Sunday, 30 September 2012


In recent days, business has not been going well for Nautilus 1. There are many objections to deep sea mining in the Bismarck Sea.

Focus is coming down to the damage to the tuna breeding grounds in the Magadus Square, the key tuna grounds in the South Pacific. 

The National Fisheries Authority has repeated the fears of the previous Minister for Fisheries Mr Semri. Please click:


There has been a response by Nautilus 1 that there will be no blasting, no damage to fisheries and no pollution. Please click:


There has been a response from us above to raise questions on the smelting of ore on the sea or the land?

There is the question raised of the pollution of the fish spawning grounds from combined pollution of the Ramu and Sepik Rivers together with the waste from Ramu NiCo.

There is the matter of arsenic and cyanide which will need to be disposed of if the smelting is done at sea.

So now Nautilus 1 management is running out of steam. There was the threat in the weekend media that they can easilty shut down operations.

This is the trick of the international mining companies across the world. 

Nautilus is ready to spit the dummy and wait for the blackfellas to come pleading with them.

Multi-national companies have so many projects across the world that they they can afford to shut down operations in any one area if the natives give trouble.

A well known company in this country did that to the Indians in a reservation in Canada some years ago. But they retained the 99 year lease. The lease became a sleeper.

It is a bullying tactic and shows that Nautilus claims to date may not stand up to scrutiny.

Our report of a Panguna under the Bismarck Sea may be quite accurate if the ore is hundreds of metres below the sea bed. It will not just be a matter of a truck size excavator nibbling away at the sea floor.

There is also the matter of the undersea canyons providing a large biomass of nutrients for fish.

The question does arise as to how many Nautilus ships will be operating. Will Nautilus 1 be accompanied by Nautilus 2, 3,4....12? Does their mining lease cover the entire Bismarck Sea?

Will there come to be several Panguna sized mines under the sea?

Possession is nine tenths of the law. Once they are in, who will check the pollution and damage to the fish breeding grounds from blasts and poisons? Even PNG Attitude has come on board on the issue. Please click:

Are we witnessing the total demise of the tuna?

Saturday, 29 September 2012


Over the last few months, there has been a change to the inner workings of this blog. There is a foreign language that has concealed statistics and other messages.

আপনার পঠন তালিকাটিতে অনুসরণ করার জন্য ব্লগগুলি জুড়ুন

আপনি বর্তমানে কোনো ব্লগ অনুসরণ করছেন না৷ আপনি নিজের পঠন তালিকায় যে ব্লগটি অনুসরণ করতে চান তাতে ঢুকতে "জুড়ুন" বোতামটি ব্যবহার করুন৷ আরও জানুন

It is only moderately inconvenient as I know which buttons to click. Could you please remove the foreign language that an Indian friend says is Bengali.

I am sure that it is not the work of a hacker but a glitch in the Google nerve centre.

I cherish this blogspot as it enables reports to be set out clearly for all to read.


Bruce Copeland

Friday, 28 September 2012


We have all suffered dementia in some form. It may be temporary or fleeting or permanent and causing changes to behaviour. Please click:


Dementia is caused by damage to the brain and can be the result of drugs including marijuana and alcohol.

There are still fools in the world who want marijuana to be legalized. Let them visit the marijuana patients at the mental hospital near Port Moresby.

The flower people of the 1960s would call temporary dementia a trip, the result of the influence of LSD.

Dementia can be caused by HIV/AIDS, Alzheimers disease, concussion and strokes. It seems to be characterized by bad dreams in which fear and violence are involved.

Sufferers are being attacked. Dreams can be so powerful as to become hallucinations.

I recall three such events. As a child I was put under gas at the dentist surgery. Even now I can still recall the hallucination of being pulled off a bus by hundreds of people.

In 1981, I suffered a grossly painful attack of shingles that put me off work for 3 months.

I was treated with a drug called trypanol. I still recall the hallucinations. In each, I was being attacked.

Last year, I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Port Moresby General Hospital with a heart attack that turned out to be tuberculosis or both.

The drugs made me see the ceiling of the hospital to be designed like the walls of a pharoah's tomb. There were crocodiles on chains coming out of the ceiling to attack me.

Sufferers of HIV/AIDS experience hallucinations or delusions in the later stages. These can be accompanied by screaming that will frighten the family.

Damon Courtenay was infected with HIV/AIDS. In the story written by his father, Damon had the delusion that he was a great doctor who discovered a cure for AIDS and was being pursued by the CIA.

Damon was afraid to go to hospital as he believed he would be attacked by CIA disguised as doctors and nurses.

The mother of my son died of AIDS in 2002. In final stages, she believed she was being attacked by highlanders as punishment for stealing my daughters from their mother.

She believed that she had killed the girlfriend of her husband in 1992. The woman's mother had disguised herself as a black bird and would wait in trees outside the house to kill her. Red eyes could be seen among the trees.

Sameo who was cared for by AIDS Holistics believed she was attacked by gangs of men in her room. She was rescued by the Prime Minister who came to the window in a helicopter. Please click:


So AIDS dementia complex will hit people who have been infected and are not on ARV drugs. It will badly affect family members especially children who hear their loved one screaming in terror.

The dementia and fear of spirits will also cause family members to blame sorcery and seek to find the culprit.

Thursday, 27 September 2012


The National 28 September 2012

There has been a conference on mental illness in Port Moresby. There was an address by Dr Losavati on the chance of HIV positive people developing mental illness if there were rejections and denials in the family.

She said that many of those with HIV suffer from mental illness silently and alone. They suffered mood disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, psychotic disorders, delirium, pain syndromes and suicidal tendencies. 

AIDS Holistics advises that in the modern era, the onset of dementia may be removed with anti-retroviral treatment that kills the HIV in the blood and brings the attack on the gut lining to a halt. Body systems return almost to normal.

But in Papua New Guinea, there may well be 25,000 sufferers  in rural areas not on ARV treatment so the full thrust of AIDS will attack them.

Dr Losavati explained that with those with psychiatric disorders, it is not possible to distinguish between those with disorders and those suffering from the HIV/AIDS syndrome.

AIDS Holistics has long ago focused on the dementia that accompanies late HIV infection.

There are a number of causes which includes stress from a long term drop in health, destruction of the gut lining and blockage of nutrients, water and salts together with damage from entry of the virus to the brain.  Please click:

Progress in Dementia Research | Woodruff Health Sciences Center ... › HomeMultimediaVideosCached

Woodruff Health Sciences Center ... AIDSVu · HIV/AIDS Research · AIDS Vaccine Quest ·
Alcohol and Pregnancy ... Progress in Dementia Research ... His lecture, Life of the Mind
and Life of the Failing Mind: Progress in Dementia Research, ...


11 May 2011 – ONSET OF DEMENTIA. The awareness of HIV/AIDS has been put in place
over the. last 20 or more years by gays and lesbians


FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING at 16:59 · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare ...

The loss of capacity to absorb nutrients, salts, oxygen and water causes infection, starvation, dehydration, slow suffocation and a radically changed water salt balance.

So much depends on the correct water-salt balance in the blood and tissues. These are the pathways of nutrition, oxygen, carbon dioxide, waste and water to/from the cells, including brain cells.

All of these will affect the balance of all body systems including the brain and nervous system.

So the onset of dementia involves a wide range of factors - changed water salt balance, diet, smoking, alcohol, virus entry to the brain and genetics.

People suffering AIDS dementia complex may come to have delusions and hallucinations about people or spirits trying to kill them.

The impact of a sufferer on family can be very terrifying. 

Take the story of Damon Courtenay written by his father. He saw himself being pursued by the CIA disguised as doctors and nurses at the hospital.

He believed that he alone held the cure to HIV infection and the CIA were trying to stop him. Please click:


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


There has been a report on the blog PNG Attitude from a Solomon Islands teacher commenting on the failure of Outcome Based Education.

He hits all the key points but misses the real reason for failure and the ways by which the system can be improved. Please click:

Papua New Guinea has a most basic difficulty in Education, a deficiency that has been passed down from teacher to student. Students are taught theory straight out of the text book.

They never get to think except perhaps in Mathematics. The rest is pure memorization from the textbook and blackboard. The main outcome is recall from memorized facts.

Students learn the theory of grammar but do not learn how to write. They learn the theory of physics but never solve a problem. They learn the theory of chemistry but never conduct an experiment.

They are tested on theory in the exam. Focus on theory simplifies teaching. A teacher could take a class but know nothing of the subject. It just takes knowing what to write on the blackboard.

All that has to be done is copy the theory from the textbook onto the blackboard and test at the end of the term. Please click:

23 Aug 2012 – The teacher then copies a summary on the blackboard to be copied into
the exercise book. Many students will take 8 minutes out of a 40 minute ...

How can teachers promote Outcome Based Education when the outcome is successful memorization without any thinking?

What expatriate advisors failed to show was that Outcome Based Education was based on Mastery Learning.

The report below contains about 30 reports on Mastery Learning. Please click:

13 Nov 2011 – Recently, the new Secretary of Education stated that Outcome
Based Education is out and that a new smart approach will be used. This has to ...

Students do not spend their time memorizing but working out sequences of graded problems in a lock-step strategy of teacher demonstrating and students mastering and practising.

But the sequences do not appear by magic. These have to be prepared by teams of teachers. Please click:

26 Sep 2011 – MASTERY LEARNING IN SCIENCE. A study of heat.
If I were teaching science in a Papua ... Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY

There has to be continuity and uniformity from school to school and class to class on Mastery Learning. Please click:

It may be that the science curriculum from elementary school to grade 12 consists of 2000 mastery problems.

In English, there may be 2000 mastery exercises in writing: Please click:
SWEET ENGLISH ... I work in Lae and live at Nadzab, arriving at the workplace at ...

This is Outcome Based Education but in a practical strategy.

It is based on Mastery Learning that came from Benjamin Bloom who devised the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives. Please click:


8 Sep 2011 – The Outcome Based Education and Mastery Learning started in the 1970s
at the point that I was completing my Bachelor of Education from the ..

So many PNG teachers know of the taxonomy but few know how to apply the related skills.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


When I go to an internet shop in Port Moresby, there are often people in booths making false educational certificates.

It is so easy to scan a certificate and then replace the name, subjects, results, and headmaster's signature.

At times there are diplomas changing owners at the hands of a forger.

The forgers have a flash drive with a range of specimen words to choose from.

A forged certificate can be ready in 10 minutes. The client stands ready to give approval. It sure beats study.

It comes down to the fact that certificates can not be relied on. There has to be an entry test to be used by private business and the public service.

Employers need to send all certificates to the Measurement Support Unit of the Department of Education for authentication.

What happens when overseas diplomas are forged?

I was once training manager of a security firm. At one intake, there were 89 applicants with grade 10 certificates.

I produced my own test that could be passed only by applicants who had actually been to school. Seventy failed.

What are tectonic plates?  These are made in the highlands for tourists. FAIL
In what month is the Grade 10 Written Expression exam? Nov. FAIL
What is the symbol for sodium?  two crossed bones. FAIL.
What is a noun? It is an insect? FAIL.
What is your name? Peter Rava. FAIL
In what subjects did you gain credits? Maths. FAIL.
What was your headmaster's name? Mr Fuba. FAIL.

This student has not been to high school. Yet his grade 10 certificate gave him high passes in English and Social Science.

In other countries, police use the same technique. A driver is pulled over in his car. Let me see your license, driver.

What is your birth date? Ummm. 23 June 1993. FAIL
What colour eyes do you have? Ummm. Blue. FAIL.

Get out of the car driver.


I think I would like to be a physiotherapist. My cousin has a certificate.


An expatriate friend has married a PNG woman and has always praised her for her kindness and loyalty.

This man said he had the view that a husband and wife are equal in all matters. He cared for her and her small boy, treating him as a son.

But life in the family has changed. He encouraged her to become a member of a women's group. Now she says he has been treating her badly as she has rights.

She has the right to go to a nightclub every Friday night. That requires money from the expatriate. She says she needs K200 for beer for her and girl friends. 

She goes with a girl friend and comes home at 2.00am in a taxi. If the expatriate rings on mobile phone, he finds the phone is always switched off.

She has the right to play cards. Every week night, she comes home from work at 6.00pm, has her dinner cooked by her sister and then disappears to play cards down the road.

She scolds the man if he disciplines her son in any way. He is told he has no right to do that. The son does as he likes. Not quite.

She comes home from cards at 11pm to 1am every night. The expatriate friend has slowly developed the view that these rights can go to hell.

Last week, my friend kicked her out with her son. He now lives over the other side of town.

He has instructed the security guard at his work place to stop her from coming to his office.

He gave her a sum of money for her upkeep until she finds another expatriate.


AIDS Holistics has been criticizing the exclusion of men from gender training at the hands of overseas lesbian advisors to Papua New Guinea. Please click:


The view has been expressed that to exclude men is to negate any benefits to women and cause a confrontation between men and women particularly in the home.

The AusAID and UN gay and lesbian advisors have long conducted equity training only for women and girls.  They wanted confrontation and war. Please click:


It was part of their agenda to empower only women and girls. But that will only cause confrontation with men.

A report in the Papua New Guinea Post Courier 26 September 2012 entitled gender training isolates men based on research in India refers to the strategy of promoting only equity among women.

The question is raised as to how this transfers to the home when the perceptions of men and women differ.

How does an empowered woman go home to an abusive man?

The report refers to the programs in India that focus only on women. Men have been left behind.

There is a backlash in the form of domestic abuse, rape, sexual harrassment from men with antiquated views on equality.

Lesbian activists were ready to falsify, inflate and exaggerate statistics against men: Please click:



The only way to sensitize men and the social structures to women's rights is for men to be directly involved. This starts in schools. Please click:


While men lack an understanding of women's needs and concerns, women lack understanding and empathy towards pressures and expectations men face everywhere.

Gender training will boost the status of women only if men and boys are included.

The report states that when only one sex wins, both sexes lose.


We read on BBC internet news of the high levels of arsenic found in rice in the United States.

BBC News - US study finds high levels of arsenic in rice
5 days ago – Toxicologist Dr Paul Brent on a US consumer group's
finding of higher levels of arsenic in rice.

FDA studies arsenic found in rice products |
5 days ago – Arsenic occurs naturally in soil, but also comes from manure and
pesticides. Rice plants absorb higher levels of arsenic than other crops

It appears that the rice plant absorbs the arsenic from the soil. The question does arise as to whether or not this situation exists elsewhere in the world including Papua New Guinea.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


As a past Catholic, I have been deeply saddened by sex abuse that we read of in Massachusetts and other states of the United States at the hands of Catholic clergy.


It is now deeply distressing to view a TV expose on Boys Town in Queensland and to see grown men in tears at the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of Catholic brothers.


Breaking the Silence - 60 Minutes - Ninemsn
14 Sep 2012 – But Boys Town, in Beaudesert Queensland, wasn't the Godly place we
all believed it to be. ... The QPS also encourage survivors of sexual assault to seek .... Any
sexual abuse that came up was reported to the police.

I once sat with a PNG man who was in tears as he told of the sexual abuse at De La Salle college in Port Moresby in the 1970s.

He told of Catholic brothers taking the boys swimming in the Laloki River. They would swim with the boys, moving among them, masturbating and penetrating them under water.

My friend said that he left the Catholic church the day after he graduated and became a Seventh Day Adventist.

It makes Catholics and others wonder if these men joined the clergy for service to God or paedophile sex.


These days there are not many competent teachers of Tok Pisin in the country who understand the basics and are able to drill the basic patterns.

I have a mobile phone that holds internet.  I just have to type FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - TOK PISIN FOR EXPATRIATES and all the basic patterns are there.

I could be sitting under a tree or lying on my bed and all the patterns are before me.

These have been integrated into two reports Tok Pisin Tree 1 and Tok Pisin Tree 2. Please click:

Take one start of a sentence at a time and chant off each pattern. Remember the weak-strong-weak-strong rhythm. 

Mi wokabaut i go long taun. (I walk to town).

Mi (weak) wo (strong) ka (weak) bau (strong) ti (weak) go (strong) long (weak) taun (strong).

Remember that the following words are the weak stresses - i pronounced in a clipped ee as in tree, the plural ol as in ol meri, long pronounced law, bilong pronounced blaw and go pronounced gaw.

Try the patterns at the end of Tok Pisin Tree 2. These patterns have a poetic beauty.

The patterns are so comprehensive that the basics of Tok Pisin are all available in mastery format on the one blog report.

Know how to start and the rest of the sentence looks after itself:

Gentle suggestion: Ating mobeta yu......go kisim sut long haus sik.

Don't worry about: Maski long....wasim ka

An observation:  I luk bai kam

An opinion: Mi ting olsem...yu sik

When: Long wanem taim...em bai kam

Expressing concern: Mi wari olsem....ol man bai kros

And so on.

Friday, 21 September 2012


In this milleneum, expatriates come to Papua New Guinea with no interest in learning Tok Pisin and a marked desire to speak only in English.

Part of the reason is that Australia employs privatized aid. The private companies regard Tok Pisin training as a totally unnecessary expense. Does it earn money? No. Forget it.

Take Coffey for example. That company employs a Papua New Guinean or two to run a short familiarization course for a few days and then that is it.

The assumption is that the PNG person has to be the best teacher. The best teacher makes the best teacher.

There is also the view that the PNG people make the best military history advisors on Kokoda. Um, the Australians went up there and um, the Japanese went over there.

New arrivals leave the Coffey course able to say "Moning tru" and "Tengku tru". Profit speaks.

There is a deep problem in this country. Tok Pisin lies between the devil and the deep blue sea.

It has been used in some schools as sole medium of teaching. It means that students have a total lack of English. That is foolish.

The problem with education in the world is that changes are made in large pendulum swings.

English is out. Tok Pisin is in. Tok Pisin is out. English is in.

There is no concept that schools should promote Tok Pisin for two lessons a week. That applies to all vernacular languages.

As it is, modern Tok Pisin is bastardized language. The kids use a version that is far removed from formal Tok Pisin. The standard language is disappearing.

The hey day of expatriate training in Tok Pisin was the 1970s to 1990s.

Hordes of Australian defence personnel and wives attended the Tok Pisin training at the then RAAF School of Languages prior to posting to this country. Please click:


These days foreign advisors strike a pseudo-professional pose by claiming that it is their professional duty to talk to the 'natives' in English.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


The same sex marriage legislation failed in the Australian parliament last week.

It was a conscience vote with the majority of parliamentarians voting against.

We learn that the Greens have not changed focus to environment. A Greens senator vowed to keep the fight going for same sex marriage.

It simply means that the gay and lesbian lobby will work to infiltrate the bureaucracy. There can be clandestine selection of gay and lesbian applicants with gay and lesbian takeover.

There will also be gay and lesbian stacking of ALP branches. The next trick will be to put gay and lesbian ALP politicians into parliament.

The gay and lesbian lobby always has to enter by the back door. They tried to sneak same sex marriage into the Papua New Guinea political scene but failed.

The gay and lesbian balance of power in the Australian parliament has worn out its welcome.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


There is a report in the Post Courier 29 September 2012 entitled Solwara 1 won't threaten fish and written by Steve Rogers CEO of Nautilus Minerals.

We have written several reports on this blog that seem to have been the basis of the response by Mr Rogers. Please click:


There is much that is questionable in the report. Much is omitted that would change the scene on the high seas as Nautilus Minerals goes to work.

Solwara 1 is not located in a primary fishing ground. What does this mean? It is the breeding grounds that are of major concern.

Damage to the environment has to be seen as part of the pollution of the Ramu and Sepik Rivers from Frieda River mine and Marengo mine and the deep sea disposal from Ramu Nico.

Solwara 1 is located 30 km from the coast, well beyond coral reefs and fish stocks. No mention is made of the fact that the mining operations will move around the Bismarck Sea. There will undoubtedly be more than one ship.

Baby tuna move between the Ramu and Sepik estuarine fish nurseries and the Magadus Square.

Tuna are in the top 200 to 400 metres of the surface of the sea. There is no mention of the smelting of gold and the disposal of arsenic and cyanide. There will be scum that rises to the surface. Will smelting take place on the ship?

Robotic equipment will recover the resource to the production vessel where mineralised material is filtered. What of the massive loads of waste material? Is this a mining operation that has no mullock heaps and no disposal of toxic waste? Or will a smelter be built on the shore in New Ireland?

In every gold and copper mine in the world, the ore is crushed.

At Ballarat in 1851, the stampers rolled day and night except on the Sabbath. There were crushers on the Bulolo megalithic machines.

At Panguna, there were giant crushers with rollers that ground the rock into powder for extraction of gold and copper.

But not at Nautilus 1. The mineralised material will be filtered so Mr Rogers says. That is all.

It may well be that the copper lodes will be hundreds of metres under the sea bed. It will not be lying in precise layers of pristine copper.

It will be mined which has to involve blasting. The gold will be extracted with arsenic and cyanide. This toxic material will be released into the sea.

Or will the toxic waste be loaded on the ship to be disposed of elsewhere?

The copper resource is taken from the sea floor to the surface vessel without ever coming into contact with the sea water. There has to be massive amounts of bedrock to be brought to the surface.

Will it be reduced to slime and sucked up? A false picture is being painted here to fool the blackfellas.

There will be no blasting.  Will the bedrock be lifted by suction? Come now Mr Rogers. Does Solwara 1 mean there will be a Solwara 2, 3, 4....10?

5 hours ago – BULLSHIT BAFFLES BRAINS AT SOLWARA 1. There is a
report in the Post Courier 29. Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE
LIVING at 17: ...


A major secret in the world seems to be the treatment for raped women with antiretroviral drugs.

There has never been any advertisement in the media in this country telling women that they can protect themselves from HIV infection after rape.

The raped woman must have ARV treatment within 12 hours of rape with a regime of drugs for a month.

At this time, the HIV is still circulating in the blood and not entered any vital organs. The drugs attack the virus in the blood.

But women do not know this. I have talked to classes of high school students on ARV treatment after rape. No student has any idea.

People may be confused. They know that it takes 3 months for the HIV to show up on a test.

Yet they are now told there is treatment within 12 hours after rape and possible infection.

That is true. But the treatment after rape takes place without any test. It is given on the possibility of HIV infection.

If there is no HIV, no harm is done. If there is HIV, a woman has been spared the trauma of infection.

There is a problem that women in isolated areas are unable to travel to a health centre or hospital for treatment.

That is why AIDS Holistics has long raised the possibility that the woman can clean out her vagina with water. Please click:


If women can not get to the hospital in time or has intercourse with a womanising husband every week, it is ethical for us to explore any way she can help herself.

There are those who scorn. There were people who scorned the propositions that the world was round and that infection was caused by germs.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Parliament please ban coffee punch

Young people in Papua New Guinea are involved in binge drinking. The cheapest drink is homebrew that is produced and distributed in bottles and buckets.

Young people like home brew as it makes them drunk quickly at little cost. There are reports in the highlands that women and girls are also drinking homebrew. Please click:


This must increase the violence at the hands of both men and women. Foreign consultants on the violence towards women trail must know that the violence can be two ways.

There is a binge drinking craze across the world. Last week on 60 Minutes Australia, we saw the effects of young people going out to nightclubs and bars with the express purpose of getting stoned drunk. Please click:

The latest craze in Papua New Guinea particularly in the urban areas is for kids to drink coffee punch. It can be bought in supermarket bottle shops for K30 and is very powerful.

It consists of alcohol, sugars and caffeine. Young people who drink can stay awake all night thanks to the caffeine that is stronger than the caffeine in coffee.

But next day, they will sleep all day. This is the sign of a coffee punch drinker.

Parents can be fooled as kids can prepare a large Coca Cola bottle with a mixture of coffee punch and Coca Cola.

They can walk past their parents with a large bottle of Coca Cola and take it to their bedroom with their friends. They can even put it in the refrigerator.

Parents: If there is a bottle of Coca Cola in the refrigerator or bedroom with lid seal broken, open and smell or sip. It may be coffee punch and Coca Cola.

They can become drunk on the mixture and sleep it off with the door locked. Parents know nothing.

The only way to work out that something is wrong is to see a falling standard of school work.

But we can not stop them. They have rights. Australian gays and lesbians told them so. They have the right to get drunk. Their parents have no right to stop them.

This is the key to the world gay and lesbian agenda. First, tell the kids about their rights. Second, weaken parental authority. Third, destroy the family. Then the kids belong to us.

Foreign lesbians of UN and AusAID - please take note that coffee punch is the favourite drink of teenage girls. They can get stoned and there is not a man in sight.
It is not always the fault of the men. Fathers have their share of worry with boozing daughters.

Monday, 17 September 2012


On the Channel 9 TV programme, we saw the binge drinking of young people in Australia particularly in the city nightclubs and bars. Please click:

We saw the violence in the streets and the aftermath of young people being bashed unconscious and dying.

One hidden agenda of Australian gay and lesbian advisors was to tell PNG kids about their rights. They have spread the story around the teenage community.

Their parents do not have the right to stop them from going to nightclubs.

Did they want the PNG kids to take to the streets and drink and fight in nightclubs as they do in Australia?

Thank God that the Australian homosexual lobby has gone. Take over, churches and youth groups.

The gay and lesbian lobby does not recognise family or fathers and husbands.

Never forget the time that the singing group Makoma came to Port Moresby under invitation of AusAID.

They planned to hold concerts in.....churches? No. Youth centres? No. Schools? No.

The plan was to hold the concerts for the kids in nightclubs. Remember the AusAID media advisor telling the community that it was OK to hold concerts in nightclubs.

That was the Fijian Lisapeci Morvono. Jesus preached in nightclubs, so she said. That was the start of underaged children going to nightclubs today. Mission success.


At irregular intervals over the last 8 years, AIDS Holistics has placed a report on the social media. Please click:

It raises the question of possible action of a raped woman or a woman who fears HIV infection. Please read:


The question is raised of whether or not a jet of water into the vagina will stop the penetration of the virus into the mucosal layer.

This suggestion has raised scorn among people who have no background in such an area of knowledge.

Jackson of PNG Attitude calls the suggestion "loopy". The gay and lesbian lobby had a field day.

Jackson protects Professor Toole and Dr Malau who have long since left the AIDS scene under a cloud. He backed the wrong horses.

Two years ago, with the fear that the Australian Government was investigating and sacking useless gay and lesbian advisors, there was an attack on AIDS Holistics.

The aim was to convince Australian Foreign Minister Mr Rudd and the ALP that their PNG informer-in-chief was insane and defaming the kind and hardworking advisors.

They started a message that the AIDS campaign was succeeding as the infection rate was dropping. But that was because people were not going for testing. Who wrote the report that appeared in the Australian media?

Professor Toole the gay-in-chief sent a message through gay-supporter Jackson. There was also the threat that Copeland would be taken to Court in Australia for defamation. Creeps.

We read in the biography of the report below that Toole was a founding member of Medicins Sans Frontieres. AIDS Holistics has identified the gay and lesbian man-hating approach of that organization in PNG.

It's positive: PNG's HIV/AIDS story improves - PNG Attitude - Typepad
6 Jan 2011 – It's positive: PNG's HIV/AIDS story improves. BY MIKE TOOLE.
Toole_Michael IT IS indeed rare that a good news story on PNG is published in ...

This week in September 2012, the truth is emerging with media reports that the infection rate is rising. There are 32,000 people with the virus.

So the lies of the AusAID homosexuals had failed. Most of the Australian homosexuals have gone.

The gay and lesbian message was to have as much promiscuous sex as you like but use a condom. The faith message is to have one partner. Please click:


Professor Toole was gay and led the grossly corrupt gay Australian company Burnett. Health Secretary Dr Malau was appointed by the then gay Minister for Health. All had opposition to the family Positive Living message in support of the gay and lesbian agenda.

Professor Toole was founding member of Medicins Sans Frontieres in  Australia. AIDS Holistics had long identified the gay and lesbian anti-man focus of this organization. Please click:


Copeland is still here and they are all somewhere else. 

AIDS Holistics at least has had a decade of involvement with the infection of HIV.

We are aware of the action of the langerhans and mucosa cells in holding and engulfing the HIV.

Most such cells are located on the cervix where a thrusting man will place semen with precision.

How long does it take for the langerhans cells to hold an HIV particle?

Could a jet of water stop any attachment or blast the particle away from a langerhans cell. Please click:

HIV virus is quite fragile :: Molecules of HIV - Similar
Remember that HIV, like any other virus, is not alive. It doesn't "die" outside the body, it just gets
destroyed by the outside environment. It may seem odd to talk ...

How long does HIV live outside the body › ... › Sexually Transmitted DiseasesHIV and AIDSCached - Similar
HIV is fragile by nature and is also extremely sensitive to even small fluctuations in
temperature and the presence of oxygen. Outside of s...strictly controlled

Could a woman sit in a mountain stream or the sea and flush cold water through her vagina? We read that the virus is fragile in hot or cold.

If the outside environment kills the virus, then a jet of cold river or sea water should kill too. Water from the garden hose or refrigerator should do a better job,

Or is the medical profession too worried about their bank accounts to accept that such self help is possible?


Over the last decade, AIDS Holistics has placed much emphasis on the importance of pregnant mothers being HIV tested soon after falling pregnant. Please click:

If tested positive, they need to start ARV treatment to protect the unborn baby. This protection will involve the baby in the womb, in passage down the birth canal and during breast feeding.

It is essential that this is to take place to prevent HIV infection of the baby.

A decade ago, the advice was that mothers with a low viral count would probably not give the virus to the baby in the womb. It was hit and miss.

Now there is no doubt that the baby can be safe and that a mother can fall pregnant again with safety. But she has to take the ARV regularly as required.

There is an excellent report on PNG Attitude from Anna Awasa media officer for the LNG project. Please click:

Fighting the scourge of babies born with HIV/AIDS

She sets out the new scene for mothers and babies protected by ARV treatment.

Anna needs to focus on the need for the mother to take the ARV drugs as required. It is important to know the reasons why.

The ARV kills the virus in the mother's blood, blocking the attack on the gut lining.

The viral load of the mother drops to zero thus protecting the unborn baby in the womb and at birth.

Anna also needs to talk about the dangers of a breast-feeding HIV mother smoking, particularly those not on ARV.

The tars and poisons of the cigarette smoke finds a way into the breast milk and infects the throat and chest of the baby providing an entry for the HIV in the breast milk.

My son was born HIV positive. He lived for 2 1/2 years. I am haunted still by hearing him with a nose and throat full of mucus every day and night. His mother died one year after he did.

Antibiotics are of little value against a virus.