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Case study for the world

Over recent years, AIDS Holistics has been deeply attacked by unknown cyber bullies from the Australian aid organization AusAID and the UN.

They had a basic underlying strategy to destroy the family Positive Living message.

They wanted to insert a gay and lesbian agenda into the nation to attack family, faith, wantok system and traditional marriage. Please click:

One attacker stood out with a strategy that was gutter cunning.

He was a journalist for The National newspaper whose parent company Rimbunan Hijau was under attack by activists and the opposition newspaper for corrupt illegal logging.

The cyber bully had two targets. One was AIDS Holistics.

The other was the logging critics of Rimbunan Hijau who included Lydia Kailap and Nancy Sullivan.

How to kill both birds with one stone?

First he targetted the founder of AIDS Holistics, calling him an illegal alien who should be deported.

Then he started an anonymous campaign telling email addressees that he was the real Bruce Copeland.

He called on the founder of AIDS Holistics to stop using his name.

This went on for several months with the cyber bully slowly taking over the identity of the founder of AIDS Holistics by a fake email address.

He stopped using the term real Bruce Copeland and called himself Bruce Copeland. This must have confused many readers.

Then the time came ripe to attack the critics of the illegal logging.

So he started with an attack on activist Lydia Kailap calling himself Bruce Copeland.

Quote below taken from the next report below.

Emails apparently from Mr Copeland to white Australian NGO woman Lydia Kaliap, exposed on Nancy Sullivan’s blog included this one: Black cock whore! White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!

He sent out emails to all condemning the founder of AIDS Holistics for his abuse of women starting with Lydia Kailap. Cunning little bastard.

He thought that he would fool PNG women into hating the founder of AIDS Holistics for his racist and sexist emails to women.

But he did not guess that Australian victim Lydia would realize that the bush kanaka emails were not the work of an educated Australian promoting a Positive Living family message.

Take this gem from the blog below:


Fark off BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES!!! November 17 2011, 1:05 PM theres only one thing worse than a scumbag scabbing PNG family, and thats a farking Filipino parasitic family!!!!! Fark off back to the Philippines!!!”.

Let the readers judge. Does the trash above seem to be the work of an Australian teacher with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education?

He has posted 954 reports on this blog in 16 months, all focused on Positive Living, physiology of HIV/AIDS, family, gender, rights and responsibilities, the human body and gay and lesbian agenda.

He is accused of sending out filthy emails to imaginary PNG women. The cyber bully even quotes their clans. Clever lad.

How did he obtain these emails from the imaginary recipients? How did he just come to be the collecting point for all these filthy emails? The answer is that all were fake. See report above. 

The cyber bully thought he was killing two birds with one stone. But Lydia spoke out and destroyed his strategy. He thought he would cause the anti-logging activists to fight the founder of AIDS Holistics. Silly boy. Please click:


A new perspective comes from Nancy Sullivan on her blog found in the report above and below. She talks of a journalist using the fake name of Copeland.

Nineteen years and counting in Papua New Guinea: Whatever It Takes
6 Nov 2011 – When a Malaysian logging company fear-mongers about the national ...
The truth seems to be that Rimbunan Hijau will do whatever it takes, and in ..... good
post Nancy, thanks for filling out some blanks. keep on speaking the ...

When the blog, PNGexposed, started to run stories critical of RH in Pomio, they began to receive comments from a character named Brice Copeland (with an email address by that name). That’s not a typo, although it is close to the name Bruce Copeland,

The name, just a typo away from the known individual, has been used on PNGexposed to flog some of the most hateful and paranoid sentiments ever known to ‘social’ media.

Eventually the blog called out Malum Nalu directly and asked if he was using this cover to slander his own critics and make this character even more loathsome than ever.

So when Lydia Kailap and Nancy Sullivan criticised Rimbunan Hijau, Nalu attacked them as Bruce Copeland starting with Lydia Kailap.

There was more mileage yet. He then used the emails to attack the founder of AIDS Holistics as an anonymous writer.

The noose moves even more tightly.

The founder of AIDS Holistics had known Malum Nalu for many years and he had expressed admiration for the Positive Living message.

His village was Salamaua. He was married with 3 boys but a widower.

His father was a school inspector. He and his young sister attended Busu High School.

We had worked together on the colonial history of the Morobe Province. He had given support to my description of the Salamaua town in the face of the ridicule of the rocking chair warriors of PNG Attitude.

The truth came out two years later. Please click

On dressing for dinner in old Salamaua - PNG Attitude - Typepad
4 Oct 2011 – BY KEITH JACKSON A COUPLE of years ago there
was a fascinating protracted discussion in PNG Attitude about the formal
dress habits of the ...

They had strongly ridiculed that Salamaua was a social centre where men wore boater hats and dressed for dinner.

That was advised by Bert Weston of the Morobe and District Historical Society in 1977. I have a long memory.

Salamaua township was no dream: it did exist - PNG Attitude ... - Similar
26 Oct 2009 – BY BRUCE COPELAND In the 1930s, there was a thriving
social life among expatriates, mainly ... Keith Jackson & Friends: PNG ATTITUDE ...

See a comment posted on the report above.

Malum Nalu, who has pages on Google on the subject of Salamaua, advises that it was the main port and airstrip for the goldfields of Wau and Bulolo during the gold rush days of the 1920s and 1930s.

It was headquarters for the all-powerful New Guinea Goldfields Ltd, had its own shops like the famed Burns Philp, New South Wales and Commonwealth banks, named streets, hospital, bakery, theatre, bars where characters like the legendary Errol Flynn once strutted his stuff before becoming a Hollywood legend, and was a famed port of call for swashbuckling gold miners from all over the world.

It was here that expeditions into the undiscovered hinterland – including the famous exploration into the Highlands of New Guinea by the Leahy brothers and Jim Taylor – were launched. Rivalry between Salamaua and Lae for the capital of New Guinea following the demise of Rabaul in the 1937 volcanic eruption was legendary.

Posted by: Bruce Copeland | 06 November 2009 at 12:11 PM

I had only two years ago suggested to Malum Nalu that he write a story on the massacre of clergy captured by the Japanese in Wewak in 1942.

I emailed the details as told to me by Catholic priest Fr. Austen Crapp. Nalu and I had agreed to work together to promote trekking on the Black Cat Track.

We were friends. But time has shown that I was sadly mistaken. He was secretly working to destroy me as a cyber assassin.

That may be part of the Melanesian Way for some people. Only clan members are given loyalty. The rest are expendable.

The words of Lydia Kailap will come back to haunt him. Please click:


What possible reason could he have to betray like that? Was he a Rimbunan Hijau assassin? He may have watched too many violent gangland movies and thought that assassination was cool.

Was he given 30 pieces of silver by AusAID and UN gays and lesbians to remove a thorn in their side by killing off the key promoter of family Positive Living?



December-January 2010

Hate campaign of Australian gays and lesbians sending hate emails to tell readers that the founder of AIDS Holistics was insane, obsessed, full blown AIDS and violent. Please click:


Editor of PNG Attitude Keith Jackson posted false reports of how his blog was being attacked by the founder of AIDS Holistics.

There is a prima facie case that Jackson had close links with Nalu and other hate mailers.

He supported the hate mail of gay Professor Michael Toole and both threatened Court action once the founder of AIDS Holistics was deported and returned to Australia. Silence.

The founder of AIDS Holistics was once a trek leader on Kokoda for a group of ALP and trade union officers.

Certain senior officers received their briefing on gay and lesbian corruption in Papua New Guinea at first hand.

Detailed talks were given on the Kokoda campaign.  The group even made a donation to AIDS Holistics at the hotel dinner on the last day.

In late 2010-early 2011, the Australian Government was removing AIDS consultants on the basis of corruption and incompetence. The AIDS Holistics blog and Kokoda trek played a key role.

March 2011

Cyber bully starts his hate campaign to say that he was the real Bruce Copeland.

June 2011

Email sent to Lydia Kailap with sexual hate claimed to come from the founder of AIDS Holistics.

November 2011

Website report from Nancy Sullivan naming Malum Nalu as cyber bully.


Lydia Kailap sends blog report on the hate email sent to her in June 2011 and calling her a whore..


New batch of emails starting with Fak off Philippines. This is the cyber bully trying to deflect any blame that came from the website report by Nancy Sullivan. The cyber bully is into damage control. Please click:


Another hate email claimed by the cyber bully to state that the woman should shove a kaukau up her arse - claimed to come from the founder of AIDS Holistics.

More damage control. He is going around in ever decreasing circles.

December 2011

The cyber bully continues to work to deflect blame from himself by sending out an email stating that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a cyber stalker. He sought to destroy his involvement as a Kokoda trek leader.

So the time line seems to show a logical progression in the hate campaign of the cyber bully against the critics of Rimbunan Hijau and the founder of AIDS Holistics.

He is Malum Nalu.

If he wants to take legal action, there will be several key witnesses to Court including the Managing Director of Rimbunan Hijau, Nancy Sullivan, Lydia Kailap and the founder of AIDS Holistics.

He may never work as a journalist again.

Now you know why I call myself the founder of AIDS Holistics and not Bruce Copeland. There are two of us and one is a creep.

I lost a lot of friends out of this hate campaign including family members over Australia. They could not accept the filth that they thought was being posted. But many friends have stayed with me. I thank them.

A friend told me several months ago that Malum Nalu was being rejected in the PNG community because of the filth he was putting out.

My friend was too polite to tell me that the filth was being attributed to me. This person has much to explain to a Court. He has been keeping a record.

The damage will never be repaired. This issue could have been dealt with by me person-to-person. That does not mean that Nalu would print a retraction. I would still wear his hate mail.

Just type Copeland-Kokoda into Google to see how a career in trekking has been destroyed permanently.

Why has the reading public to Kokoda been advised that Copeland is a cyber stalker? Nalu wears this one for the rest of his life.

Thursday, 30 August 2012


I was watching a report on the Australian Channel 9 Today Show about trolls on internet who harrass people through internet, Twitter and Facebook. Other reports have been posted. Please click:

BBC - Schools Parents - Understanding cyber bullying - Similar

How to identify and help protect your child against cyber bullying -
bullying that uses technology like mobile phones or the internet

Cyberbullying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet and related technologies to harm
other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. As it has become

This is exactly what has been happening to the founder of AIDS Holistics by unknown gay and lesbian activists. Now they have a name. They are trolls or cyber bullies.

The last hate campaign has focused on a mythical story that the founder had been sending filth mail to women in Papua New Guinea and Australia. Please click:

The hate mail stopped with a response by one Lydia Kailap a white woman married to a PNG man.

The anonymous accusation was that the founder of AIDS Holistics has been sending her filthy racist and sexist emails about her relationship to a PNG man. Please click:


(Quote below taken from Gay Filth on Internet above)

Emails apparently from Mr Copeland to white Australian NGO woman Lydia Kaliap, exposed on Nancy Sullivan’s blog included this one: Black cock whore! White cocks can't satisfy so you head up to PNG!

Since the response by Lydia, all hate mail has stopped. There is strong indication that the key hate mailer was a journalist from The National newspaper. Please click:

I'm well aware of the problems that Mr Copeland has had with PNG Attitude and others but can assure you that this is NOT his doing.

His identity, mailing list and reputation have been used as a front for this other deranged person.

Read the report by Lydia above. She is addressing him directly. She did receive fake hate emails from an anonymous troll under the name of the founder of AIDS Holistics such as the email above.

In her response she referred to this person betraying Papua New Guinea to foreign interests. She is referring to the illegal logging of Rimbunan Hijau owner of The National newspaper.

AIDS Holistics has long had trouble from a journalist of The National, one Malum Nalu.

He made a habit of sending out hate emails in support of the gay and lesbian AIDS advisors who had blocked AIDS Holistics at the UN and AusAID to kill our Positive Living family message. 

They thought that would get AIDS Holistics closed down and the founder deported. He is still here

Nalu was a widower with small children. He should not seek to destroy other people to put food on the table for his kids. The founder of AIDS Holistics was a struggling single parent with two small children.

Nalu would shout on email DEPORT HIM. HE IS AN ALIEN. Perhaps he thought this would get him a job with the foreign homosexuals in the National AIDS Council.

He had been defending the illegal logging of the newspaper parent company Rimbunan Hijau and using the AIDS Holistics hate mail as a cover.

That is killing two birds with one stone. He is a collaborator not a patriot.

Lydia was an activist with strong criticism of the Malaysian company Rimbunan Hijau. So too one Nancy Sullivan.  Please click:



The question must arise as to whether the refugee centres are secure from escape and attack.

In the past there have been migrant centres in urban areas of Australia which appear safe and peaceful. But these are not centres for asylum seekers.

With the rise of boat people, the ball game has changed. There has been the policy to house such people on islands far removed from the mainland of Australia.

Such a policy has been adopted to prevent unlawful transit to Australia.

But the modern asylum seekers are from nations that are wracked by war with political and religious violence. Citizens may find great difficulty in seeking lawful immigration.

They may be families and people suffering political and religious reprisal. There may be criminals and activists as well as deserters from the military.

The plan to house such people on isolated islands may be due to recognition that escape attempts are possible as well as attacks from agents of the home nation. 

The last eventuality the Australian Government wants is a suicide bomber who managed to get through the net to kill asylum seekers. Murphy's Law says it is possible.

Have they committed any offence in taking family on a refugee boat? No. They were intercepted on the high seas. There is usually no illegal entry.

But the boat people are in great danger. It is a high price to pay for a loving family to seek a new life but be lost on the high seas.

Only today there is a report of asylum seekers lost in a boat with great loss of life. Were there life jackets?

I am sure that if I were an asylum seeker, I would make sure that I obtained life jackets and rope for my family.

The refugee/ asylum seeker problem is a LOSE-LOSE situation. How are the people cared for in the isolated centres?

Are clergy employed to care and counsel? Do children have school lessons? All of this raises expectations that may never eventuate.

If people are sent home, will there be reprisals?

The media today reported that the ban on journalists has been lifted.

Manus Island has a wharf for ships and an airport for getaway. That is a security problem.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


There is a cacophony of objection and criticism of the Papua New Guinea foreign affairs at the blocking of visas to foreign journalists who want to visit Manus Island the site of the planned refugee detention centre. Please click:

PNG minister bars foreign media from Manus Island

The blame is very much on the Papua New Guinea government.

Critics do not seem to have understood that blocking may have been done at request of the Australian Government, despite advice of Bob Carr, Australian Foreign Minister. 

Foreign journalists may want to come to stir up trouble with the Manus villagers.

The modern journalist can have a hidden agenda of changing world affairs not only commenting on events.

Foreign agents can pose as journalists. There would be asylum seekers being sought by their Governments.

We have to feel sympathy for all concerned. The refugees are ordinary people often seeking a better life for families.

Many have drowned in unseaworthy boats. Think of the hopelessness of parents struggling in the sea with drowning children. Daddy, help me.

Parents with more than one child have to decide on which child they will allow to drown.

Which of my daughters would I allow to die if we were all in deep water on the high seas?

Men may have to choose between saving a child or a wife. As it is, whole families are drowned at sea.

The Australian Government knows that the flood gates will open if there is weakness on the part of the Government.

But they do not have to worry.

The newcomers will not be shooting and poisoning the Australian population as the early settlers did to the aborigines.

There was no aboriginal foreign affairs to issue visas in the 1700s.

Settlers just clambered off the boats, built fences, ploughed fields and shot any trespassing aborigines.

That was the English Way. Take the land from the Irish and Aborigines. Send the Irish to the colonies in chains to work the land taken from the Aborigines.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The term Melanesian Way is a derogatory expatriate word to raise a laugh among expatriates drinking at the hotel bar.

It is used during criticism of the blackfellas. It covers some behaviour that was predictable, not understood and laughable.

It was the sign that blackfellas were basically stupid.

I used to go to PNGDF officers' messes in  the 1970s. Often there was a group of Australian officers at the bar who all enjoyed stories of the stupid blackfellas.

And do you know what he did then? He opened the box and stuffed all the reports in and put it in the cupboard! (Roar of laughter).

Why? Who knows? That's the Melanesian Way. 

PNGDF officers were drinking outside on the wooden tables. They were not telling stories of stupid white men.

That is what PNG Attitude writer Corney Alone thinks of the word. He says it is derogatory against PNG people not an aspect of culture. But there are both positive and negative meanings.


At the same time, there is a very negative aspect to Papua New Guinea.

There is an attitude in business that a successful businessman is one who can lie, cheat, steal, threaten, not give the service paid for, vary pay from what was agreed to, change goal posts and ignore contracts. Not all businessmen are like this.

That is the Melanesian Way too.

Please read below a report posted on the Charlie Lynn Kokoda blog. It is a report that I wrote to record an encounter with a PNG trekking company owner. Please click:
1 Jan 2011 – The following article was published by Bruce
Copeland, a former Army Officer now living in PNG – it is a
timely reminder for Australian trekkers ...

No rose tinted glasses.

Monday, 27 August 2012


For many decades of colonial domination in this country, there has been the view that the people will only advance as a modern nation if the wantok system of the extended family is broken down.

There was no concern expressed that the system of land inheritance would be in chaos, both matrilineal and patrilineal. It would provide a business bonanza for foreign investors and real estate agents.

Had the Germans won World War 1, the highlands would be covered with German cattle stations.

There was also no concern at the kinship system as families drifted away from the clan.

There would be no concern for the aged. Village law would be destroyed. But then the people would embrace British law. Young boys and girls could drift off to be free in the towns.

There was the expectation among expatriates that the colonial rule of Papua New Guinea would last a thousand years.

Expatriate settlers were bitter at betrayal of the Whitlam Government at granting of independence.

There was no recognition of the Foot Report from the United Nations critical of Australia and support to Papua New Guinea towards independence.

Settlers like Masta Mick Leahy died bitter that the black race had taken independence.

Not all settlers were bitter and recognised reality that in the post war period, colonies in the Asia/Pacific demanded independence.

There was peace after 1975 but the next influx of Australians came in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. For sexual reasons, gays and lesbians wanted the wantok system to be destroyed.

So their AIDS message was secretly focused towards that end. The scape goats were the men who were destroying women and children with violence.

The only way for women and girls to be free was for the wantok system to be destroyed. The gay and lesbian idea was to weaken and destroy families. Women and girls had rights to be free of families.

Then the boys and girls could be independent of their family and clan. The message was on rights but no responsibilities.

To mention responsibilities meant that first responsibility was to clan and family.

Delete family and clan.

But Australian gays and lesbians have failed badly. There is a nation wide support in Papua New Guinea for strengthening families, particularly the churches. Please click:

Australian gays and lesbians are afraid to put a message in the media. Only the gay paedophile Head of UNAIDS advised the community in the media that they should not hide behind family and faith.

Any public statement would bring a response from AIDS Holistics and others destroying their view. Better to keep secret and silent.

But in recent weeks, a new onslaught has begun by people who are either committed homosexuals or foolish dupes.

The key media outlet is PNG Attitude that opposes any view against gay and lesbian activism in the Pacific.

The cat was let out of the bag when the gay supporting editor allowed Dame Carol Kidu, former Minister for Community Development to post a report calling on the Government to allow gay and lesbian sex.

Now there is a new strategy. Susan Merrell wrote on PNG Attitude to criticize the Melanesian Way and its relationship to Government and religion. A new buzz word Melanesian Way has popped up. Please click:


Then old timer John Fowke wrote on a similar vein stating that the Melanesian Way should die off as it had no place in a developing country.

The nation is being taken back to the old colonial view that the wantok system has to be destroyed. Only the name has been changed.

To their credit some of the old time readers on PNG Attitude have disagreed along with PNG writers. Click please:


The wantok system is not limited to PNG. There are strong financially based wantok family systems in China, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

The weak nation is England from where ancestors of many Australians have come.

They are the ones who put their parents into old people's homes and fight among brothers and sisters over inheritance.

They promote the cult of the individual and want PNG young people to do the same.

Australians want to use their money to buy holiday houses at the beach and go on overseas holidays. Men drink in hotels often every night.

Hundreds of thousands go to the football even on week nights.

Young women go to nightclubs to see male strippers and grab their g-strings.

Teenagers go on drunken rages through the inner cities at night.

That is the Australian Way.

Friday, 24 August 2012


It seems that a new old word has crept into the PNG national HIV/AIDS response.

That is the Melanesian Way.

It was used recently by one Susan Merrell as part of the criticism of the Papua New Guinea government and society. Please click:

Democracy, custom & the elasticity of the Melanesian Way

But comments to the blog PNG Attitude have put a more balanced light on the issue.

The Melanesian Way is based on the welfare of family and clan.

AIDS Holistics has always focused on the importance of family in promoting the Positive living message.

It seems that this is the correct cultural basis to PNG society.

There are other ways in the world. There is the American Way supported by Superman.

We read that in modern America, there is a murder every 10 minutes.

Then there is My Way as Frank Sinatra used to sing. I did it my way.

We also have the Appian Way, the road into Rome along which the Roman legions used to crucify prisoners.

Then we have the Gay and Lesbian Way which involves an ongoing attack on family and fathers with support for rights of women and girls.

And an attack on the Melanesian Way 


Feed You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post.

Phil, you've touched on the very essence of the PNG Way; "The Melanesian Way stands for looking after family and clan."

"What more do we need to know?" Nothing much, but we do need to see more.

Phil - I wonder if the founding fathers of the American constitution would have been some generous in their largesse by affording their citizens the right to bear arms had they know what firearm technology would later be produced.

In those far off days the capability of firearms was limited to single shot ball and musket not the current fully automatic weapons available which have mass destruction capabilities.

Just a thought?

By the same token, how do you define the Australian Way or the American Way?

We all think we know what the phrases mean but their definitions are elusive and usually highly flexible and subjective.

When they do gel it is usually in the negative mode, as in un-Australian or un-American.

The Australian Way is that of the fair go for all - what on earth does that mean?

To be un-Australian is to somehow deny that egalitarian bent.

The American Way seems to have something to do with the rights of individuals to make money and to have the freedom to shoot each other.

To be un-Americam, at least in the way McCarthy defined it, is to be ultra-conservative, reactionary and anti-socialist, something like the credo of an extreme Republican.

Curiously, you don't often hear about the English Way or the Spanish Way or the French Way.

Perhaps it has something to do with a nation's sense of insecurity in defining itself. In that context the Melanesian Way makes sense and maybe avoids the need for a definition.

The Melanesian Way stands for looking after family and clan. What more do we need to know?

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Having been a teacher of grades 7-10 in Papua New Guinea for several years, I feel sadness at the low standard of study and achievement of so many students.

The problem lies with the absence of text books for each student and a lack of paper for study work to be photocopied. So students can not study ahead or revise.

They just sit and wait for the teacher to summarize a topic on the blackboard. The teacher will walk into class and tell the students to open their work exercise book.

The teacher then copies a summary on the blackboard to be copied into the exercise book. Many students will take 8 minutes out of a 40 minute lesson to rule up their page nicely and copy the title topic on to the page.

Then for 30 minutes they write the summary on to their pads. It took 5 minutes to start. So once the topic has been copied, the lesson is over.

There will be no group work or class discussion or teacher explanation in most lessons. There is not the time.

The text books are often very poorly designed. The chapters set out the theory. There is no mastery of skills. When the weekly test comes, there will be the requirement to recall the theory.

And that is the year of study week in week out.

They learn the theory of hospitality but never make a cocktail or prepare food. They learn about family but never consider how to solve a family problem.

Students learn the theory of chemistry but have no practical work. There are no chemicals in the school and no bunsen burners or test tubes.

But they know the theory of litmus paper, catalysts, acids and bases. But really they have no idea of what it is all about. It is just a scientific fairy story.

The problem is that most teachers only know the theory of the subject but nothing about the practical application. That is how they were taught.

There were many factors involved in the failure of Outcome Based Education. But the general low standard as explained above is a major causative factor.

I believe I have always been a successful teacher in Papua New Guinea having worked to promote practical mastery of skills based on the theory. Please click:

There are students in PNG classes who play a cunning trick. The teacher has given the class 10 questions to answer as summarized on the blackboard.

So the lazy students rule up their exercise book (8 minutes). Then they diligently write the questions down in their book (10 minutes).

By that time the teacher is ready to go through the questions. Some lazy students will then put in the answers as provided by the teacher. Others will just have the questions and no answers.

It looks as if these students are working hard. But they are just lazy bums who have never answered a practice question in their school lives. Then they fail.

It may be unfair to make this criticism of some students who are in grade 9 and illiterate. They can not study because they can not read. They can not understand the English of the teacher.

They know very little of the world. Who is the prime minister of Australia? Nelson Mandela. Who is the new prime minister of PNG? Sir Paulias Matane. Please click:



Fisheries authorities in East New Britain said there were several possibilities that led to a big school of yellow fin tuna entering very shallow waters in Kokopo early this week.

People living at Vunapope were able to catch more than 30 big fish, some measuring more than a metre and weighing 50 kilograms.

There were so many fish and most could not move out quickly. People were able to catch them at a very shallow part of the beach.

Fisheries advisor said they must have been chasing a school of bait fish and ended up on Omorong Beach.

There may have been a sudden change in temperature or their aquatic environment. They may have been avoiding fishing boats.


Please read the report on PNG Attitude expressing concern on the Deep Sea Mining in the Magadus Square. Please click:

Philippines tuna firms to open cannery in PNG

The report below may have added extra knowledge to the migratory path of the tuna.

It traces the path from Atlantic and Indian Oceans to the Pacific. Is the report referring to the yellow fin tuna?

Surely Mr Espejo is not seeking to show that the tuna breeding grounds are in the Sulu Sea in the South West Philippines and not in the Magadus Square of Papua New Guinea. Please click:


Philippines tuna firms to open cannery in PNG

EDWIN ESPEJO | Hybrid News Ltd

Edwin EspejoTWO PHILIPPINE TUNA COMPANIES have hooked up with Thailand’s Thai Union Corporation to establish Majestic Seafood in Papua New Guinea which will open in two months.
The $37.6 million, 200-metric ton capacity canning plant, PNG’s largest, will bring to eight the number canneries in tuna-rich PNG.

Thai Union is the world’s second largest tuna canner and Thailand is also the world’s largest canned tuna producer.

PNG recently said it had overtaken the Philippines as the world’s second biggest producer of canned tuna. Majestic Seafoods will bring the total daily canned tuna production in PNG to more than 1,200 metric tons.

The Philippines produces an average of 750 metric tons of canned tuna a day.

Filipino tuna fishing companies began to establish operations in PNG in the late 1990s following declining tuna catches in Philippine waters. The first tuna canning plant opened in 1997.

At the turn of the century, PNG began restricting tuna fishing within its territorial waters. Today, it only allows access to its fishing grounds if foreign companies set up canning and processing plants.

PNG lies in the middle of the tuna migratory path that stretches from the Atlantic and Indian oceans and ends up in the Sulu Sea southwest of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Deep Sea Mining Campaign says PNG’s fishing industry could be jeopardised by mining for gold and copper in the Bismarck Sea.

The world’s first deep sea mining project, Nautilus Minerals’ Solwara 1, is poised to begin but is facing mounting opposition in coastal communities.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


There is a wonderful report on PNG Attitude written by Ganjiki Wayne with a comment by Michael Dom on the evolution of culture, morality and God awareness. Please click:

It should scratch us all where we itch particularly on the perceptions of race and superiority.

There has been a long journey of the human race in perceptions that one race is lower than we are and can be treated differently than we would have others do unto us.

Hitler believed in the superiority of the Aryan race. The Nazis produced a cephalic index that measured the angle between the jaw line and the forehead.

Aryans had a high index. Slavs were claimed to have a low index caused by jutting jaws and sloping foreheads.

Being neanderthal, they were sub-human and could be exterminated in the gas chambers.

Slavery grew on the belief that the black races of Africa were not human. Families could be taken and broken up like a cow and calves.

They need not be given faith awareness as they had no souls.

In so many countries, the land was taken from the original inhabitants on the basis that they had no houses and cultivation which showed they wasted the land.

Early European settlers to Australia believed that the aborigines were non-human and deserved to live and own land no more than the kangaroos. The land was 'terra nullius' or no man's land.

In some traditional clans in the world, their name means 'humans'. Does this mean that they believe that all other people are sub-human?

Or is it that in the isolation of their valley, they think they are the only humans who exist in the world?

There has been the belief among old timers in this Papua New Guinea that Tok Pisin is a lower form of language only able to express lower level ideas.

As a teacher of Tok Pisin at the RAAF School of Languages for 14 years, I found that those who undervalued Tok Pisin were often uneducated and not very bright.

That is a racism that has been part of PNG society. It is saying that the black race in this country can not think in abstract terms.

Skill in technical Tok Pisin required the speaker to break ideas down to component parts in the blink of a nerve impulse.

We need to consider the existence of the narrative parable style in many traditional societies. Jesus spoke in parables. He had a high intellect but explained in concrete terms.

We see another form of racism in the HIV/AIDS response in the hidden belief by foreign advisors that all PNG men are violent like wild dogs.

One supposedly official report stated that 60% of PNG men have been found to participate in gang rape at least once. Obviously wild animals.

There is a report in circulation for centuries from one Roman officer to his replacement in Britain telling him that the Britons can not be trained and can perform only the most menial tasks. Cheeky.

Ganjiki Wayne ventures into the origins of morality. Is morality man-made or God-made?

This is verging on a touchy subject in Papua New Guinea with the gay and lesbian propaganda that laws of sexuality are man-made, subject only to change.


I once lived in Maryborough, Queensland and was the Biology teacher at the Boys' High School.

At regular intervals, there would be large quantities of fish die in the Mary River, usually on a Friday.

Thousands of fish would be washed up on the high tide.

The reason was simple. The meat works was located on the river bank in the town. Every day, workers would throw the rubbish meat and bones into the river.

Hundreds of thousands of fish would be waiting in the river for the offal meat.

But on Friday afternoon, the meatworks would be cleaned with barrels of detergent and acid that would be sluiced in thousands of litres down into the river.

The acid water would be poured on to thousands of waiting fish that died within 30 minutes.

Many were juvenile fish that bred in the estuarine mangroves of the Mary River.

When outflow of poisons from the meat works coincided with a high or king tide, fish deaths would extend to the river mouth, 30 kilometers down stream.

Fish would be coming up the river on the high tide and meet a wall of poison coming down the river.

The destruction of fish in the Ramu, Sepik and Magadus Square will be on such a scale within a decade.

But the tuna that breed are international fish.

Magadus Square should have a world heritage listing. Please click:


Herein is set out basic principles of estuarine ecology that high school students in Australia would learn.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I feel the need to defend Papua New Guinea from a half smart and unkind report on PNG Attitude by one Susan Merrell BA MA whatever. Please click:

Democracy, custom & the elasticity of the Melanesian Way

She has written on the dichotomy in Papua New Guinea between the big man syndrome, democracy and the Melanesian Way.

She seems to want the Melanesian Way to be disbanded and replaced with some foreign model.

Surely this is not an anti-family and anti-culture message. The nation has had enough of that at the hands of foreign lesbians.

She writes as if she has only just discovered the phenomenon in the whole wide world.

There are inconsistencies in Papua New Guinea as there have been in every developing nation and enshrined in various forms in every developed nation.

From the Middle Ages and before, we saw the rise of Christianity, burning of witches, torture of heretics and slavery. These show dichotomy across the Christian world.

There is more blood and cruel inconsistency here than anything the Melanesian Way could muster. There is also kindness buried not so deep in Papua New Guinea.

With the rise of parliamentary democracy in England, we saw the continuing genocide of the Irish and hunting down of Catholic priests for hanging, drawing and quartering.

That is most dichotomous. Not to mention slavery in a Christian country. Indigenous people in far lands were slaughtered.

In the Christian world, we find same sex marriage. Moslem nations led by the peace of Allah witness killing of the innocents by suicide bombers.

All such events make the Melanesian Way, big man syndrome, democracy and Christianity seem like a Sunday picnic.

Susan, please give PNG a fair go. You are making the rocking chair warriors of PNG Attitude excited. It is not good for their dicky tickers.

Some of them like to think that PNG has declined because they left.

Monday, 20 August 2012


Please read the report below that comes from the PNG newspaper Post Courier and is three years old.

It is a report on the tuna breeding grounds in the Magadus Square of the north coast of Papua New Guinea under threat from deep sea mining.

Poisons from the Marengo and Frieda River mines will pollute the Ramu and Sepik Rivers as was the Fly River poisoned by OK Tedi.

Villagers have the right to be angry. Does this country never learn?
11 Nov 2008 – Tuna breeding ground worries ... last Friday Mr Semri said
of particular concern to him was the Magadus Square-the country's tuna hub.

The report above refers to Mr Semri expressing concern that contamination of tuna will affect the tuna industry and sales in Europe.

Poisons tend to accumulate in the tissues of young fish.

Please read the report we have posted to show the ecological link between the Ramu and Sepik Rivers with the Magadus Square.

The rivers provide the estuarine nurseries for fish that hide among the mangroves and eat the nutrients washed down the rivers and out to sea. 

Small fish come up with the tide and return on the ebb tide. In the Magadus Square, the baby fish and pollutants will follow the currents.

Without the river nutrients, the Magadus Square is dead. Mining will provide poisons, change in temperature and acidity/alkalinity of the water and send large currents of chemical water out to sea.

Small tuna will gather to eat the river nutrients and will often take in a large mass of poisoned water. Fish will die en masse.

Students of Biology study the ecology of the estuarine environment. Please click:



Developing nations are taking a huge risk in allowing foreign advisors to promote foreign subversive values in a national HIV/AIDS response.

Once they take up residence, there is nothing to stop them, especially if they control funding for the related foreign aid.

In Papua New Guinea, foreign AIDS advisors enforced a message that was anti-family, anti-men, anti-traditional marriage, anti-culture and anti-faith.

Blame was put on the blackfellas for any shortcomings. Please click:


PNG decision-makers allowed it to happen out of fear of funding cuts, black-banning of national officers and the assumption that if the message comes from Western nations, it must be good.

That should not have happened. The social message should have been promoted by church and other care bodies in terms of culture.

There may have been the need for expert assistance in promoting a family message in terms of the latest world thinking.

That is now happening in Papua New Guinea as the churches are moving to a marriage, family and parenting focus, assisted by the new Minister for Community Development. Please click:

Foreign sexual subversion is being phased out. Please click:

Now we read of U.S. and Thai experts arriving to give technical support under the Centre for Disease Control. Australia lacked technical support.

The anti-man and anti-family, gay, lesbian and paedophile foreign focus is no longer the key message.

Thailand is one traditional country with a strong background in a Positive Living approach to HIV/AIDS, particularly related to self care, nutrition and exercise.

This country was introduced to widespread promiscuous sex with the U.S. soldiers taking rest and recreation leave in Bangkok during the Vietnam War.

Thai Positive Living has a strong influence of Buddhist personal discipline.