Saturday, 28 April 2012


The International Education Agency in Papua New Guinea has responded quickly to rectify the gay and paedophile issue that has arisen.

A new CEO has been appointed and the nation reassured by an expensive media supplement that the focus is on FAMILY. Please click:


There is still unfinished business in the form of two small girls corruptly removed from Gordons International School unknown to the Board of Governors.

They were expelled at the hand of gay paedophile CEO Steve Mead and the principal.

It is time for the IEA to reinstate the girls to rectify a gross injustice.

The younger thinks that she was expelled because she was mixed race. The expatriate nazi CEO should be ashamed of himself. He should be held to account.

Let IEA show that they have a place for all PNG children who do not have to be acceptable to a paedophile executive.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Having just bought a DVD on the BBC history of World War 2, I have sat and watched about 6 hours of the nazi holocaust against the Jews.

I had always known of the holocaust but never before seen destruction of a race by nazis in immaculate uniforms taken from files released from former East Germany.

It was the story of a nation of Germans who allowed wholesale destruction of Jewish people whom they blamed for all economic ills of the nation.

The Jews were blamed for having prematurely stopped World War 1, betrayal at the Versailles peace talks, hyper-inflation of the 1920s, collaboration with USA and Great Britain and Great Depression of 1930.

We need to understand that in setting up of nation states five hundred years before, Jews were welcomed as traders, shop keepers and bankers.

They were the key to the commercial infrastructure of new nation states.

For centuries, the financial world was dominated by a Jewish infrastructure that extended from the USA to Britain and Europe.

In many ways, Germany had relied on this infrastructure for centuries. It was time to annihilate and dismantle Jewish infrastructure to be replaced by a Germanic financial network.

It may have been that the industrialization of Germany under Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck in the late 1800s was financed through the Jewish financial network.

It follows that the Jews of Wall Street may have helped build the German navy that led into World War 2.

The battleship Bismarck may have been funded by Jewish arranged loans.

It follows that criticisms by Germans that the Jews stopped WW1 may have a grain of truth if the Jews could not or would not give the Germans a blank cheque to continue the war. 

Surely Jews were not responsible for the hyper-inflation in the Weimar Republic in the 1920s. Money had to be carried by wheelbarrow to buy minor items. The Jews were smarter than that. Printing money was the simple-minded strategy of the Weimar Government.

We need to understand that Germany as a nation state began after the Middle Ages in the north where a strong merchant class grew. The direction of capital growth was in the hands of the Hanseatic League and focused on trade. This League of merchants would have been mainly Jewish.

We know that German society thrived in the northern ports by the fact that this is where the children were educated, read their Bibles that were being mass produced and provided the impetus for the Reformation. Southern rural Germany remained mainly Catholic.

The Jews were behind the industrial growth of Germany. But it seemed to sour after World War 1 which was the first major crisis of capitalism. The Jews were behind all heavy industry but found themselves being accused by Hitler. It was not in the interests of the Jews to damage the German economy.

It was not in their interests to push for war reparations at the Versailles Peace Conference. The German Government undoubtedly owed massive debt to the Jewish industrialists.

It was not in their interests for the German empire in Africa and New Guinea to be lost. It would have harmed the Jewish industrialists for Germany to have lost the Saar, the heartland of industry.

They were set up by Hitler and the Nazis.

Were the gas chambers the Nazi solution to repudiating massive debts to Jewish financiers?

We see a similar parallel with Chinese in Papua New Guinea. The same criticisms are made. They are aloof, not supporting the nation and not kind to the people.

The Jews could not win in Germany of the 1930s. They would be reluctant to attend Nazi parades and give Hitler salutes.

They would have been attacked. But then they were criticized for not doing so. A no-win situation.

How many PNG people would cheer if the Chinese were systematically killed?

The King of Poland welcomed Jews by the thousands to lift his kingdom into a nation. Five hundred years later they were to be killed in death camps.

If I have been a German in those days, I would cheer as Adolf Hitler rose to power. He was the force who would lift Germany out of the economic abyss and right the wrongs.

German people were not to know the horror of destruction he would bring to the nation. Hitler knew how to blame others.

Viewers to this BBC series would have watched transfixed at progressive take-over by Nazis of the nations of Europe and the immediate program to rid the conquered nations of Jews.

Not all conquered nations cooperated particularly Denmark. Jews found safety in Britain, the beleagured nation protected by the RAF and by breaking of the enigma code by the military.

Jews had been deported from the Island of Man to die at Auschwitz. That is as close as the nazis got.

Germans had a plan of the steps to take on invading Britain. Trade union leaders would be first to be arrested and killed. The plan was not needed.

There was entry of Austria, reuniting of Germans of Sudetanland, takeover of Czechoslavakia and occupation of Poland.

Then came occupation of the rest of Europe. The ultimate betrayal of Hitler was signing of a non-aggression pact with the Russians. He would deal with them later.

Then he set up the Eastern Front. Invaders can never learn the lessons that the Russian winter will bring. It is a long way home through the Russian winter.

Genocide of the Jews may have been modelled on genocide of the Irish over 600 years at the hands of the English. Penal laws in Ireland were draconian.

It was almost against the law for the Irish to live. The nazis may have thought that the English would turn a blind eye to the genocide that they planned. Besides, Britain would soon be occupied.

Starvation of citizens was perfected by the English particularly in Irish potato famines. Germans practised starvation on the steppes of Russia. But their own soldiers starved in retreat.

Planning was underway for the building of concentration camps equipped with gas chambers and incinerators. This was to become the final solution.

Disabled babies could be killed which soon extended to all disabled. Centres for disabled evolved into killing centres for Russian prisoners of war, political prisoners, Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals.

These were spread out across conquered nations, particularly Poland. Killing took place mainly outside of Germany.

But it was forced relocation of Jews and killings in camps of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau, Sobibor that creates the greatest horror.

The daily killings became so great that there was not the means to dispose of bodies. Incinerators burned day and night year in year out.

Families were herded into ghettos, separated, and loaded on to rail trucks, believing they were going to a new life.

They were systematically and ruthlessly killed in sealed rooms built for thousands of prisoners. Train journeys ended outside a gas chamber.

The old, sick and babies were the first to die, poisoned by Zyklon B or prussic acid that formed gas on being taken from cannisters and dropped through the ceiling into the sealed room.

Nazis in camps made fortunes in plundering possessions of dead Jews. It is difficult to forget long lines of Jews being herded to their deaths.

They had no hope just the prospect of death for entire villages, towns and families.

SS guards were unconcerned as if herding pigs into a slaughter house. They should not have earned combat medals by killing defenceless civilians. They were not at war but living in a holiday camp that killed people.

German people moved into the vacated homes of Jews to stay. Germans denounced neighbours to take their homes.

The killings of the Jews was not forced on the German people. It was part of the German psyche to feed the killing machine by betraying neighbours and turning a blind eye.

Germans claimed not to know what was going on. Amazingly, so did some Jews.

Killings remind us on a much smaller scale of massacres by Breuvik in Norway. There are parallels between the two eras.

Economic troubles in Europe have brought the rise of extreme right and left wing politics. So too in Norway.

Breuvik says he opposes the Nazis. But he is a Nazi in his outlook. He says he supports the Jews but hates the Moslems.

Perhaps his plan would be for ethnic cleansing of Moslems rather than Jews. This can happen as we saw in the Balkan states two decades ago, centred on Bosnia. Mass killings have been part of Balkan life.

Ethnic hatred brings out the worst in the human race. It forces people to kill even babies to prevent them from growing to become vengeful adults.

It was amazing to listen to old German men who expressed no regret. Only regret for some was that they lost the war. They have learned nothing in the last 70 years.

The world is part of the hatred of the times. In the Soviet Union, Stalin declared pogroms against the Jews.

This was a period of time in which ethnic Russians could do what they liked to the Jews. Hitler declared a permanent pogrom against Jews. Nothing done was against the law.

The psychiatric studies of the 1800s and 1900s played a part too.

It was believed intelligence and personal traits could be determined by the shape of the head. It was called phrenology.

Australian visitors to the Old Melbourne Gaol can see the plaster casts made of men and women hanged in the 1800s, including Ned Kelly.

High foreheads of Aryans showed high intelligence. It was measured by the angle between jaw line and forehead and known as the Cephalic Index.

High foreheads showed brain space. Sloping foreheads showed a lack of intellect. This was lowest common denominator science.

It grew from scientific mythology about Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man.

The tale was that Cro-Magnon men defeated the Neanderthals because of higher intellect. Aryans were obviously Cro-Magnon.

We read on BBC internet news recently of the studies of DNA mixing of the hunter gatherers of Europe with the farmers. Racial purity is a myth.

Slavic races were obviously of low intelligence and sub-human as seen in their flat foreheads. They had to be exterminated as an inferior sub-human race.

Little heed was paid to art, literature, science, philosophy, architecture, music and general culture of Jewish and Slavic people.

This meant that Slavic Russian prisoners of war suffered from a nazi genocide program.

It explains why the Russians pursued retreating Germans all the way back to Berlin. Hitler was wise to commit suicide.

Twin children died in Auschwitz at the hands of Dr Mengele fascinated by experiments that resulted in the deaths of large numbers of twin children.

Footnote: Second review of the DVD showed that senior SS officers generally had high foreheads. Cephalic index was a selection criterion. SS guards had mainly sloping heads. Polish prisoners on film had some sloping and some high foreheads.

Psychiatric knowledge of the era was primitive. Studying cranial bumps has only died in the civilised world in the last 50 years. There is much more to personality and intelligence than the shape of the cranium.


Who says that noone reads our blog? Some two months ago, AIDS Holistics posted a blog report of the corrupt expulsion of two little girls from Gordons International School at the hands of the gay paedophile Director. Please click:


Within a fortnight there were full page media advertisements announcing a new CEO for International Education Agency (IEA).

We had written about the expatriate gay, lesbian and paedophile track record of the IEA. Please click:


Then we followed up with a detailed explanation of the circumstances of the corrupt expulsion.

Within 3 weeks, there was a full page supplement on the objectives of all IEA schools in the country. We had asked about the existence of a gay and lesbian curriculum.

AIDS Holistics has helped close the page on the gay, lesbian and paedophile dictatorship in Education in this country. Let us hope they do not come creeping back.

Silence from Australian Federal Police is deafening. There is a small matter of prosecutions under the Australian Sex Tourism Act going back over many years.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


The National 26 April 2012

Catholic Bishop of Kundiawa Anthon Bal has added a voice and commented on a report on the existence of sex work by children below the age of 18. He says this is caused by poverty.

He stated that child trafficking involved parents and guardians who sold their children to clients.

He claimed parents did not care how they treated their children. He would need proof for all this.

He said that school children's needs are so high and important. Parents must not refuse to meet these demands.

Comment: The Bishop points out a community problem and acknowledges that this is caused by poverty.

He fails to express the financial difficulties faced by a family in the urban areas who have no land to grow vegetables.

Children going to school need lunch money and money for note pads and pens.

Three school children may need K3 a day each. That is K9 a day and K90 a fortnight. That is over half the basic wage.

Young girls and boys are most difficult for parents to keep watch over. Some may have mobil phones that they turn off daily.

What if they come home from school each day at 6.00pm and will not say where they have been?

What if there is no money at home but the young girl gives her mother K10? What does the mother do?

She will probably rush off to the market to buy vegetables. She can not afford to ask where the money comes from.

What if a man wants to marry a 12 year old girl and promises to look after the family?

Opportunity knocks but once. There may be no more starvation.

What is the parent to do? He says he will send her to high school and care for her. He gives the parents K500 with a promise to give more.

There are insidious terms creeping into the issue. Child trafficking is not an accurate term for what is going on. Men who come to a family may not be clients.

It is not a family business but a family struggling to survive. There has to be more proof that families are running prostitution businesses with their daughters. Some parents may turn a blind eye out of necessity.

Then there is another new term creeping in with people involved in violence being called survivors.

I was bashed by the mother of my daughters on many occasions. Does that make me a survivor of violence?

We must not fall into the trap of believing that violence is caused only by men. Many highlands women do not argue without a rock in their hand.

My younger daughter has been punched by raskol girls at school. Does that make her a survivor of violence? Usage of the word in both situations is exaggeration.

Real survivors are at the tip of the iceberg. They certainly exist in large numbers.

These may be words coined by the UN lesbians who plan to move into PNG now that the AusAID commitment has declined.

We are in the midst of a UN hate man hate family campaign. It is a little like the nazi invasion of Poland.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Over recent years, AIDS Holistics has been very critical of Save the Children in Papua New Guinea. We have criticized their secrecy in dealing with gays, lesbians and children.

We have criticized their apparent policy in excluding parents from interviews with children. We have written strong words about their attitude to physical punishment of children. Yet there are Save the Children branches overseas that do advise parents.

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
that exemplify nonviolence and love for humanity, and let your childre know
how much ... explore internet sites, such as Save the Children's, that bring
attention ...

Non-violent discipline. - Resource Centre - Save the Children Sweden
This training programme is intended to raise awareness among professionals
working with children and families about the effects of physical and psychological ...

Does this kind of awareness take place in Papua New Guinea? Does each national branch of Save the Children have their own agenda? Does Save the Children PNG have a gay and lesbian agenda? Why does Save the Children PNG never make public any program for parents?

Why does Save the Children never speak out on child labour in support of the International Labour Organization? Does the organization in PNG support families? Do they diagnose children as being gay and lesbian? Do they support gay and lesbian education in schools?

Counselor:  Mary do you have a special girl friend?
Mary: Yes I do.
Counselor: Do you love her?
Mary: Yes I do.
Counselor: Do you want to be friends for all your life?
Mary: Yes we do.
Counselor: I have to tell you that you are lesbian. I am so happy for you.

This is a shock for a 12 year old girl. Let us hope that Save the Children PNG does not do this.

They did complete a sexuality survey among children in the Eastern Highlands about 4 years ago. What was the purpose of this survey?


In recent days, there has been a fake report posted on the Jackson blog PNG Attitude detailing an imaginary story of child labour in Papua New Guinea.

It is one report among many that seems to focus on the break-down of family. Please click.


Let us get Papua New Guinea into perspective. There are no mines in which to employ children. Nor are there plantations for slave labour.

This is a laid back country where men and women do not work hard. All the more likely that children do not work hard.

Most children live in families. Village girls help their mothers to work in the gardens, carry vegetables from the gardens, look after little brothers and sisters, wash clothes and cook food.

They help their mother by sitting at the road side or market to sell vegetables and betel nut.

Mothers usually stay with their daughters for safety of child and money.

Boys have a more laid back lifestyle. Girls are being trained by their mothers to be married women with children. But working with mum is not child labour.

Where on earth would there be child labour as in the claimed report from International Labour Organization above?

There are girls and some boys involved in sex work. But 81% of boys and 74% of girls go to school. These are statistics from the Department of Education. Still there are problems. Please click:


If this is a fake report, it may be part of a plan for the UN gays and lesbians to move in on this country to protect children.

Papua New Guinea and other Pacific nations have to be vigilant.

The report above does explain that the child labour is caused by poverty. But parents are still being given the blame.

We have to take care not to accept reports with statistics that appear to have been pulled out of the air.

Did you know that 91% of PNG men are violent?

There are 23.2% of women unfaithful to their husbands.

As well, there are 56% of men who give HIV infection to their wives. But there are 12.8% of women who infect husbands. And  95% of activist lesbians tell lies..

I just made those statistics up.

Sunday, 22 April 2012




A GOVERNMENT REPORT in Papua New Guinea has raised concerns about child labour in Port Moresby. The International Labour Organisation, which undertook the report for the government, says it interviewed more than 400 children working in the sex industry, selling drugs and stealing for a living.

AIDS Holistics typed Australia Network News into Google and searched for Child Prostitution and drug dealing in Moresby which was the title that appeared on the Jackson Blog. The Australia Network News advised the report did not exist. Is this a fake report? Shame lesbians. Please keep reading:

National Program Coordinator Marie Jane Fatiaki told Radio Australia that family poverty was involved in many of the cases.

"The majority of children have parents that (sic) knew about the work they did on the streets," she said.

Were the parents interviewed. AH? The implication here is that the parents support their child's activities. It may be the cause of severe family problems.

Some children may have been punished. Parents reach the point that they can not stop what their children do. They may kick them out. That is discrimination. They may reason with their children which may be a waste of time.

They may hit them. That is violence and abuse. They may accept their lifestyle and their money. The lesbians have been working to tie the hands of the parents. Then they will steal the kids.

"And even with some children who were in commercial sexual exploitation, this was with the knowledge of the parents, as well as their involvement in getting clients for these children."

The report is based on interviews with 175 child sex workers, mainly girls, and over 200 children working on the streets.

Nearly 70% of the children were found to be involved in hazardous work, including chopping firewood for sale, moving furniture, loading and unloading boxes from containers, controlling traffic and scrap metal scavenging. 

This report has an air of unreality in that the young people interviewed were in the sex industry, selling drugs and stealing. So who were chopping firewood? moving furniture, unloading containers, controlling traffic and scavenging for scrap metal?

Very few children are seen chopping wood in the firewood selling sites. Where were they moving furniture and unloading containers? Where was traffic controlled? and scrap metal being scavenged?

It all sounds a little imaginary. Were they working for long hours in these activities? Were they helping their parents? If the report is fake, it may mean that all statiistics are fake too. AH

They also worked very long hours and were subjected to physical and verbal abuse.

It was probably those terrible abusive fathers. Only real abuse of young workers comes from many Chinese store owners. The food bars specialize in teenage pretty girls. AH.

Children were also engaged in illicit activities including begging, stealing and selling drugs.

"Poverty is one of the main reasons why these children are working," Ms Fatiaki said.

"There are other reasons, such as family breakdown, parental neglect, abuse, peer pressure...but poverty, as well as a lack of opportunity for parents, and children who have dropped out of school, has been the main reason. 

How does an unemployed family find money for food if their only asset is their young daughter? Morality runs last in the decisions of parents.

If a family is starving and the son comes home with money, who is to reject the money because it was stolen? How old are these children?

What of the reports we read of young girls with mobile phones soliciting sex from men? They are not poor. This is their way of having hundreds of kina in their hands every week. AH.

PNG Labour Minister, Martin Aini, says the country's labour laws are being reformed to try and prevent child labour.

"Judging by the incredible facts, statistics, figures and discoveries in this report, it is crucial for us to plan a way forward to address this situation through practical approaches, policies and interventions," he said.

The words of the Labour Minister above sound fake. These are not a fabulous discovery. Yet the minister talks of incredible facts, statistics and discoveries. It does not sound like a politician. AH.


Once the traditional family is broken up and parents have lost their children to the Departments of Welfare, a new family will arise. Please click:


It will consist of a group of gay paedophile men or lesbian women living in a large house with a dozen boys or girls looked after in foster care.

For safety of the children, there will be a high secure fence around the house. It will also keep parents out.

The family will be supported by gay or lesbian officers who have infiltrated the Welfare Department and will come to visit the boys and girls.

Each gay or lesbian foster parent will look after their children. They will care for them and have sex with them. That will be an alternative family of the future. Children who object to sex will be quietly moved out.

The gay and lesbian foster parents will receive funding for each child through the Welfare Department. Who will stop them? the welfare officers?

Saturday, 21 April 2012


I will pretend that I am a lesbian activist employed by the United Nations or AusAID. I have been posted to be the advisor in charge of family counselling.

This is a dream for me come true. At last, I have freedom to destroy the family unit in some part of the world.

I know how I will approach the task. First of all, I will set the scene that men are violent. Then all I did would be to work towards that. My priority would be to raise rebellion in a family.

I would do that by promoting rights but only for women, boys and girls. Husbands and fathers would be left out.

My goal would be to raise rebellion even in loving families. I would teach children that their parents have no authority over them. Please click:


Children would be told they are their own masters. They have the right to tell lies to their parents, particularly their fathers.

They need never tell their parents where they are going. If you want to go to a disco, it is your right. Your father has no right to know so you can tell him lies.

Tell him you are going to a church meeting. Tell him lies if he asks if you have been smoking. It is none of his business.

I would tell my counselors to tell all children that discipline and punishment is violence and abuse. I would support non-violent punishment. But I would not tell the fathers. Let them find out the hard way.

In the Sunday Chronicle 22 April 2012 page 15, there is a report by James Wanjik. He pointed out that the traditional marriage was for making babies and raising children. Any land was passed down within families of clans.

It will be my job as overseas advisor to destroy the tradition of marriage where the man was the head of the family. That is why we lesbians reject the Bible. We have to bring the village men and women into the modern world.

Women are told that they do not have to work according to the division of labour. They can do what they want. But the men are not told.

We want to raise confrontation between husbands and wives. It is not time for the kill yet.

Soon good men are finding their family is falling down. The wife is refusing to do the washing. She does not do the cooking. Children are smoking in secret and drinking homebrew.

They are telling lies to their father. They refuse to obey him. They tell him they have rights. They tell lies to their mother too.

This has become a self-justifying prophecy. Men are violent. They are pushed by outside forces. The daughter refuses to obey her father when he says she can not go to nightclubs. So he beats her.

I will never tell the women, boys and girls of their rights and responsibilities.

They have no responsibility to respect even a good husband and father. We will make sure of that. Lesbians want no focus on rights and responsibilities of family.

But the world gays and lesbians want to prove their propaganda that (1) all men are violent and (2) all women are abused. So the first step is to set the family up for the kill.

Within a few years, we will have legalization of gay and lesbian sex. By that time there should be thousands of broken families and many thousands of boys and girls on the street.

Then we will set up a gay and lesbian subject in the schools.

Friday, 20 April 2012


Community in the Christian world is in for a sad awakening. The community has always believed that the people are protected by the state including legislature, police, welfare and judiciary.

These instruments gain much traditional authority from the church with many laws based on Scripture. Laws on respect for life and property are based on Scripture.

But in the Christian world, people are finding that these instruments of support are being slowly neutralized by the gay, lesbian and paedophile lobby supported by simple-minded leaders including politicians and judges.

To support faith is fundamentalist. To oppose the gay/ lesbian power campaign is to be homophobic. We are being fooled by a vicious non-organization of gays and lesbians.

They call on democracy to save them from discrimination. That is like the wolves calling on the sheep to stop their oppression so that they can move in and steal the lambs. They protect themselves by attacking our families.

Simple minded /unscrupulous leaders believe them. Ex-premier of Queensland spoke of the beauty of gay and lesbian love. It was not enough to be re-elected. Prime Minister Julia Gillard may well go the same way.

Gays and lesbians are involved in a hearts and minds campaign to win the souls of our kids.

They will never talk of responsibilities of family. They are giving kids a responsibility free life to win their support.

Presidents Obama and Clinton opened the door for gay and lesbian oppression in the United States. The gay policy for the Defence Force is a negative legacy that will not be forgotten.

Education systems in every US state will be controlled by homosexuals by the end of the next 50 years.

But the world will rise against gay and lesbian dictatorship long before then. Developing and Moslem worlds have already started. Innocent gays and lesbians will suffer. Activists are seeking gay and lesbian rights and total power.

Breivik confessed mass murderer in Norway claims a non-organized organization supporting him. He is not being believed.

That is the way that all terrorist organize themselves from the days of the Leninist group of elite operatives. Members really do not know the members of other activist cells.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


To answer this question, we need to acknowledge that homosexuality has been with the world since the beginning of time. Homosexual sex was part of society but was not seen as a legitimate lifestyle upon which to base civilization.

Society required a system by which men and women came together in a recognised union and produced the next generation of children. Laws were put in place by every civilization to protect marriage and parenting.

Homosexual sex was carried out quietly and privately. There was a ban on sex with children. The age of consent has varied through the ages.

The modern Christian age sees the age of consent being lifted to enable girls to be educated and working in employment before marriage and child birth.

In all societies, including Melanesian countries and Moslem countries, homosexual sex has existed quietly and been tolerated as long as it did not interfere with the family basis of father-mother-children.

It is not difficult to understand that the FAMILY supported by FAITH has become the primary enemy of the gay and lesbian activists.

They plan to escalate the issue of  sexuality of boys and girls until unmanageable within the framework of family. They seek to promote rebellion against parents by a focus on the rights of children. Parents are always wrong. Children are always right.

The family has to be dismantled and replaced by the cult of the INDIVIDUAL. This is why there is always a focus on the rights of children and women. Men are to be ignored.

Family is seen as an institution that enslaves children and women. Gays and lesbians want to set children free. Do they roam the streets? The family is under attack. Please click:


Thank God for the Personal Development program of the Papua New Guinea Department of Education Grades 6 -12. It would be a brave lesbian who came to a school and attacked the family message. Please click:


And that has brought the gay and lesbian equilibrium to a halt. Gay and lesbian activists have used the world HIV/AIDS responses as the cover to take control of nations. They have succeeded with the weak Christian soft target nations.

They have worked by infiltration of Government and bureaucracies and stacking the decision-making in government agencies to achieve the gay and lesbian agenda.

But the gay and lesbian day in the sun is being brought to a halt in the developing world and the Moslem nations.

If they can not keep their lifestyle and agenda secret, they will be prosecuted and banned. We are seeing the gay and lesbian plans for the African nations slowly crumble.

afrol News - The majority of Muslim countries outlaw same-sex relationships. ... Culture is not,
however, always "against us and there are positive examples of same-sex relationships to be ...
ones like Tunisia as well as dictatorships like Sudan, outlaw same-sex relationships. ...
Communities and families have a part to play.

To read the report above is to be led to believe gays and lesbians have been persecuted by Governments at all times.

We do know that German gays went to the gas chambers in Nazi Germany. Any Government that opposed  gays and lesbians is homophobic. Any church is fundamentalist.

The writer ignores the corruption that the gay and lesbian lobby has brought to the world in their progressive hijacking of national health and education.

They have bullied and discriminated against parents and families. They have introduced gay and lesbian sex as a school subject without consultation.

The rise of the gay and lesbian lobby brings a rise in paedophile sex. Many gays are also paedophile. They find sex where they can.

They have grossly misused the world HIV/AIDS response. They discriminate against heterosexuals in employment. They tell the children of their rights without responsibilities. Please click:


They want kids to reject their families. They seek to paralyze all discipline of parents. Who looks after kids then? Gays, lesbians and paedophiles of course. The good looking kids that is.

Particularly in the US, the gays and lesbians seek to ensure the separation of CHURCH and STATE. Then they can keep the church out of the work of the state. And they can attack the church and the FAMILY as the state.

The judges can stop prayers in schools but allow the teaching of gay and lesbian sex. They are defending the STATE from the CHURCH. Parents cannot object on the basis of the personal FAITH of the family. Religious reasons are not valid in opposing the work of the STATE.

Early immigrants to the colony were escaping persecution of the CHURCH and STATE in Europe. Early founding fathers wrote a Constitution to protect the people from persecution from the CHURCH. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

The gays and lesbians are presenting the nation of boys and girls as the new victims of persecution. They are using the Constitution to protect them from the churches of the nation and religious parents. Words of Scripture on homosexuality have no relevence.

In God we no longer trust.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Norway has suffered a brutal baptism of fire in recent months with the massacre by Anders Behring Breivik.

We read on The National 19 April 2012 that he would do it again. He rejected views that he was a mean loser and a pathetic antisocial psychopath.

AIDS Holistics expresses deep condolences to the families of the innocent children who died. The only saving grace is that this massacre highlights the emerging ugliness of the politics of Scandinavia.

We read in recent years of the rise of the extreme right wing in Scandinavian politics. This is the politics of Adolf Hitler.

We know little of the politics of Norway and Sweden of World War 2 except to recall the traitor Quisling who took control in the name of the Third Reich.

But there is new politics growing in Europe and that has been called the moslemization of Europe.

PNG people may have received an email in recent months that explained that countries like Britain could have a Moslem Prime Minister within the next decade. We have written on the subject. Please click:



But there is a badly understood force building up in Europe. That is the gay and lesbian movement working to destroy families by promoting rights among the boys and girls. Please click:


This issue rose to prominence with the riots in Britain last year. Prime Minister Cameron wrote of hundreds of thousands of dysfunctional families and young people. This is the social scene that led to World War 2. Please click:


Moslems may well ride to power in the social chaos set up by European gays and lesbians. Homosexuals played a part in Nazi Germany despite hundreds of gay men put into the gas chambers. Many macho gays joined the Hitler bully boys.

We are led to believe that the brown shirt SA was a gay stronghold before their storm troopers were ambushed at a hotel and massacred by the SS. Hitler was not fooled.

The fact is that the Moslem extremists and the gay activists may form an uneasy cooperative spirit during the war. After take-over and control of families, the gay activists will be killed as were the SA.

Gay sex exists in Moslem countries but not openly as the European homosexuals are used to. Please click:


Moslems will want strong families that follow Allah with women wearing their traditional clothes.

European paedophiles are dead. Gay and lesbian mardi gras will be a relic of the past. Homosexuality will be driven underground as in Moslem countries.

Is this what Anders Behring Breivik opposes? The report below refers to gay and lesbian minorities. Same sex marriage was legislated in Norway in 2009.

We must not be lulled into a sense of false security. These minorities work to infiltrate government and bureaucracy.

They will push agendas far greater than the numbers of gays and lesbians.

Nations of Europe will face domination of school curriculum by the gay and lesbian teachings. Breivik never mentions the dangers of the gay and lesbian influence in Norway. It is only the Moslems.

He is concerned with racial mixing. Not destruction of family. Most people in the western world have family lines that encompass all European races. The last violent protector of racial purity was Adolf Hitler.

The Moslem world does not want racial mixing too. It is not possible to have a Catholic-Moslem marriage between man and woman. Breivik may be exaggerating.

afrol News - The majority of Muslim countries outlaw same-sex relationships. ... Culture is not, however, always "against us and there are positive examples of same-sex relationships to be ... ones like Tunisia as well as dictatorships like Sudan, outlaw same-sex relationships. ... Communities and families have a part to play.

So it is a point of interest as to whether or not Anders Behring Breivik is gay. He is 33 years old and not married.

Why did he not just attack the adults of the Labour Movement? He says he did not plan to survive. Perhaps a gay suicide fighter is a contradiction in terms.

Is he trying to be more nazi than the nazis? Will he be the Quisling of the new order that crushes the moslemization of Norway?

Is he a paedophile who has a secret longing to give pain to children? We all know of the snuff movies of Europe where children are videoed while being brutalized to death. Was he punishing the left wing children of the Aryan race?

Paedophilia Is The Ultimate Hate Crime - Similar
Actually, the paedophile is guilty of committing murder on a
spiritual level. .... 29 April 2002 Report: Pedophilia more common a
mong 'gays' Research purports to .... being used for satanic ritual
sacrifice, snuff films, porn films, child prostitution, ...

Gay paedophile or not, he would regard the gays and lesbians as his allies, despite claims to the contrary. He will need the Norwegian community to be transformed too. Transformation can only come after chaos.

The truth has not come out yet. But Breivik may be the tip of the iceberg. He is not a lone ranger as the Norwegian Government will hope to make public. There is a fascist right wing in Norway.




Anders Breivik claims self defence on first day of Norway massacre trial

Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist accused in Norway’s worst ever mass murder, admitted…

by Richard Warnica on Monday, April 16, 2012 9:25am - 5 Comments
Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing extremist accused in Norway’s worst ever mass murder, admitted Monday to killing 77 people in two targeted attacks last July.

But Breivik rejected criminal responsibility for his acts, claiming he slaughtered his victims in self defence. Appearing on the first day of an expected 10-week trial, Breivik sported a thin beard and dark suit. He offered the gallery a close-fisted salute before denying that the court had any authority to try him. From the Associated Press:

“I don’t recognize Norwegian courts because you get your mandate from the Norwegian political parties who support multiculturalism,” Mr. Breivik said in his first comments to the court.

Eight people were killed in Mr. Breivik’s bombing of Oslo’s government district and 69 others were slain in his shooting massacre at the left-leaning Labor Party’s youth camp on Utoya island outside the capital.

Mr. Breivik has said the attacks were necessary to protect Norway from being taken over by Muslims.

“I admit to the acts, but not criminal guilt,” he told the court, insisting he had acted in self-defence.

Breivik’s self-defence plea is likely hopeless. Experts agree the trial will instead hinge on his sanity. Should he be found criminally responsible for his acts, he could face 21 years in prison or an indefinite, preventative term that would extend for as long as he is considered a danger to society.

For more insight on Breivik’s paranoid personal philosophy, read Colby Cosh’s dispatch from last August:

Breivik sees himself as the inspiration for an inevitable European uprising against multiculturalist governments that favour mass immigration.

The killer’s manifesto—perhaps intentionally, perhaps only because it was written over a long period of time—reveals a political philosophy that is complex and contradictory in everything but its hostility to Islam and to“Marxism,” a term he uses with dizzying broadness to cover almost anything that is hostile to narrow cultural nationalism.

Unlike his heroine Saga, Breivik rejects Nazism, calling it “genocidal and imperialistic in nature,” and lumps it in with his other “hate ideologies,” namely Islam, Communism and multiculturalism.

The political models he favours are low-immigration democracies outside Europe, notably Japan and South Korea; he admires India’s Hindu-nationalist politicians. His strong Zionism leads him to call Jews “our primary ally” against Islam.

But while not a Nazi per se, Breivik devotes one of the creepiest sections of the manifesto to his “pragmatic” personal opposition to “race-mixing,” warning that it diminishes social cohesion and leads to suicide and “severe mental problems” for mixed-race offspring.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It is quite chilling to read the news reports on BBC internet of the massacre of Norwegian teenagers at the hands of Anders Behring Breivik.

It is even more chilling to read of his reasons. He took action against what he saw was moslemization of Europe. We read that this is a common fear.

He blamed the Labour Party in pursuit of multiculturalism and saw them as traitors to the welfare of Norway and Europe.

He took his anger out on a holiday camp of teenagers and brutally killed 66 of them. This was a massacre of the innocents.

More and more we are seeing violence as the answer to groups moving against other interest groups who are taking advantage of democracy to achieve their objectives.

This is a warning call to the gays and lesbians of the world who are taking control by a process of infiltration of Government and legalization of their lifestyle through the backdoor.

The time is coming when communities will take action outside the safety fence of democracy. We see the corrective rape in South Africa.

It may well be a response of community to lesbian women moving to take control of the younger generation with the community standing by helplessly.

We see the gays and lesbians taking over the education systems in South Africa and Massachusetts. They have put together a curriculum to explain the gay and lesbian lifestyle to all children.

The response of the community will come to be heard especially when parents realize that they are wasting their time in taking the matter to Courts.

Judges in the US have ruled that the schools have the right to teach sexuality without permission of parents.

There are two major forces building up in the world, involving moslemization of Europe and the takeover of society values by gays and lesbians.

Gays and lesbians have to be reminded that they are most vulnerable at gay and lesbian mardi gras across the world.

Monday, 16 April 2012


Our blogspot Family Positive Living is a phenomenon that we can hardly believe. It is the second website that AIDS Holistics has produced on Positive Living. Our blog reaches the world.

Remember our old website 2005-2009 with 600,000 hits. Positive Living is not hot news these days.

in promoting Positive Living with or without HIV/AIDS.
There should be focus on the growing ... This folio sets. out
problems faced by AIDS Holistics .

We hear you say that all other blogs do that. But we have a strong and universal message that has helped revolutionize the approach to HIV/AIDS. 

But if we type Positive Living into Google, we find dozens of sites promoting Positive Living and holistic health. But there is a difference.

AIDS Holistics suffers from deep visceral loathing from the world gay and lesbian lobby with their anti-family strategy. They thought they would stop us by intimidation and vilification. But it has never happened.

AIDS Holistics has a silent majority who read what we write and they include politicians, church leaders, the heads of international care organizations and ordinary people.  There has been a considerable lift in readership in recent months.

The lift may well include our enemies transfixed by the polish and deadly accuracy of our reports. We know that our words are having an impact in United States and Russia.

Our reports focus in two main areas. There is health and education which have been two major specialties of the founder of AIDS Holistics.

Sometimes we look at other blogs and marvel at the comments made in every document. There are 730 reports on our blog and 6 comments overall.

That is because people are quietly reading but not wanting to identify their support for the Positive Living message. They fear punishment from the enemies of AIDS Holistics.

AusAID and the United Nations will block funding to any organization that openly supports Positive Living. The expatriate gays and lesbians are quite blatant about it.
What is there for readers to comment on?

The powerful messages of Positive Living and the physiology of HIV/AIDS stand for all time.  The message is not ours. But we put out a report every day.

We have selectively taken research from Google on the attack of HIV on the gut, coccidian gut parasites and the damage to body systems.

We have collated a wide range of information continuously integrated into a massive holistic picture.

Type Holistic health or Positive Living  into Google. There are so many other individuals and groups promoting the same basic picture. We are one of hundreds. But we hope that we contributed to the promotion of knowledge.

We know that our Positive Living message was used by the PNG Department of Education in setting up the Personal Development program that runs from grade 6 to grade 12. This is the way of the future. Please click:


There is a holistic panorama to this program just as there is in our Positive Living message.

Both programs focus on the same panorama of family, role models, rights and responsibilities, parenting, relationships, hygiene, nutrition and HIV/AIDS.

We do not need written affirmation from the readers. It comes every day when we see the counter lift as we check the blog on a daily basis.

We know that we have fought the Australian gays and lesbians to a standstill. They have no more fight left in them. They have failed in all intimidation.

In 1942, the Japanese army was turned back in New Guinea. The gays and lesbians were turned back in 2001-2012 in Port Moresby. Let them retreat across the world.

It took several nations to defeat the Japanese. The world has to work together to defeat the anti-family, anti-morality and anti-faith gay and lesbian activists. 

They are terrorists working under the cover of democracy and human rights. They want to drop bombs within the family unit.

The several hate campaigns have been turned against them. The spears they threw at AIDS Holistics have been turned back on them. 

All they have left is to weakly bleat that we are homophobic. So be it. We wear their loathing like a badge of courage.

Had they pursued their gay and lesbian agenda and left family alone, their future may have been different. But they could not help themselves.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Post Courier 16 April 2012

Rugby League against Violence is an organization set to raise awareness and speak out against domestic sexual violence. They include former and current captains of the Kumuls.

The Rugby League against Violence (RLAV) aims to use high profile rugby league players and personalities.

They will be used in an awareness campaign that runs along side community strategies that sees boys and men act as partners against family and sexual violence.

Comment: AIDS Holistics has long advocated the role of sporting figures to act as role models against violence and in support of living an honest and positive life.

This is nothing new. Other groups in the community have been doing this for many years.

The community has long expected that sporting figures act as role models in violence and restraint in drinking alcohol to give the example to young boys and girls.

Start with some football family men. Display posters showing them with wife and children.

Have the posters refer to rights and responsibilities of family members, love and respect.

Have posters refer to courage, determination, teamwork, strength, self-discipline, leadership, nutrition and health.

Rugby players have best chance of being accepted  as real men.

It is not good when we read of star football players in Court on charges of drunken fighting and gang rape,

It happens in the world. It is not good when team spirit is translated into a vicious gang rape of some poor drunken girl.

Well done journalist Nellie Setepano.


Picture the scene. A young mother is cooking food in the kitchen when her young son came up to her and tugged her apron.
Young son: Where do I come from mummy?
The young mother froze. The time had come for her young son. He was only 5 years old but taking his first step towards manhood.
Mother: Well darling your mother loves your daddy very much and he loves her. One day, he put a seed in her tummy and it met an egg from your mummy and you started to grow.

Then you came out of your mummy’s tummy and here you are. Do you understand, darling?
Young son: No mummy.
Mother:  Why did you ask?
Young son: Well my friend Billy comes from Melbourne.
I just want to know where I come from.
Young son is at the very start of the sex education time line. He may be too young to hear about penis, vagina, uterus and the rest.

The child may not remember even if told. There is not the intellectual maturity or understanding of language to absorb and recall a detailed explanation.
Wise parents tell what the child asks for and leave it until the next question six months later. Teachers should time their information with the basic time line.
Advice becomes more specific grade by grade. A young girl sees her first period at about 13 years. So the lesson on the menstrual cycle comes at 12-13 years old.
Explanation of sexual intercourse would come in general terms at 9-12 years. The reproductive cycle may be explained from 11 years onwards.
Readers may wish to adjust the time line explained here according to their own views. It all depends on the maturity of the child to understand.
I explained menstruation to my daughters at 12 years. But they already knew. Seeing a period is a matter of pride among school girl friends.


Teach Your Preschooler Where Babies Come From - Family Life Cached - Similar
Find tips on explaining to your preschooler where babies come from and how ...
asks where daddy and mommy keep their seeds and eggs, you can tell him
about ... Get positive support, tips and tools for helping your kids reach for

Comment: In Massachusetts schools, is gay and lesbian sex explained to children before they come to learn about heterosexual sex?
Surely homosexual play sex does not have priority over heterosexual reproduction. As a key supporter of the gay and lesbian lobby, what do you think President Obama?

Focus on gay and lesbian sex must confuse and subvert understanding and priorities of living for small children.

Explaining gay sex to a class of 8 year olds:

Teacher: When a man has sex with another man or boy he puts his weewee into his bottom.
Class: Yuk!
Student: Does he pee into the boy’s bottom?
Teacher:  No. Boys do not pee when they have sex.
Student: Won’t the boy get poopoo on his weewee?
Teacher:  He will but he does not worry about that.
Student: But poopoo is dirty.
Teacher: If he is worried, he can put on a condom.
Student: Is this how men have babies?
Teacher: No this is not to make babies. It is fun.
Class: Yuk.
Teacher: This is how some men show boys they love them.
Student: My mother says I should not hear about this.
Teacher:  Your mother is homophobic.

Please click:


They want control of the next generation of children.


The Personal Development program in PNG schools sets out a progression of knowledge from Grade 6 to Grade 12. That is for children from 12 to 18 years old.

One of the fears expressed by parents is that their children are taught about sex too early. But the Personal Development program sets a time line for children.

This time line can be used by all organizations in the nation to set out when the sex education starts and what detail for each grade.

I take Personal Development for grades 9 and 10 and notice a marked maturity difference between students of both grades with some exceptions.

Grade 10 students are becoming young men and women. Grade 9 students are still boys and girls. The emphasis is different between the two grades.

A major criticism of the gay and lesbian education in Massachusetts schools is that small children are given information that they are too young to comprehend.

Of what value is there in telling 7 year old children about transvestites and anal sex? Their sense of well being is being perverted by homosexual teachers for an outside agenda.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


It is most interesting that the blog reports most widely read this week are on Personal Development in Papua New Guinea education.

We hope that these reports are being opened by readers in the developing world. Please click:



Papua New Guinea is settling down to the awareness strategy for the HIV/AIDS pandemic and for educating future husbands, wives and parents.



There is so much emotion and party politics in the nation that people are not thinking straight. There is fear that the O'Neill-Namah Government is playing tricks.

We all expect major problems of violence in the highlands as a combination of guns, marijuana, homebrew and inter-clan rivalry. Everyone wants a Member in their clan with a DSIP funding account.

The problem will be far worse by incomplete electoral rolls. Many hundreds of thousands of men and women, including university students will not be on the roll.

Some registered after their 18th birthday but in their first election they will have no vote. Whole clans will be affected.

Hundreds of thousands of dead people will still be eligible to vote. Their families and clan members will do the honours in their memory.

There will be a tussle for people to vote in the names that are on the roll. That will bring violence and polling booth intimidation. Women will be intimidated by the men.

This is a national crisis. The Constitution says the elections will go ahead. But the Constitution did not count on the disaster at the office of the Electoral Commission that would not be ready with up-to-date rolls if the election were deferred by 12 months. Please click:


There are good democratic reasons why the election should go ahead on time. There are also democratic good reasons why there should be a deferral.

The aim of the game is to run a fair and honest election for the majority of people. That will be impossible in 2012.

Democracy does not mean an election at all costs. Democracy is about the welfare of the people. But the people have spoken at least in public debate. The election will go ahead.