Sunday, 28 April 2013


The issue of lamb flaps has been raised in the Pacific. Some years ago Fiji banned lamb flaps. It is not known if the ban remains in force. The PNG Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham raised the issue again in 2011. Please click:


There has been a debate on Jackson's blog PNG Attitude on the Government plan to restrict importation of lamb flaps from Ausrtralia and New Zealand. Please click:

Restriction on lamb flap imports mooted - Keith Jackson & Friends ...

also Joe Wasia's story Lamb flaps should be banned in PNG. Source: Radio ...
The writers are not thinking on this matter. It is not a matter of banning lamb flaps but of legislating that the unacceptable levels of fat be removed by the overseas exporters.
They would not dare sell such rubbish fatty meat to Australian or New Zealand citizens of European stock. Lamb flaps are blackfella food. The meat on display in Australian supermarkets has little or no fat.
The lamb flaps in Papua New Guinea markets will often consist of 95% fat and small streaks of meat. This is racism at its worst. This is not lamb meat but aging sheep. Their meat must not be wasted. Send it up to the blackfellas.
Is this meat sent to the Aboriginal and Maori settlements?

So many PNG men are dying in their 40s from strokes and heart attacks.

At last check, lamb flaps were banned in Fiji.

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ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Friday, 26 April 2013


Recently, the Governor of Oro Province Gary Juffa gave a speech at a conference and criticized the propaganda of overseas activists on gender thuggery with the abuse of women in Papua New Guinea. He raised a howl of protest on the Jackson blog PNG Attitude. Please click:
But there is very great truth in what he has said. He did not specify who these people are. That does not stop the founder of AIDS Holistics from pointing the finger at the lesbian movement.

Our view is that the foreign gays and lesbians are the thugs who have bullied, punished, cheated, lied  and discriminated against governments, organizations and individuals to ensure success of their homosexual agenda.
They have discriminated in favour of homosexual job applicants. They promoted false statistics in the media doctored to show that men are violent and women are loving and motherly.

Lesbians try to rule supreme in the United Nations, Save the Children and Medecins Sans Frontieres. Please click:


There was a recent report on PNG Attitude that stated quite accurately that there is confusion between the promotion of Gender Equity and Feminism particularly in  the United Nations, AusAID and a range of other lesbian dominated groups. Please click:


It is not confusion but deliberate misrepresentation. Gender Equality involves lifting the status of men and women equally.

That is not what the lesbian movement wants. They want men pushed down and ignored. Their strategy can be termed as lesbian feminism. Gay activists help them. Please click:

The claim is that women in the world are all abused by men who are all violent. This is a gross exaggeration and misrepresentation.
Regularly in the media in this country we read false statistics that show that women are abused by men. One report claimed that 60% of PNG men confess to have been involved in gang rape. Please click:




Of course there are women who are abused. There are men who abuse. But that is not the total picture as there are large numbers of family men who care for their wife and children.
There are men who make sure that their female children are educated. Their wives are able to seek employment. But they are ignored by the foreign lesbian thugs.
They ignore that there is massive domestic violence among gays and lesbians of the world. In the United States, there are shelters in every city for gays and lesbians who have been bashed by their partners and their children. Please click:

gay and lesbian domestic violence - family positive living - aids ...
Nov 26, 2011 – The world is being tricked into believing that violence is all
about men bashing and abusing women and children. Reports on Google
show us ...

They ignore that there is a high level of violence of women to other women and to men in Papua New Guinea. These days, more  and more women and girls smoke marijuana and drink home brew, particularly in the highlands.
This would promote violence in the community with drunken women fighting their husbands and being raped in their drunken and marijuana soaked state. Please click:

highlands women and girls drink homebrew - family positive living ...

Sep 15, 2011 – We read in the media that there is an increase of women and girls
drinking homebrew in the highlands, particularly the Enga and Chimbu ...

Nov 19, 2012 – Report is anonymous - coming trend among lesbian activists. There
has been a dramatic increase in reports to the Papua New Guinea media ...


Monday, 22 April 2013


The terrorist bombs that killed spectators at the Boston marathon brough a horrifying end to the Boston marathon. In the day that followed, one suspected terrorist was shot by the police while the second terrorist was captured.
But that should not hide another group of terrorists in Massachusetts. These are the homosexual terrorists who have hyjacked the education over recent years. They have set up a faked scenario of homosexual, African and Latino  boys and girls committing suicide in schools. Please click:
 They neglect to mention that the gay and lesbian teachers were those who raised the issue of suicide in schools by assignments and questionnaires. Then they claimed that the students all thought of suicide first as the result of bullying and discrimination by other students.
This ushered in an era of the gay and lesbian curriculum in which all students were given lessons in homosexual sex. It was all in the name of promoting caring of all students and destroying the unity of families.
The Obama man Kevan Jennings took charge as terrorist in chief and introduced students to rimming (licking anuses), fisting (forearms into anuses) and golden showers (urinating on a partner). Please click:

Parents complained about their children being involved in homosexual lessons but complaints were ignored. Children at school were told their parents were homophobic. 
Parents took schools to the US High Court only to have their petitions rejected by judges with the finding that homosexual education was legalized by the US Constitution. Case dismissed.
There is much rejoicing in the world at gay and lesbian marriage legalized.  But little thought is given as to what comes next. Legalized marriage is proof of equality of all.
This means that homosexual sex will be inserted into school curricula across the world. Objections of parents to be ignored.
There will be increased pressure for gays, lesbians and paedophiles to be leaders in the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. Please click:

Recently gay and lesbian children have been allowed to join the movement. That is fair. But it opens the door for gay and lesbian scout and guide troops.
Already the major problem in the movement is paedophile leaders that place paedophilia on a level higher than in the Catholic church.
There will be boys wearing badges on their Scout uniforms that state GAY AND PROUD. The end of the traditional Boy Scouts is nigh.
The key plank in the gay and lesbian platform is to eliminate discrimination. But we are not to know that gay and lesbian activists are the greatest discriminators in the world.
Children in Massachusetts schools will be discriminated if their parents are deemed homophobic.
Applicants for jobs will be discriminated against by homosexual and paedophile interviewers. 
Gay priests will come out of the closet. The Catholic church is ending with the faithful losing faith.
Three people were killed by terrorists at the Boston marathon and hundreds injured. This is a terrible crime, the likes of which are routine occurrences in Moslem countries found in the back pages of western newspapers.
But the question arises as to how many families have been destroyed by homosexual terrorists in Massachusetts schools with a chasm opened between parents and indoctrinated children.

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Today a series of abusive texts were sent by the strongarm minder of Jeffrey Nape, the fat 39 year old Nape family friend who calls himself JJ and has been leading the false promises and tricks to me the father of my underage 15 year old daughter . Text today:

Y r u demandin nape 2 pay da rent u shud pay bkos yr wife and yr childrn are livin der y shud nape pay yur rent bkos hes not livin der.

His texts were to advise that Nape was to cut rent on the small flat given to the family on moving out of our accommodation at 5 mile. He called me abusive names and demanded to know why I should expect Jeffrey Nape to pay for accommodation for the family.

The answer is simple. Nape had approached the angry father in late 2011 on his finding out that 42 year old Nape was having a relationship with his 14 year old daughter and given her K2000 that she spent mainly on cartons of beer for her friends.

He pleaded with the father not to stop the relationship. He said he would care for the girls and wanted to marry the elder girl at 18 but only if she consented.

He said that he knew that the father had just come out of the ICU at the Port Moresby hospital with a minor heart attack. He said that chances were that the father may die and offered to take care of the girls.

He said that he was a neighbour of the Tirokave clan at Morata and had known my youngest daughter from early childhood. He knew that the father was not able to work and offered to help with accommodation and school fees.

Reluctantly the father accepted but warned that if he breaks the promises, the father would cut the relationship. He urged Jeffrey Nape to follow what he had promised.

We were placed in a 5 bedroom apartment at Malaoro which was a bad move. The lease had to be signed by the father who was blamed by the landlord when the rent was 3 months behind. He was threatened with arrest and the cells.

Within 2 months, Nape changed his tune. No longer was he prepared to wait until my daughter was 18 years for marriage. He wanted sex NOW at 15 years of age.

The father said no. We were promptly evicted. Fatman minder claimed that two expatriates were to be put into the apartment. We refused to move. We were told to move to a house half way up Lawes Road that overlooked Ela Beach and had 4 bedrooms.

But we were to find that this rubbish bush house had one bedroom and smashed windows. We refused. Finally we were put into a flat at Waigani near the green shop on the way to Morata.

But Nape still had tricks. He decided that the flat was not suitable for his little girl. He proposed to move her to a flat over the other side of town. The father refused and for the first time took the matter to Welfare.

Nape changed his mind and put her into a little trade store at Morata about two hundred meters from his bedroom. He encouraged her mother to come and help with her daughter. She had left when my daughter was 13 months old.

Now the tricks are coming thick and fast. In April 2013, he decided to change the support to my daughter and her mother in the trade store. He has forbidden my daughter to come down to the family house.  His workers will come and get her if she does.

For the third time in the six months, the landlord has come with a lock-out order. He has sympathy for us as he has read the website reports.

Today, we are told by JJ the fatman minder that there will be no more rent. The last of the original agreements has been broken.

There is now pressure from Nape. From now, there can be two possible effects. The father can say to him that he can have sex with his underaged daughter. Please pay our rent.

Or the daughter will go to Nape and plead for rent for the family. She will offer to give him sex if he pays the rent.

Neither will happen.

Nape has shown himself to be totally dishonest and a bully. Our family has to be broken up now. Nape has destroyed our family to get hold of his underage mixed race  mistress. He has lowered our lives for sex.

Once the father is moved away, Nape will have free access to the underage daughter.  We are being kicked out to stop my 15 year old daughter from coming home to her family. Rachael  came home lastr Friday and stayed the night. For that we are being evicted.

I accuse Jeffrey Nape of the following offences in paedophilia:

a.  unlawful imprisonment of a minor,

b.  abuse of and violence to her family,

c.  violence and sexual touching of a minor,

d.  claims to own a minor girl,

e.  workers to intimidate family with violence and threats,

f. false accusations to the child on sexual behaviour,

g.  violence and abuse with 23 forced AIDS tests,

h. threats of violence against father in going public, and

i. child abuse that ended in attempted suicides.

Australian High Commission, Welfare and Police please take note.
Friends warn me that I could be killed for this.

Thursday, 18 April 2013


She may be successful next time. Her father may not be there

The situation in our house is reaching crisis point with the bullying of my daughter by Jeffrey "Spider" Nape, ex-speaker of the PNG parliament. He never backs off. He has decided in error that my 15 year old daughter belongs to him.
He took possession of my mixed race daughter when she was 14 years old after promising to her father that he would respect and care for the family. He promised to promote her education and seek to marry her when she was 18 years old. But at the age of 15, Nape has decided she is his property and subject to sexual intercourse.
He has taken her out of school and put her in a trade store within two hundred metres from his apartment. It would be more correct to say that the promised private school for 2013 never happened. He has placed her with an uncle who has worked for Nape and lives next the palace at Morata.
It is reaching a crisis point at which my daughter does not want to marry him. But he does not accept what she wants. He dictates her life to her. So far in 18 months, she has attempted suicide twice.
At the last attempt, she locked herself in the bathroom and took an overdose of amoxyline. Her father kicked the door down and the family dragged her off to POMGH where her stomach was pumped out.
She now says that if Nape forces her to marry him, bans her mobile phone, stops her from leaving the house, bans her family and friends and will not allow her to go out into town, she will kill herself. She has a history of doing this since "Spider" took control of her.
In the last two days, her father says he wants her home. But Nape rejects this. Her father told her to leave the trade store and come home. She gathered her sisters and close friends and they danced at the house.
''Spider" sent a worker to get her back but she refused to go, supported by her father. Finally he told her she would be picked up by a worker and taken to meet him at Vision City. Her father went with her but Nape refused to meet them both.
The worker took them back to the house and tricked the father into leaving the vehicle and he took the daughter and sister back to Vision City to meet Nape. But the father sprinted down the road and followed them in a taxi.
Nape, daughter and father ended up in Nape's vehicle and he was so sweet. Butter would not melt in his mouth. In the end, the daughter said she wanted to go to the trade store but returned to the house an hour later. She just wanted to be with her family.
He is trying to convince the father that the step daughter in his family is a second wife. He seems to want to say in Court that the father is involved in polygamy just like Spider.

The step daughter has filled a space left by my elder daughter and is adored by my younger daughter. Both daughters love her which does not please Spider who wants to weaken our family.
Workers came three times to take her back at the orders of Nape. The last arrived at the door at 1.00am wanting to take my daughter. It is obvious that her family is not good enough for her according to Spider'.
So the community now knows that if my daughter commits suicide, it is at the hand of Spider Nape. He has blocked her teenage life. She is now afraid and suicidal. All her dreams of education have died. As the father, I must share the blame in allowing myself to be tricked by Spider Nape.
People tell me I cannot win as he has massive influence in the police force and the Courts. He can turn any case around with his contacts. As my daughter's father I can only do my best. Her life is more important than mine. Nape could not turn the voters around in the last election.
If Spider thinks he can tell lies, play tricks on a father and then lawfully take his daughter, then he has another think coming. He has a paedophile sense of delusion and fantasy.


Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Combine simple sentences into complex sentences
Robert Edwin Peary was consumed by a passion for fame. He was born in Pennsylvania. He grew up in Maine. He graduated from Bowdoin College.

Consumed by a passion for fame, Robert Edwin Peary was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Maine, graduating from Bowdoin College.

On his first trip, he only travelled about 100 miles inland. He travelled 1300 miles on his second trip in 1891. He reached Greensland's northern coast. He proved it was an island.

On his first trip, he only travelled about 100 miles inland but covered 1300 miles on his second trip in 1891, reaching Greensland's northern coast and proving it was an island.

In following years, Peary continued to explore the great island. He mapped much of its northern coast.

In following years, Peary continued to explore the great island, mapping much of its northern coast.

Continuing to explore the great island in following years, Peary mapped much of its northern coast.

His first attempt to reach the North Pole failed. He was forced to  turn back. He came within 174 nautical miles from the North Pole in 1905.  He set a new world record.

His first attempt to reach the North Pole failed and he was forced to  turn back but came within 174 nautical miles of his objective in 1905, setting a new world record.

He had reached the pole in 1908. He then retired to  an island in Maine. Here he died in 1920.

Having reached the pole in 1908, he then retired to  an island in Maine  and died here in 1920.

The commander Robert Peary squinted from dense bushy eyebrows. He scanned the coast. He sighted the snowcapped headland of Cape York. It plunged in to the sea.

Squinting from dense bushy eyebrows, Commander Robert Peary scanned the coast, sighting the snowcapped headland of Cape York that plunged in to the sea.

The commander Robert Peary squinted from dense bushy eyebrows, scanning the coast and sighting the snowcapped headland of Cape York as it plunged in to the sea.

The Roosevelt nosed in towards the shore. An excited band of hunters paddled out in sealskin kayaks. They came to meet the steamer. They came to greet Peary.

The Roosevelt nosed in towards the shore as an excited band of hunters paddled out in sealskin kayaks to meet the steamer and greet Peary.

As the Roosevelt nosed in towards the shore, an excited band of hunters paddled out in sealskin kayaks to meet the steamer and greet Peary.

Peary had returned to these frozen wastes seven times. He came twice with his wife. She became the first white woman to spend a winter in the Arctic.

Peary had returned to these frozen wastes seven times, coming twice with his wife who became the first white woman to spend a winter in the Arctic.

Returning to these frozen wastes seven times, Peary came twice with his wife who became the first white woman to spend a winter in the Arctic.

At 52, he was no longer young. Two decades of battling the Arctic cold had taken its toll. His face was weathered and deeply lined.

At 52, he was no longer young with two decades of battling the Arctic cold taking its toll and making his face weathered and deeply lined.

The Roosevelt was already a veteran of Arctic voyages. It had to be refitted. It became more powerful than ever.

The Roosevelt was already a veteran of Arctic voyages and had to be refitted to be more powerful than ever.

Already a veteran of Arctic voyages, the Roosevelt had to be refitted to become more powerful than ever.

The main source of power was massive steam engines. These were strong enough to make the craft a floating battering ram. The craft was able to plow through thick layers of ice.

The main source of power was massive steam engines, strong enough to make the craft a floating battering ram and able to plow through thick layers of ice.


The new Government now focuses on the healthy lifestyle as the key to living.

We read in the media of the importance of diet including fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts with lean white meat , clean water, less salt and sugar, exercise and reduced stress to protect us from hypertension, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

But AIDS Holistics has made healthy lifestyle as the cornerstone of Positive Living necessary for all, particularly those suffering from HIV infection.

In the era of free distribution of ARV drugs, the virus is killed in the bloodstream which stops the ongoing attack on the small intestine. Please click:

Gut warfare - Tulane National Primate Research Center
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
NEWS FEATURE indicates that HIV's initial attack is swift and deadly,
destroying CD4 cells in the gut where, in fact, most of the body's CD4
cells reside. In a ...

This enables nutrients, salts and water to be absorbed again to bring the metabolism of the body back almost to normal.

The important task of the sufferer is to follow a healthy lifestyle not only as protection from the lifestyle diseases above but also to rebuild the body after the HIV attack on the gut lining.

This is a factor that is not yet commonly promoted in the Papua New Guinea media. The reason may lie with the foreign gays and lesbians who think that condoms are the key to positive living.

It is still the job of AIDS Holistics to promote healthy living for those suffering from HIV infection and who may or may not be treated with ARV drugs.

There would be thousands of citizens in rural Papua New Guinea who suffer from HIV infection but do not have access to ARV drugs. Positive Living is their only hope for an extended but reduced life style.

Monday, 15 April 2013


Over the last year, I have watched with horrified fascination as my daughter was stolen from my family by ex-parliamentary speaker Jeffrey Nape. Please click:

He has slowly taken her over though she is still a young girl of 15 years old. He now totally controls her and has taken her away from her home by a series of steps designed to abduct a young girl.

It comes as a shock to  find that Nape claims to own my daughter. But the fact remains that if it come to Court action and involvement of Welfare, Jeffrey Nape will lose badly. He can be restrained from ever approaching her until she reaches the age of consent.

Nape has total arrogance. He ignores her father and claims to have the right to all decisions relating to my daughter. He has told her he owns her. He says her father no longer has authority over her.

He has abandoned his early plan to put her in her own apartment and has put her into a trade store at Morata about two hundred meters from his palace under construction. She now has total access to his living area. She has now to go to him if she wants money.

He tells lies to her father. Last year, he had a plan to send my daughters to boarding school in Cairns with his children. He met with her father and arranged for both to approach Foreign Affairs for passports.  We were all to move to Cairns.

But the following day came the news that he planned for her to go to Port Moresby Grammar. She ended up in Boreboa primary school and was then moved out of school to run a trade store. He has breached his promise to arrange for her to study through FODE.

This is what is called bulshitting a dad. His plan is for her not to have an education as originally promised to her father.

He plans for her to be married to him as a child and barefoot, pregnant and under guard by his workers.

What happened to the other mixed race, pregnant teenage girl who claimed at Vision City to be his wife? Or Vanessa the Vanuatu singer living in Cairns? Or his wife living in the Philippines?

Last week, my daughter wanted to attend football. But Nape said she could not. He then relented and said that she could go with his body guards. They would guard against her talking to 15 year old boys. He seems to be paranoid about 15 year old boys.

In the last few days, the word has come from Nape through my daughter that he plans to make me manager of his palace under construction at Morata. This is further evidence of bulshitting a dad.

He makes promises to achieve what he wants then but once achieved, he forgets any promises. Nape thinks this makes him a cool dude. To me, it makes him a liar.

In early stages I was to be advisor to the parliamentary AIDS Committee. I was to receive a donation to AIDS Holistics of K100,000 and a car to drive the province promoting AIDS awareness. Lies. As the Australian gays and lesbians have found, I have a long memory.

Last night I put two questions to my daughter. If we are evicted by Nape, will she come with us? If any family is injured or killed, will she marry Nape? Her responses are a family secret.