Friday, 30 December 2016


Post Courier 30 December 2016

There was a very prejudiced report in the media on binge drinking women in the United Kingdom. These are women who booze regularly and become drunk in groups or alone.

The report written obviously by a woman with her own lesbian agenda expressed displeasure that the media should report that such women were helpless, drunken and a burden to her family. The writer may be alcohol demented.

There was a sense of disgust that reports should state that such women are cared for by the husbands. It seemed not possible to the writer that husbands are capable of caring for alcoholic wives. There would be many men who do not drink but have alcoholic wives

Binge drinking women may go out at night to booze with other women. At times they are drunk when their husbands come from work and children come home from school. No housework has been done but empty bottles lie around the house. 

Teenager girls may become alcoholic as well as menopausal women who can not face the change in life without booze. Please click:

Menopause and Alcohol Abuse | Alcohol Treatment for Women
Menopause and Alcohol Abuse - Another Overlooked Element in Women's ... and
sometimes, the beginning of escalating alcohol consumption, as a means of ...

AMA president Dr Gannon is quoted as saying that it was appropriate to document "lousy drunken behaviour" across both genders.

Drunken behaviour of men, boys, women and girls occurs in Papua New Guinea and is the cause of violence of men to women, women to men, women to women and men to men.

Drinkers have binge drinking with cartons of beer, bottles of coffee punch and buckets of homebrew. Many PNG men and women are only happy to drink until blind drunk. Violence arises among the drinkers and with family members.

PNG people are among the races of the world whose genes are not able to withstand the effects of alcohol. The gene for alcohol resistance seems to have started among the races of Europe but there is still no answer for those who drink until blind drunk.

The foreign lesbian activists of the United Nations are only too ready to put all the blame on men. The fact is that PNG women are moving out of families to spend the nights out with the girls.

Dr Gannon said in the report that the gender gap between binge drinking men and women is fast closing. In Papua New Guinea, women are starting to drink like men with violence.

Thursday, 29 December 2016


The National 29 December 2016

I have read a report on Mr Justice Higgins, the judge who found that the refugees incarcerated on Manus Island are held in breach of the PNG Constitution. He has served in the judiciaries of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

I admired his social conscience even before I had finished reading the report. I was interested in his background as an active member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). 

He had been a Branch president. That gave him the touch of social concern that he shows at the present in the refugee issue on Manus Island. 

Refugees and their children are being punished though they have committed no crime. I would expect more from the Australian Government though the refugee smugglers have to be discouraged. The solution is to let innocent people rot behind the wire.

I spent several years as an ALP Branch president which gave me a depth of concern for the ordinary citizen in Australian and Papua New Guinea.

I spent many years in the Australian Army as an army education officer with several legal officers as good friends. 

Military teachers and lawyers are professional officers whom the rest of the army believed could not lead a rat up a drain pipe. 

We had professional integrity and many of us did not see the need to obey orders. But many of us had hidden talents.

Mr Justice Higgins expresses a similar sentiment in stating that judges do not understand the problems of ordinary men and women. We could say that the judges across the nations are insulated from the real world.

As members of a professional service, they have professional integrity and are not strictly part of the chain of command. 

That means that judges all over the world lack the experience in making judgments based on the command and control in bureaucratic systems, particularly in the disciplined services. 

All bureaucracies in democratic countries have protocols that have to be reviewed and improved as problems arise.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Over recent weeks. I have been reading through the internet website PNG Blogs.This is the blog site that has made PNG politicians angry and committed to legal action for false information.

I was certain that hideous claims would be made on PNG Blogs in opposing Copeland and AIDS Holistics. There have been so many rotten accusations made against Positive Living over the last decade.

But I have found that PNG Blogs is quite even handed and fair to AIDS Holistics and founder. There have been hideous attacks on AIDS Holistics particularly in the run-up to the last PNG election.

The foreign activists in the United Nations were lobbying legislation in parliament for (1) decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex and (2) 25 reserved seats for women in parliament. Their plans are still alive and waiting to emerge in the 2017 elections.

AIDS Holistics had just emerged from hate attacks from the UN activists with our focus on FAMILY and FAITH. 

In 2011, we were not prepared for vilification on the social media from three activists who had decided that the time had come to destroy AIDS Holistics.

MALUM NALU committed serious cyber crime and identity theft by making readers to internet falsely believe that Copeland had been sexually harassing PNG women in Australia by email. He is a senior journalist with The National newspaper.

His onslaught came to an end at the hands of Lydia Kailap and Nancy Sullivan who made public that Nalu was the cyberstalker who had taken my identity. He had abused Lydia as a white women married to a PNG man.

He was really attacking those two women who opposed the Rimbunan Hijau logging in Pomio. But he was pushing the blame on to the AIDS Holistics founder.

PROFESSOR MICHAEL TOOLE was in charge of the AusAID AIDS commitment but was pushing the nation into a gay and lesbian agenda. He resented severely that we were criticizing the corruption of the AusAID commitment of which he was in charge.

He does not appear to be involved with the PNG AIDS campaign any more. Toole made scurrilous accusations against the founder of AIDS Holistics for all to read. I was mentally ill, full blown AIDS and attacker of women.

KEITH JACKSON was the blog master of PNG Attitude and decided that the job had to fall to him to destroy the Positive Living message to allow the gay and lesbian agenda to run free. 

For over 2 years, he supported Copeland in a wide range of topics sent to his blog that included (1) Salamaua in colonial times (2) deep sea mining of Nautilus (3) pollution of industry in China and future problems with Ramu NiCo (4) Sir Paulias Matane as Governor General (5) Outcome Based Education  and many more. 

I was one of the educated specialists in colonial history, political development, education and environment that enriched the PNG Attitude blog. Jackson called me the General. 

Then he took it all off to show that he was a wise and just blog master protecting his treasure. Most of these reports were transferred to this blog. All our reports made to his blog were of highest quality. Please click:

sepik feeds the yellow fin tuna - family positive living - aids holistics

Sep 4, 2016 - The young of the yellow fin tuna are fed by the massive nutrients that are ... 
deep sea mining in magadus square - family positive living - aids 

deep sea mining in magadus square - family positive living - aids ...
Aug 12, 2012 - That is the existence of a major yellow fin tuna breeding grounds 
in the Magadus Square bounded by the north coast, Manus Island and New ...

That had all died with his decision to support the gay and lesbian bills to parliament and oppose the AIDS Holistics comments on the corruption of AusAID activists. He wrote a hideous report on his blog to pretend that his blog had been attacked. Please click:
has been a report on blog setting out a hateful denunciation of the ...

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


There has to be a strong illuminati representation in the United Nations particularly in such organizations as UNAIDS that opposes FAITH and FAMILY.

They want to break down the family unit and authority of parents, particularly fathers. They want the kids out on the streets to be taken and groomed by paedophiles to be gay and lesbian.

They want to follow satan in destroying family values to control the world of children. The Illuminati want satan to rule the world and for the illuminati to be his foot soldiers. Please click:

ILLUMINATI United Nations New World Order CFR Exposed - YouTube

Sep 10, 2008 - Uploaded by KevZen2000
  Learn all about the ties between the United Nations(UN) and the 
 on Foreign relations(CFR) for One

Thursday, 22 December 2016


Having only recently read the blog report PNG Blogs, I am quite amazed that the authors can make such claims against Government members. 

There is now talk of increased power to NICTA to stop corrupt use of internet by anonymous writers.

AIDS Holistics never feels fear that we will come under scrutiny and be prosecuted for what we write on blog against those who would seek to destroy the Positive Living message with hidden attacks.

Most attacks over the last decade have been illuminati inspired, anonymous and accusing the founder of a range of improbable misdeeds which included being a potential serial killer, killer of women, full blown AIDS and violent, cyberstalker, child molester and international spy. 

There is a determination to make the gay and lesbian agenda the key message in the Pacific and across the world. The paedophile message is hidden. Please click:

lluminati Watchdog: The Illuminati Want Your Child to Be Gay
Mar 2, 2013 - For more on how the Illuminati promotes its homosexual agenda, ......
The promotion of gaylesbian, transgender and other groups began in


Our blog is pure, accurate and professional. It is not anonymous but the founder is known to all. We lead the health message in this country while the enemies have worked to divert and pervert the message. 

There is never a criticism of the Positive Living message only anonymous hate mail from the United Nations Illuminati who have sold their souls to satan.

We remain the key source of accurate information to the world. There is nothing to fear from the Government of this country. It would appear that so many key people are reading our blog.

It would be a welcome change for someone to take Court action. No one would dare. Any accusation against AIDS Holistics would rebound on dozens of corrupt advisors, national and foreign.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2016


Any low class criminal can be a sorcerer with a bit of treachery and a load of poison. Claims of sorcery can be the cover for vicious murders. Just blame the old man living by the river. No-one likes him.

There are sorcerers in every culture and every age. They are feared for the death they can bring to their victims. All sorcerers have an aura of fear and a mystique built up over the ages.

Women were the earliest victims killed as witches by followers of the Catholic church in medieval times, They were the village mid-wives and dispensers of herbal potions that threatened the dominance of the priests.

They died in waves of genocide over the centuries burned at the stake as the villagers watched. European culture featured wicked witches in black clothes and pointed hats riding on broomsticks.

Australian aborigines feared the Kadaicha man who brought death by pointed bone. This sorcerer would walk up to a house, put on his Kadaicha shoes. 

He would walk away with no footprints that leave the bush house. Aborigines are expert trackers. The family would be in terror that he was still in the house.

Sorcery has existed in Papua New Guinea from early times. Men and women died from poisons and fear.

An early missionary report in the Sepik stated that sorcery improved with the purchase of rat poison from the local expatriate store.

There are sorcerers in Papua New Guinea with women in the highlands and sangguma men in the Sepik. They can kill for a fee paid by a client mainly through fear and poison.

Victims can be waylaid on a jungle track and poison given, these days by syringe bought in the local chemist shop.

We are told that a victim can be killed with organs removed and told to come back to life to die a week later.

Remember the death of a white man in Wewak in the 1980s who was said to be killed by a sorcerer who changed himself into a wild animal.

There is a belief in Samarai of sorcerers who change into birds and fly out to kill. I once experienced this with Linda the woman I cared for with HIV/AIDS.

She believed that a Samarai woman waited as a bird at night to kill her. It was fearful to hear a bird walking across the roof at night, even for a white man.

We are told that there is now a view in the highlands that sorcery and killing have to cease. So-called sorcerers are being intimidated and forced to change their occupation.

Poison is the main method of killing. That is why PNG people do not allow strangers and even family to enter their houses. They fear that poisons can be sprinkled on clothes, toothbrushes, pots, pans and cups.

Battery acid has long been a means of killing by being sprinkled on food or placed in cups of tea or coffee while the victim is not looking. 

I knew a young highlands woman whose body was badly burned by battery acid sprayed on her clothes drying on the line. Any creep can do that.

The killing of so-called sorcerers in the highlands has reached high levels with the undoubted slaughter of innocent men and women for other reasons. Theft of land is probably the most common reason.


The National 21 December 2016

It was pleasing to read the report of the Sanap Wantaim concert in Port Moresby that featured UN Women and the several churches. Does this mean that the churches will be working with the United Nations?

There was a concert with UN Women and choirs from the United, Pentecostal and Seventh Day churches.

Does this mean that UN Women and UNAIDS are no longer anti-faith and anti-family but plan to work with the churches in promoting strong families?

Will UN Women seek the support of the churches with a future legislation for 25 reserved seats for women in parliament? 

Will that lead on to future bills on decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex with adoption of PNG children? 

It is good that the Minister for Community Development Delilah Gore is calling on stronger working support between the Department and the churches.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


The National 20 December 2016

There was a strange letter to the editor from one Tumba Biinem on churches having to become involved in the sorcery debate.

The writer claimed that "plainly the Bible tells us that the sorcerers are agents provocateur of the devil. They are possessed by demons to kill people and cast them to hell".

There are massive leaps in assumptions here. So any person killed in the villages is a sorcerer and the writer supports the killers.

It may well be that the villagers are innocent citizens and the killers are the agents provocateur of the devil.

So villagers have the right to assume that all deaths have to be at the hand of a sorcerer. A person dies of AIDS after several years of dementia and seeing demons in their dreams. That has to be sorcery. Someone has to die.

Asia is being covered by floods after El Nino. So the El Nino drought was the fault of some poor old man in a highlands village. He has to die.

The floods that follow are the result of sorcery. Someone has to die. 

It may be all the result of young villagers stealing land of old men and women who have no family to avenge their killing. 

Monday, 19 December 2016


We all know that the human race can change the environment mainly through destruction. We can cut down trees, kill animals and plants, cause global warming, pollute the ground, air and water, burn forests and divert rivers.

But that is all we can do. We can swim but not fly except in aircraft and parachutes. There is nothing we can do by magic except play tricks on silly people.

We can not bring rain, cause lightning strikes, floods, earthquakes and landslides. We can not call up snakes, spiders, mosquitoes and flies. We can not turn into birds or bats. Nor can we make people fall in love by magic.

Anyone who says they can do these things is mentally deranged. So too the people who believe that others can do those things and deserve to be killed.

So let PNG have a national championship for sorcerers. Bring all sorcerers wearing masks if they wish and put them on TV to explain what they can do. Then let them do it for a prize of K100,000. No tricks.

Let the TV news report each night to the nation that no sorcerer turned him/herself into a bird or bat. None has flown out the window. All are hungry and demanding their dinner.

Let the news report at the end of the competition that no sorcerer has won the K100,000 prizes as no magic has been done. Let that news go out to all the potential killers of old men and women in the highlands.

Sorcery is not real but limited to tricks people play on the minds of others. No human being can influence the environment in magic ways. They can never call up snakes or lightning strikes. They can never influence landslides or earthquakes.

Only poison or fear are real. No so-called sorcerer will go home from the national sorcery championships K100,000 richer. They can not do those things even for a big prize.

Em tasol.

Sunday, 18 December 2016


The legislation on Gender Based Violence is quite fatally flawed and destined to fail . The Government has not the capacity to enforce the laws on a community not educated in family living.

Man hating propaganda has grown out of lies and cheating of lesbian UN activists and care groups seeking to ensure their funding continues. It is so easy to produce fake statistics. 

They do not want loving marriages and families. They want WAR between men and women. Lesbians want the young girls. Paedophile men want the young boys and girls. 

The foreign lesbians want the 25 reserved seats in parliament to ensure that same sex marriage and adoption of children are made law. They have hidden agendas.

The legislation is not based on the positive reality of hundreds of thousands of happy families with loving husbands, wives and children.

The strategy of the lesbian campaign is to blame all men and ignore violence of large numbers of women bashing their husbands and children. 

Focus on the negative is the sign of uneducated foreign activists or Gestapo activists with a vicious propaganda agenda.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill stated that change can not be achieved by laws alone but by changes in attitude in the community.

There is so much fuelling violence in this country. Both men and women are drinking alcohol and home brew and smoking marijuana. Many men, women and young people suffer brain damage and are violent.

Every day and night there are men and women bashed in the home by their partner. But the lesbians and the law can only see the violence of men. Some have fought violent wives who had come home late at night from drinking, cards and sex with men.

Village authority does not exist any more. Old village man can no longer control drunken young village men often armed  with guns. Churches can no longer have strong influence on villages.

There are many developments in this country to improve family life. Church groups are running courses for married couples. Schools are conducting Personal Development courses.

Organizations train women for business. Literacy courses have been conducted for men, women and young people. 

There are groups conducting Living Skills courses for men, women and young people to lift the skill of handicrafts to be sold in markets.

Prisoners are given day release to attend study in colleges. Some visit schools to talk of dangers of marijuana and home brew. Courses are conducted in prisons.

Sorcery is blamed by the foreign lesbians on village men killing women. Large numbers of those who suffer are old men, probably killed for the land that the young villagers want to own. 

Sorcery can only be stopped by education. That is a problem when so many villagers in the highlands are uneducated. 

So we teach that malaria kills people through mosquito bites. Yes, we understand that. But who was the sorcerer who sent the mosquitoes?

Landslides in the highlands are caused by trees cut down and sand from beaches of past geological ages. Fossilized sea shells have been found in the Chimbu valley.

Markham Valley was a strait between two islands. Landslides are caused by heavy rain. But my neighbour is  sorcerer who called on the heavy rain.

The latest trick for women is to have several boy friends as well as a husband with a SIM card for each. Then one husband or boy friend can not phone the woman and have the phone answered by another man !!

Friday, 16 December 2016


The citizens of Papua New  Guinea be warned that a foreign lesbian take-over is under way again in the run-up to the 2017 election. 

The focus is on Gender Based Violence with the epicentre as attacks of women on public transport in National Capital District.

They failed before the last election with the support of Dame Carol Kidu in having legislation passed on (1) decriminalizing gay and lesbian sex and (2) reserved seats for 25 women in parliament. 

This time they think they are on a winner with the support of the Governor of National Capital District Powes Parkop. He has spoken out on the fake violence of men against women on public transport. 

The lesbians have tried and tried to set men up in Port Moresby particularly with violence of men to women in the main Gordons market. 

But they have stepped over the line with so-called violence of men on public transport. They are fooling no one. 

The nation rides on public transport and is aware of the safety for women and children. My daughter traveled to school by public transport with never a problem.

Parkop may not realize that he will have a debt if the lesbian activists mobilize women to put him into parliament again. He will be required to put the failed bills back into parliament with all the skill of a lawyer.

He must not allow the UN lesbians to regard him as their pet politician. He is better than that. That is what they thought  with Dame Carol Kidu but she had a mind of her own in the  end. She placed value on the family which the lesbian activists did not.

Where is Elizabeth Cox? In the run up to the last election she was preparing women to take the 25 seats in parliament with Cox probably as the lesbian Minister for Community Development. 

She is somewhere in the lesbian background preparing for the 2017 elections. The nation must not let the United Nations lesbian women take control of this country.

Thursday, 15 December 2016


I am becoming angry at the vicious racist rubbish being pushed into the media by the lesbian haters of the United Nations against PNG men. 

They are totally racist and see all PNG men as violent, vicious and over-sexed niggers who attack women. They do not accept that there are caring and loving husbands and fathers in this country. But the foreign lesbians see all PNG men as primitive niggers.         

The lesbian hate campaign has gone on for over a decade. I was the first male victim of the AusAID low life paedophile haters Stewart Watson and Elizabeth Cox.

They tried to stop the Positive Living message by secretly telling my care group clients that I was a violent womanising child molester. That was their first major mistake. 

From that time they have spread out to tell the nation that all PNG men are violent, womanising child molesters. 

They passed the message to paedophile boy lover Peter Barter who threatened to have my daughters taken and put into care. That was his first major mistake.

Then the lesbian UN haters spread out to tell the nation that men bash and terrorize women at Port Moresby markets. They traffic young women in the Sepik vanilla trade.

Then they passed a fake story to the media that two women were raped at Gordons market. This was the work of Elizabeth Cox. The Minister for Police rejected the claim publicly.

The lesbian racist haters have run out of steam. Their claims of violence of men failed everywhere. They claimed a survey showed that Buka men rape their wives.  This was rejected by John Momis.

They moved on to other fake racist examples of men attacking women. The last has become the fake claim that men abuse and attack women on public transport. There is the racist assumption that all PNG men are violent niggers.

The foreign lesbians want to take over the PNG political scene on behalf of PNG lesbians. The issue of the 25 reserve seats for women in parliament has raised its ugly lesbian head again. 

Many women do not want such women to be in parliament but wish to vote for women who have shown their capacity for support of the community over many years. The UN will control parliament through national lesbians.

They have even gained the silly support of Governor Powes Parkop speaking with one eye on the 2017 election. 

He has now decided that he will appeal to Port Moresby women by publicly protecting them from attacks by men on public transport. It is all fake lesbian rubbish. What a lovely politician. Vote for him again in 2017. 

Will the violent male niggers of Port Moresby vote for him? They voted for him last time when they were caring husbands and fathers. Now they have all changed at the hands of UN lesbians.

Parkop has already damaged his chances in the election by turning thousands of Morata residents into refugees in their own town by destroying their homes and personal effects. They will spend Christmas in the Morata dirt.

They can not go back to their villages. It is not an option. Many are wage earners working in Port Moresby and must remain to gain the money to live. Parkop says they will be compensated for the loss of their homes. How many will die first?

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


The National 15 December 2016

The level of gender based violence is very high and poses a serious threat to lives says the National  Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.

He said that women and girls are subjected to continuous harassment, assault and violence because of their gender and this must stop.

All of us have mothers, wives, partners, aunties, sisters and nieces who are faced with trauma, harassment and violence of different forms.

Getting on buses, men do not get harassed, their bodies not touched. Their bilums are not snatched and phones are not stolen.

It is the girls and women who get harassed, their bodies are touched and they are looked up and down. Their bilums are snatched.

Comment: It is obvious that Parkop has never been on public transport. His description above is pure fantasy. Incidents on public transport are not frequent at all. 

Public transport is almost always peaceful with women treated with respect in Port Moresby and Lae. 

In all the years in Port Moresby and Lae, I have seen incidents against women on only two occasions. There has been the occasional bag snatching outside at the crowded bus stops. 

Public transport is quiet with men offering their seats to all women and one old white man. That is me.

Perhaps Parkop let one of his lesbian workers write the media statement above.

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We read in the media that UNiTE is the brain child of the lesbian UN Women. They are afraid to put fake reports in the media and now push the job on to song writers. 

It is still all fake. They have overstepped the mark again with reports on violence to women on public transport.

A report in a gay supporting newspaper in Papua New Guinea advised the setting up of a new United Nations body to lead the fight against violence to women.

We ask the organisers to advise the world on the UNiTE agenda:

Why does the UN oppose FAMILY and FAITH?

Will UNiTE do this too?

Why is there no support for traditional parents?

Will there be no support for same sex parents too?

Why does the UN only support rights of children but no responsibilities?

Why does the UN charter give children the right of association with adults?

PNG Government supports church partnership. Will UNiTE do this too?

Why does the UN regard churches as the enemy?

Why does the UN never advise the dangers of oral and anal sex for gays?

Will UNiTE support the so-called UNAIDS LGBT world family?

Why does the UN never report on gay and lesbian domestic violence?

Why does the UN ignore the violence of women to men?

Why is there no UN statement opposing paedophiles?

Will UNiTE support same sex marriage?

Will UNiTE join UN in pressure for 25 reserved parliamentary seats for women?

Does the UN still promote sorcery killing as gender violence?

Will Roy Trivedy coordinate the work of UNiTE?

Will UNiTE seek to stop UN fake news on violence to women?

Will UNiTE purchase of a hundred meri seif buses for PNG towns?

Please help the world understand the outlook and agenda of the UN advisors involved in the AIDS response and gender equality.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


The nation has taken ownership of the family message.

This is to advise the people of Morobe Province and the nation of our program on Radio Morobe 95.5 FM - "maus bilong kundu". It is entitled Good family Living.

It is being delivered to advise the people of this province of the problems and needs of family. It will be broadcast on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8.30pm, It is also to advise of studies of Immanuel Lutheran School in a curriculum called Christian family Life.

I deliver the 8 minute talks on family in sweet Tok Pisin. It has become popular very quickly among teachers, care workers and other Morobe citizens. The topics for the next 2 months are: 

  • Family living,
  • Nuclear and extended families in Papua New Guinea
  • Rights and responsibilities of family members,
  • Critics of family as a unit of society.
  • Teaching children to read, write and learn values of living,
  • Choosing a wife or husband,
  • Domestic violence - men to women and women to men,
  • Sexual abuse of children - paedophiles,
  • Gender equality,
  • Women on public transport,
  • Importance of education,
  • Family planning vs kwashiorcor
  • Healthy living with clean water, fruit and vegetables,
  • HIV/AIDS and TB,
  • Diabetes type 2,
  • Dangers of betel nut and cancer,
  • Caring for the aged and disabled,
  • Dangers of alcohol, marijuana and home brew, and
  • Sorcery killing.

We are very pleased with what has happened. The weekly program will present in clear Tok Pisin the key issues of family. It will support the work of care groups, schools and churches. 

The focus will be on family. We  will support men, women and children. Married couples will be known by the traditional name tupela marit.

The radio reports in Tok Pisin will be posted on this blog when time permits.