Thursday, 31 October 2013


In the last week, there was a report on our blog on police brutality in bashing an expatriate man, founder of AIDS Holistics and key advisor on HIV/AIDS Awareness. Please click:


The last 15 years have seen this man focus on helping people suffering from HIV/AIDS. He had found himself living with a woman who was infected and cared for her for 3 years with her son who died in 2002.
He now has found himself supporting a woman who is suffering from tuberculosis and bronchitis. His awareness on TB comes from having been infected in 2010.
Both women secretly destroyed their health by smoking while their carer was at work. Smoking kills people suffering from the chest infections that come with HIV/AIDS and TB. 
We recently posted a media report on a young girl who did not follow the TB treatment routine and died in the week she was to start her grade 10 exams. Please click:

The life of a carer can be grossly difficult. PNG people can be experts in passing blame to others. The family will blame a carer for a drop in health.
The founder of AIDS Holistics was bashed by the brothers of the woman suffering from AIDS at the point that her weight dropped to 45 kg. They said he was starving her. She would not let her family know that she was HIV +.
They took her away but she died some 6 months later with a weight of about 39 kg. The founder of AIDS Holistics is quite paranoid at sick people smoking.
The report above was posted to record a brutal and uncalled for attack on the carer of the woman suffering from TB and bronchitis. He was viciously attacked by the father who was a senior policeman supported by another policeman.
The PNG community regularly reads of innocent people brutally attacked by police. They are bashed, kicked and rifle butted. The founder of AIDS Holistics never dreamed he would be bashed by police.
The woman had been treated for TB for 6 months and had been smoking in secret. She was coughing mucous and unable to breathe. She thought she was going to die. She was under the care of Dr Mathias Sapuri.
Blaming her carer, she became violent and hysterical to him. She called her father on the mobile phone. He arrived with another policeman drunk, bashed the carer and took his daughter away. The carer arrived at the house at Bomana three days later with the risk of further bashing to deliver TB medicine.
History repeats itself. Families do not reject people with HIV or TB. But often the task becomes too difficult if the sick person does not follow the rules. This lady will die if the family allows her to smoke.
The brothers who originally bashed the carer are forgiven as they were from a village and knew little about HIV/AIDS. The police inspector is not forgiven as he broke the police regulations and bashed his daughter's carer with drunken brutality.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


There are considerable dangers in being a carer in PNG. The sick person and family will often expect the carer to do everything including having the patient stop smoking and take medicine on time.

If health drops, the blame will fall on the carer. There seems no value in being a carer for many sick people in this country.

On 12 October 2013, I was seriously bashed by a Chief Inspector "Bonn" Gulu and another officer who arrived at my house drunk in charge of a police vehicle.
The Chief Inspector punched me in the dark, smashing my glasses into my right eye and damaging my nose. The other policemen punched me in the face and kicked me as I lay on the ground. He may have been Gulu's son-in-law.
The medical report by Dr Mathias Sapuri stated that:

Bruce was punched and kicked several times. He sustained a right eye subconjunctival 4 mm haemmorhage, 2cm bruises on the nose,  5cm bruises on the right arm and a 15 cm haematoma on the right inner thigh. He was assaulted by Inspector Gulu.
I have further damaged my spine by falling on a steel bench in the yard. The second policeman followed me upstairs and punched me in the face as I lay semi-conscious on my bed.

He told me that if I give any trouble, he will bash me even more. The second man stated he was a policeman whose nickname was "bite".
There was no warrant of arrest. No attempt was made to arrest me just to bash me before they went back to boozing. The police vehicle was driven by drunken Gulu.
The problem arose from a domestic problem. I have been living alone for almost 10 years. Some 8 months ago, I met a woman who came and looked after my house. My daughters loved her and asked me to let her stay.
But it took about 4 weeks to realize she was vicious and violent. For months to come, she would hit me and scream at me. She threatened suicide if I kicked her out. I would send a text to her father Chief Inspector Gulu each time to advise of her drop in health and her cycle of violence.
I found she had TB and took her to the local private hospital for review and drugs. But her condition worsened as the result of her secret smoking. She dropped to 52 kg. I gave her food to build her up again.
I suggested that she go to her village of Kamobolo near Rigo. She could work in the gardens and relieve herself of the mucous. I planned to give her a new supply of drugs and money.

In the hour before the bashing and before being attacked by Grace, I was sitting on my bed counting TB pills. There were 40 red pills enough for 3 weeks. I would have to go for new supplies if she wanted to stay longer. She said she would stay until the TB was finished. I went to the local store to check how to send money by mobile phone.
But on that evening of 12 October, she became hysterical as she said I was kicking her out. So she became violent again and tried to stab me with a screw driver. She rang her father who was drinking with his friends. They came, bashed me, left me lying in a heap and took her away.

The medical report above refers to bruises on the right arm. That was from me protecting myself from blows from Grace.
I have reported the matter to Inspector Karmi of Public Complaints at the 6 Mile station. He advises that the matter will be investigated with Chief Inspector Gulu. The senior commissioner Andy Bawa says that the public should report any violence from police.
This was violence from a senior officer who is giving a bad example. In the last week, I have been harrassed by text from the family accusing me of violence, attacking Grace last week and harrassing her sister who calls me a cunt and arsehole.

If the chief inspector claims in Court that he was merely protecting his lovely daughter from a violent white man, he is a liar. He knew of her violence having been regularly texted by her carer.

She was a sick woman who earned her keep by washing clothes once a week and cooking food. But she demanded big money. This is a standard approach of Papuan women. Many are money hungry.

My daughters came to hate her for her violence. My elder daughter threatened to break her face if she laid a hand on her father again.

I could have done that too but chose not to hurt a sick woman weighing 52 kg who may be dying of tuberculosis and bronchial pneumonia.

I must be the only white man ever to be bashed by two drunken police officers.

I was threatened by more bashing from the son-in-law who may be a policeman from Vanimo and the second police basher. If so, he is in breach of police regulations in operating out of his command area with violence.

I can hardly believe that a carer was bashed by a father like this. Gulu never came anywhere near his daughter.

She had TB for almost 2 years and her father never noticed. When she stayed with my family, he came once to ask for money for a haus krai payment.

He never responded once when I texted him to advise violence from his daughter. He ignored our problem. But the first time she rang him crying, he came around to bash her carer with another policeman.

Grace said she was humiliated. She said she did not expect her carer to be harmed like this. She apologised but I was too angry and cynical to accept. I will not see her again.

She had phoned her father and waited down the road to lead him to the house. She could have left with him. But no, it was time for a bashing of an innocent carer.

Next morning was to be the time to go to the village for health recovery. But I am not sure that she did not realize that her father and his friend were drunk and violent.

They swaggered into the house yard like a pair of drunks. It was obvious to all witnesses present. She did not attempt to help her carer.

Hints were given that the family wanted me to marry her and pay bride price. But there were problems. We were not married. As well, she had chronic TB for almost 2 years. She was stupid enough to secretly smoke which resulted in bronchitis that would lead to bronchial pneumonia and early death.

She planned to leave when her TB was finished. But she may have added health problems with her smoking. Over a 6 month period, she coughed up about 6 Coca Cola cans of mucous. There was more yet that to came with TB and bronchitis. Her mucous seemed never to lessen.

Readers should not be alarmed at my bringing a TB sufferer into my home. The medical specialist advises that the TB virus becomes non-infective after 2 weeks of TB drugs.

I feel quite betrayed by all of this. As a young army officer at the Joint Services College in Lae in 1977, I worked with the brother of Chief Inspector Gulu by the name of Possi Gulu who was a Corrections officer.

My helping his niece was an act of remembrance of an old friend now deceased. He would be ashamed.

Why did the bashing take place? Did Gulu want to take his daughter away for a bride price arrangement? He just had to say so. There is a courtesy that is supposed to exist between gentlemen.

Boot stomping and face smashing violence was very much overkill. Who will look after her health now? She has a habit of smoking when she goes to her family.

Not to mention that Gulu was a senior officer of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. He must not set the example on driving police vehicles under the influence of alcohol.

He must not let other officers know that they can pursue their own personal violence as police officers.

Grace was a beautiful lady. She was immaculate in the house and a great cook. But once a month, she would go right off for a day or two.

I would be the one who was punished. Her father got it wrong when he came to bash me. But he has not attempted to apologize.

He texted that if I did not stop the rot, he would arrest and charge me ...... in his dreams. He was not a real policeman with operational experience but a short term contract officer in charge of police publications.

There are witnesses from the house and neighbourhood who will confirm that Grace would bash me even on the street in the view of witnesses.

On the night in question, I was attacked by Grace and then bashed by her drunken father and his vicious friend who claimed to be a policeman. It was a double bashing. One tenant stopped her from stabbing me with a screw driver.

Friday, 25 October 2013


There are strange goings-on in the United Nations with the constant proliferation on fake reports about violence to women in the world.
Recently a report was presented to a conference in Thailand that claimed that 10,000 men had been interviewed in 6 nations of South East Asia and all men confessed to violence to women including rape.
This has been deeply rejected by the President of the Autonomous State of Bougainville. It appears that comment on this report has been stifled by Keith Jackson. Please click:

UN gender violence survey without foundation

It is a report and survey without a background. If there were 10,000 divided into 6 nations, that means that at least 1500 men were interviewed on Bougainville. No-one has spoken up to have been involved or seen interviewers in towns and villagers. It is probably a fake report.
AIDS Holistics has written two reports on the fake statistics of the UN lesbians determined to show a false picture of violence to women. Please click:



There is considerable dishonesty and gutter ethics among the gay and lesbian activists of the United Nations. They produce fake reports and do not care who knows.

In the last year, there have been reports on gang rapes at Gordons Market in Port Moresby. These were fake. Only recently the UN put out a report of a police post now set up in Gordons market to protect women. That was fake too.

The UN social welfare function is to be ignored. The activists get their way by blackmailing care organizations with funding money. Criticize us and you get no money. The US State Department appears to be involved too. Please click:

massive world misinformation hoax - family positive living - aids ...

But their noses are being rubbed in the dirt as the result of their false information.

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Over the last decade, the world has been faced with a long series of false statements from the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists in the world.
United Nations spreads the word that all men are violent and all women are abused. This is a gross exaggeration especially in Papua New Guinea. Violence among women is rife. They claim that 60% of PNG men admit to gang rape. Liars.
UNAIDS tells us that family and faith are no longer of any importance. Children should focus their lives outside the family.
UNAIDS China says it is not possible to be HIV infected in saunas. They ignore that saunas across the world are key meeting places for gays to have serial sex under water and in saunas and toilets.
Gay and lesbian groups in Scotland claim that condoms sold at saunas are to stop sex workers from being infected. They cover-up that the condoms are to be used by gays having sex in the sauna. Filthy bastards.
Gay and lesbian teachers in Massachusetts tell the Government that school children are wanting to commit suicide. They ignore the fact that assignments on suicide are set by gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers.
Gay, lesbian and paedophile athletes claim that the Russian law is to be used against homosexual and paedophile athletes at the Winter olympics. Liars.
The law is against homosexual propaganda against minors. Let us wait to see homosexual athletes raising gay slogans on the opening parade watched on TV by millions of Russian minors. Watch your fingers when the cell door slams.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a public or private sauna and watching used condoms floating by. It serves you right for going to a gay sauna. But it is the only sauna in town.


Recently there was a report that the Chinese Government was to ban HIV sufferers from public bath houses. This was taken to be a polite way of saying that gay men be banned from engaging in serial sex in saunas and bathhouses.


Now we find the Scottish police are urging a ban on condom use in Scottish saunas. This is the same problem across the world where saunas have been taken over by gay men for orgies of anal and oral sex.

BBC News - Police ask for condom ban in Edinburgh saunas

6 hours ago - BBC News - Police ask for condom ban in Edinburgh saunas
Homophobic" ban on condoms in Scottish saunas dropped as Police Scot

The report on the Chinese ban appeared on our blog recently and showed that saunas and bathhouses in China have been taken over by gay men. Please click:


The gay creeps have complained that it is their right to have anal sex orgies in public and private saunas and bathhouses. To hell with the public in general. It's homophobic the creeps would say.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Post Courier 23 October 2013

There is a report of a young girl who died of TB relapse just before her grade 10 exam. The report stated that she had reached the tertiary stage which caused polyserositis.
This means that she had gone off her medication before the 6 month period was up. This had caused both resistance and relapse
Doctors warned that those diagnosed with medical conditions such as TB to comply with the dosage specifications.
The young girl was described as a decent and humble student, a role model and of exemplary character.

Monday, 21 October 2013


The National 22 October 2013

Parental influence and home education remain the basic advantage for better citizens and quality education in the future.
Parents have the responsibility of providing for different needs of the child as they develop into responsible citizens. Children should never suffer from parental negligence.
The quality of education and the quality of citizens depends on the home and parental models that are present in the home.
Children suffer if father or mother is absent most of the time because of being busy at work. A parent may be upset with the spouse involved in extra-marital relationships.

Organizations of the UN seek to limit the role of family and parents as part of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Head of UNAIDS speaks out in opposition to family. The UNAIDS creeps regard family as outdated.

The curriculum of Massachusetts education has students talk of support outside the family. When in trouble, do not seek the help of parents. Creeps.

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Post Courier 22 October 2013

There is an increase in the number of students arrested and charged with being in possession of marijuana in the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea.
Police advise that most students are from upper primary and secondary schools.
Marijuana is a dangerous drug that can make us go mental or lead us to take stronger drugs including speed and cocaine.
Parents are giving large sums of money to children for lunch which encourages them to buy whatever they want. Sometimes children buy drugs from pushers on the street.
Parents should buy lunch for their children instead of giving them cash.

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Gay and lesbian teachers do not let kids be kids

There is a hidden agenda in modern education that comes from gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers and so-called educationists. They want to introduce a gay and lesbian propaganda into school curriculum.
They want to focus small children on to gay sex. They are doing wrong. Children have a different agenda towards growing up.
They go to school to read, write, compute and learn about the world. They learn of nature, environment, family, friendship, caring, sharing and respecting other people.
They see people as people not as penises to be sucked, vaginas to be licked and anuses to be penetrated. That is what the gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers want. Other people are to be exploited, not respected.
The gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda has been part of the South African and Massachusetts curriculum for more than a decade. In Massachusetts, we read that young children learned about fisting other people. That is putting their arms up the person's anus.
A back lash is coming. The Russian Duma has banned homosexual propaganda to minors. Adoption of children by foreigners is banned.

World gays and lesbians have tried to have the winter olympics stopped. The French Government has banned beauty pageants for minors.

Perhaps the gaoling of the Greenpeace crew is the Russian way of letting the gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the world know that they will be gaoled if they break the law on homosexual propaganda to minors at the winter olympics.

If a million Russian underaged children see a banner at the opening procession of the winter olympics giving a gay and lesbian slogan, the law on propaganda to minors has been broken. The athlete responsible national or foreign, may end up in a Russian prison for 20 years.
China is banning HIV sufferers from public bathhouses. That is a polite way of saying that they ban gay serial sex in public saunas and bathhouses.
The world gays, lesbians and paedophiles have gone too far. Victory in same sex marriage now drives the thin edge of the wedge even deeper.

The time is coming when the world clamps down on sexual exploitation of children by paedophiles. Please click:

Youngsters taking 'risks' online : bbceducation

6 mins ago - Youngsters taking 'risks' online by bbceducation

Friday, 18 October 2013


One benefit of internet porn is that we see how ugly and brutal is gay serial sex. Poor stupid gay men are prepared to allow arms to be thrust into their anuses, tearing and destroying the intestinal wall. They think it is sexual and fun. Please click:

Please check the report below. It is porn and enough to turn your stomach. See the photo of the gay man with a stretched anus that looks like a large bleeding and torn hole. He says he loves it. Fool. Please click:

Gay serial sex is not about love. It is about brutalizing stupid gay men. They think they are part of the gay scene if they allow some creep to treat their anus like the rear end of a Christmas turkey.

Young boys will be victims and have their anuses torn.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


The National 14 October 2013
The headline report advised that there is an increase in gay and transsexual HIV infection in this country. This follows the rise in gay HIV infection in the world.
Gay sex follows the path of careless serial sex with no condoms. Paedophile gays have sex with young boys and run the risk of giving HIV infection to boys.
There is no gay health warning allowed by the AusAID and UN gays, lesbians and paedophiles. The health advice to young boys is censored to maximize sexual access of adult men to children.
There is no mention of the deep risk of coccidian gut parasites destroying the gut in anus licking and faeces slurping men and boys.
No mention is allowed of the damage to an anus by an adult penis and the dangers to the anus wall of fisting. Please click (warning vulgar and disgusting porn): fisting pics, Gay ass fisting & anal
 stretching. Kink gay porn. in one place @


Tuesday, 15 October 2013


The National 16 October 2013
There is a report that China plans to ban HIV sufferers from public spas and saunas. This has provoked condemnation from UNAIDS and outrage from campaign groups.
The UNAIDS spokesman for China claims there is no risk of transmission of HIV in a spa or bathhouse. Liar.
In western countries, the saunas and bathhouses have been the key meeting place for gay men who come for orgies of gay serial sex.
The report refers to HIV sufferers but the true intention is to limit gay serial sex in bathhouses.
In western nations, gay saunas often had glory holes in the toilets where men could have anonymous sex with whatever anus or penis appeared at the glory hole. Please click:
UNAIDS is a corrupt organization set up for AIDS support but diverted into the homosexual and paedophile community.

The Head of UNAIDS in Papua New Guinea is gay paedophile. He promotes an anti-family and anti-faith agenda in the national AIDS campaign. Why is he not in prison in PNG and /or Australia? Are UN paedophiles exempt from the law?

On World AIDS Day, he advised the community in 2010 and 2011 that they must not hide behind family and faith.

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Monday, 14 October 2013


Since the beginning in 2003, the Anglican AIDS response has been gay and lesbian. There was once an inter-church conference where the Anglican bishop stood and screamed that the focus on family was homophobic. What a blessed fool. See report below.

The Anglicans in PNG are basicallly amateur in the area of AIDS awareness. They have followed the focus on condoms and rights. This is the unmistakeable indication of the foreign homosexual agenda.

There is no concern for basic AIDS awareness. They accept the gay and lesbian censorship on the HIV gut attack.

There is no focus on:

1.    basic physiology of the body,
2.    pathway of the HIV through the lymph, blood and gut,
3.    fever within 2-3 weeks of infection,
4.    attack on the CD4 cells of the gut lining,
5.    slow destruction of the capacity to absorb water, salts and nutrients,
6.    breach of the blood-brain barrier,
7.    action on the gut attack of the ARV medication
8.    mother to child infection,
9.    circumcision in partly protecting body from infection, and
10.  ARV treatment for rape victims.
Even the Anglican bishop was unfriendly in the wake of our response to the Anglicans in giving policemen condoms for a little safe adultery in the election in the highlands.

His Grace was most unimpressed with our call in the name of gender equality for police wives to be given equal cartons of condoms for safe adultery while their husbands were away. The Anglicans do not have a thinking church.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


There has been a sad hate campaign on internet at the hands of one Keith Jackson of the PNG Attitude who is determined to be the Ming emperor of PNG Australia relations. He can be that if that is his thing. But he has to accept that the kowtow to the Ming emperor is not necessary.

He has seen it important to destroy the credibility of the blog by AIDS Holistics. He used the 2010 attack by the Australian gays and lesbians to set up our blog. The Australian gays and lesbians were on the brink of being sacked by the Rudd government. Please click:


As the self appointed Ming emperor, he seems to want his readers and writers to be his accolytes. But the founder of AIDS Holistics is no-one's accolyte.
Our blog is a record of all possible social, health and physiological aspects of HIV/AIDS and health in general. There was a time when the founder of AIDS Holistics was the favourite of the Ming emperor. Please click:
Jul 15, 2010 - BY KEITH JACKSON OVER THE LAST couple of days you
may have been witness to a little family spat on PNG Attitude. It occurred
between ...
But that slowly died with Jackson's strong desire to criticize AusAID but never to mention the gay and lesbian agenda. This censorship has reduced the credibility of Jackson's blog.
He does not realize that many readers to his blog would often open also on our blog where the accurate analysis was often to be found. So many of the arm chair generals from yesteryear have no idea of the real situation in PNG. They draw on a fantasy world of the past.
Recently there was a fictional story of a small street boy in Madang. The Australian bleeding hearts bled for a week until a report on our blog pointed out that many street boys are junior thugs, The arm chair generals can not blame parents or the Government.
We pointed out that putting boys out into the peer group was a cultural practice in this country since the days of the ancestors. It is not a matter of rejection by parents. All debate stopped dead the day our response came out.
There have been contributors to PNG Attitude who sulked when a rebuttal appeared on our blog. There was Colin Huggins and old John the coffee man.

Hateful emails would come from Huggins calling the founder of AIDS Holistics insane and mentally disturbed. He hated to be shown in error.

Both blogs have an important place in PNG development. All writers know that the Ming will be enraged if they make comment on any report from our blog. He may even ban them from his blog. It is all more than a little childish.

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I have had recent dealings with ANGLICARE, the Anglican AIDS body that has always followed a pagan approach to AIDS awareness. Please click:

There is no focus on family but on rights of women and condoms. This is the approach demanded by the gay and lesbian Australian aid organization.
AIDS Holistics has never opposed condoms in the HIV/AIDS response. We take the view that churches should not oppose condoms.
The Bible tells us to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. We give to God what belongs to God. Condoms belong to Caesar. Family belongs to God.
We do not expect a church to give condoms out like lollies to the community. The report above tells of condoms given out to police going to the highlands for the last election. This was for a little safe adultery.
We also urged that condoms be given to police wives in Port Moresby for a little safe adultery while their husbands were away. We asked in the name of gender equality. Our suggestion was ignored by Anglican Care.
The report appeared in all its glory in the 2012 Grade 10 Written Expression exam for Papua New Guinea.

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Monday, 7 October 2013


Another hate mail has arrived from JKBougainville expressing the hope that I am killed by Jeffrey Nape and my family broken up.
This person has been a hatemailer to this blog for over 2 years now sending hate messages in a number of fake names
It is my guess that she is an expatriate lesbian paedophile activist working for the United Nations. She appears to be the lesbian who sends out the fake statistics to the media.
She calls me a hypocrite in talking about child abuse when I allow my eldest daughter to be taken by a middle-aged man.,
She does not care that AIDS Holistics has written on child trafficking for two years. Please click: 


The most reliable commentators are those who suffer the same problems on which they write.

JKBougainville is an anti-family expatriate lesbian who wants my family to be destroyed after the father is murdered. Please click:


Her little group of hate mailers has been trying for years to promote that the founder of AIDS Holistics is a violent child molester.

They have only to give their evidence to the PNG and Australian police. The fact that they have not shows they are liars.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


There is a very emotive report on the blog PNG Attitude written by one Pamela Toliman. She writes of being forced to marry a man she hated by a family concerned only with bride price.
She writes that they had no concern for her feelings but only for a man who had come with a bride price. Her family had killed all her hopes for her life. Please click:

I find that I can relate to this having two mixed race daughters 16 and 14 years. One has been taken by a man who has tricked his way into our family and taken my daughter out.

I will not force her to marry him to gain the bride price. With his track record on defaulting on rental and school fees, the man will undoubtedly default on bride price too.

I have banned him from paying bride price and marrying my daughter. I will only allow him to marry her if at the age of 18 years, she freely gives her assent to marriage. Please click:
I will not allow myself to die knowing that I sold my daughter to a man who mistreats her.

If bride price is ever to be paid, the man must remember that the father sets the bride price. He is not paying for my daughter but for a white man's genes to pass on to his kids. Chimbu genes are not good enough.

Last weekend, I received a phone call from a man who did not identify himself but said he intended to marry my daughter.
He said that if I stop him, I will get a bullet.  Should I die, I ask the police to contact Digicel to trace the number 70031082. The caller will be involved.
The man met me on the weekend and denied any involvement. There was still a death threat made by someone.

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Saturday, 5 October 2013


It has been tradition that parents gently push their boys out to live among their peer group as long as they are home for dinner and sleep in their beds. The young boys learned from the older boys who carried out village training.
In recent years, this process has fallen down in some villages when the older boys were raskols and taught younger boys about stealing, rape and armed hold-ups on the road.
In the urban areas, the younger boys will invariably mix with young criminals and learn to lie, cheat, steal, drink homebrew and smoke tobacco and marijuana.
Once a young boy has become a street boy, he is lost to his family. Boys will prefer to stay among the young criminals. They will not come home but stay in any one of a dozen houses. A street boy will steal whatever he can lay his hands on.
Favourite items are DVDs and mobile phones that can be turned quickly to cash. A family will suddenly realize that a dozen DVDs are missing.
There is no value in kicking out a street boy. He will come through the window or slip in through the front door to hide in a cupboard waiting for the family to leave. The house will then be ransacked. He will steal keys to the door and find where any money is hidden.
My family has looked after a street boy. He would go to school but divert to his street boy gang. He would not come home at night but arrive two days later.
We ended up kicking him out two months ago but he still comes back. His disobedience is 100%. He has the attitude that he can not be told what to do.
So there is no point in bleeding hearts feeling sorry for street boy junior criminals. They are not friends. Your family is their victim.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


We read in The National the report of the rise in child abuse in the second city of this country Lae. This is part of the growing world awareness of paedophilia.
Already steps are being taken in Russia, France and Sri Lanka to stop the flood of paedophile activity in the country. Please click:

BBC News - Sri Lanka steps up fight against scourge of child abuse

Aug 7, 2013 - The BBC's Saroj Pathirana reports on efforts by the Sri Lanka
authorities to tackle child abuse amid signs that the problem may be becoming ...

But the gay supporting Post Courier of Papua New Guinea put the issue on Page 3 with the claim that it is all about incest. That is children being abused by fathers, grandfathers and uncles.
No mention is made of heterosexual and gay paedophiles sexually abusing children.
Post Courier has opted to place the blame solely on men in families abusing daughters, grand-daughters, step-daughters and nieces.
That is only part of the picture.
Take the Papuan block in Lae where homebrew is made and consumed by women and men, boys and girls.
There must be the perfect opportunity for gay and heterosexual men to take small children for sex while parents are stoned drunk.

Some would be stoned for the night or the week and not know or care where their children are.

With men, women and children drinking homebrew, it is obvious that young boys and girls will be sexually abused. Get real Post Courier.


There is an interesting report on BBC, telling us what we always suspected about the importance of exercise.
It needs to be considered along with medicine. The two should be together in the lives of people. Please click:

BBC News - Exercise 'can be as good as pills'

1 day ago - Exercise can be as good a medicine as pills for people
with ... "Medicines are an extremely important part of the treatment
of many heart ...
So healthy people need to exercise daily and not just rely on medicine to cure them when they are sick. This is an important part of our Positive Living message.


About 5 years ago, I worked in downtown Port Moresby and would daily see the street kids begging on the walkway down to Steamships.
They would beg to get enough money to buy a Coca Cola and chips. All money seemed to be spent on food and none for mum and little brothers and sisters. Please click:

There was a young eleven year old girl begging with them. She caught my attention as she was the only girl beggar I had ever seen right to the present day. She would always be sitting with a bottle of Coca Cola beside her.
One day I asked her why she was begging. She told me she lived at Hanuabada, a village near the city with houses on the water. She was supporting her grandmother.
Then I did not see her again until this week in Boroko shopping centre. I stared at a young 14 year old girl and asked if she was the one. She said yes. But she did not do that any more.
I did notice that she still had a beautiful smile but every one of her adult teeth was decayed right to the base.
That came from drinking a gallon of Coca Cola a day while begging. Poor grandmother may not have been given much food.
I did not dare ask her how she was earning money now.

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