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World Cancer Day 2014   The National February 2014 P.35

Cancer is a disease that occurs when changes in a group of normal cells in the body lead to uncontrolled growth causing a lump or tumour. IF left untreated, tumours can grow and spread into the normal surrounding tissue via the blood or lymphatic systems.

Benign tumours are not cancerous and rarely threaten life. They tend to grow quite slowly and only cause problems on becoming too large and pressing on other organs.

Malignant tumours are faster growing, spreading and destroying neighbouring tissue. Cells can break off from the primary tumour and continue to divide and grow. The secondary sites are known as metastases cancer.

Carcinoma arises in epithelial cells and invades surrounding tissues and organs. The most common forms are breast, prostate, lung and colon cancers.

Sarcoma is a type of malignant tumour of the bone or soft tissue such as muscle, blood vessels, nerves and other connective tissues.

lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system which runs through the body and can occur anywhere. The most common are the non-Hodgkins which begins with uncontrolled growth of white blood cells and Hodgkins in which the cells of the lymph nodes are cancerous.

Leukaemia is a cancer of the white blood cells and bone marrow.

There are about 200 known types of cancer. As with most illnesses, cancer is multifactoral.

Cancer causing substances:  Genes are coded messages inside a cell which tell it how to behave. Mutation or changes to genes can alter how the cell behaves. Something that damages a cell is known as a carcinogen.

Age: Many types of cancer become more prevalent with age. The longer people live, the more exposure to carcinogens and more time for mutations.

Genetics: Some people are born with a genetically inherited high risk. This makes cancer more likely.

Bodyweight, diet and physical activity: Maintaining healthy bodyweight, making changes to diet and regular exercise could prevent one in three deaths from cancer. Many people eat too much red meat and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables.

Overweight or obese. Obese means more than 25% overweight. Such people have an increased risk of bowel or pancreatic cancer probably because of higher insulin levels. Obesity can increase the risk of cancer of the food pipe, kidney, gall bladder cancer and breast and womb cancer.

Alcohol and cigarettes: There is strong evidence that all types of alcoholic drinks cause a number of cancers. The more a person smokes, the younger they start and the longer they keep smoking, all increase the risk of cancer.

Radiation: Man-made sources of radiation can cause cancer. The main risk is from unprotected and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun which can cause melanomas and skin malignancies.

Work place hazards: Some people are at risk from substances from the work they do. Asbestos is a well known work place cause of cancer which affects the covering of the lungs.

Infection: A proportion of cancers can be caused by infection with a virus. Examples include cervical cancer linked to Human Papilloma Virus, primary liver cancer caused by Hepatitis B and c viruses and lymphomas linked to the Epstein-Barr virus.

There are many different symptoms for the many types of cancers. There are some key signs and symptoms.

Lumps: Some cancers can be felt through the skin. Cancerous lumps are often painless and may increase in size.

Coughing and breathlessness: Persistent coughing can be associated with lung cancer.

Changes in bowel habits: There may be blood in the stools and changes in bowel habits such as constipation and diarrhoea.

Bleeding: Possible symptoms may be from the anal passage as a symptom of bowel cancer and blood in the urine.

Unexplained weight loss: Large weight loss over a couple of months may be the sign of cancer.

Fatigue: Extreme fatigue and tiredness may be a symptom, usually linked with other symptoms.


Awake  August 2012

Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis and can be extremely painful. It is a disorder of the metabolism of uric acid caused by the presence of uric acid crystals in the synovial fluid of the joint, particularly in the big toe.

Uric acid is a waste product circulating in the blood and results in the breakdown of substances called purines. When uric acid builds up usually from insufficient elimination of urine, needle-like crystals can form in a joint at the base of the toe.

The joint may become inflamed and swollen, hot to the touch and excruciatingly painful. Even the slightest touch causes unbearable stabbing pain.

Primary risk factors are age, gender and genetics. Gout mainly affects men, especially those between the ages of 40 and 50.  Men are three or four times more likely to get the disease than women who rarely develop it before menopause.

Obesity and diet: Dietary management no longer seems to be focused on restriction of foods with high purine content but on treatment of the metabolic disorders associated with gout including obesity, insulin resistance syndrome or abnormal blood levels of lipids.

Drink: Excess alcohol consumption can inhibit the excretion of uric acid, causing a build-up.

Medical conditions: According to the Mayo clinic, gout may be triggered by certain medical conditions including untreated high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes and high levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood and narrowing of the arteries.

Medications: Products that increase the risk of gout include thiazide diuretics, low dose aspirin and antirejection drugs given to transplant patients.

Because gout attacks are linked to lifestyle, the following suggestions are made:
1. Sufferers maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight puts stress on joints.

2. Beware of crash diets that may temporarily elevate uric acid levels.

3. Avoid excessive animal protein. Eat lean meat of fish and poultry.

4. Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation.

5. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids.

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The events in the Catholic church demonstrate that a change is long overdue. The church has to allow married Catholic clergy. Celibacy is failing among so many of the clergy perhaps over the last hundreds of years.
Nowhere in the Bible states that clergy have to be celibate. The issue is about authority. The church is reluctant to cede authority of clergy to spouses.
The reasoning may be that clergy have to spend their time and energy on church affairs not family matters. But so many clergy have focused their energy on sex with boys and girls.
Marriage will not stop paedophilia among clergy. In the Anglican church there have been long time reports of gay married paedophile clergy. But that is very much part of the dormitory life of young boys sleeping with school mates in English grammar schools and going on to be clergy, foreign affairs and military officers. 
Surely the Papacy has to see that the Catholic Church has never been in such a state as it is now. Already there has been a drop in young men and women joining the clergy as priests, brothers and nuns. Now clergy are being defrocked for paedophile crimes.
There is a matter of respect. I would be most reluctant to allow my son to go on a weekend church camp run by Catholic priests and brothers. I would want to go too just to keep watch. If I found that my child had been abused by a priest, I would confront him right in the middle of mass.

This is the body of Christ. Father, why have you been having sex with my son? That was given up for you. Do this in memory of me. Answer me father. Why have you had sex with my son? A paedophile priest has no right to consecrate the bread and wine.
The time will come when it is against the law for churches to reject gay and lesbian men and women to be clergy. Things will get worse yet.


I have been involved in the PNG national HIV/AIDS response from the beginning, having found out that my PNG wife and son were HIV positive. She had been infected in 1993 by my calculation but did not find out until 6 years later.
She had given blood at the blood bank only 3 months before we met and believed she was negative but the blood bank had never informed her of her status. I was horrified and afraid, believing that I too was HIV positive. But I was negative and have remained so.
I met a doctor at the Port Moresby General Hospital who told me about Positive Living and the need to live a healthy life to minimise the lethal effects of the HIV virus.
At that time, the national HIV/AIDS response was starting and I made myself known to the AusAID advisors who were moving in.
As a high school biology teacher, I found that I learned quickly about the physiology of HIV/AIDS. Looking back now, I know that I knew much more than the AusAID advisors.
I was putting together a check-list for Positive Living as you will see at the head of this blog. But I found that there was opposition to my message from the AusAID advisors, Stewart Watson and Elizabeth Cox.
I was willing to accept their view except that they were opposed only to mention of FAMILY and FAITH. I did not realize for several months that their view was coloured by being gay and lesbian predators.
It took several months to realize that the national HIV/AIDS response had a gay and lesbian agenda. Hostility towards me increased rapidly when I started talking to the community about Positive Living.
Watson, now the Head of UNAIDS in PNG started to claim that I had taken the message from AusAID having broken into offices and stolen the information out of files ...... in his dreams.
I had to be banned from the AIDS building. Security guards were instructed to block me. On several occasions, the guards phoned their patrol car to come and get me to be charged at the police station.
I was once evicted by a PNG gay boy who got a punch in the face for his trouble after calling me white trash in front of dozens of AIDS workers. He screamed like a girl.
But the hostility towards me was nothing compared with the growing hostility to the churches. The rogue AusAID officers had started a campaign about condoms.
The nation was told to use a condom when they koap, a Tok Pisin word considered to be highly vulgar. The rogue officers were laying down their authority to all including the senior PNG officers in the AIDS campaign. They were counting guns of those who would oppose them.
The AusAID officers became bullies and stand-over merchants. Even the PNG Directors knew that they had to do as they were told. These Australian advisors were the bosses.
National officers knew that after their contract had expired, there were jobs waiting for them if they did as they were told. That turned national officers into a group of Uncle Toms. Yes masta no masta. Yes missus, no missus.
So the National HIV/AIDS response slowly developed a gay and lesbian agenda. And no one dared oppose the message ..... except the founder of AIDS Holistics. He suffered for almost a decade even while his PNG wife and son were dying.
AusAID deputy team leader Stewart Watson boasted to the founder of AIDS Holistics that his NGO had been black-banned by AusAID and the UN.
He said that the Department of Labour had been advised to reject any application for a work permit. The claim was that Positive Living was a false message.

It had to be false with any focus whatever on Family and Faith. Both were authoritarian organizations that had to be removed from society according to the paedophiles. How can we have sex with kids if controlled by parents and faith?
Watson is famous in this country as Head of UNAIDS for telling the nation not to hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. The gay, lesbian and paedophile culture was the way of the future. Churches and families were outmoded.

He opposed family and faith as an AusAID advisor too. But in UNAIDS, he told the churches to allow adultery to keep husbands and wives happy. The clergy were not impressed.
But the Positive Living family message went on and had to be stopped if the gay and lesbian agenda was to predominate. So a new approach was taken to tell the community that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a violent wife beating child molester. Don’t listen to his message on Positive Living.
But slowly, the AIDS scene changed. The Positive Living message had taken hold. It became obvious that the gay and lesbian agenda had little to say about HIV/AIDS. It had become a message on rights for women and girls, violence of men and condoms. This is the present UN agenda.
The AusAID advisors left the scene while a number of corrupt national officers were removed. The gay and lesbian focus started under the Howard Government. Prime Minister Kevan Rudd cut down the corruption by removing large numbers of AusAID consultants. Many went underground.
Now we find that AusAID has been stopped under the Abbott government. The question arises as to the corruption of the future in the new organization tasked to deliver funds.
The gay and lesbian distribution of funds was totally corrupt. It was designed to give funding to gays and lesbians particularly in the Burnett organization. Australian contracted gay and lesbian advisors would work in country, set up their network and then come back as consultants.
The original consultants left AusAID and moved on to the UN having demonstrated their corruption, back-stabbing and double-dealing. They had shown the capacity to dominate and intimidate national leaders in government and churches. They were the original ugly Australians.
Let us hope that Burnett is not given the AusAID job of distributing funds. It was Burnett that brought the original gays and lesbians to PNG with their anti-family and anti-faith.

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There has been an advertisement for an advocate to a new body being set up by I Gat Hope.  This is for a new organization calling for members from people with diverse sexuality, transgenders and bisexuals.

They will be supported with HIV treatment, recommendations to Government and support from discrimination.
The public mind might boggle at the term “diverse sexuality”. It seems to be getting to the point at which nothing is not acceptable to the gay, lesbian and paedophile push into the community.
The organization I Gat Hope was started by a group of rotten PLWHA who were seeking personal funding and to dominate and bully weaker PLWHA. They were the ones who worked to destroy the Positive Living centre of 3 Angels Care.
The 3 Angels Care Centre was closed in 2005 after these people refused to leave but claimed that the centre was their permanent accommodation, paid for by AusAID lesbians. They threatened to burn the centre down if evicted
One day in 2004, a young man was placed in 3 Angels Care by the Director. I met him down town a week later who advised that he was no longer at 3 Angels. He said on the first night he came down to eat to be told that if he touched the food, he would get a knife in the stomach. He packed and left.
Some two years ago, I Gat Hope Executive officer Annie McPherson joined a debate on FM 100 on the need to recognise gays and lesbians.
She claimed that gay and lesbian sexuality is what people are born with. Not true. There are some born and many made. A small boy subjected to gay sex for much of his life may well define himself as gay.
We see this in the English grammar schools where boys live in dormitories for much of their childhood while father and mother Lord and Lady Ponsonby go off for world travel.
The advertisement says that people with diverse sexuality may apply. What is diverse sexuality? Does that involve sex with men, boys, women, girls, pigs and dogs? UNAIDS will be sure to provide funding. If you want it, it’s OK. We must not hide behind family and faith.
Kapul Champions? A kapul is a possum. Will all members identify themselves as possums? I Gat Hop has been hijacked. So many people with HIV/AIDS are afraid to join for fear of intimidation.
A newcomer would not dare stand for executive office. At 3 Angels Care, those new arrivals who were not acceptable, were evicted by the PLWHA criminals at knife point.
Let us hope that the PLWHA criminals of the past will not have set up this new body and pushed themselves in as the possum executive thugs.`
The big danger is the propaganda put out by such groups as I Gat Hop and the Kapul champions that the gay, lesbian and bisexual outlook is what we are born with.
They do not mention that our children can be groomed by paedophiles to follow a gay and lesbian lifestyle. We see that in the Education system of Massachusetts.

There has been a wide acceptance of the gay and lesbian lifestyle in Britain. People may not realize that this legitimizes a gay and lesbian focus in school curriculum.

School children can now learn that a gay and lesbian lifestyle is a life option for us all, regardless of family and faith.  Britain is on the way down. The Government of Papua New Guinea must take care.

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Thank you Mr Sike. Good night every one. This has been an exciting fortnight. The response to the talk on Latin roots raised a considerable response with TV viewers calling our phone number.

Most were parents who wanted their children to become involved with derivation from Latin roots and an increase in vocabulary. So many callers wanted more on Latin roots. So here we are again.

I have had no reference book on Latin roots over the years though now I find that much is recorded on Google. There is a report by Wikipedia Latin Words with English Derivatives. My recall had been from memory from the time of my childhood. That is Mastery Learning.

But tonight, I will give a list of 170 derived words. I will move quickly to provide a broad overview of Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes.

But let us preview prefixes first.

Ante before   antecedent, ante-room, ant-natal
Pre before – prescription, pre-history, precursor, preview
Anti-against – anti-aircraft gun, anti-corruption

Re – back or again – return, reiterate, review

Trans across - transfer, translate, transact, transparent.
De down – destroy, defeat, deploy, debase, determine

Post  after – post meridian,  post haste, postpone, postdate.

Inter between –international, intercontinental, inter-racial, inter-planetary

Now we review a list of suffixes.

ate - to make – rejuvenate, create, animate, excavate, motivate
ify  - to make – magnify, simplify, intensify, deify,
or er ist – one who – typist, sailor, tailor, killer, fighter, artist, driver
ion ation –the act of – translation, reaction, action, rejection, starvation.
Al - belonging to – national, medicinal, dental, mental, fundamental.

Now we move to the latin roots.

Aquus equal -  equality, equation, equator, equity, equivalent.
Anima  breath – animal, animate, animation.

Aqua  water- aquarium, aquatic, aqueduct, aquifer
Cado I fall – decadent, decay, decade, cadence.

Caro  flesh – carnal, incarnate, carnival, carnivore, reincarnation.
Cavus a cave – cave, cavity, excavate, concave

Cedo ( cessus) I go – proceed, procession, recede, precede, recession.
Curro (cursus)  I run – current, course, recur, cursory.

Clarus  clear – clarity, clarify, declaration, declare, clarion, claret.
Crux  a cross  - crucify, crucial, crusade, crucifixion.

Dens a tooth – dental, dentist, dentine, denture.
Facio ( factus) I make – factory, manufacture.

Fides  faith  - confide, Fido, confidential, fidelity, infidelity, infidel.
Finis the end – finish, final, finite, define, confine.

Frango (fractus) I break – fragile, fraction, fragment, fracture.
Ge the earth – geology, geography, geophysical.

Jacio ( jectus) I throw – reject, inject, conjecture, eject, project.
Magnus great – magnify, magnificent, magnate

Terra  earth – terra firma, terrestrial, Mediterranean, inter.
Traho  (tractus) I draw - extract, tractor, contract, protracted.

Mitto I send – omit, transmit, omission, commit, remit.

Moveo  I move – mobile, immobile, motive, motivation, motion.
Mare the sea – maritime, marine, mariner, Mare Mediterranee (Fr).

Manus  the hand – manual, manage, management, manuscript.
Pars (partus) a part – participle, parse, compartment, department.

Pes (pedus) a foot – pedal, pedestrian, impede, biped, quadruped, tripod.
Pono  I place – postpone, repose, depose, impose,
Scando I climb – ascend, ascent, descend, descent, scandal.

Volvo – I roll  - revolve, revolver, revolution, involved, convoluted.

If 175 latin based words can be presented in a TV program, just think of what could be achieved in a class over 40 periods a year.  One root derivation would take only 5 minutes.

Good night all.

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UNAIDS has an interesting history in PNG. It has blatantly followed the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. It opposes violence to women and girls while also opposing family.
They want to break down the family and set up a gay, lesbian and paedophile empire in the world. They are wise enough to keep out of Moslem countries.
There was a furore created about 3 years ago by a UNAIDS representative who was guest speaker at the Ministers' fraternal in Port Moresby. The gay speaker announced to the assembled ministers that they were partly responsible for the AIDS pandemic as they opposed condoms.
The churches have to allow adultery as this keeps married couples happy, according to the guest speaker. That almost caused a riot saved only by Dame Carol Kidu who brought along the rogue speaker from UNAIDS. Was that Stewart Watson?
Then Watson  the country representative told the community on two World AIDS Days that the community should not hide behind family and faith. The UNAIDS gays and lesbians are anti-family. They want women and girls to set up a world empire of women and girls. Families can go to hell.
Now we read in The National 29 May 2014 Page 6 that UNAIDS opposes violence to women and girls as announced by Director of the UNAIDS Regional Support team Steven Kraus. What happened to Stewart Watson?
Senior UNAIDS advisor Marie Engel said that violence against women resulted in the increase in the AIDS pandemic. What about young girls going out at night to drink homebrew and smoke marijuana, Marie? There is a new social scene growing in PNG. Perhaps the lesbians in the UN coffee shop in New York have not noticed.
Marie Engel said that 95% of HIV cases were from the Pacific region. Lies. What about the infections in sub-sahara Africa, Marie? It seems that UNAIDS is carrying on the gay and lesbian agenda as before. Please click:



If herbs are to be considered, these are to be taken with ARV drugs NOT instead of. That is the road to death.
Over the last decade there has been the nuisance factor of con-men claiming to have found a cure for HIV infection.
I looked after LINDA for 3 years in the period 1999-2002 at the time when ARV drugs were not yet freely available.
We were desperate to stop the devastating effects of HIV on her body and mind. Our small son went on with HIV to die at the age of 2 ½ years.
There were people who came to us with supposed herbal cures but nothing worked at all. Linda’s weight continued to drop and her diarrhoea raged on month after month.
Joe Lari claimed to have a herbal cure that was really nothing but a delusion. He would not reveal the contents of the bottles of lolly water that he brought to the house. Nor would he give a sample to the Department of Health.
Other herb curers came with their stink water but nothing had any effect whatever. The long term con-man was Lansy Lapu who appeared to be a soldier living at Murray Barracks. He claimed cures all over the town.
He too refused to submit his stink water to the Department of Health. At one time he had rogue journalist Tereni Kens of the Sunday Chronicle write demanding that the Government gives support to Lapu. Dream on Kens.
People who claim AIDS cures do not follow the required procedure to validate. There is no pre-HIV test with diagnosis of the patient being HIV positive.
There is no post-test to show that the virus had gone. It was always just a matter of someone claiming HIV status, receiving fake treatment and then claiming to be cured. Who knows, they may have been suffering from an infected in-grown toenail.
Now there is a move from the professor of the School of Medicine Dr Prem Rai to integrate the health system that includes traditional medicine. He is not suggesting that there are cures for HIV/AIDS out there. It is more a matter of strengthening the immune system against the virus.
But there will be the con-men who claim that the Department of Health has finally recognised their AIDS cures. There will be a spate of AIDS cure con-men after this.
There was a report in the daily newspaper about a year ago quoting an overseas doctor who stated that the hiding places for the HIV virus are deeper than we ever imagined. The world is a long way from a cure.

The best the world can do is to kill the virus in the blood to stop the attack on the small intestine and allow the body to resume absorption of nutrients, water and salts through the gut wall.

The best medicine against HIV is clean water, sunshine, ripe raw fruit and vegetables, grains and nuts. This will help build the body once free ARV drugs have stopped the virus in the blood but NOT in the hiding places.

Friday, 23 May 2014


It is pleasing that after all these years of problems with Outcome Based Education, there has now been a break through with our promotion of Mastery Learning.
We read on Google of the severe criticisms of Outcome Based Education which are criticisms quite deserved. Australian advisors brought the strategy to PNG years ago but did not know enough to make it work.
Mastery Learning began in the 1950s and probably before that. It was intended to practise students over and over with sequences of exercises and skills until they were able to achieve. But it received a shock in 1956 when the Soviet Union sent up a satellite Sputnik and traumatized the US Government.
The Americans always believed that they had the superior education system with superior technology. But now the Soviets were in space and the Americans were not.
So the US started a knee jerk reaction with changes to education that had to start training rocket scientists. There was no more education focussed on the average child but on high level scientists learning mathematics and science.
So the basics were to be ignored. Students were to pick up the basics as they went along. They were to run before they crawled They learned to read by reading and write by writing. This has failed as the discipline of study was lost.
In early years, students were required to spell words. Some had to write words out 20 times if they made a mistake. They learned from the start with phonics that built up into children able to spell and use hundreds of words. But all of this is lost.
There has been trauma in Papua New Guinea over the last decade. Focus was no longer on the basics but on research. But there were not enough text books for students to use and not enough reference books in the library.

Students of PNG wrote in work books what the teacher wrote on the black board. They learn by total memorization with the inability to put ideas in their own words. There is no discussion in most lessons as students are too busy writing the blackboard summary into their books.
The founder of Mastery Learning was Dr Benjamin Bloom. His strategy was promptly hyjacked and turned by academics into Outcome Based Education. Basics were gone. Australian advisors introduced the Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives but never showed the PNG teachers what to do with it.
Now the educational system in PNG is changing. Outcome Based Education is being replaced by something or other. We are not sure what. The Department of Education headed by Dr Tapo has commissioned a team of Australians to prepare a new syllabus.
Let us hope that the team will bring back old time education based on phonics, sentence structure, connectors, complex sentences, derivation from Latin roots, spelling, forms of words, writing in own words and memorization.
The foolish teachers of the past decades believed that memorization was a lower level of learning. It is by itself. But so much has to be committed to memory.
My mother went to school in the 1920s and would boast that at the age of 12, she knew the names of all the capes and bays around Australia. That was surely carrying memorization too far. Of what use was this in her life?
But now there is a return to Mastery Learning in a number of schools of Papua New Guinea. Students are being required to complete sequences of writing patterns until they master all the complex basics of the English language.
Then the focus will move to Mastery Learning in Science, Biology and Mathematics. Let us hope that the new team of curriculum writers will produce work to supplement the task of promoting Mastery Learning.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Queensland)

Monday, 19 May 2014


Post Courier 19 May 2014 P.18

There is a report in the media that to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains  but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others says UNAIDS executive director Michelle Sidibe.

There is more to this policy of UNAIDS than meets the eye. We have to understand that UNAIDS has made itself the gay, lesbian, paedophile, transgender and intersex (?) headquarters of the United Nations. Has there been any world consent to this blatant hijacking?

UNAIDS talks of the UNAIDS family message. That is great I hear you say. But the message is about the UNAIDS family which consists of gays, lesbians, paedophiles, transgenders and intersex. It is not the family message that we might think. Their message is a con-job.

In the last 3 years, the Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea gay Stewart Watson has given out a report on World AIDS Day. He told the PNG community they must not hide behind family and faith. So that is what UNAIDS thinks of family. Please click:

The UNAIDS gays, lesbians and paedophiles discriminate against faith, parents and families. They want families to be weak and open to losing their children to the paedophiles.

Yet UNAIDS has the audacity to declare an International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. They are the greatest discriminators on the planet.

They want family to be broken down and replaced with a large loose collection of gays, lesbians, paedophiles, transgenders and intersex (?). They will have taken control of church, medical, legal and welfare by infiltration. The Government within a Government at work. Please click:


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Friday, 16 May 2014


I have puzzled over a matter for many years. We all know that parasites and viruses become immune to drugs, particularly if the sufferer does not follow the dosage discipline. Immune parasites can pass from host to host.
The medical world told us that the malaria parasites are immune to the drugs. In World War 2, the soldiers were dosed with paludrine. Over the next two decades, paludrine was replaced with chloroquine.
Then we used fansidar that penetrated the parasite in the liver. Then there was another drug that was an antibiotic doxycycline. These seem to have disappeared at the hands of the multi-national drug barons.
Now we have artimeter and artemisin that come from China. But we are told that the virus is slowly becoming immune.
We have long learned that immunity comes when sufferers do not follow the prescribed treatment and a residual batch of parasites survive to be immune.
I have often wondered what happens with immunity. We are told the parasite can change its genotype to make it impervious to a drug.
Does this mean that the parasite is permanently immune to all drugs from the past? through several modifications of genotype? Does the old genotype simply merge with the new genotype to produce a long term phalanyx against anti-malarial drugs?
What would happen if the medical powers-that-be went back to paludrine? Or a combination of paludrine-fansidar-doxycline? The parasite would surely not know if it was coming or going.
We are told that artimeter is slowly declining in its potency. We now read that artimeter is being combined by the Chinese with another drug.
We have the same with the HIV through immunity to the antiretroviral drugs. We know that there are first line drugs to which the sufferer can become immune for the same lack of discipline.

But there is a more expensive second line of drugs about which little seems to have been written on immunity.
So too the drugs Rifampicin and Isoniazid for tuberculosis. Perhaps the problem is that there is not a long enough line of drugs like those for malaria. But treatment for TB began in the 1940s. Before then it was a matter of migrating to a hot, dry climate.
There was a report in the Papua New Guinea Post Courier newspaper recently on the same subject relating to immunity of the malarial parasite.
The point was made that there are countries mainly in the developing world where chloroquine was still being used. What does this mean? Are people dying in the developing world by taking an obsolete drug?

The writer pointed out that chloroquine can be used with a regime of stronger doses. That can be achieved by doubling the dose over morning and night.

Are we to believe a parasite or virus becomes immune to one drug environment but remains immune to other drug environments from the past as well? Clever little buggar. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014


15 May 2014 Post Courier P. 17  The National 16 May 2014 P.9
Women can't care for their children, tend their gardens and look after livestock when their bones are smashed and their spirits broken by violence.
The Lihir community will gather this week to mourn the thousands of PNG women and girls who have lost their lives at the hands of violence.
The impetus for the inaugural 2013 national haus krai was the public burning to death of young mother of two Kepari Leniata in the centre of Mt Hagen.
Kepari died opposite a church in the middle of the day as a crowd looked on but did nothing. Kepari was accused of sorcery and is but one of many PNG women who continue to be murdered for this reason.
Comment: This report has to be grossly exaggerated. It does not present a true picture of the violence of this country. They are generalizing on the terrible killing of a young woman in Mt Hagen.
The fact is forgotten that she was killed by a group led by a woman, so we were told in the media.
The report refers to the thousands of women who lost their lives to violence but no time frame is given. Was it since the time of the ancestors? Or since independence? Or the last 5 years?
I suspect there is a link between the Lihir women’s group above and the United Nations activists who are desperate to find reports upon which they can build a case for gender based sorcery genocide of women. Sadly it is just not reality.
Over the last 4 months, not one woman has been reported killed on the accusation of sorcery killing. But there have been about 15 men killed.
The women’s groups will ignore that in the name of obtaining UN funding from grateful UN lesbian activists.
The United Nations is finding that all their fake reports are being deeply criticized in the media. Criticism has come from Hon Garry Juffa MP and Mr John Momis President of the Bougainville Autonomous Region.

About three years, ago, there was headline news in the PNG media from a UN spokeswoman who said that over 2 million PNG women and girls had suffered violence in their lives. This is fake reporting.

The reality is that 100% of men and women have suffered violence not from men but from parents, brothers and sisters, friends, husbands, wives, lesbian and gay lovers and strangers. It all counted to allow activists to call these people "survivors of violence".

I can easily claim to have suffered violence 600 times in my life. My teeth have been smashed in the last 5 years, nose broken and stabbed in the chest. That makes me a survivor of violence. But men do not count in the UN tally.

Then there was the PLWHA rogue woman who claimed to the media that told the world that she had seen HIV infected women buried alive in their village. When it came to an investigation, she could not remember the village.

UN activists are now afraid to make any statements but look to their tame women’s groups to do the dirty work.
There were no rapes in Gordons market as claimed by the UN. Women are not being terrorized daily in the markets. There was no survey of men raping their wives in Bougainville as reported by the UN to a conference in Thailand last year.
The women on Lihir and in the United Nations really do not know what is going on. The UN lesbians have a propaganda focus that they are reluctant ever to let go of.
The media reports are full of guesses. Thousands of women have died from violence we are told from Lihir. In the media today, we read that Mt Hagen police expect more than a thousand reports on violence before the end of the year. All exaggerated guesses.
There are more kind and gentle men than they would ever imagine. There are more violent women and girls bashing men, boys, women and girls than they will ever accept.
All they will succeed in doing is to alienate good men. They will lose every man and boy who is kind and gentle.
They have lost me. I see myself as a kind and gentle man involved with daughters and people suffering from TB and HIV/AIDS. But starting twelve years ago, the UN lesbians spread the word in the community that I was a violent wife beating child molester.
My daughters are coming to the age of understanding the evil perpetrated against their father. The lesbians have lost two women, their aunties and girl friends.
I was the first man in PNG society to be defamed by the UN lesbians. I had to have my credibility destroyed so that UN lesbians could say that all men are violent bastards. Men are not supposed to be supporting the rights of women.
I was supporting the rights of women in 2002. Lesbian activists ignore the violence of women and girls against men and other women and girls.

Daily hit tally    148, 657

Russia leads the world.

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