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There has been a report on BBC recently about the civil unrest about the banning of homosexual propaganda aimed at minors. › WorldRussia
23 hours ago – BBC News'Gay propaganda' bill proves divisive in Russia
BBC NewsA bill banning "homosexual propaganda" has passed its first
reading in ...

This is being seen as a denial of gay rights. These creeps are trying to tell us that they have the right to tell children about all aspects of gay and lesbian sex.

One Russian journalist expressed the view that there is no gay propaganda !! He would have to be joking. It is all propaganda and aimed to recruit young people into the homosexual lifestyle.

At what age should school curriculum tell young children about rimming ( licking anuses) and fisting (shoving a forearm into a partner's anus)? What happened to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic? Please click:


The gay, lesbian and paedophile propaganda machine is pumping hateful propaganda to the world. They use the same techniques as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in promoting anti-Jew hatred among school children.

There is no right to choose a heterosexual lifestyle in Massachusetts schools. The students involved are simply branded as homophobic and disgraced.

Propaganda includes the following:

All men are abusive.
All women are abused.
Gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals are discriminated against.
Family, church and parents are dictatorships.
Children have to be freed from this dictatorship.
Parents have responsibilities but no rights.
Children have rights but no responsibilities.
Gay and lesbian lifestyle is beautiful.
Children have the right to sex from early age.
The age of consent should be removed.
Children have the right to learn of gay lifestyle in schools.
Gays and lesbians have the right to be youth leaders.
The Bible is wrong.
Allah and God do not exist.
All moral laws are man-made.
Children have the right of association (UN Charter of Rights)

The same applies over the world especially in the United States. Please click:





Russia, welcome again to our blog !! Be strong !!

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Sunday, 24 February 2013


The National media of Papua New Guinea 25 February 2013 by Armstrong Sayama

Students' behaviour in school reflects upbringing by parents a senior educationist says. Balob Teachers College principal Jerry Hendingao said parents were responsible for their children's behaviour which included discipline.

He said it was important for children to respect their parents, teachers and elders in the community. Everything begins at home. Parents are the first teachers of their children.

Today, there is no protocol of respect from our children. That is the biggest problem. In this generation, children are coming out of homes where parents are too ignorant or too busy to tell them about ethics and moral values.

Hendingao said it was vital for children to know their cultural values which became the foundation of their lives. He said that traditional values and disciplines made it easier for children to develop and achieve their future goals.

This highlights the reality that the foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles are the enemies of society and families.  They seek to free children from the dictatorship of parents, church and family.

They tell children about rights but ignore their responsibilities. They seek to destroy parental authority. They want to set up a society where children do what they want, free from parents.

In Massachusetts, there is a gay and lesbian curriculum in schools for all students. Advice has been given under the auspices of the Obama man Kevin Jennings of the best gay bars in Boston for students to frequent.

A constant stream of young flesh compliments of the Department of Education.

About 6 years ago, the lesbians of the Australian aid agency AusAID arranged for the gospel singing group Makoma to visit PNG to sing about Jesus and HIV/AIDS.

The concerts were planned for young people in .... wait for it .... nightclubs. This was a blatant effort to turn the heads of young people towards the sleeze of Port Moresby.

Media advisor lesbian Lisapeci Morvono from Fiji advised the media that it was OK as Jesus preached in nightclubs. She got that out of the gay and lesbian bible.

It is planned by the homosexual activists for young people to be free to have sex with paedophiles and free to adopt a gay or lesbian lifestyle regardless of whether or not they are homosexual.

Paedophiles want the age of consent lowered or removed. They believe that all children down to babies have sexual desire. Creeps.

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The world is being tricked. The word among gay and lesbian organizations is that HIV infection is dropping in the world. That is partly true with the wide distribution of ARV drugs.

These gay and lesbian activists attribute this to excellent awareness work of the gay and lesbian organizations in increasing the use of condoms.  But the picture in the gay world is very different. Please click:

BBC News - HIV increase in gay men caused by fall in condom use 

Feb 15, 2013 – A fall in the proportion of gay and bisexual men using condoms is behind

the rise in HIV infections in those groups in the UK, say researchers.

Feb 16, 2013 – Why are less gay and bisexual men using condoms than in 1990? The Health ...
Many of the articles today include experts stating that gay men aren't complacent, the proof?
That in studies .... Sally Walton on BBC Radio 4 ...

Perhaps condoms do not work well in anal sex. It hurts.

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Thursday, 21 February 2013


There is a report on Google about a gay man writing on his life in Afghanistan. We in the soft target Christian countries are between the devil and deep blue sea. We do not punish gays for sexuality as we see in Moslem countries.

The problem is that we must differentiate between grassroot gays/lesbians and activists who ride on the backs of the grassroot gays. Whatever concessions made to the grassroot gays will be taken up by the activists with a new regime of demands.

There are born gays over the world including PNG. But there are others recruited at school by gay and lesbian teachers. Hence the recruitment curriculum. The boy below was a student at a PNG school where the founder of AIDS Holistics was deputy Head Master in 1993. Please click:


There will be a thin edge of the wedge that will open demands for single sex marriage, adoption of PNG children by foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles, school curriculum for all children on gay, lesbian and paedophile sexuality, gay and lesbian leaders in Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, gay and lesbian clergy and lowering or removal of the age of consent.

AIDS Holistics would prefer that there be no decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex in Papua New Guinea. This keeps the activists locked in. There is no punishment for gays and lesbians except paedophiles having sex with minors.

There is no need for fear of gays going for AIDS treatment. That is just activist propaganda and tricks.

Gay, lesbian and paedophile activists take the approach of speaking for the ordinary grass roots gays and lesbians. They talk of love between men, love between women, fairness for all, equality of all people. Please click:



But they would be the last of the great discriminators on the planet. They discriminate against family, men, parents who oppose gay and lesbian curriculum in schools, job applicants who can not give the homosexual password to the interviewer with gently pursed lips, churches and AIDS Holistics.

But there is still sadness and compassion for the lone gay man as we read below. Please click:

BBC News ‎- 2 days ago
An Afghan man living in Canada has broken a taboo by writing about growing up as a gay man in Afghanistan, the BBC's Tahir Qadiry reports.

AIDS Holistics has reviewed a book on the practice of honour killing of women in Jordan. Please click:


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The honeymoon between the Greens and the Australian Labor Party is over. The relationship started when the Greens held the balance of power. But they misused that power through Sen. Bob Brown to push a gay and lesbian agenda.

With the retirement of the Greens leader Senator Brown and failure of the gay and lesbian marriage legislation, the Australian Greens have slowly found themselves out on a wilderness river without a paddle. They have worn out their welcome with the Australian Labor Party.
Dec 18, 2011 – AGENDA OF AUSTRALIAN GREENS PARTY. I write this ... Many
 were now gay and lesbian and committed to the sexual reconstruction of society.
But we must not \... ....Posted by HIV/AIDS: FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING at 03:24


Oct 22, 2011 – 29 Sep 2010 – Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says the ... The
first was the move to decriminalize gay, lesbian and paedophile sex and ...

Now we find the Australian Greens having to go it alone away from the Australian Labor Party. They have enormous resentment in the action of the ALP leadership in making the gay and lesbian legislation a conscience vote. The vote failed.

Another problem is that gay and lesbian activists are working to take the ALP away from the workers by infiltration of party branches. They are descendants of the old communist Socialist Left with a Marxist-Leninist elitist strategy. Please click:

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


The United Nations lesbians have suffered a severe mauling at the hands of AIDS Holistics. They have presented a completely false picture of violence of men in this country.

There has been a false campaign in the media over the last two years. UN Women have been at the head of the fakery.

There was the report on violence towards women in markets. Fake. There was the report from UN Women on rapes of two women in Gordons Market debunked even by the Minister of Police. Fake. There was the report on gender violence in sorcery killings. Fake.

Now there is a new trick in the letters to the editor The National 21 February 2013. The new head of....wait for it... UN Women Dr Jeff Buchanan has praised the media for their focus on violence of women. He does not talk about the fake statistics.

He says that PNG is almost at the bottom of the ....wait for it....United Nations Gender Equality Index. That would be the index prepared by the UN lesbians. It is based on fake statistics and is fake too.

The UN is not doing very well.

Monday, 18 February 2013


Lesbian feminism is not gender equality. Men are being excluded and blamed by foreign lesbian activists, even by fake market rape reports. Please click:

There have been serious attacks on women in Papua New Guinea. A woman was recently killed and burned alive, accused of sorcery.

A woman was arrested for taking a leading part in this ugly murder. This is not gender violence. Men die too. Women are involved in killing.

A nurse was gang raped in Lae. According to Medecins Sans Frontieres, 60% of PNG men have most likely been involved in such gang rapes. Lesbian creeps.

But the lesbian foreign women of the UN have been overjoyed at such conduct of men. It bears out all their false reports on violence of men.

In the editorial of the Post Courier quoted a woman saying "It's time we all had enough. We need to stand up an say stop the violence, stop the rape, stop the torture. When are men going to realize that women are equal partners in development of the country".

When are men and women to be equal partners in awareness training? The Personal Development course in schools has been running well and poised to influence generations of boys and girls from Grade 6 to Grade 12.

It is the teachers who will lead relationships awareness not the foreign lesbian activists with a foreign homosexual agenda. Please click:

But that is not the message of lesbian feminism. The foreign lesbians exclude men from their message, under the pretence of promoting gender equality. Please click:

The foreign lesbians do not want equality of men and women. They want war. They want men to bash women and rape them. They want to promote confrontation of men and women.

They want women to go home from workshops and be bashed by their husbands. They want men to be the permanent enemy of women.

They do not want women to know of the ARV drugs to be taken for 30 days and administered up to 12 hours after rape.

Then they think that the success of world lesbian feminism will rise if there is massive confrontation of men and women..

They will punish any care organization that promotes family rights and responsibilities and the equality of men and women. Funding will be blocked.

They will fail. That is why the 22 seats in parliament failed. Too many UN lesbians had secretly become involved. The 22 seats in parliament will be a honey pot for lesbian activists.

The parliamentary lesbians would have worked towards gay and lesbian decriminalization of sex, control of the Department for Community Development and control of the Marriage Committee.

They would seek adoption of children by foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles, legalization of sex workers, same sex marriage and gay and lesbian curriculum in schools.

When will equality of men and woman be promoted? When will workshops be held for men and women together?

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Thursday, 14 February 2013


As reported in The National 15 February 2012, the tricky lesbians are getting cheeky, this time feeding  fake statistics to the new Minister for Health.

We have been getting a regular diet of fake statistics in Papua New Guinea, this time following the gruesome killing of a young woman accused of sorcery.

We have been fed with fake results from Medicins Sans Frontieres with results probably compiled in the tea room over a cup of coffee. We have to make a statement to the media.

Recently the figure was 60-80 women treated at the Lae clinic every week. How many were repeat visits and treatment?

OK sisters, how many women are subject to violence? Let's say 85.3%. How many young girls are raped? Lets say 25.7% How many children are afraid to go out at night. Let's say 63.2%

This time, the new Health Minister gave a speech with data from the Institute of Medical Research. Who would dare argue with their figures?

We were told by the Minister that 68% of women have experienced violence. from men? from women? Does not say. Must be men. Over how many years? Does not say.

The figure is a little low. It may well be that 100% of men and women have experienced violence. All people have been hit by someone some time.

But the report in the media uses the old slippery words. We are told that 68% of women have experienced one form of violence or another. What does or another mean? Anything goes.

The founder of AIDS Holistics has had three teeth smashed, a broken nose and two stabs to the arm and chest. All by violent PLWHA at the instigation of women who had hyjacked 3 Angels Care. Put him down for 8 attacks. No delete him. He probably deserved it.

My elder daughter has been smacked by her dad. Violence. She has been punched by a boy at school. Violence. A man grabbed her breast in the bus. Abuse. Put her down for 17 violent attacks. Her father has smacked her about 12 times in her life. Please click:




The Minister says that 55% or 1.86 million women were subject to forced sex in marriage. How on earth did the researchers reach that figure?

Or was that figure arrived at over a cup of coffee? Lets go around the table and then multiply the number of forced sex attacks from sisters at this meeting by 400,000.

Did they look in bedroom windows? What is forced sex? I let my husband have sex with me even if I am tired. That's rape. How many times? Put her down for 145 rapes in the last 5 years. Please click:


This report by the Minister has lesbian activist written all over it. We had fake rapes in the Gordons market this year as reported by UN Women. Sorcery killings are all gender based. Not true. The lesbians of UN are seeking to justify their existence.

At least the new US Ambassador Walter North had put a positive perspective on the issue at the 1 Billion Rising public meeting by referring to the importance of family and the work of the churches.

In modern PNG, the schools run a subject for students called Personal Development. Are the foreign lesbians trying to get the Minister to say that all of this is not working?

The focus is on family, rights and responsibilities. Do the foreign lesbian activists want to throw all this out and have a gay and lesbian based curriculum? Do they want to follow the Massachusetts curriculum? Please click.





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Monday, 11 February 2013


In Massachusetts, schools have been holding Gay and Lesbian Appreciation days.

This is where all students, both straight, homosexual and pretending to be homosexual are treated to displays, projects and activities designed to show that the homosexual lifestyle is normal and beautiful. Please click:

"Gay Day" at a Massachusetts high school
Mar 2, 2009 – "Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Appreciation Day" at a ...
17, 2008, Newton North High School, in Newton, MA held a school-wide
"Gay Lesbian ... transgenderism in schools across America, called the
TransAction project ...
Children prepared posters of various sexual activities including posters telling parents not to be racist and homophobic.

Parents are being separated from their children by teacher creeps supported by Obama who never mentioned gay and lesbian issues in the last election. He waited till later.

Only in the old US of A. We laugh when the Moslems call USA the abode of Satan. The homosexual community is working on it.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013


So we read that the Boy Scouts of America is riddled with paedophile scout leaders. That means that there are leaders who take up the scouting commitment not for the boys but for their own sexual gratification.

Boy Scouts have  a great problem. Scouting is not about sex either homosexual or heterosexual. It is about boys getting out into the bush and developing self reliance, self confidence and survival skills.

But the Chief Scout is determined to betray all that. President Obama wants to solve the massive paedophile problem by removing the ban on gays and paedophiles.  It is not gay boys who are banned. It is gay boys openly displaying their homosexuality as a political statement.

Obama is a fool. He would try to stop a plague of rats by banning rat catchers. This would massively increase the plague of rats. So too the paedophile leaders in the Boy Scouts would run free. Obama wants to preside over sexual chaos. Please click:

I rejoiced when Obama became president as the first African-American to win that esteemed seat. But I now know that he is an amateur on human issues. Only two years ago, he was quoted as saying that he was on a learning curve on gay and lesbian issues.

He is a liar. At that very time, he had set up his advisor to Massachusetts education Kevin Jennings who was to bring understanding between heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, African American and Latino students. Please click:

Audio: Massachusetts teacher confirms Jennings controlled material ... - Similar

Dec 14, 2009 – ... about sexual techniques like “fisting,” “rimming,” and “watersports. ...
However, Jim interviews a Massachusetts teacher who attended the ... Of interest – on
the Hot Air 12/11/09 Jennings thread (“Do safe schools require an iron fisting? ... A few
quotes from the Kevin Jennings founded Gay, Lesbian and ...

But he focused on pissing on homosexual partners, rimming (licking anuses), fisting (shoving an arm into an anus) as information for all students. Creep. Please view the photo in the report below. Please click:


Is paedophile activity in the Boy Scouts to be decriminalized? Can paedophiles take legal action to get into the Boy Scouts? Is it still to be a crime for a scoutmaster to sexually abuse a boy?

By what we see among plaintiff parents complaining about the gay and lesbian school curriculum in Massachusetts, the US Courts obviously have homosexual judges who never disqualify themselves.  Please click:


Read the report below about the boy who was repeatedly abused by his scoutmaster. Then there is the report about the young man abused by his scoutmaster who shot him 25 years later. Is the Chief Scout legally liable for compensation claims by parents?

if the scoutmaster is paedophile - family positive living - aids holistics

Aug 5, 2011 – What would I do as a parent? I have lived in the world long
enough to know that paedophiles gravitate towards organizations that
attract boys.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


The human race tends to put issues into boxes and to deal with each separately.  We put gays, lesbians, paedophiles and heterosexuals all in separate boxes.

With sex worker reform, we think in the heterosexual and paedophile boxes. We never think to look in the gay and lesbian boxes. We think of men with young girls.

We never think of gay men with boys nor lesbian women with girls.  This error on the part of society enables paedophiles to hide in the gay and lesbian boxes.

With domestic violence, we look in the heterosexual male box. We never dream to look into the gay, lesbian and paedophile boxes. They bash their partners too. 

But the big division of sexuality is found in the paedophile, gay and lesbian  boxes. We think that people are either totally gay, totally lesbian or totally paedophile. But many gays and lesbians are paedophile.

There is a simple borderline between gay and paedophile with lesbian and paedophile. The gays and lesbians have sex above the age of consent.

Paedophiles have sex below the age of consent except when they find someone above the age of consent. There will be pressure to remove the age of consent so that adults can have sex with any child.  Please click:

But the paedophiles are said to be not recognised by the gay and lesbian movement. The North American Man Boy Love Association is not part of the gay and lesbian movement, not officially that is.

So the trick is to hide as a gay or lesbian. They even take part in gay and lesbian mardi gras and seek to adopt children. Clever little bastards.

At the present, there are news reports daily of some country legislating for same sex marriage. We read of people at all levels being quoted to say that this is a great day for equality of the human race.

But we are never allowed to think of the damage to society from paedophiles, pornography, snuff movies with children and teachers shot in US schools.

Child pornography has raised an appetite for paedophiles to enjoy seeing children suffer.

Equality to the homosexual and paedophile activists opens the doors wide for access to boys and girls in families of the world.

With equality in sexuality, there will be massive pressure to promote gay and lesbian sex in school curricula across the world.

Youth groups will be forced to accept homosexual leaders who will revise training programs. There will be children put into care by gay and lesbian welfare officers and put up for adoption by gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

The Russians may well be on the job by banning overseas adoptions and homosexual propaganda to minors.

We read in the media of international action of police in investigating paedophile rings. Is this intended to reassure the world that the world police are on the job and that paedophiles are not acceptable. Please click:

The curriculum in gay and lesbian curriculum schools is paedophile by the very nature of schools teaching children. So too the training programs of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Please click:

Will there soon be action groups called Clergy for Boy and Girl Sex? After all the clergy have rights too.
Please click:
2 days ago – Obama Wants Pedophile-Plagued Boy Scouts to End its Ban on Gays ...
that the Boy Scouts of America should end its ban on gay members ...
10 hours ago – The Boy Scouts of America on Wednesday delayed its vote on a ...
Jack, you need to look up the difference between "gay" and "pedophile", ...

The key to the issue is to allow entry to openly gay boys and paedophile leaders. It will not be long before there are openly gay troops led by openly gay and paedophile leaders with openly gay training programs.

This is happening in Massachusetts education too. Learning is being replaced by propaganda.

The Boy Scout movement founded by Lord Baden Powell was aimed at fostering strength of character, leadership and discipline, courage, resourcefulness and loyalty.

Now with the support of President Obama, the movement will be spoiled as parents remove their children. But they are only homophobes so it does not matter.

Obama has made the error of his presidency. He may be fantacizing that he is freeing slaves. Perhaps he sees himself as the modern Abraham Lincoln. He is destroying the fabric of American society.

The destruction of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides may be a paedophile plot. There will be more kids on the streets for the paedophiles if the Scout and Guide troops close down.

The French gay and lesbian socialists planned to ban homework for the same reason. The attack on family is moving strongly. Creeps.

Anyone for naked swimming with the scoutmaster?

Suddenly the gay, lesbian and paedophile cult will destroy the Scout ethos to be replaced by a minority sexual preoccupation.

Transvestite boys are not to wear their dresses when they swim. Frilly knickers are allowed. Sorry for being frivolous. But there is a grain of truth.

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Monday, 4 February 2013


In private conversation with students from Port Moresby schools, I occasionally ask the sixty four dollar question. How may gay and lesbian boys and girls go to your school?

The response is often a blank stare and shrug. Most students do not know. Some say there was a gay boy in school the year before. But the overall response is in the negative. That was my experience at Morobe schools in the last decade.

People might say that these children are telling lies. But that does not apply to my daughters and their friends. They genuinely do not know. Ask the young people in your family and neighbourhood.

There is a very strong difference between PNG schools and those of South Africa and Massachusetts. We have the idea that the gay and lesbian students are a majority.

Or is there gross exaggeration by gay and lesbian activists? But gay and lesbian studies are not part of school curriculum in Papua New Guinea.

It may well be that there are schools in Massachusetts and South Africa that attract boys and girls who are gay and lesbian or pretending to be so for the social notoriety. Please click:

gay and lesbian perversion in education - family positive living - aids ...

Jul 21, 2011 – FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope, peace, love, ...
 Idaho Observer: Massachusetts model state for national gay/lesbian

If a school gains such a reputation, boys and girls may flock to the one school to be part of the gay and lesbian scene.

It may be a source of anger and resentment among other students that their school is being dominated by the gay and lesbian cult.

In earlier times, there was anger in US middle class suburbs when a black african family moved in. There was fear that property values would drop and attract other black African families.

There would be a time when the suburb had changed hands from middle class white to middle class black.

It may be that American schools could change hands in the same way from heterosexual students to students and teachers gay and lesbian.

The issue is being covered up by inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual issues with all the other groups, black African and Latino. They are riding on the back of racial issues.

Friday, 1 February 2013


Mr President, supporter of gay and lesbian studies in Massachusetts schools with ex-Governor Mitt Romney , you have set something in motion that will take the US a long time to overcome.

You have thrown children to the wolves in allowing gay and lesbian studies to become part of schools. Was this for the benefit of the children?

You have begun the destruction of families with parents no longer in authority. Do your daughters go to a gay and lesbian curriculum school, Mr President? We bet they do not.

We have to recognise the difference between negative indoctrination and education. The education process is for the benefit of the child. Indoctrination is for the benefit of the state or some cult.

Many cults are anti-family in seeking to isolate children from their parents. So too the gay, lesbian and paedophile cult centred on the United Nations.

We see the results of negative indoctrination in Germany with the school curriculum that preached hatred of the Jews.

The BBC series shows an old man a former guard at Auschwitz who shot prisoners and says he would do it again. He was not taught to think in school. He had hatred branded on his brain forever. Indoctrination trains people to react not to think.

Now the children of the US may face Constitution-approved homosexuals who will treat the family and fathers in the same way.

Education enables us to see both sides, analyze factors, evaluate ideas and apply ideas to other plans. But indoctrination requires us just to accept and act on the ideas and dictates of teachers.

There is no debate to be entered into when the gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers are in charge.

All men are violent.
All women are abused.
Children are free from parents.
Families are dictatorships.
Gay and lesbian sex is beautiful.
There is no God or Allah.
All morality is man-made.

We read once that President Obama will not allow his daughters to have access to Facebook. That is dictatorship. He is depriving his daughters of their rights.

They are being abused. Should they be taken into care? Will someone talk to the local lesbian welfare officer? (joke). Please click:

Russians are leading the world as they did with the launching of Sputnik in 1957. Americans never learned much about Education from that time. That is why Outcome Based Education failed. Please click: