Friday, 30 September 2016


Paedophiles hide behind gay and lesbian rights.

Times have changed for children. Those of us born in the 1940s will recall being told that babies were carried in napkins by storks. We would remember cartoons of a stork being confused at which hospital to deliver the baby.

This was a harmless story parents told to children to allow them to grow as children first with no thought of sex. The child would grow to learn the facts of life from the age of about 8 years.

I recall planning to tell my two PNG daughters the facts of life when they were about 10 years old. As a father, I was also their mother. Both looked at me as if I were a silly old dad and told me they already knew the facts of life.

My elder daughter was mainly concerned that she was the last girl in her group of friends to have seen her periods.

As a child on the farm, my knowledge of sex came early when my parents recorded that the bull "served" a cow. I saw cows and pigs giving birth and helped cows in birthing trouble when a teenager.

My first real knowledge came at the age of about 13 years as a Boy Scout. Camps in the bush were sites of same sex experimentation by boys in their tents after dark.

But we children followed the normal cycle of sexual awareness. Both boys and girls went through a pre-adolescent time of intense interest in the same-sex with other boys and girls.

Most of us moved on to adulthood with heterosexual interest in the opposite sex. It was not a big deal that some remained same sex.

All of that has now changed with the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Children are no longer the responsibility of parents but belong to the State. 

Homosexual and paedophile public servants regard themselves as representatives of the State able to take children into care and decide on the sex education they receive in school. Gays, lesbians and paedophiles are busy infiltrating the State.

Children do not belong to parents. That is why the gays, lesbians and paedophiles oppose FAMILY. Children belonged to the State in the years of the Nazi and Stalinist regimes.

Now pre-adolescents are now being pushed to look at friends in same-sex ways. Some are groomed to be sexual partners of adults. 

Pre-adolescent interest in same-sex is being presented as gay and lesbian. This is hideously false for most children who move on as teenagers to relationships with the opposite sex.

Sex is all around children particularly those with access to internet. They are being targetted on internet by a growing world of paedophiles seeking sex with children.

We should admire the understanding of the President of Russia Putin who legislated with the parliament or Duma to ban homosexual propaganda to minors. This was condemned by the gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the world. Their accusations condemn them.

The foremost critic of Putin was President Obama who supported gay and lesbian rights even to the stage of gay and lesbian education in US schools, particularly in Massachusetts.

Obama was reported recently to state he would be proud if his two daughters enlisted in the US military. How would he respond if they came from military service with a lesbian lover? Obama would be so proud.

Let us hope that foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles are not set free in Papua New Guinea to molest our children. It will start with a change to the Marriage Act.

Thursday, 29 September 2016


Both UNAIDS and UN Women aka UNIFEM aka ANTIFAM are now feeling the pain of their corrupt paedophile agenda that has been pushed for years. UNAIDS Head Watson opposes FAMILY and FAITH.

There has been a massive misinformation campaign against men under the heading of gender violence. It has been an attack on FAMILY

These UN misfit organizations want family to disappear and be taken up by a loose collection of men and women producing babies for the paedophiles.

There has been an ongoing misinformation campaign in the PNG media. The Managing Director of the Post Courier is gay and allows false information to be spread in the editorial. It is like a story out of science fiction of government of the next century.

A month ago we read in the editorial of the fake Intimate Partner Study on Buka. There has been no proof that it ever occurred just like the UN Buka Rape Study two years ago that made even Dr Momis angry and the Gordons Market Rapes that made the Police Minister speak out. 

There has not been a single report from a citizen that there is violence in Gordons Market to threaten sellers and people buying fruit and vegetables. 

There was the report in the media of a woman at Gordons market who had her hand chopped off. UN lesbians tell these lies. They can not stop once the lies have started. In truth, Gordons market is as peaceful as ever. Tell any shit lie about men. 

There was a report in the Post Courier that 90% of PNG women have suffered some form of violence on buses. The foreign lesbians got that figure out of their white arses. 

How could they possibly do such a survey? Easy. Ask two women in the tea room and multiply their response by a million.

The problem at Gordons Market is in the bus stop area down the road with hundreds of people coming and going to market from many bus (PMV) routes and harrassed by petty criminals. There have been foolish calls to close the market. 

Why do that when the problem is down the road? There may be problems at any new market down the road not in the market.

Then there was the false claim that sorcery killing is gender violence. We must not forget the fake legal letter to AIDS Holistics from UNAIDS Switzerland delivered with an escort of police.

Now the UN is worried that all their reports are being publicized as fake. They would not dare respond otherwise as it is true. So now they want to involve the media in the fake Gender Violence campaign. If the media agrees with their false information it must be true. Liars.

UNAIDS has started a media awards on HIV and Gender Based Violence and included UN Women. The Post Courier is sure to win. Journalist Nelly Setepano will win for sure with her willingness to print fake UN statistics in the past. We will keep watch and report.

There will be no awards for reports on HIV awareness. UNAIDS and UN Women are not in the least interested in HIV/AIDS. They have a paedophile agenda not an AIDS agenda.

The UN will not succeed with their anti-man hate campaign. It is all part of a plan to discredit fathers and FAMILY. They want parents to lose all authority over their children. They want the kids on the street.

We now read of the Protection Visa for young women to Australia undoubtedly organized by Australian lesbian Immigration officers. 

They are taking young wives away from unproven family violence with no authority from PNG police, welfare or legal. They will be soon taking young daughters who want to live in the bright lights of Australia. They will be taken to bed by Immigration lesbians if they are pretty.

Papua New Guinea according to the Head of UN Women Buchanan is about to change the Marriage Act. It will legalize gay and lesbian sex and open the flood gates to paedophile sex. 

Let us hope that the PNG Government is strong enough not to buckle under the pressure.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Lesbians want to be men but have no penis. So they fist young women instead. Fisted vaginas are damaged just like fisted anuses. Gay and lesbian fisters are sexual predators.

Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS response, there has been a rise in lesbians setting up the social agenda to make war on men particularly in Papua New Guinea. They have planned to make public false statistics that show that all violence comes from men.

They ignore the fact that there is a considerable body of violent women in this country. The Seventh Day Adventist Family Officer Pr Simon Vetali stated that there are 67% of women bashed by men and 44% of men bashed by women.

The figures are probably rising as women seek to move away from family and carry out their own violent, alcohol and home brew soaked, sexual activity. They are setting themselves up as a new group of violent men.

Foreign lesbians in the United Nations and Australian AID regard Papua New Guinea as their own sexual play ground. They want control of the young girls.

Hence the statistics that come out of the UN and AusAID are false and designed to turn the tide against men. Of course there is violence of men against women but the picture of FAMILY turmoil and poverty is far greater than all parents and children can handle. 

They are victims in an economic system that allows families to starve. Foreign lesbians think that this is the perfect ideological climate to push all men down. Blame them for everything.

Hitler had the same insight in economically bankrupt Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. He blamed the Jews for everything from defeat in World War 1 to the bankrupt Weimar Republic that followed the war and the Depression of 1930-31.

Copeland of AIDS Holistics was the first to face broad hatred as he was able to write a message to the world on social media. 

He is a kind and gentle father who was denounced by the gay and lesbian activists as a child molester. 

He was the first to promote women's rights in Papua New Guinea in 2002. He had to be neutralized. But the Australian lesbians failed badly. They did not have the intellect. 

Foreign lesbians have declared war on all men. And they want equal status in PNG under same sex marriage legislation.

They hate all relationships that involve men. They hate fathers who would stop them taking daughters. They hate parents as these involve a man. 

They refuse to promote strong families. That would mean supporting fathers and they are the enemy. They want weak families with kids on the street.

They even hate gay men but tolerate them as weak bare back riders who do not contribute to the war on men. They hate clergy as most are men but remain silent on the subject of paedophile priests.

They hate all men as men have penises and lesbians do not and never will. They simulate penises by fisting vaginas of young girls. 

Vaginas are supposed to expand at childbirth not at the whim of some aging lesbian who has control of a young girl. The video below is porn but tendered as evidence. Please click:

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I have been talking to a teacher friend about the rubbish we read about violence to women. I tell him that I do not undervalue the violence of men but will not allow the foreign lesbians to put it all on men and excuse the violence of women.

A friend in the Department for Community Development recently told me that the problem in this country and perhaps the world is that women want to be men. 

They want to drink, smoke and fight just like men. They want to bash other women. They do not want to look after children but live a life outside the family with a mobile phone to talk to men.

I told my teacher friend about the hateful violence of my daughters' mother who would bash me and accuse me of sex with any women I spoke to. If I came home 30 minutes late from work, there was trouble. I would be accused of sex with women and suffer violence.

I could not look left or right when I was driving the car for fear of being accused of looking at women at the side of the road. 

She had me sacked from Securimax by bashing me for giving two women a lift to Boroko from our block of apartments on Ela Beach. She attacked me and smashed the apartment for which I was sacked.

My teacher friend said he had the identical problem. His wife would not let him speak to women. He drove a bus in Rabaul. He was not allowed to look in the rear vision mirror at the passengers for fear of being bashed when he went home. He was looking at women.

My daughters' mother would not let me go to SDA church with her as I would only sit in the pew and look at women in the congregation. I was a man of dignity being slowly destroyed by a bush kanaka village girl. I had thought she was better than that.

But I got custody of my daughters in National Court. She could not prove any accusation as it was all a figment of her tiny brain. I was supported in Court by a senior welfare lady and President of AIDS Holistics who told the Court that I was a kind and caring man. 

My friend said he left Rabaul and his wife and has never seen her since. After being sacked from Securimax, I kicked my daughters' mother out. But she gave me two beautiful daughters I have cared for all their lives. But I do not want ever to see her again.

She met me only three months ago and refused ever to apologise. She accused me of having sex with four women at Securimax. My daughters reject her. My elder daughter will not allow her to come to her house but has told the security guards to stop her at the gate.

Her mother recently had a fight with three women  who confronted her in a food shop about sex with one of their husbands. She smashed a cup in the face of one of the women and ended up in police cells for a week. 

My elder daughter says that I should not think about her mother as she is "primitive". There are many primitive village fighting women in this country. The foreign lesbians are giving them support in becoming more man than the men.


Post Courier 28 September 2016

Is Hela province the new base for gay, lesbian and paedophile sex education? Any teacher who argues will never be employed by Oil Search.

There is a report about Personal Development (PD) training in Hela Province conducted by Oil Search Foundation " in partnership with Hela Education Department."

Personal Development is part of school curriculum in Papua New Guinea. Its focus is on sex education together with gender and young people marrying and looking after FAMILY with RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES

But that has all changed in Hela with Oil Search Foundation. According to the newspaper report, the course conducted by the Oil Search Foundation had no focus on family at all but appeared to emphasize only the RIGHTS of individuals. 

This is the typical self-centred gay, lesbian and paedophile strategy that has no place in education curriculum. 

The workshop was reported in the media to have addressed " sexual orientation, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, life choices, pregnancy, communication, sexual roles and gender". 

No mention whatever had been made of family, rights or responsibilities. We recognize the mark of the beast given by an international oil company (Revelation 13: 16-17 ).

This appears to be promoting not a responsible family approach but a gay and lesbian lifestyle. Personal Development starts in grade 6. Is Education in Hela about to embark on promoting a non-family lifestyle to young children?

AIDS Holistics has always been suspicious of Oil Search from 15 years ago when we promoted Positive Living by email only. 

Our messages to Oil Search were blocked with the reason stated that the message was "obscene". All gays, lesbians and paedophiles think our family message is obscene.

faith, hope, peace, love, truth, compassion, trust, patience, honesty, kindness, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, work, sleep, exercise, relax, clean water, morning sun, nutritious food, lean meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, grains and nuts, rights, responsibilities, obligations, clean blood and tissues, clean in body, mind and soul AND FREEDOM FROM hate, greed, fear, stress, violence, rejection, infection, starvation, beer, home brew, betel nut, tobacco, marijuana and drugs.

By what right does Oil Search Foundation make unauthorised changes to the national Personal Development curriculum. Are they seeking to turn professional teachers into activists?

Did the Oil Search gays/lesbians talk of the dangers of gay and lesbian sex. Did they warn teachers to take care with the messages on anal and vaginal fisting and licking faeces laden with parasite eggs? 

To ignore the dangers of gay and lesbian sex lacks professionalism and honesty. Do they just want the teachers to promote gay and lesbian propaganda? They want teachers to drop their standards.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Qld)
Teacher of Personal Development
Advisor in HIV/AIDS awareness

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


This comment has been made by a  caring PNG man not a group of foreign lesbians on a salary of K300,000 and luxury apartment. He can see the problems at the grass roots. 

This man lives among the people. Foreign lesbians only stand and look out the window of their luxury apartment in down town Port Moresby. 

They see very little of the stress and unhappiness in the community. If they are paid several thousand dollars every fortnight perhaps they could donate money to care groups and visit conmmunity centres with welcome support of food and medical supplies. They could become the lovely lesbians.

Pioneer counsellor and social worker Allan Tagai told The National 27 September 2016 that family units have deteriorated over the years. 

Many communities have disintegrated because of law and order and tribal fights and have re-emerged in our towns.

These people have no order or structure to go by. They are living one day at a time and this is evident in children not attending school and roaming the streets.

Parents are too worried about survival that they forget to train and discipline their children. A contributing factor is the eroding of family in the rural areas.

Tagai said that the breakdown of the traditional chief system is the villages means there is no authority.

Many families have failed to properly discipline and educate their children to be good citizens and that is why law and order is still a major problem. Breakdown of families can be attributed to family violence. 

Comment: Family stress can be due to poverty, unemployment, lack of education, low wages, food shortage, sadness, disappointment, turmoil, fear, no lunch money and school fees for children, poor health, frustration, inability to cope with family poverty, violence, children on the streets, wantok problems, alcohol, home brew and marijuana.

This is the vicious circle of poverty to be handed on to the children. Foreign lesbians do not understand or care about any of this. They just want to blame men and marry girls. 

Well done to the counsellor above. Foreign lesbians are governed by ideology not reality.

Monday, 26 September 2016


It started with young PNG wives. Young girls will be next to be given protection visas. Many will become lovers of lesbian immigration officers who gave the visa. Family is under attack again.

We read of young PNG women given protection visas to Australia by Australian immigration officers. Lesbian activists have led the world with international protection visas for young women.

This is done without any reference to the legal processes in this country of police, courts and welfare.

AIDS Holistics warns of the infiltration of lesbian activists into key positions of Government across the world of Health, Welfare, Education, Legal, Police, Public housing and lately Immigration.

Australian lesbians have set up a fast-track pathway to remove PNG women and girls from families and by-pass police, courts and welfare. They wait until the women are in Australia and then take steps to let them stay.

Young women have gone to Australia for other duties and never come back. It is probable that they were pretty young women given protection visas for no provable reason at all. Lesbians activists do not need a reason. 

The day will come when young girls are given protection visas as they claim to the lesbians that they are afraid of their father. It is all part of the lesbian anti-family, anti-father, anti-traditional marriage and anti-faith.

Immigration lesbians are involved in trafficking young women who may have fallen into the hands of criminal lesbians and been unable to return. They seem to have disappeared in Australia.

If investigation begins they may be killed and their bodies disposed of. There is a criminal element among lesbian activists.

Papua New Guinea is poised to legalize gay and lesbian sex. This will increase the trafficking of young women at the hands of lesbian immigration officers.

Hitler blamed Jews for all problems of Germany. Jews lost World War 1 that the Germans were winning. They caused the Great Depression. They molested young German girls. 

The foreign lesbians blame violent men for all the problems of Papua New Guinea. They ignore lesbian domestic violence and violence of mothers to small children.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


National sovereignty is fantasy. One World Government is fascist. Foreign gays and lesbians will be the new Gestapo.

There are people who are concerned that the PNG Government is being financially punished by the UN, USA, Australia, World Bank and European Union for blocking the gay and lesbian legislation four years ago. This is an attack on family.

Already Australia has punished the nation by cutting down on aid funding for the National HIV/AIDS response. This is the neighbour of Papua New Guinea. Great neighbour. 

We have witnessed the past Prime Minister of Great Britain Cameron threatening the countries of the British Commonwealth at a CHOGM conference with economic sanctions if gay and lesbian legislation is not passed by their governments. African nations responded most negatively.

Some people refer to Revelation 13 : 16 that nations may not buy or sell regardless of being small or great, rich or poor unless they receive the mark of the beast. 

Now it is time for Papua New Guinea to receive the mark. Let foreign paedophiles run free in the community.

Friday, 23 September 2016


This is a legislation for foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles.

In The National newspaper yesterday came the first public statement that changes were on the way to the Marriage Act and Rights of Women at the hands of one Dr Buchanan of UN Women and Dr Kwa most well known for his work on sorcery violence.

Only two years ago, the nation was told by the Head of UN Women that sorcery killing was gender violence. That was rubbish. 

We only have to count the numbers of men and women killed in sorcery violence. Now Kwa is thanking the Head of UN Women for the good advice over the years.

But in the same news report we read of legislations in place for changes to the Marriage Act. Enquiries among church friends revealed that gay and lesbian marriage legislation is on its way and nothing can be done to stop the inevitable.

It was once explained to me by Dame Carol Kidu that any changes to the Marriage Act have to be supported by the Marriage Committee consisting of clergy of various churches. 

Did the Marriage Committee give support or have the clergy been quietly removed and replaced?

Legalization of Gay and Lesbian Marriage will have far reaching consequences as in other countries. It gives freedom to the expatriate paedophiles who will flock into the country to have sex with children. 

Gay and lesbian sex lifetyle will become required study in school curriculum. Children will be taught that gay and lesbian lifestyle is a beautiful option regardless of gut parasites and damaged anuses.

There will also be a legislation to permit the foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles to adopt PNG children and take them out of the country. The Russian parliament or Duma has just banned foreign adoptions.

There will be pressure on churches to allow gay and lesbian studies in church schools and clergy to be gay or lesbian. 

Now we can see the rise in the militance of those foreign lesbians making false statements about violence of men. The gay and lesbian legislation will also be anti-family, anti-faith, anti-parents and anti-men, gay and paedophile men excepted.

This is a legislation for foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles. It is the next step in sexual imperialism in the South Pacific.

Thursday, 22 September 2016


I have been talking to a good friend from the Department for Community Development and showed her the report below. She read the report and said that I should not generalize on PNG men and women.

I told her that my point in writing was to oppose the generalizations by foreign lesbians that (1) all PNG men are violent and (2) all PNG women are abused.

Many PNG men are kind and loving fathers and husbands. Many PNG women are kind and loving mothers and aunties. I pointed out that PNG is being blasted by grossly false lesbian propaganda from overseas.


In PNG culture, there is a belief that if many people tell the same false story, it becomes true. Foreign lesbians have adopted this about violence of men and abuse of women. The abuse of children is mainly at the hands of mothers and aunties.

I become very tired of the massive hoax being perpetrated against Papua New Guinea men by foreign advisors working to an alien agenda of sexuality.

There is a high percentage of men violent to women in this country. The family situation in this country is very murky and full of trouble between men and women. It is full of deceit and lies. Telling lies is very much a part of Papua New Guinea culture. 

Women are the expert liars. They tell lies on uncheckables. A parent may assume that because a daughter wore her school uniform, asks for lunch money and bus fare money that she is going to school. 

She is really going to spend the day with her boy friend. She will become a very tricky woman to some innocent man. 

There was one man married to a PNG women who was out of work. The family had no money except the pay of the wife who worked at the Airways Hotel. But she told the husband that he could credit money from a lady in her village. 

For K150 there would be K50 interest paid in one week. It took a while for the man to realize that the wife was crediting to him out of her own pay. 

So he gave money to her and her children each day for bus fare, lunch and food each night. And she was getting her pay back with interest each week. It was almost uncheckable.

A woman may come to a care centre crying that her husband had bashed her. She had bruises on her body. This is an uncheckable as the fact is that she bashed her husband with a piece of wood and he was defending himself.

The situation may now get worse with the Government legislations focused on violence of men. Women now realize they can be violent to their husbands, go out drinking alcohol and home brew, go out with other men and misuse family money. 

If the husband retaliates with violence, the woman can go to the police with an uncheckable claim. Violence from women is a fact of life in this country.

The woman does not have to be in the house at all times looking after family. She can come and go as she likes and refuse to tell her husband where she has been.

She can rightly or wrongly accuse her husband of sex with other women. She may bash or stab other women. The prisons of Papua New Guinea are full of women serving long sentences for attacking or killing other women.

Many PNG women are bad ladies. If they work in a job, they will never tell their husbands how much pay they receive nor what day is pay day. They can refuse to contribute money to the house keeping. Her money can be for beer, mobile phones, cigarettes, cards and bingo.

If all of this ends in violence, the woman can run to the police to seek the husband's arrest. She can run to foreign lesbians seeking to be recorded as a victim of domestic violence. 

She may now seek a Protection Visa to live in Australia. That is the big hoax to come at the hands of Australian lesbians. They can even get visas for their PNG lady lovers. 

There is a real corrupt avenue here for illegal residence in Australia. Have the lover get a husband then run to seek protection. Good trick ...... and uncheckable.

The foreign lesbians must be very proud of the bad women of Papua New Guinea. Most foreign lesbians are bad women too.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Post Courier 22 September 2016

There is a report in the media today of a man John Goimba who lost his wife to a protection order from Australia. He says she went to Australia for a week-long sports conference and never came back.

It seems that the whole matter stinks. She was not seeking refugee status from a hostile government. She was granted a protection order on her own say so. The refugees on Manus could never do that. 

There will be a spate of protection visas from PNG women from this time. Australian Immigration would laugh if a PNG man wanted a protection visa from his wife.

Papua New Guinea is not a hostile country. Did this woman present any PNG police, welfare or Court documents to support her case? It just seems that she liked Australia and wanted to stay.

It seems that this is the work of the immigration and foreign affairs lesbians once again setting up fake statistics to support the violence of men in this country.

They want to be able to say that the domestic violence is forcing PNG women out of their country. The lesbian writing the Post Courier editorial said just that today.

These protection matters should be handled through the Department for Community Development. It is just a case of colonial lesbian arrogance. There seems to be a new lesbian Australian Foreign Affairs push in recent weeks. They think the UN lesbians are failing.

This country has suffered from this for over a decade with the AusAID gays and lesbians come to insert a paedophile agenda into the AIDS campaign.

Maybe the man John Goimba should forget his wife. She seems not to be fit as a mother and a wife.

My daughters' mother walked away from them and me in 1998. Then she came back to Port Moresby but my elder daughter refuses to give her food or money. Perhaps she should get a protection order from the Australian High Commission and move to Australia.


Based in part on the Papua New Guinea schools Personal Development course.

Every person on the planet needs family from where they can seek love, caring, food, shelter, protection, values, cultural identity, education and eventually an independent lifestyle.

All people need family. That is all boys and girls including lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT). Many of them live happily among their extended family. 

Everyone in the family knows John is a girly-girly but he fits well into a loving family. He likes to cook, sew, play volley ball and talk to the girls. He is happy. He has a private sex life but that is quietly ignored by the family. It has been that way for hundreds of years.

But the foreign paedophiles do not want that. They want John to come to town and live with a white man. They want LGBT young people to leave their families and live on the streets in the capital city. They can go to night clubs and meet expatriate paedophiles. Hence Makoma.

That is why UNAIDS opposes FAMILY. They want the kids out of families. Straight kids can go to heterosexual paedophiles. LGBT kids can go to gay and lesbian paedophiles. There is a bed for them all if they are pretty.

Most foreign paedophiles live in high rise apartments with security guards at the gate who can block any angry families come to retrieve their young person.


Post Courier 21 September 2016

Does this mean that the United Nations will refuse to work in Morobe Province if the churches and Government are working together? 

Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has called on the three tiers of Government in the province to work in partnership with the churches to deliver basic services to the community.

He said that in places where there no sign of Government services, the churches are there. He said the establishment of the church and Government partnership is the way forward to deliver services effectively.

Bulolo MP Sam basil said the churches had done a tremendous job in the areas of spiritual and physical growth of the people.

Comment: The United Nations has not worked with schools or churches because of the anti-family and anti-faith agenda of the United Nations. 

Government supports schools but schools have a course in Personal Development that focuses on Family, Rights and Responsibilities. The United Nations does not accept this because of the gay and lesbian agenda. So too the Australian High Commission.

There would be a wonderful opportunity for the United Nations to work with church teachers' colleges but there is deep reluctance to do so. 

Let the United Nations work with Balob and Simbu teachers' colleges. Let them tell the student teachers about the violence of men and the dictatorships of family and churches. Let them show all the fake studies on violence of men. 

They would not dare let teachers read their paedophile manuals. There is so much that is false information with fake statistics. 

Where did the editorial of the Post Courier get the study that 90% of PNG women have faced some from of violence on public transport? Explain to the teachers how the survey was conducted. The Post Courier wants to win the UNAIDS awards. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


The National 21 September 2001

Teachers may know more on gender equality than foreign lesbians. They have a purity of purpose as professional teachers. Foreign lesbians have a hidden foreign purpose of changing the make-up of modern society without PNG consent.

A course on Gender Based Violence (GBV) has been conducted through the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby with Gender Consultant Susan Ferguson. It was called SASA.

The group photograph in the newspaper showed a basic flaw in the training. It was a course for only women. This marks the course as having a lesbian agenda that focuses on violence of men and abuse of women.

There appeared to be no representatives of churches or schools. The teachers of this country have been promoting gender equality in the Personal Development lessons for many years and have undoubtedly had an impact on the greater body of students. There were no teachers.

Susan Ferguson stated that gender can be approached on several levels. Let us hope that the family approach is the more basic level with focus on rights, responsibilities and respect between husbands, wives and children.

Let us hope that the Australian Foreign Affairs has not gone back to promoting lesbian supremacy in competition with the lesbians of the United Nations.

Gender starts in the home. It continues in the church and schools. Australian High Commission officers have to recognise that.

Gender awareness involves men and women. It is not good enough for groups of women to be gathered together and told about violent men. Perhaps the hidden agenda is to provoke confrontation between husbands and wives. The gender violence training has a self fulfilling prophecy.

Are men excluded from this course because of certain confidential components that exclude men? Not good.

Bruce Copeland BA BEdSt (Queensland)
Teacher of Personal Development
Advisor in HIV/AIDS awareness

Monday, 19 September 2016


Family Positive Living is my key contribution to this planet.

I have never seen myself as a strong Christian and have always tended to allow my sins to build up and never leave me. I believe in God and am convinced that all of creation is the work of a supreme being. Please click:

May 28, 2012 - We agreed that God is behind all creation. entire universe is so ...

Jul 17, 2011 - If you are anti-faith, anti-family, anti-men, anti-God, anti-marriage, ..
men made up false stories that say that men can only lie with women.

I find much in the Bible that confuses me. Jesus says that we must not commit adultery. Yet the primary scribe in the Old Testament King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. How can we tell PNG men that adultery is a sin?

We are told we must not kill. Yet in the Old Testament there were rulers who sent out armies in the name of God to kill every man, woman and child. The so-called Islamic State does that.

I do not go to church in PNG but see myself as a sinner who has fallen far short of the glory of God. I support faithfulness in marriage and oppose the adultery advocated by foreign advisors in this country.

Yet I committed adultery in leaving my marriage in Australia. I make no excuse as I have done wrong but do not know how to rectify the situation. I can never abandon my two PNG daughters.

I support FAMILY and have been amazed over the last 15 years to have been hated and vilified by expatriate Australians even those I have never met. It is obvious that they all belong to the same sexuality group.

I have some comfort from the Beatitudes in Matthew 5: 3-10  " Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them."

I have always trusted my own intellect rather than depend on faith. This is a fault of human nature. I may never change.

In promoting Family Positive Living, I have relied on my own sense of right and wrong that may well have come from my early faith. 

There was the vague thought that this was God's will but it was not my key motivation. I would still not turn away from the message not for all the paedophiles in the world.

Looking back over 15 years of persecution, I have the distinct feeling that I have been protected... by God? Why should I be protected? What about the refugees who have suffered in the Middle East and all those who have died throughout the ages?

I have faced danger from people who hated me but have remained safe. In 2005, I survived a plot to kill me at the hands of criminal AIDS sufferers who wanted to steal our care centre. 

I was protected by a person who arrived at the point that I would have been set up to be killed. The key activist is now dead. Please click.


Australian advisors tried to destroy the family message of AIDS Holistics but were unable to do so. They wanted me deported from Papua New Guinea but many good men and women in Government quietly stood with me.

I was protected by officers of the Department for Community Development against false accusations of molesting my daughters. Key hate activists are now dead. 

I do not believe that God protects people by killing their persecutors. But key activists have died. Perhaps their lifestyle killed them. 

But now in 2016, the hateful paedophile attack on PNG family is now all but dead. It may arise again but now the churches have retaken ownership of the message. It belonged to God anyway.

I trust that God will protect this nation from the hatred of foreign paedophiles. The success in promoting Positive Living may be gauged by the extent of the hatred against AIDS Holistics. 

Our message has no secrets. Any poison from the paedophiles on internet will be placed immediately on our blog for all to read. There is nothing to hide. The foreign paedophiles make no signed response to the community. They communicate by anonymous hate mail.

They know that their message will bring immediate community revulsion. How can they describe the gay love in the screams and cries of a boy whose anus is being torn open by a large penis of a gay man or a fist?

Let them tell the community of the joy of licking anuses and eating faeces laden with gut parasite eggs.

We must have got it right. Otherwise our enemies would have ignored us as fools. But they attacked us with deadly ferocity. They must have had something to hide. We got it all perfectly correct.

I came to my own conclusion on the words of St Paul that homosexuality is an abomination. I know that the anus is meant to open by gentle pressure from the inside not be forced open and damaged from the outside. Anal sex and anal fisting are an abomination.

I am a sinner doing God's will. Please God bless my families in Australian and Papua New Guinea.

Sunday, 18 September 2016


United Nations lesbians - just shut up. You are not fit.

In the Editorial of the Post Courier today 19 September 2016, there is another fake report from the United Nations. This time it is from Unifem aka Antifam aka UN Women.  Activist Elizabeth Cox brought UN Women into disrepute.

The editorial today states that in 2014, there was a survey done by UN Women that found that 90% of PNG women have suffered some form of violence on public transport. What does some form of mean? This is all part of lesbian slippery statistics. 

Reports show that 2000 women are bashed in the home and elsewhere. What does and elsewhere mean? It could mean in the entire world. Or the South Pacific? Or wherever. Slippery unprovable lesbian statistics.

I have been ill in recent years and found it necessary to use public transport most of the time. 

In 10 years I have seen one man drag his wife off a bus and another steal a bag from a woman passenger. But then my elder daughter told me a man was fondling her breasts when she was 14 years old. That is a long way from 90% of women. 

It is unfortunate that the lesbian activists in the United Nations and elsewhere are liars. They have to turn the present into a violent fantasy to fit into their ideological fakery. 

It may be that there is a women on the Post Courier writing fake reports on the editorial. I do recall journalist Nellie Setepano who loved fake lesbian reports from the past.

Most buses in this country are peaceful places where people sit quietly and men give up their seats to women. 

Many lesbian women have got used to the luxury of a UN apartment and vehicle. They feel the need to present fake statistics to justify their continued employment. 

They have been appointed by being lesbian and have little else. They have to pretend they have enormous investigative skills. They have to say that sorcery killing is gender based. 

They have to say that markets are full of gender violence. They have to say that Buka men rape their wives and Bougainville is full of gender violence. It is all fantasy to keep a lesbian in work. 

Once they start a fake story going, they have to keep it going. It is difficult when the evidence is not there. How many women have died in sorcery killing compared to men? 

How have the 58% of Bougainville men been sexually abused as children as revealed in the fake intimate partners study? What details did the Buka men give on raping their wives? What kinds of violence occur on buses? 

What percentage of young girls are abused by expatriate lesbians? What percentage of young boys have damaged anuses from fisting by gay men? Sorry that is quite confidential.

Is a child working in a family trade store involved in child labour? Where does most child labour occur in Papua New Guinea? Has the UN reported this to the police? Has trafficking of women stopped in the Sepik vanilla trade?

Is paedophile sex child labour? Do paedophiles take an injured boy to hospital for a damaged anus? Or does the paedophile just dump him on the street?

There has to be a UN Women woman keeping watch over markets. That will be 57 women for 57 markets. Of course, I will have to be the coordinator and make reports of the deteriorating situation for women and girls. We are facing a gender crisis in markets. Liar.

So PNG has to be painted as a violent and primitive place where women are always in fear of violence or rape. This is just not reality. What do you think Roy Trivedy and friend? Were you tricked on gender violence by the lesbians?


The AIDS pandemic became a world issue from the 1980s and was seen as a gay plague. The gays and lesbians took ownership, provided their own censored community awareness and took over major care groups.

In the 1990s, AIDS became an issue in Papua New Guinea. The Howard Government sent a contingent of advisors on advice from medical consultant Burnet.

It was like a quote from Scripture. People asked for fish and got snakes (Matthew 7 : 9-10). PNG asked for AIDS support and got paedophiles on boomerang aid. This was a major mistake of the Howard Government that still echoes today.

Australian paedophiles saw the opportunity to insert a gay and lesbian agenda at Australian taxpayers' expense. This was a military operation like bombing North Vietnam. 

The first step was to seek and destroy the enemy. But the enemy in Papua New Guinea was the FAMILY and FAITH.

This is a conservative nation just made independent with culture interspersed with missionary Christian faith. All this had to be destroyed. The first step was to count the enemy guns.

A slogan was made public telling people to use a condom when they koap. This horrified the PNG community with its vulgarity. It was like telling people to use condoms when they fuck. Churches objected. Count the guns 1....2....3....4...

Now the bombing of North Vietnam could start. The care group AIDS Holistics had been secretly banned in 2002 by the paedophiles for promoting FAMILY and FAITH. The next step was to damage the church and family authority among the children.

This was done with the supposed African gospel group Makoma sponsored by Goodman Fielder. This company must share responsibility for the problems caused.

Makoma put the Port Moresby children into a frenzy. It was like the Beatles coming to town 50 years ago. Kids desperately wanted to go to see Makoma perform.

But the Australian paedophiles had one more bombshell to drop on churches and families. The concerts were to be held in night clubs and children could attend with expatriate paedophiles drinking at the bar and eyeing the pretty young girls and boys. 

Church leaders and parents objected strongly, falling into the baited paedophile trap. The kids wanted to go to nightclubs !!! FAMILY was under attack. The paedophile defence was provided by a lazy incompetent AusAID Fijian media advisor Morvono. 

She made her first and last media statement in 2 years, telling the community that they were foolish as Jesus had preached in nightclubs. She got that from the Fijian lesbian bible.

Goodman Fielder did not distance themselves from all this which raises serious questions as to their motives. It seems that they were the enemy too.

In the end the furore was so great that the nightclub venues were cancelled. The main concert was to be held at the Country Club some 15 kilometers out of town. 

Large numbers of children walked through the night on country roads. Many would have gone without their parents' permission. This was the attack on FAMILY by the paedophiles. Children had RIGHTS. The paedopiles told them that.

Then a further concert was held during the day in the stadium which is what it should have been from the beginning. FAMILY and FAITH won that round.

But the Australian paedophiles lost in the end. The Makoma incident marked the beginning of the end. It started a generation of children on their focus on nightclubs. Within two years, the Australian Support Group was gone. So too, much of the boomerang aid.

Within another 4-6 years, most Australians were gone, removed by Prime Minister Kevan Rudd. Now the focus is allowed to be on FAMILY, RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES

The churches and care groups still have problems as the paedophiles have not gone. They are hiding behind the high fences of their high commissions and UN agencies with fingers of the donor buttons.

Friday, 16 September 2016


The United Nations is failing from the influence of the invisible government of the western gays, lesbians and paedophiles

Over  the last 40 years, I have been a teacher of modern history from grades 10 to 12. A topic has always been the failure of the League of Nations in 1939.  

It was due to the inability to confront Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The cries of occupied nations were ignored.

Now we are in a new era. I find that the United (soft target) Nations is on the brink of failure. It is because of the overpowering influence of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in world nations.

Nations are being alienated particularly the Moslem countries. So the United (soft target) Nations appeals to perhaps only 50% of world nations. It is governed from New York.

We read that nations such as Pakistan and Nigeria have evicted family care organizations of the UN and organizations such as Save the Children and Medecin Sans Frontieres. 

PNG citizens may well recall the reports on Save the Children in the Eastern Highlands conducting a gay and lesbian survey among young school children. 

It had been a world practice as witnessed in Massachusetts and Eastern Highlands schools to have children identify themselves as gay or lesbian from early childhood. Massachusetts schools had Gay and Lesbian Appreciation Days. Please click:

"Gay Day" at a Massachusetts high school - MassResistance

Mar 2, 2009 - "Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Appreciation Day" at a ... Newton North HighSchool, in Newton, MA held a school-wide "Gay Lesbian ...

This is criminally unprofessional. Kids go through a stage of adolescent growth of same sex love which they grow out of as they mature as teenagers. 

Paedophile teachers must not confuse them. In Massachusetts, gay and lesbian teachers blamed student suicide on homophobia in the community. 

It was probably more the inability of young students to face being forced to come out as gay or lesbian in front of the rest of the school. Teachers set up a confrontation situation among the kids. That carried over to the United Nations in New York.

It is the gay and lesbian message that is carried against FAMILY and FAITH. The United Nations is dictating opposition to family relations. They want our kids on the street not in the home or church. Please click:


It is hoped that our recent blog reports will be read across the world. We ask whether or not other developing nations have suffered from the gay and lesbian tricks pushed on Papua New Guinea. 


AIDS Holistics has been in business for 14 years and has become a respected and widely read source of information on Positive Living. 

But we have also become deeply aware of the activities of the invisible government in Papua New Guinea consisting of foreign and national paedophiles. They plan to infiltrate and take over health, welfare, legal, police, education and public housing.

But AIDS Holistics has been attacked for a long time. Firstly the community was told that the founder of Positive Living was a violent child molester. That went on until 2016 but stopped with the death of senior paedophile Jeffrey Nape. 

Over recent years the focus has changed to the message that AIDS Holistics was a spy organization. But we see ourselves as the close supporters of the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Australia. Please click:

aids holistics is a spy organization - family positive living - aids holistics

Aug 18, 2016 - A common theme among foreign and national paedophiles is that AIDS Holistics is a spy organization. The community at large involved with ...

We did not intend to become the enemy of so many paedophiles here and overseas.  We seem to have become the national watchdog.

We warned the community 14 years ago that the AIDS agenda was gay and lesbian with a focus on rights of women and girls, violence of men and condoms. The agenda is still in place.

We warned that most of the AusAID advisors were homosexual and paedophile. We were punished by being banned and denied all funding to the present day. 

The senior paedophiles moved across to the United (soft target) Nations where they still work today and are part of the paedophile invisible government of Papua New Guinea. 

They plan to take over this nation in years to come starting with the Department for Community Development. We are watching the work of UNESCO carefully in Community Development.

We are not a  spy organization. If so, we would be the only spies to post our reports on internet. The PNG Government is reading. 

Only recently after our blogs on fake UN reports, there was an official Government statement in the media that foreign consultants must be monitored to ensure that they support the Departments to which they were contracted. We are being read.

But the paedophile issue has become hot overseas. We read in the media of refugee children being taken by the thousands in the Middle East. We read of the Taliban sending pretty young boys to kill paedophile senior officers in the Afghanistan police and military.

We have cornered paedophile UNAIDS like a trapped rat. The paedophile agenda of UNAIDS is so painfully obvious and well known in the community. Even the UN coordinator Trivedy and young friend seem unable to do anything. Perhaps they have gone back to New York.

We are all aware of the UNAIDS advice that FAMILY and FAITH are not relevant in modern society. There has been silence from UNAIDS that demonstrates guilt of paedophile activists.

In Papua New Guinea, grass roots paedophiles go to prison. Senior paedophiles are given national awards.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


The HIV/AIDS campaign in Papua New Guinea started in 2001. It was begun by a group of Australian advisors who focused on condoms and rights of women. 

The penny did not drop for many of us until we began to realize that the nation was having a gay and lesbian agenda pushed on the community.

The first group to make a move was AIDS Holistics in promoting Positive Living. This raised anger among the Australian advisors who claimed that the message was false and was killing people living with HIV/AIDS.

In 2004-2006, AIDS Holistics started a column in The National which ran for two years with 160 issues. It was popular with people stating that our column started the process of a focus on FAMILY, RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES.

But we suffered massive harassment from the Australian advisors and the small boys working in the AIDS building. The word was spread that the founder was a violent child molester.

But the column was stopped by The National in about 2006 for unknown reasons. But then another avenue was opened with a blog on Geocities that continued the Positive Living message and attracted 600,000 hits across the world in 5 years. Positive Living was a new message.

But the Dr Ambi filled in the gap with her column on mental health. This gracious lady has taught the community how to live in peace. She is a good friend.

Then in 2009, I started a column with the Sunday Chronicle to the joy of many friends who bought the newspaper to read the Positive Living column. That went for 6 months until abruptly stopped. 

The editor Sam Vulum said that a journalist Tereni Kens had told the owner that the founder of AIDS Holistics was a spy working for foreign organizations. 

That was a regular claim made by the foreign paedophiles. But then there were Governments overseas that were undoubtedly reading the reports particularly of the invasion of Australian gays and lesbians. 

Prime Minister Kevan Rudd was a regular reader and undoubtedly used the information on the blog to remove large numbers of Australian consultants who had set up systems of boomerang aid.

But the health education process we started has never stopped. The Port Moresby General Hospital had an excellent health column in The National on all aspects of healthy living.

Now the Post Courier has started a column by a specialist doctor that started last week with a column on breast cancer. Already another doctor has disagreed with him.

I am very proud that AIDS Holistics started the ball rolling 10 years ago. Our message has not changed. It seems that the focus on healthy living is still centred on clean water, rest, exercise, fruit and vegetables. 

There are advisors now speaking on cancer. The way to lessen the risk of cancer is clean water, exercise, fruit and vegetables. 

To my knowledge, we have never made a mistake on health matters. We lead the nation with a focus on the attack of the HIV virus on the small intestine or gut.

Our second blog started in 2010 and has had a sedate success. There are almost 200,000 hits across the world with 59,000 in 6 years from Papua New Guinea. We have no idea of who in Papua New Guinea is reading our blog. 

But the Positive Living message is the foundation for health care across the world. We did not invent the message but put together insights and information from every possible professional source.