Wednesday, 30 November 2016


On World AIDS Day 2016, there were a number of reports in The National on HIV/AIDS. 

The UNAIDS Country Director Stuart Watson wrote a very subdued report that no longer mention removal of FAMILY and FAITH from the national agenda.

He wrote "reaching zero demands an end to the laws, policies and practices that fuel stigma and discrimination, violate individual rights and hinder effective rights based responses".

The following are suggested as part of the UNAIDS agenda above:
  • FAMILY and FAITH removed from the constitution,
  • decriminaliztion of gay and lesbian sex,
  • legalization of gay and lesbian sex,
  • same sex marriage legalized,
  • children to have RIGHTS in law but no RESPONSIBILITIES,
  • PNG children to be adopted by foreigners and taken overseas,
  • gay and lesbian curriculum in schools,
  • churches banned from opposing homosexuality,
  • churches to allow gay and lesbian clergy,
  • prostitution to be legalized,
  • children to have the right of association with adults and
  • age of consent lowered for children to have sex with adults.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Boys and girls must not be made activist fodder by gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers.

There was a sad report in the Post Courier today of a 13 year old gay boy in Brisbane who committed suicide after ongoing bullying in school over about 5 years.

Principal of Aspley High School said that an awareness program would be put in place at the school. It is a little late for that for a young boy who loved make-up and fashion in clothes and was called fairy, faggot and gay boy by the school bullies.

He would have been a gentle child who should have been a girl. Then the bullies would have protected their sister not bashed a young boy.

Schools have to take care with any response. There may have been only one or two gay boys at the school over a number of years. It gives the opportunity to the gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers to push for a full gay and lesbian curriculum.

The sexuality of these children should be private not to be laid out for all teachers and students to know and identify the young gay girly girl victims. The young boys would have been suicidally humiliated in being the centre of attention. 

Some schools in Massachusetts had gay appreciation days for the minority of gay children who were betrayed by their gay, lesbian and paedophile activist teachers. The school response would have been a key factor in the harrassment by bullies.

The so-called homophobia of the school and community would be blamed for any suicides where much of the blame would lie with the insensitive teachers who were ideologically committed to betraying gay and lesbian children to the student body.

As the headmaster, I would call the school together to announce the suicide of the boy and express my shame at the bullying of students. I would explain that some boys were born more with girls' characteristics and some girls were like boys.

But they are still people who need care and protection not violence. I would talk of respect of students for one another. Some boys need protection as student boys would protect their sisters. I would not support any knee jerk reaction to introduce gay and lesbian studies.

I have been involved with schools for 50 years as a student and teacher and can only recall about 6 gay boys in all that time. 

The homosexual and paedophile lobby is making gross exaggeration. They want schools to have a gay and lesbian curriculum when there may well be no gay or lesbian students at the school.

Sunday, 27 November 2016


I have been an unwilling spectator in the family of the late Jeffrey Nape having had my underage daughter stolen from me at the age of 16 and raped by Nape. I was sick with tuberculosis at the time and could not stop him. Sex with a minor is rape, never consensual.

She was made pregnant at 16 years old and given two sons before Nape died in mid-2016 at Pacific International Hospital (PIH).

I was in Lae at the time having brought my second daughter to safety away from Nape the child molester. He demanded to take her as his wife. She was a captive of Nape as she would visit her sister and he would molest her. If she refused, he would ban her from the house. 

There was no diagnosis of death for Nape except my daughter's advice that he had abdominal tuberculosis. But there was a report in the media some 5 weeks ago on diabetes type 2. The symptoms were as follows:

* frequent urination,
* excessive thirst,
* increased hunger,
* weight loss,
* tiredness,
* lack of interest or concentration,
* tingling sensation or numbness in hands or feet,
* blurred vision,
* slow healing wounds, and
* vomiting and stomach pain.

I questioned my elder daughter who told me that Nape had been on a special diet for almost 10 years. She had to cook special food for him but he never told her why.

He had swollen feet, always thirsty, drank only water and had sores that took 2-3 months to heal. Doctors at PIH did not seem to work out that he had diabetes type 2. It would only take a blood sugar test.

But they could not keep him alive and charged K10,000 medical fees for their failure. My daughter said he ate large amounts of pork in the month before his death. Could that be the cause? Pork has fat not sugar.

My younger daughter has gone to Port Moresby to be with her sister over Christmas but Nape's rubbish elder son Yaldiye will not allow her to come into the apartment. I hear that he is angry that she had sex with his paedophile father. 

So Yaldiye who wants to be a politician like his paedophile father has forced my elder daughter to meet her sister on the road outside and find somewhere else to sleep. He claims that his teenage brothers will have sex with her like their father.

If my elder daughter was a Nape's wife as he claimed, then her sister was his sister-in-law but Nape just wanted sex and marriage. My younger daughter would have been his sons' aunty but these rubbish Napes just want sex with her. They have no idea of family.

My younger daughter was a young girl of 15 when Nape first molested her. She was afraid to stop him and afraid to tell her father. She did not want to be blocked from being with her sister.

These Nape boys are low class creeps with the morality of pig dogs. Nape said he raised them to have discipline. They will be disciplined child molesters like their father.

Nape left them with no money. Yaldiye gives my daughter K100 a week for food for herself and children. I send her money every fortnight for food and easy pay.

Nape banned me from his house so that he could take my elder daughter. Now rubbish Yaldiye is banning her sister. Will the day come when he wants to rape my elder daughter, his step-mother? What a low class bush kanaka Chimbu family.

My daughter stays to care for Nape's children. She has commitment like her father.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


25 reserved seats - a national disaster waiting to happen.

Before the last Papua New Guinea election there was a strong push by UN lesbians for 25 reserved seats for women in parliament. The bill failed badly.

There was a perception that foreign lesbians were pushing to control parliament and the Department for Community Development with the portfolio of Minister.

Now the UNDP Assistant Resident Representative Julie Bukikun has told the media that women entering parliament face local obstacles including the opposition from men in parliament. Men are getting the blame again. Typical foreign lesbian strategy.

Ms Bukikun neglects to mention that there is low representation of women because women do not vote for women for a number of reasons. There is jealousy, the desire to push down successful women and lack of trust of women by women.

Reserved seats would be a national disaster as it would turn the balance towards power of women in negative ways. They would dominate the business of parliament with their power struggles.

There are unanswered questions. How are the women selected for the reserved seats? Which organizations would have the authority to select women? Would there be a national power struggle among women led by the lesbians of the United Nations?

Would Papua New Guinea come to be controlled by the lesbians of the United Nations in New York? Would the Department for Community Development be changed in focus towards gay and lesbian rights?

Would the 25 women be under the authority of the Speaker? Would they be given the same DSIP funding for projects in the electorate? Would they join a political party? 

Would these women be accountable to the electorate.? Would the DSIP funds be channelled to women's groups not to the electorate?

Can the women be sacked from the reserved seats? Would parliament witness the operation of musical reserved seats? Which organization would do the sacking? Would the UN have set up a lesbian power group to control the 25 seats?

The 25 seats in parliament are a national disaster waiting to happen.


The community of Papua New Guinea may not have been aware that since 2002, this nation had been swamped with foreign paedophiles working for AusAID. It was a shameful period in the diplomatic history of Australia.

These low life Australians arrived to divert the HIV/AIDS awareness into a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda. Most were paedophile as their focus was on RIGHTS of children. Some are still here having been employed by the United Nations to carry on the same agenda.

The United Nations has a paedophile agenda disguised as the rights of women and girls. The opposition to FAMILY and MEN is part of the strategy to weaken the authority of parents and take the children who have moved to live on the streets.

That is why there has been such a strong misinformation campaign in support of women and girls. The real target is FAMILY. The foreign lesbian paedophiles want men to be stripped of their rights as fathers. They do not want equality with women. They want women to win.

AIDs Holistics has led the fight against the paedophiles in AusAID, UNAIDS and UN Women. We have stressed the false reporting by the UN over recent years on the violence of men. 

We have focused on the sorcery killing, domestic violence and violence against women and girls in the street. We point out that there is increasing violence by women who drink home brew and smoke marijuana. 

The prisons of PNG have women's sections with prisoners gaoled for violence against men and women. Women and men have been killed. Young women go out at night to booze and fight. And all the blame is heaped on the men. 

Women want the freedom of men under the new legislations to go out to booze, fight, play cards and bingo, find sex with men on mobile phones, fight women and bash their husbands who are at home looking after the children.

But now the tide is turning. Senior people in Government of this nation make statements, almost one daily in the media supporting the existence of violence against men. 

There is now a focus expressed on FAMILY. The RIGHTS  and RESPONSIBILITIES of parents are seen to be a key factor in maintaining loving families. There is no longer the false reports that families are guilty of widespread stigma and discrimination against loved ones with HIV/AIDS.

Newspapers seem to be controlling the false statistics of lesbian supporting journalists who love to quote fake statistics that 80% of women have suffered violence. There are 50% of children afraid to go out at night. Fake statistics have to cease. 

We will wait for the results of the fake report awards to be made to journalists by anti-family, anti-faith, anti-fathers and anti-responsibilities UNAIDS and UN Women that have been under the grip of Australian paedophiles for some years. The big date is 30 November.

The awards are to be made by Stewart Watson Head of UNAIDS who has already told the PNG community that FAMILY and FAITH are no longer relevant to society. 

UNAIDS has told the Port Moresby Ministers Fraternal a number of years ago that adultery has to be accepted by the churches to keep husbands and wives happy

These creeps were brought to PNG to reduce sex and increase marriage fidelity as part of the HIV/AIDS response. But they just want more sex in the name of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Post Courier 22 November 2016 P.6

Lae Drug Squad Constable David Timothy engaged in the Law and Order Awareness program in Lae city said that students must keep away from smoking, chewing and having access to Facebook.

Smoking, chewing of betel nut and taking illegal substances such as drugs and homebrew are destroying young people today.

Drug abuse has been shown to alter gene expression and brain circuitry which in turn affects human behaviour and interferes with the individual's ability to make voluntary decisions which leads to illegal activities.

We discourage students, especially females to be near family members who are drug addicts. Police reports that many cases are related to sexual offences, murder and robbery as the result of smoking marijuana.

Consumption of illegal drugs has resulted in many people being mentally affected and roaming the streets while others are behind bars.

Comment: Foreign paedophiles of the United Nations will tell us that children have the RIGHT to take drugs and that parents have no RIGHT to stop them.

The United Nations Charter of Children's Rights tells parents that children have the RIGHT of association. 

That means that they have the RIGHT to associate with drug addicts, paedophiles and drug pushers. Parents have no RIGHT to stop them. UN paedophiles are the enemy of family.

Paedophile creeps.

Monday, 21 November 2016


The National 22 November 2016

Parents must not neglect their children becauuse it is their responsibility to look after them, according to Minister for Community Development Delilah Gore.

While the Government and partners work to improve the lives of our children, the preferred environment for care and upbringing is the child's family.

Responsibility for care and protection of children rests primarily with their biological parents. Children must be able to grow up in a safe and happy environment with their parents.

Comment: Thank you Minister. There is nothing more to say. The nation speaks.  Lukautim ol pikinini em wok bilong tupela marit. ( Looking after children is the work of married couples).

Sunday, 20 November 2016


If journalists are to win the UNAIDS and UN Women media awards, they must never forget that these organizations are anti-family, anti-faith, anti-men, anti-fathers and anti-responsibilities.

Journalists will be required to write on gender violence and HIV/AIDS in such a way to promote hatred of family, faith and fathers. We suggest they include the following in reports:

  • All men are violent.
  • All women and girls are abused.
  • Women are never violent to men.
  • Family and faith are not relevant in society (UNAIDS policy)
  • Children must be free from authoritarian parents and church.
  • Girls never bully and bash girls.
  • No PNG women prisoners ever bash or kill men or women.
  • Buka men rape their wives.
  • Women never get drunk, fight and kill.
  • Women never bash their husbands and children.
  • All sorcery killing is gender violence against women.
  • Sorcery killing involves men killing innocent women.
  • Children have rights not responsibilities.
  • Parents have no rights.
  • School children have the right to learn of gay and lesbian sex.
  • South African lesbians do not steal young girls.
  • South African men carry out corrective rape on lesbians.
  • All parental discipline of children is abuse.
  • Children want sex (Kinsey).
  • Parents block children from sex that they need.
  • Gays and lesbians free children from parents.
  • Gays and lesbians are not paedophile.
  • Children of gay and lesbian relationships are never abused.
  • Foreign gays and lesbians must be able to adopt PNG children.
  • Russia does wrong in blocking adoption of Russian children.
  • Churches must be blocked from opposing same sex marriage.
  • Positive Living is a fake message.

If journalists base their reports on the information above, they increase their chances of winning awards. Read reports below for a broadening of perspective. Please click:

Domestic Violence in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender ... - Maitri

Domestic violence is a serious issue in Lesbian, Gay
relationships. Domestic violence occurs in same-gender relationship

Abuse in Same-Sex and LGBTQ* Relationships ... - Human Services
Abuse can happen in lesbiangay, bisexual, trans gendered, trans-identified, two-spirited ... An abusive environment harms children now and in their future.


AIDS Holistics extends warm welcome to the Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls, Ms Natasha Stott Despoja.

Australians know her as the leader of the Australian Democrats, the youngest leader ever. I am sure that Australians were always impressed by her honest and forthright approach to issues.

Now Natasha is involved with the rights of women and girls. She has the support of the Papua New Guinea Government, care groups and all good men and women.

We support her in her focus on women and girls but ask that she frames her strategy in the context of FAMILY.

In traditional PNG culture, married men and women are addressed as one entity. "Go and ask the married couple". (tupela marit)

Now foreigners are here addressing men and women separately. There are hundreds and thousands of good married men and women in this country who should be addressed as the married couple as always. (tupela marit)

Good men must not be ignored and falsely blamed for violence and abuse. Their support is essential. As a father of two PNG daughters, I do not treat the campaign seriously if good men are excluded. It would be like Jews supporting a Nazi rally.

Most men protect their wives and daughters. It is the rogue foreigners who report otherwise for their own agenda.

Foreign lesbian activists need confrontation between men and women not respect and conciliation. They need war just as the Nazis needed war with the Jews.

It keeps the foreign activists in employment if ongoing war has been set up. They stay in the United Nations and Australian Foreign Affairs.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


The National 18 November 2016

The solution to the high rate of gender violence is for FAMILY to have a stable home and life within the teachings of the Bible, says retired public servant William Goninau,

It is the relationship approach to prevention of family violence. Mr Goninau said he is addressing in a holistic way the FAMILY as a model.

He said the Prime Minister made a statement that people's attitudes rather than the law have to change.

Comment: I will never forget the Seventh Day Adventist Family Crusade at Jack Pidik Park in Port Moresby about 6 years ago run by the Head of Family Life Pr Simon Vetali.

He had a family come on the stage to talk about RESPONSIBILITIES. There was a husband and wife with 6 children ranging from 5 years to 18 years.

Each took the microphone and talked to the audience about their RESPONSIBILITIES. The 18 year old had an adult role in the family. 

The 5 year old child talked about helping mummy and daddy. No child talked about RIGHTS. That was taken for granted in a loving family.

Children never taught responsibilities by their parents grow up to be raskols. Family responsibilities come first followed by responsibilities to the community. 

Children learn first in families. Foreign paedophiles oppose child responsibilities and call it abuse. Stupid childless fools.


We read on Google that South African lesbians are raped by men as part of "corrective rape". There are no such reports anywhere in the world only South Africa. Please click:

Crisis in South Africa: The shocking practice of 'corrective rape ... › News › World › Africa

Jan 3, 2014 - Corrective rape is a hate crime wielded to convert lesbians to ...
 of South Africa's victims, Mvuleni was lucky: she survived.

Chances are that this is part of lesbian misinformation. Men are supposed to be angry that women are having sex with women not men and have to be trained and punished to go back to men.

There is another more plausible explanation in post-apartheid South Africa. Gay and lesbian rights were incorporated into the new constitution with no consultation whatever with the community. 

Papua New Guinea has lessons to learn from giving gay and lesbian rights with no public consultation. There will be permanent anger from citizens.

South Africa is still the same as in apartheid South Africa. Men work in the mines and go home to their families on leave. Homes in the settlements are run by the women. This is the scenario for massive infection of the community with HIV/AIDS.

Gay and lesbian education is promoted in schools with no consultation with teachers. If teachers are unhappy, they are branded as homophobic.  Papua New Guinea beware.

When men come home from the mines on leave, many will find their teenage daughters are not at school but living with a lesbian. They go to find her with uncles and brothers. There is violence against the older lesbian and the daughter is taken back.

Whether or not the lesbian is raped is a matter of guesswork. It is convenient to put the blame on jealous men. So the young girls have been kidnapped in Nigeria by the Boko Haram. South African young girls have been taken by lesbians who may be teachers at the school.

There was rescue of a young girl in Port Moresby several years ago. She was snatched out of her lover's car at a car park opposite the Crown Plaza hotel. The lover ran away and the men took the young girl. They were probably her uncles, brothers and father.

There can never be a focus in South Africa on FAMILY as the father is more often than not away working in the mines.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


The bigger the school, the greater the damage.

As a gay or paedophile teacher newly arrived in a peaceful school, I would make changes. I would contact other gay or lesbian teachers at the school.

I would seek to be a student counsellor to identify any gay or lesbian student. I would counsel them on school work but slowly move to talking to them on sexuality. I would ask them to identify any other boys and girls at the school.

I would gather a small group together and counsel them on sexuality. I would suggest they had the right to "come out" to teachers and students at the school.

I would say they had the right to act as they want. They could mix with the girls, wear girls clothes and make-up. They could talk and act like girls. This would draw the attention of other students.

Trouble is starting. The group is going around the school together. They no longer mix with the girls. There has been a problem with other students. I am slowly breaking the school up into two or more sexuality groups.

I would give lessons on sexuality to all students, particularly gay and lesbian lifestyle. This will serve to alienate the small group and fix them in their identity as gay boys.

I have now set up what I would call a homophobic school, no longer focused on academic study but on sexuality. I am destroying the unity of the school and blaming teachers and students. 

I have made individual sexuality a school issue. This has happened in Massachusetts and South African schools but not in Papua New Guinea.

I would tell the students that the best place to meet at night is at Nicky's gay bar in High Street. I would say I often go there myself with my friends who would love to meet them.


As an Australian, I know of Africa only from what I have learned from child hood. My first experience was with the book Nada the Lily by H. Rider Haggard that told of the life of Chaka Zulu and his fierce impis of warriors. 

As a teenager, I watched the movie Zulu and the attack on British soldiers at Rorke's Drift.

Then I watched the inhumanity of the aparthheid policy particularly in the movie Cry Freedom. I felt shame at the killings of school children at the guns of police. 

I read of the killings of African National Congress and the horror of necklacing with a burning tire placed on the neck of a victim.

Life in Africa has been cruel and harsh for a century or more. Africa has suffered greatly at the hands of Idi Amin with genocidal killings in Rwanda and the violence in Ethiopia, Somalia, Libya and Liberia. 

We read reports of the killings of Al-Shabab in Somalia and the Boko Haram in Nigeria. The young school girls were kidnapped from their school.

We read of how the Constitution of post-apartheid South Africa has given full rights to gays and lesbians. We read of men raping lesbian women to retrain them. Please click:

Corrective rape: The homophobic fallout of post-apartheid South Africa
May 21, 2015 ... South Africa has highest rates of rape in the world - 
including ' corrective rape' - used to 'cure' lesbian women of their homosexuality.

It is called corrective rape. It may also be to rescue young girls from older lesbian women and warn them to keep away. 

Let us hope that this is not lesbian misinformation such as we see in Papua New Guinea at the hands of UN paedophiles. There are many reports on Google that explain that South African schools are homophobic. 

It is possible for activists to set up confrontation situations. Why is there a problem in South African schools but none in Papua New Guinea schools? There seems to be gross exaggeration in the South African reports on Google..

The greatest scourge of Africa has been HIV/AIDS. It has many causes including the apartheid separation of men from their families to work in gold mines. 

It is amazing that out of all this suffering has come a message of hope for HIV/AIDS sufferers with the Positive Living message promoted particularly by church care groups. Both the Christian and Islamic faith are strong in Africa. 

Foreign gays, lesbians and paedophiles know to keep away from Africa. They know that they would be in danger particularly in Moslem countries.

There is no opposition to Family Positive Living in Africa. So many people in so many African countries have suffered the loss of family members through violence that there is only the desire to care for surviving members.

The people of Papua New Guinea have never suffered on such a massive scale. But the PNG people need to embrace the family Positive Living message of Africa.

Monday, 14 November 2016


We will not accept any news reports that refer to RESPONSIBILITIES of children. Children have only RIGHTS. We do not want children to be responsible to family. We want them free. 

We gave them the right of association in the UN Charter of Children's Rights. They have the right to associate with any person. Children belong to everyone. Children have the right to sex.

There is a competition sponsored by UNAIDS and UN Women for awards to journalists writing on gender and HIV/AIDS. 

Given that these organizations are gay. lesbian and paedophile, the journalists must take care on how they write. Positive Living is a dirty word.

Since UNAIDS and UN Women are anti-family and anti-faith, the journalists must not write in support of the family or faith. Any such news report will be rejected immediately.

There must be total focus on rights of women and abuse of women and girls. There must be no mention of the violence of women to men. This is totally unacceptable. 

There must be no report of a woman speaking of love for her husband, unless of course the husband is another woman.

Gender violence is to be taken as violence against women and girls. If journalists have no statistics they are allowed to make up their own. UN advisors do that all the time.

No report on faith will be accepted. Churches are the enemy. They are authoritarian and control women and girls like fathers.The father is the enemy too.

Only same sex marriage will be accepted. No report will be accepted on church marriage. This is not acceptable in modern society.

We hope that the winning news reports will be published for all to see. AIDS Holistics will survey all winning news reports.

No reports will be accepted on HIV/AIDS awareness. We are not interested. That is not part of the gay and lesbian agenda. Reports can be made on only condoms. Stigma and discrimination has to be blamed on family

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Sunday, 13 November 2016


Diabetes is a silent killer disease in which the body does not process food for use as energy. Most of the food we eat is turned into glucose or sugar for our bodies to use as energy.

The pancreas  is an organ that lies near the stomach  and makes a hormone known as insulin  to help the glucose get into the cells of the body. 

When you have diabetes, your body either does  not make enough insulin or can not use its insulin as well as it should. This causes sugar to build up in our blood. That is why may people call diabetes sugar sick.

Diabetes causes health complications including heart disease , blindness, kidney failure and lower extremity amputations. A normal person without diabetes should follow a Positive Living diet of clean water, fruit and vegetables.

But a person with diabetes type 2 must take care in eating any calorie rich sugar enriched food as this will build up sugar in the blood. That means that fruit and starchy vegetables should be avoided.

Some of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:

* frequent urination,
* excessive thirst,
* increased hunger,
* weight loss,
* tiredness,
* lack of interest or concentration,
* tingling sensation or numbness in hands or feet,
*blurred vision,
*slow healing wounds, and
*vomiting and stomach pain.


But it is rejected by the anti-family gays, lesbians and paedophiles of the western world.

Out of the Chiangmai International HIV/AIDS conference of 2002 came hundreds of reports on Positive Living. These were sent from care groups of South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and Thailand. These were the homes of the thousands of care groups.

The senior Positive Living advocate was Dipuo Bogatsu of Botswana who reported to the online conference that she was HIV positive but lived to support her family by Positive Living. She became the Commonwealth Positive Living ambassador. Please click

Dec 28, 2011 - AIDS Holistics is associated with Ms Dipuo Bogatsu of ... PNG as a Commonwealth Ambassador for Positive Living.

I wish she had come to Papua New Guinea to help this nation join the Positive Living nations of Africa. She could have neutralized the false and racist crap of the UN and AusAID gays, lesbians and paedophiles seeking to crush the work of care groups to stop the messages on FAMILY.

Our second major source of support came from the Seventh Day Adventist Church with their focus on FAMILY. Our first messages came from SDA teachings on nutrition and family life. AIDS Holistics has had strong links with the SDA church on matters of family. Please click:

Back to Eden ebook
Back to Eden. Author:Jethro Kloss Date:20161111  ... on herbs, natural diet 
and lifestyle and holistic health. Tags: Back Eden ...

With the availability of ARV drugs to the sufferers of HIV/AIDS, there is no longer a message of stigma and discrimination. This was part of the foreign anti-family message. 

But now the sufferers are no longer afflicted in later stages with dementia, delusions, hallucinations and violence that would have frightened the family members. 

Now sufferers take their ARV medication and get on with their lives of work, study and looking after children. 

For those sufferers in outback rural areas with no access to ARV, there will still be the slow decline to death with the final horror of dementia or madness. Loved ones leave the house and forget how to come back. They believe they are being attacked by evil spirits. Family members are afraid.

There will be family members who see the mental unbalance of their loved one as the result of sorcery. Someone has to pay.

AIDS Holistics is a world ambassador on Positive Living.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Capt. Belden Namah spent time in prison for treason many years ago in opposing the deployment of Sandline. If Gen. Singirok is a Bougainville and national hero, then so too is Belden Namah. 

This is history. Many senior politicians in the world spent time in prison including Mandela, Mugabe and Gandhi. It was part of their sacrifice to the nation.

If we read the newspapers of Papua New Guinea, we will find a parade of men and women who have died and whose funeral notices are posted. Many are relatively young in their 40s and early 50s. But they are fat.

We see photographs of politicians in the media who are mainly fat and waddle like fat ducks. The former opposition leader Belden Namah has taken up the issue and talked about the importance of exercise, clean water, fruit and vegetables. He is talking about Positive Living.

AIDS Holistics has been promoting the importance of diet, exercise and clean water for over a decade and been attacked by foreign homosexuals who think that the message is all about same sex marriage. 

They have to lift their view away from their knickers and realize that the Positive Living message is so important for the generations of Papua New Guinea people who live on a diet of rubbish food. 

So many mothers are lazy people who feed their children on whatever they can buy cheaply at a road side market. The favourite is flour fried in oil - cooked flour or a dry bun is not good for a child. 

The stupid mother thinks that she has fed the children as soon as they stop crying with hunger. Then she can go back to playing cards or bingo.

Papua New Guinea is a country rich in fruit and vegetables to be bought cheaply in markets. If bought by a loving mother in a loving family, the children will eat well. Loving families are all part of Positive Living. Even LGBT young people need to live in a loving family not on the street waiting to be taken home by a foreign paedophile.

The importance of Positive Living lies in children living in a loving family in a house protected from mosquitoes, supplied with clean water to drink and wash, land to grow vegetables, a market to buy fruit and vegetables, cooked food each day and money each week from someone with employment. 

All roadside cooked meat is mainly fat, ready to be deposited in the heart of the consumer. Fat is absorbed through the small intestine and passes along the lymph vessels to the heart where much is deposited ready to block blood vessels of the heart and cause strokes or heart attacks.

For those on ARV drugs, there is the importance of building up their weight loss that came from a damaged small intestine with nutrients, water and salts not absorbed. 

They have to accompany their ARV medication with positive nutrition to build up protein, vitamins, salts and enzymes once the small intestine starts to mend to allow absorption of nutrients to recommence.

AIDS Holistics had a fool doctor Kariko who spread the word that Positive Living was unproven AIDS Holistics theory.  Let him go back to medical school. He was the pet corrupt doctor for the corrupt expatriate women of Anglicare who did their best to destroy the credibility of AIDS Holistics. Please click:


He said the churches role was to promote positive living and positive values. 

AIDS Holistics calls on all politicians and political hopefuls to include Positive Living in their election campaign for 2017.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


AIDS Holistics opened the door but Anglicare stole the door.

When I found out that Linda and our son were HIV positive in 2000, I decided there was something I had to do to help. 

Having been briefed by a doctor on Positive Living, I decided to promote the message as the Australian advisors were interested only in talking about using condoms when we koap.

I was an experienced teacher of biology in Australia and Papua New Guinea and able to think out and teach the AIDS awareness message with ease. I found myself going to care groups in Port Moresby and promoting Positive Living.

I was contacted by the expatriate woman running Anglicare, the care organization of the Anglican church. She asked me to come along to brief them on Positive Living. I went to their centre on Poroporena Freeway and talked to staff. I was pleased with the result.

Then I was asked to conduct classes at a Catholic school at Hohola. I worked all day giving briefings to the classes on the physiology of the body and infection with HIV/AIDS. A Scottish Anglicare woman sat up the back and observed.

I finished the day and went home. Nothing was heard from the Anglicare boss lady for over a week. I forgot her name. From now on, she will be called Bossy Bitch 1. She is now dead.

She sent me an email to advise that my talks were vulgar and obscene and she did not want me to have any further contact with Anglicare again.

I was annoyed to have been talked to like that by a  middle-aged expatriate jumped-up clerk typist. I shrugged off her words and went back to promoting Positive Living to the care groups of Port Moresby.

I produced a Powerpoint presentation on Positive Living that I took around to churches and care groups of Port Moresby. I even went to Anglicare and was welcomed by workers who crowded around the computer to read the message.

But a friend at Anglicare told me later that Bossy Bitch 1 had removed the powerpoint presentation and told staff that they were never to talk to me. My friend told me an interesting point.

My Positive Living message was the same as the Anglicare Positive Living message. So Bossy Bitch 1 was playing tricks. My work was not vulgar and obscene. 

She had stolen it and claimed the message as having been designed by her. I was shown a work book that was ours but had the name of Bossy Bitch 1 and Anglicare on the cover. If she wanted the message she had only to ask and it would have been given. 

But Bossy Bitch 1 wanted AIDS Holistics out. She wanted all care groups to ignore the AIDS Holistics message. So she stole the message and claimed it as hers. 

Bossy Bitch 1 had a friend, wife of an ex-prime minister. Both worked to make Anglicare the top care group and squash all care groups. Positive Living was now owned by Anglicare and to be used as they see fit. The friend will be called Bossy Bitch 2.

Working with Dr Kariko, bossy bitches 1 and 2 worked to control the spread of Positive Living messages to care groups that were to come together as a society. Bossy bitch 2 crushed that by becoming president and then never holding a  meeting of care groups.

Anglicare has had a chequered history with the gay and lesbian culture of the Anglican church in England. There is a gay and lesbian schism in United States with the Episcopalian church.

Anglicare Port Moresby seemed to have promised UN and AusAID that they would support gay and lesbian sex, distribute condoms by the truck load and prevent care groups from following the hated Positive Living message. The Anglican approach has been strictly pagan.

Some years ago, there was an inter-church conference at Sione Kami church in Port Moresby. I went along. During the conference, I stood and asked that the churches supported the Positive Living message and not allow the gay and lesbian agenda to take over.

The Anglican Bishop jumped up and shouted that my statement was homophobic. I was talking about his gay and lesbian friends who were trying to hyjack the AIDS agenda. His outburst was not well received as the considered opinion of a senior prelate. It may have been a coincidence but he left his position as Bishop about two weeks later.

Anglicare even distributed large numbers of condoms to the police sent to the highlands for law and order duties during the last election. 

I put a report on blog demanding in the name of gender equality, that police wives be given condoms too for safe sex while their husbands were away in the highlands. Please click:

anglican care distributes condoms to police - family positive living ...

Feb 13, 2012 - ANGLICARE has acted true to form by distributing cartons upon cartons of condoms to the police before deployment to the elections in the ...

give condoms to police wives - family positive living - aids holistics
Feb 16, 2012 - We read in the media that the Anglican church through its care organization Anglicare has given cartons of condoms to the police for safe .
There were two results. The Anglican Archbishop went off his brain so I was told. As well, my report appeared in the grade 12 resource book for written expression.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


The greatest damage done to my personal well being in the last decade as founder of AIDS Holistics was not only at the hands of foreign paedophiles but from rogue Catholic priest Fr. Jude Ronayne-Ford Head of the Catholic HIV/AIDS response.

I was caring for Linda and our son who were HIV positive and died in 2002 and 2003. She was a beautiful lady, descendant of Catholic missionaries from the Philippines who were brought to settle on Yule Island in the 1800s. There were the Sarimans, Kassmans, Soliens and Nateras.

After several months, Linda and I had adopted Jude and took him food at regular times. Father Jude wanted to take her to live with him at his care centre at 14 mile. It did not matter that I was caring for her. I know now that he wanted her for sex not for help. 

Jude claimed that I was bashing her and knew nothing about HIV/AIDS. He told me to leave the AIDS awareness to him as I did not have the intellect to understand the intricacies of the virus. 

All the sex predators play the same tricks in accusing critics of sexual misconduct in the hope that there is a grain of truth in their words that makes the critic go silent. But with me there was nothing. It all went on internet.

Watson, Cox and Jude claimed I was molesting my daughters and bashing Linda. Barter, Gonapa and Nape claimed I was molesting my daughters. They were trying to draw attention from their own sexual misconduct. The question arises as to who started the hate campaign, the paedophiles or the priest?

Then Jude convinced Linda to go to help him at his care centre at 14 mile. She came back and refused to return. She would not give me her reasons. Linda was a devout Catholic and probably thought she would go to hell by giving trouble to a  priest. 

Like all sex predators, Jude was anti-family. He would not allow families to have access to their loved ones at 14 mile. He had something sexual to hide. When I went out to visit Linda, he would not let me in and would not call her to come. She was busy.

But I talked to Archbishop Brian Barnes about my suspicions and circumstantial evidence on Jude's sexual misconduct. I said he specialized in sexually abusing dying young women who are now all dead. There were several young women who left the Catholic centre at 14 mile and sought refuge at 3 Angels Care when I was caretaker.

By the end of the year, Jude was gone either out of the province or out of the country. I never saw him again. The care centre was taken over by an order of nuns which would indicate that the Archbishop recognized a serious problem with a centre for young women run by a priest.

The Archbishop may have been one of those prelates who covered up priestly sexual misconduct and moved them on.

There were strange goings on at the Franciscan friary at Bomana. About 15 years ago, a priest was shot dead in his bed. That is unusual for Papua New Guinea. But Jude would have had several angry and suspicious parents denied access to their daughter at 14 mile.

The question arises as to who shot Fr. Fabian Thom and who was it they found in his bed. It may have been angry brothers, uncles and father of a young boy or girl. There appeared to be no police investigation. Perhaps the killer shot the wrong priest.

Monday, 7 November 2016


In the media, we read of a campaign soon to be started to have young people express opinions to the United Nations by anonymous text messages to a secret mobile phone number.

Given the ongoing hoax surveys of the United Nations lesbians, we fear that this is a hate campaign by foreign lesbians against fathers, family and faith.

In recent years, the community has suffered from the fake Gordons market reports, fake Buka rape reports, fake gender sorcery killing reports, fake Buka Intimate Partner report and fake child trafficking Sepik Vanilla report.

After the fake mobile text-in youth survey, we can probably expect fake statistics to appear in the editorial of the Post Courier. We will read that 81% of young girls hate their violent father. Then 93% of young women are afraid of their violent boy friends.

It is all anonymous and fake. Anyone can claim to receive a fake text message. I will make up a fake message " I hate my dad. He is so violent and bashes me and my mum". Would you like another " My husband comes home drunk every night  and bashes me. Later he rapes me"? 

Parents are advised to monitor the UN messages on their child's mobile phone. Check that the message is not anti-family, anti-faith, anti-men, anti-fathers and anti-responsibility. Parents do have rights, you know.

We recommend that if the UN lesbians are conducting a hate campaign, the Government declares the lesbians involved as persona non grata and deports them. But then the lesbians concerned may be in New York.

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