Tuesday, 26 December 2017


This clinical list is a gift from AIDS Holistics to the PNG Government and people of this nation. 

This role has been ignored by the foreign advisors who are not interested in teaching AIDS care to the nation. 

They care only about violence of men to women. This is not AIDS care. Violence to women is part of the Positive Living message. Foreign advisors have the duty to teach people how to avoid infection or live with HIV/AIDS.

Origin of the virus
What is the HIV virus?
Entry to the body
Pathway through the blood
Replication in blood and gut lining CD4
Slow destruction of gut lining and CD4
Blockage of nutrients, water and salts through gut lining
Hiding places - spleen, pancreas, thyroid, thymus & bone marrow
AIDS testing procedure - antibodies and viral & CD4 count.

Without ARV medication

Slow destruction of immune system
Co-infection with tuberculosis
Onset of diarrhoea with loss of appetite
Weight loss and protein breakdown
Fruit, vegetables, greens, grains, nuts and lean meat
Slow muscle loss, hair falling out, finger and toe nails break
Slow emotional instability, memory loss
Hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, fear of evil spirits
Life extended with Positive Living for 10-12 years


With ARV medication

ARV taken daily as prescribed
In advanced AIDS, ARV may be too late
No breaks in daily medication
Reserve supply of ARV
Virus destroyed in blood
Viral load may or may not drop to zero
Safe sex with condom always
Gut lining and gut CD4 return almost to normal
Fruit, vegetables, greens, grains, nuts and lean meat
Nutrients, salts and water reabsorbed again through gut lining
Weight gain with ARV and antibiotics against gut bacteria
Diarrhoea ceases with antibiotics Amoxylin or Septrin
Person regains health with strong nutrition to rebuild tissues
ARV treatment within hours for raped woman
ARV for pregnant HIV woman to protect foetus

Lipodystrophy: fat loss arms, legs, buttocks and face,
fat build up on abdomen. Danger of diabetes two 
and heart problems. (See Google)

Gay men: danger of anal damage through fisting,
gut parasite infection by licking faeces and ingesting
eggs through mouth. (See Google)


Medication default

Virus rebounds from hiding places
Viral immunity to ARV
Need for second line of drugs
Virus returns to blood and gut attack
Return to memory loss, brain damage, paranoia
Hallucinations, delusions and violence to family
Return to weight loss and diarrhoea


Wednesday, 20 December 2017


Secretary for AIDS Council Wep Kanawi was sacked for supporting family in the AIDS response. Will Barter now seek to sack the Prime Minister and Governor General for supporting strong families too?

Over the last 15 years in Papua New Guinea, a crime against humanity has been perpetrated against the PNG people by AusAID and United Nations advisors supported by national officers.

In seeking to promote an alien paedophile agenda, these people deliberately denied the PNG HIV/AIDS sufferers the knowledge to live positively. 

They would have killed many people suffering from AIDS who went to their deaths not knowing how to care for themselves with families often believing their loved ones were victims of sorcery.

The only AIDS care knowledge has been provided by AIDS Holistics but the AusAID and UN advisors blocked the message with false reports and had the NGO banned at the levels of the United Nations and AusAID.

Key opponents of the Positive Living agenda were paedophiles Elizabeth Cox, Stewart Watson and Sir Peter Barter. All are guilty of crimes against children. Why do grass roots family men go to prison for child abuse and these people go free? Does it pay to be white?

As citizens of this nation, Cox and Barter are guilty of crimes against humanity in this nation. They should be charged with criminal offences against PNG citizens and have their citizenship revoked.

Do paedophiles want large numbers of parents dead from AIDS? That will put many AIDS orphans on the streets ripe to take home for paedophile sex. So do not make public the ways to live positively. Let parents die. And orphans can be adopted in Australia by same sex couples.

The damage can be mended by AIDS Holistics and Positive Living being recognised as the official AIDS awareness message. Two loyal citizens were sacked for support of family that the foreign agenda opposed. They were Wep Kanawi and Rachael Pokesy. 

Late Joe Lari had his care centre closed down to block the Positive Living Training Centre. The training would have put the national and foreign paedophiles out of work. And they knew it.

We ask that Kanawi, Pokesy and Copeland be appointed to the National AIDS Council to support the new paradigm shift to family and the rights and responsibilities of men, women, boys and girls.

We call on the Department for Community Development, Governor General Sir Bob Dadae, Prime Minister O'Neill and the Archbishop of Port Moresby Cardinal Sir John Ribat.

Only yesterday in the media, the Governor General spoke of the importance of discipline in the family and the role of the father. The paradigm shift is moving away from the paedophiles.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Positive Living started the paradigm shift of family that focused on rights and responsibilities of women, men, boys and girls.  

Positive Living is the only health message in Papua New Guinea and the world. It covers all aspects of healthy living even those aspects not yet discovered.

It is a message of hope that grew out of all messages of all ages and cultures about healthy mind, body and soul. It encompasses all world religions of Christian, Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu faith.

The message began in Papua New Guinea in 2002 as explained by an Indian doctor working at Port Moresby General Hospital. He would have drawn on the health practices of the ages in India including Ayurveda.

The message was put together by a man with family members dying of AIDS who set up AIDS Holistics and Positive Living to prolong their lives until antiretroviral medication arrived. It was too late as they died in 2002 and 2003.

The message was in the country before the AusAID advisors arrived but they worked to discredit the message with false accusations. Our message was strengthened by inclusion of Positive Living as a key topic at the 2003 Chiangmai International AIDS conference.

The AusAID and UN advisors had no authority to reject such an official world message and to claim it was fake and full of errors. They thought the PNG people were too primitive to know any better.

Positive Living grew quickly in PNG despite the vicious campaign by foreign advisors to destroy the message to be replaced with a paedophile message on (1) condoms (2) abuse of women and girls and (3) violence of men.

The message of Positive Living was broadcast on FM 100 in 2002 with radio announcer late Bonner Tito. There was an 18 month weekly report in The National supported by late Yehiura Hriehwazi and Frank Kolma. That put Positive Living on the map in this country.

Much of the Positive Living message on family and nutrition came from the Seventh Day Adventist church through Pastor Simon Vetali and Joe Lari. We were given the book of nutrition used by the church. Please click:

Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss - Goodreads

updated revised edition, this is the original classic text (with more than 5-million copies helped create the natural foods industry. Great information about nutrition, natural remedies, herbs, and good health stuff. ... Best known for his best-selling ..

Then there was the interview on TV Chit Chat in 2004 with Sir Paulias Matane. The two AIDS Holistics websites attracted 800,000 hits from 2004 to 2017 with a break of three years when Geocities sold out.

This is the only message to give support to people suffering from HIV/AIDS with families and every other person seeking healthy living.

Out of our media messages came a media focus on healthy living with articles written by doctors. 

This was a change as all PNG doctors had previously been banned by the foreign paedophiles from giving any unauthorized view to the media. National doctors were controlled by racist paedophile Australian clerks.

One doctor gave us a wonderful clinical book on HIV/AIDS in Australia. We promised not to reveal his identity to the foreign paedophiles. Please click:

HIV management in Australasia: a guide for clinical care

HIV management in Australasia: a guide for clinical care. Jenny Hoy & Sharon Lewin. 
Published in 2003 by the Australasian Society for. HIV Medicine Inc. (It is also available 
as a pdf at ... HIV during the past 10 years with the development of highly ... 

We had started the ball rolling and have benefited from the medical reports by the doctors. AIDS Holistics was always secretly supported by several PNG doctors who sought anonymity in fear of being black banned by the foreign paedophiles.

There is now in PNG a paradigm shift away from the paedophile hate campaign against families, fathers and authority of parents. The focus is now on families and the rights and responsibilities of men, women, boys and girls.

This is supported by the PNG Department for Community Development, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Governor General Sir Bob Dadae and the Archbishop of Port Moresby Cardinal Sir John Ribat.

There have been so many people who have given support over the last 15 years against threats by foreign paedophiles to have the founder arrested and daughters taken into care for sexual abuse.

Major support was given by Registrar General Ms Betty Billy who served as President of AIDS Holistics for several years. She is president for life. We have lost contact with her but hope she is well. She promised to intervene in any hostile acts against AIDS Holistics.

The paradigm shift was described thus in the editorial of The National about two months ago. The shift was begun with the AIDS Holistics focus on family and the rights and responsibilities of men, women and children begun in 2002. Violence to women is covered in the Positive Living message.

The paedophile haters have skulked out of the country like a pack of vicious mongrel dogs. I wish I had met the UN officer Roy Trivedy before he left. He seemed like a professional and good man.

Sunday, 17 December 2017


Cox was the first person in my life who tried to destroy me professionally and personally to steal 40 years of knowledge of a Biology teacher to claim the knowledge as her own and write books for her AusAID book scam. Family messages were to be changed to lesbian messages.

When she ran her secret book factory in her apartment in Port Moresby, she had 3 teenage girls working as adopted daughters who were really her lesbian lovers. She is now the chief adoptions officer for Barnados in Sydney. 

Barnados has supplied this psychopathic old lady with a lifetime supply of young breasts and vaginas that she will take back to her house to counsel and groom before adoption to same sex couples. 

The same sex legislation opens flood gates to paedophile abuse in Barnados. Police please investigate. We note the recent Australian Government report on child abuse in over 4000 institutions in Australia. Count Barnados in and check on Cox.

Elizabeth Cox lesbian predator English teacher and Care and Counselling officer with the National AIDS Council was being coached by me on AIDS awareness as she knew nothing. 

Her breadth of physiological knowledge was limited to young breasts and young vaginas. For that AusAID paid her $200,000 tax free with apartment and car.

I was a Biology teacher and found the understanding of body physiology quite easy to relate to HIV infection.

I lived with Linda and our son who were HIV positive and dying of AIDS. Both died in 2002 and 2003. There was nothing I could do except give them Positive Living and hope to prolong their lives until the ARV distribution came to the country.

I was glad to be of help. Cox had pretended that I was helping AusAID and accepted all the research that I gave her in good faith.

She had me come to her house every Saturday to write 4 books for AusAID taken from the pre-conference papers of the Chiangmai International conference in 2003.

I was not yet to know that I was being conned. I was not working to help AusAID. All my support was going into a secret publishing company in Wewak owned by Elizabeth Cox with books to be sold to AusAID and overseas.

She was being paid by AusAID to promote care but most of her effort was in her apartment preparing books to publish and sell to AusAID with her approval as Care and Counselling advisor. That was fraud.

On top of her AusAID wage she was ripping the Australian taxpayer off for hundreds of thousands of dollars. I was a volunteer who was being helpful. No contract with AusAID had been signed as Cox had promised.

I formed an organization AIDS Holistics at the point that after a year, none of my AIDS messages were going out to the public. It was to be be published to be sold in a Cox book selling scam.

So I started to promote Positive Living first with late Bonner Tito of FM 100 and then with The National supported by Yehiura Hriehwazi and Frank Senge Kolma. Cox went out of her brain. 

I was talking about information she planned to sell for herself. She accused me of stealing her job. This is typical psychopath thinking. The campaign was not all about her. She said she would destroy me before allowing me to steal her job.

I had already written a book as she requested based on the Chiangmai conference papers entitled Positive Living. Cox liked the book but insisted that no reference be made to FAMILY and FAITH. I had not yet worked out that this was the gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

Cox planned to write a book about Positive Living for lesbian women. That included leaving family and ignoring the authority of fathers and mothers and having full rights of association with children. I was destroying her book by talking about Positive Living for families ...... and paedophiles.

So Cox decided that I had to be isolated from the AIDS campaign and my reputation and family destroyed. I ceased to become her book writer and mentor. I was a violent womanizing child molester instead.

This she spread far and wide. She banned AIDS Holistics from the Care committee telling them that Positive Living was fake. 

The Care Committee had been set up by AIDS Holistics and Mr Justice Hinchliffe but was hyjacked by Cox. She changed the date and venue but did not advise Justice Hinchliffe or me. The meeting started without us.

Cox the student was telling the community that a tertiary trained Biology teacher was fake with a message of errors. Her knowledge of HIV/AIDS was about grade 3 level before I started teaching her.

She visited Linda’s family and told them Linda’s carer was killing her with a fake message. This was disgraceful misconduct on the part of an AusAID counselor.

But she made a bad error that caused her downfall. She had taken my draft book Positive Living and claimed to have given it to her team leader prior to a contract being signed. 

She came back a week later to say that Rod Menere had rejected the book as it was rubbish. There would be no contract.

I was upset as it was the best I could make the book. I went to Menere to ask why the book was rejected. He said he had never seen the book and never heard of a plan to employ me to write books.

This was a Cox scam in action. The book was being stolen to publish and distribute as a lesbian Positive Living manual under the authorship of scumbag Cox.

I told Menere about the book making factory  in her apartment. Menere was furious. So that is why she was never in her office. He called Cox in and she cried to say she was so afraid as Copeland had forced his way in to her apartment demanding to use her computer.

As for the hundreds of pages of downloaded Chiangmai papers, she said that he had broken into her office and stolen the papers out of her file. I showed Menere a copy of the draft book full of comments in Cox’s handwriting. No more tricks for Cox.

But Menere was not fooled. When her contract came up months later, it was not renewed. Cox was out and spent the remaining time seeking revenge on the founder of AIDS Holistics.

She had a plan to destroy AIDS Holistics and have his daughters and Linda's 14 year old daughter taken into care for sex abuse by the father. They would have become child lovers of Australian paedophiles.

Then she joined UN Women. Her tenure was not successful in this country because of a disastrous confrontation with the founder of AIDS Holistics at the grand opening at Airways Hotel. 

Many people never forgot the founder standing in front of the stage and speaker's podium shouting and demanding answers. Cox never expected that.


BBC News reports on a study into career soccer players in Great Britain suffering from alzheimers disease, dementia and memory loss. 

One elderly player said he could not remember his house and was afraid to go to town alone. Dementia soccer sufferers spent a career heading soccer balls and damaging their brains.

As HIV moves to AIDS, the sufferer not on ARV faces the onset of dementia. This is brain damage that robs the person of memory and fills the mind with fear of being killed by evil spirits.

As the person approaches the end of life, there will be loss of memory of where the house is and loss of recognition of family members and friends. This is not sorcery but gradual destruction of the brain by the HIV virus.

It can be caused by HIV entry to the brain and optic nerve. It can be the result of deterioration of body functions with blockage of nutrients, water and salts through the small intestine.

There will be dehydration, starvation, malnutrition, suffocation and infection as the HIV blocks the gut lining, water and salt lost to the tissues including the brain and the breakdown of the brain.

The end approaches when the sufferer cannot remember family. The person goes to town and cannot remember the route back to the house. The house cannot be recognised.

I recall a young woman at 3 Angels Care who was not on ARV drugs in 2003 and had hair falling out, finger and toe nails breaking with dementia and inability to remember friends and the location of the care centre. She was not far from death.

I saw her in town wandering around as if lost. She could not remember who I was. I escorted her back to the centre. I was not yet the caretaker.

She disappeared again a week later and was found dead in the town. People would say she was a prostitute looking for sex in town. No she was just a lost little girl who did not know how to get home.

Foolish activists tell the journalists that they must not call people with the virus by names like sufferer or victim. It simply means they have never seen a person in deep distress with final AIDS.

The distribution of HIV medication means that many counselors have never met a person in final AIDS. So they think they can tell sufferers that final AIDS does not exist. Death with AIDS gives hideous suffering to the victim and families.

Yet the silly activists talk of stigma and discrimination of families. There is often a feeling of fear, trauma and horror among family members as their loved one sinks to death. I had a son and his mother die of AIDS in 2002 and 2003. 

I still suffer the horror particularly with the death of my beautiful little son. I carried his coffin to the grave, softly sang him a lullaby as I held the coffin in my arms and lowered the coffin into the grave. His mother threw herself into the grave and cried on top of his coffin.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Cox is the perfect example of friendship turned to poison through jealousy and self interest.

Elizabeth Cox was a lesbian paedophile English teacher who worked as a lecturer at the Kaindi teachers' college in Wewak and recruited to AusAID as Care and Counselling officer in the AIDS campaign though she knew nothing about HIV/AIDS.

She moved straight into fraud as she saw the opportunity to write AIDS awareness books and authorize the sale through her own office. 

She sold her books to herself at one stage pretending that her publishing company Help Resources belonged to her lesbian friend Marion.

She valued my support as I freely gave advice on HIV/AIDS now that two family members were infected. I was a Biology teacher whose knowledge rose exponentially in 2001 on what became known as Positive Living. Cox wanted books written on Positive Living.

But then I started to talk to other people about the Positive Living message that made Cox jealous and angry. She wanted all information to go only to her.

In 2002 she became friends with my small family. I had taken her home to meet Linda and the kids. We were not to know that she was a lesbian predator who would seek to destroy our family to take the kids.

I had two daughters aged 4 and 3 years. Linda had beautiful 14 year old daughter. I know now that Cox wanted to take the girls and sought to destroy our family slowly by passing the word that the father was a violent womanising child molester. That was pure fantasy.

Over the months, I was talking on FM 100 and through the media on Positive Living. Cox decided it was time to destroy the message. If she could not have it no-one would. She hasdwritten a book to be sold to herself that was Positive Living for lesbian girls.

I had friendships with the Care groups and was giving help. Cox told the Care Committee that membership of AIDS Holistics was banned as Positive Living was a fake message and the founder was a violent child molester.

She had started the war that was to go go long after she had been terminated by AusAID for fraud. She kept the hate campaign going in revenge as I had revealed her secret book sales business to the team leader.  The fool did not know his Care and Counselling advisor was cheating.

She went out to Laloki to meet Linda's parents and told them that Linda was being killed by a fake message and a violent carer. But Linda was dying of AIDS. She was probably in her 11th year of infection when she died with no access to ARV medication.

Cox spread the word that Positive Living was killing people. Most young people who came to AIDS Holistics and 3 Angels Care were in their last years of AIDS with weight loss, hair falling out, finger and toe nails cracking, diarrhoea and memory loss. 

We could do nothing but help them but give them a Positive Living lifestyle but most were dying. We helped them to live in their families with dignity in their last years. 

We talked to parents about screaming dementia and paranoia of their loved one that many might have thought was the result of sorcery.

This gave Cox the lesbian creep the opportunity to spread the word that we were killing people. Two young people died at 3 Angels Care. There was Ruth who lived with infection for 18 years and a young gay boy who went out at night and came home with a bleeding anus.

But Cox wanted to take my kids and Linda's daughter. That is why she went all the way to Laloki to talk to Linda's parents. She did not want me to care for Linda's young daughter whom Cox wanted as her child lover.

Linda knew what was going on. She knew why Cox was coming to the hospital when Linda was looking after our dying son. She came to question Linda in detail about my alleged violence and abuse. 

Linda made me promise not to let Cox take her 14 year old daughter after she died. The family took the girl to live in Madang with her sister for safety away from Cox.

Cox was a scumbag counsellor who breached confidentiality. The information from Linda was screwed up and passed to the care groups as the proof that Positive Living was fraud and the founder was a violent child abuser. 

She wanted the kids. She passed the fake information to Sir Peter 'boy fucker' Barter who then threatened the founder that the girls were to be taken into care. His email went straight on to the AIDS Holistics blog. There was nothing to fear when God is on our side.

But it all failed. Cox was removed from AusAID for financial fraud. She did not do well with UN Women. Head of that organization Michelle Bachelet wanted to sack her according to a Google report. 

Now she is chief adoptions officer with Barnados in Australia involved in having children adopted by same sex couples. She undoubtedly has plans to move PNG children by fraud to Australia for paedophile adoption.

Positive Living is now the key message of hope in this country and overseas. The UN and AusAID paedophiles led by Cox and Watson have failed badly.

Family is now the focus as Wep Kanawi told us before being sacked by Boy fucker Barter. Rachel Pokesy told us the importance of Positive Living before the paedophiles sacked her. 

Joe Lari linked the family messages of AIDS Holistics and the Seventh Day Adventist church supported by the Family affairs pastor Simon Vetali.

Family and the responsibilies of men and boys is now part of the paradigm shift of the Department for Community Development supported by the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, Governor General Bob Dadae and Archbishop Cardinal Sir John Ribat.

Monday, 11 December 2017


The key to Positive Living awareness lies in understanding the physiology of the body and the action of HIV on body structures. 

The HIV enters through mouth, penis, anus and vagina. It enters through to the lymph system to the heart and on to attack the CD4 cells in the small intestine. Most CD4 is gathered in the small intestine the dirtiest place in the body full of bacteria.

The gut wall is slowly damaged, stopping the absorption of nutrients, salts and water. The victim suffers from loss of nutrition that increases over time. 

The body grows weak and thin. Water and nutrients pass out as diarrhoea made worse by the gut bacteria.

The functions of the gut and the nutrition of the body need to be built up with strong protein and other nutrients. 

This is a key to Positive Living that starts with ARV medication. The ARV destroys the HIV in the blood and blocks the HIV attack on the gut. lining.

With no ARV, the body declines without nutrients, water and salts. The sufferer faces dehydration, starvation and suffocation. The body continues to lose protein which causes weight loss, hair loss and broken finger and toe nails.

Suffocation comes with the layer of mucous laid down in the lungs of the AIDS sufferer who finds difficulty in breathing.

The virus can also enter the brain and damage the optic nerve. This can add to blindness and brain damage that becomes dementia that brings on delusions, hallucinations, memory loss and paranoia.

The ARV medication does not remove the virus except from the blood. It remains in the hiding places ready to rebound if there is medication default. The hiding places are in the spleen, thymus, thyroid and marrow of the long bones that makes red and white blood cells.

A raped woman needs ARV treatment within hours after rape to kill the virus in the blood before it travels to the hiding places. She must take the ARV for 30 days just in case the rapist is HIV positive. If he is not, it is still better for her to be sure than sorry.

AIDS advisors know nothing of this as do all the journalists in the nation. They are just interested in abuse of women and violence of men. AIDS Holistics is the only care group that promotes real AIDS awareness.

Sunday, 10 December 2017


Destroy the message. Attack the messenger. 

Recent reports in the media tell us that HIV infection is rising steadily in this country. 

Last week, a woman claimed it was the result of a drop in funding. AIDS awareness has been the most money wasting project in the history of the PNG nation.

Money has been corruptly stolen by Australian advisors who arrived in country not to help with AIDS awareness but to set up a gay and lesbian colony of Australia.

No practical support has ever been given on AIDS awareness. We have only ever learned about condoms, abuse of women and violence of men. That is not practical AIDS awareness.

We read that 50,000 people are AIDS infected with only 52% receiving ARV medication. That means that most of these 48% of people will proceed to AIDS dementia, delusions, hallucinations, memory loss, weight loss and death. That is never mentioned in the media. 

There is never a media message on HIV/AIDS awareness despite the journalist awards from UN Women and UNAIDS. Journalists are untrained amateurs in AIDS awareness.

This country is fortunate to receive massive ARV support from India. This cuts down on costs. So much Australian funding went back to Australia as boomerang aid.

People are not receiving ARV medication for several reasons. They live in isolated areas far away from care centres that supply ARV medication and test for infection.

Many are afraid or ashamed to be tested and travel every 3 months for resupply of drugs. This is not the fault of the hospital or care groups but of the individual.

Many people are engaging in sex without condoms. Again this comes down to access through the care groups.

A major problem is a lack of practical awareness of the dangers of HIV infection. Men and women are careless with unprotected sex even with a person who tested negative only months before.

That person may have been infected after that time and passed the infection to their partner. This is the problem of adultery in marriage.

The nation has been dominated by a foreign paedophile agenda that does not give practical advice to prevent infection and to live with the virus.

Too much blame has been falsely leveled at Government, care groups and families for the rise in infection of Men having sex with Men (MSM), sex workers and people involved in adulterous relationships. The fault lies with those infected in being careless.

There is sex education through the personal development curriculum in schools. It is time for all to take responsibility and not lay the blame elsewhere.

Positive Living is the message of AIDS Holistics and the only source of advice for people suffering from HIV/AIDS. But the foreign paedophiles sought to destroy the message and messenger.

With or without ARV medication, the sufferer must live in a loving family with peace, respect, forgiveness, exercise, clean water, morning sun, fruit, vegetables and lean meat, clean body, mind and soul.

They must avoid fear, stress, violence, infection, dehydration, suffocation, starvation, cigarettes with tobacco or marijuana, alcohol, home brew, drugs and defaulting on medication.

Most important of all is for sufferers and families to understand the progression of the virus from HIV to AIDS mainly by those not on ARV or defaulting on drugs.

They must be aware of the dangers of progression after several years to dementia, hallucination, delusion, fear of being killed by evil spirits, paranoia, memory loss, 

They suffer protein loss with hair falling out, broken finger and toe nails, diarrhoea, shingles, family violence, weight loss and death.

The foreign advisors are interested only in paedophile sex and nothing about practical advice to sufferers. Violent paedophiles infect young boys and girls.

Thursday, 7 December 2017


Australian paedophile creeps thought that if they spread the same lies about the founder of AIDS Holistics to as many people as possible then lies would become truth. But 500 times zero is still zero.

Over the last decade, as founder of AIDS Holistics, I have suffered a tsunami of hate sent out to the community by the UN and AusAID paedophiles in their determination to obliterate the Positive Living message.

The time has come for Positive Living to become the official AIDS message in this country after more than 15 years of corrupt suppression even by national doctors afraid of the foreign paedophiles.

Friends have read recent blog reports and expressed fear that I will be taken to Court for defamation. I tell them not to worry as there will be a tsunami of damaging evidence against the foreign paedophiles.

I call on Watson, Cox, Malau, Toole, and Barter to explain why they rejected Positive Living and told people that it was a killer message. Malau and Toole were doctors.

I call on Cox to explain her advice to the parents of Linda dying of AIDS with my son that she was being killed by Positive Living. The father will be called to testify.

I call on Cox to explain why she told the Care Committee that the founder of AIDS Holistics was denied membership as the message was fake and he was a dangerous child molester. She did not want the Positive Living message to be accepted by the care groups.

I call on Barter, Watson, Walker, Father Jude, Cox, Momo and Mea to explain how they knew I was a violent child molester to be kicked out of 3 Angels Care. It all went back to predator Cox.

I will produce an email to Court from paedophile Barter advising my daughters to be taken into care because of sex abuse by their father.

I call on Wep Kanawi and Rachel Pokesy to explain why they were sacked from the AIDS campaign for announcing support for Positive Living and family.

I call on PLWHA and Marabe of 3 Angels Care to explain who told them I was a violent child molester to be bashed and kicked out even falsely charged and killed in kangaroo court.

I call on an AIDS building security guard to explain that I was banned from the AIDS building by Watson and Cox who said I broke into their offices and stole the Positive Living file.

I call on witnesses who saw me being bashed by AIDS building security guards for trespassing in a public building. AIDS Holistics had been banned by paedophile Watson.

I call on Professor Toole and Keith Jackson to explain to Court their defamation on internet and email. Jackson claimed I trashed my way through professional Burnet doctors. That was true as they were all pushing a paedophile agenda.

I call on cyberstalker Malum Nalu who stole my identity and email address and sent sexually offensive emails to PNG women. I call on Lydia Kailap who was called a “black cock whore” in my name.

I call AIDS council media officer Margaret Munjin to explain why she told the Chairman St Peters Catholic Council to reject AIDS Holistics as the founder was a violent womanising child molester.

I call on National Housing to explain why paedophiles Francis and Gonapa had AIDS Holistics care centre evicted from a 5 mile house despite full rent paid on the claim we were running a  brothel with young men and women coming for sex. They were seeking support with HIV and TB.

I call on my daughters to testify that their father was seriously bashed at 3 Angels Care by PLWHA trouble makers working for the foreign paedophiles.

I call on Mea and Marabe to explain the promise of foreign paedophiles that they could live in 3 Angels Care permanently with AusAID funding if they blocked the Positive Living Training Centre. The paedophiles desperately needed to block the Positive Living message from the care groups.

I call on widow of Joe Lari to explain why 3 Angels Care was closed because of damage from drunken PLWHA and funding cut by AusAID paedophiles. 

I call on two young men to testify on under-aged paedophile sexual abuse in Madang. One has a damaged anus.

I call on old friend the Intergalactic Chieftain through his messiah L. Ron Hubbard to drug, freeze and throw UN and AusAID paedophiles down volcanoes. Haha.

All of this evidence will stand against the corrupt AusAID and UN paedophiles determined to destroy the Positive Living message. I can hardly believe that I survived.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Message to Barter: Weak families can produce street boys who turn to crime. Positive Living supports strong families.

I have been involved with PNG for 42 years and recall staying in quiet, peaceful Madang with officer cadets from Igam Barracks in 1977.

But in recent years, Madang has changed partly because of the street boys and partly because of RamuNico. It used to be a family town and a place where retirees spent their days.

Now we read of trouble and violence. There is the problem of the anti-family focus of the owner of Madang Resort Hotel.

He does not show good business sense in opposing family in the national AIDS campaign. He should be promoting Madang as a family town.

He blames the Government for a downturn in tourism. But he has to accept part of the blame as this town is developing an image of violence and paedophile sleeze. 

Positive Living messages would be banned in the AIDS care groups in Madang in favour of a gay and lesbian agenda.

I would not allow my grand-sons to work in Madang either in a hotel or on boat cruises. They would be in moral danger from foreign paedophiles.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


There are people surprised to know that a war has raged in Papua New Guinea over the last 15 years. It has been a war against foreign paedophiles invading this nation to break down families, destroy parental authority and snatch the children.

That is why the Positive Living message has been so hated by the UN and AusAID paedophiles. They thought that the PNG community was fair game to be broken down with constant propaganda against abuse of women and violence of men. Then they snatch the kids.

AIDS Holistics has advocated strong and loving value given to our children including LGBT children. The foreign paedophiles think that the LGBT children belong to them to become child lovers.

Past Australian Head UNAIDS Stewart Watson advised the community in the media that FAMILY and FAITH were no longer relevant. This is the future vision of the UN paedophiles.

They want families to break up and all children to end up on the street and be claimed by paedophile lovers in the child meat market.

The UN Charter of Children's Rights advises that children have the right of association with adults. That is a polite way of saying there is no age of consent and that children have the right to sex with paedophile adults. 

The chief paedophile in PNG is Chief Sir Peter Barter of Madang Resort Hotel who opposes a family focus in the national HIV/AIDS response. He wants families to be weak like his own.

So that is the war - families vs paedophiles. Let us wait for the response of the New Head of UNAIDS David Bridger. Is he uniting the UN organizations for an all out war against PNG families?

Monday, 4 December 2017


National and foreign paedophiles plan to tear children away from parents, particularly children they consider to be LGBT. They want them to be looked after by paedophile lovers.

Barter and Cox wanted to tear my two daughters away from me when they were 11 and 10 years old on the false claim they were being abused. My daughters would have been placed with a paedophile lover.

Children in paedophile care will have increased levels of HIV infection. Their education will cease as they are forced into sexual slavery.

That is what the past Head of UNAIDS meant when he told the community some years ago that FAMILY and FAITH were no longer relevant. 

Foreign paedophiles will seek to take control of the Department for Community Development and set up orphanages.

Let us hope that David Bridger as the new Head of UNAIDS will not continue to make that organization the enemy of the PNG people. 

Watson planned to make the PNG community a paedophile meat market. 

He arrived in PNG as a paedophile English teacher and two years later was the paedophile Head of UNAIDS who knew nothing about HIV/AIDS. Being paedophile was the key requirement.

Sunday, 3 December 2017


The founder of AIDS Holistics promoted Positive Living to help the victims and families of the nation suffering from HIV /AIDS infection. The foreign paedophiles promoted gay, lesbian and paedophile anti-family rights in the interests of foreign paedophile sex.

The Madang man opposed the family message so that he could molest Madang street boys. Malau opposed Positive Living and betrayed the PNG people in his own career interests. He knew that if he supported Positive Living the foreign paedophiles would sack and black ban him. How can a doctor oppose Positive Living? 

From 2002, the AIDS response in this country was under the totalitarian control of AusAID and UN paedophiles. They saw the AIDS response as a chance to take over the nation with a gay, lesbian and paedophile agenda.

They lost badly over 15 years to the Positive Living family message. There will be a new onslaught on this country once same sex marriage is legislated into law in Australia. The Australian paedophiles will arrive in force to bully this country again.

The Positive Living agenda was hated by the foreign paedophiles with its focus on family. They wanted an LGBT agenda that excluded family. They wanted to fuck street kids not family kids. They wanted family kids to become street kids.

Several supporters of Positive Living were severely punished and stigmatized by the paedophiles supported by Director Dr Clement “Uncle Tom“ Malau and the Madang “boy fucker”. They held key positions in the campaign.

Bruce Copeland suffered most at the hands of the Australian paedophile predators Stewart Watson and Elizabeth Cox who passed the word that he was a violent child molester. What a clever trick for child molesters to accuse their critic of child molesting.

The work of AIDS Holistics was pushed into the dirt as a fake message full of errors that killed people. We were excluded and evicted from public meetings.

Paedophile legal officer Bomal Gonapa had our little care centre evicted from a National Housing Commission house after 7 years as he claimed we were running a brothel. The women who came for HIV/AIDS and TB were called prostitutes. Gonapa is dead.

Watson boasted about blocking the Positive Living message and taking steps to have the founder deported. He told the Department of Labour not to process the work permit of the founder of AIDS Holistics as the Positive Living message was banned.

AIDS Holistics continued the campaign as a voluntary organization until the present time. Any income was channeled into this blog. I am still here and paedophile Watson is not. Positive Living is the key message that focuses on family.

AIDS Holistics is still not registered by AusAID, UN or National AIDS Council even though Positive Living is the priority message in Papua New Guinea though not referred to by name.

About K90,000 has been spent in 15 years out of my own pocket to maintain two websites on Positive Living. The Geocities site was closed when Geocities sold out in about 2006. There were 600,000 hits in those early days when Positive Living was a new message.

Faith, hope, peace, love, family, friends, forgiveness, fellowship, relax, exercise, clean water, morning sun, fruit, vegetables, lean meat, grains, nuts AND FREEDOM FROM fear, stress, violence, hatred, discrimination, dehydration, suffocation, starvation, beer, cigarettes, homebrew, marijuana and drugs.

Positive Living actually began in Africa and Thailand and publicized first in the Chiangmai International HIV/AIDS Conference in 2003.

AIDS Holistics expanded and systematized the message with the expertise of the founder who was an experienced teacher of Biology and Physiology and carer of two family members dying of AIDS.

He was attacked by the Madang  “boy fucker” who at an earlier time was Minister for Health and President of The National AIDS Council.

He tried to intimidate the founder by telling him he was to be arrested and daughters taken into care for their father’s child abuse. His email is still on file.

He opposed the Positive Living family message as he wanted to fuck street boys in Madang not family boys.

There is always the chance that family boys would have fathers. uncles, brothers and cousins who would come looking for their missing boy.

Joe Lari was founder of 3 Angels Care and worked with AIDS Holistics with the plan to set up a Positive Living Training Centre in East Boroko. But the foreign paedophiles did not want this and sabotaged the project with false reports.

The AusAID lesbian predator Sharon Walker stopped the project by blocking AusAID funding. Joe closed the centre and sold the building amid the threats that the building would be burned down by the resident PLWHA thugs –Marabe, Momo and Mea.

Wep Kanawi became the Secretary of the National AIDS Council Secretariat but was sacked within twelve months by boy fucker for announcing to the community that family was the epicenter of the AIDS response.

Barter still wanted street boys in Madang not family boys. Yet he complained about the lack of tourism and blamed the Government.

He wanted a paedophile agenda not a family agenda in the national HIV/AIDS response. Perhaps he wanted paedophile tourists for the boat cruises.

Rachel Pokesy was a welfare officer and Provincial AIDS Council Care and Counselling officer. She was a married woman and Christian who supported family Positive Living.

The first National Care and Counselling officer was Elizabeth Cox who was a lesbian predator and anti-family. There was complete conflict of interest.

Rachel was sacked by the Cox successor lesbian predator Walker because Rachel announced to the media that as a Christian she supported Positive Living and had used the message throughout her career as a welfare officer.

She was also sacked because she intervened and prevented the killing of the founder of AIDS Holistics who as caretaker of 3 Angels Care was falsely accused of molesting a boy. This was a set up in which the foreign paedophiles were in right up to their necks.

Village men were standing with bush knives when Rachel pushed her way into the kangaroo court and dispersed everyone.

The chief accusers Peter Momo and Maura Mea suddenly lost their memories. Momo is dead probably from boozing, smoking, defaulting on medication and diabetes two from lipodystrophy.

Foreign paedophiles want LGBT kids on the street. They claim that these people are treated badly by family. It is the job of family to give love and value to LGBT children in the family and not allow them to be exploited by national and foreign  paedophiles.

Watson, Cox, Walker, Barter and Malau have never responded to criticism directed against them on this website. They know they would open Pandora’s Box if they did. They would make matters worse as all would be involved in any Court appearances for defamation.

Friday, 1 December 2017


Second daughter is now 19 years old, mixed race, brown eyes, beautiful and clever. She was in grade 11 having graduated from grade 10 with Distinction in English and other credits.

When first daughter became a widow, her sister went back to help her with two baby sons. They now all live with me and both girls want to go back to study.

Younger sister renewed her relationship with an old boy friend and came back with her sister pregnant.

Her education stopped abruptly and she is now the mother of a little mixed race brown eyed boy.

Mother and father were both mixed race. With a Biology teacher father to explain, daughter hoped for a blue eyed baby but he turned out to be Bb or BB brown eyed.

Brown eyes have dominance over blue eyes. But the kid had pure white skin like his mother and grand-father.

The father has a parent who was a school head master. I tell her that with two grandfathers as teachers there is good breeding stock.

I have not yet met the boy who was studying grade 12. He announced he was prepared to pay bride price, There are several aunties who looked after my daughter as a child who would want a share of the money.

I passed the message that in the best PNG tradition, my daughter and her son belong to her father. No bride price will be allowed until the young father has (1) education (2) a job and (3)  shows he is not a violent and womanising drunk.

He says he is working on it. His parents plan to send him overseas to train to be a pilot. So my younger daughter may have landed on her feet.

So life is looking up. At 71 years old, I fear that I will die before my daughters are educated and independent. 

We have  a house full of young women from 10-30 years old who will look after the kids when the daughters go back to school.

As grand-father, I just sit back and let it all happen. I tell younger daughter she must remain faithful to the young man until he sorts out his future. There must be no more boy friends, babies or HIV infection.

My project at the moment is to push the paedophile agenda out of PNG and support the US activists seeking justice against the Scientologist cult.

Life is never dull. I am too busy for my brain to grow old and become forgetful. I think I am sharper than I ever was.

Thursday, 30 November 2017


There is an old saying that if you cluck like a chicken, wear feathers like a chicken and peck the ground like a chicken, then you are a chicken.

AIDS Holistics has faced the anti-family, anti-men, anti-responsibility for children and anti-authority agenda of the UN and AusAID activists.

In the early stages we were reluctant to deem these people as paedophile. We merely said they were supporting a paedophile agenda.

But they wanted to break family solidarity, give children the right of association with adults and remove the sense of responsibility of children.

Of course they were paedophile.

Then we had L. Ron Hubbard ready to break down family ties of suppressive parents, remove children and deem crying children as criminal.

He supported the sexual agenda of Dr Albert Kinsey and regarded children as reincarnated adults in their rights to deal with other adults.

Of course he was paedophile.

He set up a paedophile cult agenda. Did he molest David Miscavige as a young boy? That would explain much.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Message to Miscavige: Cults are evil not the critics.

A cult is a group of people living at any age in human history and claiming a monopoly on spiritual truth.

Cults generally do not have official blessing from the powers-that-be. The Christians were regarded as a cult by early Romans who fed followers to the lions.

The Catholic Church grew out of the Christian cult and called the early Baptists a cult that denied authority except through the Bible.

The leader claims to hold all truths of the universe and dispenses awareness to faithful followers. Even the Pope has limitations on the extent of his infallibility.

He is not an expert on the breeding cycle of the Yellow Fin Tuna to name one of a world of secrets that he knows nothing about.

The cult leader claims to be the messiah of the creator of the universe and is the final authority on dispensing justice to followers. He claims to be in contact with his imaginary creator.

He will claim that men and women are married only with his authority and blessing. This can be withdrawn from followers who question and criticize.

All children of cult marriages belong to him. He declares the right to sexual intercourse with all cult women and girls. Small girls are ready for sex as they are reincarnated adults from past times.

He claims eternal life for himself which can only fail to materialize when he dies. His successors claim that he has risen bodily to the galaxies and is in daily contact with his successor.

There may be a Stalinist violence and corruption as senior members battle for the top job. The Catholic cardinals meet to pray and vote for God’s will on the next Pope. But that is not the way of cults.

Cults have large bank accounts paid by foolish faithful followers. Money is not used for social welfare in the cult but to provide riches for the corrupt few at the top.

In the Scientology cult, the workers in the Sea Organization are paid $50 a fortnight for 60 hours work according to the advice on the TV expose.

The senior management undoubtedly pay themselves thousands of dollars in fortnightly pay. Liaising with the imaginary creator is heavy work.

The Mormons and Scientologists are regarded as cults in modern world affairs.

The Christian world tends to judge by the faith adherence to the 10 Commandments with scorn for reports of an inter-galactic chieftain who drops drugged and frozen people down volcanoes.

Cults generally have a secular message for followers to accept with no requirement for the messiah and sub-messiahs at the top to follow. Paedophilia is a privilege for the privileged few.