Monday, 31 August 2015


For several years now, AIDS Holistics has been critical of the anti-family agenda of UNAIDS Papua New Guinea under the leadership of one Stewart Watson

He is an Australian gay who has been working to insert a gay and paedophile agenda into the PNG national HIV/AIDS response.

He has alarmed many people who are concerned that the anti-family agenda is intended to destroy family solidarity and put the kids out on the street where they would be taken for sex by paedophiles.

The hate campaign of UNAIDS against AIDS Holistics has risen sharply in the last year as the Positive Living message has continued to sink in to the community.

Watson has spent much energy working in AusAID and UN to shut AIDS Holistics down without success. He deeply opposed our focus on family and faith.

These have the inevitable capacity to destroy the paedophile focus on boys and girls. In recent weeks, the UN planned to set up the campaign Pacific UN Free and Easy for Pacific nations.

It may have been that UNAIDS was given the mantle to promote a negative response to homophobia and transphobia in Pacific nations. The UN would meet all the Pacific girls and boys.

AIDS Holistics warned the Pacific nations of the dangers. The Head of UNAIDS decided it was time to shut AIDS Holistics down.

It would be first by having the organization banned from the business centre of the Holiday Inn. Then it was to be threatened by the senior legal officer of UNAIDS in Geneva Switzerland.

About a month ago, the founder of AIDS Holistics was alarmed at 11pm at night by a police van with 5 police officers escorting a UNAIDS officer.

They were coming to deliver a threatening legal letter from one Sigrid Kranwetter in Switzerland.

The founder was warned to cease all reference to UNAIDS in public statements. A letter had to be sent by 10 August undertaking never to mention UNAIDS and the Head in Papua New Guinea Mr Watson.

The deadline was nearly a month ago. But after several reports on this blog since that time about the corruption of UNAIDS and the Head of country, it seems Ms Kranwetter has decided to leave well enough alone. A wise decision.


Reference: Legal PNG 2015-8

Mr Bruce Copeland
AIDS Holistics PNG
No known address

Port Moresby
5 August 2015

Misuse and defamation of the name of the Joint United nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and its country Director in Papua New Guina.

Mr Copeland,

It has come to the attention of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) that your website contains numerous references to UNAIDS, the UN and representatives of UNAIDS, using language that is, in our opinion, inappropriate and making defamatory allegations contrary to the laws of Papua New Guinea.

We consider the language used to portray the UNAIDS and its Country Representative and other persons mentioned including other UN and former UN officials and the PNG Government is defamatory in accordance with the PNG Defamation Act 1962 and constitutes criminal action.

Any further use of the names of UNAIDS and/or references to Mr Stewart Watson and other staff member must cease immediately.

I look forward to written confirmation by 10 August 2015 that you have ceased unauthorized, defamatory and misleading use of UNAIDS names as well as any references (visual or in writing) to Mr Watson.

In the absence of such confirmation, we regret to inform you that UNAIDS will need to consider other appropriate action including criminal charges.

Sincerely yours,

Sigrid Kranwetter
Senior Legal Adviser
Geneva, Switzerland

Saturday, 29 August 2015


I have been Catholic for over half my life, having converted from Anglican faith for over 30 years ago. My family was anti-Catholic but my mother had welcomed my wife as her daughter.

My father would tell of Catholic priests of Ireland having sex with women and girls of their parish.

He would say that the priests would hang their hats on the door knob to advise the husband or father that he should keep out. I did not believe the story.

But looking back over the last milleneum, it is obvious that there has been a culture of sex, debauchery and violence among many Catholic clergy.

Shepherd wolves in sheep’s clothing were preying on sheep afraid to endanger their mortal souls by speaking out.

It all started with the Catholic view that disciple Peter was the first pope with all priests in direct lineage from Christ.

This gave them special authority and powers that no Catholic was allowed to dispute. Catholics were not permitted to read their Bibles though Vatican 2 relaxed the Church position at least in Australia though not in Papua New Guinea.

So the priesthood became a culture within itself that no man or woman could dispute.

Across the world, thousands of priests were celibate with total authority over boys and girls in schools, orphanages, parishes, youth groups and mental hospitals.

Many such institutions stood behind locked gates decade after decade. We are now finding that sexual and physical abuse were taking place at the hands of brutal and psychopathic clergy. The nuns mainly remained silent.

Parishioners were totally excluded at the authority of the priest. In Port Moresby, the priest in charge of the HIV/AIDS care centre at 14 mile had banned family from visiting their young woman loved one. He had something sexual to hide.

The secret is now out across the world. Satanic priests have been feasting on Catholic boys and girls locked away from the public eye. So much for the vicars of Christ.

There is no point in claiming that priests should not be celibate. Paedophile priests would remain so regardless of marital status.

The problem lay in the power the church gave the priesthood. The faithful Catholics allowed the priests to dominate with no actions taken when something was wrong.

Who would hear their confession? Who would change the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ?

The Church is now in ruins destroyed by priests who vandalised like the IS rebels destroyed Palmyra. Where will it all stop? Priests of the present generation like those of the past have been laws unto themselves.

Paedeophile priests like UN paedophiles are anti-family. They do not want strong families in the parish with boys and girls who will report sexual abuse to their parents. 

They want street kids and kids in institutional care. The priest can fuck these kids with impunity. Kids in strong families are far safer from paedophile priests and UN officers.

The PNG nation has been told by the Head of UNAIDS that we are not to hide behind family and faith. UNAIDS in PNG leads the paedophile message. But UNAIDS is anti-faith too. No competition accepted for the boys and girls.

There has to be a Catholic reformation or the church may not survive. The priesthood is no longer a profession of pride and dignity. Wise parents would not allow their children to be left alone with a priest or brother. But then it is more the kids in orphanages who are in danger.

The problem may solve itself when the present generation of clergy dies and has to be replaced by Catholic lay men and women carrying their Bibles.

Friday, 28 August 2015


The Vatican is going through a massive crisis that has come from perhaps centuries of child molesting by clergy.

The issue has come to a head for the last two popes with Pope Benedict XV resigning probably the result of long term paedophilia in the church and massive stress laid on an old man.

He defrocked over 150 priests for sexually molesting children. His place was taken by Pope Francis who now bears the brunt of a church response. He has defrocked 400 priests with probably hundreds to come.

The Vatican is being deeply criticized by the United Nations Committee of Rights of Children. There is a big agenda here. The United Nations is the key promoter of gay and lesbian rights. But many gays and lesbians are paedophile.

So the United Nations and Vatican are both rowing the same boat with the UN striking a high moral stance. We see now why there is a division between the gays / lesbians and paedophiles.

Perhaps there are people in the UN who want to promote gay and lesbian sex by attacking scripture and destroying the Catholic Church for their own ends.

The United Nations in Papua New Guinea is not helping the issue with the anti-family and anti-faith agenda. They are condemning the Vatican but promoting paedophile sex at the same time.

What can we possibly make of the Charter of Children’s Rights that has no responsibilities, the right of association for children and a range of rights that undermine parental authority?

It is time for the UN to clean up its act. It has a paedophile agenda just like the Catholic church. An anti-family and anti-faith agenda of the UN can be nothing but paedophile. Anti-family and anti-faith is the outlook of UNAIDS Papua New Guinea.

It is disgraceful that the authority of the priests has a hidden Satan’s nest. Yes father, no father, whatever you wish father. Bless you father. Can I have my underpants back, father?

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Post Courier 28 August 2015

Polygamy is the main cause of violence against women and children in the highlands provinces of Papua New Guinea.

They suffer greatly from men having more than one wife. Conflict between wives occurs with both struggling for money for food for their children.

Parliamentary Committee on Health and Family Welfare has been holding enquiries in Mt Hagen.

The enquiry has been told that women and children suffer greatly from men having more than one wife.

Besides polygamy, financial problems resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol and gambling were contributing factors in the increasing violence.

Polygamy is the main cause of domestic violence and leads to violence and trauma. How do we sort out polygamy?

There is a high admission rate of mothers and children at Mendi Hospital with mental problems because they could no longer bear the pressure.

On the matter of child abuse, no justice is done for the victims when family members opt for compensation.

A teacher from Kama SDA primary school said poor performance of students was directly linked to problems on the home front.

Comment: Many PNG men want more than one wife. Many are small boys with no intelligence and their brains on the ends of their penises.

They think they become big men with wives everywhere and many children. The problem is they do not have a job and are unable to look after their polygamous family.

Some wives learn to play mind games with their small boy husband. Where is my food? Ask No. 1 wife. Where are my washed clothes? Ask No. 3 wife. Out of that comes violence. 

All wives and children are starving and the kids do not go to school. Then one wife stabs the next wife and ends up in Bomana prison. Both wives should have got together and attacked the man. They are the victims. He is the small boy wrong doer.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


The United States has been at the forefront of nations promoting gay and lesbian rights. This has been supported by President Obama.

Gays and lesbians are now said to be part of the community though they have worked to infiltrate and dominate the bureaucracy particularly legal, education, welfare, health and police.

At no time have the gays, lesbians and paedophiles been the underdogs. That is the fake propaganda being put around.

We read the message on 2014 World AIDS Day that talks of no discrimination for all. Then we are told that treatment is our RIGHT. The implication is that there are AIDS sufferers denied treatment.

Certainly this does not apply in the soft target Christian world. It is certain that gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals have never been discriminated against in receiving treatment for HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

Most of the care groups have a solid base of gay and lesbian foreign workers who certainly do not discriminate against gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals.

There is UNAIDS, Save the Children, Kapul Champions and Poro Sapot. Discrimination in treatment is false propaganda, all part of the push to legalize gay and lesbian sex.

But the freedom that the US Supreme Court has given is quite massive, overriding all opposition.

On the other hand, there is a punitive approach to the paedophile push.

The world has been pressured by a rise in the paedophile lobby seeking to cash in on the gay and lesbian advances.

Yet the police forces across the world are combining intelligence to seek out paedophile rings and cleanse international care groups from paedophiles. Please click:

Scots police smash two 'large' paedophile rings | UK | News | Daily ...
SCOTTISH police have smashed two “large scale” child sex networks
involving a “significant proportion” of ethnic minority offenders.

The FBI works to arrest US paedophiles particularly in developing countries. Those convicted are gaoled with extended sentences. There is now a push in US and Australia to arrest sex tourists. Please click:

Massive pedophile ring busted; 230 kids saved - US news - Crime ... pedophile 
ring with up to 70000 members — the world's largest 

The Sex Tourism Act in Australia is not working because it relies on the foreign nations to make the arrest of paedophile offenders and gaol them.

The Australian police then re-arrest them on release from foreign prisons to be gaoled again. If the foreign nations take no action, the Australian police do nothing.

The paedophiles in the United States are pushing their agenda uphill. They are deemed mentally ill. They will be gaoled if convicted of child sex.

Yet they are trying to speak out that they have rights. They want the age of consent removed so that adults can have sex with children. Consenting boys are to be allowed to have under - aged sex with men.

They want all convicted paedophiles to be released from prison. All pornography on internet to be legalized. These paedophiles are in a dream world.

They say that boys seek sex with men with no harm done to them. Many paedophiles are kind and gentle to boys and girls.

They still penetrate anuses and vaginas, causing pain and damage, though kindly and gently. Tell the boys molested by Catholic priests and do not think of boys who have committed suicide.

The US rock spiders have come out from under their rocks and are now hiding among the gays and lesbians.  They are camouflaged like the Viet Cong hiding among the Vietnamese villagers.

Gays and lesbians may have sex over the age of consent. But they become paedophile when they seek sex below the age of consent.

Let us hope that if Donald Trump becomes president, he is able to cut through the paedophile crap.

The Child Abuse Crisis - Heritage Foundation

The Child Abuse Crisis: The Disintegration of Marriage, Family, and the ... until it is too late for society to save the child's life or repair the damage. ... The risk of child abuse is 20 times higher than in traditional married families .... Enact legislation promoting the protection and safety of children in positive family environments.

It is certain that Trump will not need the gay and lesbian vote.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Now they are guardians of children

Forgive the world if we are becoming confused about paedophiles. Once we had the image of men lurking in public toilets waiting for men and boys to stand at the urinal.

This was undoubtedly a cover for men at all levels of society molesting young children. Many will remember the book Lady Chatterley’s Lover where the little girl used to have sex with the gardener.

The issues of paedophiles in society has lifted to great heights with men of status being found guilty in Court. There were BBC Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris.

We constantly read on Google of men being sentenced to prison in the United States for molesting children. Please click:

Police arrest man (23) for procuring over 100 boys for ...

Jan 9, 2015 - Thai police working with the FBI have arrested a man for procuring more than 100 boys over the past three years for an alleged Americanpaedophile in. The U.S. State Department in June named Thailand as one of the  ...

There was a young man sentenced last year to 35 years in prison for molesting kids he was babysitting and taking porno videos.

In the United States there are paedophile organizations such a Man Boy Love Association that advocates rights of boys and paedophiles but are careful not to advocate sex with boys. They want the age of consent removed.

We are told that paedophiles are not allowed to march in the Gay Pride processions. The poor dears are excluded. No, not true. They march with their gay and lesbian hats.

Internet has brought a massive upsurge in paedophile activity. There are the chat room meetings with boys and girls and conversations with children on their bed room computers.

There is now massive child pornography on internet. Much of the material is encrypted. We read of police action across the world to detect and arrest men who subscribe to child pornography.

Networks of men are arrested across the globe and include men of all professional levels.

We may recall the sting arranged months ago of a model of a small Filipino girl nicknamed Sweetie who appeared ready to perform sexually on internet Videocam.

She attracted thousands of men within half an hour. Paedophiles of the world on parade.

The question remains unanswered of the children being abducted and molested in the performance of pornography. There seems to be a thriving industry across the world.

But now the paedophiles are trying to go respectable. They are telling us they have rights like the gays and lesbians. Please click:

North American Man/Boy Love Association - Wikipedia, the ..

The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) 

There is too much filth and depravity in the paedophile world for these creeps ever to be more than paedophobic rock spiders.

They want to pervert, molest and abuse children and tell the paedophile world that they are heroes supporting the children being denied their rights by parents to sex with adults. But many say they are kind and gentle.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Paedophiles have a covenant with gays and lesbians.
The world is being misled by a half-clever campaign by the world gays, lesbians and paedophiles. The message of Sir Elton John is typical of misleading propaganda. But he might be so involved with music that he fails to see the real world.
They would be the only activists who have publicly defamed their critics and call them homophobic and transphobic. If we disagree with their agenda, that’s what we are.
The issue is quite complicated because of the two hats being worn. There is the gay and lesbian hat. Then there is the paedophile hat. Many gays and lesbians wear the two hats.
The issues are being brought together so that the gay and lesbian rights also means paedophile rights. After all many are the same people.
The 100% gays and lesbians focus on sex with adults. But the 70% gays and lesbians focus 30% on children.
Now the 30% - 100% paedophiles claim that they are part of gay and lesbian rights.
They are now saying that children are being abused because parents will not allow them to have sex with adults. It is the mission of the child molesters to change this.
All parents know is that they have to teach their children about stranger danger. What do you do if a man at the school gate wants to take you to your father who he says is in hospital?
What if a man calls your name and says he is your uncle and has been sent by your mother to drive you home? Hop into my car.
On two occasions, my elder daughter was stopped by a taxi driver while the male passenger tried to lure her into the back seat. She ran across a drain pipe and escaped.
Parents are warned never to put their child’s name on the school bag. The child will not have the sense to realise that the stranger is calling because he read the name on the bag.
That is the real paedophile situation. But these creeps are fooling themselves in the claim that they are protecting children from parental abuse.
The names homophobic and transphobic have been invented by the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists.
It is time for the families of the world to start a more realistic name. The name rock spiders is used mainly in prisons.
Let us start the name paedophobic. Families are being overrun because we do not fight.
It is time to fight. Paedophiles are the key target to come. That is accurate identification of the real enemy.

Sunday, 23 August 2015


In recent days, there have been reports of sharp words between you and the mayor of Venice over gay and lesbian books being removed from school libraries.
You were quoted on internet as saying that Venice is sinking but not as fast as the boorishly bigoted Brugnaro.  Please click:

LGBT stories from around the web - Seen Liverpoo

Jun 12, 2015 - Lesbiangay, bi and trans people bring value 
to organisations by providing a Venice mayor hits back at Sir 
Elton John in row over gay parenting books ... his decision 
to remove from the lagoon city's public libraries 

You described a book as championing an all inclusive world with families in all shapes, sizes and colours. You said that families are about love. That is not what the paedophile advisors have been telling us in PNG. 

All women and girls are abused by violent men. PNG men rape their wives according to a UN survey. But you say that a gay family is happy.
You talk about same sex families living happily ever after. You seem to have a fairy story ending to the gay and lesbian marriage tale.
I find all this puzzling as the overriding gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in Papua New Guinea is that we should not hide behind families or faith.
We have been told that families and churches are authoritarian and the enemies of free children. Is your family authoritarian?
We are told that families are not relevant in the modern world. We of the PNG community seem to have had a paedophile agenda forced on us.
Our children have been told of their rights but nothing about responsibilities. The UN paedophiles make parents of this nation paedophobicCalling us homophobic is a diversion.
The gay and lesbian activists deny all problems that exist in gay and lesbian relationships. We read in Google about the domestic violence. Please click:

Domestic Violence Likely More Frequent for Same-Sex ...

Sep 18, 2014 - Extra stress in same-sex couples may raise risk of domestic abuse. 
domestic violence affects 25 percent to 75 percent of lesbiangay and ...
We read on Google that every city in the United States has a safe house for bashed gays and lesbians with their children. We are told that the level of violence is the same as with heterosexual couples.
We are told that bashed gays and lesbians are afraid to go to gay and lesbian violence counsellors as confidentiality often does not exist and the confidential story is spread through the homosexual community.
There is no fairy story ending here, only violence and brutality even to the extent of the gross savagery involved in gay fisting. That is the act of one gay shoving a forearm into a partner’s anus.
Elton John, you have two boys and call yourself a family. Will your boys be gay? Why would that be?
Do you support paedophilia? That is the act of men or women having sex with children? The paedophile groups claim that children are ready for sex from the age of 4 years. Do you accept that?
We read from Google reports that states that children of same sex couples are happy and well adjusted.
That is all except those sexually abused by one or more gay paedophile parent and those who have to hide in gay and lesbian shelters.
Did you support the legislations of the Russian parliament or Duma banning gay and lesbian propaganda to minors with a ban on adoption of children by foreigners?
Did you support the gay and lesbian plans to wreck the Sochi winter Olympics in Russia? They all chickened out when faced by a wall of police.

Would you support your sons being taken by a paedophile man and subjected to anal sex and fisting?
Do you oppose this gay abuse? Does that make you homophobic?
Will you warn your sons about the dangers of anal sex with damage to the anus wall and infection of the gut with parasite eggs that hatch a range of hideous parasites. If not, why not?
Did you support the Obama man Jennings in promoting sex among school children in Massachusetts?
It was more than two mums and two dads. It was about rimming and fisting and much more.
Did you support the Gay and Lesbian Appreciation days at Massachusetts schools?
Did you support the boys and girls coming out to reveal their sexuality to the school? Did you respect the fact that the teachers did not reveal their sexuality?
Do you think that the age of consent should be lowered or removed?

Do you support the paedophile view that children love sex from early age? What do you think of the research of 1950s guru and paedophile Dr Kinsey?
Parents are blocking the rights of their children to have sex and are abusing them. Paedophiles are protecting the rights of children to have sex. Do you mind if we laugh? Do you speak out against paedophiles or are they your gay and lesbian brothers and sisters in sex?
Elton, I look forward to your response in this matter. You must see the view of the mayor of Venice. It may be that 1% of families are gay and lesbian.
Do you accept our view that many gays and lesbians are paedophile? They want to recruit children from straight families and make them bisexual.
Do you accept the claim made in the South African book The Pink Agenda that the gay agenda allows parents to have sex with their biological and adopted children?

Saturday, 22 August 2015


Across the soft target Christian world, there has been acceptance of gay and lesbian relationships. This will not occur in Moslem countries and traditional nations of the developing world.

Legalization of gay and lesbian sex will bring changes to education curriculum. Paedophile teachers will use the opportunity to groom all children into a gay and lesbian outlook. 

Gay and lesbian sexuality can be accepted by straight children and make them bisexual.  We are homophobic if we talk about it.

The danger now is that school libraries can be secretly stacked with children's books on gay and lesbian lifestyle. 

Recently gay Sir Elton John had sharp words  with the newly elected mayor of Venice on banning gay and lesbian books from school libraries. Please click:

Elton John slams Venice mayor for banning books about ... › News › People
5 days ago - Sir Elton John has attacked the new mayor of Venice on social media after he Singer gives first interview to BBC after corporation filmed raid.

The books were about kids having two mums or two dads. These seem innocent enough but the door of libraries is now open to all gay, lesbian and paedophile groups to donate hideous books on gay sex. 

Who will monitor the books in school libraries? In Papua New Guinea, this would be done by the teachers.


A decade ago in Papua New Guinea there was a slogan for Positive Living by men, women, and young people. It was A.B.C.

A    abstain
B    be faithful and
C    use a condom

But that slogan seems to have disappeared at the hands of the United Nations paedophiles. There is a new emphasis on sex for everyone. One would think that an AIDS message be focused on reducing sex. But no.

Men have sex with men.
Men have sex with boys.
Men have sex with women.
Men have sex with girls.

Married couples have adultery.

Women have sex with women.

Women have sex with girls.

Use a condom.

If you don't want protected sex, do not use a condom.
If you are HIV positive, you don't have to tell your partner.
Don't tell boys of the dangers of anal sex.

The greatest incidence of HIV infection in the world is found among gay men.


Sunday Chronicle 23 August 2015

The Constitutional and Law Commission proposes immediate review of laws concerning marriage, adoption and matrimonial issues. 

Particular legislations under scrutiny for review are the Marriage Act (1963) Adoption Act (1963) and Matrimonial Act (1968). Dr Eric Kwa said that as developmental changes are rapidly affecting Papua New Guinea, several laws are outdated and need immediate review.

These legislations are important because they protect children, women and family units from abuse, torture or negligence. These laws need amendment so that all marriages, adoption of children and family units are legally established.

These laws were formulated in the colonial era and reflected many family values and ideas of that time. We have to amend these laws to reflect changes that are taking place.

Comment: This newspaper report gives a chill to the bone. There are many changes that are taking place across the world that are alien to the PNG family.

There is same sex marriage and adoption of children by foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles, Surely these are not changes that can be made without legislation.

We need to be guided by recent legislations made by the Russian parliament or Duma. Adoption of children by foreigners is banned.

There is always the chance that small children will be adopted by paedophiles and abused for sex. Promotion of gay and lesbian sex is banned to underage children in Russia. That will limit the changes to school curriculum.

The benefit of this review is that it will bring the foreign rock spiders out to lobby for changes to the legislations. AIDS Holistics will be waiting for any media comment from foreign paedophiles.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Apology to AIDS Holistics would be more appropriate

The management of Holiday Inn has just donated K5000 to City Mission in Port Moresby with a promise of more to come. This is wonderful community action I hear you say.

It is undoubtedly to cover the deep criticism and embarrassment the management has suffered with their foolish support for UN AIDS.

Management had banned the founder of AIDS Holistics from their business centre after coming to the hotel daily for 12 years to update the Positive Living website.
He had been attacked by the gay and paedophile supporting Head of UNAIDS Stewart Watson who confronted him in the restaurant and promptly demanded that he be permanently banned.
Money speaks. UNAIDS was planning to hold a conference for Pacific delegates called Pacific Free and Easy and determined that AIDS Holistics be removed from the hotel.
Since that time, the founder of AIDS Holistics has been banned much to the embarrassment of hotel workers many of whom were friends. The Holiday Inn management has opted for a gay and paedophile presence at the hotel not a family presence.

The issue has undoubtedly angered and embarrassed the owners who have donated money to City Mission to show their family focus.
The true family focus is with AIDS Holistics who has laid the foundation of Family Positive Living in this country. And we have been banned by the cowboy managers of Holiday Inn.
But the website continued. So the paedophile hate campaign of UNAIDS continued a week later one night at 11pm.
A UNAIDS officer escorted by 5 police arriving at my house with a letter purportedly from the senior legal officer in Switzerland threatening legal action if there was any more defamation of Stewart Watson the rogue Head of UNAIDS.
Watson is a con-man. He conned the security guards at the AIDS building to ban the founder of AIDS Holistics. He conned the National AIDS Council that Positive Living was not acceptable. 

He ignored that it was a major topic at the Chiangmai International HIV/AIDS conference in 2002. If a doctor, he would be guilty of malpractice. The UN will probably give him a medal for services to advancement of paedophile sex. Wait till Pacific Free and Easy gets started, Please click:


Apr 15, 2015 - There was a program at the conference of inviting reports
from the world on ... Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Chiang Mai,
Thailand -

He conned AIDS workers that Positive Living was a fake message. He conned the acting boy manager of the Holiday Inn. He conned the police to escort for delivery of a fake letter from UNAIDS Switzerland.
What a joke. Watson probably wrote the letter himself. Supporters of the Positive Living message are advised that the management of Holiday Inn is in the wrong.

A donation to City Mission does not mean that Holiday Inn is a family hotel.
The rogue Head of gay, paedophile UNAIDS still roams free while the founder of AIDS Holistics is banned at the gate of Holiday Inn.
The manager of Holiday Inn has two teenage sons. Would he allow them to attend a gay paedophile conference of UNAIDS at the hotel?

They would be given the anti-family and anti-faith message that has been made public by UNAIDS.
It is part of the plan to remove parental authority and let the kids roam free with full rights and no responsibilities. There would be plenty of under-age sex for paedophile expatriates in hotels of Papua New Guinea.

Let us hope that all this trouble will not alert the expatriate paedophiles that Holiday Inn can be a key love nest.

Bruce Copeland
AIDS Holistics
Phone 7300 9142