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Post Courier of Papua New Guinea 1 August 2012 
Letter to the editor Jax Goroka

Dame Carol Kidu has for a long time stood as an advocate for human rights. But I think she is pushing it too far in her quest to decriminalize homosexuality.

It is a blatant mockery and an unbecoming act for a person such as her to pursue. Homosexuality is a blasphemous lifestyle which insults the sanctity of Christian belief.

The claim that it was an accepted ritual does not justify the demand to have it decriminalized. That is a ridiculous base for support.

Should we go back and legalise acts on the premise that these were once recognised ritual. Then underage marriage and domestic violence should be legalised.

In the Bible, homosexuality is defined as an abomination. For some of us who are genuine Christians we are unhappy to be part of a country that supports a sinful lifestyle.

There are more serious cases for Dame Carol to pursue if she is truly concerned with human rights issues. There is the injustice faced by our West Papuan brothers and sisters.

Homosexuality is the impetus that provokes the growth and spread of HIV/AIDS in western countries. Why is Dame Carol trying to bring in a catalyst to aid HIV when it is killing us?

Dame Carol Kidu you are a lady held in highest esteem but this issue is forbidden even for you. 


Gay and lesbian activists are losing the plot in the Pacific. Recently there has been a fierce debate starting in Papua New Guinea on the decriminalizing of gay and lesbian relations. Please click:

Dame Carol pushes to decriminalise homosexuality in PNG

There has been hostility expressed by PNG people with the view that this is an unimportant issue in the context of the problems facing the nation.

The view was expressed that homosexuality has never been a traditional lifestyle in this country despite claims by AusAID and UN lesbian activists. Please click:


One muppet writer to PNG Attitude expressed that there should be a national youth debate.

The view was expressed by another that the churches are to blame for everything. Yet another stated the churches should be locked out of any youth debate. 

These people are showing their gay support. The homosexual lifestyle is not a youth debate with winner take all. Surely the parliament makes the decisions around here.

If there were a debate it should be on youth problems. The homosexual lifestyle issue should be observed by the world. 

Families should be involved. Parents would give their hopes for their kids. Please click:


Guests should come from developing nations that are being pushed by foreign homosexual activists.

There should be observers from Africa, Asia and South America. The Moslem and Christian nations should be invited. Please click:


If the churches are to be blocked then the UN and AusAID should be kept away too.

They will not send debaters as the New World Order is as anonymous as the Klu Klux Klan.

Monday, 30 July 2012


The Papua New Guinea people have been misled by the United Nations and AusAID lesbians into the view that homosexuality has always been a part of the culture of this country.

So decriminalizing gay and lesbian sex is part of a sensitive approach to go back to traditional ways. Who said these people are the experts?

They are paid massive sums to put the world on an even keel. They drew a PNG politician into the plot. Please click:

Dame Carol pushes to decriminalise homosexuality in PNG

Lesbians tell lies as they are doing with the 100% violence of PNG men and 100% abuse of women.

But read the report below on the place of homosexual custom in traditional PNG. Nations of the developing world please read.

The foreign homosexuals are losing badly in the South Pacific.


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Homosexuality did exist in traditional Papua New Guinean societies, but for the purpose of rite of passage initiation processes for young boys.

Of course some of the processes involved may have being homosexual in nature, they had more symbolic meanings and were meant to detach a young boy from his mother and turn him into a man.

The outcome, young boys turned out to be men, marry the opposite sex and raise families of their own. In one way or another this process maintained stability in society compared to current homosexual behavior.

Aren't there more pressing issues to push for Dame Carol Kidu? Why not understand these rite of passage processes in traditional PNG societies and look into areas to help our young people.

Why else do you think young people are resorting to cult activities in schools, grafitying all over the city, consuming alcohol, drugs, and other such illegal activities?

Because today's PNG society largely influenced by Western ideology does not understand the importance of processes as the rites of passage for young people.

We should be encouraging sporting activities, art, etc, to engage youths in. It is a process that actually makes a young person feel they belong and they have a purpose in life.

Our PNG culture has changed over time and so have many cultural practices (though some people tend to argue some practices have died out).

We just need to better understand traditional practices and blend in with today's society rather than making misleading statements to support some crazy behavior.

Homosexuality in the way it is today cannot be supported on the basis that it is part of some traditional activity.
Posted by: Yvonne Hani | 31 July 2012 at 12:35 PM



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Having experienced at first hand the indignation of PNG students to homosexual relationships between a teacher with a Keravat student in 1981, I feel this call by Dame Carol Kidu for PNG to decriminalise homosexuality is not something many PNG people would agree with.

Please clickDame Carol pushes to decriminalise homosexuality in PNG

The students caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the school and they were very angry that homosexual relations had occurred. To them it was an abomination.

The problem in Australia now is that homosexual couples want their relationship to be recognised as being the same as a man-woman relationship and they want the Marriage Act changed so their relationship can also be called a marriage.

The Christian church believes that a true marriage is between a man and a woman, not a man and a man or a woman and a woman.

One PNG minister said recently "Much good comes out of the West which pleases God and humanity but not this thing about tolerating homosexuality."

Posted by: Mrs Barbara Short | 31 July 2012 at 10:21 AM

Tanya and Corney - you've obviously never been to Gay Night at Shady Rest.

Posted by: Peter Kranz | 31 July 2012 at 09:57 AM

This will be another blunt statement.

I have yet to read reports and statistics of societies getting any better from where they were as a result "legitimizing and granting full scale right to dig into human beings bodies' rear ends".

Legitimizing homosexuality in PNG will not right a wrong but will grant legitimacy (legal right, permission, blessing or OK to the minute fraction of the population and foreigners who ply this trade to abuse gullible, ignorant and innocent Papua New Guineans in a big commercial scale.

Is this development? I label this "devil-opment".

Now, it this the kind of opportunity and jobs that we have been secretly planning to absorb these poorly educated youths into - an abominable way of making ends meet and their survival?

This country has seen enough rot in other forms of digging/harvesting and shipment.

The next government has "other more urgent and critical issues to deal with" than wasting time with something that is clearly a non-issue (and realistically of no value)to the masses of this blessed country.

Carol Kidu - with the experience you have under your belt and the important networking that you have build during your political career, please start campaigning on a more respectable bill that the country will support you on.

This homosexuality thing, the people of PNG will not buy into it, so please put the proposal into the trash bin and forget about it.

Posted by: Tanya Zeriga Alone & Corney K Alone | 31 July 2012 at 08:02 AM

Maybe go with Polye’s proposal of getting all youths into National Service – that’s one option to consider.

Dame Carol - There are other pressing issues to deal with that can meaningfully engage the youth of Papua New Guinea.

Certainly not this cheap license to corrupt the youth and future of PNG.

Trade related jobs and opportunities, "tailored and clean tourism jobs and opportunities", agriculture and others are glaring in front of our faces.

These are the issues that require immediate policy intervention and financial banking from the PNG Government and others that do genuinely care to land a hand.

Not definitely "another license to mine, fish, pollute and destroy the rear ends" and the morality of the youths of my beloved country. Doing so would invite curse.

The youth of PNG must be empowered to get off their rear ends, sweat their brows and get their hands dirty to make a decent living.

Now, that's something that we will be proud of - a legacy worth eulogising over after we have effectively retired and retire for eternity.

Please don't jump into this bandwagon too soon because some big organisations and funding agencies want us to implement. We must apply wisdom to choose the kind of progress we want.

Posted by: Corney K Alone | 30 July 2012 at 10:46 AM

The act of decriminalising homosexuality will not solve the unemployment problem and is something we do not want to encourage.

Yes, we are peoples of a thousand tribes and in one of those tribes these practises may have been encouraged for whatever reason. These tribes have, to their credit have grown out of it.

Using this example as a plank to decriminalise homosexual practice at national level is not the ideal solution for solving unemployment.

Posted by: John Wali | 30 July 2012 at 06:35 PM


The soft target Christian world is changing led by gays, lesbians and paedophiles from the USA, Britain and Australia.

They talk of equality in love for same sex marriage. But the activists plan to subvert a generation of children to free them to be gay or lesbian.

They present gay and lesbian lifestyle as equal to or better than the traditional lifestyle.

They hide the terrible dangers of gay sex particularly for anus licking gays infected by a gross array of gut parasites.

They never talk of the damage that can be done to an anus by fisting. This is the gay act of shoving a fist up the anus of a partner.

Parents, what do you want for your children?

Do you want their moral values dictated to by foreign homosexuals? No.

Should they be taught about gay and lesbian sex from primary school? No.

Should kids learn they can suck penises and lick anuses and vaginas? No.

Should kids be told their parents have no authority over them? No.

Should they be told they can tell lies to parents? No.

Should homosexuals and paedophiles be youth leaders? No.

Should kids be told that same sex marriage is an equal option? No.

Should kids learn at school there is no God or Allah? No.

Should they learn morals are man made and can be changed? No.

Should parents be ignored by homosexual and paedophile teachers? No.

Should family issues be deleted from school curriculum? No.

Should parents be refused the right to complain about curriculum? No.

Should gay and lesbian domestic violence be withheld from kids? No.

Should homosexuals take control of Education, Legal and Health? No.

New Zealand Prime Minister is about to vote for single sex marriage. He says he cannot see how this will affect his marriage.

The issue is presented as if the heterosexuals are being narrow minded and selfish. Please click:


The NZ Prime Minister is quite naive.

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Congratulations to PNG, Nauru, Palau, Solomon Islands and Samoa for calling the bluff of the United Nations on decriminalizing gay and lesbian sex. Please click:


Last year, we have seen the response to the British Prime Minister Cameron who threatened Commonwealth CHOGM nations with a cut in aid.

They were told to abolish so-called homophobic laws against gays and lesbians. There were African nations that told the British Prime Minister to go to hell.

He went home to dysfunctional families and Birmingham riots.

He has backed right off with the possibility of losing sources of African mineral resources.

Now Melanesian and Polynesian nations are quietly telling gay and lesbian dictators in the United Nations to go to hell. They will back off too.

It is all a big bluff. The facts of life are that the United Nations relies on support of world nations. The gay and lesbian activists can not afford to lose even one Pacific nation.

It might give ideas to other nations.


World leaders are speaking out in support of gay and lesbian marriage. Their explanation is quite simple-minded and predictable.

They talk of equality and love. Anyone who is in love has the right to marry. We all have the right to be equal. The leaders work on votes to be counted for re-election.

Ex-premier of Queensland Anne Bligh spoke to the media of gays and lesbians in love and have the right to spend their lives together.

Prime Minister of Britain valued the rights of love so much that he threatened CHOGM nations with a cut in aid if they kept punitive homophobic laws on gay and lesbian sex.

Several African nations reacted most adversely. They told Mr Cameron what he could do with his aid. He did not tell them what to do with their mineral resources. Please click:


Now we read that several Pacific nations have told the United Nations that homosexuality will not be decriminalized. Please click:


They do not punish gays and lesbians except paedophiles. But they do not want to open the gay and lesbian flood gates to foreign homosexuals.

Now we have President Obama supporting the right of gays and lesbians to love.

He was the guiding light to the gay and lesbian curriculum in Massachusetts. His daughters went to other schools.

The only problem for the US voter is that Romney is also a supporter of love.

The gay and lesbian strangle-hold on Massachusetts gathered strength when Romney was Governor.

Now we have the ex-Minister for Community Development in Papua New Guinea, Dame Carol Kidu talking of the importance of gay and lesbian love and equality.

All are as naive as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who came back from a state visit to Adolf Hitler in 1939 waving a piece of paper.

He announced from the top step of the aircraft that they had "peace in our time". The Germans then invaded Poland, Austria, France, Czechoslavakia and Denmark.

A supporter of the Nazis would tell of the love of Adolf Hitler. He stops on the side of the road to receive flowers from blonde haired little girls. He is just so kind. He is our father.

He gives free train rides to the Jews. What a lovely man. He supports his European neighbours.

We have to look past the gay and lesbian propaganda to see the ugliness and cruelty of the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists.

The gay and lesbian agenda plans to destroy family unity by undermining family values and parental authority.

They plan to take control of Education to remove homophobia by teaching boys and girls about gay and lesbian sex. They do not care what parents think.

They want to control Welfare to have access to boys and girls. They will want them to be taken into care. They want gays and lesbians to adopt. Please click:


They will set up the fathers and mothers with a fake set of breaches of the UN Charter of Rights.

They will want to be leaders of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides to enable a focus on Bushcraft and Sexuality. Naked bathing will be on the daily program of scout camps.

Such leaders of the world are selling their nations down the drain. Like Lord Nelson, they have a telescope up to their blind eye.

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Dame Carol pushes to decriminalise homosexuality in PNG

ELISE KINSELLA | ABC Radio Australia

AN OUTGOING MEMBER of Papua New Guinea's parliament, Dame Carol Kidu, is calling on the country's next government to decriminalise homosexuality.

Dame Carol says she believes homosexuality should be treated as a health and human rights issue and not as a criminal offence.

She says doing this can help reduce the HIV rate and benefit the entire country.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference for Solomon Islands and PNG, which runs HIV support services, has offered qualified support for Dame Carol's stance.

But the General Secretary, Father Victor Roach, has told Radio Australia they cannot support it outright.

"If [a homosexuality allegation] is brought to the court and it has to be tried, I think the Church is against it," he said.

Last year, PNG, Samoa and Solomon Islands told the United Nations they would not decriminalise homosexuality despite pledges by Palau and Nauru to do so.

Dame Carol told Pacific Beat, the British colonial laws and Christian influence have erased homosexuality from the country's history.

"There's a lot of denial going on in all our countries when they're saying that homosexuality was brought in by the western world," she said.

"To be quite frank, that's not true. Anthropological writings make it very clear that homosexuality did exist traditionally, and often it was ritualised in initiation ceremonies in certain areas of Papua New Guinea."


In the recent report posted on PNG Attitude, Martyn Namarong wrote of colonial subversion. Let him  peruse the kiaps' honour roll and tell the Australian people of the subversion of kiaps. Please click:

The Australian administration invested much sweat and blood into the slow process of bringing modern civilization to Papua New Guinea.

Deaths of missionaries would have mounted into hundreds over a century or two. We have to question why Namarong is attacking the churches in this country.

What is his ultimate agenda? Is his writing to destroy faith credibility for a gay and lesbian takeover?

Surely he sees a gay and lesbian agenda as foreign subversion that he has been writing about.

Why has he posted Dame Carol on his blog NAMARONG REPORT calling for legalization of gay and lesbian sex? It is a report taken from the gay supporting PNG Attitude. See report above.

Friday, 27 July 2012


Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Choose a variety of foods from 3 groups. Local food is best.

Eat plenty of fruit. It's great as a snack.

Include a generous serving of vegetables in 2 meals a day.

Eat less food high in fats, sugar and salts.

Drink plenty of clean water.

Be active every day. Walk more.

Wash hands thoroughly.

Keep food safe.

Avoid heavy drinking.

Exclusively breast feed for 6 months and then for 2 more years.

(A.H.)  HIV mothers should talk to Susu Mamas or a doctor.

They should be on ARV drugs from early pregnancy.

Take time to relax.

Spend time with family.

This is Positive Living !!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


On reading the writings of Martyn Namarong on PNG Attitude, I feel we are going around in circles.

He has the same view over and over about corrupt politicians who do not look after the electorate.

He is giving problems without solutions - just polemics. We know what he is saying as many of us have the same view. So what is new Martyn?

Our blog is far in advance of Namarong .

We have detailed plans on accountability of DSIP funds and a national plan for development of infrastructure. Please click:






Does Martyn not understand the only way to make politicians change is for the voters to form pressure groups?

Australian communities have long had Progress Associations. Communities are in the forefront of local development in liaison with the local council and state and federal governments.

We read letters to the editor in PNG asking "Local member where are you?"

In Australia, there could be the Riverina Progress Association, Dubbo Progress Association, Burnett Valley Progress Association and hundreds more.

Only unwise councillors and politicians ignore such community bodies.

These are training grounds for the next wave of aspiring politicians and spring boards for the next election campaign.

What about the Kainantu Progress Association, Kokopo Progress Association and more? These are intended to be totally non-party political.

The Association could identify and publicize the development needs in electorates and pressure the politicians to carry out the tasks with the DSIP funds and other funds of Government.

There could be a branch in every electorate with the local member as an honorary member invited to every meeting to explain developments so far.

Many politicians would value the opportunity to explain to the electorate.

Newer members would start their political careers with positive habits of accountability and transparency.

Let PNG catch up to the world Martyn. Pressure groups is the way to go. The media would love to be involved.

Squeaky wheels get oiled.

But there seems to be a new wave of good men and women newly declared winners.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


There is an advertisement on Papua New Guinea TV showing a scene in a class room.

A teacher has had a young girl stay behind after school to do some school work.

He stands at his desk lusting after her. Then he moves forward and tries to hold her in his arms. She asks him to stop but he does not.

Does she plead with him to remove himself from her body?

No. She picks up a chair and hits him across the head. Then she runs out of the classroom.

It is not the recommended solution. The advertisement does put her response in context for young girls.

She is not going to prison as some paedophiles tell their victims.

She is not in trouble in the least. The teacher is in trouble.

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is a lasting image. Whack. Ahhh.


The blog PNG Attitude has done Martin Namarong a disservice by billing him as the intellectual saviour of Papua New Guinea. Please click:


Road to hell is paved with religion & westernisation

We have given support as his world view is more elevated that the PNG community is used to.

He is over-reaching himself with a world view of pot-boiled conspiracies pushed on to his procrustean bed.

There is a conspiracy between Catholic church and capitalism passed on from century to century.

He sees church dominated by wanking priests in monasteries seeking to exploit the faithful.

The counter-reformation took place 150 years after the reformation. Slow thinking priests?

Namarong has the comic book understanding of the causes of the Reformation.

He never mentions disillusion of the faithful at church in being helpless against the plague of Black Death. Priests died too.

Perhaps the focus on personal salvation arose from the communities who could not find a priest during the Black Death to give last rites to dying loved ones.

All the local priests were dead from the plague. Nothing is ever simple.

In the French Revolution, the parish priests were activists on the side of the peasants.

In World War 2, many priests joined the French resistance against the nazi occupation. They hid Jews. No wanking in monasteries for them, Martyn.

Over the last 400 years in Ireland, the British offered bounties to anyone turning a Catholic priest in. The standard execution technique was to be hung, drawn and quartered.

In South America many Catholic priests joined rebel movements to fight against corrupt regimes. Pope Paul 6 spoke out that priests may not bear arms and remain priests.

Paedophilia is a separate issue.

Over centuries, even churches have been on a learning curve.

Indulgences were part of understanding of faith and works and propaganda of protestants. 

Modern focus is on grace.

Namarong's insights are based on Marxism that is not wrong in itself.

Marx and Lenin are still applicable to the developing world, homes of the have nots. 

But communism has been discarded in Russia and China in favour of capitalism that is the blood stream of the world.

We know that the world is a hot-bed of corruption and violence.

Nations have long sought to kill one another. Nations have taken part in ethnic killing.

But world nations struggle to provide living standards for citizens. With money we spend to strengthen capitalism.

Slave owners in America would have been better off paying the slaves a wage. Then they could spend.

Developing nations struggle to manufacture goods for internal consumption and export.

Protectionist policies in other countries prevent import of goods from the developing world. Please click:


Balance of power is shifting in the world. But we are all in the same economic boat. Recession hits every nation.

Martyn never refers to the corruption and world view of a New World Order of gays and lesbians.

They are poised to do more damage to the world than an invasion of Mongols.

They seek to destroy goodness and family focus promoted by churches. Is Martyn anti-faith? 

Martyn Namarong is on a learning curve.

His under-graduate views will slowly become more focused on how Papua New Guinea is to take its place in the world.

Even the brigade of rocking chair generals has disagreed with his last report above.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


In the media, Belden Namah promises to punish those sections of the electorate that did not vote for him.

He says that there will be development only in those parts of the electorate that voted for him.

He states that he supported the other parts of the electorate in earlier times with 200 kms of road and a high school.

We urge Belden Namah to put away any thought of revenge and punishment.

He will gain the support of the entire voting population by even development across the electorate.

We have written on the practice of punishing democratic opponents. Please click:


Statesmen in the world show statesmanship by supporting all the community.

Supporters and opponents are given equality in support from the Member who represents all. 

Many opposition voters may support him in seeing that the new Member is a good and honourable man.

A Prime Minister has the primary task to unify the nation. That can not be done if he is punishing sections of his own electorate at the same time.

He has to inspire confidence and loyalty in all. He is a role model for politicians.

Monday, 23 July 2012


Do you have a PNG wife or girlfriend? Yes.

Does she work? Yes.

What is her pay? I am never sure.

When is her pay day? I am never sure.

Have you ever seen her pay slip? No.

Does she know your pay? Yes.

Does she know your pay day? Yes.

Does she ask you for money? Yes.

Does she ever give you money? No.

Does she ever want school fees for family members? Yes.

How do you pay? She gives me an account number.

Is it the account of the school? No. It is another name.

Does she tell who the person is? Not really. She lost the mobile number.

Who shops for food? She does.

How much money do you give her? K100 a day.

Does she buy that amount of food? I doubt it.

Does she ask you for mobile phone credits? All the time.

Does she use the money to ring you? Never.

My friend, she is treating you like an idiot.

Have you given her your ATM card and pin-number?

You must think I am a real idiot.

We spend time reading that men are abusers and women are abused. Some women hide their wage or earnings from the market.

They are afraid that their husbands will take money earned for food to give to the family.

But other women play tricks on good men in order to cream off as much money as they can.

There are women who abuse the good will of good men.


There have been two reports recently of children in PNG involved in traffic control as part of child labour. It took a while to work out what this was all about.

At last the dawn of light. A journalist watched kids who appoint themselves to direct cars into parking spaces. They do not work hard.

For some kids, there is the blackmail to motorists that if they do not let them look after their vehicle, something will happen to the vehicle.

They will see to it. They may steal from any car left unlocked.

And this silly journalist thinks this is child labour. Does she think house-breaking is child labour too?

UN and AusAID lesbians are getting desperate with their agenda that all blame lies with the men.


On the blog PNG Attitude, there is a report from one John Fowke believed to live in Papua New Guinea.

He wrote with a plan to prepare a report on the relationship of the Local level Governments to the National Governments.

Such a plan is not complicated though the gentleman does have a habit of complicating simple issues.

There are four levels of Government in Papua New Guinea.

There is the Local Level Government, Provincial and National Governments.

Then there is the electorate, a level in itself. Please click:

Development: The view of an ex-colonial masta

Developing nations have the same basic structure and associated problems. Please click:


In Papua New Guinea, support to the community is given from the funds of politicians in a process known to some as the national secret.

Massive funds are wasted every year on the divisions between the four levels. Please click:



Funding is piecemeal with non-existent forethought. Within provinces, there can be 4 electorates.

Who funds the road through the four electorates of the province?

Do four politicians pool their funds? Not likely. So the road does not get built or maintained.

No politician will fund any project in cooperation with another politician even from his own party.

He alone wants the credit. Besides, you never feed your neighbour's pigs as the old saying goes.

There are functions of Government in Papua New Guinea that belong to each level. A national plan based on these levels is quite absent.

So the DSIP funds end up being thrown at the wind.

So the K19 million given to each politician is to be duplicated, misused and wasted.

There will be provincial projects. But there will be provinces with 4 electorates. Who contributes?

The Governor of the province will support only his own electorate.

So where do DSIP funds fit in? The funds are outside the National, Provincial and Local Level Government functions.

After the election horse trading is over, there should be a month long planning session in which the politicians work out the needs of their electorate and decide on the division of funding.

DSIP funding is not distributed until the electorate plan is approved at local. provincial and national levels. It is not the private pocket money of politicians.

What if three electorates have three different companies to build the same road?

That will be three sets of bulldozers to start with.

As a national plan, it is like a large jig saw puzzle with each electorate, local level government and province having a plan that interlocks with every other electorate plan.

Then they do it.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


The family has watched a program on Papua New Guinea TV compered by evangelist Brian Houston. He scratched where I itched.

He spoke of the importance of positive relationships among friends. He said we need to choose friends who lift us and not push us down into sinking below the waves.

He asked if our relation ships are sailing ships or sinking ships. Please click:

Hillsong TV: Better Than Average | Watch On Demand | Faith Channel 

Let's always choose God's relationships, sailing ships rather sinking ships! ...
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV is a half-hour Christian television program that ...

AIDS Holistics talks about this in another way. We talk of the importance of positive role models.

We have friends who are positive role models and we become positive role models in turn for family and friends. Some of us could do better.

AIDS Holistics has always had a soft spot for Hillsong. They arrived in Papua New Guinea about 6 years ago to preach the Gospel in song.

They arrived at the same time as the African singers Makoma hired by AusAID gays and lesbians and sponsored by a biscuit company to hold concerts for kids in......wait for it ......nightclubs.

The gay and lesbian hidden agenda was to lure kids into nightclubs. AusAID lesbian spokesperson from Fiji scorned objections of the community by saying that Jesus preached in nightclubs.

She had been reading the gay and lesbian bible. It probably holds an apology from God on His error in objection to homosexuality.


This is a very sobering report on internet from a journalist/mum about the problems of her kids having access to porn on internet.

She seems to be expressing the hopelessness of the situation. Please click:

Is your child secretly watching porn on the internet? - Telegraph
www.telegraph.co.uk › TechnologyInternet

27 Apr 2012 – Xanthe Clay. By Xanthe Clay ... Parents to blame if children view
porn online, says Google ... Labour MPs support 'opt-in' system for online porn ...

There was a report on gay supporting blog PNG Attitude that curriculum in schools should be aligned to the pornography on internet. Please click:


11 Jun 2012 – INTERNET PORN DETERMINES CURRICULUM. There is a report on
the blog PNG Attitude that must not go unchallenged. It advocates the ...

That would seem to legalize pornography and all the sexual perversions the world can put on internet. It becomes school knowledge.

Exam question: Draw a labelled diagram of a penis in an anus. Use a site from internet on your mobile phone if you need help. 

If you can not find one, type http://www.lovinganalsexfor you.com/ to help you (not a real website)

The soft Christian world is going crazy.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Over the last 9 years, AIDS Holistics has written almost weekly on a range of issues. We have focused on the gay and lesbian agenda, Positive Living and family.

We now find that there are issues that are now being taken up by other groups.

This is not to say that AIDS Holistics is totally responsible but we have helped the process along.

Nothing that we write about is not well known across the world. But we have applied much of this to the national HIV/AIDS response in the Pacific.

There is now a quiet focus starting up on role models. There are organizations in PNG that have begun to nominate role models for various functions.





wonderful report has appeared on the blog PNG Attitude of impressions

of a young ..



21 Apr 2011 – I taught my sons to fix engines and helped me to build a house.
I am an adult and I work to teach my children. They do not see me doing wrong.


15 Apr 2012 – Comment: AIDS Holistics has long advocated the role of sporting
figures to act as role models against violence and in support of living an ...

Over recent times, we have written on the accountability of politicians.

There is a politician elect in the Sepik who has already publicized his plan for expenditure, making himself accountable to the voters.

Our report is below: Please click:


A letter to the editor of The National 20 July 2012 wrote of the need for all politicians to set down their expenditure plan for their electorate, prepared in terms of a national plan.

They should explain to the voters how the money will be evenly spread across the electorate.

I hope that we have helped that process along through this blog.


We read in the media that the US Military has allowed gay and lesbian service personnel to wear military uniforms to march in gay mardi gras. But this is a once only.

We need to understand that this will be permanent. Gay and lesbian activists never leave it at that. They will want more and still more.

They will want to merge the gay and lesbian mardi gras with Remembrance Day. Gay and lesbian men and women will march beside war veterans.

Activists being activists, they will want war memorials to all gay and lesbian men and women who died in war.

They will want a memorial at the site of the USS Arizona for all gay sailors who died.

A memorial to all who died will no longer be enough.

Of course they will want a memorial to all women raped in war. Lesbians will want that.

Once that is achieved they will want gay and lesbian high school students to march in the gay mardi gras in uniform.

They ignore that the military uniform represens the nation not the private individual.

The most fierce gay and lesbian weapon will be equality. They will use it to destroy democracy.

They will plan for all gay and lesbian Boy Scouts and Girl Guides to march.

They are politicizing the gay and lesbian agenda to destroy the values of society.

The military culture is being destroyed. The gay and lesbian military culture will destroy the officer-other ranks structure and discipline.

There will be soldiers who no longer salute. They will just wink at the officer and pinch him on the bum. Good night last night, hey Toy.

They are just all gay boys and girls now. Think 10 years ahead. Weak armies lose wars.

Obama, Clinton and Romney go down in history. An enemy is watching ... at a distance.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


It is sad that it has come to this. Young gay boys have been banned from the Boy Scouts of America. It would seem to be discrimination.

But the gay and lesbian movement are their own worst enemies. We know that if gay scouts were allowed to join, the activists would not leave it at that.

Surely the "don't ask and don't tell ' rule would apply. The problem would be that activists would make sure that gay boy scouts arrived with loud ideological slogans.

They would push their victory by stacking troops with gay boys. Soon the parents would pull their sons out of the movement. Then troop after troop would be gay with a gay sexual agenda.

There would be a sexuality badge. Of course these troops would need a scout master. Then the Boy Scout hyjacking would be complete.

Anal sex training would be a routine activity on scout camps.

BBC News - Boy Scouts of America keeps gay ban
1 day ago – The Boy Scouts of America will not change its policy of excluding
gay scouts and scout leaders, following a secret two-year review, the group ...

The same would apply to the girl guides. They would have to be led by a lesbian guide leader.

The gay and lesbian movement may now want to destroy the Boy Scouts of America in the name of justice.

It may be best if the movement closes down. It would be like a crew scuttling a ship before pirates take control. Please click:

A report below points out that the Boy Scouts of America have been covering-up paedophile activity among scoutmasters for many years. This is much like the Catholic Church.

familypositiveliving.blogspot.com/.../if-my-sons-scoutmaster-were- ...Cached 
5 Aug 2011 – What would I do as a parent? I have lived in the world long enough to
know that paedophiles gravitate towards organizations that attract boys.

Education has already fallen. The churches will be next in the demand to allow gay and lesbian clergy.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


The role of the foreign AIDS advisors has ended. There is no further need for highly paid advisors with messages that are already known but often rejected by PNG people.

Churches have the family role well understood. The strength of the community lies in the family. The foreign advisors with their anti-family prejudice have nothing to add.

They have only served to intimidate the medical world into silence to enable the proliferation of the gay and lesbian rights based message without responsibilities.

PNG doctors have a detailed knowledge on all medical areas censored by gay and lesbian activists. Doctors have been under threat of being black-listed by the UN and AusAID if they speak out. Please click:


The knowledge is mainly on the attack of the HIV on the gut and the coccidian gut infection of anus licking gays.

The Positive Living message is well known. Almost weekly in the media, there has been a message on the importance of fresh, ripe and uncooked fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts with clean water.

That is now common knowledge.

There is only one message left and that is the rights of women and girls. The lesbian advisors are running out of issues and projects.

So they are fabricating issues. They are recruiting PNG woman journalists to write anti-man reports in the media with fake statistics.

We have been told that 64% of  PNG men have most likely been involved in gang rape. The report below gives the view that all women suffer violence. Please click:



They have as their starting point the violence in marriage. They prefer to ignore the happily married couples in their effort to falsely portray that these do not exist.

We are told that violence against women is the norm in Papua New Guinea.

Department of Education gives massive input to Personal Development and a focus on all aspects of family.

There is an army of family focused teachers out there not working to a foreign and alien agenda. Please click:



The corps of teachers has a greater role than the foreign lesbian advisors.

Monday, 16 July 2012


When I open up this blog to check on statistics, I find that the script is Arabic. I can not see that this is the result of pressing the wrong button at this end.

Can you please help. I am becoming expert in recognizing Arabic numbers but would prefer that the script goes back to English.

5 mins. Wow that was quick. Thank you.


Bruce Copeland


Australian credibility as a caring nation has been harmed by the privatization of foreign aid, particularly in the area of HIV/AIDS.

There was a time when Australians went out into the Pacific under the banner of Australia and accountable to a hierarchy looking after Australian interests.

Now AusAID is under the control of gays and lesbians.

Sources in the medical field in Australia point out that most medical staff involved with HIV/AIDS are gay or lesbian and certainly paedophile.

The Australian medical field in HIV/AIDS has been hyjacked by the homosexual lobby.

This explains why the HIV/AIDS support to Papua New Guinea from the start of the milleneum has been gay and lesbian.

The key corrupt organization has been Burnet based in Melbourne.

Burnet was quite blatant in setting up a gay and lesbian infrastructure in Papua New Guinea.

They were quite prepared to destroy any organization that did not support them. Creeps.

They have substituted the Hippocratic Oath for the Hypocritic Oath.


The report below appeared on the Australian blog PNG Attitude as written by a PNG man. It is the story of a young boy living in Madang away from his village. Please click:

Street child! Nakan of Madang town

It is a story that brings sadness about a boy who gathers empty drink bottles to buy food for his mother and siblings.

He is said to be 7 years old but to be in grade 2 over 7 years ago puts him at 14 years old.

His way of living in collecting empty bottles is the story of thousands of men, women and children in this country.

People come to the cities for many reasons but can not find work. They have no land on which to build gardens.

They all end up making money in similar ways. The trick is to buy or steal a carton that contains goods that can be broken up and sold separately.

It involves money to buy but no work to produce. Theft reduces the overhead and increases the profit.

A packet of cigarettes can be opened and sold one at a time for K1 a cigarette.

That is a good profit for someone who walks around the streets selling cigarettes to people who need a smoke but cannot afford a whole packet.

Drinks can be made from cordial and sold in empty drink bottles that are collected and sold to a drink maker.

Any bottle discarded on the road side will be collected within minutes. Cold drinks require access to a freezer.

DVDs are obtained in Chinese shops that are afraid of prosecution against copyright laws. These are distributed to boys who sell in the streets.

One foolish expatriate on PNG Attitude wants the authorities to clean up selling by young people.

There is no suggestion of how they will now support their families.

A cruel response in Port Moresby comes from thug police and city rangers who terrorize women sitting quietly and selling on the road side.

Rogue police love to drive over their stall by mounting the footpath in their land cruiser and scattering goods and money.

Passers-by love to scrounge in the dirt to retrieve betel nut and whatever they can find.

There is never a thought to return the goods to the poor women who has also had her bag snatched holding the day's takings. No shame. No food for her family tonight.

The city rangers are thugs who bash and steal whoever and whatever gets in their way.

They parade around the streets like nazi storm troopers each armed with a piece of wood, chain or length of steel wire.

They mainly bash women or young people - never men.

How do the do-gooder writers of PNG Attitude respond to the families who allow their daughters to engage in sex work in the security of the home in the squatter settlement?

At least they are safer than on the streets. A foolish lesbian recently wrote a report on child labour. She probably did her research out of the window of her hire car or her luxury apartment.



24 Apr 2012 – In recent days, there has been a fake report posted on the Jackson blog
PNG Attitude detailing an imaginary story of child labour in Papua New ...

Sunday, 15 July 2012


On the Australian weekend TV program Q&A, the issue of same sex marriage came up. The leader of the Opposition Malcolm Turnbull made a predictable politically safe statement on the issue.

He said that gay and lesbian couples had the right to happiness like any other couple. Opponents to same sex marriage must not think that this will destroy heterosexual marriage.

Same sex marriage is the key to equality that the gay and lesbian activists will quickly convert to totalitarian dictatorship over the public service including education, legal, welfare and health.

Always differentiate between ordinary gays and lesbians and gay and lesbian activists. The latter are the Gestapo and storm troopers.

Gay and lesbian activists do not want equality. They want power.

Turnbull has made a safe statement. A conscience vote will never require him to reveal what he really thinks.

His view has a basic naivety. He has not been watching what is happening at the hands of AusAID and the UN Australians in the Pacific.

The gay / lesbian Australian lobby has been racist, sexist against men, bullying churches and care groups, infiltrating aid organizations and punishing heterosexuals with a family focus. Please click:


(against men)

They have promoted a fake AIDS message and pushed fake propaganda against men. They seem to be moving to push the propaganda task to PNG women journalists.

They tell the nation about violent men. The report on markets below is a tissue of lies by UN Women lesbians. Please click:


(against men)

The gay and lesbian lobby in United States and South Africa forced their way into curriculum, removed parents from decision making and promoted a gay and lesbian lifestyle to all school children.

They infiltrated welfare groups with a commitment to removing children from families on trumped up charges on violence and abuse.

They ignore the children of gay and lesbian couples. Please click:


(against men)

The Gay Greens have cleaned their shop in recent months. Bob Brown is out. He trails the gay and lesbian agenda behind him like a dead fish.

He came to Madang last year to a gay and lesbian debate at the Divine Word University.

He told the media he was there to check out the Ramu Nico mining  and dumping of waste in the sea and talk to the PNG Greens.

I once commented to a friend that AIDS Holistics has made the gay and lesbian lobby restrategize many times in Papua New Guinea over the last decade.

He warned that this will only force them underground to surface in another form.

Gay Greens have re-surfaced as the environmental group they have always pretended to be.

They have joined a coalition with the Australian Labor Party with one eye on the next election.

Same sex marriage is not a helpful plank of an election platform. Greens are like a remora sucking fish attached to a shark.

But same sex marriage is their key hidden agenda. They have failed in the 2012 election in PNG. Women here are not completely stupid. Please click:


(against men)