Thursday, 30 October 2014


The National 31 October 2014

Gay rights activist Rodney Croome has been named Tasmanian Australian of the Year for 2015. He has been a vocal activist for gay rights campaigning for anti-discrimination and recognition of same sex relationships and families including marriage.

He has challenged homophobia in schools and the police force and worked to normalize same sex relationships.

What has been said here is the tip of the iceberg in relation to gay and lesbian rights. The focus on schools is a dead give away. This is the paedophile side to gay rights. They want gay and lesbian relationships to be presented in schools as a normal and beautiful option to sexual relationships. 

Such an approach is all about recruiting straight children to be bi-sexual. They are being indoctrinated into an interest in same sex as well as their normal heterosexual interest.

Gay and lesbian rights involves rewriting curriculum for schools. Any parent who objects is immediately classified as homophobic.

The horror side of gay and lesbian curriculum is in the schools of Massachusetts where gay and lesbian curriculum was pushed on all children. Parents had no right to object. 

The Russian Duma has raised anger in the gay and lesbian world by legislating against gay and lesbian propaganda to minors.

Some Massachusetts schools even had Gay and Lesbian appreciation days. Kids were being forced to come out. There was no privacy in personal sexuality. Then the claim was that homophobia was forcing gay and lesbian kids into suicide. Liars.

Mr Croome does not mention the rest of paedophile gay and lesbian rights. Children are to be adopted by gay and single couples. Objection to homosexuality is to be abandoned in churches.

I have been involved in schools for many years and can not say that I have seen more than 5 children who are gay or lesbian. My daughters in PNG say the same about their schools. But the numbers will increase once the straight kids become bi-sexual after a gay and lesbian curriculum.

The danger in gay and lesbian rights is that many of the adult activists are paedophile. The target in PNG for gay and lesbian activists is the Department for Community Development. 

That is where the legislation begins with any woman minister. That is where the Marriage Committee is taken over to put forward support for same sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian activists are not planning to educate our children. They plan to recruit and steal as many as they can and call the parents homophobic. Children have rights, you know. They have the right to gay, lesbian and paedophile sex. Their parents have no right to stop them.

Children have been given the right of association. Check the UN Charter of Children's Rights. That means they can meet paedophiles outside of internet chat rooms and the police can do nothing. By the very definition, the term 'children' means young people under the age of consent.

This is the work of UN paedophiles. They are trying to destroy the age of consent.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I am saddened to read in the media that Hon. Gary Juffa Governor of Oro is facing trouble at the hands of his fellow MPs in his area and a gaggle of Local Level Government (LLG) presidents. 

I have utmost respect for Gary Juffa and see him in the new wave of politicians in this country seeking to improve the lot of the people and stop corruption.

He and I met in unusual circumstances about 5 years ago when journalist Simon Eroro started to attack the Australian Kokoda companies. 

I wrote a response on email and sent it out to be attacked by Eroro and his hateful mate journalist Malum Nalu who personally tried to have me deported and undertook a campaign as a cyberlunatic accusing me of writing sexual hate mail to unknown women. Readers thought it  was me.

He was really attacking two expatriate women Lydia Kailap and Nancy Sullivan on behalf of Rimbunan Hijau in support of their logging policies. They were activists attacking the logging at Pomio.

Eroro decided to send my emails to a number of readers in Oro Province including one Gary Juffa who was quite angry in support of the words of Eroro accusing me of being a racist neo-colonial pig. Juffa and I had sharp words during which I called him names and he responded in kind.

Gary Juffa did not tell me who he was and I later found out that he was the Head of the Transnational Crime Unit. Me and my big mouth.

I wrote an email to him making peace and telling him of my work with AIDS Holistics. Eating humble pie is not my usual modus operandi. "So you are the one", he said.

We have been friends ever since. I have come to know of his honesty and commitment as a politician and Governor of Oro Province.

He has to shake off the vicious and corrupt attack of the people who oppose him. He is the new breed of politician to be supported and nurtured. The time will come when he rises high in the political scene of this country.

Friday, 17 October 2014


For several years, I have been unhappy with the sale of coffee punch in retail outlets. It tastes like coffee but is alcoholic and the favourite drink of teenagers.

I have found my teenage daughters drunk with a bottle of what looks like coffee Coca Cola. They buy it and mix with Coca Cola and it looks harmless. I have found bottles of Coca Cola in my refrigerator but on having a sip, found it was Coffee Punch.

It should be banned by the PNG Government and taken away from access by teenagers. It takes little for a group to put in K5 each to buy a bottle or two for the night.

Coffee Punch is now called Coffee Syrup. There is no mention of alcoholic content on the bottle. All power to the people.


Over the centuries, the Catholic church has sought moral ascendancy in the world of faith. In many ways, the church has provided leadership under which other churches enjoyed a reduction of pressure for change.

The Catholic church stood firm on the sanctity of human life while at the same time standing by while so-called witches were burned at the stake and heretics killed in the inquisitions.

The Pope did nothing while Irish Catholics were dying in the potato famine of the nineteenth century and priests in Ireland were being hung, drawn and quartered by English soldiers. Remember the end of the movie Brave Heart.

In the last century, the church has stood firm on the matter of contraception, abortion, HIV/AIDS and family planning. This brought problems in the secular view of the importance of limiting family in a world of increasing poverty.

The Catholic church has lost ground in the view that the clergy would prefer children and mothers to die of disease, starvation and HIV/AIDS than weaken the institution of family.

The credibility of the church has suffered in the revelations of the probable legions of paedophile priests over centuries who have molested thousands of children under their care. There have been reports of a cult of paedophile and gay priests in the Vatican.

So where does this leave the recent reports in the world media that the church has to welcome gay and lesbian relationships into the church. The sanctity of the Bible is wrong. God is out of date in the modern world that is a flash of light in eternity of existence.

Certainly there has to be understanding of the nature of homosexuality. There are men born with a woman’s soul and women born with a man’s soul. They have sexual needs and must be treated with compassion.

There is a false message in the homosexual world that all such people are born that way. For those of us who have studied psychology, there is the matter of nature-nurture. Some people are born that way. Others are nurtured that way.

Take young Thomas Algernon Ponsonby, son of Lord and Lady Ponsonby who is put into boarding school in England at the age of 6 years.

He sleeps in a dormitory with other boys until he leaves at the age of 17 years having had sex with a succession of chums in their beds for 11 years. There was a dance once a year with the local girls’ school.

He knows only sex with boys and joins them in reading Literature at Oxford University to graduate and find a career in the Foreign Office. Wilfred was the odd chum out who became an Anglican Minister. 

If the parents had sent young Tom to the local school near the estate, he would have married a woman and had a family. Now he is a gay man in the Foreign office. He was nurtured into a gay lifestyle.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile community is undoubtedly jubilant at the words expressed in the Vatican recently. The priests, many of whom are paedophile want gay and lesbian rights within the church.

Their combined view is both naive and vicious if they are seeking to overturn the family. We have seen the work of United Nations lesbians in setting up a non-family agenda.

They want all people to have rights independent of family. In the Charter of Children’s rights, minors have the right of association. Think of what that can mean. Parents have no rights over their children.

The image painted by the gay and lesbian community is that they are loving, caring and compassionate but vilified by homophobic people. That is what the priests in the Vatican are telling Pope Francis. For many that will be true.

But they do not mention that domestic violence is just as bad among gay and lesbian couples as among couples in the community at large. They claim that children of gays and lesbians are balanced and happy. 

What of the single gays who seek shelter from violent abusive partners with their children? Check Google – gay lesbian domestic violence children shelters.

But that should not stop their being given rights. We have to see that gay and lesbian equality means that school curriculum will be changed to include the gay and lesbian marriage as a loving and valid lifestyle.

Surely the paedophile priests have done enough damage. Paedophiles hide as gay and lesbian activists. Will the Vatican clergy condemn the police action in identifying paedophile gangs and searching computer hard drives for child pornography?

Will gays and lesbians be allowed in law to become clergy and preach sexual freedom from the pulpit and in church youth camps. Will paedophiles be allowed to become youth leaders? Will a priest end up in Court on the basis of his Sunday sermon?

The Catholic church has a new pontiff as a breath of fresh air but he needs to take care that he does not destroy the church until the end of time. He does not accept condoms and family planning but will he accept single sex marriage?

The Catholic church is drawing a massive dividing line with the Moslem faith. There is reaching a point of no common ground. The Moslems are having their own problems.

Girls are banned from education which is the reason for the school girls being kidnapped in Africa. But they are being raped by so-called Moslem faithful, so we read.

The faith world is facing massive double-standards. God is watching .... at a distance.

But the vote among the Bishops did not get the two thirds majority. They should never forget that gay and lesbian activists will never just leave it at that. They will set up a new hurdle to build upon success......the next.........the next........and the next.

They want to control faith, education, welfare, legal and health. They will do this by secret infiltration of all decision making in Government. The community has no right to know as the community is homophobic.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


This is a very historic strategy in terms of education in the world. It presents Mastery Learning to students and teachers.

We may trace Mastery Learning back through the centuries as teachers practised students in skills until these were mastered. The skills and knowledge were revised regularly until students used the skills and recalled the knowledge.

But the Mastery Learning as we know it today goes back as far as the 1950s. At that time, the world was facing the Cold War between the USA and USSR. Josef Stalin had brought his country through World War 2 with a massive increase in industrialization and enormous loss of life to citizens of the nation.

But the US government always assumed that the US was ahead of the Soviet Union economically and politically. But there was a shock on the way when the USSR put the satellite Sputnik into space.

This was seen as major ideological victory which put into question the American way of life. Democracy was seen to have been defeated by Communism, a rather knee jerk reaction on the part of the US.

The system had to be changed to lift the standard of education. Dr Benjamin Bloom and others saw that skills had to be passed to children in a more systematic way. So he developed the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives based on Mastery Learning.

It was intended that education be organized to help all students to master skills. The approach to Mastery Learning has never changed and is used as the basis of learning in our school in Port Moresby.

But Mastery Learning did not last long in the United States. There were those who said that the US would not overtake the USSR by teaching the basics to all average students.

What was needed was a strategy that did not dumb down education but prepared engineers and rocket scientists. The strategy was abandoned and replaced by ..... Outcome Based Education.

The basics were now secondary to higher learning. Students did not need to learn the basics as these would be acquired in the process of higher learning.

Students learned to read by reading and write by writing. Education slowly crashed across the world including Papua New Guinea.

Now the wheel is turning back to the basics. Students across PNG will be required to spell, use a wide range of vocabulary and learn to write.

But sadly, so many students in this country do not know how to express ideas in any way more than baby talk:

Hunting a big bird

Last Friday afternoon, two of my friend and I went hunting for birds.
We hunt and hunt but we did not kill any bird.
Suddenly one of my friends saw a big brown bird
And started to shout “A bird, A big bird”.
We took out our catapult and chased the bird.
I took a stone and put it in my catapult and shot it on its eye
And it fell down and died.
We took it home. We cooked it nicely and we ate it.

We have now taken the nation back to Mastery Learning of writing skills. The basic strategy is to produce extended lists of pattern drills to be mastered. Each exercise grows out of the exercise before and the basis of the exercise to come.

Our book and those to follow will provide the template for writing skills in Papua New Guinea and other countries in which the books are sold.

Saturday, 11 October 2014


There is a report in The National by Dr Musawe Sinebare about cheating in the schools of PNG. It is a most disturbing report on the extent of cheating by students supported at times by parents, teachers, headmasters and officers in the Measurement Services Unit.

It is the extent of cheating that is most fearful. The writer includes cults that seek to have the brighter students complete assignments for the less able students. This means that cults are very much part of the school scene particularly in any collusion with corrupt teachers.

To keep up the standard in internal assessment supported by cheating, the less capable students have to resort to cheating in the external exams.

As well as obtaining exam papers and solutions at a cost, there is also the practice of seeking to falsify certificates by bribing officers of the Measurement Services Unit. Exam papers are smuggled out of the MSU to be sold on the street.

Cheating shows disrespect for authority. There are students whose focus in schools is not on the quality of their study but on marijuana, homebrew and cults. They have committed themselves to cheating.

The problem is that so few students find a place at the universities. There was another report in The National that stated that out of 23,000 students completing grade 12 this year, only 4000-5000 would enter tertiary institutions.

This nation is facing a crisis in education. To make matters worse, only a small proportion of university graduates will find employment.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


This book is an interesting read giving the latest of the AIDS response in Australia, Papua New Guinea and nations of the region.

The message was sadly spoiled by the ongoing propaganda throughout the book with grossly false information on the AIDS situation. It is centred on the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community.

It was suggested that the AIDS fight is over in Australia though not in the developing world. Reference is made to the polarization of rights across the planet.

The writers glibly gloss over the reality that the AIDS infection is dropping across the community of families but rising in the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community. There is no criticism of this community whatever as the blame has been sheeted to the community at large.

They do not point out that the HIV infection of gay and transgender is their failure not the failure of the community.

It means that these people are not using condoms, but rimming (licking anuses), fisting (shoving an arm up a partner’s anus) and ejaculating into mouth and anus.

One report in the book points out that a high percentage of these men do not reveal their status to a partner. Blame them.

There was recently a report on this blog commenting on an AIDS brochure. The point was made in the brochure that if a couple wants to have a baby, the HIV partner has the responsibility to advise the partner of HIV status.

One would hope that such revelation would be made at the start of the relationship before any sex.

We are told that the so-called homophobic laws mean that men are afraid to be tested and come back for treatment.

The activists spread that the medical profession will advise the police and have the person arrested. They do not mention that a high percentage of medical officers in Australia are gay and lesbian. It is all a trick.

Activists of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations want such laws removed. This came from a paper by O’Keefe and Malar.

Dennis Altman, an old adversary of AIDS Holistics exaggerates his case and argues on a very superficial level about the rights of gays and lesbians in Africa and Moslem countries.

He finds only fault in the Russian laws prohibiting gay and lesbian propaganda to minors. It is OK for children to learn about homosexual sex at an early age. Altman would want the message to be included in school curriculum that gay and lesbian is right and beautiful.

What is a bisexual? It may be that many are young straight people have been seduced into sex by paedophile gays and lesbians. But they come to like the opposite sex as they would have done if not molested. But they like homosexual sex too. So they are bisexual.

Altman is not interested in the fact that the homosexual advance in the weak Christian soft target nations has caused the Moslem nations to turn their wagons in a circle.

Take the threat of Prime Minister Cameron to African nations at the last CHOGM conference. That sparked an immediate hostile response in such African nations as Uganda, Nigeria and Algeria.

One report advised that churches discriminate against gays and lesbians. This was recorded a decade ago in the South African book The Pink Agenda that the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community want churches to be blocked to allow these people to be clergy and preach sexual liberty.

In the book, activists of I Gat Hop (There is hope) in Papua New Guinea talk of violence to gays who are HIV. The implication is that they are attacked by the men in the community.

In my experience, the most violence I have seen in the AIDS campaign came from members of I Gat Hop seeking to hijack and steal 3 Angels Care Centre. They were Momo, Elaripe and Marabe. They wanted to stop the work of 3 Angels Care and use the rooms as their own.

Marabe used to control 3 Angels Care with a long knife. We had booked a young man into the centre. He was from the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

I met him in town the following week to be told he did not stay at the centre. On the first night, the food was being served, paid for by AusAID.

When he went with his plate, Marabe told him that if he touched the food, he would get a knife in the stomach. He left next morning. I was the caretaker for 5 months and stabbed twice by Marabe who said she was the boss.

She was the one who told the media a few years ago that she saw HIV positive people being buried alive in a highlands village. The news went viral. But she could not remember the village when interviewed by police.

I gat Hop ignores that the domestic violence between gay and lesbian couples against their partners is equal to all other domestic violence. Gays and lesbians bash their partners and blame the community.

The gay and lesbian activists have a massive stock of well worn lies and tricks. They want to expand their community through recruitment in education and welfare. They say that kids have rights of association. Check the UN Charter of Children’s rights.

They believe that children do not belong to parents but to the State, particularly the pretty ones. As teachers, welfare officers and legal officers they represent the State and can take children into care.

HIV Australia  AIDS 2014 Special edition
HIV and the enabling environment. Australia and the region
Volume 12 No 2
ISSN 1446 0139