Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Family Positive Living stops much suffering in bringing peace, love and security to family members.

Foolish gays and lesbians in this country have a fake professional message to journalists that they must not refer to people living with HIV/AIDS as being AIDS sufferers. 

They know nothing. So many foreign gays and lesbians are so negative and hating of family, they may have been abused as children or suffering advanced AIDS dementia from ignoring Positive Living.

Of course there can be suffering particularly among those who do not follow Positive Living, are not on ARV treatment or defaulted on medication.

There are still many people infected with HIV who live in the isolated rural areas and have not been tested nor put on ARV treatment. 

They suffer the full force of HIV infection that allows them to live from 8-12 years at the most. Their CD4 count drops as their immune system is attacked by the HIV virus. 

Their small intestine ceases to absorb nutrients, salts and water. Cells cease to break down the nutrients. The Krebs Cycle stops. They are on their way to death through intense suffering.

HIV blocks replenishment of nutrients which damages the brain causing dementia, delusions and hallucinations of the worst kind. 

There is a common thread among AIDS sufferers that they fear being killed by evil spirits or people. I looked after Linda who died of AIDS in 2003 at a time when ARV treatment was not available free of charge.

Linda believed that a Samarai woman from Milne Bay was waiting as a black bird in a tree outside the house ready to kill her. She saw her red eyes every night. Linda suffered badly. My small children suffered fear with Linda. We all suffered.

Damon Courtenay thought the CIA was disguised as doctors and nurses and planning on killing him. His story was in the book written by his father Bryce Courtenay - April Fool's Day. 

He had the delusion that he was the commander of the armed forces. He was seriously demented with AIDS. Please click:

April Fool's Day (novel) - Wikipedia

April Fool's Day is a 1993 book by Australian author Bryce Courtenay
tribute to the author's son, Damon Courtenay, a haemophiliac who

For those who follow Positive Living, there can still be suffering in realizing that they can never marry the person of their choice as infection will drive the person away. They must reveal their positive status before any sexual contact.

Reduced life choices cause despair and loneliness at being unable to marry. They may have problems in finding a suitable loving partner who is HIV infected too. They will suffer.

It may be that some HIV infected men and women will lack the morality that will support a happy marriage. 

Such words may make people angry but it is reality. The infected person suffers through loneliness. They may have to stay with family all their lives without the joy of having children.

So it would be useful if the gay and lesbian activists shut their mouths on suffering. They would not know unless they too are HIV positive. If suffering from AIDS dementia, they should seek ARV drugs and follow Positive Living.

Friday, 24 February 2017


All gays, lesbians and paedophiles hate the Positive Living message. They oppose FAMILY and fathers and want boys and girls to stay away from the home and on the streets available for sex with paedophiles.

The team leader of the Papua New Guinea National AIDS Council Secretariat has a track record of opposing Positive Living messages and seeking to have the founder of AIDS Holistics arrested and put in gaol.

Friedah Taimbari shows us all that she is a lesbian activist by her opposition to Positive Living. She plans to push the gay and lesbian agenda on the community with no consultation as she did in the employ of Burnet consultants.

False claims are being made of stigma and discrimination against people with HIV infection. Taimbari is behind the times. 

But she must not blame families and care groups for undesirable behaviour of the few sex workers and other people with the virus who cause problems for others. Lesbians take the side of those causing trouble. Trouble makers of a feather flock together. They reject family.

We recall Peter Momo who was an alcoholic and violent wife basher. He was rejected for immense drunken disruption to his religious family. So he used to talk to the media about family stigma and discrimination when it was entirely his fault. He is dead now.

Margaret Marabe was HIV positive who caused immense stress in 3 Angels Care centre by being a sex worker who brought men back to her room for paying sex. 

She was the one who claimed to have seen HIV sufferers buried alive but could not remember the village when the police interrogated her. She blamed stigma of family for her own conduct.

Maura Elaripe was a major trouble maker who was rejected by family for rejecting her HIV husband Max and then bringing his HIV negative cousin to live with her for sex. 

They were kicked out of 3 Angels Care when he went on a rampage in the centre accusing her of infecting him with HIV. He bashed down her door with an axe. Jay may be dead with HIV by now. What did he expect if he had nightly sex with an HIV sufferer?

For most people with the virus who take ARV drugs and go on by Positive Living in a loving family, HIV infection has become routine. 

In loving families, no loved one is concerned or ashamed that there is an HIV positive person in the family. Love beats shame. But the loved one must not infect other people.

Those who follow Positive Living go on with their lives in study, working in a job, going out at night, helping around the house, arguing with parents and siblings. 

They are healthy, eating nutritious food, putting on weight, blood pressure normal, exercising every day and taking medication on time. Life is almost normal.

Foolish gays and lesbians object to HIV infectd people being called sufferers. Those on ARV do not suffer but people with no access to ARV or defaulting on medication can suffer horrific deaths with HIV/AIDS. 

Infected family members can make family suffer with their fierce dementia and violence. Sufferers can harm family peace by screaming at night with fear of evil spirits that have come to kill them. Children of the family will be terrified. Fear of death by evil is a sign of dementia of HIV sufferers in the final stages.

It may be that lesbian activists have no contact with infected people and know nothing of family problems. They are just amateurs in AIDS awareness, experts in lesbian ideology but not in AIDS care.

Infected people living well had gone to a care centre once to be disgnosed and given medication. Then they go back for refills of medication every few months. It is low key and routine. 

Stigma and discrimination of care groups is a fantasy dreamed up by lesbians just like the violence of men to women on public transport in Port Moresby.

Taimbari will have other agenda to follow as the team leader. She will push for the 22 reserved seats in parliament and expect to be given a seat. She will support the trojan horse UNDP Practice Parliamentary session and legislations to legalize gay and lesbian sex and prostitution.

Such legislations are intended for the gay and lesbian community to dominate Papua New Guinea with destruction of family, parental authority and increase in access of paedophiles to children.

The community should just ignore the output of the National AIDS Council under the leadership of Friedah Taimbari. It is false lesbian propaganda. Apart from stigma, abuse of women and discrimination, they have nothing worthwhile to say. Men are blamed for all violence.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


For over a decade now the Australian gay and lesbian trash have been pushing the gay and lesbian agenda into the Papua New Guinea community. 

It is anti-family, anti-men, anti-parents, anti-faith, anti-Scripture, anti-responsibilities and anti-traditional marriage.

There has been a strong effort by foreign gays and lesbians to stop the Positive Living message by having AIDS Holistics banned in 2002. 

They wanted only focus on (1) violence of men (2) abuse of women (3) rights of children - with no focus on FAMILY or FAITH

They did not want loving families but opted to set up a gender war. They wanted women to defeat men not care for them as husbands. These were lesbian haters at work.

The Positive Living message was illegal according to the foreign activists with any care group being denied funding if the message was part of their agenda.

That is why Friedah Taimbari once tried to have the founder of AIDS Holistics arrested in Port Moresby for entering the Provincial AIDS offices as he had done for several years, even to conduct awareness training.

He was unlawfully on the premises according to the gay and lesbian white trash. They should know. They banned AIDS Holistics. 

They wanted the Positive Living message to die so that the gay and lesbian agenda would grow.

Taimbari is a national lesbian who wants to promote gay and lesbian sex not family love and caring. 

She was following the foreign hatred of the Positive Living message that had grown to become the major part of the national AIDS awareness over 15 years. It was quietly being supported by care groups and churches.

The founder of AIDS Holistics has been banned by the national and foreign gay and lesbian trash. 

He was banned in the early stages by gay paedophile Stewart Watson now Head of UNAIDS and Elizabeth Cox lesbian paedophile and past Head of UN Women.

He was evicted from the AIDS building in Port Moresby 3 years ago by Peter Bire the head of the National AIDS Secretariat. 

Bire showed himself to be a gay boy pushing the Positive Living message away to support the gay and lesbian agenda with Taimbari.

All of this reveals the white and national gays, lesbians and paedophiles and their hatred for the family Positive Living message.

Now we find that lesbian Friedah Taimbari is team leader of the National AIDS Council. Why is this nation constantly being infested by white and national gay and lesbian trash in the response to the AIDS pandemic?

AIDS Holistics is still banned but Family Positive Living is the prime message among care groups and churches. 

Taimbari has to accept that and not destroy her own credibility by trying to do the impossible. Family Positive Living is here to stay.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


The National AIDS Council of Papua New Guinea has never had a strong positive role in promoting national HIV/AIDS awareness. There is always a gay and lesbian message in there to be pushed on the community.

A key trouble maker has been Frieda Taimbari who now calls herself the NAC team leader. She has resurrected the old lesbian message of stigma and discrimination. 

That time has passed long ago with HIV infection becoming routine in the general community.

Taimbari is trying to tell the community that care groups stigmatize (1) gay and lesbian people and (2) sex workers. It is all part of an ongoing trick to push the Government into legalizing gay and lesbian sex and prostitution.

If Taimbari says that care groups stigmatize these people, let her name the care groups and any worker involved. Let her explain how the stigmatization takes place.

It may be that church care groups do counsel sex workers against selling their bodies. They may talk of the importance of family to all people and the dangers of infection and abuse. 

Taimbari does not want that. The lesbian gestapo wants sex workers, gays and lesbians to be completely free to do what they want.

My experience with Taimbari came about 5 years ago when she spent a brief time with the National Capital Provincial AIDS Council. 

I had criticized the lesbian focus of a workshop that Taimbari had run for the PNGDF for defence wives. There should have been a family focus but that is not how the lesbians operate.

It was most unprofessional with no understanding of the service problems of defence families and no consultation with the officers of the PNGDF. It was lesbian anti-man. I still have the report from the seminar.

I entered the provincial AIDS Council offices as I did regularly. The Positive Living message was well accepted among workers there. Silly woman Taimbari ordered me to leave as I was trespassing. 

When I told this woman what to do with herself, she demanded that I accompany her to the police station to be charged with trespass and defaming the lesbian message. She made a fool of herself that day.

The lesbians of the National HIV/AIDS response want to trick and pressure the government into legalizing (1) gay and lesbian sex and (2) sex workers. 

They would condemn all imaginary violence of men on public transport and in the Gordons market. They would have their own hidden agenda starting with 22 reserved seats for women in parliament.

They claim that all gays, transsexuals and sex workers are afraid to go to care centres for treatment because of stigma and discrimination. Liars. Taimbari is dreaming. 

Care centres are far better than that. I hope I am not arrested by police on complaint from this silly woman. I am very busy.

Friday, 17 February 2017


Foreign lesbians know they can never marry young girls in Papua New Guinea. They can never be seen in the village or on the streets with a young girl.

They know that young girls can never leave their apartment. They will be snatched by fathers, uncles and brothers in the street. Foreign lesbians can not be seen on the street with a young lover. 

The lesbian advisor can never visit the family without a cover story. She is my research assistant, the family is told.

There was a well known incident about 5 years ago of a group of brothers, uncles and father who snatched a young woman from the car in the car park of the high rise apartment opposite the Crowne Plaza hotel in Port Moresby.

The AusAID lesbian was not injured as she ran away to the hotel, leaving her car and young lover. The car was not stolen. 

Just the young woman had been taken away. Case closed in the media. There was never a police search. They knew where the young girl was.

Australian gay and lesbian advisors prefer apartments behind high fences with security guards so that they can live in peace with young male and female lovers away from uncles, brothers and father.

Gay paedophiles prefer to take young boys to a hotel so that boys, uncles, father and brothers will never know where they live. 

There have been foreign gay men in Port Moresby mysteriously murdered probably by boys they took home, raskol gang members or family men quietly allowed through the door later in the night.

Family men rescue young girls from lesbians in South Africa. The cover story in the media is that lesbians are raped by men who are jealous that they choose sex with young girls. 

The truth is more that lesbians are punished by family men for stealing their sister/daughter/niece.

The trick in this country is for lesbian advisors to have young girls live with them but call them adopted daughters or research assistants. That keeps the family men away.

In the meantime, there is the ongoing hate campaign that all PNG men are violent and abuse women and girls. Many are loving men who protect their young boys and girls from foreign sexual predators.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Lesbian: Are you happy at home Julie?

Young girl: Not really. My dad is very strict.

Lesbian: You have rights under the UN Charter of Children's Rights.

Young girl: I had big trouble last week.

Lesbian: What did he do to you?

Young girl: I came home late from school and he was angry.

Lesbian: Why were you late?

Young girl: I spent the night with my boyfriend.

Lesbian: You have every right to do that.

Young girl: My father says he is married and will not let me be with him.

Lesbian: The UN charter gives you the right of association.

Young girl: My father grounded me for a month.

Lesbian: That is abuse. Has he ever hit you?

Young girl: He slapped me last week.

Lesbian: Why?

Young girl: I called him an arse hole.

Lesbian: He assaulted you. That is violence and a matter to take to police.

Young girl: Who will give me bus fare and school lunch money?

Lesbian: I will put you down on file as a survivor of domestic violence.

Young girl: Thank you.

Lesbian: Go to the police and I can have you put into care. You can live with me,

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


There is an ugly game being played out in Papua New Guinea on violence to women. The main offenders are the United Nations and gay supporting daily newspaper the Post Courier. 

AIDS Holistics has a file of fake lesbian statistics on violence by men with much being freely published in the editorials of the Post Courier, inspired by the gay Managing Director. 

Statistics are undoubtedly provided by the corps of foreign lesbian activists who work on the basis that lies and fake information told often enough will eventually be accepted as truth. 

Hitler and Josef Goebbels told a decade of lies against the Jews in Germany. There are old German men and women who still believe what they learned about Jews at school 80 years ago.

With the sad death of Ruby Ann Laufa last week, the Post Courier has already assumed the guilt of the boy friend. 

The editorial told readers that 50% of women are raped in their own families with 68% suffering physical violence. 

The editorial from yesterday told us that "data from recent studies" advised on such violence. The foreign lesbians are up to their old tricks. 

When and where did studies take place? How many women interviewed? What organizations conducted the study? 

Or are these studies just vicious vilification from lesbians who have their own track record of sexual abuse of same-sex partners? 

Google reports are that lesbians have hideous ways of punishing their same-sex partners. A standard way is to control a partner's income and threaten to tell the family, friends and employers that the partner is gay or lesbian. 

Lesbian activists have the audacity to accuse fathers of abusing their children. A father may ground his daughter for coming home drunk. Lesbians call that abuse. She swore at her father and he slapped her. That is violence. 

A son may be prevented from staying with a friend and smoking marijuana. Childless lesbians call that abuse. 

The son is told he has rights and can leave the house at any time. Lesbian activists want to sabotage parental authority.

There was the famous lesbian study presented at an overseas conference that announced that 50% of Buka men rape their wives. 

President Momis denounced the report stating that no such survey had ever been conducted on Buka. It was UN fake. 

Helen Clark made a point of visiting Momis on her last trip. No prizes for guessing what was discussed.

In the Post Courier editorial we read that men on Bougainville have incest with daughters for matrilineal land to stay in the family. Where did that come from?

We have been told that 50% of children are afraid to go out at night. That is good. They should be in the safety of their homes. They may be in danger from gay and lesbian paedophiles on the streets.

We have been told that 2000 people had been treated for violence. No mention was made of whether or not they were men or women. This is an undoubted way to fake statistics. Just record all people seeking treatment as women.

It would be a clever reporting trick if many of those treated were men. Violence occurred in the home ..... and elsewhere !! 

What does "elsewhere" mean? In Papua New Guinea? Middle East? Africa? It is all part of the lesbian repertoire of reporting tricks. Lesbians seek ways to inflate fake statistics in uncheckable ways.

There are 7 million men and women in Papua New Guinea. How many of them are raped women? How many men have raped them? How many husbands are good and caring men? How many women are female rogues?

How many women are in Papua New Guinea prisons for killing men and women? Do the foreign lesbians go to the gaols to give these women training and rehabilitation? Perhaps they are not pretty enough and unavailable for sex.

There has to be an end to violence to women. But that will not be achieved with ongoing fake diagnoses from the United Nations and Post Courier. 

Focus has to be on family. The National newspaper is getting the message right on the importance of family.

Let us end with the most infamous fake lesbian statistic of 3 years ago that reported that 64% of PNG men confess to gang rape.

Of course that excludes the Governor-General, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Justice, Archbishops of the Anglican and Catholic churches and Governor of NCD. 

The rest of us are potential rapists. Gay and lesbian paedophiles are not included in the survey. 

Paedophiles will have the right to sex with children when the age of consent is lowered or abolished. Paedophiles claim that parents abuse children by not allowing them to have sex with adults. They claim to be protecting the rights of children to sex.

Lesbian journalists will support the abolition of the age of consent when the time comes. What do you think, Kevan Smith?

Recent reports show that 65% of foreign lesbians are old, ugly and on their last fling.  As well 93% seek to live with young girls. It is also reported that 86% of foreign lesbians are violent to the PNG young lovers. This is an AIDS Holistics survey. Haha.

Friday, 10 February 2017


Women of Papua New Guinea be warned that the foreign white lesbian plan for 22 reserved seats in parliament is very much alive and will raise its ugly head in the 2017 election. 

It is a plan to empower lesbians not ordinary heterosexual women who will be seen as enemies of the women's movement even if elected by popular vote. There is no honour among lesbian activists.

The 22 seats will be used to empower lesbians to control men and women. Women's groups will be infiltrated just as gay and lesbian activists infiltrate Government departments of public housing, health, welfare, legal, police and education.

Ordinary women's groups will be denied reserved seat DSIP funding if the members do not support the lesbian agenda and allow the group to be taken over by lesbians.

The 22 seats will damage the unity of Papua New Guinea and place power in the hands of foreign and national lesbians.

The last activity in the coming UNDP organized Practice Parliamentary debate will undoubtedly be the mock debate on a 22 Reserved Seat bill. 

That will have a double purpose. It will allow the issue to be headline news in the gay supporting Post Courier in the weeks leading up to the 2017 election. 

It will also identify any woman participant in the trojan horse UNDP Practice Parliament who speaks against the bill and thus opposes the lesbian agenda. 

Any such women will be shown the door and told never to come back. UN lesbians are just too clever. They think they are at a higher level and able to hyjack PNG parliament. 

They blew their credibility with ongoing hate messages about men. Women are not abused on public transport by men. Governor Parkop has started a new story. It is not men on public transport. Nor is it NCDC thug rangers. It is young men moving to the city from Hela province.

It was all just girly-girly and meri-man misinformation. Women are not attacked by men in the markets. Only petty criminals operate outside the markets, some of whom had been NCDC ranger thugs. 

Parkop is a lawyer and should get his facts straight. He is not in Court now and must not give out false stories.

Most PNG women want women politicians with a community track record of helping people. They do not want lesbian activists who follow a foreign agenda and cause disunity in parliament and the community.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


I live in Lae in Papua New Guinea with my 18 year old daughter Lisa and her 30 year old cousin sister Ato who has a 10 year old daughter Matilda.

We are soon to be joined by my elder daughter Rachael aged 19 years widowed with two baby sons Joseph and Jeffrey. These daughters are my best friends on the planet.

I was adopted by Ato as her step-father with her little girl as my grand-daughter. My house is full of women who look after me. Life is good.

I plan to put all these women through school as soon as I can afford to do so. Ato left school in grade 11 while Lisa started grade 11 this year. 

Lisa did well in her grade 10 exams gaining a Distinction in English. It helps to have a white man as a father who teaches writing skills. 

Rachael is a mother and left school in grade 8. She allows me to correct the errors in her text messages to the point that her English expression is polished and correct.

I am now 70 years old and see my grave looming up ahead of me. I hope that all girls will be educated and independent before I go into the soil.

Matilda is in grade 5 and the most well read PNG child I have ever met. She can pick up any book or newspaper and read. Her father died two years ago.

Soon she will tell me the story in her own words and write a paragraph on what she has just read. I bring home the Australian Women's Weekly from the local second hand clothing shop in Lae. 

What a wonderful magazine with a standard risen so high in the last 20 years. It is not just a women's magazine. It has stories of happy and unhappy marriages. 

There is the occasional report on child abuse, produced by quality journalists who promote respect for goodness in men and women. The last magazine I bought published in 2013 had an article on the daughters of Prime Ministers Rudd and Abbott. 

One daughter said her father was loved because he saw her brain as her best asset. That is gender equality.

I like to think I have always treated my children like that. In Australia, I have two daughters who are a dentist and teacher. They went through private schools. 

Their only fault was that they thought they had the right to the best of everything with no need to show gratitude to their father for anything. They had rights while father only had responsibilities.

But I miss my daughters and grand-children in Australia. I know that if I lived in Australia my children would put me into a nursing home and ignore me. My loving and loyal PNG daughters would never do that.

My PNG daughters care for me and protect me. Three years ago, when I was caretaker of a house, I had occasion to stop a young woman from smashing furniture in a drunken fury. She hit me in the face with the leg of a chair.

When my two teenage daughters found out they arrived in force, grabbed the young woman, dragged her down the steps on her bum and bashed her. They said that they would be back to do the same if she ever touched their dad again.

My Australian daughters would just shrug their shoulders and say that I probably deserved it. Their mother would agree. I will never go back to Australia.

My PNG daughters care for me. I always have clean clothes hanging in the cupboard. I can never remember my Australian daughters doing any house work. They were basically lazy. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Papua New Guinea has yet to face pressure from foreign white lesbians of the United Nations on 22 reserved seats in parliament for 2017.

Lobbying will start with the trojan horse Practice Parliamentary Session for women organized by UNDP most likely supported prior to the election with front page news in the gay supporting Post Courier. 

Last training activity is advertised as a mock debate and will undoubtedly be on the 22 reserved seat bill. It is half-smart election campaigning disguised as training.

National lesbians will move into 22 seats year by year, led by Elizabeth Cox naturalized citizen who as lesbian Minister for Community Development will make changes to the Marriage Act and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. 

They will work by their own rules not parliamentary procedure and discipline. How will the seats be allocated? Will women's groups be given a seat? It will be the start of a power struggle among women's groups with lesbians seeking to take control.

Will reserved seat women receive DSIP funds? Will these be spent on an electorate or on women's groups. That would amount to over K400 million a year diverted for 22 women.

Will the lawfully elected women be discriminated against, intimidated and bullied by the lesbian reserved seat women and their supporters?

Will PNG then become subject to a second parliament of lesbian women? Will this nation become the first colony of the UN One World Government? These women will be activists not parliamentarians.

Will Helen Clark be offered the position of president of the new one world government?

Friday, 3 February 2017


AIDS Holistics will criticize the violence and abuse of men if the foreign UN gays and lesbians criticize the violence and abuse of women.

There is considerable domestic violence among gay and lesbian couples. It is a propaganda trick on the part of UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles to hide the truth. Please click:

Domestic Violence in LesbianGay, Bisexual or Transgender - Maitri
http://maitri.org/domestic-violence-in-lesbian-gay-bisexual-or-transgender-relationships/Domestic violence is a serious issue in LesbianGay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) relationships. Domestic violence occurs in same-gender relationships.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Post Courier 2 February 2017

There is a report today of a gang of NCDC rangers bashed by young men in the street in Port Moresby. 

Only last week, we put a report on this blog that many NCDC rangers are thugs who bash innocent citizens. 

Women in particular can expect their goods and money stolen by thugs from their roadside stalls. 

This is official gender violence sanctioned by the Governor. Women are selling to provide food and school fees for their families.

The report today was that the rangers told a group of boys to move on but the boys swore at them so the rangers bashed them. 

But more boys arrived and bashed the rangers with two in critical condition in hospital. Are they the bus stop thug rangers about to bash a boy with rocks last year at Waigani bus stop? Please click:



The question arises as to whether or not the rangers were the usual gang of NCDC thugs armed with sticks, iron bars and chains. They bash and destroy like a squad of police.

Rangers do not make a practice of speaking politely to people in the street. They move in kicking and bashing with their weapons. They would bash any person who confronted them.

They steal goods and money. Perhaps the boys were raskols waiting to harrass women at the bus stop. Perhaps they were just a group of boys waiting for public transport.

Whatever, the rangers have no right to bash and steal like thugs. What were the circumstances of the present bashing?

There are more NCDC thugs in the Gordons market area than any other criminals. They are completely free to be as violent as they like.

Perhaps it is time for the Governor to conduct a community relations program with the rangers. He could have their police records checked too.

The matter may never go to Court as all the rangers may end up in the cells found guilty of unlawful assault. The young men in the street may be acquitted for acting in self defence against thugs.

Let us hope the NCDC thugs do not declare war on all NCD citizens. Parkop will not stop them. Lawyers could not lead a rat up a drain pipe.