Friday, 31 January 2014


We must all be so careful about medication for TB. We have to take the same medicine daily. If we do not we suffer the danger of the TB virus becoming immune to our medication. Please click:

Grace may have suffered the same after being taken away from treatment and dying within 5 weeks. She was in her fifth month of TB treatment. Please click:

The problem is that there are drug resistant strains of TB in the world which may also be spreading through PNG and the Pacific. Please click:

Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is defined as tuberculosis that is
resistant to at least isoniazid (INH) and rifampicin (RMP), the two most powerful ...
Extensively drug-resistant TB

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Selamat datang kepada teman-teman dari Indonesia.
Ini website tentang Positive Living dengan HIVÁIDS.

Kalau kena penyakit HIV jangan kwatir. Anda bisa tinggal
lama kalau ikuti cara hidup positif tersebut.

Tinggal dengan senang dalam keluarga. Minum air yang
bersih. Makan buah-buahan yang segar dan mentah dan
sayor-sayoran. Ramah tamah dengan teman teman.

Jangan merokok dan minum minuman keras. Berjalan
kaki setiap hari. Jangan berikan penyakit kepada orang
orang lain. Mendapat obat obatan ARV dan makan itu
setiap hari. Jangan lupa.

Berdoa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Selalu tergantung
pada Tuhan.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


My secret fear was that Grace may have suffered from drug resistant TB. This form of TB is present in this country and may spread in years to come.
That is why I was patient with her anger and frustration. She may have suspected drug resistance too. It may explain why she started smoking as she felt she would not survive.
At the fifth month point, she did not seem to have improved in health. As her carer I watched her carefully week by week.
She was most afraid of being rejected which I had never done. She was ripped out of my care by her father who did not care for her but allowed her to die five weeks later.
If she committed suicide, I can not face thinking of her sinking in her spirit alone. I was not there to support her. Grace's death will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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Monday, 27 January 2014


Grace's father could have made peace. It was his brutal bashing that broke Grace's relationship with her husband. It horrified the family and neighbours.

It took me about two months for the pain to subside after being knocked down by two drunken policemen and punched in the head. Please click:

Grace could not come back by herself as she was probably ashamed and afraid of the anger of my family. Her father could have brought her back with apology.
He could have invited my family to a mumu at his house with a dozen chickens cooked. I would have bought the beer.
But this scumbag copper did nothing like that. He had neglected his daughter all her life and he did not stop. She died 5 weeks after leaving her husband. His daughter Gani refused to divulge where her sister was.
It was in the hands of the father to mend the damage he did in his drunken fury. But he did nothing at all to help a daughter on the verge of suicide. Then she died.

Friday, 24 January 2014


The last 3 months have been the worst of my life at the hands of a false hate campaign by house stealers. They tried to steal a house by destroying every aspect of the personhood of the caretaker.
They had no proof but spread the word that I was HIV positive and a killer of women by infecting with HIV virus. They did not need proof. What if someone had killed me? Who is going to arrange an AIDS test on a corpse.
These house stealers Alan and Cathy Baragu could cause massive damage if they used the same hate approach in any organization. They would just start a rumour going. Who is to say where it came from?
Pastor has sex with small boys and girls. He has a warrant of arrest in Australia.
Managing Director is a wife basher. He has had many wives and looks for sex with girls.
General Manager is banned from many countries because he is mentally ill.
Security Officer is HIV positive. He infects boys.
These false stories could be spread among workers, clients and the business community. The victims could be damaged as they do not know where the stories came from and who started the hate campaign.
They may have their contracts terminated. This was the aim of the attack in the first place. Hate campaigners should not be employed in any organization.

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

Thursday, 23 January 2014


I have two daughters dearly loved but who have caused me worry all their lives. They were never where I thought they would be.
Younger daughter went to stay with a friend over 16 months ago and came home with a 19 year old girl who she said was her best friend.
Best friend stayed and brought light to our family. She had her own family problems but brought peace and laughter to my house. She was clever at fixing problems on my computer.
Daughters adopted her as their step-sister who by default became my step-daughter. Her mother was happy with the arrangement.
Then Grace came into our lives and welcomed by all including step-daughter. But she was not comfortable with her and soon became unfriendly.
I did not know what to do. I was coming to love them both. I suggested that step-daughter go back to her family. My daughters were unhappy with this and unhappy with Grace.
Then we moved into the new house and came to meet the house stealers Alan and Cathy Baragu. Grace became even more hostile with step-daughter who moved out rather than cause problems.
The cause was that the house stealer woman had told Grace that step-daughter was my secret wife. On the night of Grace's hysteria, she was told that she was being sent to the village so that I could take step-daughter as new wife.
The house stealer wife sowed trouble in every relationship in my family. She did not leave it there. The step-daughter became very ill. The house stealers told me that it was because I had raped her and she was HIV positive.
The family must have been told because the brother wanted to kill me. But medical tests showed other causes. I am HIV negative to start with and a loving step-father.
Now she is at home but still ill.  I have just taken her a plastic of fruit and some money. Hostility sowed by Cathy Baragu has gone. The mother welcomed me.
Grace is dead. But my daughters and I still love Stephanie. The house stealer woman is a trouble maker and liar. She sits in her room now without speaking to me. There are no more accusations and fake phone calls to police and Immigration.
"Will you please hurry and arrest this mentally ill white man. He is harrassing my family. We have no peace while we are looking after this house."

I hope to have Stephanie study at a business college soon. A certificate in computers seems to be a good start.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Before reading this report, please open the report below to see the circumstances of the last night of my life with Grace.
She thought I was kicking her out by sending her to the village with K400. I had planned to send fortnightly money by mobile phone until she was ready to come back. Her health was not improving. Please click:
She started screaming and crying that I was abusing her. That was not true. She said I was kicking her out with no money.

She had just come from the room of the house stealer woman. The house stealing woman was always sabotaging our relationship and causing trouble. Please click:

Then she was talking and crying on the phone to her father. She always said she hated her father for his neglect and abuse as a child. He had taken her first daughter and would not give her back.
Grace was always in grief at the loss of her daughter. She would go out to the family house at Bomana to see her daughter only when her father was at work. Now she is talking to him on the phone and crying.
Did she ring him or did he ring her? If he rang her, it was in response to a call from the house stealer with the plan to have Grace removed. He had never rung her before. He came to the house 20 minutes later drunk with another policeman, bashed me and took Grace. Please click:


She did not take her clothes nor TB medicine. I never saw her again and she died 5 weeks later. If the house stealer knew the father's phone number, it supports the boastful claim that the father was being regularly (and criminally) informed by the house stealers with false reports of violence to Grace.
The house stealers claim to own 15 rental houses. If the father can confirm that he was being falsely told of violence by the house stealers, he should seek compensation from the house stealers.
They have the money to pay. They deliberately pushed Grace away from TB treatment by false reports to the father. The father should be ashamed that he allowed his daughter to die without checking. Let him take that guilt to his grave.
Grace did not deserve to be killed by her drunken father and murdered by house stealers. Her anger against her husband was regularly provoked by the house stealing woman to make the caretaker live alone and easier to remove from the house they planned to steal. Please click:


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Other regular clients are Brazil, India and Canada,
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Monday, 20 January 2014


Who says there is no perfect murder? Just live in Papua New Guinea and kill a chronically sick person. Then blame the carer.
It was not my plan but I have looked after two women who died in the last 10 years. Their course to death was identical at the hands of vicious and foolish people.
Linda died of AIDS with our son Jonathan in 2002. I cared for her over three years of increasing hell of dementia and violence. She would not let me tell the family being afraid her sisters-in-law would spread the story far and wide.
Against better judgment, I kept the secret not realizing that as she lost weight, I would be blamed by her family. This was the opportunity for AusAID lesbian advisor Cox to tell Linda's family that the Positive Living message was fake and she was being abused.
The family took Linda away and did not let me see her again. She was sent to Madang with the plan to seek another white man. But she died of AIDS six months later.
I was not allowed to attend her funeral at the risk of violence. Only 3 years ago, the family invited me to the headstone ceremony but I declined to go. Pain was still deep.
Linda's death was inevitable. This was not the era of free ARV drugs and she lived for 11 1/2 years after infection by my calculation. I came on the scene at the 8 year point.
She said she was HIV negative after giving blood at her work place but the Blood Bank did not advise of her HIV status.
Twelve years later, I met Grace whom I loved dearly. But two months into our relationship I found her cough was TB.
Eight months later after loving care and treatment at a private hospital, she was taken from me by her father without her medication. She died 5 weeks later.
I was not advised of her death and did not attend her funeral at Kemabolo village. It was because two scumbag house stealers claimed later to have been reporting to her family that she was being bashed. They wanted to remove us from the house they planned to steal.
Her foolish father was a senior police officer and accepted the word of the house stealers without checking. He took her away to her death.
Linda's death was inevitable. She was ill before the issue of free ARV drugs. Grace did not have to die but stay on her TB treatment to the end without smoking.

At the risk of being bashed again, I took 3 months supply of TB medicine to her family house at Bomana. I was treated rudely. It may be that she was never given the drugs. Strange people. They may have allowed her to smoke. That will show the white man.

Friday, 17 January 2014


President of Russia, Mr Putin has at last put the polish on the Russian law against homosexual propaganda to minors. He now refers to the focus on paedophiles. Please click:

Sochi: Vladimir Putin Warns of Action Against 'Gay Propaganda ...
1 hour ago - LONDON — Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned gay ...
said in a televised meeting with volunteers in Sochi, the BBC reported Friday.
By not referring to paedophiles, he has opened the door to a gay and lesbian backlash across the world. But the world is moving against paedophiles who have ridden on the back of the gay and lesbian campaign.

Gays and lesbians say they focus on sex above the age of consent. Paedophiles are more concerned with sex below the age of consent. Many take sex where they can above or below.
There are extreme measures being levelled against gay and lesbian sex, particularly in Moslem countries. But the gays and lesbians are partly to blame by making no stand against paedophiles in their ranks.
Education systems promote the gay and lesbian lifestyle. But the focus is paedophile. The focus in the HIV/AIDS campaign in Papua New Guinea used to be ANTI-FAMILY and paedophile. It may be that 85% of the gay and lesbian agenda is also paedophile.
They would say that the focus is on boys and girls because they are the adults of the future. They never mention that they are also seen as the lovers of tomorrow. Please click:



Thursday, 16 January 2014


Across the world and across the ages, there have been hate campaigns waged by one group against another. We all know the Nazi hate campaign waged at the hands of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels against the Jews.
He taught the German people to hate Jews and blamed them for all the ills of the German nation even the defeat in World War 1.

A recent documentary on Auschwitz showed an old German man who shot Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz and said he would do it again. Please click :

The Jews were blamed for all kinds of crimes. We may remember the German propaganda poster that showed a fat Jew about to rape a beautiful German fraulein.
As the founder of AIDS Holistics, I have suffered hate at the hands of Australian gays, lesbians and paedophiles. They followed a path of hate to stop the Positive Living family message
How best to do that? They have to show that the founder was not fit to promote Christian family values. If he focuses on family, they just have to spread the false message that he was a violent, wife beating child molester
This was led by Elizabeth Cox (now UN Women) and Stewart Watson (now UNAIDS). They had no proof and never complained to the police. It was just a false hate message.
The matter came to a head when the founder became caretaker for 3 Angels Care. The centre had been hyjacked by a small group of PLWHA thieves and tricksters. They did not want a caretaker as they said the centre belonged to them.
But their strategy of hate followed a definite path. First they rejected the caretaker as he had killed his HIV infected wife and son. They claimed he was AIDS infected. Then they watched everything he did at the centre and criticized and complained.
They then claimed he invaded their privacy. When he ignored them, they intimidated him and then complained again if he responded. When that failed they were violent to him, by having men come to bash and kill him. Please click:


That failed so they claimed he had been molesting his daughters and other children at the centre. That failed and all were kicked out by the owner. Now 3 Angels Care does not exist.

History is repeating itself at 81 Garia Street 5 Mile Port Moresby at the hands of the house stealers Cathy and Alan Baragu. They too want to hyjack and steal a house and the caretaker stands in their way. Please click:


They have tried to break him by taking his wife from him. She suffered TB and was being treated by her husband supported by Dr Mathias Sapuri. When that failed they claimed he was an AIDS carrier and killed his wife and son in 2002-2003. They told neighbours that he infected and killed women.

They criticized his every move in the house. He was even accused of pissing on the toilet seat. They threatened to have him arrested for killing his TB infected wife Grace. They claimed to have reported him to the police and Grace's father. The man bashed him. Please click:


In both 3 Angels Care and 81 Garia Street, there has been a threat to burn the house down. But the caretaker is still there just as he remained at 3 Angels Care.

The last step at 3 Angels Care was to accuse him of molesting his children and other children at the centre. That failed badly. I am now waiting for that evil accusation to be used by the housestealers as they have run out of accusations. That is why I ignore their children.

They are missing out in so much. About 3 years ago, at the same house I taught English to a 4 year old Philippino-PNG mix girl. She was so clever. We would sit at the kitchen table and talk.

On move to the Philippines at the age of 5 years, she was interviewed on TV and claimed she had been taught English by a white man. I am a skilled teacher of English, Bahasa Indonesia and Tok Pisin.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Modern business and government are starting the reassess the qualities of workers. Itr is now realized that there are people who used to be promoted who are really mentally ill. They are cruel and brutal to workers and claim to be 100% for the company.
The reality is they are 100% for themselves. We have two such people living and controlling our house. They are called psychopath.
Now that Grace is dead , the family is suffering deep regret. We all blame ourselves that we could have been more understanding to her emotional problems, particularly after the father was bashed by Grace's father.

There has never been a hint that there was any violence against Grace. It did not happen. The housestealers claim to have regularly reported to her father that she was being abused and bashed.

But we have to be aware of the secret and evil sabotage of our family by house stealers Alan and Cathy Baragu who were working to steal the house and destroy all family unity.

They are loyal to no one. They came into the house to cover a debt from the old man's son. Then they reported him to police for drug taking and pornography on his computer. He was never arrested.

The woman became friends with my step-daughter and insisted she call her aunty. But then she spread the word that I had raped her and told the family. Brothers threatened to come and kill me.

She accepted the good-will of my daughters and then claimed they had told her I was mentally ill. A young woman came to see me who suffered a stolen house.

The house stealers told her immediately to expect a Writ for Defamation. This is defamation for words she had not yet uttered. They told me the young woman said I was mentally ill.

They asked me about the work of AIDS Holistics and then used the information to tell people I was an AIDS carrier who infected women.

The Baragu house stealers show all characteristics of psychopaths. They lack the ability to show care for other people and be aware of the pain of others. They become friends with people only to find out how to control them and steal from them. They care nothing for Grace now she is dead.

The woman befriended Grace and stole her life. She manipulated the family to have Grace taken away from TB care. She may have died from having her TB medication stopped The house stealers are to blame.

They are as quiet as mice now that they find they cannot stop these website reports. They are worried about their future. How will Grace's family react to her murder? Will they be evicted from this house?

Will their car be locked in or out? How is their son reacting to the news of his parents? Will they go to gaol for their role in the death of Grace?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I had lived with Grace Gulu for 6 months before we moved to a house in 5 Mile. We suffered at the hands of two house stealers Alan and Cathy Baragu.
We had a loving relationship but she changed within two months. I know now that Cathy Baragu was poisoning her mind against me but did not know why.
She was telling Grace she was being abused. Grace had chronic TB at the time and being cared for with love. I did not understand that she wanted Grace and me out so that they could steal the house. Wife came first. The caretaker could be removed by being killed by family, gaoled or deported.
Relationships with her family became non-existent. Her father was most unfriendly and ended up on 21 October 2013 in taking her away and bashing her husband. She died 5 weeks later. Please click:

Only recently Alan Baragu filled in the jigsaw puzzle by telling the caretaker that he was violent to his wife. The Baragus had been keeping the father and police informed so he said. This was totally false as neighbours and family will testify in any Court.
Baragu and wife wanted to steal the house  and sought to destroy the relationship between the caretaker and his wife. Grace was murdered. If we had not come to 5 Mile, she would still be alive, cured of TB.
The woman claimed to have found out that Grace had admitted herself to the TB ward at POMGH. This needs to be checked. It may have been part of a murder plot to put her husband off the track.
The housestealers have told the neighbourhood that the caretaker is an AIDS carrier. They have no proof just a murder plot. Did they tell Grace's father that his daughter was HIV positive having been infected by her husband? The whole family was being tricked.
If this is so, the housestealers have committed murder and breached the HAMP Act. They had conspired to take Grace away from a man who loved her dearly to be treated by family with stigma and discrimination.
Their 22 year old son is no longer with them. Perhaps he has worked out the crime that his parents had committed in killing Grace. The Baragus should spend time in gaol for their murder of an impressionable village woman.

Monday, 13 January 2014


The issue of the house stealers at 81 Garia Street 5 mile is becoming widely known. It will not be possible for the house to be stolen and new tenants moved in. The neighbours will react quickly.
The house stealers claim only to be taking care of the house until the old man comes back. That is partly true. But the plan is to remove the white man who is caretaker and thus prevent him from paying the bills. The house stealers will pay the bills and change the lease to themselves.
But they are soon to be evicted by lock-out. They go out every day now to avoid angry gangs arriving to demand their stolen houses back. The time will come soon in which the lock to the front gate will be changed and a family of highlanders will move into their room.
Yesterday was particularly bad for the caretaker. They harrassed him so much that he had deep chest pains. This made the housestealer woman laugh and sit downstairs with her husband hoping the white man would die of a heart attack. It was planned to give him stress. Please click:

The housestealer man warned the caretaker that if they are moved out, the caretaker will be killed and the house burned. So now the housestealers are really into murder and arson.
They have already killed Grace by having her pushed away from her TB care by false reports to her father. Now they want her husband dead so that they can steal the house.
They think it is a game. Yesterday, the man chased the caretaker through the gate, shouting to the neighbours that the white man is an AIDS killer. His act is against the law.

Housestealer man Alan Baragu laughs at the caretaker for the reports on internet. He says that no one reads the reports. He misses the point. There may be a hundred aggrieved family members who would be ready to respond with violence if house stealer Baragu is found.

The reports on blog are posted to explain what has been happening to the police and legal system.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014


On the weekend, there were two young women visit my house. One was the daughter of a man who had his house stolen that he has occupied with family for 50 years. His wife died two days after they were evicted.
The other woman was the sister of an old friend who was having marriage problems. The home invaders decided they were not suitable to come to the house they planned to steal. They do not want the caretaker to have any friends at the house.
The young woman with the stolen house was immediately told she would be served a writ of summons for defamation. She had never met these creeps before. They were trying to intimidate her into running away.
But that night a series of filthy texts arrived. These were sent to her mobile phone though the SIM card was only a week old. We can only guess that the phone was left in the room and one of the house stealers entered, took the phone and dialled 777 for the number.
The texts were disgraceful. The message was that she was a prostitute and the sender was lying quietly ready to talk to her and have sex by phone. The demand was that she should leave and never come back. She was called several filthy words.
They see her as a threat to their stealing the house. As soon as she arrived, the man announced in a loud voice that she would be told I was an AIDS carrier. There is vicious craziness in these Tolai house stealers.
They seek to remove women. First they killed Grace with false advice to her father. Then the new house girl told I was an AIDS carrier. Now this young woman.
They will be kicked out soon.

Saturday, 11 January 2014


The corrupt conveyancer of National Housing Commission has stolen houses belong to the Commission and given out fake tenancy agreements or titles. Alan Baragu has pocketed thousands of kina in stolen property.
He is the one who wants to steal the house at 81 Garia Street 5 Mile. But he can not do that as I am the caretaker. He has tried to remove me by intimidation and violence. But it has not worked.
The issue of the planned theft has gone around the neighbourhood. He faces the distinct possibility of injury at the hands of neighbourhood groups if he resorts to violence against the caretaker.
Everyone knows that Baragu was bashed by a gang of Engans who had found him after he had been in hiding for several years. He was hit with a hammer and ran away through the back yard of a well known local lawyer. He owed them K45,000 on a fake title.
My daughter has a highly placed Chimbu friend who has assigned a security guard to come once a night with a group of Chimbus to check if there has been trouble and violence against me. They plan to come into the house, confront Baragu and wife and evict them.
There is a plan to be implemented soon to lock the home invaders out of the house. They are becoming frightened and now leave the house at 9am and return at 10pm.
Anyone who wants to meet them has only to come early in the morning or late at night. Stand outside and their small red vehicle will come out or go in.
There is a plan for the Chimbu securities to come into the house yard with permission of the caretaker, change the lock on the front gate and move a Chimbu family into the house invaders' room between 9am and 10pm. Any opposition will be met by the securities. The house stealers will never return.
But there is a family who has suffered from having their house stolen by Baragu and sold to other buyers with the money pocketed. They have located these criminals and are due to come. They will seek a return of the house from the National Housing Authority.
They will also advise the displaced tenants where to go to have their money returned by Baragu. They should hurry as the home invading killers will soon be leaving.

Friday, 10 January 2014


After a number of years alone with my daughters, I found a lovely woman to be part of my family. We lived in an apartment in Port Moresby. We were happy but she was had a bad temper.
She was diagnosed with chronic TB and I cared for her, taking her to a private hospital for treatment every two weeks. Grace had a hard life the result of being neglected by her father as he married a second woman and left the first wife and Grace in the village.
Grace was very loving. She would wake me in the middle of the night to ask if I loved her. I would tell her I loved her dearly. She would then go back to sleep. I had hoped that her bad temper would disappear when her TB was finished. She was at the 5th month of treatment.
We moved to a house to care for an old man who was ill and soon went overseas to seek medical treatment. But a family pushed their way into the house without permission of the old man.
It became obvious that they planned to steal the house. They had to remove me as caretaker. Step one was to remove the wife. 
The housestealer wife Cathy Baragu became friendly with Grace and they would spend hours in her room with the door shut. I now know that the woman was poisoning Grace's mind. My lovely Grace changed towards me.
She said I was abusing her. I was not giving her enough money. As a wife she had the right to much more money. She became violent towards me.
I had always suspected that the house stealing wife was the key behind her change of attitude to me. Only yesterday, the house stealer man told me that my violence towards Grace was well known by the police and her father. They had contacted them. We were being set up by the house stealers. Please click:


We were a loving couple with house stealers sabotaging our relationship by reporting to the father that Grace was being abused. He finally came and took her away on 21 October 2013 after bashing her husband.

Grace left her husband and carer and disappeared. She died somewhere 5 weeks later. She was not looked after by her family.

The house stealer woman told me that I should not worry as she was being unfaithful to me and told her that she would leave me in the new year. I do not accept this. The house stealers were covering their track to their murder of Grace.

If they had not interfered and Grace was still with me, she would be still alive. But now she is dead.

The housestealers are further covering their tracks. They have reported the supposed abuse to police and informed all that I am mentally ill. But I am not so mentally ill to have worked out clearly that Grace was deliberately murdered to allow the house stealers to take the house.

They have tried to have me killed. They told the family of our step-daughter that she was abused and raped by me. I have been told that I raped her.

A brother texted me after return from the Philippines to say that when his sister dies, I die. She had been very ill in recent months. I was to blame. But sanity has prevailed. It was again a set-up by the house stealers to remove the caretaker and steal the house.

I ask the Metropolitan Superintendant Andy Bawa to confirm with the father Chief Inspector Gulu the claim by the house stealer man Alan Baragu that he and his wife had regularly told the father that his daughter was being abused.

If they contacted the father as the man claimed he did, was the father told the white man was HIV positive and infected the man's daughter? This is satanic evil of premeditated murder. The white man is HIV negative but told by the house stealers that he is an AIDS carrier.

They are lucky that I am a white man. If a highlander, Alan and Cathy Baragu would find themselves axed into dozens of pieces of ugly fat. They still have to face families driven out of their stolen homes while Baragu was corrupt conveyancer for the National Housing Corporation.

One family forced out of their home in Hohola 2 had lost a wife and mother some weeks later. They now know where the Baragus live.

I forgive Grace for her anger and violence towards me in the final months of her life. She should not be dead. I miss her terribly.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014


A woman was tricked by house stealers who continued to tell her she was being abused by the man who loved and cared for her. She was sick with chronic TB but they told her she deserved more money.

They falsely reported to her family that she was being abused. She was taken away by her father and died 5 weeks later. It was all because the house stealers wanted to remove the man who cared for her as he was caretaker of the house they wanted to steal.

On the way home, I met the house stealer man and gave him a copy of the internet report Was Grace Murdered by House Stealers. His first response was fury and he restrained himself from bashing me. People were watching. Please click:


But he pulled himself together and told me that I was wasting my time as the police had long known of my violence to Grace. He had been in contact with the police on the matter and her father. Is that why I was bashed?

These people had started early with their plan to steal the house. The first was to remove the caretaker.

So the house stealers had been making false reports on my relationship with Grace. They had been in the house for two months. The man had already bashed his wife at our front gate, kicking her in the head. The Housing Corporation stated he had a history of bashing women.

But I treated Grace with care and love as to a person suffering from chronic TB. If there were ever a police report, I would call on Dr Mathias Sapuri who examined Grace every 2 weeks. I am sure that he would comment on my gentle love and caring.

My children would testify that Grace was given more love than she deserved. Towards the end, she was violent. Neighbours would talk of my caring and stress at losing Grace and fear that she was going to die. She died 5 weeks after leaving me.

I accuse Alan and Cathy Baragu of being responsible for the murder of Grace Gulu by deliberately making false reports on domestic violence to her father and having her taken away to her death.

If they have a report that they gave to police, I would be willing to post the report on this blog unedited. It would then be followed by several comments from Dr Sapuri, my children and neighbours.


It has been over two months since my lovely Grace died. We had been together for 9 months and had lived in the old man's house for two months before the house stealers arrived and started causing deep trouble to steal the house.
Problems arose immediately. The housestealer woman had the whole neighbourhood turn out to hear that I had told her to stop interfering in my family relationship. Grace became friendly with the woman who started to work on destroying the family life of the carer.
She told Grace that she was being abused and given little money which was her right as a wife. Grace became unhappy with me. But she was sick with TB and hardly ever left the house. I gave her K30 a day to encourage her to exercise and walk to the supermarket.
The housestealing woman constantly interfered in secret with Grace in her room telling her of her abuse. Grace became very sick and one night became hysterical and phoned her father who came and bashed me. He took Grace away and she died 5 weeks later. Please click:
The house stealing woman has shown a pattern of trying to have me removed from the house by being killed, put in gaol or deported. Then they would steal the house.
She told a house keeper to run away to avoid being infected by an HIV man. She told the family of my step-daughter that she was being abused.
If she had contacted Chief Inspector Gulu and told him of his daughter's abuse, then she is responsible for Grace's death and is a murderer. I call on Metropolitan Superintendant Andy Bawa to check with the father.
It is known that the housestealers have tried to implicate me in her death. It was raised at the abortive interview at 6 Mile Police with the AFP female officer. It is possible that she had been induced by the house stealers to arrive in time to take over the interview.


I have begun to experience deep chest pains at any time that I suffer stress. pains started the night that I was bashed by Grace's drunken father. I thought I was having a heart attack as symptoms seemed to show this. Please click:

With the departure of the old man overseas, I became caretaker of the house and hate target of the Tolai house stealers Alan and Cathy Baragu.

The question does arise as to whether or not they contacted Grace's father with false reports of abuse of his daughter. That is their style. If the father is able to show that the housestealers gave false reports, the repercussions will be massive.
I sought treatment at the Pacific International Hospital with tests that showed no heart attack but gastric reflux that could be relieved with alkaline lollies. Nevertheless the pain was excruciating.

The house stealers did not give up and continued to stress me hoping to give me a heart attack. Severe chest pains came with the death of Grace and the illness of my step-daughter.

The house stealers claimed that the step-daughter was dying from abuse. They claimed I had raped her. I was told that when she dies, I will be killed by the brothers. She has now returned to our family.

I was bashed by the Tolai man in my bedroom. This was reported to the 6 Mile Police and complaint recorded on OB 214/12 but no steps taken. There may be killing violence one day soon. The Court will be advised that the police took no action. Please click:


My daughter has a friend who has provided a body guard. I have only to contact him to report a bashing and a truck load of Chimbus will arrive to evict a family of house stealers.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


In recent weeks, the house stealers at 81 Garia Street in Port Moresby are starting to realize they are losing the plot. They seek to portray the caretaker as a murderer. Noone in the street treats them seriously any more.
The caretaker has been founder of AIDS Holistics, formed when his PNG wife and son were diagnosed as HIV positive in 2002. Out of grief came a commitment to promote Positive Living. His son would be 14 years old now. But the house stealers had other ideas.
The man Alan Baragu is a terminated officer from the National Housing Corporation who had been found to have stolen several houses in the Port Moresby area. He now has targetted a house at 5 Mile and seeks to remove the caretaker.
He claims without evidence that the founder is HIV positive and killed Linda in 2003. In the years that followed the founder cared for several people who died of AIDS at 3 Angels Care. House stealer says that the founder infected these people and let them die. Some were men. 
The woman recently sent a new house keeper running away on day one by secretly telling her that the white man was HIV positive and kills women who come to the house. She claimed that all women who come are prostitutes.
My family has adopted a young woman beloved by my daughters and their father. She has been sick in recent months. The house stealing woman says the woman is dying from violence and abuse in the house. 
She says that when the woman dies, the step-father will be killed by her brothers. The bitch has told him that he has raped her. In fact, the young woman has been sick with a woman's problem in the abdomen.
Now Grace has died of TB. These rotten creeps are telling me that I killed her. They claimed to have reported this to the CID. A fake text report advised that the death of Grace was under investigation.
It was the woman who did all the damage. She saw a happy couple living in the house with the man as caretaker. So she slowly sabotaged the relationship by telling the woman that she was being abused by not being given enough money. To get rid of the man, remove the wife first.
The woman Cathy claims to be a computer expert. She would cause trouble in any company for which she worked. She would seek to set up all expatriates with accusations of sex and intimidation with threats of deportation and gaol.
She appears to be grossly mentally ill and grossly overweight. She waddles about 100 metres a month and finds sitting her key position.
The man is a con-man and routinely tells lies. He would destroy the reputation of any company within months.
This report will get me abused, assaulted, insulted and threatened with gaol and deportation. I now have a body guard who has started to visit at night.  They have threatened to have him put in gaol for trespass. They would not dare.

Monday, 6 January 2014


I have suffered two identical hate campaigns in this country in ten years. I am HIV negative.
The first was against the Positive Living message by AusAID and UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles. They were ANTI-FAMILY and wanted to remove the family focus.
The second has been waged on a neighbourhood scale by a pair of house stealers determined to steal the house of which I am the caretaker. They want to move me out so that they can steal the right to live in the house and put a fake title from the Housing Commission.
Their strategy has been identical. The first is to destroy the credibility of the person standing in their way. The gays and lesbians said that the Positive Living message is false and the founder of AIDS Holistics is a womanizing HIV positive wife basher and child abuser.
The question does arise as to whether or not the housestealer's son is gay. There has to be a reason why they have embraced the gay and lesbian hate message.
The house stealers follow an almost identical line by telling the neighbourhood that the caretaker is an AIDS carrier who infects and kills women. This is totally false.
I have lived in my neighbourhood for 11 years and am well known. The house stealers have been here for 4 months. Their credibility is non-existent.
Both the gays, lesbians and house stealers want to see me put in gaol, deported or placed in a mental institution. Both claim I am mentally ill ...... In their dreams.
The gays and lesbians want to put a gay and lesbian infrastructure into the country with gay and lesbian education in schools. The house stealers want to steal the house from an old man who is having medical treatment overseas.
The woman in the housestealers is Cathy Baragu, a self proclaimed computer expert. She wants to take me to Court for calling her a fat ugly bitch. She says this is much worse than calling me an AIDS carrier who infects and kills women.

There really is black and white trash in this country. There is something wrong when support for people becomes the sign of mental illness.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


On the weekend, the hateful house stealers showed their evil to my daughters by screaming, shouting, ranting, raving and threatening their dad. They stay over the other side of town and arrived to do their dad's washing .... and get money.
They came right in the middle of a hate screaming match of the Baragu house stealers. They arrived with the man who was to be my security guard to protect me from the increasing violence.
The house stealers claimed they would have him gaoled for trespass. Cheeky words from a pair of home invaders.  That would be wishful thinking as he has worked as bodyguard to a politician and would mash the man who had been bashing me.
The house stealers have always presented themselves as loving parents being harrassed by a mentally ill caretaker. They even claimed that my mental illness had been told to them by my daughters.
The girls stood at the window overlooking the backyard and heard the screaming hatred. They were not pleased to hear that their dad was a parasite low life who would this week be deported after they report him to Immigration. They know of the contribution of their father to the nation over 30 years. Please click:

My daughters were not happy that this couple would be willing to destroy their family all for their own mentally unbalanced hatred and desire to steal a house.
The ugly couple have been presenting a false picture to us all. The wife had claimed to have been a computer specialist who was on leave. She still receives fortnightly pay. It seems she is unemployed perhaps the result of screaming at workers and calling the boss a liar.
They want the caretaker out of the house because he pays the old man's house bills with no strings attached. If he is deported, gaoled or put into a mental institution, there will be no one to pay the bills and the old man would be evicted. They would take the house. Creeps.

Once the security guard moves in, they will be evicted.

The woman is changing her tune. She is starting to say that they can not live with me because I swear. No-one in the neighbours has ever noticed this except her. But then she is a cruel, lying and harassing bitch ........ oops.

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Since the departure of the old man for medical treatment, the house has been taken over by housestealers with a long track record of theft of Housing Commission flats. They are becoming quite alarmed and afraid of the internet reports on house stealing.
They are calling on the police to stop what they are calling defamation by a mentally ill caretaker. They ignore that they have hit him over several months with extreme hatred and vilification. He is an HIV positive womaniser who has killed women.
They claim the old man has made them caretakers. But the old man did not do that. He is most frightened of these squatters who forced themselves into his house. He advised the caretaker never to leave the house.
They used to boast that the Minister for Housing was their uncle and would hand over the house any time they asked.
The posting of internet reports has brought violence and heightened intimidation. There is a charge at 6 Mile Police station OB 214/12 on the violence of house stealer Baragu who assaulted the caretaker in his bedroom after reading one such report.
The husband and wife plan to destroy the credibility of the caretaker by false claims in the neighbourhood that he is HIV positive and kills women. They are not concerned with the fact of life that he is HIV negative.
They claim he killed his wife Linda with AIDS in 2002. How would they know? They claimed that he killed Grace who died recently of TB.
They threaten to bash the caretaker if he comes anywhere near them. He is not to go into the back yard if they are there. The latest trick is for the man to throw water over him and threaten him with an iron rod.
They have deprived the caretaker completely of his privacy. At the same time, they scream that he has deprived them of privacy.  They have fooled an AFP female officer into banning all internet reports. She has no right to do that.
If Baragu wants to take Court action for defamation, he has only to do so. He should not hide behind police. He recently sent texts impersonating CID Konedobu with the threat of arrest on that day. They never came.
The caretaker has suffered deep heart pains as the result of extreme pressure in recent months. These creeps want to keep the pressure going so that they can steal the house. They are waiting for him to suffer a heart attack.
This man has stolen hundreds of thousands of kina in public money from the National Housing Commission in stolen houses. But he impersonated the CID police to advise that Baragu is a respected businessman.

Friday, 3 January 2014


After an eventful week avoiding the house stealers of 81 Garia Street, the caretaker received a series of text messages purportedly from the CID police division in Konedobu in Port Moresby.
The messages written in poor English advised that the caretaker was to remain at the house to be arrested on a charge of defamation of respected businessman Alan Baragu and family on the false claim of house stealing.

One text informed that the matter would not be discussed with me. It seems that my daughters had told the police that I was mentally ill.

Good try scumbags. You will still not be allowed to steal the house. The comment seems to be straight from the infertile brain of the Baragu wife Cathy.
The caretaker had disobeyed the directive of the AFP and 6 Mile police not to post internet reports on house stealing as this was causing stress to the family. I would be gaoled and deported.
Advice was also given that investigations would be made into the death of the daughter of a police officer Grace who was my wife and died of TB some two months ago. Please click:


The death of Grace was very much the work of the Baragu house stealing wife who did her best to destroy the relationship by telling Grace that she deserved more money.

She sabotaged a loving relationship to force the caretaker to move. Life was good until the Baragu family came to squat in the old man's house.

She destroyed the next woman who came to be house meri by telling her to run away as the caretaker was an HIV infected womaniser who killed women.

But the caretaker took the text messages to the 6 Mile Police station. The 2IC noted the number and phoned 70593860.

There was no response probably because I had texted to tell the anonymous fake police that their messages were on their way to the police station. The 2IC advised that this was not the work of police at CID.

It was the work of Alan Baragu making a last attempt to intimidate the caretaker and to have him run away in fear.

Impersonating a police officer is an offence. Why are the police to be involved in the civil case of defamation? If Baragu wants to take Court action, he is free to do so.

The Court can hear the evidence on both sides. But Baragu is guilty and does not want to go to Court. He steals houses. Ask the National Housing Corporation.

Thursday, 2 January 2014


National Housing Commission allowed tenants to buy rental houses. This opened the door to houses being stolen by corrupt housing officers and sold with profits going into their pockets.

Over the last 4 months, a house at 81 Garia Street 5 Mile has been taken over by a family of parasite squatters. They have moved in for a few weeks but now show no intention to leave. It is obvious that they plan to steal the lease from the old man who is overseas for medical treatment. Please click:

The founder of AIDS Holistics was made caretaker by the old man but this is rejected by the parasite squatters Alan and Cathy Baragu. They say that they are citizens which gives them all rights to the house. They have tried to have the caretaker deported or gaoled.
We are advised that Baragu was once Conveyancing Officer for the National Housing Commission and was terminated for stealing housing properties. He claims to the caretaker that he is a businessman who has 5 rental properties.
Yet he lives free at 81 Garia Street. He says it is against the law to pay rent in a Housing Commission flat. That is true. They say I am breaking the law. The fact is that I have been paying all the bills for the old man who is sick. The parasite squatters pay very little.
One wonders where he got the money to buy 5 houses as a business man. Go back to the properties stolen at National Housing Commission.
They know that the only person standing between them and a stolen house is the caretaker. So they have harrassed him mercilessly with all accusations particularly that he is HIV positive and brings prostitutes into the house.
They say that the old man appointed them to be caretakers. That is not true. He evicted them before he went overseas for medical treatment but they refused to go.
The fact is they were allowed in to the house by the old man's son who is not lessee. He owed more than K30,000 in back rent for one of their rental properties. This low quality son seems to have told them that they could take the lease to pay for arrears. The father will be on the street.
Recently a text was sent by the old man from overseas to my daughter Lisa. He warned her father never to leave the house under any circumstances. I know that if I went away for a week, the locks would be changed and there would be new tenants in the house.
This report is to be given today to the CEO of the National Housing and the police station commander of 6 Mile Station. If Baragu succeeds here, he will attack and steal other Housing Commission homes.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


On this blog, I reported about 4 years ago, an incident that occurred in 2005 when the Australian police officer from the Kila Kila police station dropped a charge for assault made against a soldier at 3 Angels Care. Reference was made to the gay and lesbian agenda.
The only conclusion to be drawn is that pressure was put on the police to drop the charge by AusAID lesbians working for the National AIDS Council. Please click:


Now history seems to have repeated itself with a charge squashed by a female AFP officer at 6 Mile Police station. The defendant was banned from putting any reports on internet. These reports referred to the Australian gay and lesbian agenda. Please click:


The question has to be asked as to whether the Australian Federal Police contingent will pursue the Sex Tourism Act among offenders from Australian Foreign Affairs. The track record says no.


I have received a hate mail message on mobile phone calling me son of a devil. It is obviously the work of a servant of Satan.
The message was on the phone of an old friend I have always seen as a brother in Christ though we went to different churches. It did not seem to be his style of writing.
AIDS Holistics has enemies who hate our FAMILY and FAITH focus in the Positive Living message. We have a pure message with no hidden agenda all in the praise of God. Please click:


Hate mail has mainly come from the foreign gays and lesbians who want to destroy any message based on the importance of FAMILY and FAITH. It also came from two Catholic priests working in Port Moresby.  Please click:

Now we have the hatred of house stealers seeking to intimidate the founder by screaming to all that he is HIV positive and an infector of many women. Not true. Please click:


They can not believe that the founder had a wife and son die of AIDS but remained uninfected. It is all about being medically circumcised with no infections on the penis.
Positive Living is the underground message of care groups and churches. Foreign gays and lesbians will never stop the message. Please click:


I am a sinner but God has chosen me to lead the Positive Living
message across the world.

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