Sunday, 17 September 2017


Crime Investigation: TVWAN cable TV

The expose by Leah Amini on Scientology reveals a brutal, authoritarian sect, set up by a science fiction writer claiming to be a messiah like Jesus or Mohammed. But his authority came from little green men not God.

All earthly dictators have been cruel, authoritarian and permitting no criticism or disillusion from followers. Critics are to have their spirits and lives destroyed. They are the enemy.

All families are married within Scientology and belong to the sect. They can be taken away from any disconnected follower.

The regimes of Hitler and Stalin produced subordinates who were psychopaths determined to show their worth by making all followers afraid and suffering. Jesus did not do that.

With the death of Hubbard, his place was taken by a junior high school drop-out and psychopath David Muscavige. Hubbard did not die of a stroke but merely discarded his body and went to live with the little green men on another galaxy. Haha.

His successor Muscavige believes in terror attacks on followers, forced confessions, re-education, demotion and disconnection. There is no Christian love. The focus is not on the soul of the believer.

It is on the cruel, asset greedy, authoritarian, vicious and fraudulent agenda of the Scientology Gestapo.

Perhaps Hubbard and Miscavige are the anti-Christ we read about in Revelations. This writer is not a Scientologist but merely recognises the authoritarian bullying common to all dictatorships.

Why do Americans allow demagogues as spiritual leaders? There seems to be a cult of personality among spiritual dictators in the USA. 

Take Jim Jones of the Guyana cult who killed his followers with poison. Why do Americans follow like sheep? I would never have allowed him to give poison to my family. 

Where in the Bible do we read of mass suicide? Those silly people died because of a crazy megalomaniac pastor. The Scientologists have a megalomaniac in Miscavige.


We read in the media that Malcolm Turnbull has urged people of Australia to vote yes to gay and lesbian rights. Today he supports the right of a church not to marry a gay supporting couple. He seems to be having a bet each way,

He says the sky has not fallen in among the countries that have given gay and lesbian rights. He has not noticed that these countries have gone quiet on statistics on child abuse and child serial killing. Paedophiles are having a field day.

Gay and lesbian rights include same sex marriage, adoption of children, marriage in a church and police protection from terrorist attacks on gay pride marches.

The day will surely come when terrorists attack gay pride processions. We do note that the public profile for gays and lesbians has dropped across the world. There is secret fear of Moslem terrorist attacks.

We will all recall the attack on a gay bar in the USA over two years ago. Gay and lesbian rights puts soft target Christian nations on the opposite side of the fence to Moslem countries.

Moslem countries have their own sin and corruption but look to the soft target countries to condemn families for lack of security and morality of women and girls who are allowed to go out to night clubs, dance with men and drink alcohol. 

Sharia law is coming closer to Australia every year. Indonesia will embrace Sharia law within 5 years. So-called Islamic State plans to take Indonesia.

There are Sharia squads patrolling streets throughout Britain. Will the Government allow Sharia law in Australia?

Thursday, 14 September 2017


Anna Solomon (Department for Community Development)- Focus on violence and abuse distracts us from the needs of family.

Yatu Idauman (School Principal)  If we look after needs of family, violence and abuse looks after itself.

Needs of family

In Papua New Guinea, family consists of father, mother, sons and daughters. This is the nuclear family which exists within the extended family of the clan.

Families have basic needs which include food, shelter, clothing, medicine, love, caring, respect, education, lunch money, bus fares and protection from abuse and violence.

The family has basic rights which include the right to be cared for, given nutritious food to prevent malnutrition, gender equality for all family members, freedom from violence and abuse, education and employment in a job, access to medical treatment, access to gardens and freedom from HIV/AIDS.

A husband and wife have the responsibility to care for their family, provide a loving environment, protect the family within shelter, give values and living skills, treat all members with gender equality.

Older children have the responsibility to support their parents with care for small brothers and sisters, disabled family members and older people living in the family. 

They have the responsibility to free parents of stress and worry and to study at school to secure employment and support their family. They have the responsibility to accept values and living skills for marriage and rearing children in future years.

All family members need peace and love. They need to be respected as people. Wives need to be cared for with no fear of violence from drunken husbands. Men need to be respected and not suffer bashing from violent wives. Family needs to be free from abuse of alcohol, home brew and marijuana.

Families do not need polygamy with the man marrying two or more women, bringing home HIV/AIDS and not earning enough money to look after two or more families of children.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


The National 14 September 2017

For over a decade now the foreign lesbian Gestapo of the United Nations has worked to destroy the PNG family and the authority of parents particularly the fathers.

But today we read in the media that the Department for Community Development and Religion has changed all that with focus away from violence to women and girls. Now the emphasis is on the needs of family.

Secretary Anna Solomon said the Department wanted a family approach with not too much talk on violence to women and girls. This focus had diverted attention away from the needs of family.

There is a forum to be held from 4-6 October to involve women, men and children in a holistic approach to family. This would give all men and women the opportunity to speak and contribute.

PNG people have withstood the attacks of the foreign paedophiles. 


Crime Investigation on TVWAN cable channel.

In recent years, the people of Papua New Guinea regularly read media reports of a young man who claimed to be a pastor and posed as the son of God among villagers in the Madang area.

He would stay in villages and call for baskets of food as offerings to God. He would call the young girls to come in traditional dress and serve as his hand maidens. He had sex with each of them as young as 8 years old.

He was a paedophile who was sentenced to prison and escaped twice to return to his job as the son of God. But villagers started to question his morality and claims of divinity

In the end, he was chased by a gang of men who cut him with bush knives, speared and castrated him. His time was ended. He did not rise from the dead.

He became known as the Black Jesus. He had been preceded 25 years before by the brother of Jesus in the Wewak area Mathias Yeliwan who lived on Mt Yangoru and had hand maidens he called flowers.

He killed a young girl, cut her up and claimed he would make her rise from the dead in 3 days. The family is still waiting.

Monday, 11 September 2017


In recent months, we read reports in the media from public figures claiming that social media postings are false.

AIDS Holistics has had two blogs in the last decade. The Geocities blog attracted 600,000 hits about Positive Living before Geocities closed down. The present blog has attracted 235,000 hits in 5 years.

We have made deep criticisms of the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda in Papua New Guinea. Yet in all that time, there has not been a single blog or media comment telling the world that our information is fake.

They would not dare as they know they would only make the matter worse. The gay, lesbian and paedophile lobby has specialized in anonymous fake reports on Google and email. They would not dare explain the gay, lesbian and paeophile agenda to the community.

Deep criticisms have been made of the paedophile agenda of Stewart Watson (UNAIDS), Elizabeth Cox (UN Women and Barnados) and Sir Peter Barter (Madang Resort Hotel) but there has been total silence. They know that our facts are deadly accurate.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Post Courier 8 September 2018 Letter to the Editor

There was a letter to the editor from Mike commenting on the recent spate of sex crimes on underage girls. He put the blame squarely on parents and guardians.

There is a small grain of truth in his words. But the fact remains that young girls are now preferred for sex by older men. Older sex workers are out of business.

Most families do not have money to give to children particularly young girls who need cosmetics, clothes and menstrual pads. Men have the money and girls know where to go.

I have spent almost 18 years worrying about my daughters. They would come in after dark and not say where they had been. I would walk the streets. When I was ill in 2011, paedophile Jeffrey Nape stole my elder daughter.

Children can not be protected by parents all the time. Parents go to work and the children arrive home from school before their parents return. Children have to be given freedom if they are to grow to be responsible adults.

The foreign lesbian paedophiles did not help by working to promote the rights of children with no responsibilities. They planned to destroy the authority of parents. Then these paedophiles turn around and blame the parents. Good trick.

But children have to travel to and from school , go to the store, wash clothes at the river, collect water, work in the gardens and gather firewood. Here is where many girls are raped.

The writer of this letter has to take care not to be making excuses for the paedophile attackers of children. Paedophiles are the criminals not the parents. The last creep to try this was Valentine Tangoh of the National AIDS Council.

Is the writer pushing all blame on parents? Paedophiles do the crimes and most parents just worry and try to protect their children. In Australian prisons, paedophiles are called "rock-spiders". They hide under rocks and leap out to snatch a victim.


Gay and heterosexual paedophiles are sexual criminals. Across the world they steal children to rape, torture and kill and turn into addicts. 

They wear the masks of loving gays and lesbians seeking to benefit from gay and lesbian rights as passed in legislation. They want the right to same sex love to adopt and abduct children. 

It may be that 40% of gay men are paedophile too. They have sex above and below the age of consent.

Nations of the world are in danger from serial rapist and killer paedophiles. They want to benefit from legislation that allows them to adopt and traffic in children. It is happening already.

The politicians of the world are both corrupt and naive in ignoring the danger to family of serial paedophiles disguised as loving gays and lesbians.

Already villagers have castrated paedophiles caught having sex with village children. The Government of Indonesia has legislated for chemical castration of convicted paedophiles. Recent reports on cable TV show that Pakistani paedophiles inject children with a drug.

Paedophiles will make children addicted to the gay sex drug poppers. Children will become changed in their interest in sex but parents will not know why. The children will have been spoiled for life and focused on sexual pleasure. Please click:

What You Need Know About Poppers And Gay Sex - LiveAbout › Love and Romance › LGBTQ

Jan 30, 2016 - Poppers are a popular addition to gay sexual encounters. But what 
are the risks, and are poppers worth the temporary high?

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


In the media this week, there was a report of a Papua New Guinea elementary school teacher charged by police with molesting a student in his class.

He was alleged to have told her to stay behind and sweep the class room. He then came up behind her and grabbed her. He inserted his fingers into her vagina.

She reported to her parents and the teacher was arrested. He was given bail to appear in Court at a later date. 

Does this mean he goes back to his class to face the small girl? He must not threaten her or pay compensation to parents to avoid Court.

Last week there was a report of three men caught raping a 10 year old girl. They were said to have been castrated by villagers.

Paedophile sex seems to be increasing in this country. There appears to be more awareness in the media. 

Paedophiles will be given more freedom to abuse children with gay and lesbian legalization in parliament.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Australia is facing the nonsense of a Court challenge on the planned referendum on gay and lesbian sex. 

There are good reasons for this. The gay lobby wants the vote in parliament where politicians can be pressured and manipulated. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten knows this.

They know that if the vote goes to the people of Australia, the result will be a resounding failure. Their propaganda is false that 60% of Australians support same sex marriage. So what are they worried about? 

They want the Courts to tell the Government that a democratic referendum is not democracy. They prefer to infiltrate Government and parliament rather than stand for election.

The gay and lesbian lobby is now playing games. They want to distance themselves from the gay and lesbian paedophile lobby by denying that children will be abused. 

But many gays and lesbians are paedophile. Across the world many are child rapists and serial killers of children. They want to portray legalization as allowing all Australian gay people to love in the country they love. No mention of child sex. They want to silence public debate as they have so much to hide.

They deny that there will be changes to school curriculum. Liars. All school children will be fed on a weekly dose of gay and lesbian lifestyle. Parents will lose their children to gay, lesbian and paedophile teachers promoting gay and lesbian rights.

The paedophile gays and lesbians want adoption of children from Australia and overseas. There will be an increase in child abuse once gays, lesbians and paedophiles are able to adopt children.


On cable TV there is a program Crime Investigation. Twelve years ago a small girl was abducted by a paedophile who drove her around in his car chained to the seat. 

She managed to escape and was saved by an interstate truck driver who took her to the police station. On the program she told how the man tried to rape her in his car but could not do so.

She said that she was only 8 years old and the man's penis was too large to penetrate her. So he gave up after trying to force entry amid her cries of pain.

A paedophile man has the same problem trying to force his penis into the anus of a small boy. He will only cause pain and damage to the rectum.

Paedophiles are creeps trying to force sex on small children. This man was arrested and sent to prison and was being investigated for the serial killing of two other small girls. 

This little girl Midsi was very lucky to have the presence of mind to escape.

Monday, 4 September 2017


This is not a church. There is no belief in  God but in a man who used to write science fiction L. Ron Hubbard and came up with a body of belief for uneducated rich Americans mainly from the film industry like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. 

In the Christian faith, believers are forgiven. In Scientology, they are expelled and charged massive of amounts of money to be counselled. Families are broken up.  There is the ethos of the US slave trade. Followers become the property of the sect with no personal freedoms.

Scientology has set up a sect in Port Moresby. But it is mainly a sect for rich stupid Americans with plenty of money to pay the leaders in this pseudo-spiritual "Animal Farm". PNG people do not have enough money.

Papua New Guinea people must keep away from this evil sect. Followers are owned by the sect and required to pay big money. There is no God nor saving Grace. Critics are the enemy to be neutralized.

In the early stage it taught followers a pure lifestyle but year upon year there was a massive burden placed on followers who were owned by the senior management of this pseudo scientific conglomerate. 

There appear no study groups in scientology where followers can share ideas and experiences. The management does not want a group of followers to declare that the scientology message is a load of pseudo-scientific rubbish.

Followers married not in God's name but in the name of Hubbard. His successors could marry and dissolve a marriage if any family member criticized the sect. 

Leah Remini stayed in the sect quietly as she was afraid they would take her family away from her which they did. See the report below.

They have an intelligence gathering network like the old Soviet KGB. Followers were encouraged to report on one another. They destroy like the United Nations paedophile lesbians.

There are regular reports on cable TV about the hateful Gestapo tactics of the Scientology sect and its pagan message passed to clients at great cost. They will destroy an expelled follower in their neighbourhood by distributing pamphlets.

There is no such message about the love of God. Once a person joins the sect, the discipline can be traumatizing, destructive to family and hateful.

People who have criticized the management of the Scientology Gestapo are subject to exclusion and harrassment. Husbands are told to divorce the wife if she makes any criticism. Children are told to reject their parent who has been declared an enemy.

This is a fake money making sect whose followers are subject to the requirement to pay large sums of money to climb the bridge. Any criticism can mean demotion down the bridge and money paid to climb again. Failure to obey means exclusion from family. Please click:

What happens when you try to leave the Church of Scientology ... › World › Scientology

Apr 22, 2011 - On 19 August 2009, Tommy Davis, the chief spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, received a letter from the film director .

Leah Remini Takes Her Scientology Battle to Primetime: This 'Cult ...

Nov 29, 2016 - first episode of the A&E docuseries 'Leah Remini: Scientologyand the Aftermath,' which premieres Nov. 29th.


The National 5 September 2017

The World Association for Sexual Health has chosen "love, bonding and intimacy" for this years Sexual Health Day.

Rural Primary Health Services officer Kelwyn Brown said " intimacy is about connecting with someone emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, physically, recreationally and sexually."

It does not mean controlling behaviour but rather kindness, compassion and selflessness. Loving communication between partners means being kindly, patient and non-manipulative.

Google reports on the vicious levels of abuse and manipulation among same sex couples. Paedophile partners abuse the children. Please click:

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans people and domestic violence - Stonewall
Information on domestic violence and experience of lesbiangay, bisexual and 
trans people. How to get support and how to report incidences, including .

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Choosing a wife

A wise young man takes care in choosing a wife to live with him for the rest of his life and be the mother of his children.

He must prepare himself by studying at school, seeking qualifications and employment to support a family. He needs to be ready to support a wife in study and seeking a job.

He chooses a wife to help him to do all that. It is good if she comes from a loving and supportive family. A man must avoid being part of a violent and trouble-making family of his wife.

His wife makes the marriage strong by supporting her husband and children. She uses his fortnight pay to buy food, clothing, medicine, school fees and school lunches.

She gives nutritious food to the family and prevents her children from suffering from malnutrition.

If working in a job, she shares her pay and does not play tricks. She is not a good wife and mother if she spends all the money on herself.

She should not be violent, jealous and forever falsely accusing a loving husband of being unfaithful to her. There are violent women in this country who need no proof to bash a husband.

She must not spend the house hold money on beer, cigarettes, home brew, cards and bingo. She must not use a mobile phone to talk secretly to men.

Choosing a husband

A young woman needs to take care in choosing a husband. She has to protect her reputation in the community.

This will influence the boys who will be attracted to her and what they will want from her. To find a good young man she will have to be accepted by his family. They may want her to be acceptable to their pastor as well.

She should take care with personal conduct in relation to smoking, boozing, going out at night and the number of boy friends she has had. A bad reputation goes around the community quickly.

She must not have sex with boys especially those she would not want for a husband. Many foolish girls are trapped into violent and loveless relationships with unemployed bums who have no money for the family.

If she becomes pregnant, she must not tell this boy or demand money from him. He will regard her as his wife and come around for sex to bash and rape her. She has no future with him.

A girl has to keep her standards high by personal conduct, study at school and the jobs she can take. 

A girl risks becoming a loser by leaving school in grade 10, being pregnant and marrying a boy who is unemployed and uneducated.

She must marry a boy accepted by her loving family. This means she brings him home to meet the family before making any other plans. 

If the family does not like him, she would be foolish to stay with him. Her brothers, father and uncles will not protect her from domestic violence if she ignores their advice.

She needs to find a boy who will love and respect her, work in a job, bring home pay, not be a violent drunk, respects his own parents and will remain faithful.

They have to be friends, able to live together, enjoy each other's company, laugh and relax together, make family decisions, share money, have friends together, attend church and be supported by family.

They need to raise a loving family of children who become educated with jobs, loyal to the family and ready to care for their parents as they grow old.

Girls will need to be aware of the family problems that will arise in this country if she is involved in a lesbian relationship. There would be danger of violence for both of them if she took her lover back to the village. 

Most foreign lesbians will play tricks to hide the relationship. They will tell the family that the girl lives with her as a research assistant.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


There have been massive pressures on the US family over the last 150 years that continue to destabilize the US domestic scene.

Families have suffered massive dislocation from internal and external forces caused by invasion of settlers, genocide of Indian tribes, slavery and civil war followed by reconstruction that led to more bloodshed for slave families and white supporters. The Klu Klux Klan flourished and grows stronger even today.

There was continued segregation of African American families well into the last century. Many of us will remember the enrolment of James Meredith at Little Rock university. He had to be protected by a battalion of armed national guard. We recall the killing of white freedom riders travelling through the south by bus.

The nation was divided into the Republicans (North) and Democrats (South) though the lines have become blurred in recent decades with upward social and economic movement of African Americans and downward movement of many white families. Barack Obama was a Democrat while Donald Trump was Republican.

The period post World War 2 led on to the Korean and Vietnam Wars where white and black American soldiers fought and died beside one another.

There was a fear that the Communists would take over the world. This led to the CIA supporting right wing dictators in South America and Indo-China. 

Arms were supplied to rebels and dictators by the US Air Force. They brought back tons of cocaine to be passed to mafia cartels and sold on the streets of the USA particularly to the African American families. We see this at present on the History channel on cable TV.

Out of this era came the rise of Fidel Castro and the abortive Bay of Pigs invasion that cable TV now tells us was the direct cause of the assassination of John F Kennedy at the hands of anti-Castro survivors of the abortive invasion who blamed Kennedy for leaving them to their fate. 

The TV cable news reported that Castro stood by waiting for radio messages from agents in Dallas. A Cuban exile intelligence officer gave evidence to the investigation. But then another report stated that Kennedy was assassinated as he planned to advise the voters on the presence of aliens.

Out of the Vietnam War came the Hippy counter culture, Helter Skelter killings by Charles Manson followers and the flower people all high on LSD. That made a break of families with the past. LSD was also distributed by the CIA according to the cable TV reports.

Recent decades have seen further break-down on the US family with massive illegal immigration and the decline of the car industry. Cities like Detroit became almost like ghost towns that housed impoverished retired workers.

The car and computer industries declined as the result of competition from Asia and the outsourcng of car components.

A distressing aspect of the decline of the US family is the rise in serial killing mainly of women and children at the hands of heterosexual and gay paedophiles that gained strength through the gay and lesbian lobby. 

Young prostitutes are a special target particularly among the interstate truck drivers who take part in serial killing and dumping bodies over state borders.

A report on cable TV is that there are 10,000 serial killings in the USA every year with 5000 murders never solved. 

The USA is awash with cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and prescription drugs. The Mexican cartels set up by Pablo Escobar and El Chapo will long outlive their founders. Families are in decline when children and parents bcome drug addicts.

The over-riding need is for the FBI to curb the activities of the Klu Klux Klan, white supremacy groups. neo-Nazis and skin-heads. This is being done through the dangerous practice of infiltration. 

The view is being expressed that the USA is on the brink of civil war. Perhaps Cyclone Harvey was an act of God to bring all people together.

The USA and other nations of the world must protect the family from deliberate fragmentation from internal and external forces.

That is our role in Papua New Guinea. Families are in danger.


Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed a bill on same sex marriage and adoption of children to be debated in Congress.

Up to 4 years ago, Bachelet was the Head of UN Women the senior lesbian organization in the United Nations. She wanted to sack Elizabeth Cox. See Google.

Adoption of orphans will lead to an increase in abuse and paedophile killing of children in Chile. 

I have always felt sorry for Michelle Bachelet as she was the daughter of a military general murdered in 1974 in the overthrow of President Allende. This has not caused her to respect the safety of Chilean orphans at the hands of paedophiles.

She said that old prejudices must not overpower the love of gay and lesbian couples. At the same time modern prejudices must overpower the killing of children by paedophiles.


Over the last month, paedophile killers have murdered two children in Papua New Guinea. One was 7 years old in New Ireland and the other 3 years old.

This has brought calls from MP Hon Gary Juffa, Director of the Institute of national Affairs Paul Barker and business woman Vani Nadi.

AIDS Holistics warns the nation that child killers are paedophile and belong with the gay and lesbian lobby. They abuse and kill children for sex. Some are disguised as loving gay couples.

They want access to children by legalization of gay and lesbian sex in parliament and adoption by same sex couples. They know they have a credibility problem and are covering up the paedophile threat by talking of same sex love. 

They deny that gay and lesbian sex will involve changes in the Personal Development curriculum in schools of Australia and Papua New Guinea. 

We have only to examine the massive paedophile changes to curriculum in Massachusetts schools over the last decade. It is all done in the name of protecting gay and lesbian children in schools. Please click:

Gay rights advocates and health educators to push for more inclusive ...
Sep 8, 2015 - Their goal is to make the sex education classes thousands of ... up to prevent teaching about homosexuality in Massachusetts and across the 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


The report below will be rejected by the many primitive men and women of Papua New Guinea. They think the way to turn a boy into a man is to let him spend all his time on the street learning to booze, smoke, fight and bash women. A loving mother will turn a boy into a girly-girly. 

But loving parents also have standards of conduct. They will require sons and daughters to have responsibility to look after themselves and family. They will require them to study at school not drink home brew. They expect them to be honest and not steal.

They will expect them to find good jobs and be responsible husbands and wives. Loving families have higher standards than primitive families. It is easy to be primitive.

After a decade of families being blamed and vilified for everything by the United Nations and national gays, lesbians and paedophiles, a new day appears to be dawning for families in Papua New Guinea. 

I wish the same could happen for families suffering in Yemen. The children are dying of malnutrition and cholera at the hands of warring clan murderers.

AIDS Holistics has been advocating a focus on marriage and parenting that will strengthen family love and solidarity. Now it appears to be happening.

Media reports today on the training and awareness program of the Menzies School of Health Research on family love and well being, parenting and discipline of children. So many families have so much to learn with no sense of blame or shame.

My contribution to family in this country has been as a loving, hugging and kissing dad who told his daughters daily that he loved them. They were kissed on the forehead not the lips.

That was my down-fall a decade ago when AusAID and United Nations lesbian paedophile Elizabeth Cox determined to destroy the Positive Living family message and told the community that I was a child molester. Lesbians on the other hand prefer to kiss young girls on lips, breasts and vagina.

My elder daughter Rachael has now come to live with her dad and brought two sons after the death of Jeffrey Nape. 

She is still regularly hugged and kissed on the forehead at the age of 20 years. Her sons drive their grand-father crazy but he hugs and kisses them too.

Every day, I see my loving daughter hugging and kissing her sons. She reads books to them and sings them to sleep with lullabies that her dad sang to her. She says she learned all that from her dad.

I always think of Princess Diana and her impact on the "stiff upper lip" royal family. She had two sons William and Harry and was a hugger. She passed a valuable gift to her sons even after her death.

Now her sons are beautiful young men. William is obviously a hugger of his children as we see in women's magazines. Harry will be the same when he marries. 

A new day of love dawned on the royal family with the marriage of Charles and Diana. It is still there with her sons.

Parents give heart and love to their children by regular expressions of love. Children need to be hugged, touched and kissed by their parents. To be left alone and untouched will make children feel insecure and afraid.

Paedophiles have a more ugly agenda.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


A documentary on cable TV Crime Investigation reported on the serial rape of village boys in Pakistan by teenage thugs.

Boys as young as 10 years complained to parents after long silences of abduction on their way to school by a gang of teenage thugs who were sons of the local landlord and injected boys with drugs for anal sex.

They took videos and threatened to give these to the villagers showing naked boys. They demanded that the boys come back for sex or be paraded to the village by video. The teenagers were probably the local gay boys.

Three hundred boys told their parents who went to the police but who took no action against the local landlords. Villagers had no power. 

It became a political matter taken up at highest levels. The gang of paedophiles ended up in prison.

A law was passed against paedophile sex. But a boy or girl could be gaoled for immoral acts from 10 years of age. But they are the victims. Adult paedophiles are the criminals.

Allah does not sanction paedophile sex against girls and boys. Allah is not tricked. Paedophiles are the blasphemers.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Over recent months, the foreign paedophiles of the United Nations have gone  completely silent on abuse of women and violence of men in Papua New Guinea.

They have been attacked every week by AIDS Holistics on this blog and are finding that the dark side is starting to emerge of paedophile serial rape and killing of young children.

They must know that the foreign paedophiles were partly to blame for the failure of women who stood for election in 2017. 

The gay and lesbian Green party were afraid to put a single word in the media on their same sex marriage agenda.

Up to this point, the gays and lesbians have talked about their right to love, love and love. But the issue is becoming fearfully clear that many gays and lesbians are paedophile in disguise lobbying for adoption of children to Australia from Papua New Guinea.

Paedophiles can be serial rapists and killers. Gay and lesbian activists are living in a den of poisonous snakes. A 7 year old girl in this country was recently raped and killed by three men as reported in the media today by MP Hon. Gary Juffa.

This information on paedophile abuse needs to be included as a chapter on gays, lesbians and paedophiles in the Personal Development curriculum of PNG schools. There is a dark side to love, love and love. Parents and families beware.

Heterosexual paedophiles rape and kill children too.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


The National 23 August 2017 P.27

We have become quite used to foreign gay and lesbian groups blaming families for their response to the sexuality of their children.

In the media today, we read of parents in Chile defending their transgender children from a negative government response.

The hate campaign of foreign gay activists really has to stop. Support should be given to parents needing affirmation on sexuality of their children.

Families are more often than not the sanctuaries for LGBT children who are loved by family members and who contribute to the upkeep of the family.

Many parents of LGBT children worry about their future and their safety. They worry about exploitation by paedophiles with physical damage through anal sex, gut parasites and HIV/AIDS. 

They worry about their children falling into the hands of paedophile serial killers. The USA leads the world in both gay and lesbian sex and deaths of innocent young people at the hands of paedophile serial killers.

Sunday, 20 August 2017


Message to paedophiles: Target detribalized communities. Destroy family authority and take the kids but keep away from Moslem kids. They are never detribalized but kept in order by Islam. But then refugee children from Syria are probably easy targets. You creeps.

People of the world descended from tribes over thousands of years. They developed culture and customs that held the tribes and families together often by punitive justice. But they stayed strong.

Then the agrarian and industrial revolutions of Europe drove the feudal family based village people into slums of cities to work in factories. Clan ties and culture broke down over centuries.

The people of Britain, Canada, United States, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Indo-China became detribalized by conquest, religious intolerance, racism, poverty, industrialization, slavery, war and invasion.

African, South American and Asian countries have been detribalized by conquest, slavery, cocaine and heroin. Heroin damaged families in Laos and Thailand during the Vietnam War. 

Jamaica and Guyana suffered from British slavery with thousands of people working on the sugar cane fields for absentee landlords making fortunes and destroying families.

Cuba and the USA suffered in the 1960-70s with the CIA promoted trafficking of LSD and cocaine particularly to the counter-culture of hippies who broke with families and are now middle aged parents of the next generation in detribalized USA.

LSD would have affected violence, mental illness, gay and lesbian lifestyles, serial killing and family solidarity across the USA.

South Africa was detribalized by apartheid and the employment of thousands of married men in the mines away from their homes. Lesbian culture has flourished.

The detribalized nations are falling victim to the gay and lesbian pandemic sweeping the soft target Christian world. Islam is holding families of the world together but with serious flaws as well in relation to personal freedom as seen by the Christian world.

Papua New Guinea has not yet suffered major detribalization even with the growth of cities and movement of village people to live in slums around the urban areas. 

Families are still strong but the UN gays and lesbians are working to destroy family unity. Men are blamed for all violence. Women are all blessed mothers who care only for their children.

But families are the targets of the foreign gay, lesbian and paedophile onslaught. AIDS Holistics has worked to protect the solidarity of families by constantly pre-empting the moves of the gay and lesbian lobby.

They are easy to pre-empt. Like the so-called Islamic State in Syria, the gay and lesbian lobby seeks to impose ignorance on the community. Their propaganda repeats the strategy of the Nazis of Germany. Their true agenda is hidden. 

The Green Party never revealed their gay and lesbian agenda in the last election and never won a single seat.

They promote rights of women and children with no mention of responsbilities. They seek to impose a message that places all blame on families.

The gay, lesbian and paedophile lobby wants families across the world to fall apart. We are lifting the people of this country and God is lifting us. Psalms 41 1:3. If God is for us, who can be against us. Families must stay strong.

Thursday, 17 August 2017


In the media several months ago there were complaints from husbands that their wives had been given visas to live in Australia from the Australian High Commission. 

They had complained with no proof of domestic abuse from their husbands and been given visas. They were not refugees. 

They just wanted a better life. That is not regarded as a valid reason to be accepted to Australia. Ask the Manus Island asylum seekers.

The issue has died. The family sexual violence and abuse officer Sue Ferguson has had nothing to say on the matter. This appears to be in-house trafficking. Wink wink nudge nudge. Here's your permanent visa.

At the very worst the women were good looking and became lesbian lovers to Foreign Affairs officers in Australia. It is a pity the refugees on Manus Island were not good looking young women or children.

Or perhaps Australian men are bribing Australian Immigration officers to give visas to Australia for their PNG girl friends who are married women and need to make false stories about family abuse to get visas.

Is it possible that PNG children are also being secretly trafficked to Australia to be adopted by paedophiles? 

The person who appears most likely involved is lesbian paedophile Elizabeth Cox of Barnados child adoption agency.

There may be criminal trafficking going on from the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby in relation to secret visas to PNG women and children. 

Sue, were you the lesbian whose lover was snatched from your car over the road from the Crowne Plaza several years ago by what appeared to be uncles, brothers and father of a young PNG girl?


We applaud the proposal of the Prime Minister to have 22 reserved seats for women in parliament. This is a gentleman's response to all women failing in the 2017 election.

Concern had been expressed that foreign women's groups would dominate the selection of candidates with hidden feminist agendas.

The Prime Minister suggests that women be the second governor in each province elected by voters. Great idea !!

They will be closer to their families with their political experience based on the province and respected by the men and women voters.

But women may not have the funding to conduct their campaigns and may end up at the mercy of foreign women's groups who demand support for same sex marriage and legalization of gay and lesbian sex.

The foreign women will not pass up the opportunity to dominate women in the Papua New Guinea parliament. They are experts in breaching national sovereignty.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Foreign paedophiles wanted only negative messages about families. So they did their best to silence the Positive Living message and destroy the Copeland family - led by Watson, Cox, Barter and Nape.

I like to think my PNG family thrives by Positive Living, We do shout at one another occasionally but it usually lasts only five minutes.

My daughters have a loving white man for a father who hugs them every day and tells them they are loved.

We care for one another. We have been through so many problems together particularly the paedophile hate campaign and the theft of my elder daughter by Jeffrey Nape. 

I have been a single parent for most of their lives and we have learned to protect one another. They are ready to defend us if we are ever attacked again by foreign paedophiles.

I usually get a cup of coffee and bun in bed every morning and a plate of food while watching BBC News. There are always clean clothes hanging in my wardrobe. 

My Australian kids never did that. They were too busy taking to do any giving. Not so my PNG daughters.

I am proud of both girls who are young women now and tell me what to do. They buy me gifts on Mothers' Day. I am their mother and father.

Every fortnight I bring home money which I give to my elder daughter who pays all the bills. I trust her completely. She gives me daily spending money and talks cross if I go to the internet shop too often. Ssshhh.

I turn a blind eye to them using a little money to play cards. They are both card sharps. I hope they are able to complete their education and be independent before I die.

The UN paedophiles took years off my life with their false hate campaign. My daughters are putting the years back.

Monday, 14 August 2017


In 2002, AIDS Holistics horrified the foreign lesbians by opening a message on women's rights and gender equality while the lesbians were still focussing on condoms.

But the founder of AIDS Holistics was a man !! All men are the violent enemy said the lesbian paedophiles of AusAID and the UN. It was unthinkable that a man should lead the women's rights campaign. 

The lesbians went into damage control by spreading the word that the founder was a violent womanising child molester. They did not even know him.

But they did not do their homework. The founder of Positive Living was also a teacher of Personal Development in PNG schools at the levels of Grades 8-10. He had been promoting gender equality for several years in Morobe schools.

This was the foundation of the Positive Living message. The lesbian paedophiles wanted to take PNG women and children. 

Elizabeth Cox was the leading lesbian paedophile and is now working for Barnardos in Australia planning to have PNG children adopted by same sex couples in Australia. Please click:

Barnardos calls for same-sex adoption - Star Observer
Feb 25, 2009 - Eight percent of Barnardos foster carers were same-sex 
couples, adoption agreements with Australia would allow a same-
sex couple to .

With her tricks, there have undoubtedly been many PNG children already trafficked into paedophile beds in Australia. 

If PNG children are being stolen and trafficked to Australian paedophiles, Cox should be arrested, extradited, gaoled and her PNG citizenship revoked. Barnados should face the Australian Courts.

Friday, 11 August 2017


Over the last 17 years, a horde of Australian gays and lesbians arrived in this country to wage a phony war in support of gay and lesbian rights.

They attacked men starting with the founder of AIDS Holistics who they claimed was a violent child molester and womaniser.

They raised the violence against women as the key issue. All women were abused and all men were violent. They thought they would bully Dame Carol Kidu into supporting 22 reserved seats in parliament and legalization of gay and lesbian sex. 

That failed badly not even supported by the woman members elected in their own right. So the foreign lesbians built up the campaign for the 2017 election with heightened hysteria on women being abused and groped on public transport in Port Moresby.

The Meri Seif buses were a waste of petrol. Women did not believe the fake propaganda on violence of men. No woman was elected to parliament in 2017 not even the lesbians of the Green party. 

Women did not trust the new wave of lesbian supported women. Women did not vote for women. It was safer to vote for good men. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017


Paedophiles claimed the founder of AIDS Holistics was paedophile and violent. Good trick.

AIDS Holistics was set up in 2002 when members of my family were diagnosed HIV positive. I was HIV negative.

We focused on a family approach to AIDS awareness based on the Department of Education Personal Development curriculum that promoted love, caring, peace, nutrition, exercise and freedom from fear and violence. This is all common knowledge in the world today.

Our message was hated by the national and foreign paedophiles who did their best to destroy AIDS Holistics and founder. 

They wanted to take control of women and children by claiming that all men were violent starting with the founder of AIDS Holistics. In reality he was just a sweet, Christian family man trying to start a new life in Papua New Guinea.

Over a decade the hate campaign rose to a crescendo with claims that the founder was a violent paedophile, wife basher, international spy, killer of women and abuser of his daughters.

They arranged violent bashings, attempted murder, banning of AIDS Holistics by the United Nations and AusAID and blocking the founder from all AIDS activities. They failed. Several key haters are already dead.

Key paedophiles included:

Stewart Watson - AusAID and UNAIDS. He announced to the community that family and faith were no longer relevant.

Elizabeth Cox - AusAID, UN Women nd Barnados child adoption agency. She spread the word that the founder was a violent womaniser who was killing women through a fake message. She sought to break up his family.

Sir Peter Barter - past Minister for Health and President of the National AIDS Council. He opposed any focus on family and had the Director of the AIDS Secretariat Wep Kanawi sacked for supporting family. 

He advised the founder that he was to be arrested and his daughters taken into care for sexual abuse. He had sex with boys in Madang, making the town a paedophile venue with paedophile boat cruises to the Trobriands. 

Not a family town. Barter has no wife now. She left him long ago. So he probably hates family. He employs boys at his hotel.

Bomal Gonapa - lawyer of the National AIDS Council and National Housing Commission who banned AIDS Holistics and even had us evicted from a 5 mile house for running a brothel with my daughters. He was cousin of Jeffrey Nape of Sina Sina and is now dead.

Jeffrey Nape - ex-parliamentary speaker and paedophile who wanted sex with teenage girls. He wanted to take my two daughters as he claimed they were being molested by their father. He is now dead.

Wesley Raminai - owner of Sunday Chronicle - banned the Positive Living column on the claim that the founder was an international spy.

Peter Momo - was a PLWHA violent drunk who wanted to kick the founder out as caretaker of 3 Angels Care as he was a known child molester. He tried to have him killed by armed village men but failed on the false accusation of molesting a boy. He is now dead,

What united all these people were the false claims that the founder was a violent child molester and international spy. All opposed family, rights and responsibilities. They were worried that the paedophile corruption in PNG would become world news. Hence the founder became a spy.

I must admit that our reports are probably being read by the CIA, ASIO, Russian intelligence and UN New York and Geneva. These reports tell much about ugly Australian diplomacy. Most hits on this blog come from PNG, United States and Russia.

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