Monday, 30 November 2015


National World AIDS Day The National newspaper 1 December 2015

The HIV and AIDS working group is one of the three sectors in the Church Partnership Programme (CPP) in consultation with the CCP Church Leaders Program. The following statement is released:

World AIDS Day is an opportunity for us all to stop and reflect on the impact that HIV has had on the people of Papua New Guinea.

In the years since it was first diagnosed here, thousands of people have succumbed to the effects of HIV.

Today, there are still thousand more who continue to suffer from the disease. There have been tremendous developments.

The introduction of saving anti-retroviral therapy (ART) enables HIV positive people to live full and productive lives.

ART is also the most effective means of preventing the transmission of new HIV infections.

Unlike some other countries, the Government of PNG pays for ART enabling all people to access the medication free of charge.

This is a wonderful blessing.

So it is with deep concern that we hear stories of some Christians encouraging HIV positive people to go off their medications.

Give up your ART, pray to God. If you are faithful enough you will be cured, they say.

By all means we encourage people to pray and worship God. But under no circumstances should they go off their ART.

Interrupting ART will quickly result in deteriorating health. It has nothing to do with a person’s faith in God.

The interruption of ART has wider implications as there is a very real risk that a resistant strain of HIV will develop, making the current ARV less effective.

The impact of this will not just be on the HIV positive people but on the whole community through loss of productivity and increased pressure on health services.

No good will come from a HIV positive person giving up their medication. To encourage HIV positive people to go off their medication is anti-life and anti-Christian.

The whole World AIDS Day lets us take up the challenge of Deuteronomy 30:15.  I put before you life and death. Choose life.

Australian Aid
Baptist Union PNG
Salvation Army
Seventh Day Adventist
Anglican Church
United Pentecostal Church
Papua New Guinea Government

Saturday, 28 November 2015


Last night, my daughter Lisa went out to celebrate the end of the school year. She was 17 years old and a top student in grade 9 at her school. She went out with her girl friends. I was worried about her as she did not leave a message as to where she was going.

Then she did not come home at all. I stayed awake all night. She did not answer her phone but a male voice said he did not know her. That causes fear to a loving father.

I finally slept at about When I awoke she was in her bed. She had been severely bashed. Her face was swollen and her mouth was puffed up. There was a massive mark on her cheek up through her left eye.

She would not speak until she had slept as she could not speak. It seems she had been bashed and kicked by a gang of scumbag police at Waigani police station. This is the second time a person I know had been hashed in the last two weeks.

My daughter was cross with my questions. My only concern was whether or not she had been raped. She had 12 hours from the time of rape to go to the hospital for ARV medicine against HIV infection. She said she had not been raped.

It seems she had been with a group of friends at Waigani outside the Talio shop when a fight broke out with a boy in the group and a stranger. Neighbours phoned the police who arrived. My daughter Lisa had tried to stop the fight and explained to one of the boys. She is like her dad.

But the police arrested them all and took them down to the police station. She said that one policeman wanted to grab her and put her into a cell by herself. She had read about women being raped by police in cells. He wanted to grab her breasts but she hit him.

He called to his mates and six of them then bashed her. One held her by the throat, causing deep fingernails tears in her neck. She said she was given full punches to the face to the extent that she cannot open her left eye. She was kicked on the body by men in boots.

She escaped to the women's toilet and locked herself in. One policeman was trying to stab her with a bush knife. He cut her toes. They dragged her out and she threw herself on the ground in front of a policeman and begged him to save her. He stopped the bashers.

They are lucky that her father did not arrive at the time of the bashing with a bush knife. He would be dead now but so would members of the thug squad. Let them come and bash him now. His face will appear on the front page of the local newspaper.


My name is John Winol and live at Pitpit Street North Waigani on the property of Geoffrey Nape. My wife is his sister. On Thursday, 28th November 2015 I was at a celebration on the Nape property.

I was standing on the Street with my friend JK Bal who was drunk. He had just given me money that he owed me when his wife arrived with the police from Waigani Station. She had her husband arrested for not giving her money.

I was not arrested as I had done nothing wrong, but told my friend I would go to the police station to help him. It was my choice to go with him and support him. He had been arrested but not charged.

Suddenly the police came to us at the station. They did not speak but bashed me. I had come to escort my friend. There were about 10 police who stood around bashing and kicking me for about an hour. They hit me with a stick.

They did not bash my arrested friend. They broke my trousers and stole my wallet containing K758. My right hand was damaged and I was punched in the face. They had been told by the wife to get my wallet.

The police put me in the cells and locked me up until my family came to bail me out. That was not bail as I had not been charged with anything. Nor was my friend charged as we had done nothing wrong.

This was just a family matter which the police had brutally taken over. My friend Bal will confirm that I had done nothing wrong. The police kept the money.

Signed .....................................      Witness  ...............................

Date: ..........November 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015


Message to the nation from Watson UNAIDS on World AIDS Days 2010 and 2011.

"Don't hide behind family and faith. These are not relevant in modern society".

For the last 14 years the churches in Papua New Guinea have had UNAIDS and other UN organizations as the enemy. There was deep hateful opposition to the focus of churches on families. 

All families were the enemies of the rights of children, a view promoted by the world paedophiles wanting all children to have the right to sex with others, especially male and female paedophiles.

The bottom line in the rights of children is that they have the right to disobey their parents. They have the right to sex with others - gay, lesbian, paedophile or heterosexual, Their parents have no right to stop them. Children have the right to sex under the age of consent. All of this will never change.

But now, there is a change. The Head of UNAIDS in PNG Stewart Watson has attended the PNG Christian Leaders' Alliance and praised the work of churches in the fight against HIV/AIDS. 

Only 4 years ago, as representative of UNAIDS, he told the Port Moresby Ministers' Fraternal that churches were responsible for the AIDS pandemic. 

He almost caused a riot by the view that FAMILY and FAITH were not relevant in modern society. He said that marriage was not relevent and that husbands and wives had the right to adultery. Every one had the right to sex.  

This was not what was supposed to be the AIDS message. It used to be abc - abstinence, be faithful and use a condom. But this message has been hyjacked by the paedophiles.

The big question will be answered when churches seek funding from the UN and UNAIDS in programs that involve FAMILY and FAITH. Has there been a condition to support same-sex marriage?

AIDS Holistics has suffered hell over 14 years with the discrimination and vilification of Stewart Watson. He was the gay vice-team leader of the gay, paedophile AusAID campaign and worked out early that AIDS Holistics was the enemy.

He boasted of banning AIDS Holistics at the levels of the National AIDS Council, United Nations and AusAID. It was because we refused to delete FAMILY and FAITH.

But that did not stop the Positive Living family message. So paedophile AusAID advisors Stewart Watson and Elizabeth Cox hatched a secret plan to spread the word that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a wife bashing child molester, particularly of his own daughters.

That was to alienate the Positive Living message from community, families and churches. Their anti-family and anti-faith agenda shone brightly. But that failed too. The Positive Living message was becoming part of the national AIDS campaign.

As a final resort, the paedophile President of the National AIDS Council took over. He was a hotel owner in Madang who loved sex with little boys. 

Whenever the subject was raised on this internet, he immediately flew off in his helicopter on mercy dashes for mothers and kids on outlying islands. 

This appeared in the media complete with a photograph of the flying Mother Theresa. A photographer went with him. Scripture tells us to do our good works in private not with a photographer.

Soon after his fake threat message went on internet, Barter appeared in the newspaper sitting on a log with four small children tending their infections. What a lovely old paedophile.

He advised the founder of AIDS Holistics that his daughters would be taken into care from sexual abuse from their father. His email is still on file.

Pete did not know that three senior welfare officers were members of AIDS Holistics and supporters of Positive Living. My daughters called them aunty. They rejected Barter's fake threat in support of AusAID paedophiles. The PNG AIDS reespnse was controlled by paedophiles.

I called these dear women my rocks. Pete did not have a hope. His message went straight on to internet. I have nothing to hide.

My daughters have grown up now and been giving their father a gift on each Mother's Day as they say he has been their mother and father all their lives. What do you think of that Pete? Shame. Please click:

gift to father on mother's day - family positive living - aids ...
May 12, 2014 - On Mother's Day 2014, I received an amazing gift. ... 
looked after them for all their lives as a single father and been both 
a mother and father

Watson is a liar, con-man and the Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea. He is not serving the families of the nation. He is serving the paedophiles.

Now in 2015, the UNAIDS has the job on World AIDS Day of praising the work of the churches. Hahaha.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Has UNAIDS been a care organization or a sexual meat market?

There was an interesting photograph in the media yesterday of the head of UNAIDS in PNG Stewart Watson appearing with Pastor Daniel Hewali. What does this mean? Watson has always been officially anti-family and anti-faith. 

Watson runs a closed door campaign in down-town Port Moresby in support of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals but not in family. There appears to be no entries in the phone book. He wants them on the streets and in the discos to be taken to bed by expatriate and national paedophiles.

For this reason he has had a private and public hate campaign against FAITH and FAMILY. But he crashed badly a few months ago at the Holiday Inn by seeking to have the founder of AIDS Holistics banned. The message got out with considerable comment.

Watson followed this up by a fake letter from the senior legal officer in Switzerland delivered at midnight by an escort of police. He wanted to cover his tracks. He was undoubtedly disciplined for this by UNAIDS Switzerland and New York. He was making UNAIDS look stupid and corrupt to the world.

So perhaps now has come the slow recognition by Watson that the people he helps have a place in family and not in paedophile beds. 

He always claimed that any focus on family is discriminating against those people not in families. Does this mean that we do not mention nutrition as it is discriminating against people with no food?

So now he is with a family focussed pastor. Only four years ago, UNAIDS caused a massive stir at the Port Moresby Ministers' Fraternal by blaming the churches for the AIDS pandemic and suggesting that the churches allow husbands and wives to be involved in adultery.

Perhaps UNAIDS has only just come into the welcome of the churches. The HIV/AIDS response can not work with no mention of FAMILY and FAITH. Watson is on a learning curve. There is no place for paedophile messages in the guise of AIDS awareness.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Geoffrey Nape is a Chimbu and claims to be a chief. He lives in a half finished palace in Morata  a suburb of Port Moresby built with money he claimed to earn before he became a politician not with DSIP money to be used to fund projects in the electorate.

He has a large number of Chimbus living around him most of whom are in poverty. Most live in containers. His mother lives outside the fence in poverty. His sister earns a little money as gardener. All other people are blocked from entry.

He has taken my elder daughter Rachael who is not allowed to move outside his fence without him. She wanted to be a lawyer but he cut her school fees at grade 8 and made her pregnant.  Her father was still suffering from the aftermath of tuberculosis.

She is banned from having a  mobile phone which cuts her off from the outside world including her father. She can never go to school for  fear of meeting teenage boys her own age. That is the problem when a man is almost 50 years old.

For about 4 years now, he has wanted to take my second daughter and is on the move now. She is a beautiful 17 year old mixed race girl. 

He is trying to take her in to his house but is opposed by my first daughter. He used to ring up the little sister until my first daughter kicked her out and took her SIM card. Now she has another phone number and forbidden to give the number to Nape. He ignores the cultural ban on sex with in-laws or tambus.

I have plans to move to Mt Hagen with my younger daughter which has made Nape go off his brain. He forbids it. This paedophile child molester wants my two daughters and become PM or GG in his spare time after 2017.

He has started to pull rank on me. He is a Chimbu chief who has made this white man a Chimbu tribesman. I must do as he orders me to do - in his dreams. First I am forbidden to take my second daughter out of Port Moresby. His bed is waiting. My first daughter says she will leave him.

Last night, he was doing his best to contact my second daughter through my phone. But I said she was somewhere else. He is doing his best to convince her to stay in Port Moresby and live with him.

This Governor General or Prime Minister in waiting is wanting to steal 2 mixed race sisters. He may feel he will change to be a handsome prince and not a Chimbu middle aged fat frog. 

He boasts that he has married several expatriate women but my two girls are the lowest because their father has prostitute genes. I have looked after them as a single father for all their lives and never been out at night.

At one time, he accused my elder daughter of having sex with her father. I texted him that if I were a highland man, I would cut his fu.....g arms off for saying that. A year later, he was accusing her of having sex with his sons. 

A father jealous of his teenage sons. I told him that he has raised his sons to be trash if they are having sex with their child step-mother. Nape has a screw loose.

He now tells me he does not respect me because I do not respect him.  But over the last four years he has been a forgetful, lying, cheating, conman who does not have the ethics to have high rank. He messed up the position of Speaker in the last parliament with dubious decisions.

Monday, 16 November 2015


Nape bought my 14 year old daughter from child traffickers Bobby and Susan and paid K5000, exempting him in his own mind from paying bride price. 

I have not allowed him to pay bride price until my daughter gives the word. Now he wants to marry my young daughter too. 

He outbid William Duma in payment to the traffickers for my first daughter so I am told. Two politicians involved in child trafficking. 

I was in the Intensive Care Unit at Port Moresby General Hospital at the time. Nape took advantage of the situation. He gave hundreds of kina to my first daughter each week. He will soon do that to my second daughter.

I had been in hospital with tuberculosis misdiagnosed as a heart attack. This gave the child traffickers the opportunity to meet my daughter away from her father and pass her on to Nape. 

Bobby and Susan are local criminals. Nape met my daughter secretly at Vision City for over two months after I came out of hospital. He gave her over K3000 which is a massive amount for a 14 year old. He told her to hide the money from her father.

He started to dictate to her what she could do and who she could be with. Every time she did not do that, he secretly sent her for an AIDS test. He would pick her up from school. This creep stole the daughter of a sick man.

Geoffrey Nape was the speaker of the PNG parliament up to the last election when he lost his seat. He has the electoral style of making many promises and keeping none.

I am an Australian single father with two lovely daughters whose mother left us in 1998. I struggled to look after them until Geoffrey Nape came on the scene and took my 14 year old daughter.

He made all kinds of promises to respect her and the family and keep her in school until she was in grade 12. But the lying bastard took her out of school at 14.

He made her pregnant and her schooling came to an end. Complaints to the police died because of clan loyalty. The Head of Welfare was a Chimbu and turned a blind eye.

Nape plans to be elected in Chimbu in 2017 and become either Prime Minister or Governor General. 

But the nation cannot afford that. He will never keep promises nationally or internationally. He will alienate Governments over the whole world.

He treats me like a piece of dog shit. He does not let me into his gate and I stand outside the fence and wait for my daughter. But he lets little girls into his apartment. 

He refuses to pay bride price as he says he has already paid the Australian High Commission. There are family members who need the money.

Nape is afraid of being killed by enemies. When he comes into his yard in his vehicle, the gate must be wide open to prevent someone stepping out of the darkness to kill him. He will not eat food from people for fear of being poisoned.

But the worst has yet to come. He has become sexually infatuated with my second daughter Lisa. He caused problems in earlier times by secretly picking her up from school.

It is obvious to me and others including my elder daughter that he wants to marry two sisters.

My elder says she will leave him. I tell my younger that we are a small family and cannot afford to have two sisters hating each other.

I plan to move to Mt Hagen and take my younger with me mainly to get her out of the filthy hands of our PM or GG in waiting. Nape has gone out of his mind.

He says he is a Chimbu chief and I have been made a Chimbu tribesman. He orders me to keep my younger daughter in Port Moresby. He says he will look after her. I bet he will.

Today, I told him that I would be taking her with me and he called me the arsehole of the year. We have a waiting PM or GG with his brain on the end of his penis.

I ask Australian, US and Russian intelligence to put this report in the Nape file. Those countries are the main readers of this blog.

Leaders have to have a sense of ethics and think straight. I will not allow him to marry my two daughters. I am an Australian and do not accept that a man can treat me like shit and steal my two daughters as children.

He will be the only PM or GG who has been banned from Australia as an undesirable alien.

He is busy gathering his Chimbus together with the bribes of beer and airline tickets to fly to Chimbu to vote for him. That is what we call an early start. 

Recently, my young daughter told me that a young white man had been interested in her. I texted Nape to see his response and he went off his brain telling me I am a stupid old white man. 

He will not allow my young daughter to have a relationship with any white man. I could have sworn that I was the father and he was the paedophile child stealer. 

As chief Chimbu, he bans my daughter from any such relationship and will block her from going to school. I am to obey him as a Chimbu tribesman.

This is a very mentally deranged and unbalanced response from Nape. It is obvious that he wants to marry two sisters. My elder daughter has a son and is prepared to stay with Nape to do the best for her son. She will not accept her little sister as the second wife.

He told me that I am now a Chimbu. Forgive me Chimbus but I told Nape that the Copelands began as a high class clan in England long before the Chimbus came down from their trees. I am among the chimbus but not of them.

Type W.T. Copeland into Google: Copeland Spode pottery and Lord Mayor of London. Copeland pottery brought the willow pattern from China. Please click:

The History of the Spode/Copeland Company - Parks Canada History
  1. 1835 W.T. Copeland became lord mayor of London and in the same year his firm ...

With the false promises made, Nape thinks I am a Chimbu voter. First I was to be Manager of his hotel at Morata. Then I was to be Chairperson of his Hospital Board. 

The last made only two weeks ago made me his Election Coordinator. That would involve keeping the Chimbu voters drunk and buying airline tickets for Chimbus to vote back in the electorate. No thanks. All he has to do is leave my younger daughter alone.

But his latest trick is to tell me that I am going to die soon. He will look after my two daughters. He thinks that all his tricks are clever and a white man will believe anything he says. I have learned not to do that the hard way.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Three months ago the gay predator Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea planned a campaign in the Pacific nations called Operation Free and Easy. It was in support of Pacific gays and transsexuals.

He planned to hold a conference. But it all failed badly because of the hate campaign of the paedophile Head of UNAIDS against AIDS Holistics. 

The Head of UNAIDS found difficulty and decided to cancel the conference to be attended by gay and lesbian officials and competitors attending the Pacific Games. 

He had made a fake legal threat against AIDS Holistics in the name of UNAIDS Switzerland. It was delivered by police escort in the middle of the night.

The cover plan was to promote the need in Pacific countries to be aware of homophobia and transphobia. This was to be the entry of UNAIDS into the Pacific nations. But it all failed badly and the management of Holiday Inn was angry that they lost a conference. 

The Head of UNAIDS had gone to the Holiday Inn to book the conference but was diverted by seeing the founder of AIDS Holistics in the internet shop. 

He hated our focus on FAMILY and FAITH. Gay and transvestite men and boys are not to live in loving families who go to church. They belong in the beds of expatriate gays and paedophiles.

He decided to have the founder of AIDS Holistics evicted from the Holiday Inn so that the conference could be conducted with no comment in the media from AIDS Holistics. 

The plan failed badly. The conference was cancelled and the founder of AIDS Holistics banned from the hotel by Manager Tim Pollock. Silly man. 

It is sad that the UNAIDS paedophile push has involved a hotel to support their sexual corruption. It raises the question of a hidden sexual agenda of hotel management. They can not see past money in the bank.

Stewart Watson
Head of UNAIDS 
Papua New Guinea

Sigrid Kranwetter
Senior Legal Officer

Tim Pollock
Holiday Inn
Port Moresby

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


In 1995, I was a teacher at Bumayong High School in Lae, Papua New Guinea. I was given grade 7 classes to teach Social Science. 

There was one class of students that did not contribute to lessons. They just sat like logs and copied the black board summary into their work books.

But one female student sitting at the front was full of enthusiasm. She would contribute to the lesson by answering questions, the only student to do so. Her name was Geua.

Her enthusiasm lasted about a month and then she went silent and sat like a log with the rest of the class. But her work book was immaculate. 

After that year, I did not see her again on leaving the school. Then one day years later, I met her in a street in Port Moresby. I asked what she was doing.

She was in her final year of a Bachelor of Science at the University of Papua New Guinea. I could have guessed it would be something like that.

She did not let the feral students in her class push her down. There is a difference between struggling students and feral students. 

The feral students actively push the school down by bullying and threatening brighter students.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Teachers and students afraid to speak against the ferals.

The Government policy in keeping all students in high school is really a step backwards. There are students who have no intention of learning. 

Indeed many have reached high school these days and do not speak, understand or write English. They have managed to sit in huge classes and be hidden in the crowd.

Government has kept them in school in the false hope that somehow learning will seep through their skin. This is a problem in rural high schools where students have been dumped by their village parents. Let the schools look after them.

They have no interest in school work. Their key interest is the food they eat in the mess. They leave the school after dark and prowl around the villages. They smoke marijuana and drink homebrew. They demand money from other students with threats.

Bumayong and Dregerhafen High Schools have large numbers of feral students. They can not be domesticated just like feral dogs.

In the days when there was a cut-off at Grade 6, many feral students left the education system. Then the level was lifted to grade 8. These grades were not inspiring settings for teachers. 

Many such students did not speak probably because they were illiterate. They copied summaries from the black board but may have had no idea of what the writing meant. If asked a question, they put their heads down and would not / could not answer. They were able to complete objective question exams as they could guess the response.

Most important of all, they put a complete damper on the class. Brighter students were intimidated into silence for fear of punishment out of class by the gang of class ferals.

A few years ago, teachers of grade 9 were relieved that all the grade 8 ferals were gone. There was a breath of fresh air in class. Brighter students brightened up and spoke for the first time. There was the opportunity for more class room interaction.

With all students going on to higher grades, the ferals have stayed to put a damper on the higher grades. The standard and morale of teachers and students has dropped. Ferals will support the school cult, drink, smoke and intimidate students.

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Monday, 9 November 2015


I arrived in Busu High School in Papua New Guinea in 1995 and was given grade 9 English. It took months to realize why this should be. That was the year before grade 10 and internal results were entered fo the Grade 10 internal assessment.

I took the 3 grade 9 English classes and was saddened that the students all sat in their desks like dodos. They knew very little about anything.

At that time, I had bought a portable TV with a cassette in the top. I decided that the way to have students write was to teach them about the world. Then they would write about it.

Each Sunday night, I taped the most exciting story on the TV program 60 Minutes. On Monday morning, I would bring the TV into the 3 classes and we would watch the program. Then we would talk about it. I would give the world picture. That would take up the lesson.

I also went to the video library and hired a range of movies that we wrote on. I recall the movie Zulu and the gruesome story of the suicides of the followers of Jim Jones in Guinea. We learned so much about the world in that year.

We talked about the programs and I would place 10 questions on the blackboard. The students would answer in a sentence. If there was time, we would watch the program again. Students started talking and abandoned their code of silence.

Next day, I asked the questions from the previous day. Then I would have them write a paragraph based on the answers to those questions.

Next day, I would have them take out the paragraph and circle any words repeated. They would then rewrite the paragraph. I would collect the answer sheets and correct each paragraph.  They would rewrite the paragraph with corrections.

A month later, I reminded them about the story of the Kangaroo Hunters and would give them 25 minutes to rewrite from memory. This was speed writing in preparation for the Written Expression exam. The task was repeated about 20 times in the year. Writing skill improved.

About 12 months later, I had left the school and the grade 9 students had gone on to grade 10. One day, I met the Principal down town. I asked how the students went in the exam. He said that most gained Distinctions and Credits.

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Sunday, 8 November 2015


There is ample opportunity for schools in Papua New Guinea to set up a study that has both an educational and counselling function for students starting from Grade 6.

There is the Personal Development course that starts in primary school and goes through to high school. It should help all students to answer life questions that will confront them in only a few years to come. There is the question of domestic violence.

The boys and girls should start to think about the qualities of the person they would marry. They look at family and the roles of parents in looking after children. The teacher is partly a counsellor in helping students to move to the next phase of their lives.

Then there is the Language and Literature study that introduces students to resource material on a range of topics. There are often topics that mesh with the family focus on Personal Development.

By the time the students have finished their course in grade 12, they should be able to express in their own words their response to a range of topics. They should write short essays on each of the following:

Domestic violence

Family love and caring

Role of parents

Responsibilities of father and mother

The man I would marry.

The woman I would marry.

Problems of living in Papua New Guinea

Needs of a wife

Needs of a husband

Needs of children

The teacher as counsellor should be able to promote these topics in every grade. As the students mature and move from grade to grade, their ideas will grow. By the time they finish school, they should be ready to be mature adults.

If all students achieve this then Universal Basic Education has a purpose. The purpose of school is not just to give a place at university. 

It is also to help a young person to have a positive life with a spouse and kids in a family. The present education focus should be on preparing the next generation to be loving family members.


Sixty years ago, students memorized what they studied. It was a key faculty of the mind to be exercised. They memorized the multiplication tables, poems and mathematical theorems. They committed lists to memory for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Memorization enabled students to grow to adulthood with information permanently planted in their brains. It was important to memorize to learn the rhythm and music of language. 

As a child, I would be required to learn a poem for homework. Even today the weak-strong rhythm is part of everything I speak and write. 

But then there were fool educators in the United States who decided that memorization was a lower level of learning and had to be removed. It may be a lower level if promoted by itself but in conjunction with other thinking skills it is a key area to be developed.

My mother used to say that as a 14 year old, she had to learn all the capes and bays around Australia. Perhaps that was going too far but it certainly developed the skills of memorization. We are told to "use it or lose it". That applies to the mental development that goes with memorization.

Today in Papua New Guinea, the skills of memorization are long dead, except the skills of singing. Students no longer go home to learn lists of information. There is no point in asking students to write lists from memory in exam. Most could not do it.

So memorization has been replaced by the cruel and useless task of answering objective questions. Students have become intellectually lazy. They know nothing. They tick and flick responses that are already on paper. How do students study for an objective test exam?

We read in the media of the study into mathematics and science teaching in the world. The USA comes 28th at last count. Singapore and South Korea come first. A large part of this is that their students have to work hard to memorize mathematical and scientific processes.

PNG probably comes near last narrowly beating Outer Bessarabia and Easter Island.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Teachers and students will do well if they can pull themselves out of the cultural mud. Some schools have done that.

So many students in PNG know nothing about anything. They sit in class and wait for the teacher to put a summary on the blackboard. They write the summary down and that is what they do for all their school lives. They do not think and could not put a view on any topic.

So much of school in this country is anti-intellectual. Brighter students remain silent for fear of being punished by the slower students. There can be no group work in class as most students will sit and contribute nothing. Some students will not speak during their whole stay at school over several years.

They have no experience in putting ideas together. That is why the examinations are based on objective questions. Students are not being tested on their ability to explain a concept. Most could not do it. They are tested on single facts through objective questions.

Through Universal Basic Education, the Government plans to remove examinations and put all students through to the end of high school. That is a waste of time for so many students.

The more capable students have been terrorized by the cult fights between the schools. The leaders of the cults are mainly the lower level students who are not school focused. They want to show the academic nerds that they are the leaders not the nerds. The cult fights disrupt school activities.

In government schools, it is against regulations for teachers to make individual test results known by the class. There is a reason for this. The brighter students are being protected from the lower level students who may bash them out of school.

It also means that many students can go all the way through school without accounting for their low marks. They are on a permanent holiday at school. Their report cards go into the river on the way home.

There has been a downward spiral in standards in this country mainly through a lack of English skill among so many students, a lack of interest in the world and complete lack of interest in memorization. Please click:

frustration of an expatriate teacher

Oct 9, 2011 - FAMILY POSITIVE LIVING - AIDS HOLISTICS. faith, hope ... Teachingin a rural high school is frustrating for an expatriate teacher. Having

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


When there is evidence of cheating in a PNG school exam, the blame goes to the Department of Education and the Measurement Services Division. But the breach of security may take place on route to the hundreds of schools.

Consignments of envelops can be opened at the airport or on the way to the school. Envelops can be breached by teachers before or after being placed in the safe.

Perhaps a better approach would be to change the format of papers away from the objective questions that have plagued Education for years. Focus could be on solution of problems by short answer questions.

For each subject, the Department could produce a booklet containing up to 200 test questions to cover the year's work. The students perfect each question. No indication is given on the questions to appear in the exam. The questions could be practised in the internal exams.

Then in the week before each external exam, a notice comes out on radio, television or the newspapers that the exam will cover 8 test questions 17, 24, 32, 55, 76, 81, 87 and 92 with alternatives 2, 67 and 95. Such notices could be given for every subject.

A wise old thinker once said that out of every silly idea comes the key to a brilliant plan. Let us hope that this report gives a clue to such a plan. 

Education is not only about passing the end of year exams. It is about the skills and knowledge that students take away with them into adult life. 


In the high schools of Papua New Guinea, there is a deep and foolish focus on testing by objective questions in many subjects. This causes problems for students who may find difficulty in understanding the question asked:

The population of Papua New Guinea is rising because of:

a. high birth rate,
b. reduced death rate,
c. migration from West Papua or 
d. drift to the cities.

What is the answer? Each response is partly correct. But students will fail if they do not choose a. Objective questions have pushed schools into a lazy and incompetent approach to learning. The students often lack the English to answer. So they tick and flick whatever they think is the answer. 

Objective questions make it easy for students to cheat. They would find it more difficult to cheat with short answer questions.

The Department will stop the cheating if they published in the months before the exam, a list of 80 short answer questions to cover each subject. Students would be told that 5 of these questions will appear on the exam paper for each subject.  Each question would require a quality reasoned explanation by the students.

Students can work in study groups and practise the answers. There is no such accusation as cheating that can be made. All students are working from the same published questions. Focus in schools would change to writing skills not just mindless tick and flick responses.

They would force students away from the horror of difficult objective questions. Many teachers are incompetent at objective question design. Many deliberately make the questions too difficult. Some will make questions not valid by incorrect response alternatives.

A student can know the answer but be confused by the alternatives in objective questions. That is not a valid test. If objective questions are set, the Department must have a test bank. 

Before each question is accepted into the test bank, there has to be a trial by teachers and students with the majority choosing the correct response.

A short answer can give the solution to a small problem which requires the student to write 6-10 lines on the subject. Preparation in class has the double purpose of promoting writing skills. It would stop cheating and become team study.

So many students can not write their ideas. Many have a working vocabulary of 300 baby words. So when they prepare an assignment in high school or university, the trick is to copy from a book without acknowledgment. This is called plagiarism.

Students must be tested on what they know, not on what they do not know. Teachers must help students to achieve success. Many teachers in PNG think their job is to fail students.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (University of Queensland)
Teacher in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Since 2011, Geoffrey Nape ex-speaker of the Papua New Guinea parliament has made my life hell by stealing my elder daughter by child trafficking while I was recuperating from tuberculosis. He took a 14 year old girl and claimed her as his own.

He thinks that as a white man I am stupid and cowardly and afraid to confront him and his drunken Chimbu tribesmen. He has recently made veiled threats that if I give him trouble up to the 2017 election, I will die.

Now this paedophile Chimbu wants to take my second daughter 17 years old. He has horrified my first daughter who does not want her little sister as her sister-in-law. But Nape is the boss in that family.

He tells me he is a Chimbu chief and has made my family Chimbu and subject to all his commands. That means that I have to hand over my second daughter to him. I will kill him if he takes her and makes her pregnant.

I plan to move out of Port Moresby with my younger daughter. But Nape forbids it. He says she is a Chimbu and subject to his commands. This fool plans to be elected in 2017 and become Prime Minister or Governor General.

I have been alone bringing up my daughters from babies. But Nape has other ideas. My children’s mother has mysteriously arrived by air from the highlands. It has to be that Nape paid the fare. He now says that she is my wife after 17 years separation. He demands that I look after her.

He says that I have no right over my daughters as an expatriate and that he will negotiate to keep my second daughter through the mother.

He is supported by a great herd of Chimbu drunks around his palace in North Waigani. As the father of my first daughter, I am not allowed to enter his property and would be bashed by the security guards if I tried. He will pay for them to fly to Chimbu to vote.

He would be most unfit to serve in high office if he should be elected in 2017. He is a liar and con-man. He seems to prefer sex with young girls.

He cannot keep to the same view twenty minutes at a time. He will send me a text one minute calling me his brother. Half an hour later, he will send a text calling me a stupid arsehole. There seem to be a few mental connections loose.

He will tell me that I am the father and have the right to care for my daughter. An hour later, he will text that he is her chief and I have to get his permission to take her out of Port Moresby. He is nuts.

He is doing his best to stop me and my daughter from leaving Port Moreby. He says his Chimbu tribesmen will stop us. My younger child belongs to him so the creep thinks. I am just a Chimbu tribesman.

Recently he sent a text : “You must always abide by my management. If you don’t obey me, I will penalize you from my tribe and you will be cast out. You will be assessed by your day to day life. If I feel you should return to the tribe, I will notify you.”

Does this mean I have to become a fat Chimbu drunk? No thanks chiefy. Just keep away from my daughter. Point your penis somewhere else. He abuses me for not accepting that he is the top political figure in the nation.

He says that when he takes control of my daughter, he will ban her mobile phone. That is to block any contact with her father. She will not be allowed to have friends. 

She will be escorted to school and brought back to his palace and locked behind a steel gate. Then she will leave school on becoming pregnant to Nape.

He will be a Prime Minister or Governor General with no gender equity. My daughter will belong to him way past the age of consent. She will not be allowed to meet her father.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


This sequence of mastery exercises has been prepared to demonstrate Mastery Learning to the Papua New Guinea Department of Education.

So much nonsense has been written about this strategy that it is time to demonstrate beyond all doubt. The inventor of Mastery Learning intended breaking skills down to basics from the higher level skills.

The idea was for the teacher to take a concept such as heat / friction and set down an inventory of every possible application. Then the students and teacher would solve the problems.

The teacher knew the related theory having used the theory to identify the practical applications. But the students are not advised yet. They work out the related theory having solved the problems.

But some fool teachers in the United States removed the basics and increased research. They called it Outcome Based Education and blamed the founder Dr Benjamin Bloom for its failure.

Mastery Learning was intended to pass the slower students and lift high the more capable students. It was a response to the US Government paranoia on the Russians sending up the satellite Sputnik.

The sequence in Friction below consists of 70 small mastery exercises appropriate for primary school students supported and guided by the teachers. All have a common theme of
friction. Solving one problem provides the key to the next problem and so on.

This module in friction could be submitted to a design team of science teachers who might be able to add dozens more exercises. The sequences could be rearranged and added to from the class room.

Some problems may be easily solved by students. But they may not have thought of the issue in that way.

Problems that are interesting could be given more focus by teacher and students. They may not have thought of electricity generated by friction from blood passing through the blood system. Then they learn that sharks can detect the electric pulses from fish and swimmers.

They may not have thought that the world depends on friction. Without friction, we could not walk, climb or run. Cars could not run. Pulleys could not work.

We start with the real situations and explain what is happening. Then we work out the theory behind the scenarios. This is INDUCTIVE LEARNING. There is no focus on theory as we see in classes today. We answer the problem and the question WHY?
What happens when we rub our hands together?

Explain how villagers make fires with sticks.

Feel tires of a car that driven a long way. What do you feel?

What happens to moving cars if we pour oil on the road?

When do most moving cars have accidents?

Do drivers have to move slower or faster during pouring rain?

How does friction cause danger to a racing car?

Why do many cars have accidents on a bend in the road?

What causes a vehicle to overturn and roll?

How does a propeller make the boat go forward?

How does a propeller make an aircraft go forward?

Why can flies and lizards climb walls?

What problem would a snake have in moving if no friction?

Explain how friction is reduced in the skin of an aircraft?

Is there high or low friction in a bird’s feathers?

Explain the structure of a lizard’s feet.

How do we light a match?

Is it better to light a match on a match box or a window?

How do we stop the hinges on doors from sticking and squeaking?

How do we keep the engine of a car cool and running smoothly?

Why do we have to change the oil in an engine?

Why are there crackling noises when we comb our hair?

Do we hear the noises on a hot dry day or a cool wet day?

Why is there loud noise in thunder?

Why does black dust gather on a ceiling fan?

What are the best boots to wear on the Kokoda Track?

Why are there grooves on the rubber sole?

How do football boots increase friction?

How can friction cause explosions in mines and factories?

What happens to our hands when we slide quickly down a rope?

If we wear shoes for many months, what happens to the soles?

What causes electricity in our bodies?

Sharks detect electricity in fish. What causes electricity in fish
and other animals?

Draw a shark and dolphin. How do they reduce friction?

How do ship designers reduce friction?

How do we know there is electricity in our bodies?

Why do car tires lose their rubber?

Why do some tires lose the rubber quickly?

What is the best to slide on - rock? water? coral? or mud?

What is friction?

What occurs when there is friction?

Give examples of friction causing heat?

How do we reduce friction between pieces of steel rubbed together?

What would happen in the world if there was no physical friction?

What are the best tiles for the floor of a bathroom?

What holds a nail in place on a piece of wood?

What causes landslides in the highlands of Papua New Guinea?

How does friction help us to climb a rope?

What happens when an engine seizes?

How does friction occur between people?

What causes friction between people and animals?

What happens to the temperature of the relationship when friction occurs?

How do we remove friction between people?

What are the polite ways of reducing friction between people?

What is the highest level of friction between two groups of people?

Advanced problems in friction

Why does an asteroid trail fire on entering the earth's atmosphere?

What is the main problem facing space shuttles returning to earth?

What is a friction rash?

How do we treat a friction rash?

What causes an aircraft to lift off on take-off?

How does a violin player make sound?

These problems explore all possible aspects of friction. This is an exercise in exploration of the practical scenarios.

Students learn general knowledge as well as knowledge of friction. They learn to explain in their own words, written and spoken.

Students could be interviewed one at a time at the teacher's table on 5 problems. Most students in PNG schools never speak.

It is not just effort in mindlessly copying theory into a student's work book as we see in PNG schools today.

By the end of 2015, this sequence in friction could have 80 more exercises provided by class room teachers, students and design team teachers. The Department would develop a memory bank of exercises.

Teachers could be invited to submit their new exercises to the design team to be included in the next edition. Teachers are becoming involved.

There is always revision. As students grow intellectually, they will see all earlier problems in more complex ways and with more connections.

We already see in the exercises above the links with static electricity, motion, physiology and personal relationships.

By end of grade 8, some students should be able to achieve 100% correct of the (say) 1200 science and biology mastery exercises. One book said 60% correct 60% of the time. Students can do better than that.