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The Port Moresby General Hospital    The National 30 April 2015
Positive Living without kidney stones
Thirst is not a true indication of the body’s need for water. The body needs a lot of water for its systems to work properly.

Kidney stone is one of the many diseases that occur in the human due to lack of drinking enough water. It is estimated that one person in ten will have a kidney stone at some time in their lives.

A kidney stone is a hard object that is made from chemicals in the urine.  and various wastes dissolved in it. With too much waste in too little liquid, crystals begin to form.

The crystals attract other elements and join to form a solid that will get larger unless passed out with the urine. The stone forming chemicals are calcium, oxalate, urate, cystine, xanthine and phosphate.

After being formed, the stone may stay in the kidney or travel down the urinary tract into the ureter. Stones that do not move may cause a back-up of urine in the ureter, bladder or urethra and cause pain.

There are different types of kidney stones that generally result from drinking too little water, exercising too much or little, obesity and eating food with too much salt or sugar.

Drinking enough fluid will help keep your urine less concentrated with waste products. Darker urine is more concentrated. Your urine should appear very light yellow to clear if you are well hydrated.

Most of the fluid you drink should be water. Most people should drink more than 12 glasses of water a day.

Water is better than soda, sports drinks or coffee or tea. If you exercise or it is hot outside, you should drink more.

Eat more fruit and vegetables which make your urine less acid. When the urine is less acid, stones may be less able to form.

Animal protein produces urine that has more acid which can increase the risk of kidney stone. Reduce excess salt in your diet. www.kidney,org

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This blog is read by people over the world. There would be 30 countries that have registered hits over the last 4 years. The first blog had closed in 2009 by the sale of Geocities.

It attracted 600,000 hits in 4 years mainly about Positive Living with HIV/AIDS. The old website was rough compared to this blogger format.

Now the surprise is that Papua New Guinea leads the world on hits to the blog. Who is the silent majority out there quietly reading? Are they reading about HIV/AIDS? Mastery Learning in Education? or world issues in general?

I do know that AIDS Holistics has led the field in advice on living with HIV/AIDS for over 12 years. No other source exists in this country. There are over 28,000 PNG hits in 4 years, followed by hits from USA, Russia and Australia.

I really wonder just who is reading this blog in Papua New Guinea. Are the care groups reading for AIDS information? the church groups? schools? UN agencies? or the general population? I know that what we write is accurate and helpful.

 Tally as at 4 May 2015  - 170, 867

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A plea is made to the President of Indonesia to give mercy to the Australian duo soon to be executed by firing squad. They have made a serious mistake in smuggling drugs.

But their years in the Indonesian gaol have changed them as people. They have done their best to integrate with the Indonesian prisoners and to help them. They have become volunteers in helping their fellow prisoners.

There is more to be gained by letting them live and go on with their prison sentences. They appear to be of value in the prison. This will cease if they are executed. Their deaths will be a loss to the prison community.

Regardless of the response to Mr Abbott's words on Australian support to the Indonesia people in the aftermath of the tsunami, the Australian Government has shown a desire to be a good neighbour to the Indonesian people.

If another tsunami occurred, Australia would be ready to move even before a request came from the Indonesian Government regardless of the outcome of the present sentencing issue. That makes us good neighbours.

The Australian Federal Police provided information that led to the original arrests. But Australia was totally excluded from any input to sentencing. That does not make good neighbours.

There is a two way process in the importance of granting favours between nations. Australia needs a favour from the Indonesian President Mr Widodo. The two nations will be neighbours until the end of the earth.

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Warning of events that may come within 2-3 years

We read in the media today The Post Courier 27 April 2015, that Saudi Arabia is the key IS target to the IS.  A vow has been made by IS to take over Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam and the site of its holiest mosques.

Last year, IS made a call for followers to attack Saudi Arabia. Its precarious position makes the King of that nation seek support from the USA.

Comment: In setting up a caliphate in the Middle East, the IS would control all holy sites including Mecca and plan to control the movement of Moslems on pilgrimage to the holy city. It will be easy to massacre a boat or train load of pilgrims.

This is a holy war in which innocent people are massacred. Moslem extremism is part of the same movement that grew out of Chechan Moslems and Al Qaeda. All world Moslem extremists may not have sworn allegiance to Al Qaeda and the Taliban but allegiance is there just below the surface.

The priority targets are the nations of the Middle East and South East Asia. Nigeria has come into the picture through the Boko Haram. 

The original hot seat of Moslem extremism was Chechnya whose Moslems suffered greatly under the cruel yoke of Stalin who deported large numbers to Asia to remove them in World War 2.

All groups use a guerrilla strategy of operating separately from every other group and unknown to one another except at the very highest levels. There will be no phone calls, email or text messages that can be hacked by intelligence services of the nations.

We all saw how the Japanese failed in WW2 with destruction of ships supplying food and armaments to the Japanese troops in the South Pacific. The Islamic State will live in urban and rural areas of target nations. Many are already at home. They are the Viet Cong of the Islamic State.

They will obtain their supplies of fruit and vegetables from local sources. Weapons and ammunition will be obtained from raids on police stations and military barracks. All nations in Asia have military and police barracks on the borders with other nations. Perfect to attack, kill personnel and capture supplies.

There has been concern expressed that the Moslem Nations of S-E Asia will come under attack. Closest to PNG and Australia is Indonesia that has experienced Moslem attacks in recent years. These will be linked to Islamic State.

Indonesia consists of a large archipelago like that of the Philippines. Outer Islands are difficult to control and expend massive resources at the hands of police and military. We have seen in the last decade or more how the Tamil Tigers overran police and military bases in Sri Lanka. In target countries, these bases will be IS supply points.

Both East Timor and West Papua will be extremely vulnerable. These will be on the periphery of the Islamic empire being set up.

The hub of the empire will be the Middle East that is crucially important to the developed world. It is the centre of oil production apart from Nigeria and Venezuela. There is a trans-continental railway ending in the Persian Gulf and traversing across China to Beijing. From here China sets off into Africa for raw materials.

The IS will not move down through Malaysia on bicycles as the Japanese did. They are already there. They will employ guerrilla warfare just as the Israelis did against the British in Israel during the 1940s and the Jemiyah Islamia in Bali.

It may be that West Papua will be attacked by transmigrated Moslems moved by the Indonesia Government over the last 30 years to defend the border with Papua New Guinea against Free Papua activists.

The United States has ignored the plight of the West Papuans seeking self determination. There is more concern with the mining in West Papua undertaken by the United States. Australia has followed suit in its desire not to offend Indonesia.

But they will have made a rod for their own backs if West Papua is taken by the Islamic State. It may be that the Indonesia Government will not oppose IS until genocide of the Melanesians is complete. That will be a matter of killing two birds with one stone. There will be no recognition of the border with Papua New Guinea.

With never-ending supplies of food, weapons and recruits, the IS may plan to wage war for years, destroying the infrastructure of every nation. The trick is to fight among the people for protection. Then the US can be blamed for drone attacks on innocent civilians.

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Sunday, 19 April 2015


There is a report in the Papua New Guinea newspaper The National 20 April 2015 P.19 in which a retired US General John Allen stated that there is a threat from the Islamic State (IS) among Moslem nations of South East Asia.

He disclosed that between hundreds and thousands of Asia men and women have fallen in with the Islamic State.

Comment: We have only to examine the Moslem nations of South East Asia to realize that there are large population centres in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. There would be large numbers of Moslems in West Papua who were transmigrated there over 30 years ago.

Then there is a border between West Papua and Papua New Guinea drawn on a map and following the river for some distance.

In the Middle East and North-East Nigeria there are large accumulations of Moslem extremists who have killed even Moslems in their plan to set up a caliphate.

Mao Tse tung once said that the people are the water in which the army as fish will swim. There is no such policy among IS who regard other Moslems as infidels.

It will be only a matter of time before the IS begins their activities in West Papua. The indigenous population will not be safe. They will die as enemies of the caliphate. Nor will the American controlled mines continue to operate under present management. 

Transmigrated Moslems may join IS as the home guard. It will be a perfect opportunity for Melanesian ethnic cleansing. Will the Indonesian Government allow this to happen?

So Papua New Guinea and Indonesia will be under threat. The IS plan will be to take over parts of the Indonesia archipelago, making difficulty for the armed forces of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea is just over the border and across the river.

Moslems will be beguiled into accepting IS as the religious force of the future ruling the world with Sharia law. We must not forget that the PNG Government and certain religious groups give support to Israel.

There may be thousands of Moslems who have joined from other nations. It may be there are many more just waiting for the arrival of IS on their shores.

The strategy will be for IS to support splinter groups that join up into one massive force in the end. Already Boko Haram of Nigeria has offered allegiance to IS and been accepted.

And PNG has an asylum centre housing Moslems who have been planned to live in Papua New Guinea. That may not be a wise move.

The IS will follow the occupation strategy of Nazi Germany. Borders will mean nothing. Citizens will die for not being the IS brand of Islam. Even those who go to fight for the IS can not guarantee that their families will be safe in the big invasion.

The losers in West Papua will be the indigenous villagers. They will stream across the border as refugees like the Syrian refugees into Jordan and Turkey. If IS is not stopped, we may expect trouble in West Papua within 2-3 years.

In decades past, the question was asked as to whether or not Indonesia would attack Australia and Papua New Guinea. The response was that Indonesia would invade PNG only if there was seen to be gross political instability which has never happened.

The other response was that it would only take place if there was a hostile and aggressive form of Islam in Indonesia. The traditional Indonesian Islam came with the traders not invaders and was more gentle. But that is slowly changing as we saw with the Bali bombers and minority groups.

Let us hope that a time of hostility never comes with IS on the move. The naval presence of Australia, USA and China in the South Pacific may remind all that major powers have an interest in regional stability.

The Philippines and USA are presently conducting the annual training exercise to prepare for anti-terrorism and regional stability.

I have deep compassion for the families and young girls in Northern Nigeria who were kidnapped from a girls' school and taken into the jungle. Reports come that they have been gang raped and murdered by Boko Haram rebels. 

Parents will be reluctant to send their children to school if they are to be attacked by hostile forces, There is a plan of the Islamic State to stop girls from receiving an education.

Kidnapped girls would cry for their parents but their parents will never come. I could not think of my two daughters taken into the jungle by rebels and perhaps murdered. This is not what Allah wants his followers to do.

Also for the village in the Middle East reported in the media attacked by the Islamic State troops. The young villagers escaped leaving only the old people whose throats were cut and left for dead. This is a war crime and a sin against Allah. 

The Islamic State insults Allah. But the Almighty is insulted in many wars. Atrocities are committed on all sides in the name of the Almighty.

Australian and US troops would have no problems with flushing IS fighters out of the South Pacific jungle. Their supply lines would be cut as the first step.

Only today (30 April 2015) we read of Nigerian troops rescuing women and girls from the Boko Haram camps in the Nigerian jungle. They can not remain in jungle forever. Food gardens do not last if villagers have been killed. The rural jungle is far more unforgiving that the urban jungle. 

Groups of Australian trekkers have just come back from the Kokoda Track at the end of the rainy season. Many had severe foot rot just like the Australian troops in the war.

The National Papua New Guinea 8 April 2015

Malaysian authorities said that suspected militants were part of a broader group trying to set up an Islamic State in Malaysia. Police Chief said the group planned to kidnap prominent personalities and rob banks to fund their activities.

They planned to raid several army camps and police stations to boost their arsenal of weapons.

A former member of the Jemiyah Islamia group from Indonesia detained was skilled in handling weapons. Malaysia had arrested 92 members believed to be supporters of ISIS.

Comment: There would be several sources of weapons in West Papua with military bases and police stations. There is also the Second Pacific Islands Regiment in Wewak.

The National 21 April 2015  ISIS Operations

JAKARTA . Indonesia's military has launched counter-terrorism operations in the eastern island of Sulawesi to help track down militants with suspected links with the Islamic State.

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The National Agriculture and Quarantine Inspection Authority has banned the import of uncooked poultry from Australia. 

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Hon Tommy Tomscoll imposed an indefinite ban on alol uncooked poultry products.

Such poultry is infected by a bacteria Campylobacter which causes Campylobacteriosis that is a most common cause of diarrhoea. Symptoms also include cramping, abdominal pain and fever within 2-5 days after infection.

The illness can last for 7 days and some infected persons may not show symptoms. For those with compromised immune systems, it can spread to the blood system. It can be transferred on to the hands by handling knives on fresh chickens and using towels.

Comment: We have to see the body as a holistic unit. This bacteria is one of the parasites that infects the gut lining and immune system. It can hasten the progression of other diseases including HIV through entry to and weakening of the immune system. Please click:

Campylobacteriosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Campylobacteriosis is an infection by the Campylobacter bacterium, most .... 
Cause - ‎Transmission - ‎Epidemiology - ‎Symptoms
In patients with HIV, infections may be more frequent, may 
cause prolonged bouts ...


Sunday Chronicle 12 April 2015

'I am informing everyone who has a cough for more than 2 weeks, weight loss, night sweats or feeling unwell with swelling or defamation on some parts of the body to go to the nearest clinic or health centre for diagnosis'.

'The most important key to stopping TB in country or anywhere in the world is treatment,' Mr Malabag said.

He said that finding patients with TB, diagnosing them properly and treating them with the right drugs at the right time in the right way for the right duration of treatment is the proven strategy,

'Infectious TB patients are cured when they successfully complete TB treatment with no evidence of TB at the end of treatment'.

'It is possible to cure all infectious TB patients and prevent the spread of TB to other people,' he said.

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You have been diagnosed
HIV positive.

Is your body strong? Yes
Are your faeces strong? Yes
Chronic diarrhoea? No
Swollen lymph nodes? No
Is your CD4 count strong? Yes


Is your body weak? Yes
Do you have chronic diarrhoea? Yes
Is your CD4 count dropping? Yes
Swollen lymph nodes? Yes.


Chronic diarrhoea means that the gut lining is under
attack with the small intestine unable to absorb water,
salts and nutrients.

If faeces are hard and dry, it means that water, salts
and nutrients are being absorbed through gut lining.
If watery diarrhoea, all is being flushed through to the
rectum and out.

If hard and dry, it is best to add greens to your daily
diet to soften up your faeces.

There has never been a focus on the gut lining over 
the last 25 years of AIDS awareness. There is just a
general statement that the virus attacks the immune 

To ignore gut attack is to ignore the whole point of
the HIV invasion of the body. The gut lining is the
epicentre of the HIV infection.

Thursday, 16 April 2015


Progression of infection with HIV moves quickly among gay men who have the added damage to the gut lining from gut parasites. These have been swallowed as eggs from faeces of sex partners during anal licking.

Gay men are the key vectors of gut parasites in the world. The passage for the parasite eggs is directly from anus to mouth. Men pass the parasites to men and boys. Promiscuous gay men can pass the parasites to hundreds of other hosts.

The leaky gut adds massive infection that kills the victim in addition to the HIV infection. Both the HIV and gut parasites damage the small intestine preventing absorption of nutrients, water and salts with inevitable diarrhoea. Please click:

mend the gut lining - family positive living - aids holistics
Dec 28, 2014 - MEND THE GUT LINING. If you read no other report on this 
blog, read this one. It is at the epicentre of the HIV/AIDS infection. The action 
of HIV .

Parasitic infections of the small is known as coccidiosis and is generally asymptomatic. Symptoms Presents a study on the presence of intestinal parasites on gay men. Details of the ...

This information is never officially part of the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in this country. Gay activists regard this as highly confidential information that the public has no right to know about. Gay activists are predators looking after their own sexual interests.

The HIV virus does not attack the body. It is a passive piece of DNA that floats in the blood and lymph. It is engulfed by the CD4 and attaches itself to the cell DNA replication process. In breaking out, the CD4 cells are destroyed.

The question arises as to whether or not gay men and boys are advised of the dangers of gut parasites and leaky guts. So the leaky gut is a key factor in progression of HIV infection. The CD4 count is not the only variable. Please click:

Early antiretroviral therapy may limit gut damage ... - Aidsmap
Mar 20, 2014 - When HIV disrupts the gut lining, bacteria can leak out – known as 
bacterial translocation – and trigger a systemic or whole-body inflammatory  

epithelial cells and gut parasites - family positive living - aids ...
Jun 25, 2012 - The key centre of digestion and absorption of nutrients and water is 

Search Results

  1. Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do - Family ...

    Gays claim that the “prevailing attitude toward homosexuals in the U.S. and many Tearing or ripping of the anal wall is especially likely during “fisting,” where the ... The proportion with intestinal parasites (worms, flukes, amoeba) has ranged ...the small intestine or gut. The gut is lined by hundreds of small projections 
We can tell that the gut is being disrupted when the HIV infected person starts to suffer chronic diarrhoea. This means that the gut lining has been damaged by HIV and/or gut parasites to the point that absorption can not take place of nutrients, salts and water. It all floods out as watery faeces or diarrhoea.

The water-salt balance is being disrupted which affects respiration and metabolism of food. The body begins to starve. The time is long overdue for antiretroviral treatment (ART). 

Non-progression of infection is likely if the person still has strong faeces which means that absorption is continuing and that the gut lining is still intact. HIV destroys the CD4 cells. Gut parasites replicate in the epithelial cells.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


The Positive Living message first came to Papua New Guinea by the 2001 Chang Mai International HIV/AIDS conference. There was a program at the conference of inviting reports from the world on certain topics to be discussed online.

I downloaded about 60 reports on Positive Living mainly from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Tanzania. All reports focused on the message of individuals and care groups.That became the foundation of the message from Papua New Guinea.

A key report came from one Dipuo Bogatsu of Botswana who was a mother and talked about the Positive Living that she had needed to raise a family. A report also came from Thailand. Please click:

BOTSWANA: PlusNews Interview with Dipuo Bogatsu - Irin
Gabarone, 9 November 2001 (IRIN) - PlusNews Interview with Dipuo Bogatsu - Commonwealth Ambassador of Positive Living In 1992, Dipuo Bogatsu was .

Join in the Pre-conference Discussions on Home - ProCAARE
10 Aug 2001 ... Fifth International Conference on Home and Community 
Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Chiang Mai, Thailand - 
17-20 December 2001 
Cached - Similar

So the birth of Positive Living with HIV/AIDS was Africa and Thailand. The Pacific birth place was Papua New Guinea. AIDS Holistics has taken the message further than any other group in the world.

It is interesting to read the interview of Dipuo Bogatsu above. The situation she describes in Botswana is almost exactly the same as in Papua New Guinea. Few people want to give practical advice on living with HIV/AIDS. In Papua New Guinea, the only advice over 12 years has come from AIDS Holistics.

Too many foreign activists from the UN and AusAID were more interested in the ideology of rights of women and girls together with violence of men. 

There was no advice whatever for people struggling to come to terms with their HIV infection. The gay and lesbian agenda was to be the key focus while the foreign activists were in control. AIDS Holistics was banned to block Positive Living but we did not stop.

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After reading the reports below on the progression of HIV infection, we may be tempted to think that the key to long life is not Positive Living but unknown factors that slow the progression of the virus. This may be partly true.

But we must not neglect the importance of Positive Living with its focus on peace, love, faith, hope, family, friends, exercise, clean water, nutrition, fruit, vegetables, lean meat and no cigarettes, home brew, drugs, fear and violence.

Positive Living relates to every person in good health or sick. We can not live a rubbish life style and expect to live long. Poor hygiene may make us susceptible to range of viruses and parasites that hasten the progression of HIV/AIDS.

Monthly Hit Tally: 169, 245

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    Jump to Long term non-progressors - [edit]. Main articles: Long-term nonprogressor 
    and elite controllers. Another subset of individuals who are persistently .

Coinfections or immunizations may enhance viral replication by inducing a response and activation of the immune system. This activation facilitates the three key stages of the viral life cycle: entry to the cell; reverse transcription and proviral transcription.[39]Chemokine receptors are vital for the entry of HIV into cells. The expression of these receptors is inducible by immune activation caused through infection or immunization, thus augmenting the number of cells that are able to be infected by HIV-1.[40][41] Both reverse transcription of the HIV-1 genome and the rate of transcription of proviral DNA rely upon the activation state of the cell and are less likely to be successful in quiescent cells. In activated cells there is an increase in the cytoplasmic concentrations of mediators required for reverse transcription of the HIV genome.[42][43] Activated cells also release IFN-alpha which acts on an autocrine and paracrine loop that up-regulates the levels of physiologically active NF-kappa B which activates host cell genes as well as the HIV-1 LTR.[44][45]
The impact of co-infections by micro-organisms such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis can be important in disease progression, particularly for those who have a high prevalence of chronic and recurrent acute infections and poor access to medical care.[46] 
Often, survival depends upon the initial AIDS-defining illness.[37] Co-infection with DNA viruses such as HTLV-1herpes simplex virus-2varicella zoster virus and cytomegalovirus may enhance proviral DNA transcription and thus viral load as they may encode proteins that are able to trans-activate the expression of the HIV-1 pro-viral DNA.[47] Frequent exposure to helminth infections, which are endemic in Africa, activates individual immune systems, thereby shifting the cytokine balance away from an initial Th1 cell response against viruses and bacteria which would occur in the uninfected person to a less protective T helper 0/2-type response.
[48] HIV-1 also promotes a Th1 to Th0 shift and replicates preferentially in Th2 and Th0 cells.[49] This makes the host more susceptible to and less able to cope with infection with HIV-1,viruses and some types of bacteria. Ironically, exposure to dengue virus seems to slow HIV progression rates temporarily.
The report above is stating that co-infection with a number of viruses may hasten the progression of HIV infection. Many of these viral infections are those contracted by gay men as gut parasites.