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There are few if any real Positive Living role models known among the people of Papua New Guinea living with HIV/AIDS.

There are those who live with their families and really have nothing to say as they are happy. It is good news if they have followed the Positive Living message on peace, love, exercise, nutrition, faith, hope and freedom from booze and smoking.

The ones we never see may be have the capacity to be role models. But they have been pushed out of sight by the high profile PLWHA who seek to take everything available.

So this country is dominated by a small clique of selfish people living with HIV/AIDS who have a monopoly on all free benefits. Some will respond to any competition with violence.

There is no such thing as the older PLWHA working to train young people with HIV/AIDS to prepare them to take over.

Why train people who will take free benefits? They are to be kept silent and scared. If there is an overseas conference, it’s me. If a trip around the country staying at the best hotels, it’s me. This applies forever.

Positive Living requires role models to live by the message. There are senior PLWHA who do not do that. We know that smoking kills those with HIV. But these people may smoke and be seen doing so. This is not being a role model.

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We know that boozing damages the body. But they booze and do not talk of boozing in their Positive Living message. People can live by Positive Living and be a boozer. Look at me.

Alcohol: The forgotten drug in HIV/AIDS
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A problem comes with family. To live by Positive Living, one needs to live with close support of family. But many PLWHA have always had a life of promiscuity and boozing away from home. They do not want to live in their family.

If they can find a sucker who will set up a hostel for them, they will be there to do what they can to kick out the present occupants and move in.

What about their family? That is the key to Positive Living. They have perfected a little tear and a cry when they address a workshop on how their family has rejected them (sob). They want to follow family living but they can not (sob).

You see they are victims of stigma and discrimination. Their family has done that to them. For some that may be true. But we have to look at the person. Is this person spinning a false story?

There will be PLWHA who have left their family to follow a life of booze, cigarettes and sex. They have not been welcome at home because they do not help the family. They have been working for UNDP and spend all their money on booze. What about sharing with family?

They have come in at all hours drunk and been violent to family members. They live around the town. They never tell their audiences this side of the story.

But then there is another side. The people in AusAID and the UN who want to employ them will be gay and lesbian anti-family.

So the PLWHA become anti-family too to ensure continued employment. Whatever is wanted of them, they will follow. Rights? Yes. No responsibilities? Yes. Gender equity? Yes. Violent men? Yes.

Then when it is all over, the final trick for some will be to follow Jesus. Now they can seek the support of the churches. But they have to seek support of family. No more booze and cigarettes. No more sex around the town.

Now that family is moving to the centre, the senior PLWHA role models will suddenly be advocates of family. Whoever pays the piper plays the tune.


Advice has come that the AIDS care hostel in Mt Hagen funded
by Australian taxpayers is really a house of prostitution. Women
living with HIV/AIDS have no caretaker and are free to do what
they want.

Many are unemployed and seek employment by turning the hostel
into a house of sex for Mt Hagen men. Advice has been given that
a succession of HIV positive women at the centre are pregnant.

This hostel run by a private person hit the media about 2 years ago
with misinformation to the media that the house is under constant
threat from Mt Hagen men seeking sex.

The hostel has become a brothel. On what is Australian aid funding

So the women may/may not have HIV infection. They may live with
free food and no expenses but some will have income from selling
their bodies. Some may also get a wage from employment.

When is Papua New Guinea and Australia to learn that people living
with HIV/AIDS are not necessarily angels? Many were not rejected
by family. They have rejected family and only pretend to have been

We are busy being kind and compassionate that we fail to think that
many such people may be criminals with violence in getting what they

Such care centres can be like prison with bullying and violence. There
will be a boss female PLWHA who rules with violence. She will bring
friends in to the centre to live and kick out the PLWHA she does not

At 3 Angels Care, there were three people kicked out at knife point
over 3 months. That is why some women find a husband to live there
too for protection from other PLWHA women. This is real life.

One young man told how he was kicked out by the PLWHA boss
lady who told him if he touched the food, he would get a knife in
the stomach. He left the centre immediately after a half a day stay.
He had been referred to the centre by the owner.

They are giving the idea to overseas bleeding hearts that poor lovely
suffering people have to be given accommodation and the essentials
for dignified living. There are people with genuine need.

The trouble is the quiet caring ones will be pushed out by HIV/AIDS
criminals. Free quality accommodation is worth killing for. We saw
that at 3 Angels Care at East Boroko, Port Moresby.

Let us speak plainly. Some people with HIV/AIDS have rejected
their family or been rejected through violence, boozing, promiscuity
and trouble making.

Why should they be placed in quality accommodation with free food,
electricity, water and daily sex with local men? Great work if you can
get it.

That is why they always talk of rejection by family. It would be difficult
to get free everything if they say they live in a lovely family. You owe
us a living suckers. So where is our funding money?


For many years now we have been reading reports in the media
on HIV/AIDS awareness. We should be getting smart to work
out the agenda of those making statements. It is really quite easy.

We read of violence of men and rights of women. We are told of
gender equity. Focus is placed on stigma and discrimination. Who
is telling us that? A gay / lesbian advisor from AusAID or United
Nations. They are giving an unbalanced, cold and general story.

Then we read of love, caring, family, rights, responsibilities, friends,
respect, patience and peace. Those are words of a family member,
or church leader. This is a broad approach that includes family,
men, women and children. That is the approach we should take

When we read messages of gays / lesbians, we find that they never
mention people. Churches, families and care groups talk of people
in specifics. We can not talk of love without mentioning the people.
We love our mother, father, aunty, uncle, brothers and sisters.

In the media was a report from Captain Jesse Wilson of US Navy
talking to students of the University of Technology. Did he have a
family or gay/lesbian message?

When teaching children to grow while practising right moral and ethical
values, it helps them to learn and understand core principles of life as
well as learning what to do for that society.

He told students not to hit women. Mother is the most precious person
in your life and your child’s first teacher. Mothers will love her children
dearly. He said respecting other people and treating them with dignity
was important in setting up a good life.

This is a loving family approach not gay / lesbian. The approach has heart.
It is not cold and accusing of only men.      

The family people talk of togetherness. Gays / lesbians just talk of violent
men. They never mention that gays and lesbians are violent too.

Domestic Violence | Gay & Lesbian Health Victoria
Domestic violence in lesbian and gay relationships has been an
under-researched area. Its importance, however, is beginning to be
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Monday, 23 May 2011


All living creatures are made of protein and they must eat protein to
stay alive. Bodies are constantly growing and needing repair and
replenishment of protein.

We eat protein in animal flesh and vegetables, seeds, grains and nuts.
There is a common misunderstanding that protein only comes from
meat. Tell that to the vegens who eat no meat.

Our body cells need to be replaced regularly. The only exception are
the brain cells that continue to grow as the child matures to adult. Then
the growth slows.

We know that if a person suffers from brain damage, there may be no
improvement except that other parts of the brain may be used.

Our muscles are made of protein. In the event of famine and starvation,
there is a schedule of nourishment to our bodies. Our brains have priority.

Protein is eaten and passes down to the stomach and small intestine. It is
broken down into amino-acids and digested into the body. It passes to
the liver and then distributed to the cells.

In the event of HIV infection, the primary attack of the virus is on the small
intestine. CD4 cells suffer from the initial attack but with continued nutrition,
there can be mending.

But slowly the small intestine ceases to operate in allowing the absorption
of nutrients, water and salts. The body has no reserves of protein. So
the protein of the muscles is broken down to be redistributed.

A living creature has no future when forced to eat itself. I think I will eat
my leg today. Tomorrow I will eat my hand and my ears.

A person who has been HIV positive for many years with no antiretroviral
drugs will slowly suffer depletion of muscle protein and begin to look like
a skeleton. There will be reduced protein for body cells including the gut

There will be no protein for hair, finger and toe nails. Young HIV positive
girls will be horrified to find lovely hair is starting to fall out by the handful.
Their long polished fingernails are cracking at the base.

With the break-down of absorption of nutrition, salts and water, there will
be a change in the water-salt balance and changes in respiration, digestion.
A layer of mucus will be laid down in the lungs and small intestine.

With successful treatment with ARV as early as possible, changes will begin
if accompanied by strong nutrition of glucose and protein as well as enzymes,
vitamins, salts and water.

The virus will die in the blood system preventing further break-down of the
gut lining. Repair begins and the body is slowly able to absorb nutrients.
Body cells are replaced again including muscle protein and the lining of
the gut.

Attacks on brain cells by the virus, including starvation, dehydration and
infection will be major causes of dementia.

With proper nutrition, the person may well return almost to normal but
has to be disciplined in taking ARV drugs as failure can mean death.

But to leave the ARV too late may block the repair of cells that has
declined too far. Parts of the body will have already started to decay.

Students of Biology learn of the Krebs Cycle that is the bottom
line chemical reaction in the body cells. It produces a very final
elixir of existence known as adenosine tri-phosphate or ATP.

 The Krebs Cycle
The importance of the Krebs Cycle can not be overstated; almost all
of our ATP is produced in this cycle. We can see two main problems
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Metabolism - food, nutrition, body, diet, carbohydrate, health ...
The Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain occur in the mitochondria .
Most of the energy derived from carbohydrate, protein, and fat is produced
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Protein is the key fuel for the Krebs Cycle. The HIV slowly blocks
the protein supply. This stops the Krebs Cycle.


The Positive Living message started in 2001 with the formation of a
group who were to form AIDS Holistics. From early times, there was
hostility from the Australian gay and lesbian advisors who wanted to
squash the family message.

The harassment and intimidation went on for 2 years despite the fact
that the family involved had two members dying of AIDS. There was
no respect and no support.

In 2004, the hatred was spilling over into the community with desperate
attempts to destroy credibility with the claim that the founder of AIDS
Holistics was a wife bashing child molester.

A well known Seventh Day Adventist man came to the rescue and gave
support despite the fact that the Australian lesbians threatened him with
blockage of funding to his care centre 3 Angels Care.

But he was committed to and strengthened the Positive Living message
with SDA teaching. He was having trouble with his care centre as there
was no caretaker and the people living there for 2 weeks had already
stayed 2 years and claimed the centre was their private accommodation.
They refused to leave.

He asked the founder of AIDS Holistics to be caretaker and help him set
up a Positive Living training centre. The hostility was obvious. The tenants
took up the lesbian cry that the caretaker was unwanted as he was a child
molesting wife beater.

But he did not leave and was subjected to violence at the hands of the men
that the PLWHA women had brought as their husbands. One woman used
her room for prostitution and maintained control with a long knife.

One day, the caretaker found that the young boy living with his mother made
the habit of sweeping out their room and tipping the rubbish over the rail. He
spoke to him and got a mouthful of abuse. A child can do that when a mother
has a long knife.

Suddenly the lone man at the centre started shouting that the boy was being
sexually abused. People came out of everywhere. They caught the caretaker
sexually abusing a boy. The reports were true, after all.

The boy ran to the nearby squatter settlement and came with 3 men armed
with bush knives. They told the caretaker not to go anywhere or they would
kill him. He was under village arrest.

In the night, there was a kangaroo court in the living room with a table set up
and three men standing by with bush knives. The caretaker was told that if he
leaves he is dead. His children stood beside him crying at the abuse heaped
on their father.

Court was ready to start. All PLWHA people were ready to pass sentence.
Suddenly the door opened and the provincial care and counseling advisor
stepped into the room.

She demanded to know what was happening. One woman said they had
caught the caretaker having sex with the boy. She was told to shut up when
she said she did not see it.

Three men were told to leave the premises as they were trespassing. They
moved out. It transpired that there were no witnesses except the accuser
and he soon lost his memory and slunk away to his room.

I was amazed. About 20 minutes before, I prayed to God for help and she
came. She said she was driving along the road and had the feeling she was
needed. If she had arrived an hour later, I would have been dead. There
were no mobile phones to send urgent messages.

A court of enquiry would have brought these evil people as witnesses. The
lesbian Australian care and counseling officer would have come to Court
to testify that the caretaker had a history of child abuse. This was a murder

The lesbian advisor had told these people that funding would be stopped if
the caretaker remained at the centre. It was their job to get rid of him. The
lesbians did not want a Family Positive Living centre to be set up.

For action in stopping the court, the provincial care and counseling advisor
lost her job about 3 months later. The centre was closed and the building
sold despite threats from former tenants to burn down the building.

There is no future in looking after PLWHA as permanent tenants. They will
only abuse the privilege. We saw a similar care centre in Mt Hagen and it
was mainly spoiled by women bringing men to stay.

And I felt the hand of God protecting me that night. That lady had never been
there before and never came again. But she arrived within two minutes of the
kangaroo court commencing with people planning to murder.

Pacific nations are warned not to accept Australian advisors to work in your
country as HIV/AIDS advisors. Many will be gay and lesbian thugs come to
push their own agenda regardless of the sovereignty of the Nation.

Sunday, 22 May 2011


This report is to explain the movement of the HIV around the body
particularly to the gut lining and genitals.

The viral particles gather in the lymph and blood in the millions that
increase exponentially after replication in CD4 T cells (floating) and
mucosa (attached) cells.

People must get confused by the HIV virus. We read that it floats like
microscopic leaves in body fluid. Then we read of the vicious attack
on the CD4. It is either a harmless floater or a vicious attacker like a
herd of microscopic wolves. So which is it?

It is both. It floats in the body having been engulfed by the mucosa cells
of the genitals, anus or mouth. The mucosa of the genitals are attached
to the mucosal layer.

Mucosa cells have helpers, the langerhans cells that catch viral particles
to be swallowed by the mucosa cells. The viral particles are swallowed
like helpless microscopic leaves.

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Once inside the host mucosa cell, the vicious side comes out when HIV
attaches to the DNA of the host mucosal cells and starts to replicate like
microscopic photocopy machines. When the virus breaks out of the host
cells, the cells die in the millions. A vicious attack or vicious defence?


Then we read that the virus attacks the mucosa cells in the gut lining. We
picture that the virus sweeps down through the blood and lymph systems
like the Mongol hordes searching for mucosa or CD4 cells. Not true.

The floating CD4 cells have helpers too that are all called white blood
cells. There are cells to identify intruders, remember intruders, antibodies
and cells that attach to the intruder and push to the mucosa or CD4 cells
to be swallowed.

That is what happens to push the HIV towards the CD4 cells of the gut.
Millions of helpless HIV particles are guided like a herd of sheep.

Their turn to be vicious comes when gut CD4 swallows with replication
to follow and break-out of a new generation of HIV particles. The gut
CD4 dies and causes massive damage to the gut wall.


This is like a game of musical chairs. The HIV attack on the genitals
comes when the sufferer has Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

These are foreign bodies that attract the CD4 T cells of the blood that
come in the millions to protect the body against STIs.

But CD4 T cells wait for the white blood cells that shepherd any HIV
particles to the CD4 in the genitals. So millions of STI germs attract
millions of floating CD4 which attract millions of HIV.

Any man or woman with millions of STIs in genitals also has millions of
CD4 that attract millions of HIV. A person who has sex with a sufferer
may well be seriously infected by this high viral load.

The body has a fatal problem with the HIV virus. Normal body defences
do not work. CD4 T cells and mucosa cells are supposed to be killer cells.
But these are helpless against the HIV virus as the virus replicates in killer
cells and then kills the killer cells.


For those who wish to read more on our input to the community,
may I suggest that you read our blogspot on Kokoda Trekking:


As a retired Australian Army officer, I had experience in trekking
Kokoda in 1977. Since that time, I started trekking again to raise
money for Family Positive Living in a nation suffering HIV/AIDS.
Since 2007, I trekked 14 times.

I find that I now give support to the Kokoda trekking industry for
the help that many companies have given to our HIV/AIDS work.
The blog is my way of saying thank you.

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Bruce Copeland
Major Australian Army retired


We need first to understand the work of the digestive system with
mouth, salivary glands, oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine,
large intestine, rectum and anus.

Food passes down with starch partly broken down by salivary amylase.
It passes to the stomach where starch and amino-acids are broken down

The food passes as a white mass called chyme into the duodenum where
it is further broken down and passes to the alkaline small intestine where
absorption of nutrients occurs here with salts and some water.

The waste food passes down through the large intestine with water and
salts absorbed through the intestinal wall. The faeces pass out through
the anus.

Let us go back to the small intestine that is lined with finger-like villi that
increase surface area for absorption. Maltose and sucrose are broken
down in the epithelial layer of the gut to pass to the liver first as glucose
and then glycogen..

Is that not where the coccidian gut parasites lay their eggs after traveling
down from the mouth? Yes. As well, the HIV destroys the CD4 cells in
the gut wall. It comes in through the artery.

Leading to the gut is the artery that breaks down to form capillaries in the
gut wall. These join the capillaries that lead to the vein that then passes to
the liver with the nutrients.

So the nutrients pass through the gut wall into the capillaries that carry the
food by the hepatic portal vein to the liver. Arteries carry waste material
from the cells and tissues and these pass through the gut wall into the gut
and out by the faeces.

Is that not how the HIV passes into the gut wall to breed in the CD4 cells
that protect the gut wall? Yes.

The fat does not go out through the vein to the liver.  The small intestine is
provided with veins of the lymph system called lacteals of lymphatics. These
join the lymph vessels that pass upward to enter veins of the heart on both
sides of the heart called the vena cava.

The fat from our food passes into the lymphatics, upwards to join the veins
and then down through the heart to be distributed to the liver by the artery.

Digestion Of Fats (Lipids)
Absorption of fat into the body, which takes 10-15 minutes, occurs in the ...
The lacteals absorb the fatty acids and glycerol into the lymphatic system ...

www.annecollins.com/digestive-system/digestion-of-fats.htm - Cached

Weight loss and cleaning the arteries and lymph vessels too.
Therefore burning off fat in your arteries will prevent heart disease,
keeping your lymph system clean of sticky fat, the gate keeper keeping
out cancer ...
www.blueeyedcurse.com/40-30-30%20page.htm - Cached - Similar

But if there is an accumulation of fat, this will build up in heart and arteries.
There may be is a small piece of fat break off in the arteries or capillaries
of the heart.

It may clog the artery or small capillaries that supply nutrients, oxygen and
water to the heart. The person suffers a heart attack. Though the heart
pumps blood, it also needs its own supply of blood.

If a small piece of fat builds up in the artery and breaks off, it may block
an artery or capillary to the brain. The person suffers a stroke.

If this happens while the person is walking down the road, that person
may just drop dead. Nothing to do with sorcery.

Why punish someone because this person has been eating lamb flaps and
pig meat for all his life. His heart and arteries are full of fat.

When we have fat in the heart and arteries, we are in danger. Our blood
becomes thick. We have high cholesterol. Some people take an Aspro a
day to thin the blood.

Before you do this, talk to your doctor about your approach to nutrition,
water, exercise and Positive Living in general.

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are observed when lymphatic drainage from heart is compromised.
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Digestion and Absorbtion
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Lymphatic system carries either fat soluble vitamins A, D, K, E, ...
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