Saturday, 30 April 2011


I write this report as a white man who has some fear of sorcery. It
is real in Papua New Guinea and varies from clan to clan. Sorcery
is about people dying at the hands of a magic man or woman.

Sorcery is often in the mind. A person who believes a magic curse
has been made may well die. There is belief in some areas that a
magic man or woman can pass their spirit into a bird or animal and
carry out evil.

In the Sepik are sangguma who can waylay a person in the gardens,
kill their spirit and then send them on their way. They will die within
a few days often incoherent.

There was a report many years ago that gave me fear. It was from
missionaries in the Sepik who stated magic had blossomed with the
discovery by villagers of Ratsak available in the trade stores.

Some coastal people believe the wound from a sorcerer will only
be obvious once the person has died and been laid out. A careful
inspection may reveal wounds to the body that appear after death.

People of this country know to be careful. They know that a person
enters the house and place curses or poison on clothes and cooking

People in this country take care on who is allowed into their house.
Visitors will sit under the house. It is nothing personal. Everyone
does it.

People have been known to be killed with battery acid placed in the
tea. This is a gruesome killing as the digestive tract is destroyed.

Lately we have a foolish UN advisor speaking out that sorcery is the
cause of men killing women. This is never further from truth. Women
are also involved in killing of men in the villages. They may support
village action against a man or woman believed to be a sorcerer.

Sorcery is becoming vicious in the highlands and partly caused by the
breakdown of the health system. Drugs are not available so that people
with malaria and HIV/AIDS will die. It is caused by the break-down
of the education process. Most teachers will believe in sorcery.

There is stigma against HIV/AIDS. A person dies slowly over several
of years. Many highlands sufferers do not have access to ARV drugs.
So their decline is accompanied by loss of weight until skeleton-like.

They suffer dementia that has them hallucinating over evil spirits which
gives all indications of magic. They wake screaming of being attacked
by imaginary people. Personalities will change and they seem to be evil
and calculating in their conduct. They have been attacked by a sorcerer.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, the people with dementia were thought
to be possessed by evil spirits. Someone was to blame. So too Papua
New Guinea.

Sorcery will remain with this country. So too sorcery killings. People do
not just die of natural causes. They are killed at the hand of a sorcerer.

Heart attacks and strokes are the work of sorcerers. These have nothing
to do with diet, fatty food, cigarettes, alcohol and lack of exercise. Kill
the old lady. She did it.

Our uncle was walking along the road and just fell dead. Sorcery. It was
not that his heart was blocked by a dob of fat from a life-time of eating
lamb flaps.

In the middle ages, European villages had women who were mid-wives
and makers of medicines. The priests felt threatened by them and gave
them the name of witches.

Over hundreds of years, thousands of women were burned at the stake.
It was an act of genocide. Good women died for being village traditional
doctors and experts in herbs.

To end on a lighter note, we may recall the movie “ The Life of Brian”.
There was a scene of a group of medieval peasants gathered to kill a
sorcerer. But from among them rose a wise man (John Cleese) who
questioned them.

One peasant shouted that the sorcerer turned him into a toad. John
Cleese told him he was not a toad.

Well, I turned back again, didn’t I.

Friday, 29 April 2011


We are being told by overseas women's groups that women in the
Papua New Guinea highlands are victims of sorcery violence.

In recent days, enquiries with highlands people show that often the
women initiate the violence by identifying the alleged sorcerer and
participating in/supporting their brutal murder.

So recent UN reports on the matter are in error. It is often the men
who are brutally killed. It is often the women who identify them. It
is part of the UN agenda to put all blame on men.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


At present, there a person in the country to make a documentary on
the rights of women in the highlands and violence of men. So we are
getting advance publicity by claims about violence towards women
and girls.

The person visited the Kundiawa hospital and reported on women
having red hot metal and wires inserted into private parts, pressing
wires against their skin, pouring hot water on them, chopping parts
of their bodies, throwing them down cliffs and toilet pits, setting their
houses on fire while they are inside and maiming them for life.

Claims were made that 70% of surgery patients are sorcery related
and other violations against women. But much of the sorcery violence
is against men.

We are being told that women and girls are slaves of men. Publicity
has even inspired an editorial in the Post Courier on the fact that men
are being paid to work on their own land. This is not really true. They
just want the money once produce is sold. That would apply across
the world.

What the head of UNWOMEN is saying does not apply to the men
and women of the nation but mainly to sesearch in Enga province. The
documentary may make wider claims of the nation. The claim is made
that this is making PNG a laughing stock in the world.

The head of UNWOMEN has a record in PNG of unprofessionalism,
lying and cheating. A few years ago, the person wrote a book on girls
being sold as part of the vanilla trade. The issue was never heard again
after being debunked by a Government Minister.

Claims are that the medical officers have reported violence to police but
no action is taken, This is false on the basis that the complaint has to
be made by the victim. Have any complaints been made to the Police
Family Violence Unit? That brings problems of its own.

We have a tendency for false reports by women involved in women’s
rights. A few years ago, a well known unscrupulous PLWHIV woman
made the claim that she witnessed women with HIV/AIDS being buried

This hit the world press. But when the police followed it up, she could not
remember the village where the graves were to be found.

Answer to violence against women is to appeal to men, starting with
the good men who act as role models. Failing that the law should be
strengthened. But then the women can not be protected in their
village 24/7.

But the head of unwomen will want to focus only on women and girls.
All men are enemy. All men are bastards even the kind, loving family
men who are in the majority.

A documentary is to be made on the conditions in markets for women.
So there will be talk of dirty toilets, no breast feeding rooms for mothers,
few clean water taps. What’s new? Even toilets in hospitals and airports
are filthy.

Little detail will be shown on the basis that the women will be punished
once the documentary comes out.

There will be a major focus on violence of men to women, no focus on
violence of women to men, women to women, lesbian expatriate women
to girls and mothers, aunties and step-mothers to children. That is not part
of the lesbian agenda.

Of course there is violence to women in the highlands. But this can mainly
be solved by addressing men and boys. Lesbians do not want to do that.
They want to start a war. Where will that get us?

The road to men and boys will be long and hard. The matter will not be
helped by foreign lesbians shouting accusations and ignoring the basics
of the problems of men and boys becoming men.

They must seek the help of good men and boys who are in the majority.


A major problem in Papua New Guinea is that so many men do
not see themselves as fathers who care for their sons. Real men
ignore their sons and never talk to them. A real man just boozes
and fights. Kids keep away.

Educated fathers teach sons. Uneducated PNG yobbos never
teach sons anything. If a real man is fixing a car, his son will sit
and watch but not say anything. Sons never have the feeling of
being accepted by their fathers.

The only way is to grow to be a man and become like their father.
Then they may be accepted. We see 12 year old boys who never
talk only shout. They shout at their sisters and bully them as their
father does.

We will see young men drunk in the street and absolutely proud of
the fact that they stumble and fall. They are proud of the friend who
runs and stops them from being knocked over by a truck.

It will be something to boast about back with the rest of the boys.
I was drunk out of my mind and was about to be killed by a truck.
Bruno saved me. He pulled me back and the truck driver shouted
at me.

We have a real man here. He is growing to be just like his father.
All this kid wants is to be acceptable to his father and uncles.

Both wander off down the road with the drunk proud of being
prevented from falling into a ditch. His friend kept saving him as
he went back to fall into the ditch three times. That is friendship.
Being drunk gives a teenage boy the right to fight anyone who
gives him trouble. And his friend will try to stop him.

So how does church help young boys not to be proud of being
drunks? Only the girlie-girlies go to church. No wonder urban
fathers never take their sons back to the highlands village.

A father says nothing when he sees son smoking marijuana
and drinking homebrew. That means a boy is a man. A man
does what a man does.

It will be a matter of pride when the boy takes part in killing a
village sorcerer. That is the sign of a real man. He cut the old
man’s arm off with a bush knife. Now he is a man.

Men in the highlands have started to kill children in tribal fights.
That is the beginning of the end.

When the boy becomes a father, he will never talk to a son. He
never talks to his mother. His father does not. Real men talk to
real men.

Girls, never marry a village yobbo. But you really have no choice.
Your father was a real man who never sent daughters to school.

But then he never sent his sons to school either. His son wants to
become a raskol and hold up trucks on the highway. And perhaps
the occasional gang rape with his real men mates.


Papua New Guinea - Post Courier 28 April 2011

Churches in Morobe Province have called for a united effort
in supporting family programs to help minimize alcohol abuse.

Bishop Christian Blouin from Lae Catholic diocese said the
best way was through the family unit. He said that the family
has been one value which the churches hold very dear to their

They are the core of society and churches try their best to support
families with programs that enhance family life. They also conduct
programs of integral human development, conflict resolution and
others with moral and spiritual values.

He said that family life has been greatly affected by abuse of
alcohol in the community. A lot of people seek help to be free
from a dependence on alcohol but do not know who to turn
to or where to go.

The Bishop said drinking to get drunk seems to be the normal
acceptance these days and preaching moderation is not enough.
He supported tougher laws that control issue of liquor licenses.


Morobe Provincial Program advisor Amet Fongmale said that
de-facto marriages often breed child abuse because partners
meet in nightclubs.

She said abuse of alcohol steals a lot of quality time in which
the father and mother should be spending with the children.

Ms Fongmale said that the more time parents spend with their
families, the stronger their children would be as they would cling
to parents especially at decision-making time.

She said that children become the innocent victims of alcoholic
parents’ irresponsible behaviour.

Many women assume double responsibility as head of family and
breadwinner because husbands fail to provide adequate support
for them and children because of chronic alcohol consumption.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This is the AIDS Holistics website that we maintained
in the period 2005-2009. It was closed when Geocities
shut down.

The website attracted 667,000 hits in just over 5 years.
The counter crashed several times but we noted the hits.
the nation with AIDS Holistics positive living messages. Many people
say the 150 columns in The National laid .... the onset of dementia. It
will rapidly increase progress ..... and Positive Living to be the basis
of the family message, ... - Cached - Similar

It was an important document as so many people opened
the blog daily to learn new information.

The website was posted on Google as a single document.
There were hundreds of links that are now dead.

But practice makes perfect. Key information is already
on the present blog spot in compressed and comprehensive
format. Some old issues are still red hot.

The website laid the broad basis of the Positive Living
message that was not widely available early in the last

This is a museum piece of HIV/AIDS awareness. Information
is still accurate. Seven years is a long time in an AIDS

There have been no shifts in focus except those from Google
documents. We developed knowledge based on these reports,
particularly those of the attack on the gut lining.

Research on HIV/AIDS has increased massively in the last 5
years. There is now much on Google. Our job is to sift and
sort through Google for gold.

Most startling development is the research of the attack of
the HIV on the gut lining. It is the key to AIDS awareness.

Gut warfare
indicates that HIV's initial attack is swift and deadly, destroying CD4 cells in
the ... testing the gut lining by assessing how well it. Gut warfare .... puts
it, “a leaky gut”—a condition in which the gut barrier ceases to function ... - Cached - Similar

KANGE NGA KONA: Destruction of gut lining by HIV virus
2 Feb 2010 ... Leaky gut still works if not too leaky. Type leaky gut
HIV into Google. ... that the main site of attack and destruction is
the gut lining, ... - Cached - Similar


Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


In the United Nations, there is a detailed focus on the rights of children.
But the rights are so detailed that the parents even in loving families
could be accused of abuse.

There are people in the world involved in child welfare who have a deep
desire to have children put into care in foster homes or orphanages. It is
all about access to children.

And you have only one meal a day? Abuse. You are required to wash
clothes. Abuse.  You are 9 years old and do not go to school. Abuse.

Does he let you play with friends in the afternoon? No.  Do you drink
clean water? No. An obvious case of abuse.

The fact is that this family lives in poverty. The mother is sick. The father
is unemployed. They have no land to grow crops.

Children as small babies are completely under the control of parents
who come running whenever the child cries.

On this blog is a report on the way that a child can be lovingly brought
to understand they are not the boss in the house and have to comply
with wishes of parents. They have to be nurtured/disciplined in loving

Punishment is part of world culture. Offenders can go to gaol. Capital
punishment still exists. Moslem countries use the cane. Deprivation of
privilege and liberty are keys to child discipline.

If we misbehave in the work place, we can lose our jobs. We can be
expelled from school. We have to understand consequences. Our
children have to learn too.

As HIV/AIDS consultants in Papua New Guinea, we can lose our jobs
by incompetence, arrogance and corruption. There are consequences
for all of us that we learn starting from childhood.

Children are to be under authority of loving parents. But the United
Nations charter can put the authority with the child who can become
the head of the house with right to do what they want.

Children can handle loving discipline from parents. There are family
advisors who think that discipline causes deep emotional scars. Not
true. It is perfectly acceptable for a child to suffer remorse for wrong

It is acceptable and a key responsibility for a parent to lovingly bring
the child to a state of remorse with a promise of more acceptable
behaviour in the future.

A parent has a responsibility to do this as long as there is affirmation
for appropriate behaviour. There is a responsibility for parents to
develop both submissiveness and initiative in a child.

The parents should not be the servants who have to slave and work
to do for the child whatever is demanded. Parents and children have
rights and responsibilities.

A parent told the story that he threatened his child with punishment,
only to be told he would be in breach of the United Nations Charter
of Children’s Rights.

There are people who want to weaken family by destroying authority
of parents who have no rights and only responsibilities. Children have
only rights and no responsibilities.

In Papua New Guinea, the foreign advisors talk to women, boys and
girls about rights only. Churches focus on rights and responsibilities.
The future of the national HIV/AIDS response lies with the churches.


Recently, my 12 year old daughter wanted money. I gave money to her
but she said her elder sister received more. So she wanted more.

When I did not give it to her, she cried and said she hated me. Then she
went outside and threw stones on the walls of the house.

I told her she definitely was not getting more money and could not stay
overnight with her girl friend.

It took about an hour for her to come to say sorry. I told her she would
not get more money but could stay with her friend overnight. She said
she was sorry. I told her I loved her.

What do you think UN / AusAID gay / lesbian advisors? Is that abuse?
I did suspend her right of association as set down in the UN Charter of
Children's Rights. And I did deny her funding by discrimination with her
sister. Will you be seeking to take her into care?


The world seems not to realize that family is under attack from
anonymous forces moving forward under the gay, lesbian and
paedophile agenda.

AIDS Holistics is the only organization in the world that is not
afraid to say so. We are the only group of people world gays
and lesbians are afraid to attack and know we have a serious
set of sharp teeth. If not, it would be reflected on Google.

In the last century, Nazis blamed the Jews for every ill in the
world. Many of us may still picture the Nazi poster of the fat,
slobbering Jewish man about to ravish a beautiful young Aryan
girl dressed in white. This was the work of propaganda minister
Joseph Goebbels at his best.

Men of the world are getting the same treatment from the gay
and lesbian activists. All men are violent abusers of women and
young girls and boys. The world is starting to believe it. So too
even good Germanic families believed propaganda about Jews.

But there is another side to this. Reports are that gays and lesbians
are equally subject to domestic violence. Google reports refer to
violence as equal to heterosexual domestic violence.

We read the charters of rights put out by the United Nations against
discrimination. Much of this work is at the hands of the UN gay and
lesbian activists.

Since when have gays and lesbians been concerned about welfare of 
boys and girls of the world?

What they have done is provide so many causes of abuse of children
that they can accuse all family men of being abusers.

A child is not allowed to go out at night. Abuse. A child is not given
money. Abuse. A child can not associate with whomever they want
to be with. Abuse. A parent smacks a child. Abuse. A child abuses
parents and is punished. Abuse. A child does not go to school and
punished by the parents. Abuse. A child is not allowed to smoke.

United Nations is expert at rights but no focus at all on responsibilities.
Since when are gay, lesbian and paedophile activists experts at looking
after children?

It is time for families to tell the UN gays and lesbians to back off. Every
time we point fingers, there are three pointing back. We go to Google
to find that there are shelters for bashed gays and lesbians in every city
in the United States.

3 Mar 2011 ... More significantly, Ristock argues, the lesbian
feminist culture has readily adopted the idea that men are more
violent than women in order ... - Similar

We read reports that gay and lesbian marriages last about two years.
Many marriages last if both partners can have sexual encounters on
the side. Hence domestic violence.

15 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 10 Sep 2010 "Lesbians more prone to
violence than gay men." Politics. ... leave or become more violent if any
limitations are set in the relationship. ... › ... › Politics, Religion, And The Rest

There is far greater marital stability and loved children in heterosexual
relationships. There is also violence in families across the world.

In Papua New Guinea, family violence takes place at the hands of both
men and women. There is a percentage of men bashed by their wives.
Children are abused by mothers, aunties, step mothers and step fathers.
So cut the crap lesbians.

We read reports on Google that there is virtually no child abuse in gay
and lesbian homes. That does not correlate with the reports on domestic
violence. So gays and lesbians may bash their lovers but not abuse the
kids. Pull the other leg.

Do Lesbian Households Really Have No Child Abuse?
According to an article at Huffington Post, the rate of child abuse in

In the 1930s. Hitler proclaimed that he would protect the churches and
families from enemies of the nation. In doing so, he worked to destroy
the church and family unit.

Church leaders became Gestapo officers. Children were encouraged to
report on their fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles and
aunts for speaking against the Third Reich.

And now we have the gays and lesbians claiming to be the champions
of the families of the world but not the husbands and fathers.  Men
are the abusers and enemy, even the loving ones.

It is time for churches to stand up for family. It is time for all to speak
out. We must not be intimidated with being called homophobic.

People seem to think that they will be taken to Court for speaking
out. That has never worried AIDS Holistics.

At regular intervals over a decade, the founder has been attacked by
anonymous hate mailers and accused of being violent, womanizing
and paedophile with full blown AIDS. He was accused of being
homophobic, bigoted and mentally ill. Good try boys and girls.

When the book The Pink Agenda was published in South Africa by
Reverend Peter Hammond, he was immediately accused of being a
gun runner in Angola responsible for the deaths of thousands of men,
women and children.

"THE PINK AGENDA: Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin
of the Family", by Christine Mc Cafferty with Peter Hammond, the book
most recently ... -

World gays and lesbians are very predictable. They are not prepared
to debate, only shoot the messenger. They know the community would
be very horrified by their agenda. Let paedophiles tell the community
that even babies have the right to sex.

AM Archive - Paedophiles and aid agencies
23 Jul 1999 ... The NCIS says by infiltrating aid agencies,
abusers are getting the kind of access to children they'd get through
traditional paedophile sex ... - Cached

22 Jul 1999 ... Paedophiles infiltrate aid charities. British
paedophiles are targeting charities and aid agencies in developing
countries in an attempt to ... - Cached

Child Sex Tourism: Blind Eye To Paedophiles Abusing Kids Abroad ...
17 Aug 2008 ... A charity has accused the Government of turning a
blind eye to paedophiles who abuse children abroad.

Paedophilia Is The Ultimate Hate Crime
Paedophilia is an attack on a child's spirit. Actually,
the paedophile is guilty ..... believed to be the victim of
a ritualistic killing (A SATANIC HUMAN ...
Hate_Crime.html -Cached - Similar

United Nations has to be seen for what it is. It is capable of failing through
disillusion of nations. Students of modern history read how the League of
Nations slowly failed in the 1930s. 

The United Nations has been infiltrated by gays and lesbians who have
put out rights charters that nations have signed like a flock of sheep.

This report was not written by a red-necked bigot but by an educated
family man who seeks an end to the false propaganda put out by the
world gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

Something is very wrong when telling truth is a cause of serious dispute
and intimidation. The world used to think that only Adolf Hitler did that
sort of thing.

Monday, 25 April 2011


Post Courier 26 April 2011 Johnny Poiya

The title above is the headline for an article on violence towards
women. It was based on a visit of the Regional Program Director
of Fiji-based UNWOMEN once known as UNIFEM with the PNG
nick-name of ANTIFAM.

I have watched old movies about undead coming out of graves at
midnight but have never before heard of unwomen.

The report based on her visit to one solitary hospital refers to the
crimes against women in this country which give PNG one of the
worst reputations in the world. She once went to the Sepik and
wrote a book on selling young women in the vanilla trade. It was
debunked by a Government minister.

She reported that doctors documented every brutal crime against
women like rape, poking hot metals into bodies, serious wounds
and other assaults presented to the police but nothing was done
against the perpetrators.

She said it is about for authorities to say enough is enough. The
international community can not believe that such atrocities are
committed in this country.

It is true that there is violence against women. We have to balance
this against the Seventh Day Adventist report that 36% of families
have violence. That means 64% of families have love and caring.

When this Director was the Care and Counselling officer in the
National HIV/AIDS response she had a fierce lesbian hatred of
family, marriage and men.

She worked to set up the koap scandal and promote the wholesale
distribution of condoms. She ignored the advice of churches. Now
in this report she blames the churches for doing nothing. Churches
can not win against the unwomen.

She wants to set up women’s power in this nation but without any
consultation with men. She wants confrontation and break-down of

She will be the weak link in the chain in the setting up the 24 special
seats in parliament for PNG women. She will turn women’s rights into
conflict and ignore reality that over 60% of men support the rights of

Sorry they are not part of the agenda. We unwomen want them to be
the enemy. What about family? Sorry we do not recognise family. Or
men. Or marriage.


Several years ago, there was a young woman at 3 Angels Care who
was in final stage of AIDS. In those days, there was no antiretroviral
treatment and she was skeleton-thin with hair falling out and chronic

One weekend, she went home and attended church with her family.
At the end of the service, she met the pastor who had her kneel as
he laid hands on her.

He prayed and told her to go home and rejoice as God had cured her.
She came back to 3 Angels Care about a week later with cigarette in
her mouth to announce wonderful news. She died the following week.

This practice has occurred several times in Papua New Guinea with
the laying on of hands of foolish pastors. At another church, a pastor
would announce to the congregation that he had cured in the name
of Jesus all those with HIV/AIDS.

Then he would send them home to die. His responsibility was ended.
Now he could sit under a tree and chew betel nut, his work finished.

Such pastors have the approach wrong. Best they can do is to pray
with the sufferer and thank God for life. He would thank God that the
person is living in a loving family that cares. He thanks God for ARV
drugs and that the person’s life goes on. God works through people.

At very best, he could ask God that if it is His will the young woman
be cured. Then the onus is placed on the will of God. If a pastor tells
a sufferer of a cure and a cure does not come, there can be several

The young person may not believe anyway. There can be a loss of
faith or a sense of guilt for faith not strong enough to have God give
a cure. There would be a loss of trust by a family or a congregation
of families in the work of the pastor.

If a person is told they are cured in the name of God and on ARV
drugs, they may be tempted to cease the treatment. Then they will
die, killed by a foolish pastor. The person was obviously not strong
in faith. Pastors are never wrong.