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Midweek Chronicle 31 August 2014

Efforts ,must be made to avoid throwing school leavers into the employment market en masse. A buffer could be built through the organization of youth training camps or centres where they are given instruction on living skills, provided a taste of rigours of discipline and taught how to be responsible citizens.

It makes sense for any such programme to be rural based. This is where the greatest need exists to make the young employable.  Such an emphasis would stem the urban drift that results in towns clogged up with unemployed.

Church organizations could be given funding to undertake such projects. But for the future, there must be long term plans that are part and parcel of the education system.

Comment: There is so much that could be achieved in schools. Already there is the Personal Development studies that may have been sabotaged by cults in many schools with a satanic allegiance of cult members. Not to forget the foreign gay and lesbian message of Rights without Responsibilities. 

Schools have vocational studies including agriculture. Perhaps there could be compulsory military training with an expansion of civil projects for the Papua New Guinea Defence Force. Young people would benefit from 2 years in military discipline and training.

Friday, 29 August 2014


On the noticeboard at the Hohola Catholic health centre in Port Moresby is a sign that TB treatment takes 6 to 8 months.

We are usually told 6 months of daily treatment with TB drugs. If it can take 2 months more, the sufferer has to get advice of the doctor on when to cease medication.

I looked after Grace for 5 months before her fool father came and took her away without her medicine. He was a police chief inspector and drunk.

She died 5 weeks later. The family made excuses but it was that she finished her TB treatment perhaps 3 months early. She still had masses of mucus in her lungs.

A recent newspaper report pointed that so many people die after finishing their TB medication early and allowing the TB parasite to become immune. Please click:


Thursday, 28 August 2014


The National 28 August 2014      Headline

The word has now come that the Fly River is dead, the result of mining of OK Tedi. The river is full of poisons from the tailing that have freely flowed into the river.

Some 25 years ago, there was a barge from OK Tedi that sank in the river loaded with barrels of cyanide. These would surely have begun to leak. Japanese studies have found children born malformed in the villages along the Fly River.

The next to be irreparably damaged are the Ramu and Sepik Rivers that provide the nutrients for the Yellow Fin Tuna breeding. There are the Marengo and Frieda River mines that will spoil the two rivers.

There will be the pollution from the Nautilus undersea mining and the waste pouring into the sea from Ramu NiCo in Madang. There can be a number of causes including the change in temperature of the water.

The Magadus Square first identified by Director of Fisheries Mr Ben Semri in 2008 is the premier breeding site for the Yellow Fin Tuna of the Pacific.

There must be thousands of small rivers entering the Fly River. These are not likely to be polluted until reaching the main river. The villagers have to use these rivers for water and set up water reticulation and storage systems that take water from the tributaries of the Fly River.

It is not likely that these rivers will hold the fish of the Fly River. The villagers could have fish farming projects that take water from the tributaries.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Dr Musawe Sinebare    The National 28 August 2014 P.34.

Schools are a mirror in which a society sees itself reflected in the ways students behave. School is where society’s value system is supposed to be captured. 

When we condone illegal practices in schools, we are only demonstrating that we don’t care about what will arise.

In schools, there can be no respect for the rule of law and lawful authority. This is the result of cult groups which promote a value or belief that the only lawful authority that demands respect is the cult leader.

Students are recruited into cult groups and they swear allegiance to their cult leader during initiation rites. There are indications that some teachers were former members of a cult group. Cult groups almost always ensure that no student is left out during the recruitment process.

Failure to reform the current students’anti-social behaviour will have destructive consequences on a future generation of leaders and workers.

Illegal practices actually destroy the young people long before they realize their full potential to make a positive contribution towards creating a smart, wise, fair, healthy and happy society.

Comment: Yet there is little support for family coming from the United Nations. Every child is told they have rights. They have the right to join a cult and swear allegiance. The United Nations Charter of Child Rights gives every child the right of association. They can associate with cult members and join in all activities.

Being part of a school cult will tear children away from family. It will give them the first chance to be part of a gay, lesbian group with paedophile interests.

How does the community, school and parents oppose the cult groups? Should the leaders remain anonymous? Or should the leaders be publicized? Do parents, families, neighbours and others know that these young people are sabotaging the school?

Do they know that when the cult leaders say jump, the cult members jump. Those who do not want to join the cult are rejected and harrassed. Leaders and other members who take part in damage and violence should be gaoled.

At Gerehu High, there was a drinking party at Wild life reserve. One grade 9 girl was made drunk, raped and murdered. Is that what school is coming down to? Have arrests been made? No !!

In schools, there are the Personal Development studies from grade 6 to 12. Focus is on personal growth and living within families with rights and responsibilities. The cults must be reducing all this to nonsense. Cult leaders take the place of parents and teachers in the loyalty of young people.

Foreign gays and lesbians must be delighted that their ANTI-FAMILY work has been made so easy for them.

In some schools, the cult leaders hand over their leadership at the end of grade 10 and become elders of the cult. They then pursue their studies at grades 11 and 12. No one outside the cult knows who are members and leaders.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The new readers to this blog might wonder why I have been involved with AIDS awareness. After a long period alone, I met a lovely woman in 1999 with whom I had a relationship.

I suggested that we have an AIDS test. But then I told her that I had been in hospital with cerebral malaria and was HIV tested about 6 months before. She told me she had given blood at her work place some 3 months before and her blood was accepted.

We came together and were very happy. Eighteen months later we had a son Jonathan. Linda refused to go to the ante-natal clinic as she said her mother and aunties would look after her.

Then in 2000, she gave birth to a son. She had given birth at Paradise private hospital. She was given an HIV test. Three weeks later we were called to the hospital while the doctor advised that Linda had tested HIV positive. Linda went crazy, accusing me of infecting her.

So I went to the Blood Bank and they checked her card from the file on her giving blood at the Gateway Hotel. The card said she was HIV positive. Linda should have gone for testing much earlier during her pregnancy. But these were the days before free ARV drugs.

My son died in 2002 of AIDS after dropping in health to look like a skeleton. But Linda had refused to go for a test. Why did she do this? Perhaps she knew she had HIV infection.

I worked out that she had been infected by her husband some 6 years before. He was from Taiwan and left the country in 2003 when he had what appeared to be Karposi’s Sarcoma on his back, a cancer and sure symptom of HIV infection.

My life changed forever at that point. I had planned to set up a training organization and support my family in Australia. But that dream died forever. My two younger children are never far from my thoughts. They are 40 and 36 years old.

I set up AIDS Holistics instead and faced a hate campaign from Australian gay and lesbian activists of AusAID and UN. They banned AIDS Holistics and blocked my work permit.

They did not want any focus on family and faith and made sure that AIDS Holistics was blocked from AusAID and UN funding. I went through to old age struggling on my military pension from Australia. 

I was still a family man though half my family was so far away. My phone number is +675 73169571.

But the question arises why the gay and lesbian advisors write brochures like the one below advising men and women that they can refuse an AIDS test. Please click:


People are afraid that they are HIV positive and fearful to face the truth. It is the job of counsellors to reassure people who are afraid, not to help them to avoid the possible truth. An HIV test is a person's responsibility to spouse and children.

I was afraid that I was HIV positive after Linda. Every day I feared any rise in temperature or diarrhoea. I did not go for a test until 2003 as I was freaked out. Then I finally went for a test just to be told I was HIV positive. I understand people not being psychologically ready for an HIV test.

I was HIV negative !! It was all about being medically circumcised with no infections on the penis.

Monday, 25 August 2014


Be HIV and beat the cops. 

This is the text from a brochure prepared and distributed by the National AIDS Council of Papua New Guinea. At first glance it seemed to be a great text to give advice to couples on having babies with HIV infection of one parent or more.

But on second reading, it is apparent that this is a strange and confusing brochure for young people to read. There is focus on rights but far less on responsibilities.

I have HIV. I want to have a baby. Is it possible? YES. People living with HIV have the same right to have children as all other people in PNG. If you or your partner have HIV and wish to become parents’ it is advisable to speak to a trusted doctor or health worker to get the correct advice on minimizing your baby’s chance of being born with HIV.

At the anti-natal clinic, they say I must have an AIDS test. Is this correct? NO! HIV testing is recommended for all pregnant women. If you know early in your pregnancy you have HIV, it is easier to make sure that you stay healthy and prevent passing the HIV to your baby.

Generally an AIDS test in automatically included as part of ante-natal care. If you are not told your blood is being tested for HIV, you should ask. You have the right to refuse an HIV test. You don’t have to be tested for HIV if you don’t want to.

What kind of foolish advice is this? The woman is being told that somehow it is OK to refuse a test for whatever silly reason she may have. Do we have the right to refuse a TB test, a diabetes test, tetanus innoculation? Of course we do. But that is the foolish option.

The correct advice should be that the pregnant woman makes sure that HIV testing is carried out as her responsibility to the unborn baby. There has been too much focus on rights of women and girls in the AIDS campaign in this country. Women's rights is becoming cult based - the lesbian cult of women's rights. Women should break free.

I have HIV. My partner does not. We practice safe sex but we want to have a baby. What should we do? It is important to talk to your health worker/doctor on the best way for yourself, your partner and baby to remain healthy. In order to conceive you will need to stop practising safe sex.

If he/she does not know, you must tell your partner that you have HIV and discuss the possibility of your partner becoming infected once you stop practising safe sex. If your partner gets HIV under these circumstances, you cannot be charged with infecting him or her.

More foolish advice. So we are told that we may be HIV infected but not tell our partner. But the partner has to be told so that you can both have a baby. We have to stop safe sex. This applies to gay men too.

Why are we having safe sex? Because I am HIV positive and I do not want to tell my partner. I have made up another story to avoid breaking the news. So a partner has to risk HIV infection for fertilization to take place.

If the HIV partner is on ARV, it means that the HIV virus has been removed from the blood, lymph and sperm of that person. Danger has dropped. Ask the doctor.

There is more dishonesty in this advice than moral caring for a partner. But if the partner becomes HIV infected, the other person cannot be charged by the police. Oh how nice!! Just tell the cops you were making a baby.

I have HIV. Will I be treated differently to the other mothers in the labour ward? By law, people with HIV must be treated the same as people without HIV. The Department of Health recommends that women who do not know their HIV status be tested while in labour or shortly after child birth. Your permission must be obtained before a test is done.

There is limited explanation in this advice. Again the woman has the right to refuse an AIDS test. But she cannot be charged with infecting her baby if she refuses. What simple-minded advice to be giving out to the community. The lesbian advisors are going overboard with the rights of women.

The correct advice is that the pregnant mother must insist on an HIV test before giving birth. The infection with HIV can occur as the baby passes down the birth canal.

There was a drug Nivaripine that was given to the mother prior to birth to protect the baby. She probably has the right to refuse that too according to the lesbian activists. And she has the right to refuse a test and any drugs to protect her baby. And she cannot be charged by police. Cool advice.

What of the mother's responsibilities?

Saturday, 23 August 2014


In recent weeks, I have engaged a lawyer to help with a Court document staying the unlawful eviction of my family. He was David Keta who lived down the road and always presented himself as a friend. I knew he did not have many clients but soon understood why. I have to check that he is a registered lawyer or just an LLB street operator.

He has an office at the back of a Chinese shop with no phone, secretary or computer. He wrote out the draft writ for me and I had to type it out. He gave me a model Court paper and told me that the stay order would be ready within two days. I paid him K500 over two weeks and he wanted more. I gave him more.

I waited a week after he claimed that he had filed the writ at the District Court offices in town. But after a week, he told me it was not acceptable. I had to prepare another Writ. The next day, he said the papers had been filed. I waited but no response. Was his Commissioner for Affidavits stamp accepted?

I checked with the District Court to be told that no papers had been filed. That day, I went to his office to find he had been talking to the lawyer of the defendants. He said that the man was not employed with National Housing Corporation but awaiting acceptance !!

I texted him and revealed that the papers were not filed and told him he was telling lies. He then stopped contact and later told me he had lost his phone. A friend rang him later and presto !! he still had the phone. I have a rogue lawyer and told him so.

Next day, I went to his office to get the Court papers to file myself. He refused to deal with me but punched me in the face, witnessed by people in the Chinese shop, including my step daughter who ran to the fried chicken place to bring her husband back.

Keta told me that he would take me to Court for defamation. Creep. There was no mention of the Court papers except his admission that the papers were at his house. He would report me to the police for all kinds of offences. He is a rogue lawyer. No mention of refund of K 600 lawyer's fees. Only a few days before, he told my step daughter that he had given the papers to a friend.

This is PNG, the land of the unexpected. One problem is that so many lawyers are liars. But this one tells lies to his client. He gives the strong impression of having an undisclosed conflict of interest with the defendant. This is probably the reason why the National Housing Corporation lawyer visited him. But he still wanted more money for no service rendered.

I will get a new lawyer. He has sent a text to advise that legal interpretation of my report here means that I will stand in Court with a range of civil and criminal charges. He told me that freedom of expression is limited in this country.

As a lawyer, he is in more trouble than me. He has breached basic legal ethics in telling lies to a client and cheating him of legal fees but not giving any service. This bush lawyer thinks his baby tricks are so clever that a white man can not see through his little cheating game. 

Last night he told me to expect to be arrested on criminal charges. He did not mention punching me and telling me my daughters were prostitutes. He is the kind of lawyer you need when you don't need a lawyer. What about the Writ we paid K600 for to be filed in National Court? He has stolen legal fees which has to be a criminal offence.

Now that he has been sacked for lying, cheating, violence and no service, he has decided on a new tack. This morning I was told by text that I was not to seek a Court Order as I am a racist and have no place in the community. He will have the neighbours drive me out.

He is quite primitive in his sense of legal ethics. He was supposed to be my lawyer but he seems to be working for both complainant and defendants. He is a once only lawyer if he is a lawyer. Never again. I am too busy to check his registration with the PNG Law Society

Friday, 22 August 2014


In recent times, we have been advised by police that there has been a steep rise in house stealing in Port Moresby. The problem begins with the large numbers of villagers descending on the city and staying with family. 

The house becomes so crowded that the rogue family decides to steal the house of a neighbour. We are aware of one family ordered out of their rental accommodation at gun point. The incoming tenants have never left. Such is the corruption in the National Housing Commission.

But the problem has become worse with at least one house hijacked each week, so we are advised by police. The tenants end up on the street. Only a few will seek Court Orders to move back in. Others will be intimidated by the violence of the National Housing officers.

The issue has come to the notice of the Divisional Commander who now orders all police to obtain his authorization before taking part in an eviction. In the past, the thug neighbour would have sought the help of rogue police to come and terrorize tenants into leaving.

A Court Order will be required followed by authorization by the Commander. Up to now it was acceptable for thug neighbours to go to the police station and offer a group of constables K100 to come and evict. The Police Station Commander would have no idea.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


There is massive corruption in the public housing sector of Papua New Guinea. The problem is that since independence, the tenants are becoming old men and women. The neighbours have already marked out that they will take the house when the old man or woman dies. 

Or they may drive the person out to make sure that no sons and daughters take over the house. So there are potentially thousands of house stealers in the capital city ready to take what they claim is rightfully theirs.

If any other person lives at the house in the meantime, they have to be intimidated and evicted. I have found that this has happened to me. I have stayed in an old man's house and paid his rent and all his bills. That made me the enemy of the neighbours.

I was evicted by rogue housing officers bribed by the neighbours supported by police. There was no Court Order. It was just a fake letter and eviction. We are waiting on a Court Order that should come in the next week. We will move back. The old man has been evicted too. He is afraid of being killed.

I have fear that I will be killed in the street to make sure that my family does not stay. The worst enemy of any person living in a housing commission home is undoubtedly the next door neighbour.

There will be corrupt housing officers who expect to become millionaires over the years to come as the old tenants die.

I am expecting to find that a door has already been cut in the wall adjoining the two units. The house stealers already have a block of flats built at the back. It helps to be corrupt and have an aunty who is the CEO of housing.


There are strong parallels between house stealing in Port Moresby and sorcery killing in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. In both, the victims are old and alone with property that can be stolen.

In the highlands, the killers are seeking to remove old men and women from their land, They have to be accused of some terrible crime and killed. Then the killers can say that the land is due payment for a killing.

In the towns, the old person is implicated in a crime against the house stealers. The old man where I lived was implicated in a claim that his son stole K19,000 from the house stealers. The fathers rental accommodation was the price to be paid.

An old lady nearby was told her son had stolen K150,000 from the neighbour. You guessed it. The neighbour wanted the old lady's house as payment. She said no. But they will be back. A little bribery to an NHEL officer and the house will be stolen.

The UN lesbians try to tell us that sorcery killing is a gender issue. That is how it seems to them from the coffee shop on the 33rd floor of the UN building in New York. Wrong. It is often a matter of blatant theft of land.

Post Script: A source in the Royal Papua New Guinea Police advises that house stealing is used against all ages of people. It is not only against the old, widowers and widows. But they are still a prime target.

Saturday, 16 August 2014


There is a massive problem with the rentals of National Housing Commission (NHC) in Papua New Guinea. Over the years, rental payments have been siphoned off by corrupt NHC officers. As well, houses have been stolen with the records deleted from the register.

It means that many tenants have been paying rent but the payment is not registered against their name. This has been going on for years to the point that corrupt housing officers have undoubtedly stolen hundreds of millions of kina. Repair and maintenance has been totally absent.

Now the housing of NHC has been passed over to a new body called National Housing Estates Limited (NHEL). Some housing appears to remain. Corrupt NHC officers still need a little income to steal.

The question does arise as to how many houses have been passed over to NHEL? Has the rental arrears been passed over too. But an even bigger question arises? Has NHEL received the rental files for each house received?

If not, we may ask if NHEL has the task of collecting NHC rental arrears. If not, are they just collecting free money?

In the house in which I have stayed in Garia Street, the old man took out a new lease in early 2014. He did this because I had paid the bond and first rent for the new lease. They had no rental files on the house so he had to bring in his old receipts.

What would have happened if he had been paying the rent but lost his receipts? He would have been deemed to have been in arrears for thousands of kina. The customer is always wrong.

The question arises of how many other NHEL units have no rent record in Head Office. Some weeks ago, a family was evicted from their unit.

The Managing Director of NHEL announced that the family owed K200,000 in rental arrears. Does NHEL have records to support this? Or is this just a fantasy of guess work?

If NHEL does not have the records of rent, then the arrears that came across from NHC should be written off and the tenants start anew. So tenants have debts and NHC officers have stolen millions. It may all balance out in the end.

It comes down to the fact that evictions require a Court Order. If NHEL has no record of rental arrears and dependent on guess work, then they will avoid Court and rely on violent evictions from bully boys and rogue cops.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


There has long been corruption in public housing in Papua New Guinea. The fact is that there are thousands of rental houses and tenant families. Large numbers have rental arrears.

But there are large numbers whose rental payments have been stolen by corrupt housing officers. It becomes difficult to determine arrears when corrupt officers have shredded the payment receipts to avoid prosecution for theft.

Recent advertisements in the newspapers on rental arrears may well be an exercise in fantasy. The old man in my house came back from overseas and was given a lease to sign because I had been paying his rent and bond for the new lease. Had he not taken the old receipts, NHEL would have no idea of his arrears.

Corruption is aided by the town being divided among a nest of officers who keep the houses in their zone under check. It becomes easy for a corrupt officer to seek bribes in his zone.

At the worst, officers can support the theft of NHEL units, done with a quiet erasing of a house from computer files and a title given to the new tenant back dated to a decade ago when NHC houses were sold.

Illegal flats at the back can remain with a bribe to the NHEL officer. If rent is being paid, a monthly bribe may be in order.

It makes it easier if the acting CEO is also supporting corruption. The present CEO has a niece with a block of flats built over two years ago. The NHEL officer Michael seems to be quite happy with the arrangement.

There was a criminal trying to steal the unit I was staying in while the old man was away overseas. He was a terminated ex-NHC conveyancing officer Alan Baragu who claimed that the unit belonged to him. He was terminated for stealing houses.

I ended up locking him out with not a single NHEL officer raising a finger to help. There may have been NHEL officers who were part of the theft. Five thousand kina for you. Five thousand for me. Michael was supposed to help said Madeline.

So there is not any possible option for NHEL to obtain a Court Order for eviction. All they can do is give 24 hours to evict supported by the bully boys and rogue cops. They may not be able to prove that so many tenants are in arrears.

Monday, 11 August 2014


To understand the depth of trouble the gay boys give us, it is necessary to examine the ethos of the gay lifestyle. For most gays, central focus of living is serial sex. They want sex with men and /or boys.
The gay and lesbian focus is on infiltrating and taking over Government and private business. The primary focus is the take-over of education, health, welfare, public housing and legal.
They do this by infiltrating the forward troops into a company or Government Department who then move into selection of workers through interviews. They will just happen to select gay men and pretty boys. Within a year or five, the organization will be gay and the heterosexual Managing Director has no idea.

We see the probability of this happening in the National Housing Estates Limited based in Port Moresby. They are responsible for hundreds of rental units. There is a small group of gay boys already operating and intimidating. Macho gay boys will do the violent evicting.
We also need to understand that housing is a key to the gay and paedophile lifestyle. Gays need to bring lovers home but the apartments of the city are too conspicuous with people coming and going by lifts. Gays need houses in the suburbs that have three bedrooms and a tall fence.
There is increasing pressure among expatriate gays and lesbians in Papua New Guinea for gay and lesbian sex to be legalized. The implications of this are frightening.
It means that the gay and lesbian lifestyle has to be part of the school curriculum. It also means that gays and lesbians will take a market share of public housing.

The opportunities for tricks are enormous. If single gays or lesbians can get a house, a couple can get two houses .... and rent one out.

One of the key gay boys in NHEL used to be the legal officer in the National AIDS response. He spent his time trying without success to destroy the Positive Living message. Now he finds the founder of AIDS Holistics living in a unit of NHEL, the time has come for revenge.

Was he the corrupt fool who said that the founder had no rights as a tenant and as an alien? There was no need for a Court order.  He should go back to law school. Perhaps the gay ethos makes lawyers naturally corrupt.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


I have lived in a Housing Commission unit for 8 years with an old Philippino man who has been sick, unemployed and unable to pay his rent. I have paid his rent, water, power, food and medical bills. He has been grateful but angry that he has been deserted by his son and daughter.

Last year, he went home to the Philippines for medical treatment leaving me as caretaker. But a family of criminals the Baragus was moved in by the son who tried their best to steal the house. But I stopped them.

I was given no help whatever by his daughter Marylou and have the very strong impression that she was supporting the house stealers. So the possibility was that the old man’s children were stealing their father’s lease and corruptly selling to a criminal.

Over those years, the unit was quietly the home office of AIDS Holistics. I gave support to many sufferers mainly with Positive Living advice for HIV/AIDS sufferers and medicine for TB victims.

I suffered during this time at the hands of the Baragu house stealers. Already I had suffered since 2002 from the hatred of the gays and lesbians of the National AIDS Campaign. They wanted to stop the FAMILY message.

So they spread that I was HIV positive, womaniser, violent, sex with prostitutes, child molester and wife beater. No mention was made that I was running AIDS Holistics with my own money and helping dozens of people.

But now, I was facing the Baragu house stealers who picked up the hate message from internet and hit me with the same gay and lesbian hatred. I had a dear lady at the time who we had found was TB positive.

I cared for her and she cared for me. The hate Baragus told the father that she was being abused. He came, bashed me and took her away from her TB treatment. She died 5 weeks later.

Every fortnight, I took her for a TB review with Dr Sapuri at Port Moresby International Hospital. I brought home fruit and vegetables for her from the market every day. She was in the 5th month of TB treatment.

Lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox played the same trick with the family of Linda who was dying of AIDS. I had looked after her for three years and thanks to Cox, the family came and took her away. Cox was the one who spread the word that I was a violent wife beating child molester.

But the Baragus failed to steal the house. The campaign to take the house fell to the niece Jill Kendy  who lived next door and intimidated me to leave with gross ongoing abuse and violence. She went further by calling on her rogue copper brother to arrest me. I ended up in the cells twice in a month.

The old Philippino man was not at home as he was sick and staying away. He came once on Remembrance Day and told my family that he loved us. He said we were his family.
But a letter surfaced that he wanted us evicted for bringing prostitutes  home and turning the unit into a brothel. He was under threat. On that basis we were evicted by NHEL and bullied by the gay officers. We have sought an ex parte judgment.

But we have been betrayed badly by the acting CEO of NHEL who is the aunty of neighbourhood bully Jill Kendy. Though she criticizes her on text messages, she does nothing to stop her violence and harassment. She allowed her to build a block of illegal flats at the back of the neighbouring unit.
She has turned a blind eye to her niece bribing NHEL and police officers into removing the neighbouring rent payer. After all it is a family matter - a Madeline and Jill family matter. Witnesses advise that she gave a large wad of K100 notes to the NHEL and police officers.

NHEL is corrupt. If they have no record of past rents paid, how can they demand money? Advice is that past records were destroyed to prevent investigation into rent monies stolen. We are advised by internal sources that the only record of rental paid is the receipts of tenants.
Yet a man down the road had his unit burned down and has build a temporary house on the site. The caring good woman Madeline has allowed NHEL to demand that he pulls the temporary house down, leaving his family homeless.

She will allow Jill to steal the old man’s house in cooperation with his daughter who has taken the old man’s mobile phones and hidden him away.

Perhaps CEO Madeline is a good woman totally out of her depth in dealing with housing corruption and unable to handle the bullying of the rat nest of gay officers of NHEL.

Friday, 8 August 2014


National Housing Estates Limited is the private enterprise arm of the National Housing Commission in Port Moresby. The original body has been grossly corrupt in years gone past.
Rental arrears have been difficult to account for as corrupt officers burned the receipts to render impossible the task of working out how much rental money was stolen.
One of the thriving businesses in this town is house stealing, particularly those of the Housing Commission. It has been so easy to steal a house. In earlier times, corrupt housing officers would mark a house and then evict with the aid of rogue police. They would arrive, remove all property, destroy gardens and evict the tenants.

If the house is to be stolen, it may be taken off the register and sold with a fake title. But we hear you say that this cannot happen today because of the checks and balances. These mean nothing to corrupt officers. A fake title can be given to a new tenant on payment and a title backdated to the days when the NHC houses were sold.
This was the modus operandi of the housestealer, Alan Baragu of Raluana village. Please click:

We have just been evicted from a house even though the rent was up to date. It seems that the neighbours and daughter of the tenant wanted the house and worked through rogue police and corrupt NHEL officers to evict and take. They set it up with false reports. An ex parte Court judgment is being waited upon.
NHEL has an incompetent acting CEO of NHEL Madeline and thug officers who will smash their way into a house and throw everything out. Our unit was smashed open by John Geen supported by rogue cops from Gordons station. The main house stealing female thug was Madeline’s niece Jill Kendy who lived next door. Madeline turns a blind eye to her nieces neighbourhood bullying.
My step daughter argued with Geen and he threatened to smash her. Had he done that he would have not yet come out of hospital. He would have worn an iron bar across the head. I told him that we had been advised by Jeffery Nape......He cut me off and told me that Jeffrey Nape can suck his cock.

Geen marks himself as one of the violent, bully gays of NHEL. Only gay men tell other men to suck their cocks. He would be working with gay Bomal Gonapa the legal officer and Michael. All would have taken up a secret gay housing agenda to be put in place over the next few years.

We have to know the strategy of gay activists in infiltrating organizations and slowly recruiting gays into all positions. NHEL is on the way to becoming a gay front organization with a woman as the figurehead.
The corrupt NHEL officers and rogue police allowed a gang of raskols to follow them into the house and steal whatever they wanted without being challenged.  I was told I was being punished for destroying the hidden gay agenda in the National AIDS campaign.
We lost about K5000 of property to local thugs. I punched one of them and ended up arrested and placed in a police car. Most of our property was then carried away.
There is a big problem coming in NHEL. That is the infiltration by gay men. They have come for a specific purpose to divert housing commission accommodation to gay couples. This is part of the gay secret agenda for public housing in this country. NHEL houses may be on their way to being set up in a gay love nest system.
We have to understand that across the world, there is a hidden gay and lesbian agenda to infiltrate public housing, education, legal, health and welfare.
The stage is set in NHEL for an unknown rats nest of gay men starting with the legal officer who just spent a number of years forcing a gay agenda on the PNG AIDS campaign. He failed. But he must not set up a house take over racket in NHEL for gay and paedophile men.