic. But the Russian system catered for all levels if the system has not now changed.

The same strategy was used in Papua New Guinea. Basics were ignored and study rose into research.

Students are being pushed into one level under Universal Basic Education. But PNG does have schools of excellence and entry to national schools for those with higher levels of ability.

The education process of this country has been killed by Australian advisors who introduced an unworkable system devoid of the basics.

Australians will have to come back to introduce a new system. It is my guess that they will be using the opportunity to introduce a gay and lesbian agenda. Please click:

Aust education curriculum dumbed down: analysts - ABC News ...

5 Dec 2007 – Some analysts say Australian student standards are declining because
curriculums have been dumbed down.

The process of Outcome Based Education has been running for 15 years, long enough to destroy two generations of teachers.

Standards are being dumbed down in PNG by lifting the standard high above the reach of most students. Please click:


It looks good but is grossly unfair. Why should students not work on study material they can handle? As it is, students in this country have little study material.

Should a valid system be norm referenced and exclude a large percentage of students? That is elitist. Does the process become anti-elitist by allowing a wider sweep of students to enter higher learning?

No. It becomes fair as long as the standard remains challenging for most students.

Is education being dumbed down in Russia, China, Japan, Cuba, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia? It is probably not.


Over the last year, UN Women worked to decriminalize gay and lesbian sex through the Papua New Guinea parliament.

They also worked to prepare lesbian women and lesbian supporters for the 22 seats. It was called empowerment of women.

The agenda for the training courses involved working side by side with men. That was the public message.

But the hidden agenda would be to teach lesbian members of parliament to take control of all women in the 22 seats and promote false information on violence of men.

They would set up heterosexual male and female politicians with false accusations and promote fake messages on men in the media.

We have learned a strong lesson from the fake market rape incident set up by UN Women. This is their modus operandi to tell lies and make false reports. Please click:



It was the head of UN Women who earlier set up the founder of AIDS Holistics with a fake accusation as a violent child abuser. Please click:


There are more tricks to come. We suspect that the next focus will be on school violence with a hidden agenda to bring the gay and lesbian lifestyle into school curriculum for all students. Please click:


The attack on AIDS Holistics was to enable the Australian lesbians to take control of the AIDS message and destroy Positive Living in the areas of family and faith.

The UN should work to decriminalize UN Women. We note that the work of UN Women was omitted from the full page UN lift out in the PNG media today. UN may consider them as too hot to handle.

It is more likely that these lesbians will be promoted with a warning to carry on but be more careful next time. Keep the old anti-family and anti-faith agenda but take care.

If UN Women seeks Court action on this matter, it will end up far more than they can handle. It will open doors they would never want opened.

It will open up the entire gay and lesbian scene in the National HIV/AIDS response, together with links to the Australian and New Zealand scene.

Some of the gays and lesbians concerned have a track record that trails behind them like a dead dog on a rope.

Monday, 22 October 2012


I am sixty six years old and completed primary school in Queensland in 1959. Our curriculum was strong on the basics of English and Mathematics.

I attended high school in Brisbane and continued with learning the basics together with English literature and poetry.

Students learned the poems of Keats, Shelley and Wordsworth. It was a rounded education if that is what we can call it.

We learned about the English kings , the Roundheads and Oliver Cromwell together with the execution of King Charles 2.

Then I completed grade 12 and went on the teacher training. By the time that was finished, there were no basics.

In 1967, new teachers were told that children do not need to learn the basics. They learned to write by writing and to read by reading. Education started to drop from that time.

I studied at the University of Queensland and completed Bachelors of Arts and Education.

We learned about Mastery Learning and Benjamin Bloom who designed the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives to set up Mastery Learning and Outcome Based Education.

But it took a further 30 years for me to smell a rat. Outcome Based Education was intended to bring back the basics and promote higher learning. Was it sabotaged by teachers?

Suddenly a new sense of professionalism was in. The focus was on intellectualization not memory. Chanting multiplication tables was out. Pupils were to "intellectualize" the tables.

That is why so many students do not know their tables. That would put students behind in any cohort of students. Besides chanting disturbs other classes.

Memorizing poetry was out. Now students do not learn the rhythm and modulation of language. Reciting poems as a class was definitely out.

Spelling and derivation of words was out. Students learned to spell by reading books. Learning the structure of sentences was out. Students learned by appreciating sentences in books.

Learning came about by the play-way method. If learning required effort, it was being presented wrongly. If it was not interesting, the students could switch off.

So many students went into higher level learning without having mastered the basics.


We have to understand a completely different perspective. In 1917, there was the Russian Revolution and the world view of Stalin that communism was to take over the world. With World War 2 the industrial might of the USSR began to rise.

But the free world was confident that communism was an inferior ideology able only to produce inferior industry. The superior industrial giant in the world was the USA.

Then to the horror of all, the Russians began the space race in 1957 with the launching of Sputnik into outer space followed by the launching of space craft with astronauts Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereschkova. Please click:[PDF] 

Outcomes based education: Where has it come from and where is it ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat by A Alderson - 2007 - Related articles

This paper examines some of the research for outcomes-based education in.
Australia. .... Americans were shocked by the Soviet Union's launching
of Sputnik in. 1957. ...... Benjamin Bloom's, Taxonomy ofEducational
Objectives (1956).

The Russians appeared to lead the world in industrial technology. This was only on the surface and not really true. Suddenly, the Americans saw that they have to catch up and pass the USSR.

The first step was to change the education system to be more focused on science, mathematics and language. No more was there the elitist norm referenced learning by which only a few went to high school and university.

The education system had to be opened to all young people through criterion referenced learning that gave all students the chance to pass.

But things changed in the US. With no fanfare and public debate, a new mode of learning started of removing the need for basics.

Was this an attempt by teachers to sabotage education and the Outcome Based Education? The education system rose and fell at the same time.

Or was there a communist fifth column in the teaching service of the USA? Modern education dropped from that time.

Was it the baby boomer teachers seeking to remove the World War 2 type discipline from education in response to LSD and making love not war?

It has never really picked up again. It seems that there may have been deliberate sabotage.There are those who call the process the Dumbing Down of Education.

Was it the churches, reacting against the new Godless curriculum. The US education system is poised to drop further with a gay and lesbian component in school curricula.

So let us look at the time line:

1917  Russian Revolution

1945  World War 2 ends

1953  Stalin dies

1956  Bloom starts strategy of Mastery Learning

1957  Sputnik launched

1958  Bloom has Government support for Outcome Based Education

1959  American industry builds up space race in a new mean and lean focus

1967  Removal of Basics in learning not by Bloom.

1978  The USSR is crumbling.

Why were the basics removed? Who was responsible? Did the communist countries stop teaching basics?

Australia certainly followed the US lead. It is all very fishy. When the US started to use education to promote national development, someone chopped its legs off. Hmmm.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


The controversial teaching strategy in the world is Outcome Based Education. It does not work because the implementers have been inexperienced, fugitives from class rooms who pushed the strategy on to inexperienced teachers.


Next week, there will be a convention in Madang where the blind experts will be out in force promoting a viable option to Outcome Based Education.

They will get it wrong. Australian experts are coming to set up a new system. It will be the blind leading the blind again at great cost in boomerang aid.

There is a common misconception to Outcome Based Education that it is all about research and requires libraries and computers.

We saw this in a letter to The National dated 22 October 2012 in which one Seko Sisiwan stated that in OBE, students need to do a lot of research. He asks how that can be done when there is no electricity for computers and TVs.


Outcome Based Education had its beginning in the USA in the 1950s and was used to lift the standard of education of average students. It started under a team led by Dr Benjamin Bloom who set uo the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.

by TR Guskey - 1994 - Cited by 4  - Related articles 

ED368770 - Outcome-Based Education and Mastery Learning:
Clarifying the ... is principally an instructional strategy labeled by
B. S. Bloom and designed to ...

As a teacher in the schools and officer in the Royal Australian Army Education Corps (RAAEC) in the 1960-1990s, I used and advocated Mastery Learning.

I recall writing an article in the RAAEC newsletter in 1974 advocating a less academic and more practical approach in education courses for soldiers. A junior lieutenant was telling senior officers they had it wrong. That is the story of my life.

It was my focus on Mastery Learning that got me posted to the Joint Services College in Lae in 1975 to prepare practical curriculum. They were not disappointed. Please click: 

LEARNING FOR PNGDF TRAINING ... Ah, PNG, the land of the expected.

One senior officer told me recently that what he learned in Mastery Learning decision making is all that he can still remember from his days as an officer cadet. Hey Murphy.

Application of Mastery Learning blossomed during three years as the Deputy Headmaster and/or  senior subject master at Dregerhafen, Bumayong and Busu High schools in 1993-1996 and later in private schools in Port Moresby.

The skill is to produce categorized sequences of exercises to be practised by students and demonstrated by teachers in lock-step fashion.

I lifted the standard of writing by sequences of hundreds of categorized exercises. That is Mastery Learning and Outcome Based Education. No research anywhere.  Please click:


I have started a program of giving workshops to teachers in Port Moresby schools on Mastery Learning. I am about to run a three hour workshop on a voluntary basis for 41 teachers of Kila Kila Secondary School and 37 teachers of Boreboa Primary School.

Their teaching practice will never be the same.

The students learn to:

* use complex sentences,
* not repeat words unnecessarily.
* avoid simple baby sentences, and
* use the range of connectors -with, and, but etc.

Try this exercise for upper primary level students:


Once upon a time in a far away land there was a shoe maker.
He lived in a shop in a village in a forest.
He lived with his wife and beautiful daughter Anna.

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a shoe maker
who  lived in a shop in a village in a forest with his wife and
beautiful daughter Anna.

Every day he would sit outside his shop.
He would tell stories with his friends.
He would boast of great deeds he had done.

Every day he would sit outside his shop and
tell stories with his friends, boasting of great
deeds he had done.

Every day he would sit outside his shop telling
stories with his friends and boasting of great
deeds he had done.

He would tell of how he killed a giant.
The giant would come to attack the village.
He would carry away the maidens.

He would tell of how he killed a giant who
would come to attack the village and carry
away the maidens.

He cut down a large tree.
The tree fell on the giants head.
It killed him instantly.
It crushed his great body into the dirt.

He cut down a large tree that fell on the
giants head killing him instantly and
crushing his great body into the dirt.

One day he was boasting to his friends .
He told them of how he changed straw into gold.
It filled his house.
It made him a rich man.

One day he was boasting to his friends of how
he changed straw into gold that filled his house.
and made him a rich man

On that day a troop of the king’s soldiers came to the village.
They heard him talking about changing straw into gold.

On that day a troop of the king’s soldiers came to the village.
 and heard him talking about changing straw into gold.

On their return to the palace they told the king of a man
He changed straw into gold.
He lived in the forest with his family.

On their return to the palace they told the king of a man
who changed straw into gold and lived in the forest with
his family.

The king told them to bring the man to him.
They were to fill a room with straw.
This was for him to do the magic deed.

The king told them to bring the man to him and to fill a
room with straw for him to do the magic deed.

The shoemaker was afraid to stand before the king.
He was afraid to tell the truth.
He said he could do it.

The shoemaker was afraid to stand before the king
and tell the truth so he said he could do it.

The king told him that he must not fail.
His daughter would be taken from him.
She would be put to work in the kitchen of the palace.

The king told him that he must not fail or his daughter
would be taken from him and  put to work in the kitchen
of the palace.

The shoemaker sat in the room.
He cried. He was afraid to lose his daughter.

The shoemaker sat in the room and cried.
afraid to lose his daughter.

But a little man appeared.
He told the shoemaker not to worry.
He could change straw into gold.

But a little man appeared and
told the shoemaker not to worry
as he could change straw into gold.

In the morning the doors opened.
The king stood in amazement.
He saw the piles of gold.

In the morning the doors opened
and the king stood in amazement.
to see the piles of gold.

He put him  in a bigger room.
Once again the little man appeared.
He turned the straw into gold.

He put him  in a bigger room and
once again the little man appeared
and  turned the straw into gold.

It made the king more greedy than ever.
the little man appeared.
He turned the straw into gold.
It made the king more greedy than ever.

He put him in a bigger room and
once again the little man appeared
to turn the straw into gold which
made the king more greedy than ever.

Once students have completed such exercises over primary and secondary years, their approach to writing will be sweetened forever. They should complete about 2000 writing skill exercises.



For a broad overview of Mastery Learning please click:


Friday, 19 October 2012


Having just read the report below, I feel the strong urge to place this report on the Positive Living blog as a tribute to a son writing in honour of his father. Please click:

I wish that my sons or daughters would write such a tribute to me. That certainly will not come from my children in Australia.

I left a family in Australia blaming everyone but myself. No-one benefits from a broken marriage. It is not possible to support two families at one time, particularly if separated by thousands of kilometers.

I had plans to set up a business in Papua New Guinea and support my Australian children. But that did not happen and now I am too old.

My eldest is 42 and my youngest is 34 years old. All have graduated to professional work. But I miss them all and my grandchildren.

We went to church and I was Chairman of the Parish Council for several years. But we never prayed together nor read our Bibles as a family. We all know what families do when they pray together.

I have never felt that I was of value to the world until I started the Positive Living campaign to help families and people with HIV/AIDS.

This is God's work. I am reassured to find that God chooses sinners to do His work. Please click:


12 Oct 2011 – A friend has told me that I am no longer an Australian but have
taken the PNG side on HIV/AIDS family awareness and Outcome Based ...